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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. larry: donald trump, laying out new plans in his path to the white house. jummy: breaking in prince george -- breaking and prince george's county, what we are now learning about a home invasion. how soon will we'll be dealing with the windchill in the single digits? let's play the game, how low can you go? [laughter] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: you have no choice. jummy: autria is off this morning. but the rest of the gang is here. single-digit's? veronica: using words
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like polar vortex. here we go again. it's going to hit us at the end of the work week. another cold snap. for today, not going to be too bad. temperatures in the 40's. stormwatch 7 will be tracking the wind and rain coming from this system coming up the south and west. showers later today, 6:00, 7:00. mid to upper 30's. 41 degrees inside the beltway with cloud cover everywhere across the area. temperatures creeping up, so not much higher than where we are right now area and a few showers after 6:00, 7:00. ending around midnight. the next big change for us comes wednesday going into thursday. that is going to be our high temperature. windy c
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wind left hanging on for friday. look at the windchill across the area. coming all the way across the mid-atlantic, that is our highest on thursday. will talk more about the cold if you have travel plans for the weekend. john gonzalez, reporting on the fire alarm going off downtown. is coming up on and kmute, between l street, portions blocked off. we will hear back from john gonzalez gonzalez in just a few moments with an a from the scene , but 16th street, blocked k until further notice. crash
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tying up the center of the road, look for delays on the 50 headed into northeast. coming inbound out of manassas, we had a crash tying up to left lanes in the just pushed it over to the shoulder. all lanes are open on 66. that's the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes. you just showed those backups and breaking right now, a fire at a downtown d.c. hotel. larry: john, what can you tell us? all, firet of officials have been able to open the lanes headed to the white house. but as you can see, there is still a tremendous amount of activity at here. we understand the fire started at 4:30 this morning and that all of the staff and guests inside had to be evacuated. we understand that the fire started in the laundry room in th
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fire investigators have already been able to determine that it started in a small laundry bin. all of it is still under investigation. hundreds had to be evacuated. they were here for about an hour. how did you find out that you >> 4:30et out quickly? a.m. there was an alarm that was blaring and a message to clear there was a fire in the building. long are you saying here? >> just one night. her root awakening there. we understand that the sprinkler system here, it put out the fire , but that created a large plume of smoke and that is partially why all the guests had to be evacuated. in the last couple of minutes they have been allowed back into the rooms, the fire is out. but now the investigation into what caused the fire
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this morning. reporting live, john gonzalez. thanks for that, john. prince george's county police looking into a home invasion that happened overnight. that no one was hurt. suzanne kennedy is on her way to the scene and we will check in with her a soon as she arrives. sam: breaking news this morning from president-elect donald trump, as he continues his transition to the white house, making a decision about the numerous businesses he owns and before will do with them he takes office. kellyanne conway said that the decision would be delayed until january, but look at this, tweeting overnight, that even though he is not mandated by law to do so he will be leaving his before january 20 so that he can focus full-time on the presidency. "two of my children will manage them. no new deals will be done during my
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another big announcement, donald trump is expected to announce his pick for secretary of state. the likely pick, rex tillerson, the ceo of exxon mobil. no government or foreign-policy experience, but trump says he does have experience negotiating international deals on behalf of exxon mobil positive interest. he has had content that she is a contentious take, having received an award from vladimir putin. the cia seriously investigating potential russian interference into the u.s. election. stay tuned for that, back over to you guys. jummy: breaking this morning, a manhunt is underway right now for the person police say shot to officers during a traffic stop late last night in a small time -- small town along the interstate 80 five quarter. the police chief says the officers reported the vehicle is being stolen out of
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south carolina, going to arrest the suspect. they were both taken into surgery and are expected to survive, but if you remember we brought you news of another shooting in georgia were to officers were shot yesterday. larry: new developments for a store that we first broke yesterday. the chief of police in fairfax county is recovering after being rear-ended in apparent drunk driving crash. hit as he was stopped at a traffic light. he was not seriously hurt, he was treated and released from the hospital. the driver that hit him has been charged with driving while in toxic aided. a high-profile arrest and conflicting reports after the chair of the liquor board was arrested for dui. he is saying the police got it wrong that we have new details this morning that tell a different story. first, capitol hill he -- meets metro.
