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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 19, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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penalty. redskins caught a break. cousins. in the flat. dropped. by vernon davis. with a.j. klein in coverage. >> jon: davis struggling tonight. second ball i think he should have caught. tight coverage. a.j. klein and vernon davis. that ball has to be caught. second and goal. >> sean: 4:36 to go. all three time-outs for washington. right now, the second wild card in the nfc they fall out of that with a loss tonight. cousins retreating. throws short. caught inbounds for next to no gain. by pierre garcon. better off having that one hit
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lot of time coming off the clock now. >> jon: no-huddle offense, garcon back in the game, will be split wide to the left against the rookie, daryl worley. >> sean: cousins. can't find anybody open. flag down. probably for a hold. he throws it away. r now you have to take the field goal if this is in fact against the redskins. >> jon: hands to the face. >> sean: mm-hmm >> referee: illegal use of hands, hands to the face, ten-yard penalty. still third down. >> sean: they'll take the penalty. >> jon: take the penalty, they trust in a long-yardage defense they can take some time off the
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clock. this will be a prevent defense. they'lls for the redskins to execute a play, take time off the clock and get their field goal team on the field. i think it's a good move by ron rivera. >> sean: if they turn down the penalty the redskins had to kick the field goal. now you give them another shot, scoring a touchdown here. field goal still only about 33 yards. cousins. throws it. for thompson, he couldn't catch it. time comes off the clock and no guard progress by washington. here comes the field goal unit. with a must-make attempt. >> jon: very good in the red zone. third in the league in red zone defense, carolina. they've been good again tonight.
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>> sean: the miss a moment ago by graham gano took away the possibility that this would be the best weekend in field goal kickers. hopkins. it's a one-score game. 3:45 left. all the time-outs for washington and the two-minute warning as well. >> jon: i think jay gruden is going to kick this ball deep and trust his defense. i don't think you kick an onside here, i think you hit the ball down there deep, perhaps get a touchback. have all three time-outs left, two-minute warning. redskins running out of weapons. jordan reed sorely missed tonight. you see the quarterback coach going over the play selection
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opportunity in the two-minute drill and cam newton in this situation, told us last night we need to have a killer instinct. time for newton. to put the game away himself. >> sean: the special teams coach ben kotwica, do you think he'll kick it away? >> jon: surprised if it's an onside kick. running out of defensive backs, you're running out of players. either way, your defense will have to get a stop, sean. you got to be in an all-out stop mode. i think they're kicking it. >> sean: trying to figure out if they have enough players on the field. hopkins, meanwhile, is trying to tee the ball up on the
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line and the officials moved it back to the 35 yard line. >> jon: ben kotwica, you've lost toler, lost dunbar, lost some special teams players, now number 39. >> sean: lined up as it's an onside kick but now they blast it deep. over the head of fozzy whittaker. >> jon: cam newton came in here beatup. had a sore right shoulder. i think he played very well. beautiful inside break to benjamin. plenty of time. he throws a bomb to ted ginn to get the party started. seam route to greg olsen, touchdown, fullback in the flat. cam newton. he needs to keep this ball in
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an area where he's excelled his entire playing career. >> sean: flag down on the kickoff >> referee: illegal formation on the kicking team. that five-yard will be added to end of the play, first down. >> sean: they'll start from the 30 yard line instead of the 25. >> jon: an area where cam newton likes to hand the ball off. here's the illegal formation. got to have people spread out. people were too tight together. but you got to keep an eye on cam newton keeping the ball here. they know everybody knows that jonathan stewart is the man they want to hand it to but cam newton is well known to not tell anybody and keep it himself.
