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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we got a firsthand look at the five newest members, the graduating class of the latest academy. blaine, rocco, bin, sampson and itis join the second largest k79 team in the region. it has been ten weeks of training and it was all time to wrap up just in time for inauguration. >> these are dogs walking by a trash can and they will immediately go to work. it's amazing. they are looking for key explosives. >> we put them to the test. we hid something and see if they can find it. jonathan: we'll see you then. thank you. in germany the market did reopen for business today. german prosecutors searched several places in berlin and the western part of germany where they thought that anis amri could be hiding.
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the driver's side door and inside the truck that rammed in the market this week. 12 people were killed. another 26 are still in the hospital after the attack. jonathan: president-elect trump plans to bring some of his own security team with him to the white house. so what does it mean for the secret service? what do they have to stay about it? northern virginia chief jeff goldberg is at the "live desk" with the answer. i have to imagine they are not happy about it. jeff: this is a break with tradition. all previous presidents and the president-elect relied solely on the secret service for security protection. while trump is known to be very loyal to his security team, one critic says the time has come to leave it behind. they have been accused of roughing up protesters at rallies but donald trump truck with his private security team in the campaign and now possibly in the white house. that is raising red flags with the former secret service agent telling politico
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week that it is playing with fire to have if private security working with the secret service saying it could create confusion and risk. >> there is nothing to the stories saying there is a huge problem. >> ronald kessler has written multiple books about secret service and say people inside the agency tell him that the agents and the private security members, mostly former military and the law enforcement are working well together. >> they are all professionals. if there were a problem they would take care of it. >> it's led by a chief retired new york city cop and a navy veteran who tarted to work for trump -- started working for trump in 1999. some in law enforcement criticize shiller for a slow response when a man rushed the stage at a trump rally last march in ohio. today outside the white house, mixed opinions on possible conflict between the secret service and trump's private security. >> between the two organizations
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be. >> it's capable that they can come together. >> i'm confident it will be worked out in the next few weeks. >> keith shiller is expected to receive high-level security clearance at the white house and remain as a personal aide to president trump. it is unknown how many other member of the private security team will remain with donald trump once he is sworn in to office. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. unlike in years past ret mow won't offer -- metro won't offer smarttrip cards with the photo of the president-elect. wmata says they reached out but never heard back when they requested a photo of trump to use on the cards. they are on sale now for $10. they have a picture of the american flag. they will get you unlimited rides on january 20 the day of the inauguration. now metro says it is working with the presidential inaugural committee to design comem rative sleeve for the cards that will include the president-elect photo.
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alison: plenty of people are traveling. and while the weather here is not too bad, other places are not the same story. doug: getting away from metro is beautiful. mainly clear skies. friday is a big travel day. it's warmer than average and a plenty of sunshine. there is a system moving across the northern lakes and the upper great lakes. rain and snow. viz wally it's falling. beautiful sunshine. 80 in miami tomorrow. the middle of the country is fine. if you look to the west you can see showers, part of the desert. heavier rain for san francisco bay. brief area of rain or snow in seattle. to give you a taste of what is to come, we have the sunshine to
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tomorrow afternoon. i can tell you now the christmas ear we are watching for chance of the rain moving in the area. jonathan: thanks. now to a developing story. at noon, a deadly police involved shooting in capitol heights. a 19-year-old pointed one of the guns here at a female officer. this happened on byers street. kevin lewis picks up the story. kevin: a residents called deploys report a suspicious vehicle on the street. two officers were dispatched. when they walked up to if tan lexus sedan things went awry.
