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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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jummy: we are following breaking news from metro. six employees have been fired into july's train derailment. the report found a falsified inspection reports. we will have more on this breaking news in a few minutes. a top storyh everyone is talking about. a bitter blast of the arctic air that is putting the region in a deep freeze. temperatures have not been this low in december in years. is making life miserable for a lot of
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i take no joy and telling you about this. it is tough out there. air temperatures and wind chills will drop a few more degrees. a widespread wind advisory until 3:00 p.m. for wind gusts, 40 to 45 miles per hour, especially at higher elevations. the wind gusts are pretty impressive. a 30 out -- a 38 mile per hour gust in hagerstown. mile per hour winds widespread. when you factor in the northwesterly wind, air temperatures in the 20's and teens, you wind up with low wind chills. the temperature outside is 26 at reagan national. factoring in the wind in these temperatures, this is what it feels like. zero in hagerstown. 14 in fredericksburg. nine degrees
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base andrews. it will be gusty. through the afternoon, the wind chill will stay in the single digits. by late tonight, we will be in the single digits. tomorrow morning, still single digit wind chills. quickly through the afternoon and evening hours. by 5:30, the wind chill is around 20 or so. we are talking about a chance of a wintry mix on saturday. jummy: thank you. temperatures have been a shock to the system for many. continues withge john gonzalez. i hear you are slipping out there. john: right when you walk out, you can fill it -- you can feel it. it is bone cll
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with this article blast, we become more vulnerable and so does the property we own. you want to winterize this stuff. don't forget about the tires. on cold days, the air in your tires tends to seep out. is the zimmerman ace hardware. they have been busy transitioning, getting the winter arsenal in. don't when do and putting together a kit? keep yourself warm, keep an extra battery for yourself on, keep a snack in the car. keeping safe and getting everything in there, battery charges, a shovel in the trunk.
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bubblewrap, you put that on your house windows and it creates a thermal barrier. john: we have heaters being sold off the shelves. what do you think of the weather? >> i hate it. our snow blower, so we are ready to go if it snows. making her list and checking it twice. back to you. when the weather gets cold, water main breaks pop-up more frequently. is live and laurel with more on a developing story. the air temperature right now is 25 degrees. earlier today, a water main , a stonee in laurel throw from the laurel high school. the eastbound lanes are blocked off.
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muddy and murky. it runs from more than 100 feet. you can see a squad car at the end of the road blocking traffic. we saw a van go through the the street sign. looked like it was a few inches deep. we did not bring the rain boots, so we have not gone to see how deep the water is in the middle. forming on the roadway. you can see pieces of ice in the road. that is where the crew is working to try and repair this water main break. we shot video earlier today. showing the work that is being done
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are acceptable. lanes are shut down. air temperatures in the mid-20's today. wind chill factor is hampering efforts to get this water main repaired. they are not publicized anything about this break yet. earlier today, it did tweet out a photo of the command center with tv monitors and computers. we are live in laurel. i am kevin lewis. jummy: thank you. the cold weather is not only affecting our region. 100 million people are coping with some of the coldest air in decades. in the midwest through new england, temperatures dropping 15 to 30 degrees below zero. new york and michiga
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also -- are also being hit with snow. you can follow us on facebook and twitter and on our website. make sure you download the stormwatch weather app. back to the breaking news we told you about. this is about metro. six employees have been fired following an investigation into july's train derailment at east falls church. the six employees include four track inspectors and two supervisors. more inspectors could get fired or be placed on unpaid suspension and 10 others could be suspended. metro g.m. said a review showed the employees falsified track inspection records. he called the behavior reprehensible
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and unacceptable. there have been three reviews since the derailment. line trainilver derailed while changing tracks. 75 passengers were on board. one person suffered minor injuries. beentsb and fta have involved. metro transit police has completed its investigation. to note notant employee has been charged in connection with allegedly falsifying the inspection reports, but prosecutors are looking into these findings. also just end, new hours voted on by the board. carter just tweeted out the new hours. monday through friday, 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.. 5:00 a.m. to 1:00
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friday. these new hours will go into effect on july 1. jummy: thank you. russia-trump accusation continues. russian president vladimir putin was directly involved in the hacking of the dnc and a long-term effort to interfere .ith the election president trump continues to dismiss the report. >> the republican nominee calling on russia to hack his opponent. it might be an indication he was obviously aware and concluded, based on whatever facts or sources he had available to him, that russia was involved. jummy: trump says he is going to bring his
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his sons. a d.c. superior court judge has ordered president-elect trump to sit for a deposition. it is a of his legal dispute. the judge ruled donald trump told be disposed for up seven hours during the first week of january. the chef backout of a deal to open a restaurant in a hotel. overseas, people at the heart of one of the worst humanitarian crisis in history finally getting out. aleppo are in underway after a cease-fire deal was reached. andan tvs showed buses ambulances shuttling people out of that city. an agr
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the current agreement seems to be holding for now. home, loretta lynch says it is possible the justice department and the city of baltimore could reach a deal to overhaul police practices. and federal government have been working for months on a plan. this comes after a report in august that found civil rights violations were committed within the department. >> the ball is in the city's court. we are looking forward to a positive response from them on finalizing this. jummy: issue will return to baltimore in january in efforts --.each news around the nation, closing todaynts are being held for dylan roof. lawyers rested their case wednesday without calling witnesses.
