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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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into whether or not russians were able or at least were trying to sway the election. >> russia under a congressial microscope as leaders in washington wonder how much that nation may have influenced if at all u.s. elections. trump at one point in the campaign prodded the kremlin to get involved -- >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. scott: he called any assertion that russians helped him ridiculous. but there is widespread concern. how level -- how high should the level of concern be? >> very high. they hacked in the d.n.c. and transferred documents to wikileaks. but the fact that there is more to it. scott: every lynn of the atlantic -- evelyn of the atlantic council is former secretary of
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russian affairs. >> america is not impervious to foreign meddling. russians are risk-takers. we need to be on the lookout. if russia can get away with this, what other country might be interested to follow suit? scott: the revelation of clinton e-mails was welcome to many on the right regardless how they came to light. republicans, too, are calling for further investigation. >> russians are not our friends. scott: now the clinton campaign wants members of the electoral college wants an intelligence briefing on what happened before casting the nation's official ballot formally elucketting trump in one week -- electing trump in one week. this is just out from house speaker paul ryan. statement on what should happen next. he said we should not cast doubt on the clear and decisive outcome of the election but he does go on to say we must condemn and push back forcefully against those we believe are responsible for the cyber attacks. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc7
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michelle: thank you. talk about the transition. high-profile visitors at the trump tower today. trump met with carly fiorina. that is fueling speculation she may be up for a cabinet post. it has been suggested she could be up for director of national intelligence. he also met with democratic senator joe manchin from west virginia. maureen: melania trump appeared in the montgomery county courthouse today in rockville. she is suing a maryland based blogger who camed mrs. trump once worked -- who claimed mrs. trump once worked at high-court escort. the future first lady didn't need to be in court for the status hearing but she went to demonstrate how seriously she takes the case. the next hearing is after the inauguration. jonathan: covering metro. scary moments for passengers on a red line train heading to shady grove this morning. the first two cars separated from the rest of the train at the twin brooks station. nobody was hurt. but metro says the safety systems stopped the cars fro
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the incident involved with 7000 series metro. those are the newest rail cars on the fleet. the train has been taken out of service. an investigation is now underway. doug: with temperatures in the lower 50's and the sunshine, this is the warmup day of the week. they have the evening the temperatures drop. not terribly cold. it will be 28 to 36 degrees in viewing area with mostly clear skies. heading through the day we will see increase in cloudiness and we will wake up to temperatures ranging from 28 degrees in georgetown and 33 in dale city. 33 downtown in milder spot. a typical mid-december morning around the area. the next thing we are watching for is the advance of the strong cold front later wednesday. the tuesday forecast is bright. sunshine. increasing cloudiness. chilly but not bitterly cold. then we look ahead to the arctic front. it won't come in tomorrow. it's a separate system that
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night. lurking from the upper midwest. it's not hanging around. he's plowing through here late wednesday evening. dramatic result in temperature falling and wind chills in the single digits and the teens throughout the day on thursday. more to share with you. the ten half day outlook coming your way in a couple of minutes. jonathan: thanks. breaking news to share with you from loudoun county where one person has been killed in a crash there. this is a look from skytrak7 above westbound route 7. still closed near yellow schoolhouse road in roundhill. look at what is left of the truck. the cause of the crash is not known. you can see the box truck was on fire and it is gutted. another vehicle also caught fire in this crash. the condition of the second driver not yet been released. we do not know what caused the two to come together. maureen: there are new programs designed to help homeowners in the district. mayor bouzer made the announcement -- mayor bowser made the announcement. it will have longer period to pay back loans
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allow more people to buy homes in d.c. the mayor says the initiatives are just the beginning. jonathan: in montgomery county, there a new law designed to improve relations between tenant and the landlords. part was inspired by the horrific fire that was a deadly apartment explosion in silver spring that happened this every year. -- that happened this year. brad bell reports it has provisions for more inspections. brad: the fatal flower apartment explosion in august for some was a wakeup call. that many that rent in low or moderate income community feels nobody cares about the conditions they face. this resident hospitalized after the explosion and she speaks through an interpreter. >> we pay rent and utilities and we live in the building. brad: so they signed a new tenant law to have more frequent inspection of apartments an
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notice of the rent increases in the county. a bill sponsor submitted the bill in 2015 and says the subsequent silver spring explosion helped win unanimous support on the council in a county where 36% of the population rents. >> we did learn in talking to the tenants after that, there are problems in the building. that people had fears about coming forward and complaining about that. brad: renter rosaria says through an interpreter it will no longer be the case. >> now that it is signed they won't take advantage of us. brad: this is what the flower branch apartments look like today. still in ruins and rounded by a green fence. the spokesperson for the ntsb telling us the investigation into what happened here is ongoing. no final determination of cause is not expected until next year. brade
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murder mystery in chevy chase. tonight the victim's parents are calling for justice. maureen: wintry weather across the country creating dangerous conditions. we are surveying the hardest hit places. plus -- mike: i'm mike carter-conneen.
