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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alison: right now at 4:00, well, it's finally really cold enough for snow. michelle: but don't worry when you look at a scene like this. this is manmade snow in the mountains. it's not coming down anywhere near us. horace: it's still snow. it's still cold. when it gets this cold it's time to think about making good use of it. michelle: it's just about that time of year. will we stay dry through the weekend? alison: stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the forecast for the weekend. hey, doug. doug: t cold enough in the mountains and the higher elevations to keep the snow guns cranking. the real snow live at the weather bug camera on the cam pulse of frostburg state university. 23 there now. 15-degree wind chills. dusting of snow. see how the students are running around in circle to get off campus. it is cold out there. all across the area the winds continue to be 12 to 15 miles per hour. these are sustained winds, not the gusts. the gusts are higher. when you combine these winds
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like outside. it feels like 18 in winchester. 23 in hagerstown. 26 in leesburg. 33 degrees degrees in annapolis. it's cold and clear and breezy. the wind chills will be down in the upper teens to low 20's through the night, if you have plans. look at hour-by-hour temperatures. clear skies so we'll drop to the mid-20's in most suburban areas. close to 27 downtown. on top of that, if you have are in the 20's and the upper teens through the night and the early morning hours. we will be dry but there will be precipitation chances and more cold front showing up in the ten-day outlook. i'll share that with you in 15 minutes. alison: thank you. don't miss any changes in the weather even if you have to step away from the tv. download the stormwatch7 app from google play and the app store to get doug's updates on
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its doors. the party and the games are just beginning. horace: guess what? 45 minutes later it reached capacity. it happened again today. traffic jam. some had trouble not just getting there but also leaving. alison: but overall it was a good night for m.g.m. today again they are saying we are full. michelle: maryland bureau chief brad bell is back at national harbor, his new home. with breaking news for us today. what is the very latest there? brad: we have to tell you about sad news. local got official, the head of the prince george's county liquor board, charles caldwelliii, 72 years old. he left the casino last night and got in an accident. officers smelled alcohol his breath. they performed a field sobriety test and determined he was under the influence and he was actually arrested. no injuries in the case. the head of the prince
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charged with d.u.i. outside the casino. big breaking news that everyone needs to listen to. take a look now. you can see there does not appear to be any sort of a big traffic jam outside. things are flowing smoothly. but just moments ago, word came from the officials at m.g.m. that they are telling people that if you do not have restaurant or hotel reservations, do not come here this weekend. don't come tonight. don't come the problem is they are enjoying too much love. since last night when they opened until noon today they had 50,000 visitors here. today at about noon, between noon and 2:00 the casino reached capacity. they couldn't allow anybody else in. so the problem is you can get in the resort but not the casino. this is the advice from the
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>> coming down now is counterproductive. your time would be better spent doing something else. my assurance to the community. as soon as they are willing to receive additional guests we'll have that information to you and we will manage the traffic to help you get in. brad: again, this is big news. m.g.m. has been advertising to bring crowds here. but now they're saying there are so many people don't come now because they cannot guarantee you will have a positive experience. the problem is the the casino, itself. so you might get here and you might be able to park and you might get in the resort but not in the casino itself. the bost advice is wait -- best advice is wait a little bit while. it will still be here. we'll be here at 5:00 with the latest as well. at national harbor, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: we will see you soon. thank you. developing at 4:00, we are less than eight hours of way from congress running out of
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we are looking live on the floor. it has to get to the president for a budget bill by midnight or the government would shut down. democrats threat on the stall for health benefit to retired miners in coal states. if it's passed the government would be funded through most of april. president obama ordered review of the hacking activity designed to disrupt the election a month ago. he is expecting af 20 of january. he hopes that the u.s. can learn from this to prevent cyber warfare down the road. michelle: january 20 is six weeks away. inauguration day. after president obama hands over power to president-elect donald trump, well, that is when the parties begin. the inaugural balls. there will be three. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has a preview of what to expect on
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president. sam? sam: yes, michelle. as you are saying, it is the inauguration week. theme is "make america great again." president-elect donald trump is expected to have two balls here at the d.c. convention center. and a parade and hoopla throughout the week. there may be other unofficial balls around the city, but trump plans to attend only three. the two balls here at the convention center and another one in honor of the armed responders. around the city, the hospitality industry is getting ready for this d.c. greatest events that occurs only once every four years. destination d.c. is not speculating how big it will be but they are talking about it in terms of obama's second inauguration and the two george w. bush inaugurations. the chairman of the trump inauguration committee today says the idea for the event is focus on the normal americans.
