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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: right now at 4:00. jonathan: police confront two men. one is dead and the other under arrest. alison: a handgun, a rifle found inside the car. shallotered glass is strewn across the vehicle leather seats. this happened along the 4100 of byers street in capitol heights in prince george's county. kevin lewis is there now to explain what led up to the shooting. kevin? kevin: well, around 8:00 this morning, a resident reported to police that there was a suspicious vehicle on this street. when officers walked up to the car, two men inside woke up from their sleep. when the men woke up, the driver grabbed a handgun and aimed it at one of the officers. that is when another officer fired and killed the driver identified as terrance thomas jr. we learned today that thomas who lives a few blocks away
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he was currently out on bond awaiting sentencing in a drug case and had been rearrested in october for leading police on a car chase. crashing that car and then tossing a handgun in the grass. prince george's county police posted photos on twitter showing the handgun and rifle they found inside of thomas' lexus this morning. as for his front seat passenger, he ran away in the shooting. the police later caught and arrested that man in his 30's. so far, he isn't facing any charges. but that could very well change. >> the vehicle does match a transcription for a vehicle believe to be involved a robbery and shootings in this vicinity. that is not for southern but it's one of the investigative leads we're actively working on for you. kevin: it's worth noting that the two men were camped out in
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where someone murdered a 23-year-old man just last month. there are a lot of moving pieces to this police-involved shooting. investigators still putting them all together this afternoon. live in capitol heights i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: kevin, thank you. now developing out of baltimore. a 13-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in the head. but police tell abc7 the teen is not just a victim here. lindsey mastis is in the satellite center. police just provided an update, right? lindsey: that's right. they want everyone to learn that replica guns can be dangerous. this is a picture of the replica gun that he allegedly used and when he and friends tried to carjack a guy in the middle of the day. the target happened to be a 73-year-old man who used to be a baltimore police officer, is currently a private investigator and has a
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concealed weapon permit. once the teen opened the door and waved the gun the driver took action. the teen was shot. the rest of the group ran away. family of the 13-year-old are devastated and they are confused. his aunts insist his family would never allow him to have a replica gun. >> no. he don't have possession of stuff like that. if he sees his friends or something like that, he is a teenager. he wants to hold it and play with it. but no, he doesn't have possession of stuff like that. his mom don't allow him to have possession of stuff like that. lindsey: baltimore city council recently passed a bill banning replica guns. police are simply hopeful that the 13-year-old will survive. they want to address the ongoing issue of young people and carjacking. back to you. jonathan: okay. thanks. happening now, an all-out manhunt across europe. authorities are searching for this man. 24-year-old -- we'll have a picture in a second. 24-year-old anis amri. he is from understand u
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that is him. he is wanted for capture. he is wanted for questioning. he may not be the truck driver that plowed through the people in the christmas market in berlin killing 12 and injuring others but isis has already come forward claiming responsibility for the attack. you remember the seen at union station in july in chaotic. people were evacuated following a bomb threat. the roads were closed off. they were searching a package they saw. police arrested the man who called in the threat. they say he did it for his amusement and it was a hoax. the man is james cherry. he was in court for making a false threat. a lot of you first learn about the breaking stories via text. you can sign up for breaking alerts on it's easy to do. go on the website. you can do that. if news breaks you will immediately know about it on your phone or tablet. alison: well, a magnitude 2.2 earthquake, so a small one rattled part of central virginia today. this is just north of ashlan
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but the epicenter is not far from mineral. that is the same location of the large 5.8 magnitude quake we had in 201. that one, of course, rattled the mid-atlantic. no reports of any damage today. 22 people did report the quake. let's turn to the weather. it may be fine now but what about the travel forecast? stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at that. richard reeve is at the airport for folks arriving for the holidays but we'll begin with doug and the weather. doug: man, we are off to a great start as we head to the holiday weekend. if only we could keep it like this. we won't. but right now it's gorgeous. 55 degrees, plenty of sunshine. it's 60 in washington. there is a cold front going through as we speak. to the north we are dealing with the cloudiness. with the clouds comes a few snowshowers over portion of new
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tomorrow is fine traveling. then we get to saturday and everything changes. rain likely. we will highlight that and the rest of the holiday weekend forecast in ten minutes. john? jonathan: all right. thank you very much. while we have nice weather here it is a nightmare situation for travel, especially when you figure what is going on out west. in los angeles, at lax. they have long lines out there. because they have construction going on there. it is a nightmare. a different story here. if you go to reagan, you can get out easily. despite the travel problems there were long-awaited emotional reunions. richard: the travel mantra. nobody likes to travel. everybody loves the destination. these are folks unloading from the taxis getting ready to get on the plane. 138,000 d.c. residents will be
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flying. why do they do it? they come to the airport to find out. this tells the reason. this is 19-year-old deanna hayes of woodbridge hugging her fiance terry perry. they haven't seen each other since last january. we found her in the baggage area. her eyes searching. clutching a bouquet of roses. she didn't know the airport. she had never been here before. we led her upstairs for the arrivals and she spotted terry who is stationed in fort bliss in texas. haven't seen each other in nearly a year. this was an awesome reunion. >> we face time all the time. i still get to see him but not physically. i don't get to hug him. i don't get to kiss him and say hi all the time. >> is this the best christmas present ever? >> yes, it is. my heart is beating.
