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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. q: breaking news, a pair of suspicious deaths under investigation in fairfax county now ruled a homicide. police aren't revealing a lot about the cases but they appear to be related. alison: that's right. a man and a woman are dead. both just 22 years old. the scenes are only six minutes apart. jeff goldberg joins us live in burke with the latest. jeff, what can you tell us? jeff: so many questions. i got off the phone five minutes ago with the representative of the fairfax county police department telling me that the investigators confirmed the situation in burke is determined to be a homicide. still no word on exactly how the two individuals were killed or what the connection is to one another. take a look up cordwood court in burke. you can see the active investigation. this is where the body of a 22-year-old woman was found this morning leaning against a tree. just before 9:00 a man looking out his back woman noticed woman's
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toward the back of his own backyard. he called 911. police arrived and determined the woman 22 years old was dead and suffered from upper body trauma. no further details jobbed that. the woman did not live nearby. however, the police say the man found dead in his town home last night after 8:00 in springfield, about five minutes away, 22-year-old henok yohannes was the victim of a homicide. five minutes away from the scene in burke. police were called to the home on blarney stone court in springfield where they found yohannes murdered. also upper body trauma. >> i am just sad. he was a nice young man. very helpful. >> through the initial distribution last night the detectives were able to discover some things that made them feel or appears to link to this case. jeff: so that is a big ue
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what exactly happened to the two 22-year-old individual, one male and one female. so many questions still remain. the police have not put out a call for a suspect suspect at the moment. they don't have anybody in custody and no one they are looking for but they are really asking for help from the public. so if anyone out there has any information. you are asked to call the fairfax county police as soon as possible. this is a developing story. we are watching it closely. we will have an update for you coming up at 5:00. until then, live in burke, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. q: thank you. we are covering this. this just in. s.u.v. on the water on anacostia drive southeast. near the sousa bridge. crews searched the area but they didn't find a driver. no word on how or when the s.u.v. got there. stay with abc7 for updates. alison: developing now, a woman is dead and her husband faces charges after a crash in
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they say carlos lopez drove around a sharp curve on the road and the car rolled. 22-year-old ramirez was killed. the driver is now held on a d.w.i. charge. q: the man convicted of killing three people in alexandria over the course of a decade is getting an appeal. lawyers for charles severence say the appeal was granted because of insufficient evidence. severence was found guilty of killing nancy dunning in 2003, ron kirby in 2003 and ruth in 2014. the new case will likely begin early next year. also right now, it's the final days before christmas. you know what that means. the travel rush is on. people are heading to their holiday destination. alison: a.a.a. estimates 1303 million americans will travel over the holiday season. we have team coverage of how things are look out there. let's get started with tom
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he is there in mobiletrak7. he is surveying the conditions out there on the roads. you have seen a lot of traffic, tom? tom: yeah. guess what? a.a.a. said the worst traffic of the holiday season would be on friday at 4:00. guess what time it is now? friday, a few minutes after 4:00. you may hear we have the christmas music going on in here. it's not bad inside. outside, a little bit of a different story. this is in front of us. we are on the b.w. parkway. we just passed the beltway. we are here near the green belt area. as you can see, it's jamming up pretty good. show you the view behind us. slow as the cars get off the beltway to head north on the b.w. parkway. a.a.a. says 2.6 million people in the d.c. area will be traveling around christmas time. of those, more than nine or ten going by car. we are seeing evidence of that. the cars are jammed in front of us. this jam last a
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it's not abnormal for this area to be jammed during rush hour but a lot of this is holiday travel. this is not a normal rush hour. this is holiday travelers. i should get better from here. but the bad news is tomorrow is expected to be another heavy traffic day with the holiday travelers. not as bad as today. reporting live, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. q: tom in the christmas spirit with the christmas music going. good job, buddy. one of the most traveled corridors in our area is along i-95. brianne carter joins us live now. she has been talking to drivers and making the journeyment to. what have -- making the journey tonight. what have you found out? brianne: we went along 95 earlier today to find out what drivers were experiencing. it wasn't bad. middle of the day on friday. smooth sailing. look here along 66. 4:00 in rush hour as tom mentioned, you can see the same thing. things are moving
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this hour. what we have been hearing tonight from the drivers from so many folks packing everyone in the car is the way to go. this year, the gas prices we know are down. that means the number of people driving is up. this afternoon, we are at a rest stop along interstate 395 in dale city, virginia, where drivers were taking a break from traveling hundreds of miles. hannah made a last-minute decision to travel. so he left manhattan this morning. 13-hour trip for atlanta. >> taking the train wouldn't work. planes was just prohibitively expensive at this point. hopped in the car. doing a lot of sitting. brianne: there will be a lot of people doing just that. we talked to a family who was making a 19-hour trip. a few hours in, they ran into some trouble. we'll explain tonight at 6:00. reporting live in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news.
