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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alison: right now at 4:00, the comet ping pong suspect is facing federal charges. jonathan: remember these pictures? edgar welch arrested outside the chevy chase pizza shop. he is being transferred over to the feds. michelle: in addition to that, we are learning more about his motive, driven by fake news and conspiracy theories. alison: this is as welch's parents attended today's hearing. jonathan: stephen tschida has new developments for us today. stephen: 28-year-old edgar welch started out his day in superior court. the u.s. attorney dropped charges. he wound up here in federal court where he faces a single count of carries firearms across state lines with the intent of committing a crime. we learned more about welch's alleged motivations here through the affidavit. the investigators say he scoured a cell phone and determined he watched youtube videos repeatedly and read online about "pizza gate." that is the child sex ring run
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northwest d.c. with fishes links to the hirl --ic if issue links to the hirl -- fictitious links to the hillary clinton campaign. he tried to recruit others to release the sex slaves and he recorded a give to his family and telling them he loved them if he didn't survive. we learned he was heavily armed. an assault rifle, pistol and a shotgun with numerous rounds of ammunition according to the affidavit. today he was ordered held without bond again. but welch will be back in federal court on friday to face a preliminary hearing. again, we may learn more about his possible motivations. we also did ask his parents who came here from north carolina for today's hearing. we asked what they believe may have motivated him, whether he had mental health problems but they didn't want to answer the questions. that is the latest from federal court. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. if you would like to see all of our reporting
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conspiracy theories, the dramatic arrest, just log on to and you can search "comet ping pong." this morning, a perfect sunrise. look at that. behind the capitol. the pinks and the purples just radiating as the sun come up early. we want you to share images like this with us if you have them. it's easy to do. go to and upload your photos and the videos there. as warm as the sunrise looks, it's getting ready to feel cold. like single digits. potentially wintry weather on the way, too. stormwatch7's doug hill has the outlook now. that is a beautiful picture, though. doug: gorgeous. probably not a pretty sunset because of the cloud cover around the area. in the 40's today. tomorrow is a transition day. then thursday the arctic air pulls in. cloudy skies and we have clearing overnight. temperatures will drop in the 30's. a slight chance of a snow flake or rain drops in spots. we will be between two weather systems moving through the area. this is the
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area of south. snow to north. a quiet day tomorrow. we see on the future cast and we have showers overnight. clearing in the morning. the clouds increase and the cold front will approach late tomorrow night and then everything changes. the forecast, a mix of sun and clouds. it's breezy in the morning. 43. then the wind chill starts and that the is the story for thursday morning. wind chills in the single digits and the teens. through the day we stay in the single digits in the teens. that's why we took a someday in the 40's where brad bell decided to enjoy the spring-like weather now to get us ready for what is coming in about 36 hours. brad? brad: doug, you know what? when you start talking about low temperatures, that is a signal to a lot of people to spring into action. there is a certain number of steps you want to take to get
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obviously, you have the jackets, the scarves and the gloves out. but look at the car and what the experts say first off is. check your fluids. check your oil. make sure the oil level is fine. this is also a very good time to make sure that you have plenty of windshield washer fluid in the reservoir. it comes in handy when there is slush all over the rush and you can't slee through the windshield. with regard to the windshield, make sure your wipers are smooth and not streaking the windshield. you can try the winter wipers where they don't have the exposed metal. and the snow and the salt and the ice don't get caught up in there. most importantly check your tires. make sure you have plenty of good spread. if you have snow on the road and make sure that you are at the right pressure. at the triple-a service in brandywine, cold weather puts