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richard: terry has two weeks of leave to stick around here. she told us she went to three different shops to find the perfect bouquet of roses. that is love. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from two sisters about what the meaning of christmas is for them. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: very sweet. all right. thank you. with christmas around the corner, porch pirates have been nabbing packages across the area. in montgomery county, four of the criminals were just picked up. "7 on your side" now fighting back against crime. ryan hughes is in germantown where the victims are being reunited with the packages here. hey, ryan. ryan: it's looking like a department store. dozens of packages now lining the take inside the conference room. kitchen towels and even a chair that were stolen off the porch of the home. today, the people who ordered those gifts online as you
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said, getting a chance to stop by here to pick it up. montgomery county police say they have seen a big increase this year of porch pirates stealing gifts from home. they made a handful of arrests over the past few weeks but the majority of the items being stolen happened two days ago. 18 and 17-year-old were charged after police say they were following a delivery truck. officers were able to nab them. recover 30 packages. they notified the people in the area and today they stopped by to pick up what they ordered. take a listen. >> i think it's fantastic. i had no idea it had disappeared. there were rumors that people had been coming around to steal gifts from the neighborhood. ryan: two teenagers were arrested last weak for stealing packages. we are told a dozen packages in that case. police tell us this is an
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ongoing investigation. that they expect more arrests to come. we have more coming up at 5:00. for now, we live in georgetown, ryan hughes. alison: thank you. as abc7 fights back against crime. we want to alert you to a special web page at under the "7 on your side" tab, you can click on "porch pirate" and right there we are posting pictures and videos of the grinches. unfortunately, there are quite a few of them out there. jonathan: hopefully you can help find one. coming up next at 4:00 for us, a fitting farewell for a "jeopardy" champion. alison: also next, 200 people in hagerstown lined the streets to see. and this. >> hey, you can't vape on a bus, man. alison: an e-cigarette explosion. just how bad this guy was hurt after he put the e-cigarette in his pocket.
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but you don't lovereakfast. that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. hey, you can't vape on the bus, man. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. new concern this afternoon regarding dangerous e-cigarettes. you see that? this was out in california. this guy suffered third-degree burns after he put the
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and then he was told by the bus driver you can't smoke. he put it in his pocket and it exploded. industry experts say the battery is likely to blame. last night on abc7 many of you watched the end of an incredible "jeopardy" run by a young woman whose life ended too soon. america watched as cindy stowell who had stage four cancer won six straight nights. suzanne kennedy with her final words about her time on the show. suzanne: it was always something she wanted to do. in her final days she saw it as a way to help others. >> this is hard. i'm dying of cancer. i would like the money to be used to help others. zeus her run on "jeopardy" ended with last night's episode, airing 16 days after the 41-year-old died from colon cancer. her boyfriend says the austin, texas, woman dug deep to be able to take the episode
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august. >> it's still amazing to me. she was not doing well the day before. she was understandably worn out and exhausted right afterwards. she did, she did great. suzanne: before her audition she e-mailed the "jeopardy" producers telling them she didn't have long to live. she passed the audition and was booked for the first available taping. >> she has had a crazy run of skill and a little luck mixed in. >> what is the peach state? >> correct. >> what is the joy of cooking? >> cooking, yes. suzanne: she answered her final question on last night's show correctly but still came in second place in her final appearance. afterwards, host alex trebek paid tribute to the woman who showed unusual strength. >> congratulations, young lady. suzanne: she came from behind several time to extend the run to six nights. in the end she earned more than $100,000. all of