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well, if you are traveling for the holiday weekend, let abc7 help you get there. head to the website to sign up for traffic alerts. alison: so the big question as we make the holiday journey, how will the weather hold up for us? let's get to chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at the temperatures tonight. doug: we in good shape right now. the clouds have been rolling in through the day. a typical early winter today. cloudy skies, the mid-40's. drop to near 40 tonight. for tomorrow it looks like cloudy with the rain across the area. the entire region through midday. in the afternoon, the rain should stop. it will stay rather cloudy and 50 degrees. saturday night for hanukkah and christmas eve, 37. skies will tend to clear just a little bit. but unfortunately it might be temporary clearing. if you are traveling tomorrow, a lot of peak will be. the northeast a good place to be. there could be showers in the morning but that is relatively light. the farther south you go, the brighter you get. our rain
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noon. farther west it will brighten up considerably. notice still above average temperatures to the great lakes and the midwest. traveling south absolutely gorgeous. headed to orlando, miami, 82. sunshine. otherwise mild and sunny. a couple areas to keep an eye on. salt lake city may have below temperatures. west coast will settle down with san francisco from san francisco to l.a. we will keep an eye on the local weather not only through the holiday weekend but for the next ten days and the forecast coming up in nine minutes. q: thank you very much. we turn now to the war on terror. the driver in the berlin attack is dead. and there is a new warning about the terror attacks in the united states. lindsey mastis joins us live with the development. lindsey: the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security is issuing a warning that the people sympathizing
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attacks at the holiday vents that could include churches in the u.s. for berlin, german investigators want to figure out how anis amri traveled 600 miles through three countries without being noticed. amri was killed in a train station in italy after he fired at an officer doing a routine i.d. check. to get there, he had to cross the borders at a time all of europe was looking for him. the question is who helped him? even though he is dead german officials are continuing to search for accomplices. >> it is mainly about discovering networks to discover the background and everything in connection with the investigation. lindsey: isis released video of amri pledging allegiance to the terror organization. he does not mention berlin in the video. german chancellor angela merkel is talking with tunisia's president to speed up the process of
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tunisians living in germany illegally. back to you. alison: thank you. police in australia say a plan to launch a series of christmas day attacks has been stopped. five people have been arrested. police say the suspects were inspired by isis and were planning to attack a train station using bombs, knives and guns. q: overseas, everything is back to normal after a hijacked plane landed this morning. the flight was traveling from malt-o-meal to libya -- from malta to libya. two men said they had hand grenades. they said the hijackers were from libya and wanted political asylum in europe to start a new party there an ode to muammar gaddafi. but after hours of negotiations the two men surrendered and all 118 people aboard the plane were allowed to leave safely. alison: coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- your
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a fire anger. we all know this. that will happen in your home. but do the fire retardants lower the risk? "7 on your side" is investigating. q: terrifying video of a child dangling from a lift. the amazin
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q: a dramatic video out of utah. the boy dangling off a ski lift. the backpack got caught on the chair lift as he attempted to hop off at the station. the bystander an the ski patrol kept him calm as he was suspended above the slopes. in minutes the rescue crews arrived and got the boy down. let be all right. alison: how scary! q: big time. alison: goodness. if you like to keep your christmas tree up well after the holidays, firefighters say that is a huge hazard. there may be a way to keep your fire from a tree fire with fire retardant. we are putting different brands to the test. kimberly suiters has results. kimberly: "7 on your side" in the middle of a christmas tree test to see how flammable your christmas tree really is. here is why. when we went out and caught last minute shoppers looking for their tries, many admitted to keeping their
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weeks, even months longer than firefighters recommend. >> once up it's through february. >> it's easier to leave it up. kimberly: this is what we are doing. we have two artificial trees. this one has been pretreated with a fire retardant. this one has not. the two live trees, of course, came live. nothing treated about them. until we added two products we purchased online. fire retardant that promise to protect the christmas tree from a fire. we will give them two weeks to dry out. with the help of the arlington county fire department we are going to set them on fire and see how well they work. i'm one of those people who likes to keep a tree up at least for the 12 days of christmas. so that means january 6. check with "7 on your side" around then for our great christmas tree flammability experiment. in the newsroom, kimberly suiters, abc7
