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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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jummy: right now, we are tracking the latest out of berlin, germany, a day after at least a dozen were mowed down and 45 others hurt by a truck at a christmas market. prosecutors are saying they may have arrested the wrong man. officials must prepare for the possibility that the man arrested is not
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of people. we know he first entered germany in 2015 and has denied any involvement in the attack. the truck was stolen from a construction site in poland. the first victim of the attack was a 37-year-old polish truck driver who was stabbed and shot to death in the cabin. the incident is being labeled as a terror attack. crushing through people, it pulled the lights down. it went dark. >> we saw people running away. jummy: berlin is in a state of mourning. and otherkel officials visited the scene of the attack this morning where memorials are growing. following that attack, holiday
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taken extra precautions. some will continue to staff the normal amount of security. thenne kennedy is live from holiday market in chinatown. what changes have been made there? >> they feel confident about what they do here. the market is just starting to come to life. it opened minutes ago. vendorsket has about 60 , that is nearly half the size of the one in berlin where the tragedy happened yesterday. this market has been around for a dozen years. they take security seriously. there are barriers at many entrances. security controls the tents to keep the vendors and merchandise safe. as they set up this morning, management and vendors have what happened in berlin on
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in the condition it is in today. don't know whether it is getting worse or better. >> in the back of your head, there is always this thing of -- is there a crazy person around who will attack? >> we had a chance to ask management whether they plan to make changes to security at this location. right now, they do not plan to do anything differently. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. we know d.c. is not the only area in the country taking precaution. a new york city, security has been beefed up. units at the nypd controlsrrorism unit the area around rockefeller center and the macy's in herald sqre
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more developments following the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey. wherenman who opened fire the ambassador was is unlikely to have acted alone. russian and turkish investigators are looking for clues to who may have been behind the killing. a russian government official described the killing as a fully professional and well-planned one. two suspects are behind bars after allegedly stealing a vehicle and ramming a police cruiser. police spotted the stolen car and tried to make a stop. the suspects of the car in reverse, hitting the cruiser. police caught them and took them into custody. we have been tracking
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developing story from fairfax county. that is where the body of a woman was found after she went missing overnight. francis robinson suffered from early all -- early alzheimer's. her body was found near burke pond. police do not believe south play was involved. the redskins no longer controlling their playoff destiny. the loss last night to the carolina panthers, they will need to win and get a lot of help if they want to return to the pro season. let's get highlights. robert kelley rumbles into the end zone. washington making too many mistakes. cam newton throws his second a kirkwn, following cousins fumble. carolina wins 26-15. >> we were outcoached today. they played better than us
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today. we have to give credit to the carolina panthers. toie says the redskins need win and hope green bay and tampa bay lose one more game or detroit loses twice, just to get into the playoffs. the capitals surprising a seven euro boy who lost his father --le serving in the military seven-year-old boy who lost his father while serving in the military. >> nice to meet you. arrived a fewas days early for seth harris. for a hugerise capitals fan who thought he was coming to watch morning practice with his mom. themund out he is lacing up and joining the team on the ice. -- i have been playing since i was three. >> he was
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jersey. >> it is like a dream come true. >> we get to come do what we love to do every day. if by doing that we mean a little kid and that can brighten his day and christmas, -- is --s new hockey player you have lost a military dad or mom, in some cases both. seth's case, his father died 32 days before he was born. killed in 2000 nine, a parachute accident during a training and her size. >> my husband would be proud. seth is like his father. they are both go-getters and it -- and they are great achievers.
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>> in arlington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: great story there. another chilly day outside. doug hill is here with a look at our forecast today. skies.elightful, clear the wind is calm, the air is chilly. we will seeint warming over the next couple of days. today, close to 40. 32 in winchester. 34 in fredericksburg. 32 in annapolis. through the afternoon, temperatures climb. plenty of sunshine. temperatures approach 40 degrees. touch of below average. going forward, we see mild days ahead. the next couple of days, close to 50. mid-50's on thursday.
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chances, the christmas weekend weather forecast and beyond when i join you in about seven minutes. jummy: coming up, donald trump now set to become the 45th president of the united states. his reaction to the elector's final decision. the shipping deadlines you need to know about. jamie: a couple of areas where we hit the brakes. i want to talk about the capital beltway inner loop. because of midday roadwork. no crashes to report. parkway before the beltway, slowing. nothing too bad to worry about. kenilworth avenue, a little bit of volume. for the most part, we are seeing green. a
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66. that is a look at traffic.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: google, facebook, and twitter are facing a lawsuit. family members of three victims -- to radicalize the gunman. 49 people andd injured others at pulse nightclub back in june. north carolina
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controversial bath on law appears to be on the waout. the incoming governor is optimistic it will be repealed. protections for gays and transgender's and use restroomse to corresponding to their biological sex. dozens of concerts and sporting events have canceled in protest. we turn to the latest on donald trump. made ittoral college official, putting him over the 270 electors he needed to win. protests across the country. >> this is the moment it became official. he cemented his win with this vote in texas. it was hardly a day of cheers. across the country, tensions boiling over.
