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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: the interim chief of d.c. police says it is the worst case he has seen in a long time. in the last hour, the man accused of killing a d.c. actress and yoga instructor made his first appearance in court in this case. jeff goldberg just left the courtroom. what can you tell us that happened inside and during the hearing? jeff: well, michelle, duane johnson has been charged with first-degree murder in the case of tricia mccauley and he is being held without bond. in the court hearing a friend of tricia mccauley yelling out in the courtroom, "he's an animal, he stole my friend from me." the court documents reveal horrific details of the crime and some of the claims that johnson made to police following the arrest. here is an excerpt of that. johnson said he met the decedent when he was walking somewhere in d.c. and the decedent offered him a ride. he said he could not recall where h
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johnson was arrested at a cvs in downtown d.c. midnight december for. at the time he had been driving tricia mccauley's toyota scion. court records show her body was found on the floorboard between the front and rear seats with items concealing her body. her body was bruised and her legs were tied together with a seat belt. johnson tells police he had sex with mccauley and she threatened to kill herself. she claims she had done so. but prosecutors definitive saying that tricia mccauley was sexual assaulted, strangled and murdered. >> tricia was the most peace-loving, happy, joyous, giving and generous person imaginable. because of some senseless, insane act and completely random, we will never see her eyes again. we will never hear her voice again. we will never see her smile
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again. jeff: johnson does have a history of mental illness and a long criminal record, mostly of nonviolent crimes. he was in jail in d.c. in the past two weeks for a theft charge. he was let out last week. he was supposed to have an ankle bracelet installed but it never happened. tricia mccauley's friends are furious about the situation saying he should not be on the streets. we have more on that angle coming up at 5:00. until then, live this northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. q: thank you for the update. as you can see here about a hundred people took part in candlelight vigil to remember tricia mccauley last night. some people living near her home say they have concerns and others say the attack isn't making them feel less safe. brianne carter picks up the coverage from the bloomingdale neighborhood. brianne: we do know that she lived not far from this location here in the bloomingdale neighborhood. we do know it was
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afternoon. she got in her car and left her home. what happened in the hours after that is concerning for so many because they have so many questions about exactly what happened to tricia mccauley. for many we spoke today with, they say the not knowing and how she came in contact with the man who allegedly killed her is what is just so worrisome. we talked to folks today in a number of parts of d.c. and they say the randomness of this crime is what is raising concerns tonight. some people say they still feel very safe walking and driving throughout d.c., others say it raises new concerns and it brings about new changes for some in the daily habits. >> because it was a random act and it could happen to anyone at any moment, makes you want to lock the door more. brianne: in speaking to people
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where she lives, many say it was the exact tight-knit part of the city where many know so many others. they say it's comforting at this point. coming count at 5:00, we talk to a woman who lives not far from where tricia mccauley lives and where she had to say about what she will be doing as she heads out on the town alone. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you for that update. now to new information on the man convicted of the deadly church shooting in charleston. dylann roof plans to act as his own order. he said he won't cause for witnesses in the sentencing phase. he has the right to change his mind. he was found guilty of killing nine black people in a church last year. q: also in arkansas, police are hoping to get access to one of these. the new amazon echo. for clues in a murder case. amazon says the device is always on so investigators want to know if it recorded the moments b
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collins was found drowned in james bates' hot tub. this happened last year. bates is now the main suspect in the murder. his attorney says accessing his electronic personals say tant would be an invasion of his privacy. >> it scares me that the criminal system is coming down to the technology, which is supposed to help the daily lives. now it's used against us for innocent client. q: in a statement, am son says it will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served to us. we will keep you post on how things play out. michelle: if you stepped outside, you know the scene. plenty of sunshine out there today. catch a glimpse of it before it goesway. chief meteorologist doug hill has more on when things will change. doug: the clouds roll in and the rain rolls in overnight. for the next few hours it will be clear and turn chilly. 41 by 8:00. later the clouds moe
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demonstrated in the future cast. after midnight it will advance to the metro area and the clouds will start to produce rain at 6:00 in the morning. it will be with us for the entire rush. by 7:00, plenty of rain around the area. we may see brief clearing. another area of light showers could pass through but a sunnier or a breezier afternoon. snow developing in the mountains because of the strong westerly winds. there are a number of the warnings for the winter storm watch for western maryland. and west virginia for the highest elevation there. but for most of us it will turn into a sunny afternoon and a sunnier day on friday. the wind advisory up for western viewing areas, too. we will get the gusty winds here coming our way for friday and friday afternoon. we will check the holiday weekend for you in nine minutes. q: thank you. now to the war on terror. prosecutors say a man is in custody tonight in