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of america and normal americans that reflects on them. not on the power and the prestige of this man. world knows it, the people know it. he wants to tribute america. that is what you will see. sam: if you are surprised there are only the two official balls an the ball for the armed forces that the president-elect will attend, it is cet attended 14 official balls. but not that different from barack obama who in his second term also only had two. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. horace: last weekend a man walked in the comet ping pong restaurant with a couple of guns. setting off panic. he apparently was investigating a fake news story. well, today, the chevy chase neighborhood in northwest d.c.
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stephen tschida joins us live with the community coming together. stephen: we still have people inside comet ping pong right now. they lined the sidewalk, all up and down the sidewalk today waiting to get into this event, the stand with comet event. they came to show support for this neighborhood institution which has been affected by the fake news phenomenon to a point a man went in and shot up the the restaurant last su sex slaves who don't exist. he surrendered after unable to find sex slaves. we spoke to the organizer of stand with comet and he says the phenomenon of fake news is only getting worse, especially after this past weekend. >> i feel like sunday's event has fanned the flames for the epidemic. in the course of the week, on
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attacks and disgusting imagery that i can't up see at this point. now more than ever we need to come together as a community and say we support our small businesses. we won't let the rumor continue anymore. stephen: also here today showing support, political historian who put it in context. he staid the fake news phenomenon is inhibiting some people. and creating fear of taking a stand. he comp mccarthyism which paralyzed the country in the 1950's that led to a shameful era in our history. one other footnote before i send it back to you in the studio. the organizer here, eric sanchez of this event today has extended an invitation to another neighbor, a man who recently moved to this community. vice president-elect mike pence. he says if you are really
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to come by and show some support for comet ping pong. we'll wait and see if he does show up eventually. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. horace: if you are interested in the comet ping pong saga head to and type just that in the search field. you will see all of our reporting since the news broke last week. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- porch pirates caught. we show you who redelivered stolen michelle: we'll take you inside u.p.s.'s operation to make sure the important holiday deliveries make it to their destination. we go inside one of their massive cargo planes ahead. alison: plus, joe biden arrives in the snow there in canada. but oh, he heats things up pretty fast with off-the-cuff comments. >> i remember those days when
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is talking about coming up. >> the snow guns are blaring and the mountain is getting covered at white tail resort. i'm ryan hughes.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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horace: well, "7 on your side" fighting back against and the holiday grinches. howard county police recover
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nabbing porch pirates. now they get to deliver smiles to folks wondering what happened to their orders. howard county police officer jared dean. >> hey. how are you doing? >> good. how are you? horace: got to play santa for a night. >> wow! thank you. >> yesterday we got a call for suspicious vehicle. horace: officer dean helping to deliver holiday packages that were stolen from 51 families wednesday in columbia, including jordan's. >> shame this is christmas season. why are they doing that? taking people's hard earned stuff. >> police say a concerned neighborhood called 911 before 5:00 wednesday evening to report two thieves stealing packages from people's porches and putting them a box truck. >> it was a slam dunk. when we saw the van we knew it was our guy. horace: the sergeant is one of the officer who made the arrest after arriving in less
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>> this is the holiday season. the last thing you want to worry your packages won't be deliveried. horace: but he is would being to restore the christmas spirit -- working to restore the christmas spirit. you can see the stories like this and pictures of the porch pirates by logging on to click on the "porch pirates" section under the "7 on your side" tab. alison: all right. great. thank you. well, president obama ordered flags following the death of former senator and astronaut john glenn. the last survivor of the mercury 7. glenn was the first american to orbit the early and the oldest person to fly to space. tributes poured the in his honor. today nasa administrator charlie bolden said glenn was the right man for a critical moment in history. >> it was moment we fly an orbital mission which john