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he is facing federal hate crime charges and could get the death penalty if convicted. up, a warning for those who like to warm up their car in the morning. not only are you at risk of having your vehicle stolen, you may also be breaking the law. thisgroup of guys made their new home. i am ryan hughes. i will have that story, coming up. jummy: what you need to know if you want to make sure your gifts arrive on time. jamie: a water main break in the disk. they do have one lane blocked off. northbound traffic is not bad.
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tunnel, some slowing. not bad by new york avenue. we have construction through the midday. it is going to drop it down to about eight miles per hour. if you are on the capital beltway, not bad at all. completely in the green. a smooth ride and from the beltway out towards dulles.
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jummy: with temperatures
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to warm your car before you get in and drive off area that move makes you an attempted target for car thieves. >> windows are frosty, go back inside, come outside, car is gone. >> in maryland and virginia, it is illegal to leave your car running if you are not inside. the hottest ticket may be for "rogue one." wait in the cold to see it? log on to and let us know. ryan hughes is in the up town theater with some hard-core fans. toughing it out in the brutal cold to be first in line for the new star wars movie.
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this is where they are staying. they spent the night here underneath this park on top of cardboard boxes wrapped in blankets and a lot of later's -- a lot of layers. the movie opens today. it is a stand-alone story set the for the event of the original star wars. one guy has been out here since tuesday. his brother and his friends join him last night. they have camped out for other star wars movies, but this is the coldest. it has been cold. you have to bundle up and hope it doesn't get worse. >> how many layers do you have on? socks, threers of pairs of pants and six on the top. first showing here is set for 7:00 tonight. is line
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larger throughout the day. bundle up. back to you in the studio. jummy: how much did you play him to let him hold your spot in line? i will see it when the lines die down. the weather will moderate. it is not going to get warm, but it will be better than what we have outside now. this is based on the temperature and wind speed. is to belowe it zero. feels-like 7 in leesburg. three degree windchill in bethesda. , may be nine degrees in spots. this is what we have seen coming. the only surprise is the wind was not strong this morning.
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kept slamming in. it is going to be windy and cold. these are feels-like temperatures across the board. five degree windchill in frederick. zero is the chill in hagerstown. blue ridge and west, higher elevations. it drives the windchill even lower. satellite and radar, these are streamers across the great lakes. lots of lake-effect snow. don't expect anything other than sunshine, gusty wind, and will temperature. as we look ahead, there will be changes. lose the strong winds. highs will reach 26.
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be as bad. before sunrise, we might see rain or snow or a. 54.hanges to rain as we hit it looks to be breezy, turning colder in the afternoon. futurecast shows our story through friday night. cloudiness increases across the area. precipitation does not move in until saturday morning. a couple of showers and more makes to the north. a different story. temperatures fall and it looks like the moisture will move out before the cold air moves in. a good story there. cold one tomorrow. 27 degrees for a high. 62 on sunday. temperatures drop in the 30's and 40's as we head to and through christmas eve. - i am the power of one. - i am the power of one. - we are the power of one.
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jummy: remember this reminder. today is your last day to sign up or matter of insurance. over 4 million people have are ready signed up for coverage through the federal exchange. the obama administration is encouraging people to sign up to prove how vital the coverage is to americans. a consumer alert about mailing your gifts. package is your guaranteed to arrive by christmas day, you have to get them out today if you plan on using standard ground shipping. for
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tomorrow. for ups, it is monday. the deadline for most amazon users is saturday and prime it users can wait another week, that is december 22. is there any chance for a warm up in the forecast? we hope so. we check back with doug for the forecast. >> i am tony higgins. stationed out here. i would will like to
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jummy: remember when steve ?arvey crowns miss universe he is getting another chance to do it right. he will be the onstage host for the next miss universe contest in the philippines. the event will be on january 29. doug: he will be fine. let's talk about the weather. it will be sunday and windy. the windchill will not get much warmer. jummy: bundle up.
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>> today on our show another player will attempt to battle their way, one final answer at a time, to the $1 million prize. will they make it? there's only one way to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right. as a jewish cantor, our returning contestant has been spreading his love of music in his synagogue. from philadelphia, pennsylvania, please welcome back jamie marx. [cheers and applause] hey, jamie. >> hey, chris. thanks. [applause] >> the rock 'n roll cantor from pennsylvania. >> [laughs] that's right. that's right. >> what do you--what kind of music do you play at your synagogue? >> so in the synagogue, it's a lot of the typical


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