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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: first this noon -- check this out. this is real stuff, snowflakes falling in part of our area. you are looking at pictures taken at the university of maryland, college park, and the snow was falling on the bw parkway less than an hour ago. this is a photo from the landover area. we will look at how it is impacting traffic in a moment. we want to show you harper's ferry waking up to a bit of snow out there as well. ,ere in the district, sunny looking kind of dry on this last day of 2016. this is a live look at the pentagon outside
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molly cochran is live with a look at the forecast heading into the weekend. what was going on, mollie? what a difference a couple of miles makes. we can see the shades of blue coming into our area. this is going to be the setup through the later half of this afternoon. 270an see the blue along moving into the d.c. area, drifting east. so quick hitting. maybe a few flurries here and there, but it is nothing too widespread and it is not sticking to the roadways. do not be surprised if you step outside and see a flurry or two. the other main story of the wind gusts, getting into the mid 20's to lower 30's. it is quite easy. leesburg, hagerstown, andrews all in the lower 30's. this is making it feel even cooler. feels-like temperatures in the 20's back toward leesburg and also into winchester
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36 is the feels-like temperature in d.c. now. a little bit of a taste of winter as we close out 2016. jummy: thank you. let's take a look at the roads. angela foster joins us with the traffic watch. then any of that snow impact traffic at all? angela: it certainly did. it was very short, but for a time we saw quite a few delays on i-270 and on the north side of the capital beltway traveling through bethesda, chevy chase. that has dissipated through that area. what we are dealing with for the most part this midday is construction. 66, beare traveling on aware of the cones as we take out one of your travel lanes is bound. this will be near the vienna metro station. be prepared for some minor delays through that stretch. the snow showers we were speaking of -- this is a live look at
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are not seeing many delays. around the capital beltway, no major delays as we look live at the wilson bridge. loop,slowing on the outer 50, john hansen highway. jummy: diplomatic tensions are arising between the u.s. and russia. right now we have reached the first of two major deadlines since president obama announced new sanctions against russia after allegedly i were hacking or john gonzalez developments russianside the embassy. john: not since the cold war have we seen so much animosity between russia and the united states. live outside the russian embassy on wisconsin avenue in northwest d.c., and we have seen a flurry of activity, officials scribbling to vacate one of their compounds, only 60 miles away on the eastern shore. we have seen several buses, vans, and box trucks coming in and out of the embassy
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this is all in response to president obama's call to expel 35 russian diplomats, imposing harsh sanctions against russian intelligence agencies. the two russian compounds, one on long island, new york, the other one in centreville, maryland, were ordered to close their doors minutes ago. the evictions are over alleged spying and hacking that may have influenced the u.s. presidential election. earlier it appeared the foreign minister in russia was ready to retaliate, but president vladimir has responded saying the kremlin will not kick out american diplomats. they were aggressive and bold, and they are designed to send a message to russia that this type of behavior is unacceptable. pres. obama: not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. mr. trump: i think the computers have complicated things.
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does have bipartisan support on capitol hill this afternoon, but not from president-elect donald trump. trump saying he will meet with intelligence officials soon. reporting live at the russian embassy, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: police in new york city are getting ready for the big new year's eve celebration at times square. security will be increased this year. for the first time, dozens of sanitation trucks filled with sand will be deployed, a response to the berlin and nice truck attacks. extra police officers will be on , to from special ops units rooftop surveillance teams. >> a lot you will see, and a lot you will not see. that combination keeps us safe, and that is what the nypd has perspective -- has perfected. jummy: officials affect -- officials expect 2 million people in times square when the ball drops at midnight.