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cancer-related charities. in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: strength is right. jonathan: amazing. alison: to have a clear mind to answer the questions while you are going through so much in your life. that is amazing. jonathan: all right. alison: "7 on your side" now with the health alert. that one is guidance when it comes to newborns. because doctors are now recommending not cutting the umbilical cord for at least 30 seconds to a minute after birth. this is a critical period, of course, in which the oxygen-rich blood still flows to the baby which is just beginning to breathe on its own out of the womb. so this is double what happens now. the cord is usually cut 15 to 20 seconds after birth unless the newborn is premature. a big change there. speaking of newborns this couple from virginia temporarily moved to phoenix. they are on their way back now but they are not coming
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margaret and mike are now the parents of five! quintuplets. my goodness. the couple struggled for years to get pregnant, suffering two miscarriages. >> i didn't design a nursery before we left because i was worried i'd lose the baseball and -- lose the baby and have to go to a nursery and clean that up. that would be difficult for me. the day i went to the hospital, i told mike this is the first day i'm not afraid. alison: the family of seven is expected to head back next month. you can follow the baby's progress on their blog. how in world they have time to blog with five babies is beyond me. but it's called a bundle of bodinets, their last name there. congratulations. jonathan: they won't see any sleep for a long, long time. alison: many years. many years. santa came to congratulate them, too. abc7 on traffic watch. jamie sullivan has a look at the
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the get-away day. right? jamie: it is. anyone who is trying to leave the d.c. area heading north, may try to catch a flight at b.w.i. if you decide you want to take the baltimore washington parkway the slowest area just past route 32 for you. you drop down to 15 miles per hour. 59 the not terrible. between the beltway heading north to 31 minutes. 95 in a better option for you now trying to catch a flight at b.w.i. not bad heading closer to reagan. it's moving well now heading inbound on the g.w. parkway. it's outbound we see the heavier volume as we approach the capital beltway. we are in the single digits. closer here to bradley boulevard. we are seeing volume. this is on the interloop. so before you get to bradley boulevard. watch for the police activity. traveling on 359 you can see some sun glare leaving the city. 10 miles per hour. that is your
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southeast, southwest freeway we see slowing as well. you get a good idea here with the sun coming in of what to expect. heading northbound, b.w. parkway slower than 95. jonathan: i'm still going to quintuplets. the parents are getting older and they want to get in trouble. you! you forget your names. alison: you had twins. doug: twins about killed us. jonathan: get it all done in one day. doug: well, those two. we have other ones, too. alison: john said how warm it felt. doug: 50's. jonathan: it was great. doug: i wish we could keep it like this all winter. for the next two weeks in general we will stay at or above average in temperatures. let's take care of here and now. the cold front is working. 25 to 33 degrees overnight with mostly clear skies. here are the
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in college park. 27 in gaithersburg. expect the low to be 30 in leesburg. 29 in woodbridge. 33 in annapolis. 30 degrees in upper marlboro. the forecast as we head through the day tomorrow looks nice. we will see plenty of sunshine through the midday and the early afternoon. clouds will increase tomorrow and the evening. highs of 47. clouds in advance of a cold front that will definitely have an effect on the weather here on saturday. look for the travel conditions tomorrow. around the country. we start to the great lakes. there is a disturbance to bring us light snow. it should not be enough to impact the air operations. look at the temperatures above freezing. very cold air, plenty of sunshine in the east. warm temperatures to the south, through the 50's. new orleans is 71 and the sunshine. 54 in san francisco with rain. rain and the snowshowers. seattle, takoma. but the temperatures are above
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freezing. as far as what will happen in the day tomorrow. future cast shows through the afternoon the rain and snow will move through the lakes. if the modeling is right in the early afternoon it should be out of here. better news for sunday, christmas day as the high pressure builds in to give us plenty of sunshine and system temperature. the first is 47 tomorrow. then on saturday, christmas eve and the first night of hanukkah is rain. we will taper off to 70% chance for midday. ending. sunday looks great. sunshine and 49 for the first day of kwanzaa on monday. 56 in the sunshine. 60 on tuesday. new year's eve and new year's day is cool, crisp and bright sunshine.
