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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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kimberly: beating the arctic last. weekend isrst chilly not just a reminder to get the big sweaters and jackets out, but also to have an extra layer. >> that's the biggest energy transfer. kimberly: keeping the cold air out and heat in as winter settles in. fights backs camp against a new cia report detailing what impact russian hackers may have had on the american election. and meeting the new nationals. at outfielder adam eaton winterfest. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00, on your
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kimberly: thanks for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. yes, the winter-like temperatures mean old man winter is in town. we are in the 30's right now. we have coverage of the cold tonight to help you stay warm and maybe save money. we begin with our first forecast for meteorologist ryan miller. aan: good evening, kimberly, cold day around the region. we are in the 30's for the highs today, 39 at reagan national, more 30's in the northwestern suburbs. you factor in the wind with the air temperature, the windchill, it feels like lower 20's in a few spots and 25 degrees inside the beltway. holiday parties and things to do outside, grabbed a heavy coat. the windchill at times will be better, mostly clear this this evening, 33 overnight lows into the 20'
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to 8. we are clear and quiet across the dmv. snow showers in parts of ohio, pennsylvania, in new york. we have a storm in the midwest i could come our way to marwan bring us a chance of snow flurries in the northwestern suburbs. waking up to clouds and temperatures in the 20's, the clouds with us for the day tomorrow. we do have snow chances in the extended forecast. we will look at that in a few minutes. kimberly: it is cold here, but it could be worse. people in the pacific northwest had ice disrupt light rail service in portland and may driving difficult in washington state. thousands are without power across the region. is the issue snow falling across the northern plains and into the upper midwest tonight. chicago could see five to 10 inches of snow by the end of the weekend. i can affect s
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closure of interstate 90 in northern ohio for several hours today. cold weather could cost big bucks if you are not ready for it. from weatherstripping to installation, which are rising your home can keep it warm and safe. we have some tips that may save you money. hey, kimberly, today we saw people putting up christmas lights like these, but not necessarily winterizing their homes. on a night like this, the cold air can blast through, creating drafts and possibly big problems. the goal is to keep the cold air out and the heat in, and the energy bill down. casey is spending saturday afternoon putting up decorations. but with the holidays comes the cold weather. >> i don't do any major things. i'm from the midwest. i expect cold for the next few months. ryan:
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your home can keep you warm and save you money. we stopped by lowe's in alexandria to learn easy ways to prepare for the cold. people say start with windows and doors, were most of the heat escapes. you can use call core weatherstripping to seal drafts. >> weatherstripping for the different scenarios. ryan: next, keeping pipes from freezing with insulation. >> the outside faucet, you want insulation over it to stop it from freezing. hot: insulating pipes, the water heater, and insulation in the attic will conserve energy. martha says these are tips she will start thinking about. rates up ating the this point, which is extremely impractical. that's just getting the wreaths up at this point. ryan: lowe's s
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and rock salt. people are not waiting until the last minute. you may not need that stuff right away, but if you follow those tips, you can save 10 to $15 of your electric will, possibly hundreds in the long run. ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: our stormwatch 7 team is working hard to keep you informed about major weather changes. stay connected with forecast updates and alerts on air and online. follow us on facebook and twitter come and download the stormwatch 7 app. new developments tonight in the shooting death of a 16-year-old after thanksgiving. d.c. police officially charged the alleged shooter, 30-year-old evans with second-degree murder while armed. the police say he fired the shots that killed breyona
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evans has been in jail since the end of november on weapons charges related to the shooting. today marks the one-year anniversary of noah leotta's death. people gathered for a memorial service in his honor today in olney. he was hit i a drunk driver during a traffic stop and died one day later. law mandates interlock devices in vehicles for convicted drunk drivers. busy saturday for president elect donald trump. he had a meeting with potential secretary of state candidate and headed to baltimore for the army navy game. the big issue overshadowing his appearance is the new report from the cia about the influence of russian hackers on the u.s. election. we have the latest on that developing story. reporter: prime seating for the president-elect. donald trump taking a break from the transition, taking in the army-nav