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to last week's terror attack in berlin. his phone number was saved in the phone of anis amri. amri is the man authorities believe drove a truck in a christmas market killing 12 people and injuring dozens more. prosecutors say the investigation indicates the man in custody may have been a part of that attack. also the black boxes of the russian military jet that disappeared from radar this week have been discovered. this is video of the cockpit recorder being pulled out of the water today. the other recorder at the russian aerospace forces research facility. russian officials hope the boxes can tell them why the plane carrying 9 it 2 people plunged -- 92 people plunged in the sea. michelle: today a mother is recovering after a horrific accident outside of her front door. she was hit by a car as she took her daughter out of her car seat on parkland drive in aspen hill. richard reeve is live outside of police
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i understand the baby was barely injured. when you consider the circumstances, that is a miracle. richard: unbelievable. the baby essentially completely unhurt. this was a horrible, horrible crash. we are using the news car to try to illustrate what exactly happened. that mother, m's ortiz was taking her daughter out of if car. you see if you are parked on the street, traffic goes back and forth behind me. it's a vulnerable position. let's show you the scene now. this took place on saturday. rather yesterday in aspen hill on the 1300 block of parkland drive at 3:15 in the afternoon. the orange markings show how a mercedes veered off the road and sideswiped ortiz's car. she sustained terrible injuries. her leg was almost completely severed off. the bones in her other leg multiple bone breakages in that
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11-month-old sofia was completely unhurt even though her car seat went airborne and landed behind the car. we spoke to a man who heard the impact and yelled for his granddaughter to call 911. >> this had to be a horrible scene. >> it was terrible. it was terrible. glad to hear the lady appears to be surviving. horrified to hear of her leg and the partial amputation. richard: the family relieved that ortiz survived but they say she has many, many months to get therapy to try to heal at this point. this is not the first time this has happened. we look at that more deeply and the advice that police have for parents to be safe in the situations. from montgo
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abc7 news. michelle: thank you. coming up at 4:00 -- >> i am beyond exhausted but at this point that doesn't matter. i need them found. the frantic search for a woman and the great grand daughter and how you can help. q: plus, driver's dream in a busy city. how many green light do you think he hit in a row? >> 2016 is soon coming to an end. why some are ready
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michelle: new information for the search for a missing man. donehoe was last seen with maryland plates that haven't been seen since. then police release this surveillance of a woman using his credit card in hyattsville. if you know anything about the case call police. q: we are following a story out of virginia where state police hope someone saw her woman and a great granddaughter. this is a picture of barbara and her great grand daughter lamyra. this is what we know. the 71-year-old and the 5-year-old left mays landing, new jersey. that is over here. saturday morning to visit relatives in north carolina
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they were last seen in ruther's glen, virginia, south of arlington. they stopped briefly at a gas station to ask for directions. this is surveillance video from the gas station. he was lost and she needed a phone and a map. >> i can't believe i physically spent time with her and helped her to get to her destination. she didn't make it. >> i keep look out the door. my twin sister is like why are you looking? i'm waiting for her to pull up in the driveway. it's going to happen. q: take a moment to look at the picture of the car. a silver toyota rav 4 c80els is the license plate. if you have
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call police. michelle: "7 on your side" with consumer report. the national highway safety administration is looking into report of brake problems for vehicles already on the road. ford fusions and mercury milans between model years 2007-2009. regulators believe there is a problem with the antilock braking system. so far there have been three accidents. q: remember the storm that sent water flooding down the stairs at the cleveland park station in june? now work is underway to make sure it doesn't happen again. the d.c. department of administration means that you cannot park on connecticut avenue between maicon and quebec street. the work should go on until next friday. michelle: talk about the new year. most drivers have one wish. smooth ride without traffic. an uber driver in new york city claims he
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foreman posted the dashboard camera video online that shows him cruising through, get this, 240 consecutive green traffic lights in manhattan. he made the video december 6. he says every now and then he feels lucky and tries to hit as many green lights as possible. the new york department of transportation says it's unsure how accurate foreman's claims are. he started in harlem and went to manhattan and 240 lights. q: if we could pull it off in d.c. michelle: you would be lucky as well. q: yeah. time for a check of the traffic with trenice bishop and the latest. trenice: sounds like a lucky stroke there. he had new york not sure if we could duplicate it here. this is a low ride h
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270 southbound from delays from german town to 121 in clarksburg. the travel lanes are open. we are slow to make a trip to the frederick corridor. no reports of issues. no issues now on the i-95 if you are making a ride southbound besides delays. travel on the road. delays southbound to newington to the fairfax county parkway to stafford county. northbound delay for folks from 610 to the fairfax county parkway as well. folks traveling here to college park is an inner loop delay from 195 to take you around to richie marlboro road. 395, we had an earlier stall southbound near the camera shot. we are moving at the speed. northbound and southbound. but the sun glare is slowing folks down south to the beltway. back to you in the studio.
