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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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mother's day 2015. lindsay calling it a real life horror movie she cannot turn off. the vilardo's daughter-in-law looked tomaszewski in the eye and said, "he does not deserve to be called a man. he is a monster." to that, tomaszewski later speaking publicly for the first time said, "i'll be your demon. i'm be your monster." the judge moved by the fact that the crime took place in vilardo's ranch house, their castle. the judge stating "this was a couple, very much in love. at night, in their home, in their bed. i cannot imagine a worse experience." >> the thought that someone could actively take the lives of with the people and not recognize the love that existed there and the love that they would have given time to if he was willing to accept it is a sad situation for me. i don't know f
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about. justice has been found. kevin: that woman you heard from is vilardo's only daughter. and the first person to find her parents brutally killed. and kind enough to speak with us today. to recap here, scott tomaszewski sentenced to life in prison. no questions asked. live in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: thank you. d.c. prosecutors dropping charges against a man accused of walking in comet ping pong with two guns. but it was always told that federal charges could be lever i haved against edgar welch. stephen tschida -- levied against edgar welch. stephen tschida has more. stephen: he ended up here in federal court. he carried fire arms across state lines to commit a crime. affidavit shows they scoured
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watched video and read online about the "pizza gate," the fake news story about child sex ring in comet ping pong with links to the clinton campaign. we learn they believed he tried to lure others to his plan and that he was heavily armed with an assault gun, assault rifle and pistol. numerous rounds of ammunition. he appeared different today. cleaned up edgar welch faces the federal charges. they allege he tried to recruit others in a quest to free non-existent child sex slaves after reading a fake news story. one message read pedo ring. standing up against a corrupt system that rapes babies and children. >> we don't have a comment at this time. stephen: welch's parents came to the court today to se
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motivated him. universities say that welch recorded a goodbye to his family en route from north carolina and they cited another text where welch tells a friend, "i'm sorry, bro. i'm tired of turning the channel hoping someone does something. the world is too afraid to act and i'm too stubborn not to." if convicted on the single count he faces up to ten years in prison. however the case is umped investigation. more charges could be spending. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: several big names at trump tower as the president-elect works on the transition. i started with kanye west making his way through the lobby after 9:00 this morning. over the next few hours we saw ray lewis, jim brown and bill gates. they were there to talk about innovation in the next administration. larry: two open spots left in the inc
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rex tillerson has been picked as the secretary of state pick by the president-elect donald trump this morning. in the last ten minutes, congressman ryan zinkey tapped as the secretary of state of the interior but it's still unclear if he wants the job. rick perry may be the selection to head the department of energy. >> i would do away with the education, the -- >> commerce. >> -- the commerce. let's see. the third one i can't, sorry. oops. larry: you might recall five years ago then governor of texas couldn't remember the name of the department of energy. and he is one of the names to be leading the department dismantled. what do the picks say about the future of the said agenie
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consistency from the president-elect. he is going rogue. he is not going with the grain. we see it continue with a trend. i had a long conversation with governor rick perry over the summer. he was a critic of trump early on. then he got on board. i asked what the secret is he said listen, donald trump gets it. the other 16 of us thought we knew how to talk to the american public but we didn't. trump did. he has become a supporter of trump because he will head up a agency that he was willing to abolish. at the same time, the department of energy for those who don't know is heavy lifting. it also talks about the nuclear capabilities and it's a big office. larry: rex tillerson is a controversial pick. it won't go away soon with the confirmation. scott: controversy surrounds his relations with those within russia. some believe when you are