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around 6 p.m., 7 p.m.. should be try when the kids get off the bus. rain comes our way late. a lot of folks asking if we will be able to see the other showers. doubtful here tonight, the early part of the day tomorrow unless we start clearing out quickly. there is the possibility then of the meteor shower that we could see the clouds parting to get a little bit of that, we should be able to see quite a bit of them with the clouds out of here. we will talk more about that and the cold air dropping of canada in a few minutes. julie: sky track 7 happens to be up and hovering above this accident westbound lung greenbelt road. live pick, traffic squeezing by single file to the right with a bit of a delay forming the fire and rescue units on the scene. greenbelt road, approaching kenilworth avenue, back to the
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continuing further south. d.c., kenilworth avenue at pennsylvania avenue, the crash on the left side, delays coming in and leaving riverdale. almost a one-hour commute eastbound on 66 and manassas. the accident activity has been pulled to the shoulder. the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to update your
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sam: majored breaking news in the trunk transition. we have learned that donald trump has confirmed his nominee for secretary of state and it is rex tillerson, the current ceo in chairman of exxon mobil. he has never held political office, but trump says that he has been in courage to buy his choice because he has done a lot of international deals on behalf of exxon mobil. there is certainly controversy around the pic as tiller is known to have very close ties with vladimir putin and the kremlin
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before the senate for confirmation. several top senators said that they would have a lot of questions regarding his ties to the kremlin. again, the big, breaking is donald trump confirming that he has chosen rex tillerson is the next top diplomat for the united states. new developments concerning the prince george's county liquor chairman -- liquor board chairman arrested for dwi. been in an accident involving three cars. no one was injured. he originally said he took an inconclusive breathalyzer test but newly released reports show that he refused the test after failing a field sobriety test. yes policeicate that -- is there a way we can make this go away? he is charged with dui in reckless driving. larry: new developments aft
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now his relatives are telling "the washington post" that his behavior has changed dramatically after he accidentally hit a 13-year-old boy with his car. his family says the accident turned him from an outgoing, quiet, reclusive man. he is accused of firing and ar-15 inside of comet ping-pong. he said that he drove there to investigate a fake news story about hillary clinton running a child trafficking ring out of the building. jummy: we are preparing for another blast of arctic weather. we are getting our first look at arctic blast. elizabeth hur has more. collects cars, spinning, colliding, rolling off the
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crash under investigation. a man killed, a woman with three children, hurt. detroit, shovels, snowblowers, clearing the sidewalks and streets of more than 10 inches of snow. conditions so treacherous that skidded offlight the runway while trying to land. chicago, digging out from some eight inches. >> the snow is nice for about a month. and then after that? not so much. >> is beautiful, actually. i've never seen it like this in december. >> all of the snow, pretty to look at, but a huge inconvenience for travelers. parts of new york, also slammed ofh more than's three feet snow this weekend. ohio, up to 30 inches.
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so much snow falling at times that you can't see anything. whiteout conditions and icy roads wreaking havoc across the country. this week, this is what millions have to look forward to. plunging temperatures with wind chills well below zero, from minneapolis to chicago and boston. larry: all right, frostbite temperatures for us here? veronica: exactly. for some much of the country this is going to be an exhausting winter. one that is starting early in going late and it will be very active. .ou heard it it's all about preparation, stay ahead of it. planning is everything. for today we will not have to deal with any of that, but we will see some rain showers coming in later in the day. it's a green light all the way through. really not
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dry, overcast, mostly cloudy, the commuter forecast doing ok for today. 7:18, but up today at by of the time it hits the upper 30's to lower 40's, we are forecasting a high today of only 4445. not rising very much with that overcast sky. the wind is shifting into a more easterly direction as we get the showers, they will be light. switching it up to the end of the work we with some higher winds. here's a look at the wind through the area at 6:00. the bulk of it just coming off of interstate 81. showers coming right on through until my :00 or midnight through areas of southern maryland. here's the cold air that i mentioned, the polar vortex, these are the current temperatures. the cold air will be dropping to the south and headed this way
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the time we get to the end of the work week. 20's for thursday and friday. 20 degrees in chicago right now. 41 degrees in d.c.. 52 at wilmington. the cold air will continue to make its way to the south and east. we've got high wind coming with low temperatures on thursday. all giving us the extremely low windchill readings and we will talk more about that in about 10 minutes. julie? global track seven, we have a look at what looks like an 295 and it's a mess northbound and southbound. coming from the wilson bridge and headed north, you are still at speed, but that is going to change with the work zone ahead of us. moving over to the maps quickly, we will update the ride headed south. we have two ci
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then another crash at pennsylvania avenue tying up the left side of the highway. heads up, look for delays out of riverdale headed southbound into northeast. sky track 7 this morning, they were above an incident earlier at kenilworth avenue that had traffics reason by to the right. checking out the top stretch of the beltway, definitely below speed headed west. back to the maps we are going to update the ride eastbound on 66. 53 minute commute headed in ground that is where we had the earlier -- that has been moved over to the shoulder. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes with another up eight. back over to you guys. larry: all right, we have your first chance this hour to an advanced tickets to see "star wars rogue one."
