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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jonathan: first, the coldest air of the season is here. we are talking wind chill's in the teens in some places. what will it feel like when we wake up? we go to meteorologist brian van de graaff with a look. brian: across the area right now, feels like the 20's. even downtown feeling like the
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north and west later tonight it will be even colder. tomorrow morning, teens in frederick, leesburg, winchester, and downtown will feel like the 20's. bitter cold start to the weekend, into the 40's, but all afternoon the chill lingers. the next 10 days coming up. stay connected with the stormwatch 7 team as the temperatures drop and follow us on facebook and twitter. you can also download the stormwatch app. dangerous winter weather is a problem for millions tonight, icy highways and feet of snow in some places. the winter storm alerts are in place in 19 states. in new york am a truck flipped over on a highway that has seen already more than 100 rec cars and a stretch. in erie, pennsylvania, a 70-car pileup. there were some injuries
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the head of the prince george's county liquor board said he was not intoxicated when he left the mgm casino last night. he is charged with dui after being involved in a crash near the casino. anna-lysa gayle, what did he tell you? anna-lysa: jonathan, that is some of what he had to say. is denying thel allegations made by prince george's county police. this happen not too far from here, national avenue and monument avenue. prince george's county police say they are standing by the charges. about an hour after the mgm casino celebrated its grand opening, the head of prince george's county liquor board was charged with dui. the police say there was an accident involving three cars come including caldwell. they approached him and noticed a strong odor of alcohol. >> you cannot drink and
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friday night at his home in bowie, where he'd painted a different picture of what happened. off-camera he said he was not impaired. he said that it was blown out of proportion. he also claimed the breathalyzer machine had a problem. a spokesperson for prince george's county police said he refused to take the breathalyzer test and failed a field sobriety test. do you think this weakens his credibility in that position? >> that's a possibility. . anna-lysa: you think you should keep his job? >> i think so. i would not begin to call him a drunk. i've watched redskins games with him and i've never seen him in paired -- i've never seen him impaired. anna-lysa: no injuries in the crash. caldwell
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great job as the chair. he was charged with reckless driving and other traffic offenses. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: anna-lysa, thanks. newsroom,into the talk about a surprise landing. a military huey helicopter with military problems landing at yorktown high school in arlington. it is part of a marine detachment at joint ace andrews. it is not used to transport the president, but they are often used to transport vip's. no word on what was wrong but a second helicopter was sent to fix it and nobody was hurt. president-elect donald trump is responding to president obama's calls to review possible hacking involving the election. trump's team said the elections ended a long time ago and it is time to move on. u.s. intelligence officials have blamed russia for hacking democratic officials
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committees. president obama wants the report finish before he leaves office next month. tonight we are learning new details about president-elect donald trump's business holdings. right after the election, he shut down some of his companies, including four apparently connected with a saudi arabian business venture. this says he is preparing to announce changes to his businesses to avoid any potential conflict of interest. former new york mayor rudy giuliani announced he has removed himself from consideration for position in the cabinet. at one point he was considered a front runner for secretary of state. good news from the hill, a government shutdown has been averted. this with just hours to spare. a compromise has been reached tonight. we knew this was coming, but they always bring it to the wire. andsey: the senate is holding vote right now come on track to pass the measure tonight and send it to p
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earlier on word came from senator chuck schumer democrats had no intention of shutting down the government. at issue, among other things, benefits for retired coal miners. some democrats say they will continue to fight for that next year. tonight once the vote goes through, the spending bill will keep the government operating through april 28. a late for lawmakers were still gathered. dramatic look inside of the ring of human trafficking in montgomery county. we are hearing a 911 call in the case. as tom roussey reports, the conviction was thanks to the quick thinking of a hotel worker. >> i have a person was very shaken and crying. she was beaten. call at the the 911 radisson hotel in rockville.
