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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 27, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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so many people reacting to his passing. >> stories about his kind gestures that people didn't know about including charitable donations that he did in secret. >> just the way he liked it. all right. switching gears now, and moving on to chicago where it's just been a horrible weekends. deadly wave the violence continues over the holiday weekend there. 50 people shot and 12 of those fatal. officials say much of the violence was targeted and gang related and the violence in chicago this year hit record levels with 750 people killed this year. that's a record homicide tally in two decades. >> unbelievable. violence broke out in the country's shopping malls, believe it or not, the day after christmas. i guess 24 hours in the christmas spirit is gone. there was a large fight in the food court of this mag on new york's long island, the mall i grew up going to, reports of a shooting, but it was not true. >> well, it was boxing day, after all. some parts of the world. and a mall was evacuated
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led to hundreds of young people converging on the site. no one was seriously hurt, but five juveniles taken into custody. >> the boxing refers to gifts, not punching people out while trying to return them. >> oh, yes. it's not actually celebrated in the u.s. in the commonwealth. >> we appreciate those in the spirit. a woman rescued near the grand canyon shares her survival story. karen cline and her family stuck on the road in the arizona forest before christmas. they were rescued friday as she walked 26 miles to get help. she was found on christmas eve curled up in a cabin too exhausted to make a fire. >> wow. >> i kept thinking, this isn't how my life is supposed to end. my son needs his mother. my husband needs his wife. you know, i'm not letting my mother bury me. i can't let this happen. >> rescuers found cline before a big storm
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they say that she would not have survived if not for the fact that she was in such good shape. >> absolutely incredible, though. story of survival. >> motherly instincts there. >> rookies rookie had a debut and bringing back something that is overdue. we're talking about the name and be able to pronounce it, draining the first underhanded free throw in the nba. >> boom. >> it's a rare -- >> look at the sidelines. >> it's a rare sight. >> and again. >> hall of famer rick berry who retired in 1980 was the last nba player to use the underhanded free throw on a regular basis. >> had a shooting percentage of 90% at the free throw line. it's not a graceful style, perhaps some say, but it certainly works. not only for this play e but in general. it's known to work better for most players. he adopted the
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college days. the free throw percentage improved from m 6% to 58.9%. >> people call it the granny -- >> they do call it the gran mny shot. rick berry is a proponent of it, improving his percentage, greatly, one of the best, really, and tried to coach other well-known players, will chamberlain, a horrible percentage, 60% underhand and went back to overhand because he felt like a sissy, and his percentage immediately plunged after he started throwing regular again, but he chose to have a worse free throw percentage than throw underhand. >> it's a new trend maybe in the nba? i doubt it. >> rick berry's son plays college now, and he throws underhand, and he has a good percentage. we may see a new trend. would you throw granny. >> i'm secure in my masculinity, but much better going over.
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here's a look at a brazen heist in new york city's most exclusive stores. video captured a suspect throwing a brick through the window of the store. according to the store manager, the thieves got away with over $1 million of russian fur coats. the holiday shopping season not over yet, and experts are tallying up, trying to figure out how successful it was for retailers. >> experts say spending is up topping $1 trillion this year. >> reporter: the rush to make returns and spend christmas gift cards triggering one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year. >> gave my mom the wrong gift in the store so i wanted a different color. i didn't want to wait long. i got it asap. >> reporter: get gifts you hated or wrong size? >> wrong size. >> reporter: retailers hope to cash in, too, extending hours offering deep discounts on about
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everything. the best deal, clothing. >> absolutely amazing. >> reporter: name brand sites like limited and express slashing prizes 50% or more, and experts say you may be able to bargain for a better deal in person, but don't procrastinate. nearly a quarter of all stores shorten their return window around the holidays. plus, be ready with your receipt and photo id. more and more retailers require both to cur issue shot lifting. sell gift cards online at giftcard abc news, new york. coming up, the year in sports. we'll be right back. "world news now"
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quite a year for sports, wasn't it? speck ttacular summer olympics buzzer beater as. >> long awaited championships and notable deaths as well. abc takes a look at the whole year in sports. ♪ >> reporter: 2016, the year the chicago cubs broke the curse. a 108 year drought over, cubs clenching the series with a game seven win over the indians. >> home champs, baby!
