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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. down to theing polar plunge. arctic air, slamming the midwest. meteorologist from igo johnson has everything you need to know. weatherere is this already turning deadly? autria: breaking news, the attacks this morning shattering a relative cease-fire. signs that things are getting worse. happening now, off the job, on the picket line, we will tell you what is going on right now during this hour at two of the three airports in our area. that's on the way. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: it is a busy morning on this wednesday. let's hit you started with
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running a johnson with a check on the soon to be frigid forecast. and soon to be busy stormwatch 7 team. tomorrow, thursday -- remember thursday, remember saturday and monday as well. for tomorrow it is all because of the low wind chill readings because of the cold moving in. we could have a shower, rain shower, snow shower in the area. cautionary, not any big impact on the roads, but it is something to watch out for. dry and sunny, it's a green light for today. mid-40's, thehe next time we see temperatures this high in the 40 possible the until about tuesday of next week. here's what i'm talking about, that shower, that rain shower coming through this evening. the
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is the rain. a little bit of it comes through , by tomorrow morning we should be just fine, but by thursday again, wintry weather a little bit of snow mixed with freezing rain and what is left of the rain on sunday, that could be quite a bit. patches on area roads, it certainly looking like it. temperatures will be very low. saturday morning a little bit of snow and freezing rain could make conditions little bit icy. winchester, hagerstown. northern loud -- northern loudoun county and howard county , we could again have some slick conditions. weather alert potential for because of icy conditions, three quarters to an inch of rain we could get on sunday. something we should watch out for.
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julie: absolutely something we should keep in mind. road temperatures are going to drop, you will want to winterize your car, if you will. if you have a battery that is three to five years old, that's the life expectancy of a battery. when these temperatures drop like this, the cold drain. keep that in mind. check your tire pressure. the cold weather affects the wear and tear of the tires. aaa says that this time of year more than anything they get calls for sisson's from people locked outside of their vehicle. make sure the have a spare key on your person and a snow emergency kit. a blanket, extra phone charger, even find these tips and add to them if you want on my twitter page. right now on the capital beltway, eastbound seven, this is where we have the crash. police are on the scene. 95 is not a bad ride
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the metro yellow line towards mount vernon square is dealing with delays due to a earlier train malfunction out of huntington. back in 10 minutes with an update on the road and rails. julie? -- jummy: -- jummy? jummy: a delicate cease-fire in syria is done. tens of thousands of civilians in aleppo are once again stranded in that war-torn city. the cease-fire meant to get them to safety and it collapsed after 24 hours. signs that help could be a long time in coming. the buses meant to carry them out and a vacuum it them from aleppo have returned to their depots and are not going anywhere, we are told. we know that shelling and rocket fire also resumed this morning on the edges of aleppo. these strikes reportedly began as if no such thing as a cease-fire existed. we are staying on top of this story
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will be sure to bring you the details as we get them. mary: u.s. military aircraft, crashing off of the coast of japan. an osprey plunging into shallow waters off the island of okinawa. the marine corps releasing a statement saying that everyone on board was rescued safely and airlifted to a navy hospital for treatment. anti-u.s. military sentiment in okinawa is already strong. people there are opposed to deploying it on the island because of safety concerns. autria? autria: as we get ready for the arctic blast of air arriving tonight, tragic news from upstate new york. a 12-year-old boy from albany has died after rescue crews pulled him from a snow bank. they were apparently playing there yesterday afternoon and at the same time a department of public works truck was plowing. it's unclear if they became trapped after their snow for collapsed or if the snow plow
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the boys friend was found conscious, he told police that he heard what sounded like machinery and then it went dark. no fewer than eight separate crashes during the morning commute in indiana because of the snow rolling through. a car and a semi-crashing at the same spot, no one was seriously hurt. air, ready for the frigid i remember we are on your side. get the free stormwatch weather app as we get ready for winter. now, theppening right viper 15 is about to kick off at two airports. demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage. sam sweeney is live at reagan national airport with what you are seeing as you get ready for a flight this morning. sam? these workers make just $3.70 per hour, plus tip. we are talking sky caps, wh