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. >> sean: jonathan stewart bounces outside. jonathan stewart all the way down, stays in bounds. keeps the clock moving. >> jon: power play, they run it to the right. they pull remmers. kickout, double team and they pound the redskins' defense. their going to run the same play again. and keep an eye on newton. every time he hands the ball off on that power play he peeks at the backside and if it's aggressive he'll keep it. >> sean: 128 for stewart. first 100-yard game since he went over 100 against washington in the big carolina win in charlotte last year. under 3:00 to go. here comes ste
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and jay gruden will use his first time-out with 2:48 remaining and his team down by eight. >> jon: got to credit ron rivera, also, the head coach of the panthers, you win 15 games, things don't go right, they get blown out in seattle, benched quarterback cam newton and they show up and they beat san diego good last week in charlotte and they've come on the road here and played well. cam newton's one-loss record in the nfl. he's going to finish, unlike most guys you'll find. >> sean: he's 20-6 in his career in the month of december. joined in 2011, panthers under .500 september, october,
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and ron rivera together. but in december and beyond, 20-6 and perhaps 21-6 with a win tonight. only seattle and new england are 21-6, both are 21-6 in those months. carolina -- here's mike tolbert. he has a first down. lot of those other potential playoff teams in the nfc are cheering the performance of the carolina panthers tonight. the crowd defending nfc champs, very disappointing season. the aberration what they did last year. >> jon: lot of pro bowl players on this team. lot of pro bowl players and got to credit them. they have physically taken the fight to the redskins tonight. >> sean: rushed for 148 yards.
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just 29 for washington. one time-out left. for the redskins, 2:29 to go. they'll get the two-minute warning stoppage as well. give cam newton credit. >> jon: he's the seventh quarterback -- >> sean: not feeling well at the beginning of the game. >> jon: whether they make the playoffs or not, if they don't shore things up in the secondary, get some continuity back there it's going to be tough sledding. power play to the right. >> sean: stewart.
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stopped at the line of scrimmage. the redskins will use their last time-out. well, the washington payroll heavily tilted toward the offensive side of the ball even with the addition of josh norman, see the offense carry the load all season long for the redskins, one of the best offenses in the league. not tonight. but for much of the year. they spend nearly $83 million of their cap allocation on offense, only the cowboys spend more money on the offensive side of the ball and only the panthers are paying their defense less than the redskins' $44 million. even though they brought in josh norman to help, still additions necessary on the defensive side of the ball. >> jesse: you got to draft some players on the defense. they only drafted one defensive player, that's an area they'll have to rebuild obviously.
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time-outs now. stewart. bumped down again. and the next stoppage will be at the two-minute warning. and a third down upcoming for cam newton. and carolina. two-minute warning. monday night football. from landover, maryland. en has d since 1873. they know about tradition. my favorite tradևition? aww you shouldn't have. exchanging gifts. i actually brought these myself. girl: i didn't know pink and silver looks good on you.
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>> "sportscenter" coming up immediately following the game. gmc postgame report. scott van pelt on college football players skipping out on their bowl games. doris burke on one special duke freshman. we'll see you on "sportscenter" at night immediately following the game. sean and jon. >> sean: all right, steve, thank you. steve is heading to mass saw for a bowl game and i think the way he looked on camera he might be ready for the warm weather right now. >> jon: third down and nine. got to have a stop and make gano make a field goal. he missed from 38 yards in his previous attempt. >> sean: cam newton carried just once tonight for one yard. designed run loses a
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down as long as they can. and try the field goal that would put the game away almost certainly. >> jon: run it all the way down, take a time-out. and graham gano. veteran kicker, the ex-washington redskin with an opportunity to ice the game. >> sean: well, they've made the plays tonight. when we talked to ron rivera, he said, how do you explain 15-1 to 5-8 he said the biggest thing we just haven't executed in key situations in the close games, five of the eight losses by three points or less. they have made big plays tonight. >> jon: hard to sustain a high level in this league. i've been there, we won a super bowl didn't have a winning season the next year. you lose players, you lose coaches, you get pe
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schedule's different. you pick last in every round. i have a strong feeling that kuechly, kurt coleman, cam newton will be back. they will be heard from. greg olsen what a performer he is. they're better than most of the teams in the league, they need to get healthy and have a good off-season and let's see what gano can do here. >> seam>> sean: both of the pro players won't make it. this wasin the win column. graham gano knocks it through. with a 1:07 to go. cam newton
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40-yard field goal. 4 out of 5 tonight for gano. 11-point lead with 1:07 remaining. >> jon: great performance by carolina. >> sea >> sean: we know one panther fas is enjoying that, back at espn,u justin battling medical issues,e we wish him well.he's he's probably watching cam newt newton tonight.from from your monday night footballe teammates we wish you aam speede recovery, we're all thinking of you.king of >> jon >> jon: no doubt.>> sea >> sean: just got the sense, wea talked tolk a couple teams thisr year, you wondered what the
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motivation level was at the endf of the tseason, with the playoi certainly not going to happen for thefor panthers not only dh they talkey the talk last nighth they were going to show up and h fight to the end they have certainly backed itit up.>> j >> jon: cam newton is now 4-0 ag against the redskins. andndand personally you feel lit better team won cam newton is the reigning mvp and he got it you get what you deserve.that that's what i used to always sa. say.touc touchback.107 107 to go . . >> lisa: i'm trying to do my report, last night he did travel with a tie on. as a matter of fact, it was part of a very unique outfit. that he wore, that included a really bright pad. he told me wore this outfit in the honor of craig sager. the sideline reporter who passed away last week.