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though, we have someone with whom americans could identify. somebody like me. alison: glenn will lie in state at the ohio state house. the dates and times are still being determined but he will be buried at the arlington national cemetery. michelle: florida governor rick scott declaring the state has no active cases of zika. this is the first time since the scare this summer. four zones in south florida have been cleared of the also be transmitted from human to human sexually. the spread of the virus at one point prompted travel warnings from the c.d.c. alison: the most popular app getting a pickup from starbucks. you can order pok?mon go frappuccino. it's a frozen raspberry and blackberry flavored version of the vanilla bean frappuccino, targeting kids, of course. it's available across the
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abc7 is on traffic watch. jamie sullivan is here to talk about the friday get-away. jamie: prince george's county, the outer loop. we have an eight-mile backup. stop-and-go crash that just cleared away. it was at ritchie marlboro road. you can get an idea of the volume on the outer loop. inner loop is not bad. if you are heading to m.g.m. the traffic looks good now. speaking of, i want to show you. last night throughout the moin traffic. but because they are at full capacity everyone who is driving straight is able the loop around. there are no slowdowns that is because no one is allowed to park and get in with the casino being at full capacity. let's talk about what we are seeing if you are traveling then inside the beltway. no big problems on the b.w. parkway. the g.w. parkway looks good. mainly just on the freeway, 295 as well as 395. crossing the 14th street
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to bumper. this is the inner loop heading north past old dominion continuing further into maryland. that is a look at traffic. back to you. horace: well, when it's this cold outside it's almost a shame there isn't snow around. michelle: yeah. in the mountains and at the ski slopes they depend on it. alison: that's right. today ryan hughes takes us to white tail where they are making snow around the clock now that it's cold enough. ryan: the snow guns are slopes at full speed. white tail resort is taking advantage of the bitter blast. it's looking and feeling like winter atop the mountain. >> getting the momentum built before christmas is perfect. ryan: white tail is using the automatic snow guns to coat a dozen trails on two top mountains and hoping to kickoff the season thursday or friday.
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to make perfect snow. ryan: the resort is at the mercy of mother nature. it didn't hope until january 7 last year so they are opening that it will mean extra green in the cash register. >> last year was a late start. we are happy we won't repeat that. ryan: with the guns running at full speed outside, workers are putting the finishing touches on the resort's new 31,000-square foot edition inside. >> so this is the restaurant. ryan: down the hall a starbucks cafe and pizzeria. skiers and snowboarders are chomping at the bit. when you are in the snow business you can only hope for a long cold winter. >> there are so many people waiting to get on the mountain. it's fun. ryan: at white tail resort, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: part of the country is on storm watch. this is perry, ohio, where 50
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northeast of -- 35 miles northeast of cleveland. the highway was shut down in both directions while emergency crews tried to get out there. there were reports of injuries. the severity not clear at this point. horace: look horrible. alison: terrible. meanwhile, we want to show you this. vice president joe biden arriving in ottawa, canada, under the cover of heavy snow. he had a motorcade of s.u.v.'s there greeting him on the tarmac to take him to an event minister justin trudeau. it hus was comments about trud that broke the ice. take a listen. >> i remember those days when i used to be eye candy. don't get used to it, old buddy. another 40 years, i don't know. [laughter]
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snow. michelle: he meant that. alison: very funny. doug: it's coming down the ottawa. this is the time of year you don't need a storm to get the big accident. there was no storm center. just the lake effect winds. the cold winds over the lakes, not frozen yet. depending on the wind direction ands the speed determines what part of the lower side of the lakes get the heavy snow. it could change. you can be in a blizzard and drive 15 minutes and see sunshine. it's crazy we anytime soon? doug: not really. wednesday maybe wet flakes mixed in but most of the air is dry. michelle: cheering for snow flakes. doug: it was cold this morning. this was the story earlier this morning in northwest washington along idaho avenue. the temperature is 32 degrees. we are in the upper 20's this morning. through the day, a lot of sunshine. notice the low angle arc of the sun. a few afternoon clouds.