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in a different way. riders can enjoy free metro bus or metrorail travel courtesy of miller lite. they will begin at midnight on new year's eve until 3:00 a.m., but you still know to that but you still need to show your smart trip card to ride. we have new developments about an assault at a northwest d.c. hotel. the men arrested in connection with that crime will appear in d.c. superior court this afternoon. uin mendoza was arrested thursday. the victim fought back when she was attacked but was seriously hurt. the suspect was caught on video leaving the scene. police tracked him for weeks by tracing his metro's market card. arrested at the landover metro station. police in prince george's county are investigating a homicide. the texans are searching for the shooter whki
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byers street and capitol heights. sam sweeney has details. sam: the search for a killer continues in the capitol heights neighborhood. homicide investigators have been going door to door all day, trying to figure out answers to see exactly what happened here last night. this unfolded on the 3900 block of prior street off southern avenue in capitol heights. right across from the d.c. line. what we know is at about 8:45 last night, shots rang out. 911 calls flooded into prince george's county. police showed up and found a man with multiple gunshot wounds laying on the ground. they rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. there were people in the area last night. they have been questioned by police, but so far no suspect description has been given out. we should mention this is just a couple blocks away from the officer-involved shooting
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took the life of a 19-year-old man on december 22. neighbors who do not want to go on camera came out this morning, telling us they cannot believe another person has been killed in their community. at this hour, prince george's county police is offering a reward. if you have any information about this homicide, you are asked to contact them. sam sweeney. back to you in the studio. jummy: we have new information about a share of's deputy the line of duty. that shooting happened in queen anne's county. the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call. the deputy was escorting a woman into a house on edgemoor road in chestertown to get some of her belongings when the homeowner, james rich, shot him in the stomach with a shotgun. deputy hogan was able to fire back, killing rich. the deputy is in good spirits, but it could take weeks or months to recover from those injuries. we have learned that a fundraising page has been created to help pay for medical expenses for thesp
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whilee ortiz was hit putting her infant daughter into a car. she lost a left leg in the crash and the lead multiple surgeries on her right leg. a facebook change -- a facebook page suggests the total bills will amount to $3000. a vacation on the slopes turns into a nightmare for one family when a mother and two of her daughter's fall from a ski lift. the mother was killed and both children injured. it happened at the ski grandy ranch in colorado. the girls are in the hospital. it is unclear what caused the family to fall. this is the first deadly accident in colorado involving a chair lift in 14 years. counting down to the new year with a look back. the top talkers from the entertainment world that made headlines this year. can the redskins help us start off 2017 on the right foot? what theur
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jummy: developing now, an update on the passing of actress debbie reynolds and her daughter, carrie fisher. --y may be laid to rest in a there is discussion of a larger public memorial service. the mother-daughter hollywood stars died this week just one day apart. fisher was 60, reynolds 84. as we wrap up 2016, a turbulent year in the world of entertainment, including celebrity deaths. politics on
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surprise. david daniels has a look back. herelook up i'm in heaven ♪ david: the year began with the shocking death of david bailey. ill, and not he was one was prepared when prince died in april at age 57 of an accidental opioid overdose. just 27 when was he died in a free kick accident -- in a freak accident. we also lost gary shilling and .lorence henderson we also saw the most famous couple of the couple. jolieitt and angelina broke up. they are negotiating custody of their six kids. another star couple had a starcrossed year. kanye west was hospitalized for exhaustion after delivering a bizarre onstage rant and canceling tour dates. earlier his wife, kim
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gunpoint in paris. on the brighter side, with another big year for hamilton the broadway smash winning 11 tony awards, then stepping into present-day politics when star brandon victor dixon read a message for vice president-elect mike pence. >> we are they diverse americans who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. calls for apted boycott, after which the sold-out show had its best week ever. the on say remained the queen. second awards for her album, "lemonade," broke formation with her -- >> it all feels incredibly surreal. >> leonardo dicaprio finally won an oscar, best actor for
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disney topped the box office captaininding dori," " america: civil war," and "the jungle book." bob dylane whether changes his tune whether to accept his nobel prize in 2017. made: serena williams has her mark in the sports and entertainment world. she has more trophies than a most anyone in the sport. now she is sporting a different kind of hardware, an engagement ring. foundergaged to reddit alexis ohanian. he proposed while they vacation in rome, where they first met. they have been quietly dating since last october. there is still no word on a wedding date. congrats to them. in other sports news,
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weekend the washington redskins are gunning for a shot at the playoffs, playing the new york giants at fedex field this sunday. here is what needs to happen for the skins to make it to the postseason. first they have got to win. second, it rests on another game, the one between green bay and detroit. it does not matter who wins the game, as long as they do not tie . if that does not happen, the skins are in. a lot of people are getting those last-minute tickets to the game. molly, how is the weather looking for sunday? molly: it is not too bad. it could be worse this time of year. are you heading out? i do not good in those situations. i would rather be in my couch -- on my cap where i can freak out. molly: we will have cloud cover. snow in northwest washington near the russian embassy. take a look at that. hard to believe snow falling out there.
