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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 27, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on this morning on "world news now," historic day ahead of pearl harbor, the leader of japan joining with president obama to visit the site of the attack that plunged the u.s. into world war ii, meeting months after the president paid his respects at hiroshima. full details straight ahead. also, expect road closures in the plains and midwest, but millions dealing with rough conditions returning to work today. the accuweather forecast and what the rest of the week brings as well. new this morning as well, homeowner's revenge against would-be robbers. defend your deliveries for next year's holiday season. tributes pour in for george michael, we have details about new secrets up covered about hi
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that's coming up on this tuesday, december 27th. from abc news, this is "world news now. [000:01:12;00] ". we start with japan's prime minister going to pearl harbor, 75 years after the historic attack. >> president obama joins the leader at the memorial honoring american sailors and marines killed in the bombing. the visit is meant to be a show of reconciliation. >> reporter: today, president obama and japan's prime minister, shinzo abe, make history by visiting the uss arizona me who yal at pearl harbor together. >> things in the morning december 7th, just after 6:00 a.m., launched the main take. >> reporter: 75 years since that attack killed 2,000 americans, launching the u.s. in world war ii.
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>> it's significant here today to think about the fact those torpedo planes would have been lowering their altitude. >> reporter: above the water, all that remains is a rusted gun turret, but beneath the waters, hundreds of men entombed. >> part of the mission here at monument is reconciliation, so i think this event is a great reflection of the reconciliation that's happened. >> reporter: abe's visit comes months after president obama's trip to hiroshima, where he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the site where the united states dropped a nuclear bomb in 1945. the white house says this visit between president obama and prime minister abe took pearl harbor's uss memorial is a demonstration of the strength of the japan-u.s. alliance. abc news, honolulu, hawaii. speaking of president obama and he and president-elect, donald trump, engaged in a public spat over an imaginary election.
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no disagree with the president's assertion that he would have beaten trump had he been allowed to run for a third term. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again and or ticklated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of american people to rally behind it. trump tweeting president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. trump is sounding off on his twitter account over his charitable foundation that he now plans to shut down. he says, to avoid conflicts of interest. last night, trump posted two messages say he gave millions of dollars to djt foundation, raise or received millions more, all of which is given to charity and the media won't report, but there's an ongoing investigation
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into how the foundation's money was trump cannot dissolve the foundation until the investigation is over. no break from the deadly violence tormenting chicago this year. at least 50 people were shot this weekend. 12 fatal. many were gang related. during a news conference, the police superintendent renewed calls for tougher penalties for repeat gun offenders and said officers recovered 45 guns from the streets, just since friday. >> these were deliberate and planned shootings by one gang against another. they were targeted knowing fully well that individuals would be at the homes of family and friends celebrating the holiday. if you pick up a gun and shoot somebody, you should go to prison, period. that's the end of that story. you know, the notion that you should get a pass, you don't get a pass from me. >> well, overall, the city has been racked by an unprecedented
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wave the violence with at least 750 people killed this that's up more than 50% from the previous year. >> and the sink hole emergency in the detroit area has now forced officials to take some drastic action. they are dumping raw sewage into the nearby clinton river as last resort. eva pilgrim has more on what prompted that emergency. >> reporter: the state of emergency in michigan, a sink hole threatening this entire neighborhood. >> very scary. very scary. i'm glad we're out of there. >> reporter: families evacuated, including sue, who woke up to the sound of splintering brick. >> loud noises, cracking throughout the evening, getting progressively greater like boom, boom, boom, so we got up and couldn't get out of the garage door. >> reporter: neighbor derek and his father ran over to help, grabbing whatever they could. >> i didn't how bad the situation was, but we kept running in and out as much as we could until police officers told us we could no longer go in because it was too dangerous. >> reporter: this town had this problem before.
