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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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jummy: breaking right now, a dump truck crashing into a house in oxon hill, maryland. these are live pictures of that crash or you can see the map on the left side of your screen and live pictures from the crash scene on the right side. what we know right now, four people are being treated -- two adult and two children. the injured children were from another car, not from the house. we will
12:01 pm with the latest. also breaking, skytrak 7 is above a bad crash on clarksburg road and ridge oaks drive. we are being told two people have been hurt badly but are expected to survive. we do not know how this happened, but if you are headed in that direction, you will have to expect some delays. greenbelt,ping, in 31 people are looking for a new place to live after a fire tears through an apartment complex. john gonzalez has their struggle and the investigation into what started it. john: you can probably hear the power saws going off behind us. restoration crews are not only cleaning some of the debris, they have brought over more trucks to clear some of the debris. they are also cutting up the plywood, boarding up windows and doors to several of these units that have been damaged by fire. others waterlogged
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video, at least six apartments have been affected here. we just got a number, 31 residents, displaced -- basically this entire building -- it has been vacated. the fire started around 12:45 this morning. by 1:00 a.m., a second alarm was called in. this is the greenbrier condominiums in greenbelt. the fire started inside a third-floor unit and quickly spread through the roof for and we spoke to a man who lived here with a relative and his nine-year-old daughter. > my neighbor was banging on the door at 1:00 in the morning. there was a fire, you know what i'm saying? "everybody get out." they got here quick, so that is one thing that i can say. us that itents tell el
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through some renovations and it is unclear if that had anything to do with the early morning fire. or generally, no injuries were reported. over 50 firefighters were at the scene. john gonzalez in greenbelt. back to you inside. jummy: it is the first day of winter, and people are starting to travel home or out of town to the christmas holiday. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a forecast for the next couple of days. doug: we will have a bit of a warming trend. 44 degrees. even with the wind direction to the south, southeast. a lot cloudiness is spreading out strong, upper-level wind. sunshine later on. temperatures in the upper 40's. tomorrow i think we are due for the 50's. as this weak front approaches, it will stay well to the north and west. another system will moving christmas eve on
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likely giving us showers. a look at the futurecast -- if you're traveling today or tomorrow, really nothing adverse weather-wise tomorrow. sunshine with a few clouds mixed in. thursday and friday, same kind of deal. as we look into saturday, that is when we see the possibility of showers. eveeling before christmas looks just fine. showers are a possibility the next three days. temperatures will be very mild, well above freezing for the lower lakes, part of the midwest, even in our area. we will take a closer look at the next 10 days to see if there is any more arctic air insight coming up in about 10 minutes. jummy: now we want to look to the latest on the terror attack in berlin, a massive manhunt underway for the person who plowed through a christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring nearly 50 others. marci gonzalez with the man police are looking for. >>
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german officials are hunting for the terrorists who killed 12 people and injured dozens of others at this christmas market in berlin, confirming they have identified a suspect. this home among the laces they are searching for a tunisian man in his early 20's. his id papers were found in a hijacked truck. monday this holiday market was packed with shoppers as the truck barreled through, crushing stalls and people. a christmas tree reportedly stopping the semi after 90 devastating yards. >> obviously this place was not protected enough. >> isis claiming for that isis claiming responsibility, encouraging supporters to use trucks to plow through public gatherings. at the scene, angela merkel laying flowers while dozens of other christmas markets across germany open under heavy security for the first time since the attack. >>
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the manhunt is intensifying with german police saying the suspect is likely armed, explaining he shot the truck driver to death after the hijacking, and the got has not yet been found. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. abcy: make sure used a with 7 as we monitor the developing situation in berlin. you can get the latest information on air and online at, as well as how social media pages. we are following new developments regarding a devastating explosion in mexico. this is all that is left after a deadly explosion ripped through one of the country's most famous fireworks markets in a town outside mexico city. here is how it all started. at least 31 people killed and more than 70 others injured. it happened tuesday afternoon