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good luck. this morningnts after a racially motivated shooting. what do jurors now think that could change the trial for the man who admitted to a shooting spree at a historically black church? coming up next. jummy: here's jonathan with more on what's coming up tonight. >> thanks, guys. >> i am mad, to be honest. >> and unhappy bride whose brand-new wedding ring went in for repairs and then went missing for five months. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. >> we expect in court, to hear from police seeing here -- seen , fromarresting dylan roof his car police say that they pulled a confederate flag, this 45 caliber glock, and a burned american flag in the tnk
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a list of other black churches in the charleston area. in his confession he told the fbi that he considered other targets. his video confession is cold-blooded. >> i had to do it. because somebody had to do something. , black peoplenow are killing white people every day. >> we will have the latest live from the courthouse. that was your first look. .> this is my body of proof proof of less joint pain. proof. is my body of that i can fight the arthritis. >> it works by targeting and helping to block specific sources of inflammation. they are proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear up
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. donald trump makes it official, announcing his it -- hiintent to nominate rex tillerson. what the letter reveals about the reason for his pick. jummy: the investigation happening of the capital hilton, visitors waking up to fire alarms.
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larry: and i'm larry smith. let's get over to veronica johnson. as you said, we are starting to bronco:ill tomorrow? that's right. i think the weather coming up at the first part of the week, thursday, friday, even saturday, as we deal with cold and wintry weather moving in, temperatures in the upper 30's. mid 40's is where we are hovering throughout the day. notice the cloud cover, mostly cloudy to cloudy. there will bets the possibility of showers for some. the story at the end of the work week is the cold moving in. the wind, the extremely low windchill readings. look at this, 10 to 15 degrees across the area early thursday morning. what we will be waking up to as the cold air starts to move in, the wind will be picking up, 30 to 40 miles p
6:33 am
could bring us down to the single digits in the afternoon. friday morning we do it all over again with single digits throughout the area and temperatures that will feel like they are in the low 20's throughout the day. the other thing saturday is we will track the wintry mix midday, all day, but starting out early in the morning there could be sleep freezing rain on saturday. i will show you where those areas could be in about 10 minutes. your extendedt forecast here, dry and quiet with cold air moving in and then it gets nasty again starting out early saturday morning. julie: sky track 7, it has been a busy morning for these guys onering above the beltway 495. traffic coming from northbound 650 new hampshire avenue to the outer loop we had accident activity with traffic squeezing by to the left. experiencing delays a new hampshire avenue, but headed we i
6:34 am
silver spring. mobile track seven on the ground this morning, here's the problem, we have got a works own northbound on kenilworth avenue that has northbound lanes closed. accidentsee separate on the southbound side of kenilworth avenue before and after east capitol street. another crash reported on pennsylvania avenue tying up the left lane. looks like they are trying to maneuver these accident vehicles out of the roadway, but it is a mess on kenilworth avenue earlier this morning. back in the next 10 minutes for an update on this ride. back over to you. sam: thank you. breaking news out of a left folks, syria, as syrian forces claymore ground this morning the u.n. writes office claims that their pro-government forces have killed at least 82 civilians. thousands of civilians are still trapped
6:35 am
over the weekend, more bad news, the russian and u.s. governments were not able to agree on terms for a cease-fire. jummy: 6:34, the justice department is suing culpeper county over its opposition to an opposed mosque, accusing them of violating federal law by blocking the islamic center of culpeper from building, claiming that they discriminated when they refused to grant the organization a sewage permit. the board of supervisors representative told us by phone that the decision has nothing to do with religion. >> it's a messy operation. it's not fair to the neighbors. >> it is an act of discrimination. jummy: the county has considered 26 applications from 1992 and it has never denied one of these permits. dispose ot treat or
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for periodic removal. larry: animal control officer searching for the person responsible for a disturbing case of animal cruelty in greenville. days the woman who lived there heard the kitten crying and found the animal with the cord wrapped around. while the kitten is recovering, it will be available for adoption in about two weeks. jummy: one of the most popular coles on hg tv, splitting after seven years of marriage. they are the stars of flip or flop. they apparently had an altercation six months ago that ended with police called out of an abundance of caution." the pair said that they are currently evaluating their marriage and can -- plan to continue working together
