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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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see. the winds that are blowing out of the south a few thousand feet up. that will start to produce the precipitation. when it lines up after midnight. the timing here. this is where we see the better chance of the freezing rain and sleet. plain old fashioned rain. that will continue through 7:00. it might be the heaviest of it. eventually tapering off around 9:30 or 10:00 men the colder air from the north will keep the freezing rain in this area. the rest of the region is plain rain. it will come to an end. more rain on sunday with gusty winds and warmer temperatures. how much ice? quarter to the north. lesser to the south. early tomorrow through 9:00, dicey driving conditions. alison: thank you, doug. the slopes opened at wisp, liberty, snow shoe and white tail today. but with the wintery weather moving in the area the road crews are doing what they can to make sure the streets don't resemble the slopes in any way. the transportation
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brianne carter picking up our team coverage. she is in clarksburg with that part of the story. >> brian: it has been 48 hours of hard work for road crews across the region. focusing along 270. the preparation is underway. at the premium outlet salt slathered across parking spaces as the last-minute shoppers try to get out ahead of mother nature. the road crews have been busy. crews have been pretreating for two days to lay down a salt brine mixture on the already cold roads. salty streets noticeable on the beltway today. in virginia, more than 5,000 lane miles pretreated and 1,100 pieces of equipment will be out on the
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>> snow, we plow out of the way. something we are good at. the operators know how to do well. the ice gets tricky. brianne: the head of the d.c. department of public works says the cold temperatures in the last two days means anything that falls will likely stick so the city will deploy 200 trucks from midnight until noon tomorrow to wipe away the winter weather. >> give the crews some space. don't crowd the plow. brianne: what we have heard from the jurisdictions is that. you don't have to be out on the roads between midnight and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, that is the key focus. here at the outlets we have noticed some people have already left. a few people getting home tonight. they open at 8:00, but some say they wait until noon to take up the holiday shopping again. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you. reminder to get the storm watc
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weather hits. download it to your tablet or phone from the itunes or google play. larry: well, alison, developing now, the u.s. navy calling for china to return one of the drones. the u.s. issued a formal diplomatic complaint in the incident in the south china sea. it was using the drones to collect unclassified scientific data when the chinese seized one of them. the chinese crew ignored radio messages demanding they return the drone. alison: president obama has ordered a review of whether russia played a role in last month's presidential election. so today's instapoll are asking if you think the russian hackers had an impact. karen travers reports that president obama addressed the issue in his last news conference of the year. karen: president obama forcefully defended the u.s. response to russian's election interference. president obama: we handled it way it should be hand
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the intelligence community to do its job. without the political influence. karen: his traditional year end press conference dominated with questions about the russian cyber attack. including why didn't obama administration make a bigger deal about it? president obama: i want to make sure everybody we played it straight. karen: the president said he confronted vladimir putin this past september. president obama: when i saw president putin in china i thought the most effective way to ensure that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out. there would be serious consequences if he didn't. karen: president obama said after that the u.s. didn't see any further tampering. putin has yet to publicly address the issue but the u.s. official says they have solid evidence the russian president personally ordered and directed the cyber
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president obama wouldn't express it explicitly but said it happened a it the highest levels of the russian government. president obama: i will let you make that if there are high level russian officials who go off rogue and decide to tamper with the election election process without vladimir putin knowing about it. karen: president obama was also asked if donald trump is embolding russia with the pushback from the intelligence community. he declined to criticize the president-elect. reporting live, karen travers, abc7 news. alison: okay, karen. thank you very much. when it comes to the question of whether russia hacked our election, not even our intelligence agencies agree on this. you want to hear what we learn when we spoke to obama's former head of the defense intelligence agency. his name is david shed. that is coming up this week on "full measure." larry: this morning edgar
