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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 20, 2016 3:37am-4:00am EST

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appears to be stolen from a work site there before plowing into that popular market. >> just having fun with my friends, and the markets were starting to close, and first we heard glass breaking. we didn't know what was happening, but a lot of people were running away, and a lot of people were crying, shouting, talking on the phone. we knew something was wrong, but we started seeing people with blood on their faces, and there were people fainting and sitting on the floor, and, yeah, we knew something was wrong. we tried to ask people, but nobody knew. >> all just happened so quickly. other witnesses say the truck narrowly missed them smashing through tables and knocked over christmas trees. they jumped into help the injured until the paramedics arrived there. >> authorities immediately stepped up security here at home in the wake of that attack. >> now, we should point out, police were already on guard at holiday markets in new york city after a recent warning from federal authorities. abc's pierre thomas with
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>> reporter: heavily armed police officers on guard at markets in new york city. authorities enhancing already broad security although there's no evidence of a specific plot. for weeks, fbi and homeland security officials have been warning about potential of large trucks attacking big crowds during the holiday season issuing this bulletin warning that holiday celebrations lasting through the inauguration could be targeted. >> it takes no special training, and let's face it, there's a lot of crowds out there. it's very difficult to defend against. >> reporter: the nypd using unprecedented security measures at this thanksgiving day parade after the isis threat, filling trucks with sand to protect against truck attacks. authorities across the united states taking no chance, and for good reason, just a few weeks ago, a suspected isis sympathizer tried to run over students at ohio state university. abc news, washington. and here at home, it is official, donald trump is the presidt-
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electoral college has officially voted. despite protests in many state capitals where the electors met, trump obtained more than the necessary 270 votes. even in california where all 55 electors voted for hillary clinton, hundreds of people turn out to voice displeasure with the election results, but by that appointment, texas put trump over the top. he finished with 304 votes to clinton 227. the president-elect tapped the next secretary of the army, he built the largest high speed trading firms, owns the panthers, nhl hockey team, son of a brooklyn truck driver and worth $1.8 billion, making him one of the 400 wealthiest american. >> like every other brooklyn truck driver. we could learn new information today about the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. a federal judge ordered that a search warrant and other docunt
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noon. the discovery in october of a laptop containing e-mails rocked the race for the white house. the fbi uncovered them in an unrelated probe of former congressman anthony, we iner. president obama granted clemency to 231, a single record by any president in the country's history. president obama also pardoned 78 individuals, doubling his previous number. white house officials say the president will issue more pardons before leaving office next month. dramatic video this morning as good samaritans rush in to pull a man from his burning car that veered off the road injuring the driver. several people risked their lives to pull him free. police say the outcome could have been much worse if not for strangers willing to risk their lives. >> great video there. for the first time in his career, carolina quarterback cam newton had no rushing yards in last night's game. he didn't ne
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300 yards and two touchdowns leading the panthers to the victory over the washington redskins. >> now, he also won the best dressed award, some would say, again, as he arrived for the game. this is his post game interview there. there's that bright purple hat. under the topcoat, a checkered suit that would have made craig sager proud. he said it was a tribute to craig. in fact, he told espn he wore the suit in his honor because e he passed away, but the interprets had fun with it. they loved the hat. they said it looks similar to something that queen elizabeth would wear. >> i know what i'm getting you for christmas. >> i like the jacket. that's it. coming up, the interview with michelle obama, and oprah asking if she, michelle obama, ever intends to return to the white house. finally, the fantasy league you've been waiting for all
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ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. taking a look at the white house there, home for the obama family for only one more month. they exactly a month from today. >> yes. they are actually now in hawaii, but before leaving, michelle obama sat down with oprah in an exit interview. we have the details. >> well, welcome to my home. >> thanks for having me here. >> reporter: as michelle obama
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house, she shares reflections from the last eight years of being on the world stage in her final interview as first lady. >> let me just tell america this is hard. it's a hard job. >> reporter: those wanting her to run for office after the white house, sorry, folks, she says it's not happening. >> no. people don't really understand how hard this is. it's not something that you cavalierly just sort of ask a family to do again. >> reporter: mrs. obama in an emotional turn opening up about how race and class still impact the country. >> we're so afraid of each other, you know, color, wealth, these things that don't matter still play too much of a role in how we see one another. it's sad because the thing that least defines us as people is the color of o
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it's the size of our bank account. >> reporter: during the interview? president obama walks in. >> we were talking about hope and whether or not your administration achieved that. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> i feel hopeful. >> what are you most hopeful about now? >> the next generation. >> okay. the next generation. >> you know, we've talked about this. history moves in cycles. >> reporter: as for michelle's mother who had a room in the white house for the last eight years. >> okay, where is your mother going? >> back to chicago, like, bye felicia. >> reporter: abc news, honolulu, hawaii. >> my favoriivorite part, grand out. >> and, of course, the obamas are going to stick around for at least another year. >> they bout a house in georgetown. >> waiting for their daughter to graduate. >> indeed. all right. it is called the most awkward seven minutes you've ever, ever experienced.