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inside of the airport, helping the passengers from the curb getting their bags and checking into the airport. these are all contracted employees. we have heard tales of people sleeping in the airport, workers sleeping in the airport between their shifts just to make it. some in about half an hour of those people are going to walk off the job and pigot in front of the airport. right now it remains unclear how this will affect operations. these are not airline employees, their contract employees that divided still your he help around the airport. so, they will walk off the job at about 6:30 and at about 9:00 this morning they will walk over to the board where they are $15 per hour, something that they call a livable wage. back to you in the studio. making niceld trump with a number of campaign opponents. choice words
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," your number one news in the morning. help is on the way to people affected by the recent wildfires and hunt -- in tennessee. dolly parton hosted a telethon last night. meijer -- musical guests included hank williams junior and kenny rogers. 1300 families lost their homes in the wildfire. the dollywood foundation is providing $1000 per month for six months to each of those families. the telefon was aimed at helping families beyond paying their rent. we love dolly parton. around our area this
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temperatures that are low, just above freezing. 34 degrees in frederick, leesburg. annapolis and greenbelt. we are going to see a pretty nice day, today. the with sunshine to grab sunglasses heading out. highs in the low to mid 40's. nice compared to what is coming and what is coming is a whole lot of cold. we have been talking about this arctic blast, the polar vortex, you can see how low the numbers are. chicago, minneapolis, it is going to be moving in tonight as the cold front comes through. more importantly, the cold air per hour,d, 40 miles could be some more twigs or branches snapped off. here we go again, it's going to get messy. wind chill tomorrow morning, i will leave you with this, singl digits to the teens throughout the area, we will track it through hour-by-hour.
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the top stretch of the capital beltway working away from college park towards 270, the live shot will show you that the lanes are open. we were checking for a crash near college park with activity to the shoulder and for the most part we are just writing around a 95. updating the right inbound on 50 headed inbound towards the new split,rrollton avenue working your way past 200 two and out to the west, a crash on hamilton helping to direct you buy. that is the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes with another update on your ride. this: more metro troubles morning, but the problems are happening off the tracks. some people are saying that metro is driving them up the wall.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. onmy: we have the latest president-elect donald trump's cabinet appointments. he has still not announced fix for the agriculture and veterans affairs secretary but he did announce yesterday that he has montana congressman as the interior secretary. trump has also chosen rick perry as the energy secretary. last night trump appeared in a thank you to a rally in wisconsin with house speaker paul ryan. trump supporters booed him. speaker paul ryan. i have come to appreciate him. honestly. he's like a fine wine.
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last night he praised the accomplishments of rex tillerson, saying that he will be a fierce advocate for america's interest around the world. larry? larry: thanks for that. later today, donald trump meeting with more campaign trail opponents who spoke out against him during the election. top executives from facebook, amazon, tesla, apple, microsoft and others meeting with him in new york. they will reportedly be focusing on jobs and how they can help the government become more efficient. autria: president obama signed his final bill into law and it was an emotional moment. it's the largest health care reform since the affordable care act. remembering his mother, he called the bill signing bittersweet. >> is not always easy to remember, but being able to honor those we have lost in this way
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fromevent other families , thatg that same loss makes it a good day. autria: the lob pass congress would nearly unanimous support, including $1 billion to fight opioid and drug addiction and $2 billion to find a cancer cure effort, led by vice president biden. mary: in maryland, 1000 students affected by a data breach. students who attended frederick county public schools during 2005 and 2006 other ones impacted. the data includes names, social security numbers, and dates of birth. the school system has notified the fbi about the breach and is working with state law enforcement and technology officials. autria: some people near the georgia avenue metro station are upset about noise, saying they constantly hear rumbling sounds from the green line train.
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house for six years without any problems but says the noise recently became a lot worst. earlier in the year i could faintly feel it. and then towards the summer i could feel it on my second floor. autria: residents expressed concern during a meeting last night. metro says they are looking into the issue and says that the source of the reported noise and vibration has not been determined. rolling outd county a new tractor that will let you monitor the snow removal process. it downloads a digital snapshot from each no plow location every 10 seconds. snapshots provide a constant updated display on the snow removal so that you know that they are actually doing something. the winter, getting closer and closer, and as it does remember that our team is on your side. you could have the latest forecast and weather alerts right at your fingertips.