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back to you. alison: now a time for a check of the traffic situation. we know it is busy out here. trenice bishop has the details. trenice: hi there. this afternoon certainly busy. we have a lot of folks headed out for the holidays this weekend. also a lot of folks trying to wrap up the shopping for the same days coming up. we have congestion for you on the beltway. get to a live look here at 495. the beltway through bethesda. you guessed it. heavy on the outer loop coming from bethesda to river road here where we had an accident blocking the two right lanes for a while. you can keep the snail's pace making their way from maryland to virginia on the beltway. another issue for you. closer to silver spring. this is a disabled vehicle on the outer loop after georgia avenue. it does block a left lane. heavy volume delays but the folks are moving here from colesville to the incident at georgia. last report on the inner loop in georgia avenue we had a crash there on the ramp to join northbound georgia avenue from
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the b.w. parkway is where we are seeing delays. southbound with an accident involving four cars. currently blocking a right lane. after 1396. the delay -- 197. heavy from 198. 95 northbound is a better option at this hour. brake lights to northbound 32. if your ride takes you to baltimore, the volume is lighter on 95 than the b.w. parkway at this hour. back to you in studio. alison: okay, thank you. the holiday weekend is upon us. weather is cooperating. doug: we have to deal with rain. noon tomorrow it should be out of the area. q: no snow for santa's sleigh. doug: not this year. on any given year we only have a 15% chance to have a white christmas. sooner or later whether he get another one but not this year. if you want to see snow head to winter green. 36 degrees right now. no natural snow. but plenty
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they are turning up the snow gun and they are building up a good base. this is early in the winter. they will get more chances. the rest of the area will do well. we are dealing with the spotty skies and the temperature average for late december. mid-40's across most of the region at this hour. satellite and radar. north of harrisonburg. it's not reaching the ground yet. but farther west it is reaching ground. that is the pattern through the overnight hours here as the rain moves in. snow falling across michigan, wisconsin, minnesota. that is moving east/northeast. it's a fast-moving system. i don't think it has a major impact at all. in our area it's cloudy. the rain developing after midnight. 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. temperatures are safetily above freezing. tomorrow if you are heading out in the morning there is rain from richmond to the
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northeast and the main. that will clear out and end in the day. mild temperatures to the west. no major weather issues expected as well. the future cast shows timing here of the rain moving in. widespread at 7:00 in morning. to move out at noon. the computer model has different versions. some keep us covering and cloud cover and the winds out of the northeast. others are northerly to clear us out. in the forecast, i took a cheap way out. partly to mostly cloudy. so no matter what happens on sunday, christmas day weather wise i got it right. here is our forecast for the weekend. rain in the morning. 50 in the afternoon. cloudy for christmas eve and first day of hanukkah. christmas day is partly to mostly cloudy 48 degrees. look to the extend an the first day of kwanzaa on monday. showers on tuesdays turning cooler on wednesday. we will do the up and down routine. for the weekend, heading to the new year, typical weather. partl
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the 40's. q: listen if you at home and you have holiday shopping to do, you are not alone. the last-minute shopping spree is on. kohl's is saying open through tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. as molly cochran reports people are trying to get their hands on the hottest items. >> it's sure busy. the parking lot is starting to pick up. people are starting to come in. we are at the coles in springfield. they -- kohl's in springfield. they are open 24 hours through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow everything. behind me we can see the deal. a nice kuerig. i asked what made you wait last minute? procrastination or some of them may be forgot a few people this year. >> i forgot someone. >> i'm a last minute person. very little time. >> some of the hot things are the turntable, the kuerig, workout gear. one thing i an
