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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 21, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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the explosion sent smoke billowing into the air. it is described as complete devastation. >> caller: looks like a war zone. it reminded me of the images seen in syria or iraq. literally, the entire market had over 300 market stands selling fireworks. they were completely wipe off. >> wow. >> caller: some of the nearby houses surrounding the markets were damaged. it really looks, and if you see some of the videos on social media, it looks like a plane is dropping bombs right on the market. >> unblooeble scene there. at least ten of the injured are said to be children. investigation is underway what caused the blast. the same market was the scene of nonfatal explosions in 2005 and in 2006. on those occasions, it was leading up to mexican independence day. dra
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a cargo plane that crashed in colombia killing five crew members. the boeing 727 was going to bogota after going down shortly after takeoff. it skimmed a fence and slammed to the ground. the plane broke apart and burst into flames on impact. one crew member, we're told, survived the crash. all too common scenario this time of year. holiday packages delivered, but stolen from homes, but this robber in tampa, florida is drawing attention for his disguise. a domino's pizza delivery man. the homeowner was stounned to se the man stuff her package in a bag and take off. they hope the video helps catch it. golden state superstar is auctions off two pair of his shoes to benefit victims of the oakland warehouse fire. one of the specially designed pair was worn by
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pregame warmup, and the other in the game itself. last check bids on ebay for the shoes topped $10,000. curry was in action last night against the utah jazz, but the real star of the show was the warriors' fan in her famous ugly sweater. >> oh, yes. remember? blasted to fame last month after being caught on camera in the stands showing off serious dance moves. >> i love her. >> when we say serious, we mean serious. >> she's not messing around. someone in the warriors organization thought so much of her dance, in fact, they got her down on the floor last night. >> my word. >> doing a seasonal routine to the song "let it snow" along with the golden state usual dance team. maybe she'll get a spot after this. >> i could watch that all day. that is great. >> i just love how much fun she is. look at her go, nailing every move. >> absolutely. >> they might have to consider addi
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>> that sweater. >> that sweater is required attire. coming up, a mystery in southern california, a former reality show contestant last scene at a party, now authorities have questions about what happened after that. plus this -- >> i can't wait to share some great last minute gifts on "world news now." easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. yopantene expert gives you thee? most beautiful hair ever, with
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a little bit of a problem in northern michigan. you're looking at the blades on a wind turbine brought down by a fire. because the blades are so large, though, fire crews couldn't do anything about it and let the fire burn itself out. luckily no one was hurt. startling new detales this morning about a formal reality show contestant who vanished in california over the weekend. >> her body has been found. let's get more now from kabc's alex michaelson. >> reporter: hugs and
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be the as lisa's family mourns. she was found murdered in lenox. jackie, the suspect seen here, told investigators to look in his backyard, finding her body shortly after in a shallow grave. >> shared information she was here. >> reporter: cameras captured them outside a party sunday at the alpine village. >> he says he absolutely never took her home. >> reporter: lisa's sister said when they asked for surveillance video, they spoded lisa getting in a car leaving with rogers, specially catching rogers in a lie. >> that's when we called the police. >> reporter: detectives took rogers in for questioning, thanks in part to the detective work of lisa marie's family. >> they knew something was not right and took steps we don't ordinarily see and they called the police. >> reporter: the family says it's possible she was h
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they say she taught nursing at west l.a. college, and he was one of her students there. this was just moments after police told lisa marie's family that rogers told them about their killing. >> he shared information that led the investigators to believe that he was the suspect, and tonight they've felt they had enough to book him on murder. >> apparently, the suspect was her nursing student at the time. coming up, we're going to change gears, so have no fear, holiday procrastinatorprocrasti. >> we have last minute gift ideas. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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welcome back. as you know, your shopping time is running out ahead of the holidays, and if you need last and fast gifts that are not gift cards, of course, we got some ideas for you here. to talk about it all is our toy insider mom. good to see you. happy holidays. >> thank you. it's great to be here and we have great things for kids of all ages. we start with the littlest ones. >> all right. >> weebils, they wobble, but don't they fall down. this is the club tree house. they are adorable. the tree house comes with two chac
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going on. trap doors that go into our swings. we can go down the bridge and right through on to the coaster over here, i mean, there's just tons and tons of play for kids as young as 2. >> that was popular way back in the day. >> yes, it was. the good thing about a weeble is that it doesn't fall down. >> it wobbles -- >> perfect for kids as young as 2. >> and old as i am. >> as old as you are. talk about bedtime and nap time. that's not easy to get kids to go to bed even when you tell them a story first. >> yep. >> there's something brand new called spin tales. this is the duvet cover and pillow. what happens is we download the free app, and now this kids are reading the stories, the characters will come alive right in their bed sheets. >> wow. >> now there's characters. we see animals and butterflies and everything, and it makes the whole experience magical. >> look at that. >> using augmented reality. it is a fabulous experience, and kids will be running upstairs