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saturday. before he got to the game, trump hit twitter, lashing out at concerns that while in the white house he will stay on as executive producer of the nbc show "the apprentice," and also fighting back against a "washington post" article that a cia report found that the russians interfered in the election to help trump win. individuals connected with the russian government reportedly provided wikileaks with hacked emails as part of a wider operation to boost trump and hu rt clinton's chances. transition team was quick to respond, questioning the cia, saying these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. >> u.s. intelligence agencies believe the russians are behind us. >> i don't know if they are connected. tom: trump has repeatedly reports from
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russia was behind the dnc hacking. "the new york times" reports russia also hacked the rnc but did not release the information to wikileaks. >> the intelligence is wrong. they are writing the conclusion they came to, based in part that the rnc was hacked. cia basically attacking the in order to defend vladimir putin first. for sitting president-elect to attack a u.s. agency to defend russia is quite an amazing situation. kimberly: tonight the white house has no comment, but president obama has ordered a full review of the hacking do before he leaves office next month. a man honored by the russian president is reportedly the leading candidate to become secretary of state. the president-elect could elect exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson as america's top diplomat. that could be a soon as monday. republic
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says he has concerns about that possible nomination. >> what kind of questions would you ask rex tillerson that would make you feel comfortable in this role? >> his view of vladimir putin and his role in the world. for example, the leader of the opposition was murdered on the orders, i believe, of vladimir putin in the shadow of the kremlin. kimberly: tillerson has known put in more than 20 years through exxon mobil. 2013, he received russia's order a friendship from putin during a ceremony. turkey.p, explosions in what we are learning about the blasts outside of a stadium. honoring an american space
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: developing now, conflicting reports about dead and wounded after explosions outside of a soccer stadium. this happened in turkey. local media reporting 13 people died, 20 wounded. the authorities say the attack appears to have been on the police officers. while no one has claimed responsibility, isis militants have been responsible for previous attacks in the capital. explodedtinker train in northeast bulgaria. dozenpeople died and two were injured. many had severe burns. about 50 buildings were destroyed in the explosion. many houses in the village of 800 on fire. carryingr cars propane, butane, a
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derailed, hitting nearby electrical lines and exploding. the train driver survived and was questioned by the police. a short-term funding bill approved by the senate last million fores $255 a new fbi headquarters. where will be we don't know yet. the money allocated so far is nearly half of the project's expected price tag. will beheadquarters built in greenbelt, landover, or springfield. they will announce the location and developer in the coming months. an early taste of water for us? a very brief warm-up before gets cold again. the forecast coming up.
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and senator john glenn. the plan is for him to lie in repose in the ohio statehouse rotunda friday. a public memorial service is scheduled for december 17 at ohio state. glenn was the very first american to orbit the earth. he was also a test pilot and ohio senator for more than two decades. he died thursday at the age of 95. the new mgm national harbor tonight, the "it" spot reaching parking capacity this afternoon. since opening its doors thursday casino and the garage have reached capacity at least three times. no better way to warm up from the cold temperatures than by getting moving. a race stepped off early this morning. the 5k wrapped up with hot chocolate. a chocolatier and local chocolate shops set up at the
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holiday shopping season. i talked with some runners right afterwards and they were still cold come even after running. ryan: we were in the 30's all day long with the windchill in the 20's. temperatures.rage the big arctic front came through earlier this week. it looked nice today. the time lapse photography, courtesy of the weatherbug station in annapolis, the naval now,my, 32 degrees right lots of sunshine, nice blue sky. very little activity on the water. a few boats going by. looks like we are setting up for a cold but dry evening. lots of things going on this evening. if you are doing holiday decorating, putting up decorations, the heavy coat a necessity. lower 30's for the actual air temperatures. it will feel like the 20's at times with the wind out of the northwest at 4 to
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through 9:00. these are the feels-like temperature's the next several hours. feels like upper 20's. through the overnight, we're talking middle to lower 20's. tomorrow morning we could see flurries and even a snow shower in winchester, northwestern suburbs. i don't think we will see any snow inside the beltway, but it will be cold when you wake up for sunday services, talking 20's is what it will feel like. the lake effect snow machine has been cranking up 1, 2 feet of snow in parts of northern ohio, northwestern pennsylvania, western new york. looks like the like effect snow will continue. the weather boundary is continuing over the midwest, coming overnight. that could give us some snow showers, possibly even a snow flurry in the northwestern suburbs. futurecast, clouds coming after midnight. we are clear this evening, clouds later.