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some quick snow squalls coming off the great wakes -- off the great lakes. you can seeradar -- where some of these shades of blue are coming into the area. this is what we are talking about, some quick hitting snowflakes flying around, not adding up to too much, but could surely lower visibility. andou get caught around 270 66, you might want to slow down. right now we have some blue, some flakes flying south of baltimore along i-95 riding into the laurel, maryland, area. they are enjoying some snowflakes. a little taste of winter time this afternoon. here is a look at wind gusts. 23 miles per hour wind gusts in hagerstown, 12 in d.c. breezy.finitely quite combining this with our temperatures, it is feeling a lot cooler. we should be getting into the lower 40's later today. that is our daytime high. factoring in our
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will be feeling much much cooler than that. overnight tonight, if you are starting the celebrations earlier, temperature wise we will be in the 30's and it will be clear. you will need the heavier coats remaking those plans for new year's eve -- it is looking clear, mostly cloudy, a temperature of 39. the key player is that it is going to be dried. new year's day will stay quiet. mostly cloudy skies and the temperature will reach 50 degrees. that is above average for this time of year. we are welcoming 2017 on a warm note. 46 on saturday. lower 50's on sunday. some late-day showers, and then next weekend -- this is the talk of the town right now -- not going to guarantee the chance for a wintry mix, but it is something that is possible, and we will bring you the very latest as it comes in. here is a look at your extended forecast. the chance of wet weather coming in on monday with a temperature of 50 degrees. you are not seeing things -- we expect
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upper 50's to lower 60's by wednesday, with sunshine. it does not get much better than that this time of year. we have a cooler thursday, and watch me -- and watching for a chance of wintry precept -- wintry precipitation. jummy: 7 is on your side with a consumer alert. we have details on a recall affecting more than 600,000 honda vehicles. plus, counting down to the new year. we have a preview of
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jummy: you are invited to the hottest new year's eve party in america, and you do not have to leave the comfort of your
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here's a preview of "dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest." >> it is the 40th anniversary of the biggest celebration of the year, "dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest." sayt is almost easier to who is not performing because there is such a list of people who are performing. be five point five hours of performances and special reports. >> i remember growing up watching the show, and to be a part of it for 10 years now -- it feels like i am part of the family. >> fergie, haley seinfeld. >> to be on such an incredible program, it is truly an honor. artist legend, another bringing in the new year. >>
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you get to see that. drops,t before the ball american music award winner mariah carey. for the first time there will be celebrations in every time zone. as it turns 2017 across the country, they will celebrate in that moment. dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest starts at 8:00 p.m. jummy: 7 is on your side with a consumer alert, honda recalling 615,000 odyssey minivans. the second row seats in those fans could shift suddenly. the impact of vehicles are from 2011 to 2016 model years. they were made between august 1, 2010 and october 1 2015. the problem was identified through warranty claims. honda says it will fix the problem for free. it sounds like a science fiction story, but amazon one day might use blimps stocked with drones to g
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in april the company was approved a patent for airborne warehouses that would reduce -- that would use drones to make a delivery. they would circle over cities at 45,000 feet and would launch drones to carry out your order. initiate -- the drones would initially fall to earth and then there motors would fire up as they got closer to earth. up after the break, molly cochran will join us for a quick look at your holiday weekend forecast.
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jummy: so, the big holiday weekend -- you are heading out of town. angela: yes, -- molly: yes, going to head for the beach. any of those new year's plans, we're looking at dry weather. it will be cool with temperatures in the upper 30's, some rain coming in late sunday. look at those temperatures, into the 50's. it does not get much better than this for this time of your. 60 on wednesday with sunshine, and then cooler. we are looking at our next chance for winter weather next friday and saturday. jummy: hang out at the beach until wednesday. 60? molly: maybe i will catch a nice tan. "abc numeral seven news at 4:00." have a great day and a happy new year. we wil
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>> hey, everybody, on today's show, we've got some great contestants, great questions, and a great deal of money on the line. and it's all starting right now. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] wow, fired up. let's do it. our first contestant left a ten-year career working in news to become a driver. luckily, he still remembers all the facts and stories he covered. from decatur, georgia, please welcome joe mattern. joe, what's up, buddy? good to see you. they are fired up in the "millionaire" arena today. i


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