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see it on the app store or on google play. autria: snow lovers, rejoice. resorts in pennsylvania are now open for skiing. skiers hit the slopes early yesterday. last year's warm temperatures were tough on resorts, many could not open until late in the season. this year business is off to a great start. the cold weather is expected to stick around for the near future and make its way to us as a. to hit be a good weekend the slopes? veronica: it will be a good weekend but you will need to watch the conditions carefully. this will be a good weekend for all the nearby resorts. down to virginia, even west virginia, it will be a booming here, i can tell you, for all the ski resorts nearby. again, we have been talking about this for a while now what the forecast was for the winter coming up, very active, so get ready, we get our first
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saturday morning. haveconditions tend to slick spots around here, but this is a good day to get things done, winterize your car, do things around your house. temperatures, fine, getting into the low to mid 40's throughout the afternoon. no issues whatsoever. late tonight, about 7:00 to 9:00 there will be a front coming through that could deliver maybe a light shower or sprinkle in some locations, maybe even a flurry, but mid-to-upper 40's during the afternoon hours. that's the way that today is looking. tomorrow, temperatures falling throughout the day, 30 degrees to the mid-20's and along with that, it's going to be blustery. wind gusts tomorrow over 30 miles per hour, bringing down the wind chills. at 3:00. look tomorrow afternoon, feeling like eight. leesburg, d.c., manassas
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by early friday. a couple of weather alert days because of the cold. will feel like friday afternoon, awfully bitter. snow early on saturday, coming in friday night, there could be some freezing rain with some of those wet snowflakes impacting area roads. we will do better as we move to the day. we will talk about how much rain and what is next in a few minutes. julie? julie: heavy volume starting to accumulate westbound out of college park. that is where we find sky track 7 over the beltway coming out of college park and headed west. lanes are open and if you are continuing past 95 headed south, you are still moving at speeds. southbound kenilworth avenue, you will find that delays are with you past eastern avenue towards the 11 street ridge. all lanes are open. back to the map coming inbound on 50, i should say on the inner loop of the beltway coming
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some delays. a nine minute commute from oxon hill to alexandria. inbound on the suitland parkway we have received word of a crash. heads up as fire and rescue units had in this direction. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless...
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. questions now swirling about the death of a business mogul who founded core yoga. he was found dead in his mansion under suspicious circumstances.
6:26 am
investigating the suspicious death of yoga mogul, trevor tice, at his san diego home. here he is, teaching yoga on youtube. he founded nationwide chain core power yoga. monday, a 911 call. person went over to check on him and found a deceased person. >> police cold us that you to suspicious circumstances, homicide detectives were called to the scene and are currently investigating. the father of a nearly two-year-old daughter. told the public that they are saddened by the loss. we will have more on the investigation coming up at 7 a.m. with your gma first look.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. at 6:30, we are bracing for one last majo
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.emperatures set to sweep in this morning we are on your side helping you to prepare for what's to come. .ood morning, i'm larry smith autria: let's get right to veronica johnson this morning, who is tracking the winter blast. temperatures you saw on the screen were single-digit wind chills. that's early tomorrow morning when the cold comes in. tonight the wind really will be picking up with the weather front in dangerously low windchill temperatures by tomorrow morning. here's a look at the five day trend. today, going up to 53. -- 43. highs for friday, 26 degrees. 58 is a high on sunday. but it is also early saturday morning where we could have some wintry weather around the area. right now we are in the mid 30's across the area. a little bit of a breeze bringing
6:32 am
temperature down. currently down to around 30 degrees. will get into the upper 40's even to spots just south of the area towards stafford, areas like spotsylvania, culpeper, 48 for a high temperature today. behind me, more of the single-digit readings and a best tomorrow feeling like 12 degrees. single digits throughout the day tomorrow, it's just going to be mighty cold. take a look at this seven-day forecast extended out, you can see how high the potential is for rain, snow, even freezing rain in the upcoming weekend. more details on that in 10 minutes. you to thean getting job is not easy this morning, got a couple of things in your way. thes take you inside beltway. suitland parkway, stammen road, crash reported with fire and rescue units headed in that direction. already starting to see a backup southbound on the 11th street
6:33 am