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he and a fellow passenger were in this car. thomas grabbed a handgun. a rifle was spotted inside the vehicle. the individual was facing charges. has prior charges. >> the court records show that thomas junior was out on bond for two active criminal cases. last december police raided his home. finding a shotgun, handgun, digital scale. and a grow operation with $10,000 of pot. then this october they tried to stop him. but the 19-year-old sped away. crashing his car. this matches an outfit in a string of the recent commercial armed robbery and
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away car last week. thomas' front seat passenger in police custody. charges are pending. kevin: it's worth noting they were parked outside of this vay can't home where someone murdered a 23-year-old man last month. no word if there is a connection or it was a coincidence. kevin lewis, [ music ] alison: thank you. sign up for breaking news text alerts on our website jonathan: the effort to repeal the north carolina bathroom bill failed. both sides blaming each other for lack of action. they could not agree how to repeal house bill two that mandates people use the bathroom that core suppose with the gender at -- corresponds with the gender
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birth. activists say the fight is not over. >> we not stand for it now and we will not stand for it tomorrow. the foreparents didn't stand for it yesterday. jonathan: north carolina lost the all-star game and the ncaa final four and several businesses canceled projects that would have brought jobs to the state. alison: something that may surprise you but it is illegal to be a surrogate mom in the district. this week the d.c. council unanimously passed legislation that could end that 25-year ban on the sur gassy agreements -- surrogatesy agreements. they are legal in almost all other states. only d.c. makes it a criminal offense.
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>> in the district, many are celebrating with legalization of the agreements. >> we are talking about the loving, respectful, life affirming collaboration to create new families. >> d.c. bands such contracts soon after the so-called baby m custody case in the late 1980's when a court invalidated the agreement. they say it exploits women, especially low income women. they believe it's wrong to make the miracle of childbirth to transform it to a commercial transaction. >> we don't pay organ donors because we don't want donor organs not making decision that is not in their best interest. this establishes the rights and the procedures and requires tha
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21 years old an and already have a child. >> we think we can write legislation and it won't be a problem. nothing further from the truth. >> the bill is carefully written to protect the interest of all. >> the bill will go to muriel bowser but it has a veto-proof majority. but it still faces congressional approval, 60 days. they don't know what to expect from the new congress and new president. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us at 5:00, police say a 13-year-old with a fake gun picks the wrong driver to try and carjack. alison: police say they stole nearly four dozen packages off the porches. howl they got the -- how they found them and got presents back to the rightful owners. >> people are literally singing in the streets. you have to got to see the greeting they gave to
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jonathan: a $30 million plan designed to boost business in maryland. maryland bureau chief brad bell was there today when gover
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from the state. a musical greeting for larry hogan. they were singing songs for the governor who like santa came bearing gift from the taxpayers of maryland. the governor is pledging $35 million in five years to jump-start downtown private- public partnership. this is designed to revitalize the struggling town. an empty store front. another. take a look here. a third.
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>> people are look for a reason to come here. >> it needs love. it needs people shopping and eating. walking and community. >> the mayor says it was planned on the south pa toe mack street could be the start of this. >> the investment in the state of maryland in the pub project is huge for us. >> brad bell, abc7 news. alison: what a welcome. christmas and honda are days away. people are starting to make their way home to the holidays. >> you come back together and you are expecting everybody to be stressed out. it is hectic because it's the holidays but you get back together and it's moment of tranquility. alison: she is reuniting with her sister christiana. they are from woodbridge so they are
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they are 11 months apart. jonathan: do the math on that one. ison: yikes! they haven't seen each other since last christmas. jonathan: it is nice when the families come together. she says there is a moment of tension and stress and then back in the moment of zen. alison: nice. the weather will cooperate. around here at least. doug: it will be nice. we told you saturday may feature rain, that is looking more and more likely but maybe by late afternoon it will be done. a live look from the weather bug camera. this is winter green resort. it's 35 degrees. plenty of folks on the slopes and the nighttime below freezing. the local ski resorts will do well. we do not have because this is an aside. if it pops
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out of my mouth. but today the message is simple. no arctic hair in sight. we are on the warmer side. 45 in luray. we will drop in the 20's and the low 30's overnight. it's generally clear skies tonight. farther north we have a band of snow across new york. that will speed out across the coastal sections of new england tonight. our local forecast is 25 to 33 by the morning. you can see the temperature trend. tomorrow we are not in the 50s and the 60 but we are in the upper 40's. the clouds are coming in advae of a cold front. that will produc
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on saturday. the storm system off the west coast will bring us rain in the coastal areas. it could have the effect on the air travel in and out of san francisco. if temperatures are at or above average. there is another in the midwest. it will bring us saturday showers. it will produce snow over the upper midwest and the lakes. in the east it will settle down beautiful from i-59 florida to maine. a closeup of the future cast. the warmer air south. the rain will move in. this is 4:00 in the morning, to 3:00 on saturday for christmas eve. the steadiest rain should be over by noon.