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chance to meet craig. he said he always admired what he did. i wanted to wear something in honor of craig this weekend that was going to be bold just like craig was. >> sean: thomas davis with the late hit. he blasted chris thompson out of bounds. craig sager was one of those people you didn't have to know him to know that he was a wonderful guy, that came through very clearly. >> referee: unnecessary roughness. 15 yards from the end of the play. first down. >> sean: came very clearly when you watched him on tv. a nice guy, loved what he did. felt blessed to do it. what a battle he fought against cancer. we spent time with him at the espys last night. no one who battled harder than craig and we add our condolences to his family. what a very nice,
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tribute from cam newton. he got to the hotel, first thing we looked at was made sure he had a tie on. vernon davis with the catch. some people said, wow, did ron rivera take it a little too far? but cam newton made to sit out the first possession against seattle because he didn't wear a tie. >> jon: i admire what coach rivera did. you have rules and you enforce the rules. cam will learn from it and be better for it. holding. >> sean: vernon davis with the catch. >> referee: holding, number 77, offense, ten-yard penalty. still second down. >> jon: sean lauvao. >> jon: this redskin franchise, they haven't played well on monday night football at home. no wonder they weren't happy to
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out of their last 17 home games. i believe, on monday night football. >> sean: that is correct. >> jon: and kirk cousins who has been very productive he's moved this team up and down the field but they've been unable to crack the code, the carolina code. >> sean: crowder, the football got popped out by kyle love and carolina has it at the 50 yard line. >> jon: effort. i love effort. and i just have always admire the way sean mcdermott has coached. number 94 in pursuit, kona ealy. you see love with the strip. how many carolina panthers converging on the football all night long? and love who was cut at the beginning of the
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brought back, they've got a lot of depth. man, do these guys like to play physical football. and it starts with the headman ron rivera and sean mcdermott who were trained in philadelphia. >> sean: resemble a team from a year ago. three takeaways tonight. sean mcdermott said as the young corners got better, coverage got longer, that game, rush, more and more time to affect the opposing team's quarterback. impressive performance. carolina will go to 6-8 with the win. back-to-back wins after their home win against san diego last week. and as you said, when the league wants to schedule the redskins for monday night footb
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might want to say no thanks, 16 out of 17 in the loss column on monday night at home. postgame coming up next. we'll be back to reveal this week's choice for the gruden grinder. thanks for watching monday night football. more in a moment. espn thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. ♪ here we go moment of truth ♪ not too late to change your pick ♪ >> coming up next the gruden grinder presented by nation
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time now for abc 7's postgame special. ♪ robert: oh, boy. another disappointing loss for the redskins. hurts a little more than the others because tonight they control their own destiny. not anymore. hello, and thanks for joining us. after watching the redskins fall to the panthers, the redskins 1 and they no longer control their destiny. we will go to the press room when they begin. meantime, we want to hear your thoughts. weigh in on our poll question. you think they will make the playoffs? go to to join the conversation. let's bring in our guest for andght, lamont jordan danny.