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a pimp, had punched the victim multiple times when she tried to leave. or documents say that she spent two days in the hotel room and the internetused to sell her to john's. the victim talk to the 911 operator. the man was caught, but in jailhouse calls he tries to mature that she will not testify. >> she is not coming to court, that's why. >> she is not coming down here. >> i know she's not. prosecutors unable to find the victim, they believe she is scared and hiding. the pimp thinks he has it made. >> is very rare to get a conviction without the victim's testimony. tom: the prosecutors have something to turn the tables. [crying out] >> a
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staffer steps up to the plate and risks her own safety to do the right thing. tom: a woman cleaning in the hallway here's the assault in 201 and records audio. [woman crying] tom: after hearing that at trial, lindsey was convicted of assault and human trafficking, despite no victim testimony. they credit the radisson hotel with helping them make the conviction in this case. lindsey's sentencing is set for next month. as for the victim, the attorney's office is still trying to find her to help her get out of this lifestyle. live in rockville, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: developing now, parents in woodbridge on alert after a suspicious encounter near kerry dale elementary. a 10-year-old girl
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police you was walking home when a man in a car approached her. the police say she told the driver offered hurricane the and asked her to get into the car. the little girl ran home and the incident is being investigated. in northwest pizza place that became the epicenter of world news. it and it with gunshots. tonight, people are flocking to comet pizza to show their support after the bizarre chain of events. jeff goldberg is live. they were waiting in line for a long time to get inside. i'm sure the owner and employees felt great about that. jeff: yeah, a lot of appreciation. lines have been strong all day. people i been winning outside 30, 40 minutes just to get inside and buy some food and support comet and the employees. this truly is a neighborhood spot. local say the events that happen this week only strengthen their support.
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instead to stand up and support comet pizza. >> this is my neighborhood, these are my people. >> i hope it shows the owners that people are not scared to come. jeff: the day of solidarity after edgar welch entered comet with an assault rifle and fired a shot into the wall. told investigators that he came to rescue child sex slaves that he had read about online in a fake news story. >> it's crazy, ridiculous. >> i'm angry. jeff: earlier in the day, d.c. police chief peter newsham visiting connecticut avenue, offering reassurance to neighborhood businesses that have been receiving numerous threats. >> it can have very serious consequences. trainsally, i took two to get over here. had to support sanity.
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>> a lot of people actually care about truth and reality and are fakes.erred by internet
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the cast will be on jimmy kimmel live after this newscast. right now we are giving away tickets for an early screening to the movie. right now, the 10th caller wins. 703-528-7334. the screening will be held next wednesday.
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jonathan: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. it is the time of year where it is a frenzy for shoppers, but also for cyber scammers. there are 4 million shopping apps, but not all of them are legit. you can download the coach, dillards come in big lots. the problem is none of those pp.res even have an aoo how do you spot a fake? >> there is one quick step that people can make sure they are genuinely downloading the app. go through the site and click on their link.
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when you get onto a webpage, nore is probably in t legitimate app. an alert about emails. criminals are sending fake emails disguised as delivery notices from amazon, fedex, and ups. they start out looking legit, but they are warning that your order is delayed. what pops up looks like a real amazon sign in page. don't do that. if you fill it out, you have given the thief access to your stored credit card account and they can go crazy. experts say it is always safe is to never click on a link embedded in any mail, just go to the site outside of your email. u.s. safety regulators want to make automaker step up the repair of takata airbags, speeding up
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there are lots of them. the're working on replacing defective airbags that could be dangerous or life-threatening. the takata recall will ultimately impact 42 million cars in the united states. samsung wants to make it harder for people to use the dangerous galaxy note seven phones that caught fire or exploded. they were recalled because of a battery issue causing fires. the company will release a software update that will block the phone from recharging, rendering the phone useless. more than 90% of all note sevens have already been returned. we are getting a step closer to being able to make and take phone calls on planes. not happy about the idea of somebody sitting next to you and talking on the phone. details are still being worked out. it sounds like the government is saying, can you hear me now? from an airline, proposed rules that may
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skype or face time, with some restrictions. the fear is too much talking in a confined space. one of the biggest providers is not optimistic. a reporter spoke to them today on a wi-fi call airline in the midwest. >> the technology has existed for a very long time. the truth of the matter is passengers don't want it. changen: if the airlines their mind, the government is proposing rules that passengers would be allowed when they buy tickets that calls would be allowed. >> it might be the first and last. i think there are plenty of opportunities to stay connected in life. jonathan: the government is asking for comments. there will be quite a few of them. breaking news right now, from the senate floor, lawmakers
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they took it down to the wire because the deadline is midnight. he keeps the government operating through april 28. all right, it is cold out there right now. the next couple days, not a lot better. monday is the next best day for temperatures. tomorrow's anticipated high, 39, sunday 42. monday, in the 50's. but we might be looking at rain. it's not just the temperatures, it is how it feels because we have a breeze. reagan national 32 degrees. the wind out of the west make it feel like 25 degrees. feels colder in the burbs, 20's anderick, 21 warnerenton andrews. some snow showers coming across the great lakes.