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q: all right. well, 7 is on storm watch. a man in north dakota is having fun with the snow in front of his house. look at this. he decided to see how far he could go in the snow drift. pretty far. the state is hammered with 16 inches of snow to leave thousands of people without power. i am so happy we haven't seen that. michelle: yet. doug: last january we did. we'll see what happens. at the end of next week, eight or nine days from now colder air returning. until then it's not bad. but we have rain. plan ahead for the morning. the kids at the bus stop, rain happens tomorrow. for the evening it's mostly clear for a few hours and the temperatures will drop through the 40's.
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this is the future cast. at 6:00 a.m. we have a rain -- it's 4:00 a.m. maybe it's time for old guy to get glasses. what do you think? 4:00 a.m., rain moving in the area. it is chilly and a nasty morning. all the way through the rush through richmond to washington, baltimore, philadelphia, new york, rain will be the story. but the rain should move out quickly by 11:00. after that, we will see clearing. generally the bulk of this is out. what you don't see as this moves out it will organize over the lower eastern shore. interior new england they have snow. but not us. we get sunshine developing. breezy and cool. snow is developing on the mountains. the winter storm watching and the warning in the area. for us we measure the precipitation as rain.
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noon tomorrow a half inch of rain in the metro. new year's weekend is better. partly cloudy. we want rule out a midnight sprinkle or two, 44. but sunday we will keep sunshine around. the rain we expect is not arriving until after sunset sunday night. that is good news. 50 and down to a cold 40 on friday. 40's over the weekend. monday is 49. warmup for tuesday and wednesday to the 50's. maybe more showers with the next cold front on wednesday. we will turn noticeably colder through thursday, friday, saturday of next week. michelle? michelle: thank you. happy returns could leave you with a frown. why a local lawmaker wants to pass a bill to protect you when you exchange a gift. q: but first, laying it out on
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what secretary of state john kerry said about the peace process in the middle east that is
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michelle: memories are made at the dinner table this time of year. help us set a place at the table for those who sacrifice so much by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at $3,000. go to
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nominate one today. today is the last day for nomination. q: the already strained relationship between israel and the obama administration became a big story today. today, secretary of state john kerry tried to defend the administration on the heels of a controversial united nations vote. reporter: the fought against expanding israeli settlements. >> no american administration has done more for israel security than barack obama. >> secretary of state john kerry defended the obama administration to allow the approval of the united nations resolution calling israeli settlements in the disputed west bank illegal. he condemned palestinian violence and terrorism.
4:25 pm
>> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. israeli's hand exfended to peace for the neighbors since day one. >> netanyahu promised to provide proof to the next president orchestrated the unvote. president-elect trump on twitter we cannot let israel be treated with total disdain and disrespect. stay strong. january 20 is fast approaching. >> the incoming administration signaled they may take a different path. that is for them to decide. >> kerry pointed out the obama administration was following a u.s. policy on israel that has been in place for decades and supported by the national community. q: donald trump called on the nation to stay strong and he will be in off
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2016, police department wants people to be kind to each owe. in anchorage they are kicking off a campaign of community kindness for 23017. it starts with a pot luck and the goal is encourage acts of kindness. 2016 has been a rough year. we could use kindness. q: the smile at the end of the year would be great. michelle: we should incorporate it in d.c. as well. q: don't go anywhere. straight ahead -- >> after recent outburst of violence in northwest washington, many residents on georgia avenue are feeling fearful. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up how police say they are responding. michelle: on 7, as the fans pay tribute to leo fisher. -- pay tribute to carrie fisher, one company's efforts sparking more criticism t
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q: police are stepping up patrols on georgia avenue after two shootings there. fortunately no one has been hurt by a car was damaged in one case on christmas eve. mike carter-conneen is live the northwest washington with a look at the neighborhood and how it's fighting back. mike: q, that car on christmas eve saturday night was hit here four times and struck by another vehicle that pulled up to a passenger leaning out and firing multiple rounds at it. on monday night another shooting happened with a bullet going through a window of the apartment. in that instance no unwas hurt. but according to a police report the officers were in the area doing extra patrols because of the christmas eve shooting. they heard 20 shots fired and they found 20 casings.