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at a market the size of a soccer stadium. dozens of police and army vehicles arrived and cordoned off the scene. the market was crowded with people buying fireworks for the holidays. the area was leveled, making it difficult for crews to get to where people are maybe trapped. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. and a spokesman for president vladimir putin says musk out does not believe the gunman -- says moscow does not believe the gunman who killed the russian ambassador in turkey acted on his own. the ambassador was killed monday at a photo expedition in ankara. photo exhibition in ankara. , north carolinax lawmakers are meeting right now in a special session to consider scrapping the so-called bathroom best the controversial law known for provisions restricting with bathrooms --
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which bathrooms transgender people can use. the measure has prompted lawsuits and cost the state jobs and tourism dollars. the district of columbia's which bathroomspopulation is now moren 680,000 people. that is the figure released by the city. the population has not been this size since the 1970's. between july 1, 2015 and july 1 of 2016, the city added about 10,000 new residents, an increase of 900 new residents per month. also happening today, a blood drive to honor the life of montgomery county police officer noah leotta, who was hit and killed by a drunk driver while on patrol a year ago this month. sam sweeney has details on how you can help. sam: it is hard to believe it has already been one year, more than one year since officer noah leotta was killed by a drunk driver in montgomery county. today they are honoring him at police headquarters in gaithersburg with this blood
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starting at 8:00 until 3:00 this afternoon, people have been coming out from all over the community to give blood. typically during this time of year, blood shortage is in -- there are blood shortages. we caught up with a montgomery county retired police officer who says you can always bring some good out of a tragedy. >> whenever there is a community crisis and we lose a fallen police officer, or in the wake of a school shooting, there is a great opportunity for change, positive change, and to keep giving back to make our communities safer. sam: if you want to come out, you have to be 16 years of age hereder, and expect to be about an hour. sam sweeney. back to you inside. jummy: coming up on "abc 7 news at noon" -- >> i was so sh
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the college football star who punched a student -- a female student or his story coming up. and what got him pulled over by police. jamie: jummy, a couple of serious issues. let's start in virginia. 390 five northbound trying to get into the district -- the left lane to the gw parkway completely blocked with an accident. here is a better view. no one who is heading north can actually take that ramp to get to the gw parkway. you have to continue into the district and cross the 14th street bridge. seeing a little bit of a backup here. we will get to the other backup on the southbound side in a minute. i want to talk about a pretty serious accident, this overturned at clarksburg road and ridge oaks drive. it is best to avoid clarksburg road right now. not a terrible work
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it. if you are traveling on 270, the northbound stretch looks great near father hurley all of our. toward father hurley boulevard. the northbound stretch of traffic, very heavy because we have the left lane blocked getting into d.c. or getting on the gw parkway.
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announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. abide byeryone has to the law, even santa claus. that is not sitting well with a few parents. santa was riding in the back of a fire truck in virginia
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when it was pulled over. there were complaints about the use of sirens. police said they had to use the siren -- they had to stop with the sirens, which ended the event, which angered some parents. >> it was two hours after a saturday evening, the weekend before christmas. was it that bad? jummy: santa's try versus the event had been planned for months, and the ad is still on the website. closer to home, the washington, d.c., firefighters association hosted a coats for kids event. brian van de graaff was there. in northwest d.c. today, kids from the d.c. areaw came over to the international association of firefighters, local
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oat.d-new c as the kids arrived, they were paired up with a volunteer firefighter. they went through the process. these codes are -- these coats are of various colors and sizes. coats, butad nicer they have been secondhand coats. these are brand-new operation warm -- this brand-new coat is just for them. this year, something even more special. one of our firefighters who has been still live up in maryland was able to get a new edition. >> my neighbor takes care of her elderly husband, so she does a lot of knitting on the side. i took -- i told her about operation warm this year, and she
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hats, and here, is the deal. they are always looking for money for next year, and you can donate.s part ofd it is a great cause. seeing these kids get their first coat puts a warm feeling in the heart, especially in the holiday season. that is the latest from northeast d.c. brian van de graaff. back inside to you. jummy: so good to see. so important, especially when you get your first brand new you.that is only for kids do not know the difference between a hand-me-down or not. we will notr-wise, need in the next few days any super warm winter coats, but it will come in handy. today is only the first day of winter. let's cover some ground and tell