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what can you say? nothing good, i suppose. the defense played well enough for them to win. lacked urgency, too many dropped passes. running back in the month of december has too many touches -- too few touches. it's disappointing. you control your own destiny. you are just waiting for the opportunity and they don't show up for the game. it was disappointing. robert: and a flat offense? danny: the toughest team to have three and out against this year. they did that five times over the course of the game. the offense itself was awful. lamont touched on it, nine carries is not only abandoning the run, it is getting 1, 0 runs on first down.
12:03 am
it was frustrating. they were waiting to click into gear. they ran out of time. over 100 yards in the fourth quarter once a got into garbage time. this defense was ok. d-plus from ac-minus or group. , but this wasrs an offensive letdown. that is a better unit. robert: how tough is that to watch? the defense does all the work, the offense comes out flat and they lose a game they were supposed to win. lamont: to me, the offense made the game boring. i was watching brieland all week long. the defense was flying around, the middle linebacker is out of the game, you need the offense to show up
12:04 am
of urgency. it looked like the offense did not care. robert: right now we go to erin hawksworth, who saw this up close. she is live at fedex. erin, just all around bad, right? the playersrob, just walked off the field. vernon davis looked at me and went like that. a lot of long faces. one word sums it up -- disappointment. i'm here with john booty. john, what are your immediate thoughts? john: lack of energy. i thought we were going to come out fired up, a lot on the line. most of the game they were not making the plays they should have made. disappointment for sure. why did they look so flat, knowing what was at stake? john: sometimes teams come in looking
12:05 am
to par, their record has shown it, and they made big plays. it's a mindset. erin: kirk cousins, i think he will want this back. this seemed like one of his worst games of the season. what did you think? startsometimes kirk slow, then gets fired up and things happen. one of those days, one of those nights. i heard coach gruden in the booth say the redskins don't do well on monday night. erin: they have lost 16 of the last 17. i know the narrative sounds ridiculous, but the players don't like that question. but there is something about monday nights. like we players don't hearing that, but it is a psychological game sometes
12:06 am
erin: because you sit around all day and it festers? john: the other team is sitting around all day, too. but this is prime time. for me, this is the big stage and i want to make big plays. specially a game with playoff applications. erin: and especially kirk cousins, trying to get paid after the season. this was a prime opportunity, ball tonight foot show he could be in the conversation of elite quarterback, but he was not doing elite things. perform andal is to compete as an elite quarterback and make plays and help this team win. on the big states like this, it was not happening for them. erin: now they are on the outside looking in, tjhehe
12:07 am
bucs and the panthers ahead of them in the playoff picture. what do you think moving forward, bears and giants? john: just take it one game at a time. we can't lose to chicago. win that game. erin: john booty, thank you very much. rob, back to you in the studio. robert: we are going to go to break as we wait for jay gruden at the podium. in fact come he is walking in right now. -- in fact, he is walking in right now. coach gruden: dunbar has a concussion, and at a low sprain. reporter:
12:08 am
starts, it seemed like more of the same tonight. coach gruden: i thought our defense played pretty well. we had some key stops. offensively, when you go 2-12 o n third down, it's hard to pin it on one area. we were not good enough offensively, the plan was not good enough, the execution was not good enough. hats off to carolina. they did a great job defensively. probably one of his worst games of the season. what was off tonight? coach gruden: i don't know. i thought he had pretty good time to throw it for the most part. they mixed up their coverage pretty well and he was having trouble seeing the coverage. when he did see them, i don't know, just did not have clear throws. we just have to wait and see. i don't know. reporter: there were a lot of drops
12:09 am