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maureen: police are looking for a shooter who killed a man a block from his home. jonathan: someone shot grant dosunmu as he sat in his car in chevy chase section of northwest d.c. police say the shooting happened 9:30 last night on 32nd street. investigators at this point believe the person who shot him was in the vehicle with him. >> i pray they find a sick dog. a wild hyena who needs to be in the jungle somewhere. not in society. jonathan: police do not have a suspect in the case. investigators are looking into whether the murder is connected to a nearby car jacking that took place just a couple of hours before this shooting. maureen: a woman with a gun stopped at dulles airport. the t.s.a. says a fredericksburg woman tried to bring a loaded handgun on to an international flight on friday night. the woman was stopped at a checkpoint by a t.s.a. officer when an x-ray machine detected the weapon. the t.s.a. says she
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on bag and didn't realize the gun was inside. jonathan: still ahead for us here -- a heartwarming holiday surprise as the redskins player visits children in the hospital. maureen: and get ready for another blast of arctic air. when the coldest weather of the season arrives and how long it will be with us. doug is back with th storm watch forecast next. here is what the "good morning washington" team is working on for tomorrow morning. >> thanks, maureen. tomorrow on "good morning washington" get a jump on wenter with easy inexspenceive ways to protect your familiar friday the cold. preparing the perfect emergency kit. we get you ready for the cold. >> plus you wanted more and we have them. don't miss your last chance to call in and win tickets to see "rogue one: a star wars story." >> stay with us for traffic and weather every
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jonathan: there is an urgent plea going out from the montgomery county animal service and adoption service. the facility says it is running out of space. they are holding an adoptive drive this weekend to find forever homes
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and even the little turtles. the facility says the resources have been stretched since new year's day. that is when it accepted the rockville 66. 66 dogs rescued from deplorable conditions. that was just one house. so they have had a lot of dogs, cats and turtles that could use homes. >> you get to a point when you have so many animals in your care that you are potentially compromising the welfare of both animals and staff. jonathan: they have bunnies, too. maureen: they do! jonathan: it's 12:00 to 5:00 each day. contact the adoption center in durwood for more information. if you have been looking for an animal, this is the perfect time. they have lizards and snakes. how about that? maureen: okay. first lady michelle obama spread holiday cheer and visited the national medical center in d.c.
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>> night before christmas an not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse so. that she was joined by ryan seacrest. this is home to the seacrest studios. the first lady hospital visit continues a tradition that dates back more than 60 years to beess trueman. maureen: another another hokal hospital, redskins player ryan kerrigan made a holiday visit. mike carter-conneen reports that kerrigan made special deliveries to pediatric patients in the annual reindeer rush event. mike: the day after his game-winning sack against the eagles, ryan kerrigan blitzed inova children's hospital with handshake, photos and piles of teddy bears. >> it is amazing he would take the time to come down. especially after the day he played yesterday. >> that will be the only jersey buy forward. >> this is kerrigan's only day off this week.
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forward to all year. >> he squeezed his hand. >> linebacker ryan kerrigan for the washington redskins. >> kerrigan visited with a couple of dozen children throughout the hospital. some of them he could only interact with at a distance because they have weakened immune systems. but even then the visit had same effect. >> hopefully with the events like we have today we can bring them happiness during an otherwise trying time. >> he was a big hit with the kids. an even bigger hit with the parts and the nurses. >> the nurses were saying he was kind of cute, huh? >> cute, yeah. >> more than anything, he was a nice distraction from the doctors and the medical tests. many of the children will need to stay in the hospital through the holiday season. >> make a wish. >> no matter how many yards they have gained or lost in the recovery here, the clock ticks down to december 25, kerrigan hopes the play today made the li
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like winners. >> he plays football! >> yeah, he plays for the redskins. mike: in falls church, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: such a difference. good for them. millions across the country are dealing with winter weather tonight. yikes! look at this. 20 states facing snow, ice, extreme cold. road conditions have been a nightmare. treacherous. cars are spinning, and rolling off the road. it's nasty. then there is us. maureen: sign of things to come. doug: we will get mid-winter temperatures here by thursday and friday. there is a chance in some areas by saturday morning. maybe a wintry mix, snow, rain, freezing rain. jonathan: aren't we early? doug: it came on like gangbusters here. each cold front getting stronger. the one coming here wednesday night to thursday is the strongest yet. right now is comfortable. it's mostly clear and 49 at reagan national airport. winds are not a
