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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> dangerous driving, deadly crashes, delayed flights. coming up on abc news at 11:00 a look back at the impact from today's wicked weather. plus, where new evidence of the russian election hack came from as experts explain how hackers did their damage. braving the cold and ice for a labor of love to honor our
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holidays. the news starts now. thawing out for a moment after a rough start to the weekend. thanks for joining us. overnight a wintry mix led to icy and treacherous travels. conditions across our region, two major accidents reported in virginia one on the beltway and the other on the dulles toll road. in baltimore a fiery explosion and pileup on i-95. all lanes just reopened about 40 minutes ago. tonight warmer temperatures but they won't last long. let's get your first forecast from josh. a bit of a rollercoaster ride. josh: yes it is. everything is temperamental here. the timing just doesn't last long. 43 degrees in d.c. right now. what i want to show you is the warmer air moving in. check out luray to winchester more than a 20-degree difference. a similar story, warrenton to lease bug
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quantico. the warmer air continues to lift in but these are the spots that are of most concern overnight. if you're getting ready to let out the dog or have to drive this evening keep in mind with temperatures around freezing far northwest of d.c., frederick county, maryland, parts of loudoun county, be ready for icy spots. be sure if you start to slide do not slam on the brakes. we all warm up overnight and we don't have anything else coming down at this point. we zoom out though. rain is on the way for us tomorrow. even some thunderstorms further off to the southwest. for us just dealing with the rain for tomorrow. coming up i'll let you know when it should be moving through the area on your future cast but for most of us temperatures at least are mild to start things off. we'll take a look, coming up in a bit. kimberly: thank you, josh. from the beltway in virginia to i-95 south of baltimore the freezing rain and ice created horrible travel conti
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pile-ups and also grounded some flyers. we'll go live now to dulles international airport with more on the weather's impact. any delayed flights tonight? reporter: yes. we are seeing a few delays, kimberly. i can tell you we ran into several travelers who mostly experienced confusion at baggage claim after landing several hours late. at one point at dulles all four runways were closed this morning. they gradually reopened by 2:00 p.m. take a look at the departure. there are several cancellations here. flights to philadelphia and san francisco. this morning most of the cancellations were due to the weather. as roads returned to normal on saturday evening, so did business as usual. the early morning wintry mix made traveling difficult while temperatures were below freezing. >> i don't know where my bag is. trying to figure that out.
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coming into dulles between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 am travelers like josh warden and bob nelson were force today wait until the icy runways were safe for pilots. jordan is visiting for the holidays from canada. >> we ended up in the plane for two hours and then eventually they were like oh, actually there's a ground stop in d.c. or dulles so we can't go. they sent us back to the gate. we were there from like 8:00 to 2:30 or 3:00. reporter: it was a similar situation for nelson, who just returned from las vegas after a layover in charlotte. >> they kept on delaying my flight. every hour they moved it up an hour. finally at 1:00 this after nan they said my flight was canceled and sent me to another gate and gave me a ticket and sent me to b.w.i. reporter: drivers had to adjust schedules as they waited for road conditions to improve. in d.c. metro suspended bus service for several hours. in baltimore, two people were killed in a crash on an i
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it involved more than 60 vehicles. i-495 north also experienced delays and first responders worked a 23-vehicle crash. they later found a man dead about a mile away from his car. officials say the cause of eath is unclear. kimberly, over at reagan national airport officials tweeted things were fairly normal despite the first winter blast. they were asking some travelers to be prepared for some delays due to the de-icing before takeoff. live at dulles international airport, abc 7 news. kimberly: at least no one is camping out behind you. at about 10:20 tonight we learned maryland state police reopened all lanes of i-95 after this terrible crash. the university of maryland medical center says they are caring for 23 patients as a result. 16 are being treated in the
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trauma. four are listed in critical condition. injuries range from head trauma and broken bones to just scrapes and cuts. stay connected when bad weather gets really bad. follow our storm watch 7 forecast here on air and online and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. down load the storm watch app to get instant forecasts right at your finger tips. as late as the end of november the organization reads across america said it might not have the funds in place to put a wreath on every soldier's grave. that as many as half of the graves could go bare. then the freezing rain poured in. so did the generosity. ice crunching under foot and gangling overhead. a sea of green, a labor of love. >> we just came to honor the troops and remember those that have served and teach our children the value of
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counted among thousands of volunteers bundled up to deliver remembrance. >> people have good in their lives for freedoms that we cherish every day. >> trucks fanned out across the country to 1200 memorials. 1.2 million wreaths. >> my husband was a major in the united states marine corps. we were both stationed in quantico. >> at arlington national cemetery it looked as though the trees gave away their greenery. a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice given by so many. >> he just passed away and he had the marker here so of course i come out here as often as i can. >> a tender touch, a name spoken aloud. a tradition upheld for one year ore. kimberly: astronaut and senator john glenn will be buried at arlington national cemetery this spring. today a final good-bye to our american heroes.