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have a good rapport with a nation we consider such an adversary that perhaps that puts you in a vuller -- vulnerable position making decisions on behalf of the nation. is it an issue? you have criticism from john mccain and lindsey graham. it only takes three republicans to submarine him. so if you have big names that say i won't put him through, it could torpedo the effort. it doesn't mean it will happen but it is something to keep an eye on. there are concerns about him. but others are saying he knows his stuff. larry: interesting times ahead. scott: absolutely. larry: thank you. alison: "7 on your side" in health matters now. and about two hours ago, president obama signed signed te 21st century cures act. it has money for the whit
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that effort to cure cancer being lead by vice president joe biden and named for his late son beau. after the signing there was a round table discussion on efforts to find a cure for cancer. hackers have gotten hands on the medical records of 34,000 people. quest diagnostics say the hackers used my quest by care 360 app to obtain names, birth dates, phone numbers and lab results. the company says other information like the social security, financial information and insurance data was not compromised. larry: new information on the impact of fracking on drinking water. environmental protection agency confirmed drilling for natural gas and oil using fracturing can contaminate ground water. they also say without more study the severity of cannot be determined. it's in the final version of the 2015 study on the impact of the controversial
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alison: i hope you enjoyed today's relatively warm weather. the bottom is about to drop out. i hate to tell you. doug hill is here with the arctic cold front heading our way. hate to be so severe about it. doug: we have mid-winter wind chills and temperatures after yesterday in the 50's. today in the 40's. tomorrow is not bad but then tomorrow evening, tomorrow night and thursday. a polar plunge. sprinkle and snow flurry. otherwise the skies will clear dropping in the 30's. wake up to temperatures that are mostly in the mid-30's. good day. breezy in the earn morning at the bus stop at 37. the clouds will increase. dismal time will be about 44 degrees. late tomorrow night the cold front comes in. give you a taste of wind chills. this is what we think of tomorrow night. at 8:00 in the
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be at 8 degrees. thursday the day on thursday despite the sunshine the wind chills stay in the single digits to ten degrees by 5:00 in the afternoon. air temperatures in the mid-20's. might be a degree or so colder for the day on friday. we'll look at the weekend. look ahead toward christmas coming up in nine minutes. larry? larry: thank you. caught on camera, a woman physically dragged off a plane in detroit. she got on without a boarding pass and then refused to leave. there is no word how she was able to do that but the charges are pending against her. alison: tonight the arlington county board will tackle an issue that has gotten attention in our county. predatory towing. we have a look at what is up for debate. brianne carter? brianne: a number of different proposals that would impact those who are parking in lots just like this. and the towing as well. one of them inc
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of parking lots. among the other proposals to be considered by the arlington county board tonight, would have additional information on the receipt. if your car is towed you have more information on who to file a complaint to or how to contact the county. that is not the biggest issue. what is the most controversial is the second signature proposal. we understand in reading information leading up to tonight in the board meeting the county manager does not support this proposal. what it would do would require that the tow truck operator get permission from the business owner, the property owner or the management to be able to physically tow that car. that will be the big debate to see how it will vote. we talked to a board member. take a listen. >> it's real-time authorization. the first is when the property owner signs a con
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invests the tow company to judge, jury and jailer making all the decisions. this simply having the property owner or the merchant sign off. brianne: there has been a lot of input on the issue. neighborhood associations and the chamber of commerce weighing in at 6:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. coming up at 5:00 -- >> gone. my ring, gone. larry: "7 on your side" after this woman runs into trouble repairing her ring. alison: plus, fighting back against crime with a show of force of another kind. brad: why the coming cold snap should have you thinking of climbing a ladder ladder if you own a home. >> snuggle up with cocoa. hi
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day. drink up.