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conway is now a member of the trump administration. her new role and who the president-elect tapped as press secretary. >> i know i have to be strong. not only for my family bu my nephew as well. alison: yeah. this week's rising star is doing it all. lifting spirits on the court and for her family. her young nephew is in the fight of his life.
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alison: a high school student making a name for herself in the hard work in the classroom, as a cheerleader and for her help at home. erin hawksworth introduces us now to this week's team player erin: mirna madanado a varsity cheerleader at the high school is the prime example of perseverance. >> i have been doing it since elementary school. it's something that i love to do. >> she won the m.v.p. at the dcsaa cheerleading competition last year, helping her team place first. >> what was that experience like for you? >> it was good. i didn't expect it. >> she is also a rock star in the classroom with a 4.10 g.m.a. all while helping take care of her 8-year-old nephew who has leukemia. >> you obviously love and care about him so much. it has to be hard. >> yeah. i know i have to be strong. not only for my family but a
4:26 pm
i had to be strong for them. >> she is an athlete that knows what being a substitute athlete is about. erin: how have you handled that? doing well at school and everything you are going through with your family? >> i would say time management. and determination is really important to me. with time management i am able to do everything i have to do at home. erin: keep up the great work. you are this week's team player. alison: wow! jonathan: you got to love that. alison: good for her. jonathan: great spirit. alison: strong young lady. jonathan: no question. coming up next at 4:00, donald trump names new members to the next administration including a familiar name. plus,ca he keep his -- can he keep his personal security detail or will the secret service completely take over? >> mixed reaction from metro riders about the new smart trip card for the inauguration. i'm amy aubert w
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doug: a cold front moving across the area. if you look up, you will see a big blue line with blue triangles on it. no, not really.
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mild temperatures in the 50's. 56 here. 57 in annapolis. as we get through the evening a brief band of clouddiness. a quiet evening. the temperatures will drop quickly ahead of the system. the snow is running through new england. that will be offshore overnight. the outlook overnight is for the partly cloudy and the clear skies. temperatures ranging from 25 to 33 degrees by tomorrow morning. the friday forecast, another great get-away forecast. sunshine in the morning. clouds in the afternoon. 47 degrees. looking ahead to the holiday weekend clouds all day long on saturday. rain in morning and rain in midday. hopefully it will rain and then sunshine on christmas day. highs to 49. steve rudin is back in 20 minutes with a look at the next ten days of weather. alison: looks nice. thank you. well, as donald trump prepares to take over as the 45th president of the united states. his staff continues to grow. kellyanne conway, of course, trump's former campaign manager will stay on with the
4:31 pm
the president. she will help implement the legislative priorities for the white house. sean spicer will take over as white house press secretary. leading the briefings from the brady room, he has been the republican national committee communication director. spicer will be one of the most visible faces of the next administration. jonathan: well, donald trump says he is giving up his business but he has no plans to give up his private security team. jeff goldberg is in the abc7 live desk with his decision. and another one that is breaking from tradition. jeff? jeff: that is right. this does seem unprecedented. donald trump's private security team has been with him since he won the election. he will reportedly keep some member of the team on staff after he becomes president. that is an an arrangement receiving some criticism from former members of the secret service. the private security team, former military and the law enforcement have been with donald trump in the post-election thank you rallies in addition to the secret service. this is a break from tradition.