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belts break and batteries die. it doesn't cost much for a little maintenance. >> when you don't check your car out, you don't have someone check it on a regular basis, that is the leading cause for the breakdown. >> now is the time to take the steps to prevent frozen pipes. every year people avoid floods. >> it's getting cold. take the hoses off and if you have an inside valve on the hose, drain the water out, shut it off. brad: the mobile important thing you can do is check the guthers to get them cleaned out. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you why it's a big deal. you can have very serious problems. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: be
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ladder. trump's cabinet continues to fill up. the exxon-mobil c.e.o. could be the next secretary of state. former governor rick perry that forgot he wanted to eliminate the department o energy, he didn't rep it, he could lead the department of energy. do you like the president-elect is putting together so far? go to to give us an idea what you think. karen travers has the latest on the trump transition. karen: the lobby of trump tower buzzing with star power. donald trump coming downstairs for a morning photo op with kanye west. and bill gates stopped by. >> we had a good conversation about innovation. how it can help in health, education, impact of the foreign aid and the energy
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innovation. karen: he also sat down with ray lewis and jim brown who admittedded he didn't vote for trump but wants to work with him to help the african-american communities. >> it couldn't have been the better meeting. the graciousness, the intelligence, the reception we got was fantastic. karen: this comes as trump announced rex tillerson will be the secretary of state. as the head of one of the most valuable oil companies he has brokered major deals. now the spotlight is on tillerson's deep ties to russian president vladimir putin. they are seen here sharing a champagne toast. >> our company has invested a lot of money in russian. >> some are expressing concern about the potential conflict of interest. >> it's a general
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the perception on russia and in the judgment of the senate would be the right way to go. he could be the referendum on donald trump foreign policy. >> even those raising flags about his nomination says he deserves a fair confirmation hearing. karen travers, abc7 news. michelle: one of the highlights on social media at the day at trump tower was the moment when kanye west showed up at trump-tower with the president-elect hosting it. it got awkward with reporters when they started asking questions. check it out. >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect. nothing to say? >> i just want to take a picture right now. >> did you vote for him, kanye? >> it's the president-elect. >> take care of yourself. i'll see you soon. michelle: he was standing there. the reporters were shouting ou
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stayed with a blank stare not arnesing. lindsey -- not answering. lindsey mastis has the twitter reaction to the moment. lindsey: kanye, obvious, has been trending. so has trump tower. the big news of the day you will remember kanye sid he wanted to run for president in 2020. trump in the past said he likes kanye except maybe not because he was going to run possibly against him. look at this. this is the latest from kanye. #2024. he looks like he is pushing the possible presidential bid back so it doesn't interfere with the donald. kanye west also tweeted he feels it is important to have a direct lain of -- line of communication with the president if we want change. but what is trending online it was trump next to kanye west. it is becoming a meme. this is what we are seeing now. a little animation. the megapowers unite. #k
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this is a play on the incident with taylor swift, i'll let you finish by martha stewart and snoop dogg had one of the craziest pairings of all time. a lot of other people think this is a distraction from some of the other issues coming up. they think this was a publicity stump on trump's part. there is no telling what will come of this but it sounds at this point all they wanted to do was get their picture taken together in the lobby. that's all we know. back to you. alison: okay. very interesting day. all right. thank you very much, linsy. we have breaking news to tell you about. scott thomasshevski who admitted to killing his neighbors before taking off to a family vacation was sentenced to life in prison out parole. it was the mother's day murders that shook the rockville area. kevin lewis was in court and he will have more on the sentencing on breaking news in a bit.