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in 2004, hole opened on the same road, shutting it down for nearly ten months. authorities blaming this sink hole on a collapsed sewer pipe 45 feet under the ground, and residents are urged to stay awe. >> let the people get their jobs done. it's a devastating situation we don't want to become a tragedy. >> reporter: engineers are working to get people back home, but say it could be two weeks before that happens. eva pilgrim, abc news, michigan. blast of winter weather that buried the plains in snow. it is on the move right now. >> driving conditions have improved in the upper midwest after the storm closed some sbrer at a ti interstates, gusty winds led to delays and flight cancellation in minnesota. strong win knocked out power to,000 in michigan last night, and unusually warm weather raised a possibility of tornados in the south. >> millions of americans head
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back to work today after the paul williams has a look at the rest of the week. good morning. >> good morning. there's a blast of cold air. i need your attention for you focus on the west. late week, we look for a brief spell of colder weather. temperatures dropping between 3-6 degrees below the norm and lake effect snow kicking in new york and pennsylvania and even as far south as west virginia. then we have a low pressure system that's going to really crank it up as it moves north. look for heavy snowfall. it's going to cause problems on i-91 as well as 93 with travel interruption and 30-40 miles per hour winds. that's significant. the snow personal kicks in as the low kicks in moisture smacking into the cold air from the north. kendis, diane? >> thank you. the night had a promising start for an oregon resident, justin, after a few drinks he
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decided to see "s minutes into the movie. >> which is what many of us do in the movies, but he woke up hours later in an empty movie theater. he set off the alarm thought someone would arrive, but no one came. >> i just called 911 at that point, and no other option, and i ended up getting a hold of them and thought, it's not an emergency, i'm just stuck in the movie theater here. >> deputies say it's not a crime, and that the theater staff just forgot to check the entire theater before closing for the night. maybe he got a few free screenings. >> exactly. >> maybe he works the night shift. we hear you, justin. >> no word that he fell asleep because he did not appreciate the movie which is from our
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parent company disney. >> it was just becau defending your deliveries against those trying to steal them. we have hints about how maybe you can keep your gifts safety ahead. >> and taylor swift's gift, christmas gift, to one of her oldest fans. that's ahead in the skinny. it's really cool. "world news now" weather brought to you by life alert.
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an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. well, you don't see this often. drivers in wisconsin spotted an odd traveler on the highway, a 2-year-old black bear. the bear casually walked up to cars and people snapped photos as you can tell. the police arrived on scene, and
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the bear wa rehab center. >> authorities say they will allow the bear to spend the winter there, but eventually, they hope to find a place for him at a zoo. was he trying to hitchhike? just wanted a ride. the thumb thing is complicated. a problem this season, thieves stealing packages from someone's front porch. >> delivery services say there's not much they can do, so that means homeowners are taking action. in washington state, however, they are fighting back. abc with the story there. >> reporter: homeowners striking back against those porch pirates, the brazen thieves hitting in broad daylight, coming on foot, by car, and even by two wheels looking for easy loot at your doorstep. 23 million americans already falling victim to the crime, and now some are fighting back. jeremy set up a bait box that
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sets off a when grabbed. police say something this extreme is not a great idea, so far, it's worked. twice. would-be thieves scurrying off. >> i have no real recourse. if i want a solution that would detour and prevent, nothing scarier than think you're shot at by a 12 gauge. >> reporter: this seattle woman saved her package while traveling hundreds of miles away nan thanks to ring. from her cell phone, she saw a live feed of a man on her porch and talked him into walking off empty handed. officials say the best way to fight back? surveillance cameras providing a clear view of faces and license plates on get-away cars. abc news, new york. >> i say the best way to fight back is "home alone" style s setup. shotgun, paint buckets cover the
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thieves, feathers, net catches them. deliver it to your office. where there's people there. and -- >> okay. >> not to an empty house. >> you could do it that way too. >> if you want to do that sure-fire way, butted go ahead with the bells and whistles. >> i should cancel all the paint buckets and feathers. when we come back, learning much more details about george michael's good deeds. >> and taylor swift did a good deed herself for the oldest fan. stay with us. the skinny's next.
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"world news now" reactions pouring in after the death of pop superstar, george michael. fans stopping by london home to leave flowers and tokens of remembrance. celebrities tweet reactions to his death and what he meant to them. with that, we are learning surprising things about him. >> for example, did you know this, five years ago, he was the first, first ever guest on car pool with james cordin. ♪ baby i'm your man >> i love it! ♪ no less baby
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♪ i'm >> look how much he was into it way back then. he's a huge, huge fan of george michael. it was a sketch for bbc comic relief, annual television program that raises money for charity. you saw the matching jackets there. that's james there driving while sitting on the right, of course, there in the u.k. >> and it was based on this and how much fun people had watching this that then it was born when james got his own show. >> over on cbs and became a huge thing. so fun to see there. >> another side to george michael, a fun side they have not seenings but we learned he was incredibly generous. dozens came forward with stories of charitable giving. in one instance, he saw a television program in which a woman said she needed $15,000 for medical treatment, and the very next day, he secretly gave her the money.