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veronica: you want to get the people out of the cold, the temperatures this week will be in the single digits. no issues at all this morning, cloud cover with no rain falling look at the numbers. 38 for pickup at the bus stop. mid 40's by drop off. still overcast across the area. we will be tracking the rain moving into our area, coming very late, you can see the showers. the other story is coming up for the mid part of the work week, weather could be a few flakes or flurries moving through in the early part of the day next week. that would be the early part of the day on thursday. saturday morning, 26. 34 at 11 a.m.. it's that wintry mix that we will be tracking, with low temperatures that come with it. saturday morning, the risk possibilities from icy conditions
6:42 am
will have another look at this in 10 minutes. julie: delays headed into northeast washington courtesy of mobile trak 7. we will take that live shot right now, one of three separate accidents we have had this morning. southbound kenilworth avenue after east capitol street, two separate incidents, you can see the right side of the roadway getting by with another crash after that were only the left side was getting by. and then further south of pennsylvania avenue the left lane was closed but there is one vehicle where police on the scene right now on the service road, taking a peek at this for us. riverdale, southbound, on the way, a quick peek at the map. this has been a hot spot for you this morning. a 45 minute commute slowly improving, the earlier crash near the rest area has cleared. in 10 minutes we
6:43 am
of the beltway. larry: this morning, donald trump naming his new secretary of state. he says he can't wait to have rex tillerson as the country's top diplomat. >> talk about a rude awakening. guests left out in the cold after an early morning fire.
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sam: break -- jummy: breaking right now, a fire at a downtown d.c. hotel. larry: john gonzalez has the latest for us live. john: we can tell you that fire trucks are gone, fire investigators are now here at the scene trying to figure out exactly what caused this early morning fire here at the capital hilton. take a look, this is the building here. all of the guests inside had to be evacuated early this morning. the fire started at around 4:30. it started in the basement, in the laundry room
6:47 am
been able to determine that it started inside of a laundry bin. it's all under investigation as to what caused this. we can tell you that hundreds were evacuated. the sprinkler system didn't work, it quickly put out the fire in the basement, but that created a lot of smoke just partially why all the guests and staff had to be evacuated. we spoke to one guest who said that she woke up to the fire alarms going off in the hallway and then, an announcement from the staff, telling them to get out of the hotel. well, they were allowed back in about one hour after they were evacuated. now, again, the fire is out, but it's all under investigation as to what caused the fire early this morning. reporting live in northwest washington, where all the lanes are back up and running. larry: breaking overnight, a robbery at a
6:48 am
george's county. suzanne kennedy is live in palmer park. suzanne? fewnne: we have very details at this point but we are looking to get things confirmed from prince george's police. here is what we have confirmed -- it happened at 12:50 last night. let's show you some pictures we have been able to get from where it happened. it happened on the 9400 block of franklinlock of avenue. police officers were inside the house after what is being called, told to us, as a will residential robbery -- as a residential robbery. we are looking to get our facts straight and make sure that we know what happened in the area. we do not believe that anyone was hurt in the incident, we don't how many suspects were involved. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along to you. larry: thank you for that. following ne
6:49 am
on story that we first broke abc seven news at 11:00. the chief of police recovering after he was rear-ended in an apparent drunk driving crash. hit as he was stopped at a traffic light just before 9:00. he was not seriously hurt and he was in fact treated it released from the hospital. the driver that hit him was charged with driving while intoxicated. sam: major breaking news from the trump transition. donald trump has officially announced his pick for secretary of state. after weeks of speculation he has chosen the chief of exxon mobil, rex tillerson. the conservative texan has had extensive overseas business dealings and has never held political office and has no foreign diplomacy experience. trump is now calling him a world-class player. tillerson is being heavily criticized because of his close ties with russia
6:50 am
to holdol hill investigations into alleged russian hacking during the presidential election. trump calls the allegation a conspiracy. . tillerson will be facing tough questions on capitol hill during his confirmation hearings. back over to you, larry, jummy. jummy: trump's victory over hillary clinton in wisconsin is a little bigger than it was following the recount. yesterday at least the state certified the results of the recount spearheaded by jill stein, leading by 131 more votes after the recount. she also tried unsuccessfully for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, alleging without evidence that voting machines could have been hacked. the recounts there were halted by the courts. perry: extreme weather alerts are in effect across 20 states from california to new york, with snow creating treacherous driving conditions. detroit is digging out from over 10 inches
6:51 am