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temperatures to fall we will have slow wind chills again. take a look at the lake effect. this is just sustained winds moving across the lake. some of the streamers and the snow bands pushing far south to pennsylvania. the hill areas are picking up the highest amounts. more coming that way. 127 degrees. that is -- 27 degrees. that is a look at the conditions when we get through the late morning and the early afternoon tomorrow. we will continue to see the low wind chill. though they are not as strong as today. the future cast shows through the day tomorrow nothing but sunshine for us. lake effect snow continues north and will continue throughout the day. we will pick up a couple of clouds on sunday morning. more cloudiness throughout the day. some of the snow ahead of the front is more than the lake effect. we will get snow from the frontal system across the eastern great lakes. substantial snow there. for us we are talking clouds
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rain. 24-30 overnight. the temperatures very cold. looking ahead to weekend, plenty of sunshine. 39. 42 for the day on sunday. in ten minutes we look at the ten-day outlook. cold one at that. a couple more to deal with next week as well. michelle: we're prepared. thank you. we take you not just inside the u.p.s. rush to deliver holiday cheer and packages at a fast rate but also one of the cargo jets. the massive challenge to move millions of gifts. horace: man, they move! american pandas are moving to china. it happened to bao bao. but the cubs from atlanta are
4:24 pm
could have. alison: look at how to start the work week on monday on "good morning washington." >> thank you. mont on "good morning washington," we are live from an inaugural christmas village event and where they are getting in the christmas spirit with a one of a kind experience. >> plus, the arctic blast will last through the weekend. but will the temperatures stay below average next week? we let you know. >> plus, stay with us. traffic and weather every ten
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horace: it's december 9 today. two weeks from christmas. that means the rush is on for the nation's shipping companies. michelle: so many people are doing all of their shopping online. this year fedex and u.p.s. predict record numbers. alison: sam sweeney at the u.p.s. shipping center at b.w.i. thurgood airport a behind-the-scenes look at how it gets done. sam: early morning the ramp comes alive. not passengers. three jumbo jets loaded with packages arrives before 6:30 a.m. then's showtime. mike supervisors the ramp. for him he describes the holiday season one way. >> organized chaos.
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packages a day before christmas. it's 373 per second. >> we know what to expect this time of the year. we put the planning in place to get it right. >> to get it right u.p.s. hires 95,000 system -- seasonal workers. many work on the ramp where the planes are offloaded in less than 30 minutes. an hour and ten minutes ago these packages were in louisville, kentucky. now the rush to get them out of the whens and on the trucks to be on your 8:30. they have 97% on-time rate. these planes are back in the air in an hour and a half. two are headed to louisville where 75% of the u.p.s . packages touch the ground at some point. it takes a half hour to load on the typical 757. 15 containers sit inside. by the end of the day they could be anywhere in the world.
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to up ship it by the 22nd. michelle: prison for life, the murder sentence. could a "20/20" investigation help free a man who maintains he is innocent. >> did you kill her? >> no. >> did you strangle that young woman? >> no. michelle: we take you inside the investigation next. river road. three people are dead. up next judgment day for the reckless driver. alison: new at 5:00 tonight, shopping your favorite store and brands with an app this season. you may be being scammed by imposters.
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michelle: 115 miles per hour. that is how fast the 20-year-old potomac man was driving when he t-boned a car along river road in february killing a mother, father and their teenage son. today a judge sentenced that wreckless driver to 12 years in prison. but montgomery county reporter kevin lewis reports the convict could get out years sooner.