uncharacteristically and can you talk about jordan reed's in ejection and what happened on that play. coach gruden: we had a bunch of drops and so misses on makeable third and 2. missed the guy in the flat, overthrew a guy, and you see what happens. we will have to address it. ay, you guys control bureau destiny. to lose this, how do you express the disappointment? coach gruden: we are disappointed, no question. were out coach today, no question about that. and i think they played better than us today. we have to give credit to the carolina panthers. it's my responsibility to get these guys ready to play. we do not execute the way i would have liked to have seen. and that falls on my shoulders. that we still have two games left to look forward to, and hopefully a victory in chicago saturday. reporter:
12:10 am
in considerable pain, was there any thought of taking him out for his own benefit? coach gruden: we could not take him out because he got ejected. it's tough, we are trying to pick up the pace, go no-huddle, we run a running play right at him, and it did not look out -- it did not work out too good. will have to assess his shoulder tomorrow. reporter: was there any reason why you do not take shots downfield? coach gruden: the safeties were playing pretty high on occasion. we did have a down the field shot, but they were two deep, something to look at, call more of them. reporter: were you surprised how much you struggled in the run game? coach gruden: yes, i was. we miss targeted a couple runs for whatever reason. not a lot of good looks from rob, unfortunately. chris
12:11 am
we will have to figure out more ways to get the running game involved. that's part of the issue. 11at second and 10, second at least 5, 6 times. we are usually pretty good at third and four, but not today. reporter: how do you get the team focused on one game at a time and not the playoff picture? coach gruden: we are not in the playoffs, so we just have to take it one game at a time and focus on chicago. as coaches, the best way to put behind you something like this, a performance like this, coaching performance and playing performance is to play again quickly, get back on the field, and hopefully that will be a remedy for a saturday. robert: that was redskins head coach jay gruden after the loss to the panthers. they no longer control their destiny.
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they did some good things today, but if you don't have anybody right on the same play, they can blow it up, and that happened tonight. how difficult will it be to shake this one off, knowing you only have a few days to prepare for chicago? coach gruden: we don't have a choice, we have to shake it off. we have to look at the game against chicago. we are on the outside looking in, so the only chance we have is to shake it off and go to scott on play our best game of the year. at the only chance we have. -- to shake it off and go to bestgo and play the game of the year. that is the only chance we have. robert: the short week to prepare for the bears.
12:15 am
lamont: you know what, the best part about a short week is you don't have the same kind of practices. coming in on the short week, after a losing a game like this, with the redskins not controlling their own playoff destiny, it will be interesting to see which guys chew up next week and play. robert: let's head to the locker room. chris baker, big swag, is in the locker room right now. how does this feel knowing that you could win out and make it to the playoffs? chris: very frustrating. we do not get the job done today.
12:16 am
practice so hard for every situation, so very frustrating. reporter: how do you keep the short memory going back on the road in chicago saturday? chris: we just have to find a way to win these next two and see what happens. situations,le many but it depends on us trying to win these next two games. reporter: after the cowboys game, four straight games were you got off to a slow start. chris: i don't know, but we have to fix it and fix it fast. everybody wants to talk about the playoffs, but there is no point talking about it if you cannot when the games that you are supposed to win. we gave up a touchdown, continue to let them continue drives when we should be getting off the field on third and long. we have to get off the field and give the offense back the ball.
12:17 am
continue to see teams score on us. robert: this is what is left in the season -- in chicago christmas eve, december ♪ ♪ ♪
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robert: welcome back. lamont jordan and danny rouhier are with us. kirk cousins wants to get paid. did he make a case for himself tonight? danny: not with a national audience. this is not his best game. we have unrealistic expectations of quarterbacks in this game. must win games, three picks. philip rivers, fighting for their playoff lives in san diego, multiple drive killers. this was not kirk cousins' best outing, but he set
12:20 am
