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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 23, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning, the president-elect's call for nuclear weapons. >> what would be a major reversal in u.s. policy, donald trump tweeting our nuclear capabilities should be expanded. meanwhile, putin is saying the same thing, so could the nuclear arms race of the cold war era be renewed? video from the attack of ber run surfaces as the hunt intensifies across europe. now word of a christmas day terrorist plot in australia foiled. the arrest of a black woman who called the police after her child was allegedly attacked in the street, but when police showed up, she was the one arrested. see why the racially charged incident has so many outraged. deck the halls with the random handmade
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think of. if you're a fan of etsy, you may soon walk into their very own store, but probably not in time for the big deadline. for that, you're on your own, and you really should have got outs there days ago. i mean weeks ago. it's not like it was a surprise, but it is friday, december 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you're hard on the last minute shoppers. you're judgy. >> because i'm one of those. aren't we all? >> no, no, i'm done. >> you're done? oh. humble brag. bring it on. all right. good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm in for diane macedo, and we begin the half hour with donald trump calling on the united states to expand its nuclear capabilities. >> it was a stunning remark. it came, of course, in a tweet, appearing to suggest departure from long-standing u.s. policy aimed at reducing the role of nuclear weapons. >> it followed similar
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own country's nuclear ambitions. >> reporter: the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. that's not been u.s. policy for nearly 40 years. it came just hours after a strikingly similar statement from vladimir putin, saying, we have to strengthen the military potential of strategic military forces. the move unusual, splitting with the current administration, but while trump is actively tweeting, he's not held a real news conference since being elected. abc news first to report his former campaign manager will be coming to the white house as counselor to the president. >> this would be a traditional white house in the sense you'll have a great deal of press availability on a daily basis and a president engaged with the press. >> reporter: we now know the
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secretary, a prominent figure in the republican party, a former chief strategist for the rnc, and a big player in donald trump's campaign, and now he will become one of the most visible faces in a donald trump white house, and he's got a tough job ahead of him, he's the prez secretary for a man who has a tough relationship with the media. abc news, new york. new york times among those saying that it usually takes years before a u.s. president or someone changes policies on nuclear weapons, and he did it 140 words before being inaugurated. expansion of the nuclear arsenal, a spokesperson is trying to clarify. >> trump sees modernizing the nuclear capabilities as a way to pursue peace through strength, not advocating the use of weapons, and not meant to be read as new u.s. policy, but critics say it risks fuelling a arms race with
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there were tense moments on a plane for trump's daughter, ivanka, a passenger accused of harassing her was kick off the flight in new york. >> trump was headed to hawaii with her husband and children when the man shouted at her, accusing the trumps of ruining the country. witnesses say the passenger was so upset he was shaking. he was removed and secret service did not have to intervene. a europe-wide man hunt underway this morning for the man suspected of driving a truck into the christmas market in berlin. amri known to german and other european security agencies, but also to the u.s. he was put on the no-fly list here last november. many flocked to the market when it reopened to pay respects and show solidarity. here's more now from matt gutman. >> reporter: the first images of the truck barrelling towards the christmas market. moments later, you can see people fleeing in panic. now prosecutors say they are al
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anis amri, stole the truck, killed the driver, and plowed into the market, his finger prints found on the steering wheel. >> we have his photograph. we have his finger prints. we have his dna. he can't disappear. >> reporter: they are searching for him in an apartment building, no luck. we learned that swat teams conducted dozens of raids. this is one of at least two train station closed down entirely for hours because of tips received by police. this is a city on tender hooks. authorities facing tough questions about how someone long on the radar as a terrorist threat could carry out such a horror. he was caught on a telephone wiretap offering to commit a suicide attack. investigators reported the