4:33 pm
parole. we will get to that in a moment. the victims, they were heading to walt whitman high school to see a play. they were turning left here across river road. that was the tragic end. pictures show the devastation. the victim's smaller chevy volt was obliterated. today at sentencing prosecutors shined a light on ogulcan atakoglu. atakoglu said this at the court today -- they also looked at his parents who allowed their son to drive a luxury sports car
4:34 pm
look, you are not driving. you have been picked up four or five different times, you have had accidents before. you are going to kill yourself or somebody else. i think the message is to parents be a parent. >> he realized what he did was reckless, careless, and in fact, reached a level of criminality. he accepted that. kevin: atakoglu could have received up to 30 years i prison. instead, he got 12. prosecutors do point out with parole he could be eligible for release in as little as three years. back to you inside. horace: now to an update on the wildfires down in tennessee. popular tourist area is back open after being devastated by the disaster. the great smoky mountains national park and the resort town of gat lynnburg opened at 7:00 to a steady stream of
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2,500 buildings were damaged or destroyed. two juveniles face charges for allegedly starting that fire. all right. let's talk about the weather. doug: a little chilly, huh? horace: yeah. doug: i'm not a cold weather fan. horace: me neither. doug: these are the wind chills. it feels like upper 20's. a few spots, winchester feels like 20. the luray, and the numbers will go down tonight. if you have outdoor plans dress accordingly. horace: doug: or go in shorts and flip-flops. i'm going to in a parka and shivererring all the way. we have a week and a half before winter arrives officially. wind chill in the 20's. i want to show you other part of the country not that far away. they have lower wind chills. pennsylvania and ohio they have snow squalls as well. so the cold will continue. tomorrow, the temperatures are on par today. winds will still be gusty but not as gusty as today.
4:36 pm
than in the teens. a brisk weekend. clouds increase with highs of 42. we could see rain late sunday night. monday is a day with a better chance of rain. the side-by-side numbers for the next ten days. 39 and 42 over the weekend. 54 with rain. mild monday. clearing tuesday. another front gives us a chance of rain on wednesday and the highs of 43. look at the drop again. highs 29 for thursday. 30 degrees on friday. then through next weekend it the modeling suggests wintry stuff possible on saturday. but no signs of a big warmup anytime soon. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. horace: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. a local business is shutting down. the cane company based from elk ridge, maryland, operating throughout the area as a commercial mover is laying off
4:37 pm
the divisions facing layoffs will stop on sunday. owner wasn't able to sell the company. all that will remain is the shredding and storage divisions. michelle: volkswagen emissions rigging scandal may be settled in the u.s. but overseas it's only getting started. swiss prosecutors seized documents at a volkswagen dealer after court ordered them to open a criminal investigation. this comes after 2,000 complaints were filed against the auto maker last year regarding the horace: perhaps a cautionary tail for the national zoo panda bao bao. she is 3. she will be moving to china early next year. this pair of panda twins born in atlanta made the trip to china and they aren't adjusting well. they rivered last month -- arrived last month. according to the recent report they miss their favorite food. biscuits. the 25-pound shipment is going to china to help with the adjustment period.
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biscuits in atlanta. i can tell you that. this next story is one that may raise concerns. is it the next "making a murder"? a ground-breaking "20/20" investigation that could set a man free who is currently in prison, sentenced to send the rest of his life there. here is elizabeth vargas with a first look at tonight's "20/20". elizabeth: drive from charlotte, north carolina, on interstate 58 you will cross the catawba river. locations on the river's wooded banks two people arrive here on the morning of may 5, 2008. one is a 20-year-old student from nearby u.n.c. charlotte. ira yarmolenko. a musician. a photographer. an outdoorsy type who loves nature. the other person on the river that day, 39-year-old mark carver is just from down the road in nearby gastonia.
4:39 pm
his family lived out in the country. didn't have much education. could not read very well. cannot write very well. elizabeth: what happened on the river that bright may day is as perplexing as violent. this much we can tell you for sure. today, ira yarmolenko is in a north carolina cemetery. and mark carver is in this north carolina prison. serving life sentence for her murder. >> did you kill ira? >> did you strangle that young woman? >> no. i didn't even see her. horace: wow! get the entire story from "20/20" tonight on abc7 at 10:00. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- forget the cold. we are talking baseball this weekend. where and when you can meet your favorite nats players along with other great activities around.
