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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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since christmas found dead in d.c. police calling it a murder. we'll have that in a moment. q: also breaking this afternoon, carrie fisher what died. michelle: the "star wars" actress rising to fame as princess leia in the 1977 classic episode iv, a new hope. fisher had been hospitalized since last week after suffering a massive heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. q: exactly. fisher, hollywood royalty battled personal problems since gaining fame. she was 60 years old. we have the latest on her life. reporter: at 17, carrie fisher was turning heads in the film "shampoo." two years later -- >> i love you. >> i know. >> fisher was best known for playing princess leia in the "star wars" trilogy. a role she reprised in 2015 "the force awakens." >> may the force be with you. >> she was born hollywood royalty. her mother screen legend debbie reynolds, her father
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over the years the actress appeared in fims "when harry met sally" and "postcards from the edge" which she adopted to a movie starring meryl streep. offscreen, she opened up about her personal struggle with drugs and bipolar disorder. >> losing her mind which is what happens is a terrible thing. but once it's gone, it's fine. >> in the 1980's she was briefly married to singer paul simon. in the 1990's she and hollywood agent had a daughter. the role that made her famous is the one she has never been able to shake. >> people say "princess leia?" like i'm supposed to go "yes?" >> a lot of people that knew her best, other ce
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express condolences. william shathetner says -- samuel jackson writes -- >> seth mcfarland says carrie fisher was smart, funny, talented, surprising and a lot to be around. "family guy" will miss her immensely. whoopi goldberg said, "she was funnier and smarter than anyone had the right to be." the condolences pour in as the word spreads about her death. michelle: a long lasting career. thank you. now to the other developing story tonight. michaelmccauley found dead. q: police are keying in on a person of interest. michelle: the pe
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spotted in mccauley's car across d.c. we have team coverage tonight beginning with jeff goldberg with a time line of events in the past three days. jeff? jeff: we are expecting an update any moment. they have a man in custody. but his name has not been released. no charges filed the murder of 346-year-old tricia mccauley, the whom who lived in northeast washington and found murdered murdered in the trunk of her car. we don't know how they came in contact with one another or how they were killed. mccauley was last heard from at 4:30 on christmas day. but then she did not show up for christmas dinner at a friend's house. she did not arrive at reagan airport the next morning for a flight out of town. meanwhile, police say also on monday morning the person of interest was seen on the morning of the 26th on georgia avenue in northwest d.c. at 12:30 a.m. yesterday morning at the c.v.s. in southwest washington, police say this individual committed
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and assaulted employees. police would later learn he was driving mccauley's toyota scion iq at the time of the incident. then person of interest seen on 7th in northeast d.c. last night before 11:00, john pan padgett who had seen the man's car on social media walking his dog when he saw the person of interest in the carbonationing up and down to -- interest in the car bouncing up and down to loud music. he called in the tip that led to the discovery but it was after a brief interaction with a person of interest. >> hello, sir. how are you? it was edgy. he seemed really off or aggressive. or out of it or something. it was frightening. it's just one of those moments you just know okay, i'm here to do something. i have to do something to make sure it's effective. jeff: poli
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that mccauley and the person of interest knew one another prior to this incident. the big question is how did they come together and what did happen? police is urging anyone in the public with information no matter how small you think it might be to come together as they are trying to put the pieces together as fast as they can. this is a developing story. we expect information coming soon. we will have an update at 5:00. until then, live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. the story touching many people in the community. mccauley was well-known around d.c. not just as a yoga teacher but a local actress. two vigils are planned this everything. brianne carter is in northwest at mccauley's yoga studio. what are people there saying? brianne: well, it has been a day where many have come here to yoga district. they have been placing flowers at the door. and members of the yoga district bringing them inside all gathering
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just about 5:15 tonight. we expect they will focus there. they are saying on the life of tricia mccauley. a life that touched so many here around the washington, d.c., area. we understand she was an actress. she was performing in a number of productions around the region. she had worked with so many different actors here in the washington area. it was not just that. she wasn't just focused on the stage. she was also a licensed dietitian. and a person who loved to be in the garden. yes, a yoga teacher here. she taught a class at 5:15. that is why they will hold the vigil tonight at the yoga studio where they will begin with the meditation. we spoke to one of her colleagues here at the yoga studio earlier today. she says the name, the word that comes to her mind is light. the light that tricia spread to so many. >> i