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fairly quiet, this view of annapolis. high clouds has been the story through the region so far. with the clouds overhead now, some of those will break up and get some more sunshine in spots. a pretty quiet day. temperatures will make the climb into the 40's, into the upper 40's in most areas. that is spelled out on our hourly. we had some sunshine in for the mid to late afternoon. cloudy skies tonight, not terribly cold. we look ahead to the next couple of days. you will see patches of clouds for the afternoon hours, but also areas of sunshine. a frontal zone moving along more michigan. that will push eastward into coastal sections of new england, maybe as far south as new yor early tomorrow morning. it is a rapid moving system. by late tomorrow evening, we should be in good shape. we will pick up
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saturday, and that will come our way not in the form of snow showers but mildly scattered rain showers. this is the way it looks in the northeast. it looks good. we will see temperatures in the 50's, maybe as warm as 58 in richmond. above freezing for a big chunk of the eastern part of the u.s., and a little colder from green day to minneapolis. plenty of sunshine. he farther south we go, the warmer it gets. 81 in miami, 66 in new orleans was clouds, everybody else featuring sunshine in the selfies. the west, southwest, and northwest, pretty quiet. way above freezing compared to what they had in the last week or so. in good shape travel wise through the day thursday. looking ahead to friday, the only concern is bands of showers coming through chicago, and also out on the west coast, another coastal system with gusty wind and rain
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there could be some temporary delay issues coming out of san francisco, but the major hub cities they are used to. most of the country will be just fine. the temperature well above average for those areas for this type of december. plenty of sunshine this afternoon, 49 degrees. tomorrow, 53 and partly cloudy. a little cooler time -- a little cooler behind the front tomorrow. as we get into the weekend, we are seeing a clearer picture that rain will be a possibility in spots throughout christmas eve, through the daylight hours, and also the evening hours, getting ready to celebrate the first evening of hanukkah. as missy the night, clouds around. christmas day looks a lot better -- looks a little better. take a look at the extended outlook for the next 10 days. 49, 53 on thursday. 47 friday. upper
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saturday and sunday, christmas eve and christmas day. milder monday and tuesday, and as we march toward the end of 2016, temperatures cooler but pleasant with no major storms inside. jummy: coming up next, a student thought he was getting a ticket, but instead he got the help he needed. we have that story straight ahead. >> ♪ like a mantle of white >> ok, everybody. i want to take the opportunity and say that i miss everybody, my friends and family back home brother's,, sister, good friends, bob, chuck -- and the girls. hi, guys. wish i could be with you for the holiday season coming up, but unfortunately i will not be a will to. but i will be there
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jummy: there is new interrogation video in the case of an oklahoma football player who punched a female student. >> newly released police vehicle showing joan mixon's side of the story after the shocking punch of an oklahoma co-edits 2014. the sooners stark seen here -- ,he sooners star seen here breaking her jaw and fracturing several bones in her face. telling authorities that she started the incident while smoking a cigarette outside a restaurant. >> she blew it in my face. sheext and says
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exchanging words. >> she talked about how we were trying to jump her. nobody was trying to jump her. we had no problem with her. she was blowing smoke in my face and acting crazy. >> he says one of the woman's friends called him a racial slur, and he responded. so then i was like, you ought to me messed up, so then i called him [beep] i jumped out and said watch out. face,he came around my and i put my hand down and she swung at me. >> and then hits him. that is when he he says he retaliated with that now infamous punch. >>
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jummy: this is a great story. in wisconsin a college student got an unexpected lesson with the officer pulled him over. he taught the student how to tie a tie. the student was running late or a presentation and got pulled over for speeding. he got off with a warning and a life lesson all men have to learn at some point. doug: there is an art to tying a tie. a beautiful weather day. we will talk about the weekend. at 4:00. will see you thank you
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>> i can't say for sure that someone's going to win the million dollars today, but i do know that if they do, you're not gonna want to miss it, so stay where you are. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right. our returning contestant has seen patience and determination pay off before. hopefully it'll happen again today to get him to that million dollars. from olympia, washington, please welcome back blake baird. [cheers and applause] blake. >> good to see you again. >> how you doin', bud? >> doing well. had a great night's sleep. >> welcome back. apparently, a patient and determined man. how has that paid off before? >> well, you know, i-- i met my wife when i was five in kindergarten.


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