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kidd: time for the weekend kickoff. nationals winter-fest takes place tomorrow and sunday. games exchange activities and special appearances by your favorite nationals players, coaches, mascots and even santa claus! it should be a great event. don't miss that. the washington chorus presents a scandallight christmas at
4:43 pm
brass, organ, percussions, playing all your favorite christmas classic, even a sing-a-long. rosslyn holiday market festival returns to gateway park today and tomorrow. family-friendly fun, food and shopping from local vendors. there is also the great chocolate race. that will take place tomorrow. whatever you do this weekend, i hope you do something that makes you happy. on i'm good morning good -- "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea. i'll see you monday. michelle: don't want to miss santa. next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- meet our rising star who battled and overcame an eating
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i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba?. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes...
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horace: developing in northeast, police found a man shot in the head twice in the 5,000 block of j street. he is still alive and listed in critical condition but so far no suspects have been announced. michelle: it takes strength and courage to admit you have a problem. most of the time it's the hardest part. as a bishop o'connel senior shows with us a little hard
4:47 pm
scott abraham has more with this week's rising star. >> where do you think you would be two years ago? i would have thought dead or in the spot i was then. >> the volleyball player has had quite the journey. >> i developed an eating disorder and then it got bad. >> she lost 45 pounds. >> i see a ghost of myself. i wasn't there. weeks at an in-patient treatment center for bulimia. >> once i trusted the process of sticking to recovery, getting through it, lookking back. thank god i did this. >> now in her senior year, she is thriving on the court and in classroom where she is a straight a student taking several a.p. courses. her demons are in the past. katie is paying it forward with her classmates.
4:48 pm
health awareness club at o'connel this year. i got them approved. we are waiting for it to start up. just to talk about the issues that don't get talked about enough. >> turning her darkness to light. >> i'm not in that place anymore. for sure. i came out better on the other side. >> worthy of two thumbs up. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. >> "7 on your side" with a consumer alert, for anyone who battled an eating disorder like katie. horace: for the first time in history, congress pa of 30 million americans, "7 on your side." consumer investigator kimberly suiters has been following the story for the last 11 months and is here today with an update. >> to see her inspiring story, to see it end well is heartwarming. there are so many families. it doesn't end that way for. now the president will sign into law a mental health reform package next week.
4:49 pm
their daughters and sons to eating disorder. the family in february shared a story of a beautiful 19-year-old leslie who died from alexandria and bulimia and how they saw her disease as a choice rather than the deadliest mental disorder with 20% mentally rate. the westin family. this has been a 16-year journey for them. that is when she was born. they stard around. i got off the face time call with kitty who lost her daughter anna to an eating disorder when she was 21. >> when she came to me at 14 and announced she was going on a diet that was going to be a fatal decision i would have done things differently. i would have felt strongly that people with eating disorders can recover if they
4:50 pm
>> so for the families like that, the most important aspect of the new law for them, mental health parity. that is where the insurance has to view treatment for mental health disorder like anorexia as a disease like cancer. also there will be funding to educate and train medical professionals to spot it sooner. michelle: thank you. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and an important update about the dri new laws signed in mission will allow the companies to test the vehicles without a haun -- human behind wheel. right now they need a driver inside to take over just in case. there are enough safeguards, they say, to keep everyone out of danger. let's talk about the weather. the weekend is here. horace: chilly. michelle: a lot of indoor plans. doug: for fun to check temperatures like in cancun and places --
4:51 pm
doug: 85, 86. it's overrated. you don't want warm temperatures like that, do we? we have the cold and the wind. the wind chill will continue to drop down. let's get started. is it chilly in the day. we have the low wind chills tonight and tomorrow night. air temperature wise, 379 tomorrow. a lot of -- 39 tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. winds at times 5 to 10 and gusting to 15. chills stay in the 20's all da increasing. it's still cold but we bump it up to 42. the average low across the area for tomorrow night. for the weekend, we have done stories about the snow gun in full bore at white tail. we got an e-mail from winter greene. they have the snow up, too. tomorrow, they have cloudy skies and the flurries. this is from the lake effect snow from the north. if you get to the highest resorts like winter green and