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best life. she was a vibrant person. she was generous. she made products like herbal products and she just gave me one. i use it all the time. she led teacher meetings here. brianne: generosity and passion words we heard over and over from those who knew tricia mccauley earlier today. we did speak with someone who worked in the theater with her for more than two decades we will have more at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. q: thank you. abc7 has been following this story and breaking new information throughout the investigation. we will have more updates for you right here and only on the website. all you have to do is search "mccauley." the other big story of the day is the weather. temperatures soaring in the 60's. we are a week away from the new year. when things get cold the change will be fa
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meteorologist doug hill. how is it going? doug: just what you said. warm today, almost like springtime. with the cold front passing through, temperatures will tumble tonight. have a live look. gorgeous. blue skies all around the area. frederick, middleton valley. the latest weatherbug camera view. temperatures catch this. still 64 in culpeper and warrenton. 59 at reagan national. we were in the 60's in part of the area this afternoon. 62 in baltimore. 63 in frederick. beautiful. well above average. temperatures are 20 degrees above average this afternoon. through the evening we will start to drop. winds from the northwest to bring in cooler, drier air. by 9:00 we are down to 349. overnight we drop to 32 to 38 with the clear skies. a chill when you wake up tomorrow. reminds us that late part of december. a nice recovery. more changes before the holiday weekend gets here. we will highlight those coming up in eight minutes. michelle? michelle: all right, doug. thank
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update. picture of a vehicle police believe were involved in a deadly hit-and-run. take a good look at the bottom of the screen. this happened in the 3300 block of 14th. the driver took off. jacqueline cole who was deaf was killed and the driver never stopped. abc7 is following the story and will have an update at 4:30. q: a warning for residents in the northwest. be on high alert after the gunman opened fire in the same area in recent nights. they appear to be driving a sedan in georgia avenue. the first happened christmas eve. when the suspects followed a man, pilled up next to him and began shooting. he wasn't hit, though. last night the gunshots were heard in the same area again. michelle: coming up next for us, starbucks go black and
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white to greet the new year. q: and a multimillion dollar heist to talk to you about. also this -- >> oh, my gosh! q: yeah. mall brawl. the new concern from coast to coast and what the rash of violence is linked to. wi-fi comes to the metro system wide. we will explain what the riders think about it in a live report. michelle: we will take you inside the living room concert for her oldest fan. world war ii
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michelle: covering metro tonight. a lot of riders will like this knew. wi-fi coming to all underground stations. richard reeve is live at the metro center with a plan and a timeline. rich? richard: that is right. metro had wi-fi for free at six stations including here at metro center since last august. but now they are talking about expanding it further to at least 50 different stations system wide. take a look. look inside any kind of metro station across the system. you will see th
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trouble is, they can't choose up a lot of data. people burn through the plans often while commuting. that free wi-fi as we said already at metro center, union station, judiciary square, gallery place, archives and l'enfant plaza. in mid-2017 they will install system wires to allow the system. 60% of the underground will be covered then. the rest by early 2018. the cost is $5 million. they already planned to do it to support the digital signs they have been installing. many of the riders are extratic about this -- ecstatic about this. >> it's great to have wi-fi data. it costs a lot. good to not use it underground and connect with people while you don't have any service. i think
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richard: some metro riders we spoke with didn't know the free wi-fi exists. coming up at 2:00, why there might -- coming up at 6:00, why there might be a down side. richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. 96-year-old taylor swift super fan got to see his favorite star perform from the comfort of his own home. [singing] michelle: swift heard about how badly world war ii veteran cyrus porter wanted to see her again so she showed up in his living room. she pulled out a guitar for acoustic. and he says he has been to multiple concerts to see swift. despite being diagnosed with cancer, he still plans to see her during her next tour. that is beautiful. q: a great story! michelle: taylor swift always takes good care of her fans. q: she does. michelle: especially in the
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she does pop-up concerts. it's great to see. q: well, switching quers -- switching gears. police are looking for three suspects accused of stealing millions of dollars in fur on christmas eve. they used a concrete block to smash the store window and the store manager believes they cased it before. they knew exactly where the priciest pieces of fur were. some nearing $100,000 each. >> they have done their research. q: look at this. this is what close to 2,000 pounds of meth looks like. the drug bust happened in the philippines. 10 people are underarrest. the street value of the drugs are $120 million. michelle: well, buffalo, new york, could soon be a solar power capital. tesla
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to make the cells that harness power from the sun. prop duction could begin by the middle of next year. tesla says 1,400 jobs could come from the site in buffalo. there is the potential for more in the future. gas taxes are going up in several states in the new year. seven states will see increases. pennsylvania, michigan, nebraska, georgia, north carolina, indiana, florida will see higher prices. the hikes reflect state efforts to balance budgets for road construction and maintenance. speaking of the roads, abc7 is on traffic watch. trenice bishop is in the traffic center. if it weren't for schools out on break the rush could be worse for us. trenice: well, michelle, actually we do have quite a few things going on. the travel continues home, back to the d.c. area on 95. but we also have local issues for you.
