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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> it's nerve-racking. having kids, had my daughter over here yesterday. 2016,y: a sad finish to family and friends worried after a woman's body is found in a neighborhood behind a suit let -- suitland apartment building just steps away from a shopping center. siaicking clock, the rus government sends an airplane ton pick up diplomats, but the red flags after russian hackers allegedly target an american utility company. >> the police are very well prepared for any type of activity. lindsey: and a look at the unprecedented security measures in the big apple to protect the hundreds of thousands of people who will watch the ball drop and ring in 2017. the news starts now. >>
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your side. lindsey: thank you for joining us. i am lindsey mastis. the night just hours left in 2016 and the parties are getting started. alexandria family-friendly's celebration with amy aubert live on king street with a look at what is happening now in old town. amy? indsey, organizers tell me this is the biggest family-friendly new year's eve party in the area. they started planning for it last january. look at this, this is a map showing you everything that's going on. over 150 performances will be going on tonight. and take a look behind me, just since we have been here, activity has been picking up, crowds coming out. there was a gentleman pulling across the street, a musician playing guitar across the street. things
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p.m. today, but a lot of the events will pick up around 7 p.m. the out here and a lot of offense will be going on, games, fireworks at midnight, face painting. come on down and join the fun. live in old town alexandria, amy aubert, abc 7 news. ♪ 2017 has already started on the other side of the world. these fireworks are from dubai. new zealand counted down to an amazing light show, and in sydney. and a similar site in taiwan, welcoming 2017 13 hours before us. do not drink and drive -- that is the message from the police department's across the area. metro is an option to get around. the system will stay open until 3 a.m., rides free after midnight.
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program sober ride is another option. it will cover the cost of a cab ride up to $30. 200-taxi.0- a lot of options to get home. josh: yes, and the weather will cooperate. through the week we haven't talking -- we have been talking about the chance of showers, but i don't see that as a problem. the appalachian mountains keeping the rain far to the west. the temperatures are not too bad. the thing that will get tricky is the wind, coming out of the southwest. it is strong enough that it is giving us wind chill's close to 40 degrees. andrews, 41 culpeper, but the southerly breeze will keep temperatures close to the 40's through the evening. that push of mild air helps us
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it feel cooler as well. switching over to the satellite and radar, just showing you what is hitting the ground, not really any rain in the area. the cloud cover helps us hang on to the warmth from the day. we go from 7:30 until about 10:30, no issues across the area, still dry, and a little clearing. tomorrow morning we start off with a decent amount of sunshine as well. at 8:00, working down to about 40 by midnight. 2:00 a.m. still 39. with the breeze it will feel a few degrees cooler, so keep the jacket handy, but we don't need the umbrella. the rain comes back early next week. we will talk about the timing of that coming up. forsey: josh, thank you stop a crime alert in prince george's county, the police looking for a killer after a woman's body was found in the woods behind an apartment complex. ryan hughes is joining us live
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were calledlice here for a welfare check, but stepsound a woman's body behind a church and a busy shopping center. the scene is now clear, but there is police tape hanging on this pole. disturbances some before, but nothing like this. questions are swirling around this apartment complex as 2016 ends on a sad note in suitland. prince george's county police say that a woman was found dead shortly after 5 a.m. behind the hickory hill apartments on solar park drive. >> it's terrible. i see crime all the time, and it's terrible to happen on new year's eve. officers responded for a welfare check but found woman outside with trauma to her upper body. she was pronounced dead on the scene. there is a large area with
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edge. >> it's nerve-racking. i have kids. ryan: cameron jones is carrying in groceries to ring in the new year, but now there is a crime scene outside his back door. a police cruiser is parked in the grass as detectives canvassed the neighborhood. a maryland state police k-9 unit was brought into search for leads. >> detectives are seeking suspects in this incident. >> it just makes you want to be alert and try to stay safe, especially new year's. >> hopefully they find out who did it. ryan: the police have still not released the woman's name or exactly how she died. we are working on getting that information. the police are asking for your help. if you have any information regarding this case, you are urged to give them a call. that is the very latest, live from suit one. ryan hughes, abc 7 news. lindsey:
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a wild pursuit on the beltway that started in fairfax county and ended near route one in alexandria. virginia state police a a trooper pulled over a woman in a honda for speeding just the four 10 a.m. -- just before 10 a.m. the woman gave the trooper false information and when questioned about it sped off. troopers tried to box her in, but she sped up to 113 miles per hour and rammed the vat -- the back of the trooper's vehicle. she got out and ran but was chased down. her car meantime caught fire. repair work continuing nearly 18 hours after a water main break in kensington. the 20 inch water main on university boulevard broke a little before 1 a.m. near st. paul street. there were several bigpuddles and cre
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ws treated the roadways because the water started to freeze. several roadways near university will remain closed as the repairs continue. russians, the expelled exit as new evidence of russian accent -- russian hacking on a utility company is uncovered. and as the world continues to ring in 2017, we are checking on the party preparations
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lindsey: nearly 2 million people are expected in times square to ring in the new year and exceptional security is in place, including 7000 extra police officers, bomb sniffing dogs, and officers. revelers will have to go through multiple checkpots
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vehicles will make up a ring of steel stretching from times square to central park. hundreds of thousands are on the famous las vegas strip to ring in the new year. law-enforcement enforcement is ready to mature the holiday is safe. kelly thompson joins us from caesars palace on the vegas strip, one of the most exciting places to be to ring in 2017. kelly: this is the place to be. in about two hours, the las vegas strip will be shut down and filled with people. tocourse they are all here celebrate and watch a perfectly choreographed show that never disappoints. >> we said what the heck, let's go to vegas. ly: spend new year's eve in las vegas and you know it's all about the fireworks. >> las vegas is the spot to party. a bunch
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wires, but it's the work of 50 pyro technicians. the setup for the eight-minute show is prepped and in place. >> tedious, time-consuming. it takes a lot of days. 80,000 fireworks will launch from seven rooftops, stretching from the stratosphere to the mgm grand. >> we will have the 10-second countdown. then all seven properties will go at once. kelly: law enforcement will be on the ground watching the crowd. >> there will be field agents, the metropolitan police department, both in uniform and undercover. kelly: including specialized mounted patrols. officers on horseback towering above the crowd. >> it is keeping high visibility and aware of everything. all leading up to the must-see moment when the clock strikes midnight.
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is a slight chance of rain in the forecast, but so far so good. we're crossing our fingers. ,he closer we get to midnight the crazier it gets on las vegas boulevard. back to you in the studio. lindsey: thank you. take a jacket or leave it home? probably what people are wondering as they get ready to head out. plus, a look ahead to the redskins kickoff forec
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lindsey: developing now, 2016 ends on a tragic note in pennsylvania. a state trooper shot and killed responding to a domestic
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call friday night. the suspect was killed when he was cornered in an abandoned mobile home. weaver was 20 years old and had from the police academy. the airplane that will carry 35 expelled diplomats to moscow landed at dulles international airport a few hours ago. under president obama's waters, they have less than 24 hours now to leave the u.s. sanctionseded the completely, unsubstantiated, unreasonable, and very detrimental to relations between the neighbors. lindsey: an electric company in vermont said the malware found on a laptop is the same kind intelligence believes russian hackers used to flow as the presidential elections. they say the laptop computer was not connected to
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hatched, of two eagles which we saw live on news channel eight. they have attracted attention from around the world. the first eggs started to crack last night. no signs that the second egg in the nest has started to crack. exciting stuff. josh: it is, and it is so much fun at the arboretum. i look forward to getting a chance to do that again next year. lindsey: fingers crossed. inh: we have a temperature the 60's on the 10-day outlook, but not quite tonight. at least it is dry, so good news. through the majority of saturday, sunshine to get things started. potomac, pretty skies to get things going, but then the clouds moved in in the afternoon. notice the temperature, still 46 degrees. the cloud cover doing us a favor. the one thing working against us
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15 miles per hour. it takes the actual temperature of about 48 and makes it feel more like 42. that is the number that you want to dress for, so much or that you have the heavier jacket. the radar is picking up on some rain that is much higher in the clouds. it is not actually reaching the ground. the appellation mountains will do with a nice favor, working to dry out the rain associated with the cold front. for us, it is dry weather as we ring in the new year. the next chance of rain will not be until tomorrow night. overnight, 34 to 40 degrees, d.c. closer to 40. in the suburbs, that is where we get in the mid 30's. really not a bad night. as we get into tomorrow morning, starting off in a.m., extra sunshine to get things going. to cloud cover favors areas the northwest, but most of the day looking good.