4:31 pm
saturday sped from the scene on monday. described as a red hyundai with temporary maryland tags. earlier this week, the first shooting was described as a random case of road rage but now many residents are feeling rattled, worried the violence might become an ongoing problem and the gunman might come back. >> we have running gun battles at 9:00 in the evening on a big thoroughbred. if you drove in the city you know that is the main way people get in the city from maryland. ja residents feel fearful. a few blocks east in the takoma neighborhood there was another shooting monday night. this is fatal. we will show you the surveillance video as they search for two people of interest.
4:32 pm
side" fighting back against crime newsletter by heading to michelle: we are going 2-2. today is another beautiful day. doug: it's nice. we got in the upper 40's. the sun setting ready to set. beautiful clear skies but it is getting colder. clouds roll in and by tomorrow morning you have rain to deal with throughout the rush hour. we will settle at 38 or 40 for the low. no worries of the ice or snow. it's rain. probably developing between 3:00 and 4:00. through the rest of the day tomorrow we have a rapid turn-around. the rain will get out by midday by 11:30 or noon. we have peeks of the sunshine in the afternoon. friday is sunny, windy and cold.
4:33 pm
saturday looks better. 44 for the afternoon high. for new new year's eve there isa risk of a sprinkle to midnight. other than that we will be fine. looking ahead to sunday at fedex. 4:25 kickoff. the giants in town. the weather i think will be fine. good football weather. cloudy skies, chilly. in the mid-40's at the start of the game. there will be rain in the forecast. we have an extended look at the weekend forecast and ten day coming up in 12 to 13 minutes. michelle: thank you. fans put up a makeshift car for carrie fisher on the hollywood walk of fame. the actress' name doesn't appear outside of the chinese theater in los angeles so fans made their own and transformed a blank one with the works carrie fisher -- with
4:34 pm
words "carrie fisher, may the force be with you always. hope." plenty of people have been sharing condolences online after fisher died yesterday morning. q: but a post in particular is not going away and has bad attention. it has to be accompanied with something often and lindsey mastis has how cinnabon is apologizing for a tweet? what is going on? lindsey: they are apologizing. they deleted the tweet but in cyber space it never goes away. this circulating online. carrie fisher, you will always have the best buns in the galaxy. that was the original post. cinnabon deleted the text. ed they said it was genuinely meant as a tribute but we should haven't posted it. we are truly sorry. people are chiming in. joe says don't be sorry. no doubt she would have laughed at that. another person saying people are asking as if cinnabon attached
4:35 pm
treat. there were a lot of comments out there that supported the original tweet. but there are people who see the other side of this saying never, never use a death to promote your brand. poor taste. another tacky. get over yourself and stop capitalizing on a tragic loss of an icon. the comments keep pouring in. controversial tweet at this point. back to you. q: fisher is the latest in the series of high profile deaths in 23016. with three days left in the year some people are more than ready to head to 2017. as amy aubert explains others view the year differently. amy: headlines catching the attention of passerby in northwest washington. >> some of it is kind of sad. simply because when you look at miss fisher who died only at 60. she has so much more life to live. >> we are all looking at the same things but from a
4:36 pm
amy: some describe headlines of 2016 as unexpected. >> a difficult year for politics. >> a lot of people passed away. surprising. amy: a number of celebrities passing away in 23016. posting a fundraiser some says is bringing smiles. go fund me page started tuesday help protect betty white from 2016. that is if betty white doesn't want the poster to keep her safe until the new year. >> the theater says they were surprised by the posting and it's fun needed now. a south carolina man started the page. >> it's ridiculous. >> regardless on the feelings on how the year went. >> exciting time for the coun
4:37 pm
doesn't necessarily mean big changes. michelle: don't worry it's almost over. >> a few more days. michelle: that big crystal ball is getting a redesign for the new year's celebration in times square. the waterford crystal trianglals are being rearranged to symbolize unity. the organize earls call it the gift of kindness. the kindness theme sticking around again like we saw in ange rodge -- anchorage. q: what police are doing after two days of brawls at malls around the country. michelle: but first, new eagle watch. where the mom is waiting for two eaglets and the status