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the show. >> we love awkward on this show. >> but it's actually an interview with a legend that you have to see. >> and fantasy football's ending, so we have another fantasy season for you. the skinny is next. "world news now"
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all right, skinny time on tuesday, and this is awesome. we start with what must be the most awkward celebrity interview in a long, long time starring jerry lewis. >> the legendary funny man is 90 years old, one of ten interview subjects sought out by a hollywood reporter. all of them in their 90s and still working in show business. >> so lewis was interviewed in his home in las vegas maintaining his reputation of just being, well, unhelpful in interviews. >> do you have a favorite story about, like, dean, or frank sinatra or somebody that you worked with, you know, over the years, that you can, like, share? >> nope. >> none at all? >> none. >> do you have an unfavorite story you'd like -- >> nope. not for this. >> not to you, buddy. >> not at all. lewis said his favorite was
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didn't add anything to it after that. >> when asked for advice to younger people in their business like those in their 80s, he said, get a day job. there you go. >> the first three questions asked him gave one word answers of, why, why, no. great interview, jerry. after he was done, clean the place out, get out. countdown is on to a new season of the bachelor. less than two weeks now. >> if you're part of the nation and can't wait to see who bachelor nick gets to meet and date. we have just the thing. it's called the bachelor fantasy league. >> basically, the league allows you to predict how far each lady goes during the season. you score points that leads to prizes. sign up now at >> of course, we need analysis. jack? >> for the rose. can't go any worse than some people including my fantasy football league went. >> there you go.
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♪ ♪ making a cappella cool. >> they just own every chart. >> love it. and "hallelujah" a beautiful song about peace, love, and being nice to each other around the holidays, and then there's mariah giving the smack down. >> she's nicely smacking down. she's blunt speaking. she's at it again. she's been using a familiar line to try to put some of today's younger musical stars in their place. abc's rebecca
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>> what do you think about people references i don't know her all these years later? >> i still don't know her. >> reporter: from cameras to appearances on "watch what happens live," that phrase, i don't know her, taking on a life of its own. is it possible two megastars like mariah and j-lo never met? apparently so. >> do you know j-lo at this point? ♪ why you so obsessed with me >> reporter: fans obsessed with the drama. now there's tees and hoodies with the phrase, but mimi seems to shake it off. except when it comes to dem demi lovato who stood up for m.c. on instagram. >> she said, mariah's a legend, so talented, but disses people, it's nasty the way she treats jennifer. what do you say? >> i don't know her either, and so i wouldn't say anything to her. unless she comes up
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herself to me, here's my opinion, what do you think about it? that's how you handle [ bleep ] okay? >> reporter: one fan writing, all i want for christmas is for mariah care yes not to know me either. another tweeting, omg, yes, mariah. j-lo is not the only star mariah doesn't know. she also says she doesn't know madonna and doesn't know miley. >> i think we met many a bathroom? i don't know. >> reporter: we know she knows beyonce, and how about britney spears? >> what about britney? >> love her. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> i like not only, i don't know her, but also just, like, fixing her hair at the time, better things to do. >> i got my laundry to do. >> anyway, next topic? >> exactly. part of the thing is, they actually asked jerry lewis, and he said -- d >> no. >> i don't know her. >> called
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, the deadly christmas market crash in berlin. now being called a suspected terror attack. what we know about the people inside the truck as we're hearing from witnesses for the first time. >> a lot of people running away and a lot of people crying, shouting, talking on the phone. >> this morning, investigators on the scene as security is stepped up here in the u.s. and an assassination in turkey. the russian ambassador there gunned down while delivering a speech. we have new details about the shooter. what he said about syria and how did he get so close to the ambassador. michelle obama's exit interview with oprah. will she run for office and tells oprah which member of the first family is saying, bye, felicia to the white house. a car screens off the road


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