4:32 pm
dropped the private security after winning the election and relied on local law enforcement at big events. in a political article published this weak, former secret service agent says, "it's playing with fire to have private security working alongside the secret service," saying it increases possibility of confusion and risk. today outside the white house several people we spoke to don't think it will create problems once trump is sworn in. >> there shouldn't be much if they are both on the same level of what is secure and the perimeter. >> my sense is mr. trump and the people will understand they have to work out an arrangement to protect his life and that of his family. >> trump spokesman jason miller calling the politico story nonsense saying it was blowing the issue out of proportion. still unknown how many people in the private security team will stay on
4:33 pm
president. one member will likely have a special place in the administration. we have more on that at 5:00. until then, live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. this might just be the perfect gift for the donald trump fan in your family. it's gold genie is the company. store in the arab emirates. selling a iphone 7 case encased in solid gold encrusted with diamonds on the edges and it bears the face of donald trump. jonathan: they specialize in gold plaiting any item you want. if you don't believe us the price is $155,000. alison: you don't have to worry about anyone else getting it for them. jonathan: the new metro smartcard is causing quite a
4:34 pm
chatter. alison: they are adding a sleeve to the fare card after it doesn't crude a picture of the president-elect. amy aubert has more. amy: metro is gearing up for a busy inauguration day. smart trip cards for inauguration day are available for $10. it gives riders access to unlimited trips on january 20. you can purchase the cards on wmata website. >> that is a good idea. they will get more service by doing that. amy: what is currently pictured on the cards stirring up discussion. >> i think the picture should be on the card. that was a cheap shot. >> the 2017 cards showing an american flag. the cards from the 2009 inauguration as well as the 2013 inauguration picture president barack obama. >> he is not going to like that. he will react some kind of crazy, hysterical way. >> that is cool. trump sometimes, he sa
4:35 pm
anything. >> when asked why president-elect trump's photo was not used metro released a statement saying metro requested to use -- requested permission to use a photo but received no response from the campaign. due -- >> if they did it for obama they should do it for trump. >> metro is working closely with the inaugural committee to design a sleeve. they could not confirm the president-elect picture will be used or when it will be complete. >> they should do something now that they are in this position. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. amy: a big economic boost announced today for the city of hagerstown. larry hogan said more than $7 million is being pledged. over five years. to go toward a downtown revitalization plan. the announcement came at the maryland theater, restored venue th
4:36 pm
>> i think it will make a big difference. >> what i love is the county commissioner's together with the city of hagerstown and the school board and the university and the state. and a lot of private investors and the private business people involved. with the maryland theater. it's an examining of how we should -- it's an example of how we should do things. alison: it includes expanding both university system of maryland education center and an arts operated public high school. jonathan: there is new information this evening, declassified report on edward snowden says he has remained contact with russian intelligence since arriving in moscow three years ago. that is from a congressional investigation. in 2013, he revealed that the u.s. government was trying to hack in to key data lines collecting info on telephone calls and examining e-mails from overseeings. while --
4:37 pm
at least 72 people died in russia after drinking counterfeit bath lotion containing methanol. i have no idea why they are doing that. there is no explanation either. but the death occurred occurreda siberian city. 33 people still in the hospital. six others were lucky they were released. alison: winter vacation is finally underway for the royal couple. queen elizabeth ii and her husband prince phillip left this morning by helicopter after delaying the trip to the country home because of what has now been described as having heavy colds. the couple was supposed to leave yesterday but never turned up for the train. buckingham palings later issued a statement about their colds. jonathan: still ahead for us the "7 on your side" consumer alert. update to a story we have been following for years. dogs being billed as being able to detect complications from diabetes. is that really possible? the lawsuits across the country and a virginia judge tak
4:38 pm
breeder. that is coming up. >> what is going on? >> they are breaking into my house. could you come really quick? alison: this 11-year-old plea for help. how she was able to survive and ultimately help the police track down the burglars. that's next.
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
jonathan: there was a real life home alone story
4:41 pm
she is the main character. alison: only it was not funny at all what this 11-year-old girl had to go through. >> i need help. i need help. >> desperate whispers from ashley bermudas as she called 911 after seeing an unknown car pull into her driveway. she hid in her closet and the crooks made their way through the home, eventually finding ashley. >> oh, no, please. please. i won't say anything. i promise you. jonathan: oh, my gosh. police say the men immediately took off after seeing ashley. they were later caught because they crashed their car in a truck. the 911 operator credits ashley staying level headed for it ending the way it did. scary. alison: terrible situation. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> female the effects of the alcohol you drank -- feel the effects of the alcohol you drank? jonathan: a
4:42 pm
admitting to drinking. wait until you see what they found next to the seat and how far over the legal limit the stumbling guy was. >> life-saving dogs and high-price puppies. a virginia judge rules against company that claims to train diabetic a