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as i have been doing shopping myself. the elf on the shelf. i found kidd. he has been out all morning long and i find it at kohl's. self on the shelf, they got it. and deals that are running through tomorrow evening. if you are just picking up the last minute items. come on down to the kohl's. a lot of other places have been busy. we packed by thep@0@ wal-mart. it's jam packed. people racing around to get deals. if you there anything you need me to get, i'm here long sore if you forgot someone on your list send your list my way and i can pick it up for you as i come back to the station. hoping everyone has a happy holiday. q: i seeming her a text right -- i am sending her a text right now. i need something for alison. alison: perfect. i like
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q: see! coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are talking, the president-elect ditching what politically correct. and the push for people to say "merry christmas" and the reaction from people across the country. alison: an arrest in a shocking terrible case in arkansas. who is now in custody for shooting a child to death over road rage? that is just ahead.
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>> the annual season that celebrates mankind. q: trump is shutting political correctness to make good on the promise that america will once again say "merry christmas." national correspondent jeff barnd reports. jeff: incoming president donald trump rekindled the annual war on christmas. making good on the campaign promise to say "merry christmas" over other festive greetings like happy holidays or season's greetings. >> we are going to say "merry christmas" again. >> the president or the president-elect has a huge bully pull pill. he will make -- bully pulpit. he will make it easier for tores to say "merry christmas." jeff: the war on christmas began ten years ago when they started to favor politically correct terms
4:26 pm
people who celebrate other end of year holidays like kwanzaa or hanukkah. last-minute shoppers say it's the spirit of the season and not what is said matters. >> the point is to be encouraging and nice to everybody. >> there is more important stuff out there than merry christmas versus happy holidays. >> people should say what they believe it's right. what is good for you is good for you. >> one has yuletide revelers saying hambug to p.c. they prefer merry christmas 57 to 37%. >> it's the joy of the season. and they mean it in a positive way. >> press will have more pressing concerns on january 20 like bringing down the debt. battling isis. immigration reform. but you can bet the new administration, the war on christmas -- >> happy new year but merry christmas. >> will be back again some day. i'm jeff
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abc7 news. q: don't go anywhere. coming up here at abc7 news, turning your home into a procrastinator's paradise. the company will decorate your home for you. but the schedule is packed. even this close to christmas. >> shoppers are coming out to get the last-minute holiday meal essentials checked off why are you checking your credit score? i think we can finally get a bigger place. bigger place? yeah, let me check my score too. try credit karma. it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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q: police in arkansas say the road rage manhunt is officially over. they say they caught the man who shot a child to death. alison: tonight, new details about what may have led to the fatal gunshot. elizabeth hur reports. elizabeth: arrested and taken to jail thursday night according to police the 33-year-old gary holmes now charged with capital murder in the murder 306-year-old king in the case of road rage. >> it's sad for his life to be taken. elizabeth: the arrest coming a day after the grabbed mother spoke out for -- grandmother spoke out at a first time in a vigil. >> no shape, form or fashion did i know something like that would take place. >> police say it was
4:31 pm
black heavy impala opened fire at an intersection in little rock. >> shots fired. i thought he shot. he shot at the car. >> it wasn't until the grandmother pulled in a parking lot that she realized asen in backseat had been hit. >> he's been shot. oh, my god! >> court documents reveal a tip led police to the owner of the impala. the girlfriend said she was in the car at the time and claimed a car was following him too closely so he pulled over and let the car go past him. but when the car stopped at a stop sign for a few minutes holmes fired his gun and said that's what you get for following me around. we are told the u.s. marshalls reached it -- u.s. marshals reached out to fa
4:32 pm
to ray fing for him to surrender -- to arrange for him to surrender. alison: a terrible story. we'll switch gears. we have a huge travel day. a big holiday weekend upon us. doug is here to talk about the weather forecast. we have rain on christmas eve. doug: yeah. it will start overnight. 3:00 and 4:00 in the metro and end around noon. not brightest day. the rain will end. no rain expected on christmas day on sunday. it will work out. take a look at the outlook timeline. through the late night and the overnight. the clouds will lower and thicken. the rain will move in ahead of the frontal system. 3:00 in the morning. moving in from the west. if you are west of washington it moves in sooner. if you are east of the by a it will move in late -- east of the bay it will move in later. there are no concerns with ice or snow. tomorrow there is rain in the morning and mostly cloudy in the afternoon. front goes through and the winds will turn north and northeast but light. cool day. a cloudy day. we look ahead at peak who want