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picture of the skytrak7. serious injuries reported. medevac on the scene here. this is near georgia. it will tie up the ride through montgomery county. this is the second serious accident in montgomery county this afternoon. i'll show you another picture of a closure still in place on columbia pike in north oak and white oak. beltway, the traffic cameras looking at a crash on the inner loop of 495 south of 50. this accident did close three lanes. two left lanes are blocked here. slowing the ride for folks on the inner and the outer loop. completely jammed leaving north springdale to annandale. there are outer loop delays on 495 leaving the 270 corridor to at least to the dulles toll road. slow here to make the trip from maryland and virginia. the closure in place in montgomery county on columbia pike still there. police have the northbound lanes of columbia pike closed due to an accident that happened earlier this
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noon. the northbound lane is still closed. no access from new hampshire to columbia pike. southbound lanes are open and the fikes -- and folks are being diverted to get around the closures. on the outer loop near 50 will slow your ride to make it to the b.w. packway. kevin lewis is live on the scene of the incident on connecticut avenue. can you tell us more about what is happening there? kevin: yeah, we just got on the scene ten minutes ago. i spoke with the spokesman for the fire department. he says around 3:50 this afternoon, mercedes-benz hit a gray colored mazda. you can see the two cars on the side of parkland drive here. this is a main drag through a residential neighborhood in aspen hill. i'm being told a male was driving that mercedes-benz. he was coming down the roadway when a mother was
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of that gray mazda. the mother and the child were hit by the mercedes-benz. the mom was air lifted to the baltimore shock trauma hospital by the maryland state police characters 15 minutes ago. the child was taken to children's hospital. the firefighters saying that the mother is priority one. that is the most severe injury in the medical world. priority two for the child, still potentially life threatening and severe. number of the police officers on the scene right now. the collision reconstruction unit here in montgomery county en route to investigate this crash. there are a number of residents here as well. this is a family neighborhood. many kids are home from school. parents getting home. i just spoke to a resident here and he told me because the roadway is wider than
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other streets in the neighborhood people will treat it like a two-lane road when it's really one lane in each direction. was speed involved? that is not by any means told right now. but you have to wonder. i'm kevin lewis. back to you. michelle: thank you for the update. turning to the weather. the sun is still out in his live shot. doug: well in the 60's today. we talked yesterday that the temperatures would rise overnight. changes are coming. the skies are clearing west to east across the area. right now is gorgeous. 62 degrees in this alexandria right now. that is a common temperature this hour. a few areas are warmer like ash burn 64. 63 in springfield and daily. 62 in
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largo is 62. 62 in waldorf. 59 in washington. a couple of hours ago we had a lot of readings. 64, 65, 66. way above. 20, 22 degrees above average. high pressure building in tonight and the clear skies. we are colder tomorrow morning than this morning. 20 degrees warmer this morning than what is coming up. it's 32 in germantown. 33 in manassas. 37 in daily and la plata. 35 to wake up in largo. 38 in downtown washington. there is the front. there it goes. in its place is colder high pressure builds in flu the overnight and the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. highs about 45. as we get through late tomorrow night the high moves out and the clouds move in. then rain will develop thursday morning ahead of the cold front. we have scattered showers in the day. as the front moves through a storm system will develop. head upties to bring measurable snow while we clear out thursday and friday. the
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friday's weather, it will be windy and colder with the highs around 40. a quick look at the new year's for you. we will be fine on new year's eve. late at night there is a chance of sprinkles saturday night. on sunday, period of rain at times. occasional showers. 48 for new year's day. here we go for the new year's eve specific forecast. we look from 8:00 until the overnight. 43 with the cloudy skies at 8:00 p.m. 41 at 10:00. stray sprinkles. coming one we have a fresh look at the ten day-outlook. michelle: see you then. thank you. next at 4:00 -- >> oh, my gosh! michelle: brawls break out at malls across the country and panic sets in. they are not related but there
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tomorrow's the day besides video games.