4:52 pm
cooler. we are getting there, in the season now where they can make more snow. wait to see how much natural snow we get. over the weekend is cold. as we get into monday, range is likely but warmer. 54 with a 70% chance of rain. nice tuesday. showers wednesday with the cold front. look at thursday, the highs of 29. 30 degrees for friday. the next weekend it will warm up a bit. i guess. in the mid-30's for saturday, sunday, monday. but that is still way below average for this time of december. jamie: i'm getting that is. i want to start off with slowing we are seeing. we had an earlier crash on the outer loop of the beltway and it's near ritchie marlboro road. we are still trying to recover from that through prince george's county from national harbor, continuing past branch avenue. we are averaging only the teens. now let's talk m.g.m. national harbor. you can see the camera zoomed in. this is a stretch you would take to enter the casino. but we are still at full capacity. so they are encouraging that
4:53 pm
reservations or hotel reservations. otherwise let's try to plan this for next week. not even this weekend. we have typical slowdowns in d.c. a lot of snowing crossing the 14th street bridge. in the northwest corner a lot of volume to maryland. back to >> there is track work affecting the orange and the silver lines. rains run every 20 minutes. on saturday the red line train run 12 minutes. on sunday, every 135 minutes due to single tracking. single tracking on the blue line means three trains an hour. good news for yellow and green line commuters, expect normal
4:54 pm
if there are service disruptions by signing up for the metro text alerts. send the word "metro" to 43817 or head to next on "abc7 news at 4:00", what happens if you need
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john: if you need a new social security card and other government document the easiest thing to do is go online and order a replacement. but we have a warning. barbara is worried. she gave her personal information to a website she thought was the social security administration. >> my phone number, my address, where live, the zip code. my social security number of course and everything. john: it started when she lost somewhere in her college hill apartment. >> i have a wallet. i can't find it. i decided to send off for another one. john: she googledded social security replacement. she came to a website that promised easy replacement. websites like this know a lot of people don't want the downtown to a social security office or perhaps standing if line at the local post office. so they make it easy. at a cost. when the site asked for her
4:58 pm
government agency. >> well, he was trying to tell me how much it would cost. i said i'm not paying for a social security guard. john: gov simplified is not a scam. it's a legitimate south florida based company that helps with government services. it serentcally settled a class action lawsuit that accused it of deceptive practices and they promised to post more disclaimers saying it's not an official government website. but barbara others to double check before they share personal info. >> of all people i think i'm on top of that. john: remember they are not scams but they are charging you for something you can get free. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. >> hurt my pocket, my boss' pocket. jonathan: a holiday season wish that they hope does not repeat itself. sentencing day for a man who nearly wiped out an entire
4:59 pm
driving social -- sociopathic. we are showing you how to spot apps that pretend to be your favorite stores. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: a bit of a tarnish to tell your about for the opening of the m.g.m. national harbor. the head of 2 liquor board was arrested for michelle marsh has more. michelle: his name is charles caldwell. police say he was involved in a three-car accident outside the casino at monument and national avenues. the officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from caldwell's car. he failed a field sobriety test and was then charged. fortunately no one was injured in that crash. we are waiting for a comment from the prince george's county liquor board. as soon as we get it, we will share it with you.
5:00 pm
"live desk." michelle marsh, back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks very much. right now at sky over national har -- skyla over national harbor -- skytrak7 is over national harbor. this is the headlights and it looks like normal traffic. the casino there, the big building in the middle is drawing a lot of attention. you can see brake lights on the right side of the casino. keep in mind the police officers are out there trying to keep the traffic moving. it was at capacity by 11:18. 48 minutes after it opened. maryland bureau chief brad bell was there for all of this. they hit capacity again three hours ago. so now they are issuing a warning. wow, are they popular! brad: yeah. you know what? sometimes you can be smothered with love. that is what is going on here. between last night when they opened and nooning today, --


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