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the charges after carrying guns in the comet ping pong. he was going there to get to the botment to of a fake news report of sex trafficking ring. and magiano's also received threats after white nationalist group held dinner there last month and now clarendon ballroom is finding itself targeted as well. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in arlington with a look at the impact. jeff? jeff: in the campaign, hillary clinton referred to some of the trump supporters as deplorables. some of them are embraillinging the name and holding a deploraball before the inauguration. they wanted to have it here but there are different opinions on why it won't happen. >> you expect to read about it online. not in your backyard. jeff: don parker was surprised to hear this week the clarendon ballroom had become the target of the onlin
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>> i felt bad for them. jeff: the deploraball is by a group citizens for trump. the organizer tels the "washington post" the group was in final negotiations with the clarendon ballroom before the managers of the venue abruptedly backed out. that's when the talks started online it was anti-trump. the ballroom, surprised, shaken and scared by the reaction says -- claims they canceled the event because of the political pressure is untrue. we cannot cancel an event that was never booked. saying ozonizers of the ball started to sell hundreds of tickets before the contract was complete. >> it's a storm you can't imagine what you would do until you're in the middle of it. jeff: the ballroom probably never expected the storm either. just like comet and magiano's. this is a p.r. specialist. >> if it's not bothering your customers the last thing you want to do is overre
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your supporters to come to your aid. that is likely to happen as well. >> we tried repeatedly to get a comment from the organizers of the deploraball but never got a response. according to online it will now be at the national press club. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. as you know, students there several high schools in the area protested after the election. in prince george's county one man felt strongly that the kids should stay in school. today, alejandro avelar pled guilty to charges of making a threat of mass violence. prosecutors say he called in a threat to high point high school after hearing the students were planning the protest. he admitted he wanted the school to be locked down so they couldn't walk out. update tonight for the application for the woman's march
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inauguration. the d.c. police say they have now issued a permit for the demonstration near the capitol. the details have not been finalized but the organizers say they want to march from the capitol down independence to the washington monument. we will let you know as we more. larry: a steady stream of people making its holloway through the ohio -- making its way through the ohio capitol building to pay respect to john glenn. he is lying in state today. >> thousands of people made their way to the statehouse today. the at it trium that is behind me where the long line behind me, to where john glenn is lying in repose. we have seen families and people who have come from many miles away to be part of the moment. senator glenn died last week at the age of 95. an american flag is draped over the casket and guarded by marines in the rotunda. now the same
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here at the ohio statehouse was afforded to several other dignitaries to years past including president abraham lincoln. some are telling me they are grate to feel have met senator glenn. many others cherish the memories they have of growing up with the space program and watching history when glen was the first american to orbit the earth. thousands more expected to pay their respects throughout the evening. the viewing ends at 8:00 tonight. a memorial service is tomorrow and joe biden is expected to speak at the service. back to you. larry: thank you so much for that. coming up at 5:00, porch pirates targeting packages and ending up with more than presents. "7 on your side" to try and get them back. >> where should i sit down?
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came true. we were there for the emotional reveal. the one gift he wanted more than anything else coming up. brad: two weeks before christmas, there arose a clatter but it was no miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.
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alison: we are following a developing story out of calvert county where a man is dead after a crash. ronald ball died after a woman lindsay canter, this woman here, rammed her car into his. while they were racing. now she is facing several charges including d. u.i. and homicide. larry: uninvited guest destroying a family's christmas tree and made a plenty of a mess in the living room. brad bell spoke with the teenager who put an end to the madness. brad: in ryan's cell phone video a panicked buck scrambled behind the christmas tree until he knocks the whole thing down. the home invading deer not one of santa's. >> no. it wasn't rudolph. >> it happened ten days ago in the middle of the day. terrifying noise.