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statement to con saluted to arrest him. he has a long criminal record, arrested in italy for torching a school used as a refugee center, serving four years in prison. they tried to deport him in july, kept him under surveillance until september. the attack left crushed body and shattered lives, including two americans. richard moved to germany from texas was critically injured, his partner, killed. russell injured, telling the statesmen he could see the dead around him and ramirez weeping in the street. officials say they are operating under the understanding that amri is armed, know the weapon with him, and they are not discounting the possibility that he's equipped with a suicide vest. matt gutman, abc news, berlin. on the other side of the world, australian authorities say they foiled a terrorist attack planned for christmas da
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arrested after an early morning raid. the attack would have included explosives. they believe they were self-radicalized and inspired by isis and the threat is now over. a major turning point in syria's civil war. for the first time in four years, the syrian government has full control of aleppo. the statement coming shortly after state television roberted that the last convoy carrying rebels and civilians left the ancient city. it's a major victory for president assad and a crushing defeat for syria's opposition mo movement. heading into the busiest travel days of the year, this could be trouble at some of the nation's busiest airports. snow may slow flights at chicago o'hare, and in los angeles, there's no let up to the gridlock at lax. they expect 400 flights to be delayed or cancelled there alone today on top of the 230 flights impacted over two days. so s
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hours. they blame stormy weather and more people traveling this year than last year. the stormy weather drenched the phoenix area with up to an inch of rain causing some streets to flood. things dry out today ahead of another storm that's expected to hit christmas eve. that second storm, you can see it here, much stronger than the first would be, moves on shore in the west later today. in the morning, it reaches the pacific northwest, and by evening, it's in southern california, and you see that storm moving its way across the east. in texas, a white police officer involved in a controversial arrest of three black women is now on restricted duty. the incident, being investigated, was captured on cell phone video showing the officer pointing a taser and wrestling jack lin craig and her daughter to the ground. craig called police to report alleged assault of her 7-year-old son. >> i'm very
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what i felt i was doing was actually protecting my child, and it did not happen. it made me feel less of a parent that i couldn't protect him when he needed it. >> the officer has not yet been identified. ft. worth police said the video raises serious questions, and the video reviewed 1 million times. the new york giants blew a chance to clench a playoff spot on their own. big blue beaten last night by the philadelphia eagles, 24-19, jenkins kicking off two e eli manning passes there for a touchdown. all in all, manning threw three interceptions after no turnovers the week before. he did complete 11 passes to obj. you can see there, odell beckham, man, he's got moves. warmed up last night with these. >> yeah.
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>> yes. maybe there's a message here from beckham jr. it says -- he says he was raising money for cancer research with the cleats worn last sunday in honor of craig sager, saying the nfl is a grinch for fining him. >> the shoes are ugly, but they are interesting. >> they say something. >> he's not boring. i don't want to be bored. >> okay. >> all right. thank you for entertaining me, sir. >> entertain on the field. >> right. no. because a girl like me, i want to see cute shoes. >> cute shoes. >> that's what it's all about. >> cute. frantic moments inside a burning home. >> a police officer rushes into a house to help residents escape a fire, some unable to move. the world of crafts, got the best of the best in a ground breaking consumer experience. the big plans etsy
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can't walk. >> i'll get you out. >> dramatic footage of a sheriff deputy rescuing a family of three that erupted in their home. one hospitalized due to burns
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the camera captured him approaching the home and getting the residents out before firefighters arrived and put out the fire, he also helped a neighbor to safety. >> shows the efforts of the heroics there. a fire on the west side cement flames shooting into the night sky. 24 hurt, two critically. witnesses say a 7-year-old girl went into cardiac arrest but was revived and expected to make a full recovery. a major medical headline this morning. a new vaccine is said to be 100% effective against ebola. viruses responsible for more than 10,000 deaths in africa three years ago. the vaccine has not yet been approved, but 300,000 doses have been stockpiled just in case there is a new outbreak. to a consumer alert this morning after the deaths of three children killed in accidents involving ikea furniture. >> they agreed to pay millions to the families. abc has details on the
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that might protect your family. >> an amazing little boy. he was the light of our lives. >> reporter: jackie's son was tragically killed when a dressic line this fell on him. he was not alone. three families sued ikea, and their lawyers say a $50 million settlement has been reached. >> these were completely preventable accidents. had ikea made the furniture stable and safe like other manufacturers, none of the kids would have suffered the terrible deaths they did. >> reporter: it comes six months after 29 million dressers were recalled due to tipping hazards. under the recall, customers could return some models or get anchors to secure dressers to the wall. a reminder that the government recommends securing all top heavy personture, regardless of brand. every 24 minutes in the u.s., a child goes to the emergency room because of a