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larry: the storm watch team is tracking the winter blast for kalamazoo, michigan, w
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crews deal with snow and a bitter chill. >> i'm meteorologist jeff porter. in the last six days we have seen 17 inches of snow. evidence thereof through thursday. we have the teens through thursday. and the road conditions that will freeze and the area wide white-outs. it feels like it will be 15 degrees below zero. larry: that cold air is headed our way. larry: brad bell has a look at what to do to get ready before the went every blast arrives brad: some is obvious. dig out the hat and the gloves. but other things are not. getting the home and the car
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ready. get out a ladder or hire come-up with to do it. clean out your gutters. the problem is the ice damming. if you get frozen layer of ice it can back up in the gutter and the moisture can work its way back up under the roof shinglals to cause serious damage. disconnect the hoses from the faucets and drain them from water so they don't become tubes of ice. once you have done that, come inside and find the valve that shuts off the water supply to the outside spigot. a throw-step process. once that turned off, come back outside and open the valve so it can drain. this is a good time of year to get in the basement and put insulation like this from the water pipes to protect them from freezing and save you a lot of energy. find the main waters
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value ever for your house. it's a mystery for most people. >> most people don't have any idea where the main shutoff valve is in the house. the pipe breaks and they don't know where to do. before it snows it's good time to get snow shovels out to put them where they are handy. don't forget the other investment. your car. a.a.a. mechanic andrew lewis says now is the time to prep the wheels for winter, too. >> check the fluid. check the belt and the hoses. make sure the air filter is clean. brad: he recommends to get it to a mechanic but you can pop your own hood as well. make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid in the reservoir. when we do get that wintry mix, sometimes it's pretty hard to see out that windshield. brad bell, abc7 news. doug: let's talk about the wind and the wind chill and what is coming
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understand if the temperature is 33 degrees and the wind is 30 miles per hour the wind chill is about 7 degrees. but it won't freeze. the water won't freeze. freezes at 32. it feels like the wind chill temperature. that is important for the next minute or to as i show what is headed our way. is evening, cloudy skies, low 40's. maybe sprinkle or patch of rain. it may be part of the western zone that could get flakes. really a nonevent as we see it through the evening hours here. showers are possible. clearing skies overnight and the clearing skies are cool. you could get a peak -- peek of the super moon. you might get a look of that bright in the sky overhead. the forecast as we head through the overnight hours becoming partly cloudy. we
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sunshine for midday. clouds will return tomorrow evening ahead of the tark tick cold front coming -- arctic cold front coming in. we top out at 43. four degrees below average. here comes the polar plunge we are talking about. cold weather from canada to the northern plains, great lakes and headed our way. the leading edge is here. this will take until tomorrow evening for the real push of cold air to get in. this means after the highs in the 50's yesterday, 40's today and tomorrow, highs are only in the 20's, the mid-20's thursday and friday. wind chill in the single digits and teens on thursday. that's what it feels like outside. watch the temperatures drop. here are the numbers. thursday, the high of 26. a lot of winds. it will drive the wind chills down. the winds are lighter here on friday. they won't be a feature really. but the cold air will be. a high of 27. as we get into saturday and sunday it looks as though we have a wintry mix saturday morning. possibility of some snow and rain and sleet changing to
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as the temperatures warm to 43 on the surface. but more importantly, a couple of thousand feet above the ground temperatures will be in the 50's. time we get to sunday the 50-degree weather will settle down to the ground and be mild on sunday with rain. saturday morning hundreds of volunteers for wreaths across america. it could be uncomfortable outside until it warms up in the afternoon. next ten days the numbers are up and down. look at sunday and the dramatic change. breezy weather, showers on sunday and turning colder as we get through monday and tuesday. we will warm in the 40's next week. a warming trend for christmas eve and christmas day and maybe 50-degree weather. larry: wow! temp going up and then back down again. crazy. alison: it will be cold. larry: i have video to show you this, the super moon over asia last night. set to
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of the year and visible tonight. is there a chance we'll see it here? doug: if you are up a it 3:00 in the morning. larry: i am. alison: you found the one guy who is. alison: i'm in the third rem cycle. alison: you could see it. larry: i'll let you know if i see it. doug: let me know how it works out. larry: i will. alison: doug, thank you. still ahead at 5:00 -- q: i'm q mccray live in delray where a community is coming together to help a family in need after a tragic accident. i'll tell you all about rally for rose coming up. alison: coming up tonight in abc7 primetime -- >> tomorrow on "good morning washington" clever and fun gift ideas fect for grandmas, teacher, tweens or anyone
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same time and money with the do it yourself gift solutions. >> can you car make it through the upcoming blast? make sure you ride is ready. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at 4:25 a.m. on "good morning washington."