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q: you are looking at some of it now. new concern there coast to coast as violence erupt and shopping malls packed with the post-holiday shoppers repeated in 15 malls. michelle: fists were flying here. it was mayhem. in fort worth, texas, 60 officers swarmed when 100-plus teens started fighting. suzanne kennedy show us why the police are linking it all to social media. suzanne: shoppers
4:27 pm
for cover. shock and scared. >> we heard running and boom, boom, boom. suzanne: from new jersey to illinois. >> kids trampling each other. suzanne: ohio, connecticut, north carolina, colorado, indiana. >> everybody get back! they were putting the door down. suzanne: chaos and commotion inside more than a dozen malls, most caught on cell phone cameras. had police rushing in as the panicked shoppers rushing to get out. police revealing that loud noise that was mistaken for gunfire. in tennessee, fireworks igniting inside the store started a brawl. police in colorado say the fights were organized on social media. >> there is something going on around on social media about a fight that was going to take place here at the town center of aurora which is what drew all the people up to no good to the mall. >> police in owe cities say the -- othe
4:28 pm
are continuing to see if social media was to blame. the arrests, most for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. no one was seriously injured. in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> next at 4:00, a challenge for forecasters nationwide. the year 2016 will be remembered for the wild weather, hurricanes and the unseasonable snowfall. look back at the year that was ahead. >> a woman was struck and killed in a hit-and-run in northwest this morning. i'm amy aubert with
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. q: actress carrie fisher who found endearing fame in the original "star wars" died. the spokesperson said fisher died this morning and she had been hospitalized since friday when she suffered a heart attack on a plane on the way to los angeles. michelle: another developing story. tricia mccauley reported missing on christmas day was found dead. police are keying in on a potential suspect after her car was spotted across the city. coming up at 5:00, the timeline of events leading up
4:32 pm
those who knew her. a story we have been following throughout the day here on abc7. q: right. we are getting a look at the survivor that is believed to have -- the s.u.v. that is believed to have struck and killed a 54-year-old woman this morning in northwest d.c. amy aubert has been following the story since this morning. what is the latest, amy? amy: a neighbor tells me it happened here at the crosswalk on 14th street. look at the video that we shot earlier this morning. police say 54-year-old jacqueline cole was struck and taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. neighbors tell me that cole was deaf. they describe her as very friendly and tell me she would give anything she had. this afternoon, police released a photo of the vehicle. you saw earlier, the vehicle of interest describing it as a dark-colored survivor with front headlight --
4:33 pm
headlight damage. >> i went to her aid. i was angry. i knew i couldn't do anything about him driving off so i turned my attention to her. amy: according to police, members of the deaf and the hard of hearing liaison unit are helping with the case. police tell me the victim had a hearing impairment. live in northwest, amy aubert, abc7 news. q: here is a question for you at home. did you get a chance to go outside today? it was a fantastic day to do anything outdoors. if you didn't get a chance to head out, here is kevin lewis with how other people enjoyed the day. >> today has been crazy. kevin: the calendar says it's winter but it looks and feels like spring. >> a week ago it was covered in ice. now it's 60 and beautiful. kevin: on bitter cold winter days this course is lucky to serve ten people. today, it
4:34 pm
the rock creek trail popular piece of pavement for the bicyclists, dog walkers, mothers suffering from cabin fever. >> they are having a blast. we have been stuck in the house for a few weeks. >> christmas return and exchanges without the heavy coat, scarf and gloves. another top pick for folks off work to soak up today's rays. >> it's hard to believe it is december? >> it is. kevin: no doubt january and february will usher in more frigid air. most people are grateful winter has releasedleased the chokehold, if only temporary. kevin lewis, abc7 news. doug: a year ago this time, late december. look up at the weather center, we had six days in a row at the 50's and 60's at the end of december. december 28, tomorrow, hit 70 in washin