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breaking down my door. i saw an 8-point buck in my living room. >> the buck bashed through the front door is hard the antlers left marks there. it broke the door frame and slammed this piece of furniture in the wall so hard it left this dent. >> ryan called 911 and told animal control would be a while. he called his fire. >> i got a phone call from ryan saying there was a deer in the house and he wanted the keys to the gun safe. i decided there was too much wrong with that sentence. brad: they decided that he should get the pistol with that father and son practiced with the range. >> i was careful not to miss. we are in a neighborhood. brad: with two shots he bagged an eight-point deer in his living room. he has a vd
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>> i can't believe it's happened. brad: responding police said he did the right thing. for the deer? that is venison chili in the slow cooker. alison: i wasn't expecting that ending. larry: i wasn't either. i didn't know dinner was included. alison: involved. wow! what a crazy story. surprising at all. they have their phone at the ready constantly. doug: it could have been a family with kids around the tree and been far different. ready for a wintry mix? larry: do we have a choice? doug: no. ready or not here we come. show you the area in pink. a large part of the commonwealth. freezing rain advisory. the counties in blue -- or periwinkle. sorry. this is in effect until 9:00
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it's until noon and then 1:00 in the mountains. mostly freezing rain to the south. mix of the sleet and the freezing rain north. the temperatures will be slowly rising. it's 22, 23 degrees. no longer freezing temperatures we are in a plain rain. but how long will it take? can't give you an exact answer. probably 9:00 or 10:00 in the metro area. sooner south and later north. it's a widespread area. under a winter weather advisory, winter storm warnings for snow in pennsylvania. heavy winter storm warnings in effect from western michigan west to minnesota. we have a lot of fluctuation and the temperatures. tomorrow even though we have a cold messy start, the temperatures will show a tendency to rise in the spots early as 5:30 a.m. ly note for the friends in the southern maryland and down at the northern neck of virginia with the strong southerly winds blowing across bay water temperature in mid-40's. along the coastline and
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not to have a problem. inland where it is colder is where we see the concerns. temperatures in the 20's. a:30. still below freezing 58:30 in the north. we come above freezing in the metro especially ath and south. then at 10:00, everybody should be involve freezing. colder temperatures north and west. by 11:30 thunderstorm night we are in the mid-50's. it's not going to drop off sunday morning. in the day the temperatures get warmer. the bottom line with the snow fall potential. virtually none in the viewing area. but ice is a different story. a quarter inch of ice in baltimore. .22 in frederick. less in hagerstown. less working farther south. so in predawn area 9:00 and so:00 we think there could be icy
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to christmas eve, we look like we will warm up in the 50's. it's not bad. no white christmas but i'll take that. alison: comfortable. larry: warm for the weekend. we'll take that. alison: thank you. we have heard about the kids that want the two front teeth. toker a hip not muss this -- hippopotamus this time of year. >> it would be great to see him smile. larry: find out what he wants and how you can bling the smile to his face -- can bring the smile to his face. >> metro eliminating the late night service but after the new vote they feel the numbers could go down further. i'm ryan hughes with the story coming up. alison: but first a look at what is coming up tonight --
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larry: ryan hughes spoke with the owners of the restaurant that fears they will take a bite out of the business. ryan: metro is cutting back hours and hitting the brakes on the late night service. the new schedule has restaurants and the businesses fearing for their bottom line. >> our sales will be negatively impacted by that. ryan: the metro board voting thursday to cut hours every day of the week for the next two years. starting july 1, is the trains will stop running at 11:30 at night in the week and 1:00 a.m. on friday and saturday. the restaurants reich hamilton have a -- restaurants like the hamilton have a late
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it will lower sales and lower the traffic coming in to us because everyone is concerned about getting home. ryan: metro used to close at 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday but the service has been scaled back since safetrack started in june. the restaurant association and the metropolitan washington says sales have gone down 20% due to eliminating late night service. but the officials tell us this goes well beyond restaurants. >> it affects hotels. ryan: the downtown d.c. bid is calling for more options to save the late night economy. in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. >> you can get text alerts about what is happening with wmata. just text "metro" to 43817. alison: coming up at
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>> ho, ho, merry christmas! alison: the surprise this santa brought this little boy at school today. look at that face! larry: there it is. then later -- >> i don't know the situation. i know the difference between right and wrong and i know he does, too. larry: the precious gift that the porch pirate made off with that probably won't do him much good. >> it is cold outside and it's cold for a lot of people inside. i'm stephen tschida. i have the story on the furnaces breaking down for you in a moment. alison: we have a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington" on monds. >> on mornhinweg on monday -- -- on "good morning washington," on monday we look at the impact on the morning commute and the chance of black ice and where to expect the school delays. >> looking for a last minute gift for