4:33 pm
christmas. this is what they are projecting with the new snow cover between now and christmas night. most of it is light and to the north of us. inch or two over michigan. upstate wisconsin. new england an inch or two. a 15% chance year to year of having snow on christmas. not happening this year. one thing we can tell you in the next four or five days we will continue to have this up and down pattern with the temperatures. tomorrow, 50 degrees. 48 for a high on sunday. on monday 53. we will shoot up to 60 as we head through tuesday. wednesday is back in the 40's. we go through the rest of next week through new year's eve and new new year's day temperatures settle in the mid-40's. typical, temperature wise for december and early january. steve rudin back with a detailed look at the forecast coming in 17 minutes. q: thank you. the late holiday season race for things like
4:34 pm
shopping. but there is an unusual last minute rush of something else. decorating. get this. one company will set up your tree and your lights and create wooden displays. right now two days before christmas, they are swamped. kevin lewis has been tagging along with the crew. talk about being last-minute preparers. >> procrastination, alive and well. no doubt about that. this company goes by the name the king of christmas. the owner openly admits his social life is not existent in the holiday season at least. the guy was out at this potomac home today working on a project with around 2,500 bright bulbs. >> we have had our best year ever. >> his sleigh, a van. his toys, thousands of luminous l.e.d. lights. >> you are putting smiles on people's faces. >> in the great recession, his painting company
4:35 pm
then one night over a glass of wine, he conjured up the idea for the king of christmas. the maryland native went on to launch the niche business in 2008 with 42 customers. now eight seasons later, he has accumulated more than 200 clients. on that list, pro athletes, professional musicians. white house adviser and a former miss america. >> i barely have enough time to sleep. i'm not kidding. kevin: the king of christmas now covers five states with projects ranging in price from $800 to $15,000. yet, the mission is always the same. >> when you think about it, it's the best job in the world. you turn the lights on every night. somebody drives by and slow their car down, take a look. bring a smile to their face. it's amazing. kevin: just like hallmark cards, the king of christmas has learned to l
4:36 pm
holidays. after all it recently started to decorate homes for halloween, st. patrick's day. and valentine's day as well. no doubt a lucrative business. live in potomac, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. alison: all right. kevin. thank you. well, you can feel the holiday hustle at the grocery stores, of course. people are scrambling to get popular items. amy aubert is joining us live where the store owner tells us it has been busy all week long. hi, amy. amy: hi. well, absolutely. he tells me they have been swamped all week. they doubled up to keep up with the demand. the workers are still here to keep the shell evers stocked. they have been filling jars and moving the shoppers through the check-out lines smoothly. they tell us they plan to have registers open to get last-minute shoppers in and
4:37 pm
out. they are looking for signature dishes for christmas or hanukkah, they should find the shelves they need packed full. >> christmas and hanukkah are together. >> a major focus for the crew today with keeping the ham, the turkey and the briskets full. they went to the farm to restock turkeys. alison: thank you. everything now is shipped to your door. now in oregon, marijuana. portland commissioners eased regulation and are allowing delivery only canada retailers. it's similar to the rules
4:38 pm
that the oregon liquor control. some are hesitant. q: traveling is stressful in the holiday season. but at denver's airport, an effort is underway right now to help passengers relax. they are making the therapy dogs available to keep travelers calm in the hustle and the bustle. >> i will tell united all about you. >> friendship, christmas. >> bring titles of comfort and -- tidings of comfort and joy. q: great idea. at the airport yesterday, five therapy dogs and their handlers strolled up and down the united airlines gates. alison: a parking attendant in houston ge
4:39 pm
the lifetime. raydel is often called when someone can't find their car at the airport. it takes her 15 to 30 minutes. this time it took over an hour. but she found it. get this? the customer returned with a tip of $3,000. q: wow! good for her. look at the smile on her face. alison: you know it! that is nice. q: well deserved. do a good job and get rewarded. that is great. in the holidays memories are made at the dinner table. help us set a place at the table for those who have sacrificed so much by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. go to alison: a new chapter in the divorce
4:40 pm
pitt and angelina jolie. pitt is making accusation against her. q: a bartender's quick thinking saves a man's life. heart-warming reunion next. alison: we are counting down to christmas at abc7. can you believe it's two days away? we wish everyone a very happy holiday. we'll be right back.