4:35 pm
of the warm weather but it will let you off gently tonight. the temperatures won't drop like a rock but they will steadily drop to 50's and 40's. overnight we'll be in the lower 30's. outlying. 38 in the city. typical late december weather at that point. the extended outlook calls for the temperatures in the mid-40's tomorrow. we will get up to 50 on thursday with the showers. windy and colder friday. weekend, saturday new year's eve should be fine. we think the showers hold off until sunday. more showers to monday. looking ahead to the rest of next week looks colder. fine. looking ahead to fedex field sunday afternoon when the guys in the blue helmets come in. we will see the temperatures likely in the 40's. deal with a possible shower or two. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. breakthrough in an investigation in the plane crash. a black box has been found. it crashed in the blac
4:36 pm
the flight data recorder was found a mile from the shore. members of the country's red army choir among others were headed to a base in syria for a new year's day concert. today, the first trials beginning over the failed coup in turkey. this is video from july 15 when there was an attempt to throw out the country's prime minister. tanks, fighter jets and helicopters descending on the government headquarters and the buildings in the country on that day. 29 police officers were in court today. next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a seal responsible for thousands of dollars of damage. wait until you hear what tasmanian wildlife officials named the big guy and how they captured him. q: yeah. from a seal on a hood to a kitten under the hood in virginia. wait until you hear how far this little cat traveled before it wa
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
q: that is a massive australian seal on top of a toyota in tasmania. michelle: it wasn't posing for the camera there. the move cost thousands in damage to the car. it wasn't the only one it tried to ride off in. tasmanian police dubbed it a seal-ebrity. get it?
4:40 pm
the hits keep coming. it was captured when it doze off. he will go back to the wild. q: lou-seal is clever. michelle: it's cute. imagine waking up to that. that seal was on top of the hood. this poor kitty found under the hood. the one we will show you. q: in the vehicle she was in, moving for some time. it didn't stop for a while. the driver of the pickup truck found her when he stopped for gas near roanoke. that is when he realized he noticed the it cannen from the neighborhood -- kitten from the neighborhood in new york. which is 600 miles away. >> sitting down here around the air box area. just on top of the, over the brake reservoir. we got her in a cardboard box and brought her to the emergency vet. q: the kitten was dehydrated
4:41 pm
only had a few scratches. he said the kitten found a new home after one of his family members adopted her. happy ending to the story. michelle: the kitty has eight lives left. q: exactly. exactly. all right. next here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we have shown you the porch pirates sneaking away from the deliveries. now a warning of what you leave behind when you open up the big gifts. it's not what you put in the garbage but how next. michelle: oh, boy. this was from hurricane matthew. hitting in october. it was one of the major weather events of 2016. we take a look back at the
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q: during the holidays memories are often made at the dinner table. help us set a plate at the dinner table for those who sacrificed so much by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. just to go
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by december 28. that is tomorrow, by the way. to nominate a deserving veteran. michelle: "7 on your side" holiday consumer alert. you get ready to toss out all the boxes from the holiday gifts you received. break them down before putting them out on the curb. police say putting the boxes outside before breaking them down is advertising to thieves the items inside your home. >> if someone would come in and take it would make me mad and it would break down by kids' heart. maybe it will cut down the crime around the holidays. a good start. michelle: put them in bags to further protect you and the items that you have inside. wait until pickup day to put the crash out on the curb. q: good point. well, a proposal by two carriers to provide cellular service to the park. it's setting off debate whet
4:46 pm