reports of an accident on the beltway, we can see the flashing lights, moving to the center and the left to get by. heads up headed for the wilson bridge. crash reported on the outer loop after 95, tying up the second lane from the left. heads up coming at 95 to silver spring. that's the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update your ride on the roads and rails. another update as we say good morning to john gonzalez. john: good morning, julie. we are driving here in prince george's county and i want to give our viewers the details of what we know about this horrific fatal accident last night that had the northbound lanes here closed for some seven hours. this is the northbound lanes a 95 year in laurel. right as we approach 200. the icc. the lanes are now open, but this was a fatal for car pileup that injured three people and left
6:34 am
13-year-old boy dead. take a look, from sky track 7 up above, you can see this terrible accident. maryland state troopers responding to a disabled vehicle. a black honda pilot broke down in the middle of the highway. two women remain inside of the car. that dark colored caravan that you can see mangled on the right-hand side of the screen tried to avoid the stopped vehicle when it was slammed by a tractor-trailer. the semi-jackknifed, a white volkswagen was also hit. in the hospital, in critical condition at this hour. the passenger, the 13-year-old boy, was flown to children's hospital, where he later died. the two women in the disabled car were also injured, both expected to survive. maryland state troopers want to hear from folks who may have been in the area at around 9:00 last night and witnessed the accident. back to you inside.
6:35 am
in arlington to protect consumers from predatory towing. late last night the county board approving an amendment to the towing ordinance. one of the requirements was improved signage. tow truck drivers will now have to photograph the vehicle at all for corners to provide the owner with safeguards should there vehicle be damaged. think that this is a consumer issue at all. in best way not to get towed arlington or anywhere is not to park illegally. >> it's a big deal when some of these car is seized without permission by a company that has incentive to provide honest, quality service. >> the board delayed the limitation of one law until july 1, the law that required towing companies to get a business owner employee to sign off on whether a car should be towed or not. something that a lot of people would be happy to hear thinking
6:36 am
and and courthouse. morning, thehis maryland governor's office confirming to abc 7 that the prince george's county liquor board chairman, charles caldwell, is stepping down. he was in a traffic accident after the mgm casino opening, taken into custody and accused of dui. the current vice chairman will chair, temporarily. as the tributes continued to pour in for actor alan sick --alan thicke, who died yesterday at the age of 69. a frequent guest on talk shows, composer, author, most recently appearing on the netflix reboot, full or house." larry: a fire inside of a mail truck. you can see the flames bursting out the front of the truck. the mail carrier and the good samaritan, rushing to remove the packages from the back. dozens
6:37 am
most of them are amazon deliveries. amazon said that they would donate to the local fire departments. autria: the capitals was something to brag about this morning. the w on long island has extra special meaning, coming up next. another check on the arctic blast headed our way, v.j. has the details. and we have more in what we are covering tonight at 5:00. tonight, a story that will surely inspire. first, her mother dies, then her father goes to prison. now she is working on her masters and helping other students realize college dreams of their own. where
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this is slaphnson, shot, and it's time for "good morning washington." larry: speaking of the capitals, how about this, five wins in a row on long island, tied into the third, no big mystery here. late in the game on the power play, they get it in again, a second goal of the night, the second two-goal game of his for a as they get the win couple of days off, returning to the ice. redskins gearing up for their next game at fedex field. you can see that game right here on abc seven, the action beginning for you at 7:30. hopefully warmer weather by the time kickoff comes around? veronica: i
6:41 am
think we will have warmer weather by then. doing a little better into early next week, but this weekend is going to be plenty cold. tracking this cold blast, it's less than 24 hours away. tonight, the cold air in the wind will be picking up. aspen hill, not too bad. most locations, fort washington, warm -- waldorf, 36 degrees. hitting a temperature today of about 43 or 45 across the area. maxing out today at about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon with temperatures dropping into the upper 30's by 9:00. cover moving in, partly sunny, turning mostly cloudy by sunset, overnight, overcast with sprinkles or a flurry that could come briefly to the area for two to three hours around midnight. there's the end of your work week. 26, 27 degrees
6:42 am
first important thing to note, we could see a little bit of freezing rain and light snow, 7:00 a.m. temperature at 26 degrees above freezing by 10 a.m., so it's nose until 10 a.m. on saturday and that will be crucial, julie, we will talk more about the monday morning event in a few minutes. julie: right now we are talking about the slow ride on the top side of the beltway. the outer loop is definitely below speed as you push west of college park towards 200 70. fender bender at college park and 95, pulled over to the shoulder, all lanes are open headed into silver spring. back to the map we want to update the ride on the south side of town with the inner loop trying to get past st. barnabas road. the crash here on the right side of the roadway, stay to the left to get by. route five headed to the south. on 66, that's where we had the crash on the right side of the road as the traffic heads on and look for those delays in centerville.