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doug: back with an update. we have a winter weather advisory from midnight to 9:00 a.m. for the areas shaded in western, jobbed pennsylvania. farther south is a freezing lain advisory. here are the impacts. between 2:00 and 6 of:00 a.m. the mix of sleet and rain will cause icy conditions. it will continue in spots especially the metro north 6:00 to 10:00. 10:00 in the morning and after it should warm up to be plain rain. it will turn drier in the afternoon. the gusty winds helping to dry up the met out there. but that is something to keep in mind as you travel tomorrow morning. put it off if you can. we can't put off the cold we get. it's caused problems to heating units and apartment buildings around the area. this afternoon abc7 stephen tschida went to the city and found people shivering. >> no heat. stephen: a big apartment building with a lot of cold residents. >> they gave me two heaters. that is helping. stephen: the warwick is having major problems with the heaters and
5:31 pm
shivering. >> they should have heat in the building. >> we went from apartment to apartment today and home to home. >> a lot of blankets and hats and mitten and coats. stephen: bolden says it's busy for two reason. the arctic blast bearing down on us and the fast approaching holidays. >> it's a portion of the cold, panic attack, holidays. we always get slammed around the holidays. people do not want to go into the holidays without. stephen: real cold outdoors. for a lot of people cold indoors as well. what we did learn from the technicians we followed around all across the metro area today is that if you want to make sure, have a better chance of the surface weathering this cold get it serviced. at least once a year. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. larry: stay warm out there. stay
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watch 7 team through wjla or facebook or twitter feeds. you can download the stormwatch7 app to your smartphone or tablet. alison: "7 on your side" in health matters now. the company responsible for the 500% increase to epipens is now releasing a cheaper generic version. mylan is setting the price of the generic drug to $300. that is for a two-pack. but the discount depends on your insurance. that is still half the price of the branded option that now tops $600. larry: after a year overseas a local marine came home to his family. but as q mccray reports the staff sergeant came back with a santa surprise. >> ho, ho, ho! merry christmas! q: the first graders at wide water elementary school got an early christmas gift with this surprise visit from the man himself. >> do you know why i am
5:33 pm
because this is virginia. it's all about me coming to virginia. >> santa read to them. >> christmas is a great time for presents. >> but the present didn't end there. especially for 6-year-old jackson. >> i want an xbox one for christmas. >> do you want anything else? >> i want my dad. >> you want your dad? q: his father, marine staff sargent was deployed to kuwait on easter sunday and expected back after christmas on january 8. >> ho, ho, ho! i think i have a bit of christmas magic for you. q: piece by piece he removed his costume. and then the moment. his greatest wish come true. >> did you think something was going on? >> yeah. i was like i know there is something going on but what?
5:34 pm
planning the surprise since october. a reveal they will never forget. q: how are you feeling now, buddy? >> awesome. q: in stafford -- >> what are we going to do as a family? >> celebrate christmas. q: q mccray. >> bye, guys. merry christmas! q: abc7 news. alison: wow! larry: just trying to get me to break down on camera. alison: i know. we see so many of those and they are all wonderful, but that one. it's the first time we have seen that surprise and the happiness and joy captured perfectly on his face. larry: the look on his face. first of horror, like what you are you doing? then wait a minute, that's dad! so sweet. alison: i hope they have a wonderful christmas. how about this story? this is about a 3-year-old boy in washington state. he has a rare fatal illness and he only wants one thing for christmas. he doesn't want it from santa. he wants it from you.
5:35 pm
this year with san felipo type b. his mom says it's like childhood alzheimer's. his family wants to make the christmas special to ask everyone to spend pictures of his favorite thing, christmas lights. >> how can a 3-year-old looks normal and happy and now he is going to die? brings peace for a moment to be great to do that for him. i would love to see him smile. >> it's an easy thing to do. if you would like to do that, send your photos and video. use the #lightsforryder. the family is hoping to help raise money to fund clinical trials and hopefully find a cure. we have more information about lights for ryder movement on the website larry: we have never heard of i
5:36 pm
if it can bring him and his mom some peace, boy, they deserve it. larry: easy to do. take care of it. alison: still ahead at 5:00 today, the motto is to make the best better. when we come back, you will meet the first woman to lead 4h in its history. larry: then a little later, -- >> oh, man, it's marvelous. i get my hair cut and the nails done. bring out the beauty that is within. larry: how a local group is helping the beauty shine. alison: at 6:00, people warned to stay in their homes as smoke filled the air. the source of it all ahead at 6:00.