the park having access toal calls and social media in nature. nothing is set yet but verizon and t-mobile applied to install the antennas but they are also saying they promise there will be no towers built if the plan goes forward. michelle: starbucks is ringing in the new year with classic looking beverages three. collection drinks this week through january 1. topped with wiped cream, mocha drizzle, covering half of it. to create a black and white tuxedo effect. chocolate and tux employee da mocha frappuccino. q: looks good to me. michelle: the last one is mine. q: another consumer alert. a seller's market. you might not think winter is a great time to list a home but prices in october were up 5% compared to the same time last year. buyers are getting in bidding wars over precious few homes
4:47 pm
michelle: when it comes to the confidence in the u.s. economy. americans are leaders. the conference board survey hit 15-year high this month. going back to before 9/11. helping boost the confidence the unemployment rate is 4.6%, nine-year low. q: well, as 2016 winds down, abc7 is taking a look back at an incredible year when it comes to weather. locally no bigger story than the huge blizzard, right? >> yeah. hurricanes, fires and floods. the video devastation incredible. mary milone has a new look at the weather. >> south louisiana received more rain in 48 hours than the mississippi river discharges in the gulf of mexico in 18 days. mary: in august, catastrophic flooding ravaged the state of louisiana. days of
4:48 pm
caused rivers to overflow the banks. more than 60,000 homes were damaged and at least 13 people were killed. the red cross says the louisiana flooding is the worst u.s. disaster since hurricane sandy. weeks earlier in texas -- >> lost in this incident nine of our great soldiers. >> deadly flooding swept across the lone star state for the second year in a row. nine soldiers were killed in june when the army truck overturned in floodwaters. residents of north carolina taking a one-two punch from mother nature. first, 20 inches of rain fell in september. then came hurricane matthew in october. >> this has the potential for north carolina to see the worst flooding since hurricane floyd in 1999. reporter: unlike floyd, matthew didn't make landfall in north carolina. but the heavy
4:49 pm
the state pushing the swollen rivers over the banks. >> people with little to nothing, the flood took it all. >> hurricane matthew also left a mark on florida. the center of the storm stayed offshore. but the howling winds battered homes and businesses along the beach. hurricane joaqein roared ashore to become the first hurricane making landfall in florida since wilma in 2005. in tennessee, vicious winds helped fuel raging fires near gatlinburg. >> when you couple that with the drought we have experienced for two months everything was a perfect storm. >> chimney top charred more than 17,000 acres. and destroyed nearly 2,500
4:50 pm
buildings. at least 14 people were killed. two juveniles are charged with aggravated arson. i'm mary milone reporting. michelle: when you reflect on the events you realize how many communities are still trying to piece things together because of enormous devastation. doug: sometimes, as hard as you try you can't get the full scope on a tv set. they do great jobs reporting but unless you are there you can see the places, you can't appreciate it all the way. michelle: you can't help but wonder what are we into for this winter? doug: i hope it's quiet this winter and everywhere. q: today take for the rest of the winter. doug: tonight is fine. clear to apparently cloudy with the temperatures in the 50's. the temperatures are going to continue to be above what average highs are. by morning we will level it out a bit. the high pressure builds in. low to mid-30's across the region. still light winds and mostly clear skies. now highs next
4:51 pm
the country. look for change here. check washington area. 46 tomorrow. 40 by friday. it's chilly and cold but the numbers are all above average all to the west. so we are really in good shape weather wise with no sign of an arctic outbreak anytime soon. by the middle of next week is the first time we might have a day that we say it's cold out. 40 on friday in the sunshine. the temperature is not bad but it's windy. bundle up for that. new year's eve should be dry. 48. 46 on new year's day. showers on new year day. most of new year's eve should be cloudy but dry in the nighttime hours. on new year's eve, the story is we see temperatures hit low 40's by 8:00 at night. later the temperatures will drop. midnight and maybe a stray sprinkle. looking forward to the rain holding off on sunday, new year's day.
