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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> we're not unfamiliar with the threats that might happen. that's not the message we're leading with tonight. about peace.g >> tonight churches somewhat on warning from the f.b.i. and homeland security as attend prepare to christmas eve services. christmas eve not slowing the extremely last-minute shopping. the options you still have left coming up. monsters of the midway. their playoff hopes hinge much game.on this one the highlights just ahead. abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. a good evening, it will be white christmas in other parts of the country has folks brace
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or digging out of the latest round. coming christmas eve is to a close. barring a christmas their asking, don't expect snow here. steve rudin has a look at the forecast. the bright spot, good flying santa, steve. steve: skies will clear out later on tonight, no worries there. the rain is over with. you don't have to drag an umbrella with you as you head to on ch services later tonight. leesberg, temperatures the late will fall into 40's and eventually most of the area waking up to your christmas day, we'll see temperature 30's.ngs in the e have a warm-up on the 10day outlook and temperatures will reach close to 60 degrees. i'll tell you more about that nd looking ahead to 2017 in just a few minutes. kimberly. >> if you haven't finished your shopping, you're not in deep trouble yet. it's not really the time to
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apparently. dara shows us how to cover everyone on your list, even the stores close. mad ter: it's the last dash to get where you're going and grab those last-minute gifts. christmas eve means packed shopping malls and long lines at country. across the >> come in early, check in early, make sure you're ready for everything. oure just had to reschedule flight because we missed our checked baggage time by one minute. really unfortunate. reporter: in the nation's mall, it's a race to beat the clock. i don't like the parking lot. i don't care for the malls, but we're doing it. i'm working during the day. eporter: don't worry, even procrastinators can cash in. son, my niese, my uncles and my wife. kohl's, targets has discounts
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from legos and apple watch. here is a shock. delivery may still be an option. is offering a procrastinator's delight. if you order before 9:45, you'll your gifts by midnight. are buy and bloomingdale's using a start-up service for same-day service. live near a big despair, printable gift certificates are an option. great to have someone unwrap a gift it's actually a really nice thing to do and a patronize local businesses. kimberly: and speaking of the commercial aspect of christmas, morning's rain did not stop last-minute holiday shoppers from getting out to complete lists. things were fairly calm, though, at this target in virginia. some
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out said they weren't even planning to hit the stores today. >> it's christmas, so we want to make sure we covered everybody. forgot some folks. so we thought they were covered and they weren't, so we're going sure they get covered. kimberly: a little confession there in the target. while many stores will close early because of christmas eve, some stores plan to stay open as 11:00. we'll be there to see some cross at the very last moment. moving on to the war on terror, t is hitting home on this holiday season. a warning out now from the f.b.i. just before christmas. isis apparently wants its supporters to target churches, in the ryan hughes is in alexandria for us. i wonder if there is a awareness ornse of security or did parishioners not even know about the warning? ryan: kimberly, many did not know about this warning. you can see behind me, church
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and so many ere other families heading to mass this weekend. it's b.i. does tell us working closely with federal, state, and local law say cement, but churches the message here tonight is not peace. fear, but preparing for a marathon of as es this christmas eve parishioners light nearly 1,200 candles to welcome the holy warning from the f.b.i.ment it's telling law enforcement to remain vigilant on its is calls supporters to attack churches across the country. with thenot unfamiliar threats that might happen, but hat's not the message we're leading with tonight. ryan: christmas celebrations go on as planned. group publishing the names and addresses of church with a
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holiday. fear is not our attitude here. peace is our attitude. this comes days after 12 people were killed when a man crowd at a to a christmas market in berlin, germany. ind shepherd catholic church alexandria has been training ushers to be alert for anything. we train them when to intervene and really not to intervene just to keep our people safe. ryan: the f.b.i. is investigating the credibility of he threat and parishioners are vowing they will not live in fear, but pray for hope and peace this christmas. we can't give into it basically. i think this is a celebration of the meaning of christmas. arch diocese of washington and arlington telling us churches are open to everyone this weekend and its schedules have not changed. are warning churchgoers have been aware of your
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surroundings, if you see something suspend i suspicious, report it to police right away. ryan hughes, abc 7 news kimberly: breaking news right now. onald trump is dissolving his charity, the donald j. trump foundation. in a release through his team, president-elect trump said this move was to avoid appearances of conflict of interest. recall his foundation had been investigating for self-dealing spending donated and his himself businesses. this morning, president obama to vered his weekly address wish everyone a merry christmas nd he was joined by first lady michelle. resolve obama: let's to recommit ourselves to the values we share. on behalf of all of the obamas, malia, sasha, merry christmas, everybody. >> we wish your family a happy and healthy
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2017. thanks and god bless. kimberly: this is the final message from the obamas in office. they are spending their winter do in s they always hawaii. the bears' offense was the gift that kept on giving for the today. >> here is the thing, though, is it too little too late to get a like this? kimberly: it keeps their playoff hopes alive. going to keep the christmas spirit and say good job. you wanted them to do it every game this season. they could have done this for the panthers on monday. in the first, chris thompson on the screen pass here. score.ds for the skins up 14-0 and he goes in the end zone. cousins the second, keeps it on the read option, line for a 9-yard touchdown. keeping their 21 playoff hopes alive. here is jay gruden after the game.