6:43 am
minutes to update that ride on the west side of town. autria? autria: the fight for 15, kicking off. larry: what are you working on, sam sweeney? sam: some of airport workers behind me have walked off the job. some of these people make less than four dollars per hour and they are only asking for a fair wage. a live report on how this is impacting operations
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
is 6:46 and the weather team is on your side, getting you ready for a blast of arctic air heading our way. we are only dealing with the cold but the midwest in the northeast are getting slammed by snow and it's a tragic mourning in upstate new york. a 12 euro boy in albany has died after rescue crews pulled him from snowbank, he and his friend apparently playing alongside the road yesterday afternoon and at the same time a department of public's work truck was plowing. it's unclear if they became
6:47 am
collapsed or if it was the plow that area them. in ohio, a mess on the roadways. emergency crews spending all day yesterday responding to a wreck on the road. thankfully, no serious injuries to report there. as for what we are looking at, veronica johnson is putting together our forecast right now and we will check in with her in just about four minutes. friday morning, look at the teens over there. as we get ready for this blast of winter air, don't forget to download our stormwatch 7 at. we are always on your side, it is free on android and iphone and we will keep you informed and most importantly, keep you and your family safe as we get ready for winter. autria? autria: the monitor was shaking on your graphic up there. [laughter] the fight for 15, kicking off it to airports in our area, workers demanding a $15 per hour minim
6:48 am
reagan national airport with what you are seeing this morning. sam? are some of these employees wheelchair attendant and baggage handlers. you can see them picketing right here, joining the groups as mandated by the airport authority. some of them make three dollars and seven cents per hour before tips. make $6.75. some make as much as a dollars or nine cents, but they are asking for as much as eight dollars or nine dollars. i want to introduce you to one man who is an ethiopian immigrant, with three children and a wife. you only go home a couple of days per week? how come? >> i don't have time to see my family. i have too much to do in this airport. on my day, only do i get to see my family. my shift is not good to see them.
6:49 am
family and support my kids. and have time to take a rest. sam: he has medical problems right now but doesn't have time to do with them. he goes to his second job at avis at 1:00. late at night, he doesn't have enough time to drive home to silver spring. these people will remain out here for the next 24 hours and will also be attending the airport board meeting later for $15r their fight per hour. reporting live, sam sweeney, back to you guys. morning,w this baltimore reporting its 300 homicide of the year. last year the city had that rim benchmark in november. the spike in violence following the unrest inspired by the death of freddie gray. the police commissioner says that the re
6:50 am
homicides was about 37%. a rally today, along with a moment of silence for the shooting in newtown, connecticut. four years ago a gunman opened fire inside of the school, killing 20 children and six teachers. group of guna violence prevention organizations from virginia will honor the victims during a monthly vigil and rally in fairfax. coola: a d.c. public school employee was indicted on a drug charge. were suspended him last week after -- her after authorities arrested her and she is awaiting extradition to florida. larry: it's official, montgomery county public schools will start on labor day. they approved their final academic calendar. the last day of the school year will be june
6:51 am
from larry hogan to extend the summer to labor day. autria: to the trump transition, president-elect donald trump plans to meet today with tech leaders, including executives from apple, facebook, google, amazon, and microsoft. chosenunced that he has ryan zink he has the interior secretary and chosen rick perry as the energy secretary. last night he appeared at a thank you rally, thank you to her rally, with paul ryan. trump supporters booed ryan. trump defended him. larry: the results of the latest for governors race are out. at gillespie has an early lead over his contenders. he would receive 24% of the votes in a hypothetical gop primary. ralph
6:52 am
general matchup and the poll found that he had a wider lead over republicans. alert, a stormwatch 7 vdot says it has already started anti-icing roads in northern virginia. this, the roads are already being pretreated basalt and sand before the temperature starts to dropped her medically. larry: nothing like working ahead of time, just in case. veronica: you have to stay on top of it. we are going to get a little bit of everything. cold, wind, snow, freezing rain, rain, and that maybe ice. next fourt in the days. timing is everything. download the stormwatch 7 app, it's an easy way to stand up of everything. you can zoom in on your neighborhood. as far as right now, we don't have any of that to worry about. this is a good prep day for all of us.