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meanwhile tonight, d.c. mayor bowser is sh her concern with the ward seven residents about the crime there. ward seven covers the eastern most point of the square that makes up the district. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime tonight. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there. the residents there say something really has to be done. sam: well, yes. crime is a big concern in this area. but of course when the mayor does her walk through that she has done in ward seven it is not just about crime. it's about many issues. crime is one of them and a big one in this area. we were along the mayor's route. she routinely picks part of the city. she goes to look at the conditions and the residents about the concerns. earlier in ward seven, crime in particular. homicides have soared. the rates calmed somewhat in the latter part of the year but the mayor
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lot of things as she moved around the city. >> we are always with m.p.d. actually on these walks we don't usually get a lot of m.p.d. issues. >> this has been a chronically crime-ridden area we have had in washington, d.c. we reflect back on years ago. compared to that it's significantly better. jonathan: all right. that was sam ford reporting for us. coming up next at 4:00, what will be noticeably missing from this year's super bowl. michelle: and how a family's g.p.s. led them to danger. alison: also this -- >> these are in millions of american homes including my own. they are really dangerous products. alison: cuisinarts recalling millions of food processors. "7 on your side" with the problems the
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. a massive recall of cuisinart food processors. jonathan: you know the thin blades that spin around lightening fast? they -- lightning fast? they broke apart and sharp metal potentially in your food. alison: chris papst is here with one of the recalled model. >> if you don't have
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you know does. they are encouraged to find a model number. it's not easy to find. it's on the bottom and all in white. it's pressed in the plastic here. it will be a challenge to read it. you have to find it. there is a lot on here. once you do, 22 models match the recall. the company will send you a free replacement blades. these are breaking, getting into your food and then you are eating it. they are simple and convenient. but now potentially dangerous. >> imagine having broken bits of a metal blade in your food and in your mouth. chris: conair the maker of cuisinart and federal government ordered recall of 22 different models of the food processor. the customers are asked to stop using the processor's rivetted blades that look like this. with
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investigation. kevin? kevin: the judge handed down the sentence against scott tomaszewski. two life counts. one without the possibility of parole. in other words, tomaszewski will die in jail. the judge saying, "i don't know what dark part of your soul caused you to do this. i'm not sure anyone does." victims dick and jodie vilardo were a beloved couple. they lived in a ranch home in a rockville neighborhood. loved ones shared the story in court. their own daughter talked about how the parents were full of optimism and joy but now she is in a real life horror movie she can't turn off. their own daughter-in-law looking tomaszewski in the eyes saying he does not deserve to be called a man. he is a monster. tomaszewski did opt to speak today. he then said i'll be your dea dea -- demon and i'll be your
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but his own mother has drawn scrutiny for destroying evidence in this case should not be targeted here. he took responsibility for the heinous murders. we are live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis. back to you. jonathan: thank you. your g.p.s. is supposed to lead you always in the right direction, right? alison: not always. a family in oregon found out it can lead you in the wrong direction altogether. michelle: case and point, roned a his wife karen and their 9-year-old daughter were headed to willow creek, california. but they hit a snag. jonathan: despite checking road conditions and multiple g.p.s. apps they were guided in the snowy mountains where the car got stuck in the snow. >> trying to get branches or anything to put under the tires to get traction to keep going. jonathan: that is scary. michelle: they tried their best for hours. but they decided to spend the night in their car. alison: lu
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enough cell service to call 911. after they were rescued on the way home the transition died. jonathan: now they are facing a hefty repair bills. yikes. michelle: the family dog was also in the car as well. can imagine the frustration that they are lost and stuck out there? alison: i don't know a paper map helps if you are that far away. jonathan: the pacific northwest, when they get storms it's not a matter of inches, it's feet. good time to cancel a trip or find a low land approach. michelle: that is a road trip they will always remember. abc7 on traffic watch. jamie sullivan, hopefully nobody is lost out there tonight. if you have a g.p.s., you are not moving fast anyway. >> this is a great time to let you know you can download the waze map. w-a-z-e. join our traffic watch team. look at 66.