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man, these guys came out and competed and did a great job. this is never an easy place to that's for sure. this is an unbelievable place, atmosphere. to come out and here and play, we started fast. i was happy how we started and come back and m score the touchdown. they come out the third quarter, overall ve turnovers, was big time. >> redskins improved to 8-6-1. ore reaction coming up in sports. again, is it too little too late? there is still a chance. to wait and see what happens. kimberly: it's christmas eve, you'll be charitable. go. to coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, carrie fisher, our princess leia still hospitalized after a heart attack on her trans-atlantic flight. he first new information in a deadly crash, this is breaking news last night. n innocent man was killed by someone who was running from police, just how young that
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kimberly: updating a story right now that abc 7 has been following since it broke last night. have now identified the man killed in a wreck caused running away as from police. kenneth morris jr.'s car was rear-ended. it spun out of control and right into a tree. 17-year-old david mclean, 17 years old, tried to run away after that crash, but and now faces second degree murder charges. update now to another story that was breaking last night, a double shooting in southeast, who was shot men has died. damon thomas was rushed to the hospital. he died overnight. the other shooting victim is in critical condition right now. or description of the gunman in that case. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, the carrie fisher after she suffered a hearttt
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flight from london to l.a. the "star wars" star's status ahead. making christmas right for one family, grandparents losing but all they cared about where the gifts for their children. and the ed into help early unwrapping. >> and abc 7 is tracking santa. good look. he will be arriving in mali a
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a ember 28 to nominate deserving veteran. an update now on actress carrie an er who suffered apparently heart attack shortly before her flight from london to los angeles. fisher's brother says she is care but excellent wouldn't elaborate on her condition. stabilized but -- intensive care. finding a way to make christmas special, all of the gifts that this woman bought for the children were destroyed in a fire. but the christmas spirit lives on. tots the helps of toys for of washington, her grandchildren got all of the gifts they were hoping for. we realized the ages of the kids, we knew that we of them out,e any
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from age 1 to i think 14, but at that age, everybody enjoys christmas and receiving gifts. everybody and enjoying giving when it's something like this, right. the grandparents say they lost fire, but werethe so concerned about the happiness grandchildren. our hopes of a white christmas are definitely dashed. know, we want to know how disappointed are you instapoll. our abc 7 ead to now, i'm disappointed to let it snow or no that weather is frightful. retweeted it a few minutes ago actually. the weather was perfect for to water ski down the potomac. this is a view from old town this dria, not bad afternoon once the rain stopped falling. santa, but the re
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coming ome cools dunks up here. according to the water skiing website, this tradition started in 1986. not a clean landing however. potomac has to be a little chilly. steve: hard to criticize a landing, i don't think i could much better. so we had the rain early this everyone thought is it a washout? kimberly: it was gloomy. got i saw blue sky earlier this afternoon. in winchester, ragan national at 47 and we're going look for our temperatures to slowly fall as they move through hours.ening satellite and radar from storm watch 7, the clouds are now further toward the south. great news there. forecast low temperatures to 43 degrees, can't rule out a little bit of patchy fog come early tomorrow morning, but nothing that is going
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delay santa and definitely nothing that is going to delay of your morning christmas plans. waking up tomorrow, looking at temperatures in the lower to a nice 0's, we will see warm-up as we move through the midmorning hours. highs by the afternoon will make to the upper 40's to 50 degrees under partly sunny skies. of the north at just around five to 10 miles per hour. temperatures on the cool side, but no wind chill factor. uturecast tomorrow into tomorrow evening, no major travel issues up and down the immediate metro area, i should up and down the east coast. clouds will thicken tomorrow night into the day on monday. stay dry on monday, high temperatures lower 50's and a better chance for a few showers with highs near 60. traveling around the area for 36 in on sunday, detroit, 37 over in chicago, and miami in orlando and out to the west, still they re sticking to the cool te