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
jonathan: take a second. look at the dash cam video. see the semi? he is not staying on the road. a wal-mart truck driver caught driving recklessly. the he drives off the road. hits a sign. crosses multiple lanes before stopping. you see that? he didn't climb out of the truck. he fell out of the truck. as you may have guessed he was drunk. so drunk he was crawling. that is the deputy holding up what was next to his seat. bottles of vodka. his company fired him after they learned of his d.u.i. what a shock. alison: wow! jonathan: i can't believe it. alison: terrible. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert now. ikea reached $50 million
4:46 pm
settlement with three families whose children died after the product tipped over. the accidents took place between 2014 and 2016 with dressers. it led to a recall of 8 million dressers and chests by ikea. diabetic alert dogs. are they truly lifesavers or really nothing more than pricy pets? jonathan: well, the virginia company that breeds themselves retrievers is now sued by the families all over the country. this week the virginia attorney general took action. alison: "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters is here with the update now. kim? kimberly: we know you have been following along with us. "7 on your side" has been reporting on service dogs by warren retrievers for four years. this week a richmond judge held the company owner personally liable for contempt of court, fines and fees. $80,000 plus per day penalties for every day he doesn't cooperate with the attorney general's investigation. the last time "7 on yo
4:47 pm
was back in may of 2012. it was the first report on service dogs by warren retrievers. >> i wouldn't trade 100 years for the one day i sit in this seat. kimberly: warren introduced us to his puppies, one of his trainers and one of his happiest clients. >> she is a definite gift. she is a life-saver. kimberly: fast forward three years later, the same client distraught. she had been charged $18,000 for what she called nothing more than a hyper puppy. >> it didn't work out like that. kimberly: more than 35 customers filed complaints for the virginia attorney general accusing warren of overcharging for undertrained power playpies, overpromising life-saving diabetic alert dogs. this month warren ice accusers and defenders faced off on a national stage. part of the fiery exchanges are on the dr. phil show website. and the founder of if national institute for diabetic alert dogs lilly grace warns against
4:48 pm
trained to save a life. >> anytime you take a new puppy, ten, 12, 14-week-old puppy and you put it out there as a trained service dog, that is a fraud. kimberly: "7 on your side" did reach out to dan warren and his richmond attorney. they did not return our calls today. we spoke to the attorney in may and he says he has cooperated with government attorneys and the claim of unhappy clients usually only come up when people don't want to pay the bills for the dogs. back to you. alison: thank you for the followup there. well, if you are thinking about buying a new home heading to the new year good luck. it is getting more expensive by the week. that is just for the mortgage. 30-year fixed rate loans surge again. the average interest up to 4.3%. the highest levels in more than two years. realtors are predicting this with the hawaiiing home prices could slow the
4:49 pm
jonathan: a small traffic accident that led to a major drug bust. discovery that prescription drugs were stolen from a voluntary drop box to turn in prescribed medications anonymously. as maryland bureau chief brad bell reports the person police say took the drugs was trusted with protecting them. brad: all operations of the anne arundel county drug lab are suspended because of the alleged actions of this woman. annette box. the civilian supervisor of the lab. police say she was busted yesterday when the officers spotted a pile of medicine in her car. >> they thought that to be suspicious. that she had so many prescription drugs. brad: police believe she took the drugs that included the painkillers from the police drug drop boxes like this one are where citizens dispose of unwanted medicine. >> she has access to the bins. the drop boxes. she wasn't disposing of them properly. she had extra
4:50 pm
in therca. >> -- in the car. brad: now the d.e.a. is being called in to investigate. the anne arundel county police will also do their own interim investigation. box, the 48-year-old lab supervisor is charged with multiple count of drug possessions. so far the anne arundel police say they found no indication that any evidence or criminal cases have been tampered with. in millersville, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: during the holidays memories are made around the dinner table. help us set a place at the table for those who sacrificed so much for all of us by nominating a veteran to win dining room set valued at $3,000. easy to do it. go to and nominate a deserving veteran today. nominations are accepted through december 28. good luck. alison: all right. steve is here now to talk about the weather and specifically the weekend which happens to be a pretty big one. steve: a huge weekend. the
4:51 pm
kwanzaa, thanksgiving -- not thanksgiving. christmas. we have hanukkah. get it all out of there. alison: a lot of holidays but not thanksgiving. stephen: we'll talk about tonight and then the upcoming weekend. temperatures if you have the outdoor shopping plans or if you are going for a walk, temperatures are in the 40's. mainly clear skies. winds out of the northwest 5 to 10. in the overnight, temperatures range in the middle 20's. suburban locations to the lower 30's downtown d.c. winds will be relatively light. don't have to worry about the wind chill factor. tomorrow, the clouds increase in the latest afternoon hour. not as mild as earlier today. highs will make it in the upper 40's. but still, shopping weather, the last-minute shopping looks fine. a lot of the kids are out of school for the year. then you look for them to have outdoor activities and they will be fine tomorrow. future cast. cloud cover. 5:00 friday. nearing the busy travel period. a lot of folks are getting ready to head out.