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people packed an ohio state auditorium for john glenn's memorial service. there were hundreds there. the former senator and astronaut died december 8 at
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officials negotiate the return of an under water naval drone the president-elect suggests a different course of action. >> that could really change a kid's life just to know somebody out there is caring for them. kimberly: some local families wait overnight in terrible weather conditions. now we'll tell you why. here's what's going on on "good morning washington" for monday. >> thanks, kimberly. monday on "good morning washington" after a weekend of mild temperatures we swing back into the arctic zone. the big impact on your morning commute. the chance of black ice. and where to expect school delays. plus, looking for that last-minute gift for someone special? we'll show you how to get deep discounts on tons of great gifts just in time for the holidays. stay with us for traffic and weather every 10 minutes monday morning
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kimberly: new developments tonight. the u.s. military says it secured an understanding with the chinese through direct engagement to have an under water naval drone returned. the spokesman for defense secretary ash carter said the u.s. registered its objection to wh i
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seizure of the device from the south china sea. but this morning on twitter president-elect donald trump called the seizure an unprecedented act and at 8:00 tonight he tweeted, we should tell china we don't want the drone they stole back. let them keep it. on monday, electoral college voters will meet and vote to make the election results official. as the russian hack and influence on donald trump's win still makes headlines. you us intelligence agencies agree on the, "scope, nature, and intent of russia's interference" and that president vladimir putin was personally involved. most of the forensic proof was found inside the computers at the democratic national committee. cyber experts say hackers called something called a spearfish attack planting a beacon to send materials back to moscow. experts also say it had a tell tale russian signature. >> it was an i.p. address that
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other russian attributed attacks. kimberly: trump continues to deny the u.s. intelligence. president obama though has promised retaliation against ussia for the hacking. most of the country is on storm watch tonight and on winter weather alert. the biggest danger is icy roads and snow and a deep freeze. as many residents shovel out from the snow the temperature is about to climb. tonight parts of the south are dealing with severe weather, including tornadoes and thunderstorm watches. frigid temperatures and icy weather did not stop hundreds of people from waiting outside for hours for the perfect christmas gift. we'll go to today's big toys for tots event in prince george's county. >> merry christmas. reporter: santa and all of his helpers. >> two girls and two boys. reporter: bringing some holiday cheer on saturday. >> they'll wake up with a
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tree. that could really change a kid's life just to know that somebody out there is caring for them. reporter: the toys for tots distribution provides 3,000 or 4,000 families bundles of toys today alone. >> it is much bigger than the police department. much bigger than the marine corps and the fire department. it's really about this becoming a part of everybody's holiday celebration. crowds of people lining the sidewalk outside the prince george's county police department in freezing temperatures waiting for their ch christmas joy. the group saying some waited since 5:00. >> these families will wait all night long. it really shows what this program is. >> an entire community ready to help. >> we have a well oiled machine here. > here you go. >>
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coming together. >> i do it so you can give it away, santa. that's the best part to see the christmas spirit when they wake up christmas morning. >> news channel 8. kimberly: i love the woman who says we're mothers. she says it with such joy. >> she means it. >> totally serious. kimberly: hats off to you. so, i heard about a tornado warning. >> there's a tornado warning off to our southwest. this cold front that's coming our way, fortunately the severe weather won't be heading our direction but it's a pretty fierce cold front, a big change in the air mass. this picture really helps to tell that story. where we are now still under the blue in the dmv but the air riding in from the south bringing in some warmer weather. behind it everything coming from the northwest is much colder. take a look at some of these numbers across the area. we get into indy 26 chicago at 20 but you cross over just around the other side of the front, nashville right now 72 degrs.