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head outbound. this is one view. i want to give you a different view. it's in the shoulder near nuttily street. this is the flashing lights. this is what you get. solid red line behind it. slowing from the capital beltway. as everyone approaches they hit the brakes to see what is going on and why they have been sitting in the slow traffic. then you pick back up. another slow spot is on the capital beltway. inner loop volume and then the brake lights. this is area where we see the heaviest traffic in maryland and the traffic in virginia. in d.c., slowing for you heading outbound on kenilworth after, 22 minutes from the 11th bridge to the b.w. parkway. as you head north you are okay inside the beltway. 2370 is -- 270 is a good example of how slow we are. but nothing to worry about as far as an accident here. that is a look at traffic. back to y
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michelle: the skies out there, cooler temperature. jonathan: not compared to what is coming. michelle: no. but compared to yesterday you feel the difference. >> announcer: the -- doug: it will be in the 50's but what happened between now and then. it will get extremely cold. this evening the clouds will move in. lower 40's for a while. there is a disturbance to the west that will pass through the area. a band of snow north and west. we have our eyes on both. this metro area may catch a break. there is a chance we could have light rain or snowflakes north and west in the evening hours. when you wake up tomorrow it's cold. upper 20's like georgetown at 29. it's 32 in fairfax and aspen hill. 34 in waldorf and largo. iii in -- before -- it will be 36 tomorrow. but it is going to settle do
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a bus stop forecast to show this. temperatures climb to 44. tomorrow afternoon after the school is out the clouds increase and the arctic front makes an approach from the west. wind chill will be a big story. this is the way we think it will feel at this time on thursday. it will feel like 10 in washington, one below in hagerstown. like zero in winchester. nine at joint base andrews. a late week outbreak. of winter air. this is like the arctic outbreak of air in january and february but it happens in autumn. winter doesn't begin until wednesday morning at 5:44. the highs are 26 on thursday. 27 on friday. we get to 43 saturday after a wintery mix saturday morning. a wintery mix that is changing to rain. it's
4:24 pm
the rain close to 60 on sunday. then the temperatures will start to warm through the 40's to 50's for the holiday weekend. michelle: thank you. next at 4:00, meet a local swim coach that completed an insane challenge. the community is just as crazy. i'm not alone. michelle: surrounded by crazy people. just how long a 34-mile swim takes and the famous body of water katie scott crossed.
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michelle: have you thought about swimming across the english channel? not top of mind. one swimming coach did. alison: she is joining a small group of women who accomplished this feat. we take you to arlington with this week's rising star. scott: katie scott is a swimmer. >> mother nature is in charge. the sheer size of it is awesome to me. scott: the 25-year-old is an assistant swimming coach at mary mount university. >> i have my own group of kids.
4:28 pm
attitude. >> the change in august. she decided to swim the english channel. >> it's crazy. the community of the people that do it were just as crazy. i'm not alone. >> with only a few breaks, it took her 13 hours and 39 minutes. >> this is like climbing mount everest. it's rare air. it speaks a lot to her determination and toughness i guess. scott: it's considered the triple crown of swimming that dates backs to 1926. less than 600 women accomplished the women from england to france. katie is now part of history joining a special group. >> a total life changing experience outside of the pool. a new pers
4:29 pm
things. >> a rare accomplishment worth celebrating. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. michelle: total respect for anyone who could think of doing that and succeed at carrying it out. alison: think about the kids that she coaches. to look at her for inspiration. jonathan: sit there and say i can't do it. she says, "really? i went 34 miles." good for her! coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- checking out the second phase of the silver line through dulles. >> the single hardest practice i have worked on in public life as governor. jonathan: as we get an update on the target opening of the six new stations. q: this is a labor of love for a lady who wasn't just a coworker but a friend of the family. i'll show you what is going on here in delray to help a family in need. alison: then new at 5:00, a won
4:30 pm
why police carried her off and arrested her right in the terminal. the answers when i see you back here at 5:00.