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>> and michael also donated money to counselling service there in britain, and two other children's charities and aids groups, of course, royalties from wam's single went to ethiopia famine relief and worked in a homeless shelter anonymously. >> that's the beauty. a lot of this was done in secret. it was not as though he was putting this out there and looking for credit. it's only now with his death all the people come forward saying, hey, by the way, did you know. >> he was at a diner at one point, and one person recounted after the death, of course, and his waitress did not -- talked about how much debt she had, and he listened to it. she wasn't complaining to him, but after he left, he had a check he wrote out to her, blank check, for several thousand dollars to get her out of the debt. >> wow. big heart. man with a big heart for sure. >> absolutely. >> tributes continue to pour in for george michael. pop star taylor swift known
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for nice surprises, and she gave one to a fan. a missouri man who quite likely is the oldest at 96 years old, world war ii veteran, porter. he's been to two concerts, a legit man, and says it brings him closer to 20 grandchildren. i think that's just the excuse. >> i'm thinking so. >> he just loves. >> there's this, yesterday, it brought him closer to her, his grandchildren shared these photos of swift and her 96-year-old swiftie, giving an improptu performance at the sell abrasion. one of the grandsons called it a christmas miracle. >> amen to that. i want to be 96 going to pop concerts. >> singing i'm feeling 96. ♪ i keep moving
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♪ can't stop won't stop >> >> we have to complete the line before we scare people. >> are premature. she's alive and well. and denying the report. so this -- the internet is cruel sometimes. apparently this started yesterday morning when sony music's global twitter account said, quoting here, britney spears is dead by accident. we'll tell you more soon. rip, britney. moments later, bob dylan's account said rip britney. >> i don't understand why he's breaking news about britney's -- either way, it's not true. spears is not dead, very much alive and well. the sony account was hacked and dylan's account is managed by sony. there you go. nine hours after reports of death, spears posted photos of herself on her own account to verify. sony apologized to the singer and her fans and those tweets, as you guessed, have been
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fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful. whatever it is you got for christmas, hard to top this gift from a mother to her adopted daughter.
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>> this gift touched the lives of two families in differe abc has the story. >> reporter: she's a little girl with three big brothers she adores. 10-year-old audreyme menwanted thing, this yore, it was on her list. >> one thing she wanted as well as a cello, she wants a sister. >> reporter: the mom, jennifer, searched for something, anything, for history in china why she was adopted in 2007. >> we stumbled on a picture, and from there, we were able to find there were two of them. >> reporter: that's right, two, jennifer discovered her daughter has an identical twin sister, also adopted by an american family. >> like, amazing christmas present. >> i just thought it was not real. >> reporter: like audrey, her sister loves pasta and sports and little girls, fighters, making it through surgery for heart defects.
3:57 am
>> like looking in a mirror. >> reporter: two most precious gift, a sister for life. abc news, washington. >> the girls are set to meet in person for the first time in the spring. >> and they talk, aparentally, every day via skype. that connection that nobody knew, and there there it is. >> being twins, like, looking in the mirror for me. >> i bet it is. happy christmas for them. >> absolutely. don't miss updates on facebook at what do you think and what your favorite gift was. >> yes. and hopefully you have not returned it as of yet. coming up, more news from abc. >> just regift it. >> for next year. new year's gift. package it up. it'll be fine. this is abc's "word news
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now" informing insomniacs for two decades. making news in america this morning, post-christmas shopping interrupted at malls across the country. watch what happens as fights break out in at least 15 malls, police even had to rush in and now they're revealing what may be to blame. >> severe storms. a massive weather system stretching from texas to maine. what's in store for you today. donald trump is responding after president obama said he could have beaten trump if he were able to run again. this as trump announces he's closing his charity but one investigator says not so fast. >> the new video just in. a plane with more than 150


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