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delray are banding together to rally for rose. q mccray is there in alexandria to explain who she was and why so many people want to help. q? q: they want to help because of her smile. they remember her smile. they remember her warm demeanor. they remember her work ethic here at market to market. this is where she used to work. she used to make sandwiches. but today they are making sandwiches to help her family. at the memorial of the busy intersection at mount vernon avenue, strangers passing, not taking a second glance. >> it was her smile and her kindness. q: 49-year-old rose cruz a married mother of four was hit by a car on december 1. died days later. the delray business association stepped in to help. >> we have a tendency to do thingso
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rose. a labor of love in her honor. 100% of the sales of special menu items will go to rose's children. pork barrel barbecue set up a raffle. >> businesses started to donate things. we have $5,000 of donations to raffle off. >> just bought $200 worth of tickets. >> i had planned to do her go fund me payment and i haven't gotten around to it. q: so far the go fund me page is closing in on $50,000. the goal is double that. >> really lovely lady. a beautiful smile. very sweet and happy. kind to our family. q: holy cow, st. elmo cease and market to market are always taking part. >> i wish rose was here. but we as a neighborhood need to do what we can to make here
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of. q: the drive is 77 years old and she was arrested and charged. come down to get an $8 sandwich. take part in the deals offered at the local restaurants. not to mention the raffle tickets because prices are out of this world. we are talking about the shopping sprees, full body spas. come down to make a difference. reporting live from delray, i'm q mccray. back to you. larry: all right. great cause. thank you. well, coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- setting up to help. how a star is working to help tease pain after a series of dev -- help ease the pain after series of wildfires. alison: later, she thought it was a minor problem but it took months and a call to "7 on your side" to get it resolveed. sam: mayor bowser is doing one of her other neighborhood walks through a d.c. neighborhood. this time in ward seven where crime has been a big problem. i'm sam ford. that st
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alison: bill cosby was back in court today for a hearing and things became so heated the judge threatened to bring in sheriff deputies. this is after a number of shouting matches between the two parties. the hearing was to deside whether the pros caution can bring 13 cosby sex
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the hearing is expected to last two days before the judge makes a ruling. larry: new information on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. the fire chief said the so-called ghost ship warehouse was not an active business and did not require inspection. and also said there are no complaints on file that would have triggered a safety check. investigators are looking for the cause of the december 2 fire that killed 36 people. alison: we are just hours away from a star-studded telethon in nashville. i will help the victims of the gatlinburg wildfire. erica cure spoke with dolly parton about the efforts to aid the place she calls home. >> sure enough. i mean it was the scariest thing i ever seen. >> dolly talks about seeing the wildfires that started around thanksgiving, ripping through her community and the mountains she calls home. she says her f
5:32 pm
of their property survived the tragedy, 1,500 other people are feeling the loss. 14 people killed. glows to 200 others injured. 2,500 structures damaged or destroyed. >> this is home. these are the people that need me now. i'm in a position to help. i am willing to do any and everything that i can to help get everything back to normal as we can as quick as we can. >> dolly par on the my people fund is aiming to raise $1.5 million to give each family who lost their home $1,000 for six months. tonight's line-up includes chris stapleton and reba mcintyre jumping in to reach the goal. >> they have all the artists come together and offer the time to help dolly. it really is a blessing. >> rolling in the sound equipment, testing phone and running cables in a studio donating the space. my people fund using all the help it can
5:33 pm