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steve: winter weather advisory in efec
5:38 pm
extend until 9:00. noontime to the north and the west. highs tomorrow will eventually make it to the middle 50's. change to rain at so:00. but a cold front on the way for sunday. don't be fooled early in the morning. it will be in the lower 60's early sunday morning. but the cold front moves through and the temperatures will tumble by 3:00 in the afternoon in the up aer -- in the upper 40's. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" c
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alison: it is safe to say most of us heard of the 4h club. it has been around since 1902. but the leadership is new. national 4h has the first woman c.e.o. in the more than 100-year history. tonight's working woman says she is bringing 4h to the future for the next generation of young people. jennifer is a first for an organization that is a household name. she is the first woman to be the president of the national 4h council. known for the focus on agriculture. she remembers a young girl's reaction at a 4h function. >> she said, "mommy, mommy, the c.e.o. is a girl." >> she works on the expansei
5:41 pm
says it's not the only thing that is different these days. >> i have a passion for telling the 4h story. i feel like we have been a secret for too long. >> when 4h began more than 100 years ago the main goal was to help children and the families solve agricultural and the farming problems in the community. now she says the young people can learn everything from the robotic and the rocketry to the citizenship and the creative art. >> what stayed the same is the practical life stills, the learning by doing that young people do in 4h and how it prepares them to lead today and for their careers tomorrow. >> she is the oldest of four children. she hopes her trail blazing position to lead 4h in the future will inspire other women like her. >> women need to help women to excel and succeed in the
5:42 pm
workplace. that is important to me. the importance of women helping women succeed. alison: if you are like me, you heard about it forever but didn't know what the 4h's are. it's heard, heart, hands, and health -- head, heart, hands and health. >> i grew up in rural illinois. 4h was everywhere. alison: probably still is. larry: i'm sure. alison: she is hoping to bring it out of the idea only being for agriculture and the rural communities but for the urban communities as well. larry: good for her. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", the redskins are getting ready for a monday night matchup against the panthers on abc7. we have a preview? sports. >> she wanted to perform an act of kindness but a porch pirate snatched a local vet's holiday cheer. can
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
this is captain frytag from afghanistan. i wanted to say happy holidays from friends in annapolis, maryland. i love you. wish i could be with you but i hope you have a great holiday. >> "7 on
5:46 pm
back against the porch pirates this holiday season. a local veteran plan to carry out acts of kindness ryaned by a porch pirate. "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes says they snatched a package with gifts inside for a disabled service woman. horace: 2-year-old is her mother's best friend and pride and joy. >> in the holidays me and my daughter do exact of kindness. >> it turned into a mission. >> i've been categorized as a disabled veteran. i have issues and because -- issues with my hair. so i wear wigs. >> so she started an organization to purchase wigs. >> they are medical wigs. >> she said the first shipment wigs mailed from the manufacturer to the southeast home. but the package never made it into her hands. video from her doorbell camera
5:47 pm
to her doorstep. >> it showed someone running up, grabbing the package and running. >> the video is clear. she hopes they can catch the porch pirate who tried to steal the christmas cheer. >> i know the difference between right and wrong. i know he does, too. he knows it was wrong. >> you are hoping someone knows the guy. he is moving fast but i hope you got a good look at him. four wigs were stolen. the contents valued at $300. it wasn't insured. williams paid for them with her own money. she is out the $not 0. she went ahead and -- she is out the $300. she bought four more to replace those stolen. money of the of her package. but she is having that package shipped to a more secure location. alison: that is a tough one. horace: i know. like you said, what will they
5:48 pm
larry: maybe he will see the story and return it. horace: let's hope. alison: let's get a check on the roadways. jamie is here. jamie: we are starting out in the district. a live look at constitution avenue and 15th street. about ten minutes ago we saw a police car in the area blocking the road. checking on it. this camera shaking on 395. left lane taken out at gleeb road with an accident. everybody is getting by with the two lanes to the right. talk about what else we have. the traffic is slow southbound 395. a few other slow spots but no big crashes. again, only on 395 are we seeing that. in the teens in the northwest corner. both the inner and the outer loop heavy. stop and go between t
5:49 pm
95 is slow approaching stringfield and southbound as well. that is traffic. let's look at the weather. doug? doug: they are looking at the dry area at the moment. ice storm warning in effect and they should can have a half inch of ice accumulation. in our area two colors. south of washington, pink, that entire region is under a freezing rain advisory. to the north, the metro area and beyond is a winter weather advisory. you can keep up by downloading the storm watch 7 app. the weather information comes to you and you can download it at the app store and get it on the google play. as far as the numbers. this is critical. as soon as we get up to 32, 34 degrees that could happen at 5:30 or 6:30 al
5:50 pm
the riverrers and downtown tomorrow is plain rain. but there is an area that will be ice in the morning that will continue through the mid-morning in spots. it will start to improve by 10:00 when the temperatures warm up. it's plain rain and coming to an end. it's not a bad afternoon tomorrow. mild. breezy tomorrow and sunday morning. we will see the temperatures warm up and then drop a bit. maybe sunshine in spots but as we get to sunday a 100% chance of rain and gusty winds. turning much colder in the afternoon and the everything. next week looks pleasant and quiet. chance of precipitation thursday and friday. for the first day of hanukkah and christmas eve looks delightful. temperatures in the 50's with partly cloudy skies. back to you. alison: thank you. larry: redskins, we got to have this one.