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after hometown hero lebron james led the cast of the city's first championship in 52 years. first team ever to come back from a 3-1 deficit in an nba final to beat a record setting golden state warriors and curry. the denver broncos victorious at 50, super 50, and tom brady started the 2016 season after serving a four-game suspension after deflate-gate. another qb taking a knee on the sidelines as kaepernick protested the treatment of black people by police, refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> we have to come together, unite, and unify and make a change. >> reporter: the nation debated his actions. other athletes joined in their own way. championships were celebrated on the ice. on the track. >> seven time champion, jimmy johnson. >> reporter: and on the
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course. the alabama crimsonide rolled over the tigers in an exciting football national championship. villano villanova's dramatic buzzer beater beating unc for the ncaa championship gave new meaning to march madness. u-conn women won their fourth title, and olympics are back lighting the torch in rio, and concerns of the zika virus overshadowed the games, but usa shined, and biles led the u.s. gymnastics team and ruled in the pool, and ryan lochte's story, fake, but u.s. breaking 120 medals, the real deal. >> in a moment of silence for jose fernandez. >> i'm gordie. >> oh, my goodness. >> rise
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summitt was a hipioneer. >> arnold palmer was the king. the returning hero of muhammad ally. >> still the greatest of all time. >> reporter: giants in sports who paved the way for so many who played their last games this year from football to baseball to basketball. lakers's legend kobe bryant put up 60 points in the time game, and payton manning walkinged away after winning the super bowl, and vin, calling his final game after 70 years. >> wishing you a pleasant good afternoon wherever you may be. >> reporter: farewells and incredible moments for the history books. abc news. >> thank you, a big year in
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e total. best check-up ever. why is mercy number one all the sudden again? it's been out for months. there's a live version released. >> neighbor that's why. i don't know. >> thoughts there. >> investigative unit is getting on that. four hikers home after being rescued in new mexico after their camping trip turned into a complete nightmare. >> stranded in a national park by rising waters. travis of our station in baton rouge with the story. >> reporter: a reunion many thought never would
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four young men left thursday night for a two-day hiking trip in new mexico. >> seconds day we were there, it rained a fair bit, but it was light for, you know, louisiana standards. >> reporter: he and his three friends didn't think anything of the rain, but when they woke up the next morning, the river had risen by 12-15 feet. the hikers trapped. miles into the park, completely cut off. the goal? get back to the visitor's center. >> we forged the river, and made it across easy, second one was rough, i was dragged down the river twice. >> reporter: tieing themselves together, they crossed several raging rivers in below freezing temperatures, having lost supplies along the way with a stick of meat to ration between the four of them, resorting to eating snow for water. >> with the dehydration and hunger, it was like a dream. >> reporter: doing everything they could to stay alive. >> stacked camping hammocks and wrappedar
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to conserve heat. >> reporter: when they could not cross another river, they stayed put. >> the first helicopter showed up, and me and ethan went up to the hillside to wave them down, dropped us water, and say they would be there in hours. >> reporter: hours turned into 20, but, finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. >> seeing the chopper come and rescue us on christmas was the best present i've had in a long time. >> reporter: now the boys are home, but maybe not for long. you guys are going hiking any time soon? >> actually, yeah. absolutely. >> taking a lot of valuable information from this. >> more precautions next time. >> reporter: a ketc, tv 3. >> why i refuse to walk in central park. never know. >> afraid to get stranded.
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this morning on "world news now," president obama and president-elect donald trump are in a new argument, trading jabs over who would win in a hypothetical election between the two. tough talk on a historic day for the president in hawaii. a violent incident at the mall, many caught on camera, at shopping outlets coast to coast. police forced in e ed into actie busiest shopping day of the year. details ahead. sink hole emergency in michigan, families not knowing when they are allowed back in. it's an area threatened by sink holes before. the details coming up. what a party in mexico. a girl's birthday bash viral after more than a million people said they'd attend, and plenty of them did. sh


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