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michelle: rose cruz was hit by a car and she was the mother of four and a wife. the entire delray community where she worked is coming together for her family. q mccray shows us how. q? q: yeah, michelle. in 30 minutes or so, rally for rose will start here in delray. it's quiet here inside the markable. this is where she used to work. these are her coworkers. she used to make sandwiches here at market to market and now the coworkers are making them for her to benefit her and her family. we have a picture of her to show you. rose marie cruz but her friends called her "rose." she was known for her smile as you can see. on december 1, she was walking home from work and crossing the busy intersection of mount vernon in the delray area and she was struck by an s.u.v. driven by a 77-year-old woman who has since been arrested and
4:34 pm
cruz died days later. she was 49 days old. she left behind two adult children in the philippines and two younger children 10 and 12 who live here in alexandria. she also leaves behind a husband. all the hard work done here in the rally for rose is meant to help them and benefit her family. >> delray is a community. we are a neighborhood that takes care of our own. we come together when tragedies like this happen. a lovely lady. q: there is a go fund me. the goal is $100,000. it will go straight to the father of the children. when it comes to rally for rose, they are selling sandwiches here. they are $8. you can see her face
4:35 pm
the money from the sale of the sandwiches will go to a trust to make sure the kids have nothing to worry about in her future. rally for rose is 5:00 to 9:00 tonight. they are making 400 sandwiches. that i -- that's the latest. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. >> hope they sell a ton of them. it's time for the weather. some people are buying the snowshoes to spray things on the walkway. it's not a bad idea. doug: we don't need it yet but if the pattern continues we will need them at some point before long. look. the numbers. these numbers will look pleasant. we will only be in the 20's. the wind chill are the single digit and lower teens. that is the change headed our way. it's 47 in luray and culpeper. we are tracking areas.
4:36 pm
west of washington. light rain. that will move east. but much of the metro area might stay between the systems so a couple of rain drops and snowflakes. the skies will clear we think around sunrise in the morning. whether he call for partly cloudy skies. winds will be light. they will get breezy at times tomorrow. look ahead for next three days. the highs in different cities. for a comparison, the high is 43. 26 on thursday. 27 on friday. take a look what will happen in minneapolis. they have a high of 23 tomorrow. high of three degrees on thursday. 12 on friday. it's widespread the cold air. the win chill valleys are going to make them low. and it's going to warm up to 20 for friday. we look to the weekend, wintery mix that is changing to rain and
4:37 pm
breeze said warmer. close to -- breezy and warmer before it will turn colder again. that is the latest. jonathan: thanks. covering metro. we can tell you kaine took a tour of the silver line. jeff goldberg tells us why. jeff: he says it holds an exhausting memory in his career. >> the single hardest thing worked on as governor. jeff: he came to see the progress. phase two is set to open in 2020. >> in is a necessary project to keep up with the growth of northern virginia. to serve the international airport. >> these days metro is getting attention for the wrong reason. senator
4:38 pm
they will provide help for metro and the man leading metro is hopeful that congress will come through. metro g.m. riding it with kaine and making the case. >> anything to help us is fantastic. >> the senator with members of congress says the better it does with the safety and reliability -- >> saving 1.2 million a day. >> the stronger case he could make on capitol hill. in loudoun county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and a $57 billion megadeal a step closer to closing. monsanto shareholders voted to approve the takeover to create a massive chemical and the agriculture company. it could be finalized by the
4:39 pm
needs the feds to sign off. jonathan: a decade long legal battle is put to rest. company pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge after salmonella outbreak in the peter pan peanut butter in 2007. this was part of settlement that included $8 million fine. that is the largest criminal fine ever is in a u.s. food safety case. >> gas prices are on the rise again and could reach $3 a gallon next year. in the past year a huge difference. a gallon for regular in virginia is $2.11. the same can be set in maryland and d.c. gas prices can top $2.50 a gallon. if you fill up more than once a week it could be $200 difference over the course of a year so it adds up. next at "abc7 news at
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some watch the super bowl for the ads. but some are pulling the plug and the companies not willing to pony up millions for 30 seconds next. jonathan: as tuesday is winding down a look at what the "good morning washington" crews working on for tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow on "good morning washington" clever and fun gift ideas perfect for grandma, teachers, tweens or anyone tough to shop for this holiday. save time and money with the awesome do it yourself gift solutions. can the car make it through the upcoming arctic blast? how to make sure your ride is weather. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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michelle: it has been a staple for the super bowl for the past decade. jonathan: some of the commercials are hilarious. when you watch it, you watch to catch the commercial. everybody goes shhh, commercial is on. some will be missing from the next super bowl. >> give me that. >> ahhhh! >> put it back. keep your hands off my momma. keep your hands off my doritos. jonathan: awesome. michelle: that's great. frito lay has decided to drop the ads for doritos, fritos or
4:44 pm
sun chips. they didn't fit with the marketing strategy. they have been ranked as some of the best. jonathan: go daddy and others are not going to advertise. it costs millions to put on an air. in addition to that, putting the commercials together costs millions of dollars. so they are saving a lot of money. by now we pretty much know the product. michelle: you will order chips if you have a super bowl party. maybe just post them online. people share videos so much maybe that is the new way to be part of a conversation. jonathan: it's such a bummer. look forward to the commercials. michelle: still aat "abc7 news at 4:00" -- no choice. one school's seniors must take a.p. english literature. the principal explains the strategy and what is happening with the pass rate when we put the spotlight on education.