4:52 pm
happening traffic wise in the area. traffic center now with trenice bishop. trenice: we have a lot of things going on. the incidents on parkland drive, the ride through if neighborhood. also on connecticut avenue. the travel lanes have been closed for a while. a serious accident that did require medevac for the scene. police may be there for several hours. better news if you are traveling northbound columbia pike through montgomery county, travel lanes reopened in the white oak at stewart lane for an earlier incident that shut down columbia pike since noon today. if you are making a way back to the d.c. area, i am sure you have not missed this. delays on the beltway. the inner loop is heavy this afternoon if you are making a trip from virginia to maryland. if you are on the inner loop of the beltway to get back to montgomery county delays from the cabin john to past new
4:53 pm
the old dominion making your way back to virginia. speaking of the 270 corridor. we have an accident on 355. this is in rockville, maryland. almost gaithersburg at 370. you will find lane closures and follow any police direction. q, back to you at the desk. q: thank you. next, right here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- skin fans turning into die-hard cowboy fans. the deed is done. boys came away with a "w." does it feel weird? i was cheering for the cowboys last night. we catch up with some skins fans today knowing their team has a better shot to make the playoffs thanks to dallas. that is next. michelle: then new at 5:00, a busy residential street goes pitch black. now "7 on your side" to get answers and help. q: abc7 following breaking news out of aspen hill, maryland. two people hit by a car. one an adult, the other
4:54 pm
child. it appears a mother was trying to take her child out of the car seat when the accident happened. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis on the scene now gathering more information. we will have an update in a few minutes during the 5:00 edition of abc7 news.
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michelle: here is a question. do you feel dirty rooting for the cowboys and cheering for their win? q: i do. head to the website, weigh in on whether you feel dirty or not. in the meantime, cheryl conner has how some of the skin fans are sharing the shame. cheryl: there is an appetite to do what it takes to win. >> i don't care who i win for as long as it helps the redskins. cheryl: at the vienna inn, chili cheesesteaks are served up. the team beat the bears and the lions lost. but that monday night football game meant redskins fans wanted if cowboys to win. words you don't hear often. >> did you root for the cowboy last night? >> unfortunately i did. >> do you feel a little
4:58 pm
>> yes. >> 10-year-old held true to the family values. >> i couldn't. it's too hard. >> on my facebook page friends said i had to go to bed. i couldn't bring myself to do it. >> we heard everything is bigger in texas. but redskins have d.c., maryland and virginia. at the hall of fame store at fedex field, the fans are getting fitted for another possible playoff run. first on sunday the redskins have to beat the giants a team that locked up the playoff spot. >> it depends who the giants bring and who they play. they don't have as much to gain from the game. >> if the redskins win in the home game that moves to 4:30, they likely earn a wild card spot. if rooting for the cowboys helps clinch the playoffs, then some fans say so be it. >> they are our rival. i don't like to root for them. if it helps the redskins, i'm all in. cheryl: in vienna, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> tonight, a missing yoga instructor and a
4:59 pm
murder. >> it's off. aggressive. out of it. something. >> where the suspect was found. anytime news that the metro riders can rejoice about. and then the world reacts to the loss of "star wars" icon carrie fisher. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. michelle: skytrak7 live over the breaking news in aspen hill where a mother and child were hit by a car. this happened on parkland drive. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis first on the scene at 4:00 and joins us live with the latest from there. kevin? kevin: this happened in a subdivision of single family homes. a number of people standing looking at the scene. a big section of parkland drive shut down. this occurred at 4:30. the e
5:00 pm
car. we are told a mother in her 20's standing in the roadway and she was putting her young instant child in the car or taking the child out. the child described to be around a year old. if you look beyond the crash there is a postal van in the roadway. i spoke to the postman and he says he witnessed the crash and says the her sids was driving -- mercedes was driving erratically. ten minutes before we came live, the montgomery county police were helping the postman move packageage and the letters to another vehicle. his vehicle is in the middle of the crash investigation. the postman was too concerned to talk on camera. we also spoke to the homeowner next to the house where this all happened. they said they were inside. they heard a loud bang. they ran out and s


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