5:51 pm
scott: a big one with the playoff implications. the national spotlight and fedex field. you have to love it. monday night football coming to washington, d.c. the nfl playoffs started today the washington redskins would be on the outside looking in. they need help to get in the football second season. all they can do is get the wins. robert burton has more. >> it's week one all over again. a taste of monday night football for the redskins. >> when we met in 2008, she was my girlfriend at the time. she came, the first game she came to was a monday night game. >> so they mean a lot? >> yes. shout out to my wife. love you. thank you. >> but the team as a whole hasn't been lucky when it comes to the p
5:52 pm
they are 1-2. i might be 0-0. >> i don't remember the primetime games to be honest. we take each game for what it is. >> we are in the hunt. we have to win out. >> a chance of a lifetime. >> the linebacker getting his first start in the nfl. >> what are you feeling like? it's anticipation. ready to go out there and play the game that i love. >> my mom don't like if cold. >> it's a chance to show the world what they are made of. >> monday night football means more than you think. >> you can watch the game on abc7.
5:53 pm
big game. can't wait. larry: and cam. >> cam is coming to town. >> stop him from dancing. >> reigning m.v.p. coming to down. >> no dabbing allowed. >> thank you. all right. speaking of the dancing. a party is in full swing right now. in northwest washington. sam? sam: we are at the gale school, central union mission. they are partying. why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free.
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credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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alison: d.c. chief sam ford is there live. we can't wait to hear your report. sam: tis
5:57 pm
i'm old school. we are at the central mission. folks are dancing here. back there, a lot of folks are eating. this is a party they are getting ready for. they were getting ready for a party. as the spiritual director put it -- >> to show appreciation and allow them to feel better than being homeless. sam: so men live there. homeless, trying to use sub fans abuse problems and gape spiritualty. today they are special. they waited their turns as the volunteer barbers with the clippers and the bags. they walked to fix them up for the party.
5:58 pm
>> a pretty lady to do their nails. >> it feels good. spoiled a little bit. >> the hands is a way to their heart. touch is awesome. >> i'm having a great, great, great experience. >> three floors below the fire and the smoke was working on the chicken thighs. chefs from the gaylord and the national harbor prepared a party meal. >> green beans. >> dinner for 170. >> for howard who brought most of the volunteers together -- >> when you look good, you feel good. >> they are providing the music. it's good and great. the folks are having a wonderful time.
5:59 pm
alison: a great party. wonderful thing. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". now at 6:00, the winter weather alert. the storm watch team has the timing of the wintery mess on the way and what is being done to prepare for it. president obama: this was an obsession that dominatedded the news coverage. brad: there was no min chur sleigh and the eight -- no miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. it was a buck and a boy in fear. that's story coming up. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". maureen: we brace for a wintery mix. what you see
6:00 pm
where you are and when the winter weather arrives. chief meteorologist doug hill has the timeline of the winter alert. doug: most will arrive at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. a freezing rain advisory in effect from midnight to 9s . a.m. the area in pink are a part of southern virginia. and north is d.c., metro and well beyond pennsylvania and new jersey. widespread winter weather advisory. mostly all freezing rain to the south. some sleet mixed with the freezing rain to the north. it runs until 9:00 a.m. to the south. noon to the north. the outlook is the clouds that will lower and thicken. the good news is look at the temperature trend. overnight, the temperatures are rising in the metro area. there will be the window through the early morning where the sleet and the freezing rain will be a real concern. as a result the driving conditions can be treacherous in the spots through the early morning and the mid-morning until it changes over. i could impact the travel. not from the local ice situation but


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