chicago has eight inches. parts of new york state have more than three feet of snow. the midwest is now getting ready for another arctic blast. what we want to know is? that's not coming our way? not, but saturday morning there could be some slick patches on some of the roads near and around maryland, virginia. jummy: just a inside this weekend. >> hot cocoa. >> waffles. >> do what you got to do. >> going too far. [laughter] go ahead. veronica: we are going to start making that move headed down the wintry kind of path, if you will. get ready to adjust over the weekend. 41 degrees at reagan national, called wins, still feels like 41 degrees. hour-by-hour into the low 40's, then we are hovering into th
6:52 am
,s far as tracking any rain that comes late today. remember, yesterday we went from rain to a slightly clearer sky today. overcast after 6 p.m., 7 p.m.. friday, high temperature with a lot of wind on thursday. i mentioned the slick spots we could have, hagerstown, woodstock, stanley, harrisonburg , all these locations, that's how it's looking right now. change, we could have the weather alert coming up for saturday morning as well because of the low temperatures. right now saturday night will soon rising temperatures into the mid-40's, which is a good thing, but sunday looks like it will be the warmer day out of the weekend. going up to 53 for a high on sunday. get used to it, guys, it looks as though this will be the trend
6:53 am
these very cold snaps coming and the possibility of a lender -- little bit of when to -- wintry precipitation. julie: on the highway in northeast, mobile trak 7 and john lewis happens to be up there hanging out on kenilworth avenue, where we have seen -- or we have three separate accidents this morning. traffic on the mainline, but as john pointed out, you can see the traffic is moving once again on kenilworth avenue. the two accidents are now out of the roadway. we had a third crash your pennsylvania avenue tying up the left lane, but boy, is it slow out of riverdale, southbound onto the bw parkway. quickly moving back to the map in we will show you what else we have, a 40 minute commute out of manassas headed to the beltway. wayarlier crash making your towards 29 has been headed over to the shoulder and is now clearly gone with overturned vehicles being reported near white's ferry. police tell me that it is overturned and the
6:54 am
traffic is able to get by. we will bring you the live pictures, shortly. back in the next 10 minutes to update that ride north of town. back to you, julie. jummy: right now we have your second chance to win advance tickets to "star wars rogue one." 703-528-7334. if you don't win this time, you have three more chances starting at 7:00 on our sister station, news channel 8. larry: kidd o'shea is here to get us in the now. kidd: it was a big night last night at the verizon center. i was there, chatting with the stars. fifth harmony was there, best known for their hit, work from home. from one direction was there. they said they were prepared for the loud screams expected from his fans. mainly teenage girls. >>
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bit of this, then duck and cover. ♪ quite you guys hang out with these stars all the time, what's it like to beer with them? crisis like the other half of the relationship, if we were dating. now we have to go ha ha ha ha. you guys are way more talented. jummy: was that jonas? miss out on the jingle ball last night? it was a lot of fun. want to get a lot of retreats on your twitter? i have never had so much interaction on my twitter as from last night. we are, i think like 86 retweets of just denial on the red carpet.
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not even looking at the camera. i wonder if those people think i'm him. just theets of wonderful ladies of fifth harmony. larry: there was a police car to what -- two walks away that was in a crash, i posted that. kidd: probably not going to beat fifth harmony. sorry. [laughter] by my twitter feed, they were the most popular act there last night. just based on retweets. jummy: pretty cool. kidd: much more coming up on news channel 8 after 7:00. right now, though, time for your 60 second express. >> donald trump has confirmed of nominee for secretary state, rex tillerson. the current ceo and chairman of exxon mobil. >> you want someone who has someone -- some level of diplomatic experience.
6:57 am
inside of the northwest d.c. p dish up. apparently his romantically -- behavior changed dramatically after he accidentally hit a 13 euro boy with his car. >> there was a fire in the basement of the hotel. >> there was an alarm and then a message saying that there was a fire please a back late. >> here's the deadline to make sure that you get the package to the destination by christmas. mailed by thursday if you want standard ground delivery. larry: a woman caught on camera stealing packages and she is now under arrest. it's a decent day to do this. [laughter]
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good morning, america. president-elect trump announced his pick for secretary of state. nominating exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson and now rick perry will be energy secretary. the agency once tried to eliminate. >> it's three agencies of governments when i get there are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. overnight trump trees clues about how he'll handle his own business empire. dangerous arctic blast, the most brutal cold of the season moving across the country this morning. 13 states on alert. the national weather service warning the public about frostbite and windchills plunge below zero for millions. the west bracing for a pineapple express. heavy snow and flooding on the way. breaking right


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