6:53 am
little bit, as we know, it can make for a lot of trouble and delays. this will be a far-reaching system to the northeast. friday night, through the day on saturday, even areas of the midwest, increasing clouds, going from the sun to the clouds , look at these wind chill's tomorrow morning. seven to 15 by 1:00, the wind right intoo gust friday. another day with low wind chills. us, blazing from light snow and freezing rain early saturday morning mainly north and west of d.c. in frederick, maryland, hagerstown to the north and west, getting a lot of rain saturday. that's late through sunday, more than an inch. with all the rain coming down throughout the area, and higher east of 95. sitting on area roads could mean ice between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. as we go into the monday morning
6:54 am
a little bit of everything coming our way, today we are fine at 43. julie? julie: a busy ride on the inner loop of the capital beltway for those traveling from maryland into virginia by way of st. barnabas road. activity on the inner loop has been pulled to the shoulder and right now we have a 31 minute commute. looks for the delays coming in on 45. a45 minute drive eastbound on 66 , the crash at fair oaks is now on the shoulder with heavy volume delays through manassas pushing east towards the capital beltway and eastbound on seven. as for 286, before the georgetown pike, the crash year blocking the far left lane. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the top stretch of the beltway. back over to you guys. kidd: sad news this morning about actor alan thicke, who passed away at the age of 69 of a sudden heart attack while
6:55 am
yesterday. dr. known for his role as jason seaver on "growing pains." the show is still syndicated in 65 countries. a few things you may not have known about him? he hosted dozens of tv and game shows and try to take on johnny carson in a late-night world with "the thick of the night." he is credited for launching the career of alex trebek when he served as the producer of one of the first game shows that alex ever hosted in the u.s.. take was a composer of the original 1975 theme song for "wheel of fortune," and many others, like "different strokes ," and "the facts of life." for someone who made a career in television, he never saw a television until he was seven years old. town inup in a small canada, where they didn't have television. yesterday he posted on twitter that he
6:56 am
fuller house,"-- looking good, even the ones i'm not in." this front -- this on twitter from bob saget -- night, carter thick, his 19-year-old son, who was skating with him at the time of his heart attack took to twitter writing that today are lost my best friend, my idol, in the world lost one of its finest." time now for your 60 second express. speaker paul ryan, he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i appreciate his genius more and more. >> preparations are underway for the inauguration. now there will be timing to go over what personnel will be involved next month. jummy:
6:57 am
bombing raids over eastern aleppo. >> absolutely horrible accident here in prince george's county. northbound lanes closed for seven hours, leaving up 13 euro boy, dead. >> we have been talking about the arctic blast and it is moving into nighttime as it comes through. larry:. the truck,front of the mail carrier and good samaritan rushing to remove packages. the outside, fire and score. it's 4-2.
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good morning, america. 100 million of us on alert as the coldest december weather in more than a decade moves in. this frozen ship coated in ice. and these smarrs jumping in to save a driver from an icy pond. now a new snowstorm takes aim at the midwest. president-elect trump taking his victory tour to wisconsin overnight singing the praises of former rival paul ryan. >> he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i gets to appreciate his genius more and more. >> after a day of all-star meetings from kanye west to nfl legends to an no win tour as he prepares to host a number of big wigs at trump tower today. newly released images showing dylann roof at target practice. before killing nine people at a black church.


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