and everything that anybody can do. whether it's a little money or a lot. anything will help. >> there are more than 20 performers slotted tonight. it starts at 7:00 p.m. central. you can donate yourself by calling 1-800-care-more. in nashville, erica curry. larry: the rio olympic games may be over but the hosts are still paying the bills. the international paralympic spokesman saying they can't pay everything they owe, includes $3.7 million rio owes the committee. they have been late paying hundreds of creditors and contract employees. alison: still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- see what happened when the boy who made his own jersey out of plastic bags in honor of his favorite player was able to meet his idol. >> a sign was unveil today and
5:34 pm
highway bridge to honor the life of a bethesda native who died in iraq. i'm cheryl conner. we'll hear from his parents coming up. >> how are you doing? i'm sergeant mike copin out of maryland, virginia. i'm here in the middle east. and i want to say thanks to all my friends and family for supporting me. i want to say hi to my mom, my dad, my sister kathryn and my new brother-in-law kevin. they just got married. hope you have a good time. i also wanted to say thanks for all the family and the friends supporting everyone from all throughout the
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steve: all right. looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. wreaths across america, arlington national cemetery. saturday morning we could look at a wintery mix. temperatures around the freezing mark. we will rebound to the middle 30's by the noontime hour. and the rest of the
5:36 pm
for -- milder air on the way for sunday. upper 50's. "abc7 news at 5:00"
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ larry: we are back now. alison: the beauty of the grand canyon.
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visited the park. that is a new record. it's crediting the centennial push. 6th million member arrived yesterday. part of a family if las vegas visiting for the first time. larry: it never gets old. alison: gorgeous. larry: awesome. alison: this was designed to be the home of the future. a way to solve the 13940's housing crisis as troops were coming home from world war ii. larry: jay korff shows us what happened to one of the last kit houses in arlington. jay: housing prices in the d.c. region are among the steepest in the nation which leads us to the remarkable story behind this tweet posted in july. haul this house away and it's yours. this kind of home built to support america's economic boom after world war ii can be dismantle and reassembled. historic preservationists cynthia says the history behind thedy munetive house
5:39 pm
begin -- diminutive houses has an illustrious history. despite the clever home and the durability, americans did not buy enough for the company to survive. >> i think that the founders of the corporation thought they were going to solve america's housing crisis. >> only about 2,500 were built nationwide with 11 ending up at arlington. when we started working on the story of this particular one, only three were left in the county. >> it sold not too long ago. i read on the web it would be torn down. >> the photographer wanted to take a picture of the home in case it was demoll lished. in a -- demolished. in a story you will see only here find out if someone saving the relic of the past and watch as photographer uses the
5:40 pm
showcase a rare house once built as the home of the future. jay korff, abc7 news. larry: interesting. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. a massive recall of the cuisinart food processors, con air and the federal government recalling 8 million food processor and 22 different models. if yours has four rivets and beige center it could send metal shards to your food. there have been 30 reports of mouth or tooth injuries. head to the website to see if your model has been recalled. alison: one of the most frustrating feelings were a parent. you walk in a bathroom and there is no place to change your child's diaper. that's not the case anymore. at least at the wilson building. councilmembers announced the big changes today. they are adding more family-friendly bathrooms around the entire building. larry: coming up at 5:00, -- >> i told them it wasn't
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workshop. larry: christmas coming early for local students thanks to the redskins. erin hawksworth has the heartwarming story later in sports. >> well, she dropped off her diamond ring to the jewelers to get it fixed and then she waited, and waited. no one called her. she called "7 on your side." what
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ja overall crime in the district are down but people are still concerned if ward seven. they are doing whatever they can to try to fought back. d.c. bureau chief sam ford live to explain how they are doing this. sam: we are in southeast. mayor bowser had another one of her walks through a neighborhood today. this is time in ward seven. a high crime road. and the mayor led the delegation of the city leaders and the leaders to see first hand about community
5:45 pm
