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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  December 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, >> i gill very lucky that nobody in my family got hurt. kimberly: what caused the alexandria apartment fire that displaced dozens of people. plus, walking in a winter wonderland. snow blankets the midwest and the northeast. what it means for us in your forecast. >> i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day. kimberly: in his own words, why the president-elect explains he doesn't get daily intel briefings and dismisses a cia report on russian hacks as just another excuse. >> now, abc 7 news
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your side. kimberly: dozens of people in alexandria were forced out by fire last night, and they will spend another night in a shelter. inspectors say part of today -- spent part of today at the apartments, expecting the damage -- inspecting the damage. ryan hughes is live with details. for anyone who lives in the apartment, it is good to know what caused it. there are so many people you are counting on to do the right thing. there are so many people you are counting on to do the right thing. ryan: we are told 67 people were living in this building. they are learning that a mechanical failure of a furnace in the -- ignited the fire. it started in the attic of this building, then spread. most of the damage was contained to the third floor. you can see the power has been restored to the building, but the assistant manager says no
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tonight. >> i remember seeing smoke, then flames. cell phone video shows the intense flames shooting through the third floor of the woodlawn garden apartments on richmond highway in alexandria saturday evening. daylight shows the aftermath, a big hole in the roof. people -- pieces of plastic hanging over balconies, and 67 people forced into the cold are returning home, trying to salvage anything they can. >> i feel very lucky that nobody in my family got hurt and we got out safe. ryan: layla and her america -- and her family spent the night at a shelter. 25 people stayed here overnight. we are told one woman was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but she is expected to be ok. officials tell us to ban unit on the third floor are destroyed, and the apartments be
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damage. layla managed to get clothes and her cell phone charger, but her family wonders where they will live just two weeks before christmas. ask i feel sad, knowing we won't be in our house opening our presence. i am a little happy, that i will spend time with my family. the fire hasve, been ruled an accident. today, residents were allowed back inside for about 10 minutes to gather as many belongings as they can, but they are not allowed to stay here tonight. the red cross says it will keep the shelter open until everyone has a place to stay. live in alexandria, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: an early taste of winter and snow blanketed the great lakes and pushed into the northeast. snow in chicago canceled 1000 flights at o'hare airport. outside
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snow. in buffalo, a winter wonderland left roads empty, all those bills fans tailgated. planee conditions made a slide off the runway at an airport. landed flat -- flight and ended up in the grass. no injuries were reported on the flight. another chilly day at home. d.c. activated its hypothermia alert tonight. milder weather is coming. but that means rain. ryan miller has a look at the forecast. rain for most, ice for some? ryan: we could be dealing with freezing rain, just plain old rain after midnight for the immediate suburbs in d.c., and that could complicate things for the monday commute. air temperatures, comfortably into the 30's. 39 at reagan international. 37, the good news, we are all
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and we will remain so for the next few hours. no precipitation right now, but to the west and northwest, lots of precipitation. rain across kentucky is marching our way and will come in after midnight. to the northwest, holding onto temperature is at about 32 degrees, which could lead to freezing rain and cause travel troubles later tonight. we will have the details on a cold blast later that -- later next week. a growing chorus of senators pushing for an investigation into russia's role in the presidential election. >> rush is not our friend. a arm -- they are trying to undermine america. it is a corrupt regime and we need to stand strong. >> it is too important. the fundamental part of a democracy is a free and fair election. they are doi
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countries, not just this one. kimberly: today, senator chuck schumer, the incoming minority leader, says russia's actions the first issues the new congress looks into in january. in the meantime, president-elect donald trump dismissed a cia assessment that russia worked to help him win the election. to similaries came conclusions. >> i think it is ridiculous, another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why, and i think it is just, they talked about all sorts of things, every week it is another. the president-elect made those comments during an interview with fox news. he said he doesn't need daily intelligence re-things like his predecessors. change,mething should call me. i'm available on a minute's notice. i don't have to be told
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thing, the same words every day. president-elect said he doesn't want to dismantle president obama's legacy, but promised changes would be made. as expected, a top battle between the redskins and the eagles, ending with a washington win, keeping playoff hopes alive. there is nothing like sports to take our mind off of politics. erin: you know these division games are always tough. this was a critical game for the redskins. they needed to win this one in order to make the playoffs. we start in the third. skins down 13-7. cousins errors it out for jackson, he makes the catch and stands on his feet. you know he loves this. an 80 yard score against his former team. two minutes to go, eagles leading by one. thompson takes the
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he has room. and he is in for the game-winning touchdown. washington wins a thriller, 20 7-22, keeping playoff hopes alive. the skins improve to 7-5-1. >> they know how to react and respond. they can make plays. it was a great game. philadelphia is a good team, and it is a tough place to play, but , think in crucial situations overcoming adversity, picking up the lead, we got the lead back and holding it was big-time. erin: that was a fun game to watch. burton will have the latest from philly in 10 minutes. tonight, two boys had to be rescued in landover because they got stuck in the mud. prince george's county fire and rescue says the children were trapped in the mud and a marshy area
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this is near the national harmony memorial park. officers got one boy out, but the second sent to deepen the mud. technical rescue teams were called out, and they finally got the 10-year-old voice out. -- aside from being muddy and shaken up, the boys were ok. turkey pays tribute to the lives lost in a terrible attack. father new life for a passed tribute. where excitement is growing for a special ice rink.
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kimberly: in turkey, a national day of mourning and in anti-terror rally after two bombings outside a soccer stadium in istanbul.