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michelle: the fairfax county police chief says he is recovering after the cruiser was rear-ended by a drunk driver. 40-year-old christie edgar charged with d.i. for allegedly slamming into chief ed
4:48 pm
it happened last night at a traffic stop but the chief says this wasn't the first time something like this has happened to him. >> as a police officer, people that are impaired when you are on the side of the road and you have the lights going, they stare at it. that is where their hands go. it's unfortunate it happens. we cover stories of the officers and the troopers and the sheriffs getting hit all the time. michelle: the accident left him sore but he is okay. jonathan: this story has gone viral. out of knoxville, tennessee. a terminally ill child dieing in santa's arms. the 5-year-old boy more worried about missing christmas than anything else. a story now that has gone nationwide. and santa in this case assured the boy that everything would be okay. >> would you do me a favor?
4:49 pm
when you get to the pearly gates, you just tell him you are santa's number one elf. i guarantee you it will open up the gates for you. he said i am? sure you are. jonathan: just in that moment that the child passed away. santa said he cried all the way home. michelle: such a touching story. tonight at 7:30 on abc7 -- a "jeopardy" contestant will fulfill her dream. cindy stowell wanted to donate the winnings to cancer research. she died last week. lindsey mastis shows us the impact on the game and the fellow contestants. lindsey: this was cindy and she was determined to appear on "jeopardy." writing the producer to explain she didn't have long to live. they got her on as soon as they could but they didn't tell the other contestants about her condition. after cindy died another
4:50 pm
contestant, bridget tweeted she taped the same day as me. she was an awesome person and brought a great cheering squad. everyone should watch tuesday. others are asking how to help. her long time boyfriend suggested donating to the cancer research institution. that was her dream to eliminate cancer. tonight we get a chance to see how she did on the game show and find out how much prize money she was able to win for cancer research. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. the redskins hosted local students to pick out an early christmas present from the favorite players. it's the annual santa shop. paral of the toys for tots drive and delivery. we take you back inside the locker room. they look great as elfing helps out the big man. we go there at 5:30 in sports. tonight is the last day to donate for the abc7 toy drive. thousands of kids would otherwise go without if not for the toys.