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closer to d.c. we're in the 40's but waiting for some of the warmer air to move in. pittsburgh almost 60 around 11:16 tonight. we'll get the warmer air to move in but then the cold front pushes through tomorrow and for us that means rain moves back through the area. starting tomorrow morning, right now, 43 degrees. we are looking at our breeze slowly starting to turn more out of the south. that works to pump in the warmer weather. at this point we don't have any rain to worry about, just some cloud cover. as we zoom out what i want to do is switch over. we'll turn on your storm watch 7 future cast. we go from the dry weather right now to by 5:00 tomorrow morning those showers just starting to worning into more of western maryland closer to win chest he. we fast forward a few hours some light showers working their way close to the i-81 corridor around 8:00 in the morning. early church services not a problem around d.c. really an issue further off to the west. then the scattered showers start to move closer to the district as we
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10:00 in the morning. the rain will be heavy enough at times it is probably worth keeping the umbrella handy. the good news is we get to 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. heading into the evening hours everything starts to push out. unfortunately behind that rain is much colder air for us as well. sunday night into monday morning we'll have to watch out for any rain that's left over. we are so saturated right now. i think we'll have a fair amount of puddles that will freeze. some refreezing an issue on monday morning. as we get into monday afternoon it stays cold but things are going to be quiet. here are the concerns the next couple days. icy spots for us tonight before the warm air moves in well northwest of d.c. day time rain tomorrow. so more of a nuisance. not really any icy problems. but the refreeze for us sunday night into monday morning. then we're just cold by the time we get to monday afternoon. 32-52. big spread overnight. the temperatures will jump up for us and tomorrow we hit 60. not a pretty
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we are going to see quite a bit of cloud cover and the rain sticking out as well. then cold weather here just in time for monday night football. temperatures hanging in the 20's for the game. we'll take a look to your 10-day forecast and you'll see tomorrow the rain is likely. that big drop from the 60-degree temperature tomorrow to the 30's on monday. once again, monday morning we'll be watching for the chance of some ice. the rest of the week quiet until thursday when rain moves in and temperatures pretty mild by the holiday weekend. kimberly: 29 degrees about what it is inside a hockey rink right? >> it's hockey weather no doubt. caps hoping for their seventh straight win hosting the canadiens. did they get
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>> caps on a nice little winning streak six straight before tonight hosting montreal. let's go straight there. second period. caps down, 1-0. two-man advantage. justin williams fis
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backstrom. the goal. tied at 1-1 after that. later in the second montreal only a pass. pass goes in front to jeff petry. finds the back of the net for the go ahead goal. they lose this one a final 2-1. in college hoops the rivalry that goes back to the 1980's. georgetown and syracuse. guess what? still jim boeheim against john thompson. how about that? just john thompson iii to be clear. we'll start the first half where l. zrks peak had it going. good ball movement against the zone. launches a three. hits it. 12 at the break. tied at 33-33. second half. rodney pryor. the athleticism. gets the reverse lay-up, the foul, and the bucket. hoyas up five. late in the second georgetown clinging to a four-point lead. the tre. hoyas up seven to beat their arch rivals,
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>> we did some good things down the stretch. there are some things we have to do better. made our foul shots which was key. it wasn't as pretty as we wanted it to be but i think our guys made enough plays. it was a team win. you can look at everybody who got in and they did their job and contributed everyone in that locker room helped. >> in football nothing but double talk surrounding the redskins. three games left in the regular season. every one of those games is a playoff game so to speak starting with the panthers on monday. some injury news. craven ruled out of that game with a shoulder injury. friday josh norman practicing a different kind of football getting his kicks in with a soccer ball. primetime lights ready to shine bright with burgundy and gold. one more time this season. on't tell head coach jay gruden. >> we take each game for what it is, its own entity and
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to do the best we can to take care of carolina. we understand monday night football to be a lot of adrenalin, a lot of people watching. but it is a big game for us and to take care of the fundamentals. do the jobs we're supposed to do. i think we'll have a good chance. >> programming reminder. watch monday's redskins-panthers game here on abc 7. our coverage begins at 7:30. georgetown. here is someone you should think about recruiting. last night he dropped 63 points. the most points scored in the virginia high school league since 1950. 16 total field goals. three from downtown and also shot 230 from the foul line. 100-95 in double overtime. the wizards host the clippers tomorrow afternoon at verizon. looking for their third win in a row. yes, kimberly? kimberly:
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kimberly: jaw dropping. who is this? coming up, why a virginia woman's phone will not stop ♪
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kimberly: the national zoo says bebe is slowly returning to a normal diet after a health scare last month. the zoo released this photo of the now 1
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it looks like bebe is smiling. since he can't eat bamboo until fully recovered the zoo has suggested an eating schedule to accommodate her cub. she had to undergo emergency surgery last month to remove an intestinal obstruction of undigested bamboo. a virginia woman said her phone is ringing off the hook and appliance maker cuisinart is to blame. jacqueline mcdonald says the first seven numbers of a recall phone number match her home phone. she says her phone started ringing constantly after cuisinart recalled 8 million food processors. she says people are calling for land lines and not dialing one first meaning the call goes directly to her. >> i get calls from all kinds of area codes, las vegas, puerto rico, i talk to people. i try to put myself in their shoes. they're just trying to find the information. kimberly:
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she hopes cuisinart changes the number or notifies customers they have to dial a one when calling from a land line. for information on the recall go to 7 on your side section of sounds a little like
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