franchise passing record, broke his record from last year. this was a bad game this evening, but maybe this is his worst game of the season, on monday night football, by the way. redskins are mortal enemies on football.ght this will sting because this was control your own destiny. robert: lamont jordan, jordan reed frustrated. we could see that. when he throws the punch, what does that do for the team, break their spirit, fire them up? lamont: first of all, a guy throwing a punch at a guy wearing a facemask and helmet, it tells you he is not there. that alone let you know he is not locked in. he was dealing with a shoulder injury. i played with a shoulder injury. you can shoot it up as much as you want
12:21 am
to deal with. personally, i don't think you should have been out there. that said, that play is a of what theample redskins offense was like the entire night. he was just not there at all. robert: we saw a stat, stewart, 180 yards. the last time we saw a stat like that was against the redskins. what do you think of the defense letting a guy off like that when he is not done that since 2010, 2011? lamont: as a running back, college and pros, there are certain teams that if i play well against this team, if i have a certain amount of yards against this team, the next time we play them i feel confident. if you look at just the season, anythi
12:22 am
does not do well they seem to do well against the redskins. carolina ran the ball, ran the ball, ran the ball. i think jay gruden said it best, tonight was the first postgame interview where they got outcoached. kirk cousins will have a lot of yards, touchdowns, numbers, but when you're only running the carries, you're going to get fantasy points for the quarterback, but you were not letting the offense get into rhythm. robert: let's go to fedex, where kirk cousins is heading to the podium right now. let's listen in. kirk: fire away whenever you are ready. reporter: kirk, was there anything that carolina did that surprise you, that you were not expecting? any kind of different look you do not think was coming? kirk:
12:23 am
did not expect, but i thought they did a good job. defensively, they execute it really well. i thought their defensive backs played really well, played with good vision, reacted well to routes, and the linebackers played very smart. i thought our -line protected well. --our o-line protected well. there were a couple of batted balls, with good plays on the d line. many think this is probably the worst game the offense had this year, one of your worst games statistically. i know that you have to look at individual plays, but was there anything that do not feel right out there? kirk: um, i don't know. we do not play well enough to win. just did not make enough plays. reporter: kirk, you guys were able to get into the red zone numerous occasions, cannot punch it in. can you talk about that? ki
12:24 am
down there, it's not just one thing, but whether it is a oralty or did not execute just missed an opportunity, whatever it may be, down there, as we always say, you have to be on it because those yards are precious once you get close to the end zone. reporter: missing jordan tonight, fighting through the injury, what did it mean to not have jordan reed out there, the dependability you always seem to have? kirk: we always want our best players on the field, but we understand people have injuries and people are not always going to be there. for a few weeks this year we have not had jordan. our offense has still been fairly productive. it's no excuse not having him. beenter: desean has catching deep ones in recent games, but tonight really caught some key midrange passes,
12:25 am
was it about his game tonight, i think 111 yards, what made him so productive? kirk: he did a great job, ran good routes, created separation, and he is a talented, special player. when the ball comes his way, good things happen. reporter: we saw more rob kelly as a receiver. what is it about that wrinkle? kirk: i just go where my reads take me. if they take away the other players and they are covering routes ,rob get the football. if they want to cover rob, pierr e or desean will. some of those plays, rob was the open man. you went toen no-huddle with the running plays mixed in, did that slow you down in the no-huddle? kirk: i think you want to be honest. you don't want teams
12:26 am
that every time you go no-huddle it's a dropback has. you want to have talents and mix it up. hindsight is always -- you are able to see clearly, but i thought it was good to have changes. reporter: the fumble to start the second half, i know you don't have too much perspective. robert:
12:27 am
12:28 am
robert: welcome back. .6-15, the redskins fall two games left, do they make the playoffs? lamont: no, no, they need to much to happen. it's over. they: toothache does -- do deserve playoff consideration? it's all next year for me. robert: that will do it for us tonight. a special think to erin hawksworth and john booty out on the
12:29 am
lamont jordan. we will now join "jimmy kimmel" in progress. thanks for watching.