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insomnia insomniacs. >> right? ready to shell? this is an ooze blaster. it's a great little car. there's lights. we have sounds. watch. so now the car would take off if i had it on the floor. wheels spin. it does a wheelie and ooze blaster comes out. >> how do you do it? >> like this. pull this one back. >> oh, i see. >> right on the floor with that. >> like right on the floor. not towards the weebles. that's great. >> all right. you can never go wrong with arts and crafts. this is called once upon a craft. it's two in one. it comes with a storybook. this is the frog and prince. it comes with two mess-free activities. each kit, so this one would be making a crown. then you have tons of pages to color in. easy, fun. you are talking
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price point. >> okay. >> it's perfect for any child. >> a cute gift. >> it's inexpensive and fun because kids have something to do. we love arts and crafts. >> yes. >> this is a great set that kids build and play with. >> oh, wow. >> it's an nhl arena. >> construct it yourself? >> snap it together, put the pieces together, and it's got the stickers for any one of your favorite teams, and now we can play hockey. >> faceoff. >> right. you want to get the goal. >> i'm not supposed to leave the ice. >> you're not supposed to leave the ice. we work the goalies. it's fun for two kids to play with at the same time. >> wow. that's tough. >> you know this is cute, right? >> yes. >> did you solve one of these? >> oh, please. >> not only can i play it, but i love it. this is rubix race challenging us just like the game. we take the shaker. shake it
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what happens is we get a pattern in here. now you would be on one end. i'm on the other. >> okay. >> now we have this puzzle that we're sliding. we want to get the center of this game to match what you see here. if you are the one that wins, slam it down. >> oh. it looks just as tough. >> no, it's so much fun. >> wow. okay. >> and, finally, hatchimals. hottest toy of the holiday season hatches its way out of the egg. pampbts going crazy looking for these right now. stores are restocking. >> can't find them anywhere? >> well, you can if you look hard. stores are trying -- >> what's so hot? >> it hatches from the shell, goes all the way around, hatches, and then kids get to raise it. it's a baby, then a toddler, then a kid. they learn to walk, dance, and sing. >> awesome. >> you're loving the car. thank you, toy insider mom. you can, of course, get many tips and ideas on "world news now" website. >> wo
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e mucinex lasts 12 hours? let's end this. so, we decided to dress up for a special holiday edition of two truths and a why. somebody didn't get the full men low. >> by "we" we didn't tell will we were dressing up, but he wore this jacket anyway. >> it worked out well. >> we love having you and continuing a special edition of two truths and a why for us? >> we have a cold hard christmas truth for you guys. it's not the holidays without a family feud, right? >> oh, yeah. >> this year, we know that fight won't be about a ford game. the folks at monopoly are operating a special hotline this christmas eve through the 26th offering mediation for blowouts. >> what? >> experts take calls with the official rulebook on hand to settle any and all disputes, and i want to ask you guys, do you have any idea what you think the
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start to fight about monopoly is? >> oh -- >> the negotiations over property? >> yeah. >> and the bank fraud. >> when you have to go to jail. >> bank fraud, especially my sisters, be careful. >> in my family, it's buying a property they don't need, like, i'm this close, and you bought board walk. >> oh, that's how kendis would play. >> totally. i would be the jerk. >> the official rule, though, is people making up rules. that's the number one reason people fight. >> yeah, yeah. >> next up, you guys know that truly iconic scene in "love actually" when mark confesses his love on cue cards, but one teacher in kentucky created an even bigger love letter to her former students. take a look at this billboard that says mrs. sims still loves awe and prays for you. be safe and continue to bless this planet. she bought the billboard now because she knows so many of the former students fro
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incredible 46 years of teaching will be home in lexington for the holidays this month. >> oh, mrs. sims, we love you too! even though you didn't teach us. >> yeah. oh, good. >> finally, splurge when buying a gift for the pizza lover in your life. >> i know a pizza lover. >> say ho, ho hello to a $2,000 pizza from new york's industry kitchen. there's 24 gold leaves, there's cheese from england, truffles from france, and caviar from the caspian sea. >> well, in that case -- >> it's $250 bucks a slice. >> what! >> about $50 a bite. >> that is straight up our alley. >> i'll do the regular tomato sauce. >> i will take that. i will take a piece of that. anybody have a lighter around? >> oh, gosh. >> is this flammable? >> we'd go right up in flames. right up in flames. >> we're going to do a facebook live after
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this morning on "world news now," a deadly blast taking place as hundreds of people were shopping for an essential part of their holiday celebrations. the death hotoll rising this morning. we'll talk to a reporter on the scene. a desperate man hunt in the aftermath of the berlin truck attack. authorities are searching any clues they can find in attempt to locate the person behind the deadly incident. isis is now claiming responsibility. authorities have released a suspect who was in custody. then a winner in the drone delivery wars. it is a competition, sort of, who received precious cargo out of the sky? we'll tell you who, and we think you'll be surprised by what company flew past all its competitors. and then our own kendis gibson goes in search of food you


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