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things are dry and a decent amount of sunshine. the next chance of rain will be overnight. foremost of us we will not see that until after 10 p.m., and in many places not until after midnight. the problem is once it moves in sunday night it sticks around monday and will stick around for a good portion of the day tuesday. getting back into the swing of things, it will be a little tougher. at least by the time we get to tuesday, the temperatures are moving up. tomorrow morning, if you are doing the 5k in reston at 10 a.m., it will be chilly, 42 degrees, but a nice day. 42it will be chilly, degrees, but a nice day. afterin holding off until the game, so the giants-redskins looking dry but a little chilly. happy new year tomorrow, late showers and rain chances 60%. a little heavier tuesday. will notice the high
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tuesday. with the rain, some warmer temperatures. not bad wednesday, but in the bottom drops out. thursday through next tuesday, highs only in the 30's. so starting to feel a lot more like winter as we get ready to ring in the new year. lindsey: maybe it will leave early. josh: that would be just fine. robert: but that is good weather for the hockey. we will make it work for us. tonight in new jersey for a rematch with the devils, and the hoyas took xavier down to the wire.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: we start with hockey, a 2-1 loss
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to new jersey in a shootout thursday, back on the ice today for some revenge. in the first, 1-0 cap's. the wrister, deflected in by jay beagle. 2-0. then in the second, the caps putting on a clinic. the great eight, alex ovechkin is therefore the rebound. his 17th of the season. caps win 6-2. college hoops, before today, the hoyas had won six of their last seven. facing 17th-ranked xavier this time, a dog fight throughout. caleb johnson, transition down low, and one. peak had 24. less than five minutes to go, georgetown trailing 67-64, bernard launches the three. xavier wins
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. acc, florida state and uva, closing seconds of the game. a good look, from three, hits. virginia up one after that. but you have to pick up your man in transition. is anybody going to pick up wayne baker? i don't think so. he hit his sixth three of the game for stopped virginia falls in this one. duke and virginia tech. hokies on fire the whole game, especially justin bibb. a 47-31ped out to halftime lead. second half, more of the same. a little showtime. off the glass, chris clark, smash. hokies with a convincing win over the blue devils. the hokies are now 12-1. less than 24 hours away from the
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the giants at fedex field. if theywin and they are income up there is a hitch. if green bay and detroit play two-way ties sunday night, those teams make the playoffs and washington does not. tiesl season has had three since overtime rules were changed in 1974. with that in mind, they are focused on their business, which is beat the giants. >> i said that would be something else. we joked around about it, but we are the first game, just control what we can control and that is it. robert: and college football playoffs, the peach bowl, alabama leads 24-7 in the fourth over washington. that's keep our fingers crossed. i don't think we will have to be that lucky to avoid the tie. lindsey: we have been
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almost expected. robert: i know, what if it really happens.
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lindsey: welcome back. josh: it looks like we will stay dry, so good news tonight. but considering we are starting january, not too bad. 52 degrees the high sunday, late showers after 10 p.m. all day it will stay dry. makes it tough to get going this week, 60% chance of rain monday. more likely and heavier tuesday. mild temperatures to start the week, but highs just in the 30's later. lindsey: thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at 11 p.m.
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tonight, security at an all-time high on this final night of 2016. that ring of steel ringing in the new year with an unprecedented show of force. heavily armed police on the ground and in the sky. our team deep inside new york's security command center as millions gather in times square and around the world to welcome in 2017. did russian hackers target a power company right here at home? tensions rising as expelled russian diplomats race to leave the country, while trump's team asks, does the punishment fit the crime? the manhunt for a cop killer. a young rookie just married. the latest in this year's alarming rise in officers killed in the line of duty. trapped for eight hours sky high on a ride. so high rescue ladders were too short.


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