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>> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live concert series" is brought to you by the dick's sporting goods foundation. to help save youth sports. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank the cast of "rogue one" and the director of world one, apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. this is the album called "we got it from here, thank you for your service." here with the song "dis generation" and "we the people," a tribe called quest! ♪ ♪ youth generation youth generation youth generation you'd generation ♪ ♪ it's a new generation ♪ youth generation ♪ it's a new generation ♪ youth generation ♪ one hitting reading pages of poe telly is low cuddle bunny ready to go day of the dead ♪ ♪ bury all the zombies instead and it's just your aftermath
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♪ bruce leein while you ufc smoke tree on sizzle out your usb ♪ ♪ serge pricing on these ubers i'ma get me a cab ♪ ♪ yo where jarobi at imbibing on impeccable grass i be in nyc waiting for that law to pass ♪ ♪ pass been waiting for a jet's title since last richard todd todd bowles gang green on that ♪ ♪ magic mike on the mic david blain douglass henning ♪ ♪ in the church of busta rhymes it's the sermon you getting ♪ ♪ ♪ b-b-b-b-b-b-but wait just split the package dry it bag up the wet ♪ ♪ this mad city's not a game easy quite on set phife ♪ ♪ student of the past trailblazing a daze not acknowledging a trend or swept up in a phase ♪ ♪ we still the highest of commodity grade and you can get it ♪ ♪ get it get it get it get it today ♪ ♪ dis generation dis generation dis generation ♪ ♪ dis generation dis generation dis generation rules dis nation ♪
12:33 am
dis generation ♪ ♪ dis generation dis generation dis generation rules dis nation ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rock it y'all rock with it y'all ♪ ♪ we the people we the people here we go yeah ♪ ♪ we don't believe you because we the people are still here ♪ in the rear yo we don't need you ♪ ♪ you in the killing off good young mood when we get hungry we eat the same food ♪ ♪ the ramen noodle your simple voodoo is so maniacal we're liable to pull a juju ♪ ♪ the irony is that this bad in my lap she don't love me she make money she don't study that ♪ ♪ she gon give it to me ain't gon tell me run it back ♪ ♪ she gon take the brain to wetter plains she spit on that the doors have signs with don't try to rhyme with ♪ ♪ vh1 has a show that you can waste your time with ♪ ♪ guilty pleasures take the edge off reality and for a salary i'd probably do that sporadically ♪
12:34 am
♪ the o-g gucci boots are smitten with iguanas the irs piranhas see your brother getting ♪ ♪ brothers in my hood living in a fish bowl ♪ ♪ gentrify here now it's not a hole ♪ ♪ trend setter i know my cold ♪ ain't settling because i ain't so bold but ay ♪ ♪ all of you black folks you must go all of you mexicans you must go ♪ ♪ all of you poor folks you must go ♪ muslims and gays boy we hate your ways ♪ ♪ all of you bad folks you must go ♪ ♪ the fog and the smog of news media that logs false narratives of gods that came up against the odds ♪ ♪ we're not just rappers with the bars it's kismet that we're cosmic with the stars ♪ ♪ you overlooking street art better get street smart ♪ ♪ you know about true competition ♪ ♪ like the a.l. pitcher only talking about hitting ♪
12:35 am
♪ the only ones hitting coming out spitting ♪ ♪ i'm the exorcist of your writtens ♪ don't interrupt me sorry that's a sin unforgiven ♪ ♪ all of you black folks you must go all of you mexicans you must go ♪ ♪ all of you poor folks you must ♪ all of you bad folks you must go ♪ all of you mexicans you must go ♪ ♪ all of you poor folks you must go ♪ muslims and gays boy we hate your ways ♪ ♪ all of you bad folks you must go ♪ ♪
12:36 am
♪ 20 dollar bills and other full will ♪ ♪ moving with all the old deal ♪ what a raw deal come on ♪ messing up there tearing up the ball ♪ ♪ i should probably get awards ♪ i get in the car like a threat was on the roof ♪ ♪ all the moves you send me out now ♪ if you don't that's a sin ♪ media that logs false narratives of gods that came up against the odds ♪ ♪ we're not just rappers with the bars it's kismet that we're cosmic with the stars ♪ ♪ you overlooking street art better get street smart ♪ ♪ might as well have a live beat ♪ ♪ keep it first up in my beat ♪ be back with blackjack
12:37 am
♪ you want the craps we hit the blackjack ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, christmas nightmare. >> i saw one guy being dragged away with blood on his face. >> an apparent terror attack in berlin, a truck plowing into a crowded christmas market killing at least 12 and injuring over 45. what investigators are learning about those believed to be responsible tonight as authorities ramp up security here at home this holiday season. plus passengers. >> do you know what's going on? >> jennifer lawrence on making her new outer space adventure with chris pratt. >> once i got out of the suit, lift your arms and pretend you're floating. i'm like, that's just not possible. >> the secret insecurities of an a-list actress. >> took you long enough to ask. >> what she really meant when she spoke out about the election


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