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this is observing the first night of hanukkah on saturday evening. sunshine that is developing rain in the morning. sunday looks terrific. 49 degrees for a high. we will extend the forecast for monday. the first day of kwanzaa. 56 for high. we go up to 60 on tuesday. as we head through the rest of the week the final days of 2016, the temperatures will get cooler. the outlook for new year's eve for new year's day, saturday and sunday is nine and temperatures just around 40. >> find out why this should have an impact on criminal cases in the county. >> a little girl's ault choice to give h
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>> this has to do with the holidays. that's a hint. jonathan: but first a look at what is coming up on abc.
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jonathan: the holidays, memories are made at dinner table. you can nominate a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. just go to nominate a deserving veteran today. nominations are accepted through december 28. if you aren't in the holiday spirit, try this. you will be. alison: they call this the miracle on seventh street. stephen tschida is on holiday patrol to tell us why. hey, tell us about it. stephen: this is crazy. some of the people have been here an hour if not longer. check out the line. this is what it is about. the group of bars call themselves the miracle on 7th street. on a bitter cold night th
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what for? some dressed in the holiday attire, others fresh from work. all seeking a dose of the christmas cheer. the restaurants decided to join courses for a holiday. each event has a different motif. but it is all designed to dazzle. >> the first the stranger themes. then sweaters. the third is northern lights. stephen: the turn out is a holiday street for those who work here. >> it's a huge success. busy every night. quite the adventure. if you want to check this out, it doesn't end with christmas. it will continue through new year's eve. reporting live, stephen tsch
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alison: we notice the mistletoe hung over the bar. good place to put it. thank you. jonathan: done with the assignment, he won't be leaving. alison: exactly. that is not the only feel-good party in the city today. >> i'm cheryl conner in front of mary's center in northwest. check out the line. people have been waiting for hours. we will show you it's like christmas morning. jonathan: later for us. "7 on your side." a neighbor there pushes for one station. >> nearly four dozen packages are stolen off the porches here in montgomery county. but today, the victims are getting them back before christmas. i'm ryan hughes. live
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jonathan: at a time of year there is no much joy, you blink and something like that happens. sadly the pain of this. plenty of people like the guy behind me stealing packages off people's porches. today the porch pirates behind four dozen thefts in montgomery county is behind bars. ryan miller is live with the story -- ryan hughes is live with the story that has a happy ending.
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are teenagers. following the delivery truck from one house to the next. we are told more than 40 packages have been stolen recently. after police nabbed the suspects the victims got to stop by and pick up the gifts they paid for. >> so thank you, both, for coming. ryan: montgomery county police making sure every gift ordered is delivered on time. the conference room looking more like a department store. ugg boot, kitchen towels, wooden sailboat and a chair sitting on the table. every one of the gifts stolen by porch priorities. >> i have been waiting for these. ryan: he and his son stopping by the station this afternoon to pick up a pair of the winter boots that never made it inside his home in clarksberg. >> amazon told me it was delivered. i checked on monday and
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>> 18-year-old marcell bennett and a 17-year-old girl were arrested on tuesday. they were following a delivery truck and stole 30 of the packages from different homes. in the pile a wallet that the woman bought for her husband. it's no longer a surprise but she is happy to have it back in her hands. >> i'm excited. i appreciate it. >> none of this would have been pope you without somebody seeing what happened and calling the police. ryan: they are seeing a big increase this year in package thefts but it is a fantastic feeling to return them. >> i think it's fantastic. i had no idea it disappeared. there were rumors they were in the neighborhood. ryan: two teenagers were arrested last night. as we were preparing the s
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tell us two more teenagers have been arrested for stealing pages in a completely different case. live tonight in georgetown, ryan hughes. jonathan: the thief took a package off a man's porch thinking he was scoring a free christmas gift. not so much. instead, the homeowner said whoever took the package has the family's heirlooms and including his father's ashes. he said whoever took the box can bring it back. no questions asked. alison: what a shame. at 11 years old, kaylee hogan is already a cancer survivor. that is a lot for a preteen to handle. she has had to make another decision that really affects her future. following radiation treatment, doctors recommended to her and her mother she freeze her ovaries. this was so that before she even hits puberty, kaylee