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they will become one on thursday. slow drop in 40's. cool and clear. comfortable. all things considered. overnight we drop to 28 to 36 degrees. a few high clouds. pleasant night. if you are up in the middle of the night, look up and maybe you'll see meteors. it's on again tonight. every year at this time. the clouds increase tomorrow. that's the main part of the forecast for tuesday. i should be a quiet day. temperatures will be colder than today. 44 for a high. the clouds will thicken in advance of a little weather disturbance that will pass by. it will bring us snow to western and northern pennsylvania. maybe sprinkles and showers in the northern neck and southern maryland. that is that. it will calm down on wednesday. while partly sunny skies an we'll still be in low to mid-40's. the powerful cold front will come in late wednesday everything. it will change everything weather wise for us. as you plan ahead for outdoor activities tomor
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42 by midday. 44 in the afternoon. just the chance of a shower or a sprinkle around the area later tomorrow evening. there will be a cold end to the week. the narc tick air will pour over -- arkic air will pour into the plains. it's not as cold here like minneapolis where it's 20 below zero sunday morning. it's not that cold. but much colder than we have been wind chills in the teens and single digits possibly. comparison to last week when we looked to the last cold front a high of 41 on friday and 39 on saturday. this time around the high will reach 30 at best on thursday. only 27 on friday. a big change coming. look at the next ten days. the dropoff for thursday and friday. saturday morning early, maybe a wintery mix. but eventually all rain as them watcher air murphs in. we hit 40's. period of the rain 56 on sundays. we will turn colder behind the system
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colder for tuesday. low 40's wednesday and thursday. a guest forward here for the next couple of weeks as we look to christmas ease and christmas day. it looks like it's going to be warmer rather than colder. maureen: that is good news. jonathan: we are really happy about what happened sunday. but we are looking ahead now. robert: i like the sound of the redskins winning out. i don't know if it will happen. we can dream. gruden talks about the close calls and what does he think about it? and they are still talking about the nasty hit by everett yest
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robert: the redskins are pretty banked up after yesterday's win over the eagles. linebacker compton has a p.c.l. sprain. and cravening as a shoulder strain. they are week to week. that hurts because it's an all hands on deck situation. three games left. the half game back from the last wild carte spot. all season there hasn't been any takewalks. the bengals, the lions. they have all come down to the last drive. here is jay gruden on the down-to-the-wire games. coach gruden: parity in the nfl, the way it, is it's just what we expect. we grind it out.
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come the fourth quarter is when you have to make the plays. defensively we have made big-time play to get the ball back and stick with the plan, stay poisedded and the guys really understand that it is truly a four quarter game. robert: people are still talking about the crushing hit from deshazor everett on sproles before he could field the punt. some call it a cheap shot. it did set off fireworks. everett was penalized for the hit. everett talked to us about it afterwards. >> i wasn't happy that i got the penalty. i go out and i play hard every time. i give my full effort every time. you can't take it out of the game. guy is going full speed. my condolences to him. it wasn't intentional for me to take him out of the game or anything. i was just out there trying to play football. robert: in hoops the wizards have a chance to do something they haven't done all season. win three straight games. they are in miami tonight. last thursday a great
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performance from bradley beal. 26 points. the last time they played miami, he had 34. guess who else has had 34 against miami this season? john wall. you could be a step in the right direction. tip-off at 7:30. final note the terps will host jacksonville state in college hoops. the ravens are in foxborough tonight against the patriots. we'll see what happens there. jonathan: all right. thanks. >> what is happening here? doug: fairly quiet for a couple of days but we expect a huge change in the weather starting thursday. so for tonight partly cloudy. drop to 34 degrees. tomorrow increasingly cloudiness and 44. wednesday just ahead of the front is nice. 43. mention a sprinkle or a flurry tomorrow night as the disturbance goes by. steve rudin has an eye on the sub-zero temperatures by wednesday and the wind chill. maureen: looking forward to that. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you back here at
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tonight, the images coming in. deadly driving. the snow and ice. hundreds of accidents. and now, the arctic air sweeping in, wind chills 10 to 20 delow zero. president-elect donald trump and the russian hackers. he says he doesn't believe it. taking on the intelligence community he will soon rely on. and on whether he needs the daily intelligence briefings. >> you know, i'm, like, a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every > also tonight, the deadly plot. after seeing dylann roof calmly walking into that church, killing nine, tonight, the chilling new moment in court. the list of other potential targets revealed. the dangerous blast. neighbors who called the utility company. hours went by. the home blowing up. and holiday shoppers. the one app tonight that tracks your gift list in these final


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