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q: happening tonight a toy drive for the capitals game. toys will be collected before the game starts at 7:00. you are welcome to bring a new unwrapped toy to the f street entrance. now a story out of bethesda where a bartender stepped in and saved someone's life. alison: this holiday reunion is unlike any other. it started with panic and ended with the you and gratitude in same place. anna-lysa gayle reports. anna-lysa: at the oakville grill and the wine bar. >> i was behind the bar here. anna-lysa: some say they witnessed a christmas miracle. it all started on december 10 with a customer who was in need of help when a piece of steak got stuck in
4:44 pm
>> he turns blue. it was bad. anna-lysa: that is when the bartender rushed to the choking man and performed the heimlich maneuver. >> it's just a moment you make a decision. basically around there to try to help someone. anna-lysa: after a short time it was success and he stopped the choking. >> that is something that should be something that you are doing and not thinking about the material stuff. >> but the customer who was saved wanted to express his gat tuesday in multiple way -- gratitude in multiple ways. he sent him this christmas card with a check made out for a generous amount. >> on the card he wrote he is happy he has one more christmas with his family. >> co-owner is happy with the storybook ending. just in time for the holidays. >> this is what christmas is
4:45 pm
all about. about giving and love and what happened here. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc7 news. alison: we had a similar story with the $3,000 tip. nice when people have the acts of kindness and come together. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the world's smallest snowman. now we are talking microscopic. coming up, who made it and how. q: the all-important holiday weekend outlook. the complete stormwatch7 forecast after this. alison: programming note for you now. we are launching a new series. it's called "abc7 stories." featuring can'tvating, intriguing and -- captivating, intriguing and share worthy stories. watch abc7 sunday this 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. to see the first two specials.
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q: a new chapter in the bitter divorce battle between brad pitt and angelina jolie. pitt is
4:49 pm
releasing private information about their six kids, including their therapists and mental health professionals and he is asking the judge to seal all the documents related to the divorce. alison: take a look at this. the world's smallest snowman. not just small. this is microscopic. you have to have a microscope to see it. tine cysts in canada created in -- scientists in canada created this in a lab. it's not made of snow. it's composed of tiny spheres made of silica. it is three microns tall. if you don't know what that is, which i didn't, for reference that is thinner than a human air. q: that is pretty darn small. alison: but they have detail on there. that is incredible. q: i think it could be photoshopped on. alison: you are not a believer. q: i am not. i think they have too much time on their hands. steve: cool, though. alison: it's really cute. q: it is.
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us. hanukkah, kwanzaa, christmas, you name it. steve: the works. everything aligned perfectly. travel, travel conditions. we have no real big storms across the mid-atlantic for today. tomorrow is iffy if you have the travel plans close to town. it will be wet. by noon it will be look better. alison: not icy. >> no. well above freezing. good for us. 40's for the evening if you are doing holiday shopping. the cloudy skies. winds out of the south at 5 to 10. the satellite and radar. this is rain moving across west virginia. moves our way through overnight hours. about midnight is when the first drops will start to enter the immediate metro. milwaukee, they are dealing with the wintry weather. forecast tonight it's well above freezing. 36 to 40. showers, the period of rain developing after midnight. the christmas weekend forecast looks like this.