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future children. she and her mother decided to go through with it. >> we found out the other o'sarry that is left -- ovary that is left in her is damaged. so if we wouldn't have had the procedure there is a good chance she wouldn't be able to have kids. >> i couldn't really find the words. but like, but i'm thankful. alison: incredible. wow! so much for a young girl to think about already. in london, procedure has proven to be a success for a 24-year-old woman who gave birth after having her ovary frozen at 9 years old. jonathan: now to a developing story out of anne arundel county. there is where a traffic stop turned into a drug bust. officers say in a stop they spotted medicine bottles in the driver's car. the driver turned out to be annette box, civilian supervisor of the anne arundel county police drug lab. after
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investigators believe she was stealing drugs from the drug drop boxes where they dispose of unwanted medicine. inside the bag was bill bottles that had different names on it. jonathan: box has been suspended for her job and charged with multiple drug possessions. all operations at the drug lab have been suspended. alison: in baltimore, police are investigating an attempted carjacking that ended with a 13-year-old shot. police say the teenager was the one trying to steal the car. but the man he was trying to steal it from was a retired police officer. we are live with the latest on the investigation today. >> well, the police department says the gentleman joved in last night's shooting was a police officer.
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he worked for the department for a few years. still tonight they are saying his actions were justified. you need to take into consideration that the carjackings in baltimore city have become a serious problem. so much so that up until last night they were happening on average once a day. >> no matter how you paint it. they were trying to take his vehicle. >> baltimore police say a group of teenagers approached a 73-year-old man eating lunch in carroll park wednesday afternoon. >> one of the young men opened the car door and displayed what he believed to be a real handgun. >> the man the teens are suspected of trying to carjack is a retired police officer. he fought backfiring his gun. >> the young man put himself in a bad predicament and he got the worth of it. his friends ran from the scene. >> the suspect family tells us he is 13 years old. >> he is in critical condition, with tub
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he is 13. >> his aunt called fox 45 his mother was not allowed to be him at the hospital. >> he is there where no none the room. not his mother, not his father. nobody. they wouldn't let nobody go back. >> the family had been getting his christmas presents when they got the call. >> we were getting the donations for christmas. >> she said her nephew does not own a fake gun. >> no. he don't have possession of stuff like that. if he see one of his friends over something like that, yeah, he is a teenager. he is going to wanted to hold it and play with it. but no, he don't have possession of stuff like that. because his mom don't allow him to have the possession of stuff like that. >> now a lot of the carjackings are occurring, a lot of the car jackings are committed by the teenagers. today what police told me that they
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criminal who are luring the teens into committing the crime. that is the latest outside the police headquarters this evening. abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us here at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- harrowing new accusations against the man behind the wheel in the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. alison: then later, some of the risks of buying internet-connected toys this holiday season. jonathan: new at 6:00, two lynxes stolen. the virginia center that had two stolen and what th
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steve: already thursday evening. a lot of folks are going to start the weekend early. beginning tomorrow. hitch around 47. reagan national airport. cooler to the north and west of us. by saturday, christmas eve, we will be looking at areas of rain. by the noontime hour it will
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we could see sunshine by the afternoon. sunday, that is christmas day, highs will be around 50 degrees. as of right now it's expected to be dry. quick look at the ten-day outlook from storm watch 7 that shows the temperatures warming up on mooned tuesday -- monday and tuesday of next week. then next week we cool down to lower 40's.
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hi. this is chief smith. i'd like to wish my family and friends in louisiana and maryland merry christmas and happy new year. i love you. miss you. can't wait to see you. alison: merry christmas to you and thank you for your service. well, earlier today it was like christmas morning for more than a thousand kids who lined up at and waited for hours in front of mary's center in northwest washington. they typically seek medical care. but today the doctor was wearing a red suit. >> boy nine. >> the 9-year-old boy lit up when a "star wars" toy was handed to him. and the girl -- >> good for you! >> welcomed to santa gift shop where the elves have the pleasure of making kids smile. elizabeth gonzalez glatter land. >> i love glitter. i add it to everything.