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portions of ohio, pennsylvania, upstate new york. futurecast, tomorrow looks like a solid day. we had feels, a different story. despite the sunshine, i think 39 is the best we will do tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine. sunday, we could have a morning snow shower. the bulk of the day, clouds and sunshine back and forth. a more potent system could bring us much-needed rain sunday into monday. the wind out of the south. a bigger weather system monday. overnight, 20's. heading out the door tomorrow morning, it will feel like teens. events all weekend long, sunday may be the better day, closer to 42 degrees. not a very nice weekend. tomorrow night, the leesburg christmas parade, it will be blustery cold. sunday, maybe a
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flurry, monday cold rain, tuesday looking dry. through,system comes there could be some flurries. then the coldest air of the nextn, 29 or 30 the high thursday and friday. jonathan: brian, thanks. you get in the car and think you are getting an uber ride. not with this guy. his viral videos next. [ 80's music ] can i get anyone a beer? make it a redd's apple ale! redd's apple ale. also for a limited time in ginger apple.
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can i get anyone a beer? make it a redd's apple ale! redd's apple ale. also for a limited time in ginger apple. jonathan: cannot wait to see the movie, right? a big congratulations to chad carter of northwest, who just won tickets to "rogue one." the next chance to win is on "good morning washington" monday. up next on jimmy kimmel, the whole cast. this is an uber ride with some holiday cheer. >>
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jonathan: this is a fun ride. the driver's name is jonathan -- great name. this uber driver started uploading videos of him and his passengers belting out christmas songs. i'm sure that he provides all of the accrued vermont -- acco utrements. scott: mariah carey, that is a classic. you live to play for these type of games. one game for all the marbles in annapolis. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: high school football players work the entire season for a change at a championship. tonight, the maryland 4-a state title game. orchard ford quince the trophy. moo-moo oliver gets the touchdown. the promos lead at the break. now 29-7, throws
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catch. and he is off to the races. all the way for the 72 yard score. jacksonthe desean sidestep into the end zone. eir 28 straight game and back-to-back titles. >> this is a great team. i'm proud of everybody. we came out and computed every day. it finally paid off. >> they got better all year long. we got better week to week. scott: going back to back is never easy. congrats to wise. on the ice, caps playing buffalo. beagle, pass from jay night goal of the year, the caps led the entire way and win 4-1. tomorrow
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the convention center is the place to be for nats winterfest. doors open at 10 a.m. always a fun event, so check it out. jonathan: and the wise quarterback is going to west point. congratulations to him.
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jonathan: i think you need to dig out your heavy coat. brian: yeah, you do. temperatures tomorrow in the 30's, they will feel like the 20's. monday, a cold rain. wednesday some rain. next weekend, the coldest air of the season. may have some snow flurries late next week. jonathan: so we have that to look forward to. have a good weekend. enjoy yourself. jamaica and one has the entire cast of " rogue one."
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "rogue one: a star wars story" felicity jones, diego luna, alan tudyk, donnie yen, ben mendelsohn, riz ahmed, mads mikkelsen, and director gareth edwards. plus music from a tribe called quest. and now, may the force be with him -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice.


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