4:38 pm
our own eagle cam in the
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4:40 pm
michelle: right now people around the world are glued to the camera in fort myers, florida, waiting for two new eaglets to be born. the mom is harriet. but her mate is m-15. it's not her first taste of internet stardo
4:41 pm
online for two careers after last year's drama we had to come see it live for ourselves. michelle: what is the drama? what he is talking about is harriet was caught in a bit of a love triangle last year and people watched the fight for her affections play out on that eagle cam. one of the suitors eventually died from the struggle. wow! you might be thinking of our own eagles that like to nest. mr. president and the first lady laid two eggs there in february. the d.c. eagle web page say they plan to resume a live stream if and when the eagles return this winter. this year it will include audio. q: nice! after three decades with the national park, the
4:42 pm
career. he started his career as a park ranger in 1979. he has been assigned to the grand canyon and grand bend over the years. new year's day the virginia state parks are free. there are 27 of them. some offer hikes and other programs. this is the first day of hikes initiative. learn more at the website michelle: still ahead at 4:00, the peace and the tranquility of a popular resort area shaken. we will explain why. kimberly: million of consumers headed to the store to return gifts you don't want. is it fair to have your i.d. swiped to get
4:43 pm
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q: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. as you try to return the not so perfect gifts you received over the holiday, consumer investigator kimberly suiters explains why one lawmaker wants to make it illegal for stores to ask
4:46 pm
kimberly: it's the post holiday grind. having to go back to store to return gifts you don't like. target and other retailers are concerned preventing fraud. but should you have to pay for it with a piece of your private information? this is what happens when you want to make a simple return. $10 shirt with tags on. major retailer says they have to swipe your driver's license first and the shopper happens to be a state senator from montgomery county. >> it's not okay. to return a shirt they shouldn't get my height, my weight, my home address. kimberly: she is going to limit the data that that retailers can collect from you. similar to other states. concerned about identity theft, this shopper is
4:47 pm
information. these two shoppers don't mind turning over their tv. >> i was affected by the target hack that happened a few years ago. if they can't afford taking in the personal information fraud protection should be the priority. >> you would give up a it will of your private information to prevent fraud? >> i would. >> but not christina. >> no. >> for $10 i wasn't giving inmy private data. >> her driver's license protection bill will be introduced in the new year. in alexandria, kimberly suiters, abc7 news. michelle: speaking of the malls, returning items at the mall is becoming a dangerous activity as the malls across the country become mini arenas for fights. a day after a dozen attack
4:48 pm
fistfights continue. there was one report of a man with a gun in wisconsin. that person was never found. a fight in philly was linked to social media. >> the teenagers, the juveniles were able to get on social media specifically snap chat and they were able to meet up at the location. michelle: authorities say they don't know if all of them are related. they believe the social media post sparking violence at the mall sparked some of the brawl. q: new information in the last hour of a series of serial robberies in the area. prince george's county police released this surveillance video of one of six robberies targeting 7-eleven and dunkin' donuts in the county. these are still photos released before
4:49 pm
the same suspect may be connected to one of two robberies that happened this morning. >> they have similarities. the alexandria police investigating two armed robberies that occurred hours apart and only a mile and a half away from each other. this is where the recent one occurred at the 7-eleven on john carlisle. down the road of the federal courthouse in alexandria. the clerk tells out 3:30 a young man slim build wearing a mask came in and pulled out what he described as a black pistol and demanded all the cash. he placed it on top of the counter and the guy took off with the cash. it's unclear how much money was taken.