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three hours for the kids to get one toy each. juliana brought her three children to wait in line including 4-month-old juanita. >> wrap it up and christmas money. >> all the toys were given by the american peak. >> santa said cheese with the kids before they walk or rode away with the toys. >> someone told me they took off work to be here for the children to get a present. >> in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 new
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jonathan: coming up, a duke basketball player found himself in hot water for tripping an opponent. how the team has decided to opponent him. alison: but first, making a safer crossing. what families are calling for after the loved ones died in a
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alison: back now with more on the school bus crash last month. the driver anthony walker had a sadistic habit of driving recklessly and slamming on the brakes to discipline children. that lawsuit claims that the school district received complaints about walker but did nothing. six children died in the crash. he has been charged with vehicular homicide. jonathan: something needs to be done. those are the words coming from the family of a young woman recently hit and killed in a crosswalk in prince george's county. this is the same crosswalk someone killed three months earlier. this is at ad dyson road metro station. that is where we find i-team investigator chris papst.
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six-lane highway. for most people using the metro, they cross at this crosswalk. but a "7 on your side" i-team investigation has learned many of them don't make it. this is considered a dangerous crosswalk. people in the area say it needs to change. >> you have the good days and the bad days. >> on september 21, ronald brooking of district heights lost more than his only child. >> i miss my twin. she was like my twin. i look at her and it was like looking in the mirror. you know, i miss my baby's face. chris: around 2:00 that afternoon, j abdine brooking a special education assistant in central high school was trying to walk across central after at the metro station. she didn't make it. brooking was here inside the crosswalk trying to get to the train station. when she was hit and killed. a few feet
5:47 pm
another pedestrian was hit and killed a few months earlier. >> that strain and stress, you don't wish it on no one. >> with two fatalities, the item requested crash data from prince george's county police. we learned since 2012 there had been hundreds of accidents in this area of central avenue, dozens involving pedestrians. but since the reports don't give an exact location we can't tell how many happened inside this crosswalk. they told "7 on your side" crossing the six-lane highway cannot be made safer saying, "brookings death was caused by driver error. there are warnings at pedestrian amenities a it crosswalk. at some point it needs to be directed to driver education, and have motorists pay full attention to driving." brooking sees it differently. since the stoplight is up the hill he feels the crosswalk
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if pedestrians like his daughter cannot somehow be better protected. >> one day at a time. one hour at a time. one second at a time. you want it to get better but it gets worse. how many people have to die before they realize it's a problem. chris: chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: the accident that killed brooking is understood investigation but the driver in -- brooking is under investigation but the driver in her case did stop and stay at the scene. alison: jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. what are you seeing? jamie: crash 270. if you are heading to georgetown you will hit the accident. taking out the left lane. everyone is standing by at the right side. let's move to the map and talk about an area with the congestion. it's in t
5:49 pm
with the teens. 59 is the better option. beltway will only take 32 minutes. 5 miles per hour to get from tysons to 270. this is the inner loop and the volume we have. 3951 congested. this is heading south. the only crash is the 270 northbound in germantown. southbound traffic is not too bad at all. jonathan: thank you. it wasn't bad at all. do people walk around in short sleeves. alison: today is nice. but it will change a little but it's still pleasant through the holiday. right, doug? doug: pretty much. we have rain on saturday but the temperatures are not terrible. next week we will be back close to 60
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hagerstown is beautiful in the day. more striking at night. if you get in the higher elevation, it continues in the foreseeable future. satellite and radar on the cloudiness of the cold front playoffing through. otherwise mostly clear evening. the only rear weather to the north with light snow. it will diminish to the atlantic coastline and that is that. the local forecast overnight is a few clouds that give way to clear skies later on. there is plenty of sunshine through the morning and the midday. clouds are increasing in the afternoon. hit a high of 47. cloudiness is coming in advance of a cold front that will bring rain to the area here. keep an eye on that for saturday. good likelihood in the morning.