we asked the residents what they would like to say to the mayor. >> if she lived here six months she wouldn't have to ask. she would know. >> she walks through the neighborhood -- >> i save live here for six months. >> they need to get the guns off the street. too much stuff happening. >> this is a chronically crime, you know, ridden area we have had in washington d.c. this reflects back on how bad it used to be and this is significantly better. >> mayor bowser says when she makes the walks they don't ask about crime but other issues. >> people want to know about the sidewalks, the trees, the alleys and roadways in front of their home or bus
5:46 pm
walks in all eight of the city wards. we have seen her in other wards of the city. in this particular p.s.a. 64, the homicides are down to seven from ten last year. but much higher in most other parts of the city. alison: you can sign up for a filing back newsletter at larry: "7 on your side" got a call from a woman who sent her rings away to get fixed. larry: horace holmes has more. horace: the day she got married is the crowning day of her life. her beautiful ring and band. >> they're gone. horace: whaha
5:47 pm
go to the jewelers where her husband bought the rings. >> get them soldered together. >> i picked them up and i noticed that the diamond was missing. >> they went back and saw the missing diamond and determined a second in the cluster was chipped. the ring is under warranty so she thought no problem. get them to reset the diamonds and get it back in a few days. days turned into months. >> i didn't understand why it took that long. horace: without them for months she called "7 on your side." we won't to j.b. robinson. a spokesperson told us they take the guest's concerns seriously and address each. in this instance they are working with the guest to come to a satis facktary resolution. -- satisfactory resolution. two days later the ring was ready to be picked up. >> if it wasn't for you
5:48 pm
how much longer they would have quent my rings. >> happy and she finally had the rings back. but the story doesn't end there. >> to put it on, it won't go over my knuckles. this continues for god knows how long. >> okay. j.b. robinson -- this is the ring. to resize the ring so it can fit. but she says there is another problem. let me show you. she says the three rings here, one, two, three, are all supposed to be fitted togetherment but look there. there is a gap, and a gap up here. she fears they will have to take it apart again, start all over and doesn't know how long that will take. the ring is under warranty and robinson insists they will make her happy. larry: what a nightmare. horace: we'll follow up. she was so distraught. my gosh. alison: just when she thought it
5:49 pm
larry: right. horace: married five months and hasn't had it for a few weeks. larry: marriage is good. horace: they're fine! larry: breaking news in the newsroom. governor's office confirming to abc7 prince george's county liquor board chairman charles caldwell is stepping down. he was involved in a traffic accident thursday after the m.g.m. casino grand opening. he was taken into custody and accused of a d.u.i. the current vice chairman of the board will take over as the chair temporarily. alison: let's check on the roadways. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch tonight. james a lot a lot -- jamie: a lf slowing. but on 66 heading outbound, there are no longer accidents to worry about. we have heavy traffic. slowing working your way here past nutley street is still there. but it's no crash up ahead. we have the heavy volume on 66. 25 minutes to get in to fairfax from the beltway. another area where we see th
5:50 pm
corner. but a spot i want to talk about where we don't see the slowing is the top side of the beltway on the outer loop. this is getting from college park closer in bethesda. the accident closer to wisconsin avenue. it's a heavy stretch for us. on the outer loop, inner loop is heavy. that is typical. 270 through clarksburg a slow-go as you head northbound. it's been a cold day but not terrible out there today. doug: not at all. the temperatures in the 40's. but the time we get to thursday it will feel like the middle of winter. in minnesota. >> that is what it will feel like here. we have snow over western p.a. the next five or six hours the western zone could see a flake or two. we will see the clearing before sunrise. partly sunny tomorrow. 29 in germantown. 31 in manassas. 34 in largo. through the day tomorrow it's breezy early but the wind
5:51 pm
of the day with the clouds and the sun. clouds will become a little lower and thicker tomorrow evening ahead of the polar front. here is the temperature scheme across the eastern part of the country. look at washington. 43, 26, 27 for a high. areas north and west are colder. then we factor in the wind chills for the next few days. get this. the wind chill tomorrow is 38. 7 for thursday afternoon and warming to 30 on friday. we'll have more in the 6:00 hour. alison: thank you. a year ago a photo of an afghan boy went viral for the makeshift jersey of his idol joseph messa. a year later, that boy met his idol. messa met the boy for the first time -- messi met the boy for first time today. he walked on the field with him before the soccer match. how cute is that? holding hands. in january, photos went viral