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at least dle 50's, we'll have more sunshine. they have had quite a bit of rain. 10-day outlook, upper 50's to around 60 on tuesday. 45 on tures around wednesday. we'll welcome the new year with just atures at midnight around 37 to 38 degrees and the will bey of 2017, highs in the upper 40's with a nice amount of sunshine. robert. robert: thank you, steve, christmas came early for the redskins today. too littl
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by toyota dealer. robert: well, it was one of those games where you ask yourself, where was this when panthers on he monday? the redskins completely bnihilated the
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irst quarter, chris thompson takes the handoff, runs up the 7-0 le for a 7-0 touchdown, lead. thompson strikes again, this time through the air, makes the pass, 17 the screen yards for the score, skins up 14-0. stepped up as well. att barkley fires to triple coverage. second interception of the season and another pick in this one. later in the second, kirk cousins would keep it on the the goal lineinds for a 9-yard score. half.ins led 24-14 at the how about that. defense quarter, skins' continuing to rebounding havoc, preston smith almost sacked barkley. picked off by josh norman. that gives washington pretty good field condition. looking so good right now. a few minutes later, cousins keeps it
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himself again for his second rushing touchdown of the game. control 31-14.te n the fourth, mack brown gets the carry, explodes up the field. brown takes it all the way for a of ard touchdown, the first his career, the redskins win playoff eping their hopes alive. >> there was a sense of urgency. there always is, though. every game is important. we know that they all matter. we always feel that. coming on the road, i mean, it's the chicago bears. out.though the records this is an iconic organization and a lot of history here and a ot of great players in the field. we knew we were going to have to bring our best. comfortable and going through one or two or three progressions, he is pretty darn good. off to the offensive line, receivers, kirk finding holes in the zones. those guys were excellent. more nf
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they had to play a game hours skidded off lane the runway after a landing. everyone was ok, but they were several hours before fire officials helped them off the plane. this happened last night. today, ffect their play though? we'll see, second quarter, vikings down 21-6. bradford, a nice play-action ake, fires down the field and takes to the house for a 71-yard score. is on n the second, pack the move. aron rodgers avoids the rush, finds the end zone for a 6-yard score. packers win it and they're still ahead of the redskins in this playoff hunt. panthers, early in the first, no score, matt ryan corner for joshua perkins, a 26-yard touchdown. lead.lcons take a 7-0 fast forward to the fourth, 20-13 falcons, coleman
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handoff, turns the corner, he is gone. 55 yards for the touchdown. falcons win this one. and one final note, the browns are no longer winless. 20-17, at the chargers but rg iii suffered a concussion and left the game early. a rough go for
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kimberly: i can't stand the weather this time of year. i mean really? steve: you want the snow, right? the one time when everybody can snow, notlittle bit of enough to cause problems, but just enough for christmas morning or eve. this year.e high around 50, lower 50's on
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tuesday, near 60, 60
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welcome to "world news tonight." treacherous travel as christmas nears. heavy snow, ice, powerful winds. an unwanted gift from mother nature, disrupting holiday travel for millions across the country. shocked and saddened. hollywood co-stars and friends sharing their emotional reactions after "star wars" actress carrie fisher goes into cardiac arrest. the latest on her condition tonight. church terror threat. with many now heading to worship this christmas eve, a warning from the fbi on the growing isis threat. turf war. president-elect trump at odds with the obama administration over one of our closest allies. plus some rockettes now high-kicking their way out of the inauguration. and the little boy, the long wait, and the photo going viral.


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