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56. 60 on tuesday. it will cool off a little bit through the middle of the week. end of the week celebrating a new year, sunshine and cold weather and that quiet chilly pattern might settle in for a while. and it might not. alison, jonathan and scott. alison: that is the fun of it. you never know. thank you. jonathan: redskins, we would love to see them make the playoffs but they have work to do. other teams have to help, too. scott: they don't control their own destiny after losing on monday. plenty of work to do with the redskins. the redskins plan hoping for a christmas present and a win on saturday. any way you slice it. the washington redskins with the backs against the wall. two weeks remaining in the regular season redskins are on the outside looking in. a win against chicago on saturday might not cure everything. but it will certainly help. the skins are back at practice today getting ready to wrap up the road schedule. visiting the bears for a christmas eve matinee. washington has to win. plain and sim
5:52 pm
four games to slip a half game behind green bay and tampa bay in the wild card race. loss to bears would all but knock redskins out of the playoff chase. >> it's not rocket science. we are where we are. on the outside looking in. we need help. but what we need is to win the game. none of that matter what is other people do. unless we take care of what we will take care of. >> is i know we have to come out here and put our best fat forward. >> the game against the bears is on saturday. >> the grinch of college basketball might be located on the campus of duke university. everybody is talk about the latest trip by grayson allen of the blue devils forcing coach k. to take action. this marked the third time that allen inte
5:53 pm
the past year. duke ranked fifth in the country will now have to move toward without the best players. allen was benched for the rest of the half. after the game coach k. made it clear he wasn't happy about the incident. i will handle it correctly. i don't need to satisfy what other people think i should do. >> the young man has to learn a message. jonathan: there are a history of players but they don't that. that is obvious. scott: i understand if it's first-time but this is a trend. third time. >> thing he had a temper tantrum. >> that was the concern. his reaction after the fact. alison: a lot going on there.
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cool gift. jonathan: when we come back. a look at why this car may end up being more than the family bargained for.
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maureen: sinclair broadcast group. alison: we believe it's our privilege to keep you informed about safety matters. so tonight, brian wood has more on the risk and the vulnerabilities of connected toys. brian: payton and chris think the robot car kit would be a cool gift. it comes with a wireless camera hooked up to the wi-fi and controlled by an app on a tablet or phone. >> left, right. >> as much fun as it mate be, this toy and others like it are vulnerable to hackers. >> put the toy away. i was able to turn it back on. zoom in to see what they were doing. brian: it was easy. >> it to
5:58 pm
figure out how to break in the specific toy. brian: he may where black but he is a white hat hacker working for trip wire. a security company. >> any device you put on the network increases your attack surface. >> payton's mom thought she was security conscious at home. >> i never thought of anything with the cameras and people being able to peer in. >> since it's design for kids to learn about software coding so people can learn things and the security issue is not so considered. many companies do what they can to keep it secure but there are steps to take. >> number one, change the password. apply updates when available. number three power it off if you don't need it. >> it's not just your kids at risk. >> while your child is playing with this toy or it is sitting on a counter and you are locking in to your bank account from the phone i could use the robot to spy on your banking information. brian: i'm brian wood
5:59 pm
announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first tonight a well-timed addition to the fight against terrorism. the new addition comes in a manhunt for terror suspect in berlin. beginning of a holiday travel rush across the nation. less than a month before the presidential inauguration. the extra security new bomb-sniffing k2 teams for the met -- k9 teams for the metro transit teams. tonight, brianne carter gives us an exclusive look. she joins us live with a story you will see only on 7. brianne.? brianne: maureen, they are five new members of the metro transit police. four-legged and furry. designed to be here inside of the metro station to keep everyone and the riding public safe. >> he is four-legged and furry with a fierce pant. he is the a
6:00 pm
working to keep you safe on metro. >> he's an awesome dog. his nose is top-notch. >> bane is one of five dogs who today officially joined the metro transit police explosive detection unit. abc7 cameras were the only ones to see the k9's graduate from training academy. with less than a month in one of the biggest events in washington with security on the rails the timing is perfect. >> we pushed the class. we had the inauguration coming up. no one knows what to expect. counterprotests and all kind of things going on. >> the police officer has been training with his partner bane for ten weeks. >> we will take bags and suitcases to the metro. the majority of the time that is what we are checking with the dogs. >> we put them immediately to the test. placing this sheet explosive in the office in the trash can. the can now will they detect it? >> 17-month-old ben circle the


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