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outside the pennsylvania state capitol, trump as vladimir partin's puppet. inside, booze and chance. and kansas, protesters turning their back. from washington to arkansas to north carolina, one last attempt to get electors to change their vote. a handful did. three in washington who were supposed to vote for hillary .linton, voted for colin powell in texas, two trump defectors voted for john kasich and ron paul. predictably, bill clinton casting his ballot for his wife. the president-elect celebrating the win with a trademark tweet and a dig.
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jummy: a consumer alert now. with five days until christmas, millions of holiday shoppers are scrambling to mail packages. need todetails you know. today is the deadline to send packages through priority -- through first-class mail. tomorrow is the deadline for priority mail. right now, maryland's newest transit of is open. as many as a 60 buses will go in and out every hour. the sender is expected to be a stop for the purple line.
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this morning. metro, riders get some relief. is break from safetrack aimed at giving crews time to prepare for the inauguration. ando will open at 4:00 there will be extended service on new year's eve. dateswill announce start for safetrack work in early january. doug is here to talk about the forecast. doug: it is quiet. plenty of sunshine. a little warm up coming our way. we will get busy through the christmas weekend. we will start with a time lapse along idaho avenue. a beautiful sunrise.
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that over the next couple of days. temperatures are on the chilly side. here we are, getting ready for the winter solstice. winter begins tomorrow morning. dealingwhat we are with. this indicates the equator on our map. this is the time of year where the most direct raise directed at the southern hemisphere. between tomorrow and june 21, the direct raise will move farther and farther north. it is interesting. we are getting close for the earth to be closest to the sun it is all year, but we are also having our coldest weather. 29 in columbus. 25 at state college in
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low 40's to the south. below average temperatures hang on for one more day. the center of high pressure swings off the east coast and that allows a warm-up for the next couple of days. today, a high near 40. early tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the mid 20's, milder than they were this morning. through the metro, similar temperatures. 29 tomorrow morning in the district. 26 in gaithersburg. theok at high temperatures next few days, a comparison to warm up. 17 tomorrow in map was -- in minneapolis. mid-atlantic, 49 tomorrow, 50 on friday. over a goodwarm-up chunk of the u.s. late day showers on saturday.
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showers ending and christmas day, sunshine and temperatures were covering to the upper 40's. the next 10 days, a warming trend. as we get into the weekend, we will have a mild christmas eve and christmas day. hanukkah continues for its third day and then through thursday, friday, temperatures stay mild. we will get back to the chilly air pattern by the time we get to new year's eve. jummy: thank you. coming up, one-on-one with oprah. herelle obama reflecting on eight years at the white house. >> i am currently dacian than kosovo. i want to wish my family and friends a happy new
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jummy: the obama's are in the world -- are in hawaii before leaving. stephanie ramos has the story. >> thank you for having me here. her reflection from the last eight years of being on the world stage. this is hard. it is a hard job. >>
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people don't understand how hard this is. you ask asomething family to do again. we are so afraid of each other. color, wealth, these things that don't matter still play too much of a role in how we see one another. because the thing that least defines us as people is the color of our skin. it is the size of our bank account. >> we were talking about whether or not your administration achieved hope. pres. obama: absolutely. i feel hopeful. >> what are you most hopeful about now?
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mother.r michelle's >> where will your mother go? >>
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, followingnewton
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win over the skins, he usually makes these weekly fashion statements, but this was to show respect for the late craig sager. today, a public memorial was held for him. final check of the forecast here. doug: it will be sunny today. we will see a bit of a warm-up. we will hit 49 this afternoon. friday, about 50. there could be an isolated sprinkle with a front coming through. , we will bend that low 50's.s to jummy: thank you. see you at 4:00.
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>> right now, backstage, we've got a bunch of players who can't wait to take their shot at winning a million dollars, and i can't wait to start handing out checks. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] hey, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire"? let's go. our first contestant has been waiting two years for the wedding she never had. i hope she wins enough today to finally make it happen. from seattle, washington, please welcome lynn hurley. [cheers and applause] hi, lynn. >> [indistinct]. >> how you doing? bring it in. good hug. that was a good hug. >> mm. i love to hug. >> the wedding


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