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>> ikea says the settlement has not yet been approved by the court, so they are not commenting at this time, and the families are glad to have legal action behind them, abc news, new york. coming up in the next half hour, e-cigaretting igniting, this time on a city bus. we talk to doctors concerned with the increase in fires involving those devices. >> first, a much lighter note. we go to the super bowl of crafting. the etsy open call competition is attracting entrepreneurs from all across the country, but can they truly make it big? you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continu
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all right, all you procrastinators, looking at you kendis, two shopping days left until christmas, so we wanted to take a look at what's been called the super bowl of crafting. >> abc's rebecca jarvis followed do-it-yourself entrepreneurs turning up to the pressure-filled opportunity of a lifeti lifetime. >> reporter: tis the season for holiday shopping, so where can you get everything from a unicorn horn to home made jewelry? etsy has you covered with an annual holiday market in the heart of new york city catering to those looking for a unique and locally crafted present. earlier this year, we were there as top etsy sellers had a chance to take their businesses to the next level. >> hey, guys, sandra here. >> reporter: meet 16-year-old sandra cunningham, a tenth grader by day, but after school and on weekends, a
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beauty entrepreneur. >> all for sale. >> reporter: a contract with one of these megastores can take it even further. these diy business owners are selling everything from cheese boards to kids' costumes. we caught up with amy from whole foods in patrick from paper source to find out what they'll be looking for. what does it take for companies that are on etsy to get in a store like whole foods? >> we see products every day, so it helps to get to know everyone's story. >> what's been great here is virtually everyone i met here is representing some product that is unique, handmade, artists. >> reporter: prices start at $8, the youngest here, by far, has been itching all morning. it's time to cue the shark tank
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morning for sandra. next at bat, whole foods. >> how did you come up with recip recipes? >> from my dad when i was 9. make your own. that's when i decided to go learn how to make my own lip balm, and seven years later, it's this. >> reporter: back at the open call, the judges are ready to deliver, after hours of pitches. >> this person is demonstrating an amazing ability at a very young age to go after her dream and inspire girls to feel comfortable in their own skin, so we are so excited to be carrying sandra -- [ applause ] >> how are you feeling right now as a dad and a mom, how are you feeling right now? >> i wanted to -- i'm, like, over the moon excited for her. >> it is fantastic. all the hard work, resiliency, all pays off. >> reporter: for nightline, rebecca
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all right, it's time for the mix. >> yes. >> a heart warming story, perfect for the holidays, a 3-year-old boy, michael brown. he was with his third foster family, spent 832 days in foster care when he learn his foster family was adopting him. that is his reaction. so happy. his mom says, his new mom say, he waking up in the morning and tells mom, i'm so happy. people can't get enough of the story. he's been with the family since 18 months, and now he has a forever home. >> took a while to take him home, though. >> he was going to reunite with his biological mother, but that fell through, and so she stepped up. >> happy for him. in
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sweater contest at an office there, financial office, and this woman, mya moore, posted hers, you'd think, with all the garland that's covering all of her including the hat, that she would have won. put it together, took her four hours. she came in second place. >> i say hers is the ugliest. how can it be uglier? >> the internet floored by this. she was robbed. >> here they are. the carollers. ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ business news from tokyo, stocks, couple shows ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake grab your mug and dan
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this morning on "worlds news now," rushing home to the holidays with millions taking to the roads and skies today, danger weather could be in the why. why expect delays even if it's clear where you are right now. president-elect trump taking to twitter for more surprise announcemen announcements, this time on how he intends to increase america's nuclear arsenal, plus, how he's putting pressure on u.s. diplomats over middle east policy. new this half hour, the growing danger of exploding batteries. >> that incident of a man scolded for using an e-cigarette right before it blew up prompted new concerns as travelers are packing them for the road. what you need to know about the devices. catch a tiger without a shirt. the internet post from woods that has us getting in the spirit, and others scratching ou


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