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snow showers to the shenandoah valley, western maryland, parts of pennsylvania. futurecast looks like we could see winchester, garrett county, maryland, snow showers. if you are planning, traveling towards brees would, watch the weather tomorrow. that system will stay to the north. that is why they have winter weather advisory's for pennsylvania. another system comes in sunday night and monday. the wind will be out of the south. that will bring rain early monday morning. all rain in the metro area. as we get to the mason-dixon line, up and pennsylvania monday morning, you can see rain or sleet, but not affecting the morning commute monday. then things dry out nicely. another shot of cold air coming in with the extended forecast. 22 to 29 overnight, the wind out of the northwest at 4 to 8. the next seven
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a disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere could of snow,might amounts nothing to worry about. next weekend, the long-term models are indicating possible substantial snow saturday and sunday. kimberly: i like it. the redskins, are they ready? robert: they should be. a big one for the redskins tomorrow, a must win. sports is coming up.
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>> and to now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. direct fans got to a with the nationals players and team personal at winterfest. live batting cages, interaction with the players come and a special guest, the new was national, adam eaton,
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wasting no time to get to know the new fan base. he was a favorite today. he was all around excited. adam: coming into such a great organization, to be able to contribute hopefully, it's an honor. not too many people get the chance that i have. so i'm just trying not to miss anything up, trying to produce as well as i can and help this team win. robert: college hoops, georgetown is starting to piece things together, going for their fourth straight win today, hosting lasalle. the amazing effort by l.j. peak. the block, then he comes up with it. gets a before the buzzer. 15 at the half. hoyas led by six. 82-70 five georgetown, rodney prior with a good look.
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he finished with 19. hoyas win, 93-78. ,ore college hoops, the terps first half, kevin herder went 4-4 from the field, drains the three. he had 12 at half. maryland led 40-18. ass,k out this nice p the lay-up and the file. he finished with 19. 66-56.oast and win, gw hosting howard. huge first half, knocks down the three, and the foul. he had 16 at the break. bison,onials beat the 79-62. virginia 5-a high school championships, seconds left, carter rolls
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stonebridge loses a heartbreaker, 35-29. the redskins are on the bubble. then tomorrow against eagles tomorrow, a jordan reed is still questionable tomorrow. win, but is this a must win? >> we know for us that this game is a must win. so it's going to be a big challenge. we are just going in there just wanting to come out with a win. it's going to be a battle, though. robert: and in baltimore, navy,avy, armybeats snapping a 14-year drought. tomorrow, this could be a must win for the redskins.
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ryan: we could have snow flurries or a snow shower in the northwestern suburbs. we will not see it inside the beltway. cloudy sunday come into the 40's. monday, a mixture with and west, rain for the rest of us. wednesday evening, thursday morning, maybe some snow. next weekend, the long-term models indicating the chance of snow is substantial saturday, possibly changing over to rain. a long way between now and then. kimberly: thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at 11:00 after "mary poppins." are we going to do it? ♪ super calla fragile estate x biella dosis ♪
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comcast business. built for business. tonight, the deep freeze from coast to coast, an arctic assault, snow, ice and frigid temperatures. >> i'm wearing snow boots but i can barely walk. >> buses stopped in their tracks. spinouts on the highways, and the polar blast on the way. wind chills below zero from washington state to maine. breaking political news, donald trump's likely pick for secretary of state, and the award that man once received from vladimir putin himself. plus new intelligence claims that russia interfered with the election here. tonight, why trump is taking on the cia. the explosions outside a major soccer stadium, the powerful blast knocking people to the ground miles away. the images just coming in. the road rage attack that killed an nfl star, the shooter taking the stand.


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