4:52 pm
by saturday, christmas eve, you will likely need an umbrella. not a snow shovel. this is rain for the early morning hours. by noon, 3 verz to 4:00 in the afternoon -- 3:00 to 4:00, n the afternoon, it begins to clear out. you may see peaks of sunshine but don't count on a lot. the extended outlook from storm watch 7. first day of hanukkah and christmas eve on saturday. the highs upper 40 to 50 on sunday. kwanzaa is on monday. middle 50's. look at tuesday. around 60 degrees. we are going to end the year. 2016 with a high around 40 degrees. the first day of the new year shows a high temperature of 41 with a lot of sunshine. but still, no snow in sight on our ten-day outlook. let's get a check on what is going on for the rush hour commute. here is jamie sullivan. jamie: we will start out with anyone traveling to d.c. north toward baltimore washington airport. if you are heading to b.w.i., you don't want to take the baltimore wa
4:53 pm
out. then you hit the brakes again closer to route 32. 95 is my suggestion. it will take you 31 minutes between the beltways now. big picture look around the capital beltway. we are seeing not bad traffic at all through prince george's county. in virginia, getting from the springfield interchange in alexandria is slow. leaving d.c., all the arteries are heavy. kenilworth avenue. d.c., 295, freeway and 395 in virginia as you try to head outbound. 7 miles per hour in the northwest corner on the inner loop. a live look near bradley boulevard shows this is the inner loop. just working your way north. outer loop, a little looser as far as the volume goes but it is still going to be slow. 395 leaving the city, you can see definitely some volume. 10 miles per hour is the average. this is the bottom side of the beltway near the wilson bridge. no crashes to report right now. alison? alison: thank you. still ahead at 4:00. if you have enough t
4:54 pm
tree, big ticket items can wait until next year. the four popular items that will cost much less in 2017 compared to right now. that is next. jonathan: are you ready for christmas? we are on the countdown. it continues. now three days left.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
jonathan: there are some things that you shouldn't buy now. john matarese shows us that patience can pay off so you don't waste your money. john: this is it. the final day to finish the shopping. people trying to find the lowest price on a gift for someone special. if you wait until after christmas you will score a much better deal. every store is advertising big sales in the countdown to christmas. but the kippaling personal finance says if it's not a gift and you can wait you will get a better price later. among them cars. the best deals are the year-end sales between christmas and new year's. plus you won't have to pay for a big red bow. name brand tv's. the best sales are around the super bowl. furniture, january is the biggest furniture sales. jewelry. those are best after valentine's day. luggage, the biggest sales are
4:58 pm
in march. the secret is the discounts are not that great. "wall street journal" say retailers make higher profit margins this time of year than the spring and summer. doesn't that stink? the journal says many of the biggest holiday season markdowns are in items that were never sold at the full price to begin with. if you need it by christmas day you need it. but waiting a week could reap benefits if it's clothing so you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. alison: next at 5ers. metro newest recruit are ready to keep us safe through the holidays and in the inauguration. >> he is busy. i'm busy. to see him now for christmas is amazing. alison: the spirit of the season takes hold. we captured great reunions as the folks head home. the longs are long for a miracle on seventh street to get you in the holiday spirit with spirit
4:59 pm
"abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: the market targeted in berlin is back open as the world searching for a man that broke through it killing a dozen people. security are being stepped up at markets and public places around the country. in d.c., metro transit police have new members to keep us all safe. transportation reporter brianne carter live at the l'enfant metro station you will see only on 7. brianne: well, as we inch closer to inauguration, security is top of mind. especially here at metro. the newest members of the department will be looking at everything from the trash cans within the system to possibly even bags that are left behinds like this one. they are the newest members of the explosive detection unit. they are
5:00 pm
we got a firsthand look at the five newest members, the graduating class of the latest academy. blaine, rocco, bin, sampson and itis join the second largest k79 team in the region. it has been ten weeks of training and it was all time to wrap up just in time for inauguration. >> these are dogs walking by a trash can and they will immediately go to work. it's amazing. they are looking for key explosives. >> we put them to the test. we hid something and see if they can find it. jonathan: we'll see you then. thank you. in germany the market did reopen for business today. german prosecutors searched several places in berlin and the western part of germany where they thought that anis amri could be hiding.


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