4:51 pm
morning rain tomorrow. it's a lot brighter by later in the afternoon. there is more sun on sunday. it's upper 40's for christmas day. lower 50's on monday. tuesday, 60 degrees. chance for showers. 43 on wednesday. 51 on thursday. we send 2016 on school note. middle 40's. sunday january 1, temperatures are 40 to 45 degrees. check on the rush hour commute. trenice: a rush ongoing. there are a lot of delays. no newing doesn'ts are
4:52 pm
literally all the travel lanes reopened. if we go to the live shot you can see we have a slow pace. the travel lanes are open. the accident is now cleared. heavy volume delay on prince george's side of the beltway. an earlier incident that left with delays at 214. it's still heavy on 95 but the travel lanes are open. if ride home at 270 is heavy. don't forget we have premium outlets at the same exit. you may find more brake lights. back to you. q: thank you. breaking news to tell you about in the newsroom. we found out that the "l.a. times" is reporting "star wars" stark about res
4:53 pm
fisher had a e. she is in critical condition. suffered it on a flight from london to los angeles. that is all we know. we are following it throughout the day. we have more at "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: coming up next, it sounds like the perfect solution for last-minute shoppers. order online and pick it up at the store. a possible downside to that. up next what you need to know so you don't waste your money. alison: new at 5:00 tonight. >> this week we come to give you $20,000. >> look at the reaction. >> a huge holiday surprise at the medical center. former redskins player added to the cheer. a heart warming story you'll see only on
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alison: many last minute shoppers are doing ship to store service. you order and pick it taunt store. but there is a possible downside so you don't waste your money. john: many people do the bulk of the holiday shopping online. shipping it to their homes or ship to store option. but be careful. one woman says she was told she has to drive six
4:57 pm
a store pickup. remember when k-mart made splash about shipping your pants. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. john: on black friday, sharla decided to ship boots for the free in-store pickup. >> i got online. i heard it would be a good way to get it without going to the stores. >> she ordered several kids boots for pickup at the local k-mart store. the next day she got an e-mail saying they were ready to be picked up 350 miles away. >> there was an e-mail that i had to pick up in chicago, illinois. john: that's right. she told her she had to drive to chicago. way up on the foth side of chicago to pick up her kids boots. >> i said you can't ship it to hillsborough? they said they don't offer the service. >> she was luckily able to cancer the order but web
4:58 pm
there were no kids boots near her. we contacted sears holding to see if it was a glitch or the policy. we have yet to hear back. she wonders if this is why they no longer to ship your pants. >> i just shipped my pants. it's very convenient. >> very convenient. john: kmart believes she clicked okay when the nearest story was in illinois. hundreds of miles away. but anytime you use the store pickup don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. kimberly: six minutes apart and why the police think the deaths are connected. plus a gift from the netherlands falling silent. wait until you hear what it could take to fix it. >> he is my baby. he will always be my baby. but he helps millions of kids every year. >> a loc
4:59 pm
the children national hospital. with a from found presence -- pronowed presence. kimberly: breaking news out of los angeles where actress carrie fisher is reportedly in critical condition after a heart attack. it happened while the "star wars" star was on a flight from london to l.a. the 60-year-old was taken to the hospital after the plane touched down go hours ago. we will get you more information on her condition as soon as a it comes in to the newsroom. alison: well, we have new developments today. thursday's deadly police involved shooting in prince george's county. a man who was in the car with terrance thomas has now been charged in this case. thomas was found sleeping in a car but thomas was shot to death after police say h
5:00 pm
tapped on the car window. kimberly: investigators in italy spent much of their day scouring the scene in milan after a man accused of driving a truck through holiday market was shot and killed. >> it would have been better if they caught him alive but he got his punish. kimberly: the death of anis amri brought europe-wide manhunt to an end but it has not ended the police investigation or the terror threat. he was shot and killed after he was spotted by chance. they found fingerprints inside the truck that plowed through the christmas market in


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