4:50 pm
the earlier occurred at 8:30 last night. the suspect pulled out a firearm and took off with a cell phone. no one was physically harmed in the incident. they are trying to get a better description of the suspect. michelle: stop what you are doing now and take a moment to look at the video from nasa. this is a video of the typhoon from space. the massive storm hit the philippines over the weekend and killed six people. this is the strongest typhoon to make landfall in the northern pacific this late this year. q: series of earthquakes shook the area around lake tahoe this morning. the u.s. geological survey says two could be felt as far away as san francisco and las vegas. longest
4:51 pm
no report of damage. or injuries. michelle: so we are talking rain. the question is how much. doug: half inch. it will fall at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning or 11:30 to noon tomorrow. short period of time. 51 in the district. the temperatures are similar around the rest of the area. hang on to the clear skies for a while. later tonight the clouds will increase. increasing ahead of a frontal system to move in overnight. the rain as the blue ridge. then it will continue to spread
4:52 pm
by 7:30 it's a wash. up and down the i-95 corridor. our rain will end by 7:00, 7:30 but the low pressure will move north to bring us moisture. coastal sections of the new england will get the rain. interior they will get the snow and fair amount of it while we get sunshine in the afternoon. we will get the gusty winds on friday. a windy forecast. highs of 40 degrees. weekend for new year, 44. 46 on new year's day. the temperatures drop in the 30's friday and saturday. see how the road are doing with the commuters on wednesday afternoon. here is trenice bi
4:53 pm
trenice: we are thankful for dry pavement and the sunny skies. the sunshine is hurting my camera shot in some places. look at the big picture. delays on 49 it 5. the low pace across the legion and folks making their ride back from maryland. slow on the southeast, the southwest freeway mostly due to incident on 66 that is in your neck of the woods. westbound 66 at the roosevelt bridge. the delays are jammed up there from the e street expressway and jamming up the ride on 395. and on the frontage side of the southeast/southwest freeway or 695 through the city. you can see the accident herer at my camera at the roosevelt bridge but a slow ride to arlington and virginia side of the beltway. back to you at the desk, q. q: thank you.
4:54 pm
coming up at 4:00, we have the story of steve turner from gonzaga up next. michelle: at 5:00, a father left in the dark after her father dies in at a veterans administration hospital. >> i miss my father every day. i i hope he is proud of the job that i attempted to do to get answers. michelle: the autopsy results two years later. "7 on your side" i-team has an update on "abc7 news at
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q: of the biggest sports story of the year was the final shot that won the tournament for villanova. chris jenkins hit the shot and the gonzaga alum learned one of the best shot to hit is in fact a winner to win a championship from a coach in our area. robert burton tells us that turner produced many more college stars you may see on the court today. robert: you can't talk about the high school hoops without mentioning gonzaga steve turner. if you look at college ball on tv you are bound to catch a player or two that played for turner. no big deal but he used to coach chris jenkins the villanova player that hit the
4:58 pm
in the national championship shot. >> how good is that? >> it's a blessing to turn on the tv every night and watch different guys on the court. at different universities. no more than watching chris jenkins cement himself in college basketball history. robert: in the classroom and the community. that is why he ruse recognized as the first gatorade coach of the year. >> the model here is do for others. we talk more about what they do off the court. we are trying to find the young men who can handle the workload. be a young man to turn into a man and make yourself whole and off the cord. michelle: i'm robert
4:59 pm
jonathan: the man accused of killing a yoga instructor in court today. wait until you hear what he told police. a mother is hospitalized after being hit by a car getting a child out of the car. what saved the baby from being hurt. >> if you don't see action taken you wonder what is going on. jonathan: neighbors looking to brighten a dim, dangerous roadway. "7 on your side" gets results. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 5:00, the police and the prosecutors are moving forward in the murder of tricia mccauley. michelle: duane johnson in court facing first of degree murder charges in the yoga teacher's death. jeff goldberg is outside the courthouse with new developments. jeff, what did johnson tell police? jeff: he had a lot to say. making his first court appearance here before 3:00. the court documents
5:00 pm
monday duane johnson was driving around the district of columbia in tricia mccauley's car for a time period with a prostitute making purchases on tricia mccauley's credit cards. all while she was deceased in the backseat. as 29-year-old duane johnson was charged with murder in court, a friend of mccauley screamed out, "he's an animal. he stole my friend for me." that man was gregoire: because of a senseless, insane act that is completely random we will never see her eyes again. we will never hear her voice again. never see her smile again. jeff: johnson was arrested at a cvs in downtown d.c. at midnight on monday. at the time he was driving tricia mccauley's toyota scion. they looked in vehicle and found her body on the floorboard between the front and the rear seat with items covering her. she was badly bruse


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