5:52 pm
messi jersey that prompted the soccer star to send him a real one. autographed copy. larry: wow! alison: and now they have become friends. you can see why he fell in love with the boy, too. sweetheart. larry: how cute. alison: a nice story. erin: i love that story. so sweet. we have a sweet story. fedex field transformed to a santa's workshop today for the redskins annual santa shop. the players have the day off. they helped deserving kids in need. >> santa called the plays. >> everybody falls in line. we will make a choa -- choo-choo train. >> as the redskins road to the postseason made a pit stop at the north pole. >> i told them it wasn't the locker room and santa's mobile workshop. >> the team's sab the shop. >> it's really fun. >> where the students from across the d.m.v. descend on
5:53 pm
>> it's amazing. i have never been in here. taking pictures to show the family members. >> this year each locker held a gift for each. the redskins players help. >> it reminded me when i would wake up and run down for the cookies. >> so did some marines. part of the toys for tots campaign. >> we would go get three or four toys. it touches home. everyone who better than -- erin: who better than san to sum it up. >> three letters. joy. experience the joy in your heart. bring you happiness and refresh your life and make you a better person. >> give me five! erin: mission accomplished today.
5:54 pm
last day to donate the toy drive. check to see how you send a toy to the studios. in six days redskins welcomes the panthers to fedex field monday night in a game you can see here on abc7. the pre-game starts at 7:30. we w
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alison: 7 salutes as maryland plans to make a sign to make the drivers think of a sacrifice of a sergeant in the marines. cheryl conner shows us the bridge along east-west highway now named after a man from bethesda. >> the bridge in alex's name is a symbol of what we must not forget. cheryl: if only the tar jent known as alex -- sergeant known as alex w
5:58 pm
bethesda bridge to go home his parents wouldn't have to hold the pictures so close. >> it's a requirement to remember the sacrifice that the young men and women made. cheryl: the east-west highway bridge is a short distance that will now carry 28 years of memories. a sign showing his name, his marine corps mission and the date he died will be placed here. >> so beloved, so bright. so full of promise. cheryl: a bethesda it intive alex turned two tours in iraq earning the purple heart the first time. his humvee hit a roadside bomb which ultimately killed him in 2006. his parents work with senator-elect chris van hollen to dedicate the bridge. >> we all owe an incredible debt to those who have served. >> a person that did not accept lies,
5:59 pm
deception. >> he went to the school at our lady of lords where flags were placed in the ground before the sign unveiling. it will be hung at bridge on wednesday. his parents tell me this is a bridge he drove many times before the final deployment. in bethesda, cheryl conner, abc7 news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: it's in alexandria where a police chase ended. this is live picture of the king street exit where we are told the chase began in district but came to an end here. q mccray just arrived on the scene. what happened out there? ma are you seeing? q: well, let me show the viewer what is we are seeing. get out of the way and show you the flashing lights. all we're seeing is the flashing lights. fire truck is out here. number of patrol cars as well. this is where a high speed chase ended between d.c. housing a
6:00 pm
we are told also the arlington county police are here now. the latest information we have according to the sources is one person is in custody. this started in the d.c. area. someone stole a d.c. housing authority police vehicle and took police on a chase. at this moment, you can see the onramp two the 395 northbound on the way to washington is shut down. we are off of king street at the moment. that is the latest information we have right now. as we get more information we'll get it to you. that's it for now. back to you. jonathan: thank you. maureen: president-elect donald trump added three names to the list of the cabinet nominees and two of them are stirring big controversy. within hour we have learned the president-elect will nominate montana congressman ryan zinke to head the department of the superior. his pick for secretary of


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