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killed, most of them police officers. 150 others were injured. claimedh militant group responsibility. the u.s. secretary of defense called the attack cowardly and offered condolences. and u.s. forces have killed or wounded over 2000 isis fighters in and around muscle airing -- mosul around the last few months. said 3000-5 thousand isis fighters remain in the city. the operation to free the city began in tober. , concussions in young athletes. how a study in texas could provide the key to tackling the problem. plus, ryan is tracking chances for snow and ice this week. keep it right here,
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kimberly: in health matters, texas is launching a youth athlete concussion study to track brain injuries in middle and high school athletes. there are more than 800,000 public high school athletes in texas. researchers hope to use all the data to gauge whether rules or equipment changes are improving safety, and see what can be done to protect athletes. they hope it will be a key step in developing a national database of brain injuries in young athletes. a second chance for a montgomery county man's act of love. we told you about mark last year after his stepdaughter died suddenly. he built an ice rink in his backyard in her honor. the county forced him to close it, citing zoning issues and safety concerns. now, with the help of the jewish community center, the rink is about to
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down, going, thanks for doing something fun for kids. kimberly: the rank held an open house today. he hopes to have a schedule in place soon with skating classes to begin in january, along with family skate night. what a wonderful way to honor a young lady. >> a great story. kimberly: it is good weather for skating. ryan: cold but drive. there are rinks out there, go out and enjoy. kimberly: drive for now. ryan: for now. temperatures will hold steady and climb overnight. precipitation coming in, that is a good thing because things will get slick in the northwestern suburbs late tonight, and plain .ld rain freezing rain anticipated in the north and west suburbs from midnight through the early morning hours. tomorrow morning, the rain will be coming in. it will make a mess of things, but
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dmv inside the beltway and in the district. another big-time shot of arctic air coming and thursday and friday. highs in the 30's. climb up.e study temperatures into the upper 30's after midnight, then into the 40's as the wind out of the south brings temperatures into the 40's. we will get a lot of rain through about 5:00-8:00 tomorrow morning. no active weather in the immediate area, you have to go to the west. rain across kentucky, southern ohio. they are socked in with snow across chicago. the majority of the precipitation will stay to the north as the storm system moves east. the futurecast shows us a few things. we have temperature showing up on the map, dcf 40 later tonight. the wind, you can see the lines coming up from the south. that is good news. that brings air temperatures above freezing. areas to the northwest, frederic
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maryland, looks like the valley and the ridges, cold air is stubborn and as the rain comes in, we could see it fall, freeze on contact, that is freezing rain. invel could be slick winchester, the 81 corridor, hagerstown to cumberland on 68, and breeze would. if you have travel plans, monitor conditions. morrow morning, heavy rain across the beltway, the 95 corridor. 46 degrees at 7:00 a.m., get those kids in raincoats as they hit the bus stop. rapidly, we clear out the are the late morng hours. 49 degrees around lunchtime. 55 possibly for the afternoon hike. and dry see sunshine conditions tomorrow night. freezing rain advisories up for areas north and west, western loudoun county, northern virginia, frederick and clark county, the panhandle of west virginia, than from frederick
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garrett county. watch for potential pockets of freezing rain overnight. in the 30's with a wind out of the south that 5-10, mr morning's commute, watch out. it will be wet, but the afternoon rush looking fine. on wednesday possibly, saturday with the cold air in place, we could see snow. kimberly: lots of people of snow. i am one of them. erin: we have fun in the snow last year. kimberly: i love football. a wild back-and-forth game between the redskins and eagles in philly. the game really showed us what the redskins are made of. we will show you how it ended.
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>> and
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desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. game a wild back-and-forth between the redskins and eagles in philly. washington doug deep and the defense only allowed three points in the second half. we pick it up in the third, skins down 13-7. ,ousins airs it out for jackson jackson likes that one. and 80 yard score. redskins up. they would increase the lead to eight, but then kirk shows up. the pass, picked off. he takes it to the house for a 29 yard score. skins clinging to a 21-19 lead. a few minutes to go, eagles leading by one. thompson takes the pitch. he's got a room, and it's the go-ahead touchdown. washington up five. closing seconds, philly knocking on the door. carson wentz hit by
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carrigan, murphy is there, he seals the deal. redskins win, 27-20 two, keeping their playoff hopes alive. robert burton has the latest from philly. wouldn't exactly have called this a make or break game for the redskins, but they came , and if they lost, it would not have helped. they were a half-game back from the buccaneers. the redskins find a way to squeak one out with big throws and defensive moves. >> a great game to watch. i'm sure our fans that a kick out of it. erin: when -- robert: how much to you still love that? >> i wish i could do it every game. is,el like, whenever it whatever team i a playing against, the opponent, that is what i feel like is my niche. >> we still have three more
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we can't let up. we have to find a way. we converted way more and what we like, but at that he it -- at the end of the day, you have to come up with big plays at the end of the game. robert: next up for the redskins, monday night football , after the panthers, who their fifth win of the season today, beating the chargers. burton, abc 7ert sports. erin: the browns host of the looks rusty.g iii griffin airs it out in the second, picked off. theii was 2-10 424 yards in first half. they were down 20-0. in the third, griffins got the browns on the board. it wasn't enough. browns fall 20-13.
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the capitals hosting the k'nex tonight at the verizon center -- hosting the canucks at the verizon center. kimberly:
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l sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. kimberly: ice tonight? we could see freezing rain north and west of d.c. potential for freezing rain through early tomorrow morning. rain tomorrow for us, and it looks like it could be heavy at times for the morning commute. 50's for highs, the 40's tuesday and wednesday. maybe a few flakes on wednesday. bitterly cold thursday and friday. we could see snow saturday. kimberly: give yourself extra time tomorrow. a tough way to start a monday.
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we will see you back here at 11:00.
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