4:51 pm to see how you can send a toy to our studios. it's painless and easy and fast. the marines will be here thursday to help us pick up the goodies. michelle: it's crunch time. they can lift a lot of toys. jonathan: they move a lot of stuff fast. they do. steve: i can't believe we have this weekend an then the following weekend is already christmas. michelle: crunchtime. between now and then it's the coldest weather since winter last year. it comes this thursday. i will last two days and we'll warm things up. this evening in the 40's. partly cloudy skies. winds from the northwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. tonight is 26 to 36 degrees. coldest temperatures north and west of d.c. we could see a few sprinkles. maybe a flurry or two. nothing to cause travel delays. if you have shopping plans this evening or going to the ice skating rink it looks
4:52 pm
fine. a nice mix of sun and clouds. as we move through the late afternoon hours winds will build. late tomorrow night we have a cold front that is set to move through. that is going to drop our daytime highs in the 20's. start is looking better. we could start off with a wintry mix. a big change of temperatures on sunday. up 50's with area of rain. if you have holiday parties to go to, it won't be cold. it will be cold, cold, cold thursday and friday. 40's on saturday. then we will warm things up moving closer to christmas weekend. check on the rush hour commute. check with jamie sullivan. jamie: we have slow traffic on 66. take a look heading
4:53 pm
we slow past this point due to the accident activity. when we checked in an hour ago it was in the left shoulder. you can see as we get further in the afternoon commute how much more traffic is out there than before. 66 is a rough rise. not only because it's typical but the accident we have. inner loop is heavy in the northwest corner but the out irloop from 59 continuing to connecticut avenue is bumper to bumper. we will take you under one hour. there is a crash closer to braddock road. back to you. michelle: thank you. next on abc7 -- kellye: opening doors of opportunity for students. i'm kellye lynn at the campus in northwest. i will tell you about a new requirement coming up in
4:54 pm
jonathan: at abc7 we are counting down to christmas. it's just 12 days away.
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i think we can finally get a bigger place. bigger place? yeah, let me check my score too. try credit karma. it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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jonathan: in tonight's "spotlight on education," a district public high s
4:57 pm
never before. kellye lynn takes to us cardozo education because seniors are required to take advanced placement class. >> you want the form in front of you. kilat this northwest d.c. high school, 12th grade english class is more rigorous than ever. for the first time the education campus is requiring seniors to take advanced placement english literature. >> it really improved my writing. kellye: every senior with the exception of newly immigrated students must meet the new requirement. >> they need to be immersed in literature and writing through the the senior year to be ready for college. kellye: a big request for an already challenged student body. >> the majority of the students are impoverished. 98% of receive reduced cost lunch. >> they have another coteacher, that is another teache
4:58 pm
instruction. >> we have the a.p. practice every other month. >> last marking periods the students taking the class averaged c-plus. teachers insist the approach is working. >> it's working really well. it's amazing how the writing has changed since september. >> writing in a more sophisticated language, including multi-syllable words. kellye: advancing education through a.p. kellye lynn, no northwest, abc7 news. alison: tonight the comet pizzeria shooting is a federal case. court documents reveal text messages. air travelers crane their necks to see who is holding things up. a woman who just wouldn't follow the rules.
4:59 pm
unhappy bride and a wedding ring that vanished. "7 on your side" solved the mystery with an international twist. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> the judge said he didn't know what dark part of scott tomaszewski's soul caused him to kill his neighbors. that judge sentenced tomaszewski who tried to go on a crew after the murders to spend his life in prison. we were in court when the sentence came down. kevin lewis? kevin: the judge handed down sentence of two life terms one without the possibility of parole. that meanings scott tomaszewski will die in -- means scott tomaszewski will die in prison. countless tears shed in a packed montgomery county courtroom. dick and jodie vilardo's daughter outlined her parents' lives full of optimism and joy before scott tomaszewski slaughre
5:00 pm
mother's day 2015. lindsay calling it a real life horror movie she cannot turn off. the vilardo's daughter-in-law looked tomaszewski in the eye and said, "he does not deserve to be called a man. he is a monster." to that, tomaszewski later speaking publicly for the first time said, "i'll be your demon. i'm be your monster." the judge moved by the fact that the crime took place in vilardo's ranch house, their castle. the judge stating "this was a couple, very much in love. at night, in their home, in their bed. i cannot imagine a worse experience." >> the thought that someone could actively take the lives of with the people and not recognize the love that existed there and the love that they would have given time to if he was willing to accept it is a sad situation for me. i don't know f


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