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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 new at 11:00 am on your side. lindsey: thank you for joining us. i'm lindsey mastis. in new york, the nypd is using unprecedented measures to protect nearly 2 million revelers. fireworks helped ring in
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2017 around the world and here as well. we have team coverage from both sides of the river, starting with anna-lysa gayle live at national harbor. lindsey, one of my favorite things about new year's eve is the fact it is a great time to reflect and set new goals. all of the people standing in front of the capital wheel, what better place to celebrate than at national harbor. we talked with folks about some of those goals. any recommendations for the new year? >> anna-lysa. just be happy. make life what it is. >> i have goals that i would like to accomplish. things up.nging some for a lot of people, national harbor is a gre
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visitors do not need a reservation. also tonight, they are sold out because of high demand, duran then playing their tonight, first new year's eve for the casino and resort. lots of excitement. there is also a dress code there that is said to be formal. on this side of town, lots of people enjoying the local restaurants and sightseeing. also tonight, a treat for a lot of people, the capital wheel will be closing at 1 a.m., so there is still plenty of time to get down here. while want to ride it reflecting on new year's resolutions. let's check out what amy aubert is seeing an old towna alexandria. my, how is it going? amy: anna-lysa, so much fun in old town alexandria. this is a family-friendly new year's eve party. they startedla
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january. and take a look out here, look at the large amount of crowds. everyone is walking down keying ,traight, filling king street looking towards the waterfront where the fireworks will be. this is video from earlier. the events really started at ds at the torpedo factory art center earlier today, a lot of families came out, dancing, having fun listening to the music. take a listen to what they had to say. >> it's really great to be able to go out and celebrate and ring in the new year together. alexandria is a very location to see the fireworks. greatfar we have two bands playing inside. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. amy: again, the main event happening right back
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, where the fireworks will be going off at the waterfront. that is where everyone is headed, large amounts of people swarming the area, heading down that way. people have been scoping out the perfect seats for well over an hour. there is still time to come down and enjoy the fireworks at midnight. live in alexandria, i toss it back to josh for the latest on the weather. josh: one of the things people are dealing with, aside from a lot of folks, we have breezy weather, 13 miles per hour in d.c., stronger towards andrews and pax river. in general, the temperatures feel nice, most of us still in the mid 40's. d.c.,40 the windchill in and to the west the windchill is in the 30's. if you're running out the door for fireworks or something like that, you will need the heavier jacket this evening. the
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cloud cover that expects to keep us more comfortable, stops us from cooling off too quickly. most of us will still be in the mid 40's until about 2 a.m. things looking nice, a mixture of sun and clouds, the temperatures near 52. the rain moves in late, but i think it is looking good for the redskins game. the latest on that and a beginning of the work we coming up. lindsey: we are following breaking news in turkey. nearly three dozen people were lled and 40 injured from gunmen believed to be dressed like santa claus, opening fire on the crowd. they are calling it a terror attack. some peoplereports jumped into a river to escape the gunfire. the white house condemned what it has called a horrific terrorist attack and is offering aid from the u.s. actor william christopher has
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father mckay he on "mash." he spent his later years as an advocate for autism. he is the second "mash" star to die on new year's eve. wayne rogers died on this day last year. russian president vladimir putin congratulated president-elect donald trump in a new your statement to foreign leaders. the statement came after trump calledputin very smart for not retaliating. the president-elect again raise doubts about u.s. intelligence and russian involvement in hacking. hacking, a lot about and hacking is very hard, so it could be somebody else. i also know things other people don't know. lindsey: today the airplane will carry 35 expelled diplomats.
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they have less than 24 hours to leave the u.s. now, a vermont utility company says there is no indication hackers actually gained access to the electorate grid or customers personal information. burlington electric said that malware found on a laptop was the same kind that russian hackers used to influence the presidential election. afterility found the code receiving alert from the department of homeland security. in a break with protocol regarding the press, president-elect trump went golfing this afternoon and left reporters covering him behind. a spokesperson labeled it as a last minute trip, but the white house correspondents are labeling it unacceptable. a wish for the new year. a man shot 10 years ago recently died from his injuries in that shooting. coming up, fam
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lindsey: welcome back.
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years ago has died. the police have not made any arrests in the shooting and murder. family friends say he used his life to make a difference. anna-lysa gayle talk to them about the close message he has for everyone in the new year. my chest ands in in my arms. the-lysa: maurice spent last 10 years of his life dedicated to making a difference. he recorded this video to show young people the effects of gun violence. >> just from my surgeries, three surgeries i had. anna-lysa: he was 19 years old when he was shot in july 2006, during a time when some people in his neighborhood were feuding with another neighborhood. they say he was an innocent victim. >> one bullet did some damage that mo would have cap locations from for the next 10
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anna-lysa: his death was ruled a homicide. he was featured in a story in 2009 when he was using t-shirts to give back to the community. >> he was special. he was on the waiting list for years. that was his life, taking 20, 30 pills a day. anna-lysa: even though he had been suffering the last few years, he made sure that each breath counted. in 2017 they want him to follow his example. >> never complain, how can we complain? what we have to do, and that's the lesson he left for us. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. lindsey: a lot of people out and about tonight. a lot of people in times square. josh: maybe a few more than alexandria. lindsey:
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that many people, you warm up. seems to beody enjoying themselves. the only downside, a little breezy, taking the windchill temperatures, most of them near 40 degrees. at the same time, the breezes out of the south. that's why the temperatures are in the 40's. the overnight lows, a good spread from about 34 to 40 across the area. as you are starting off the first day of 2017, it is still chilly, but nobody hitting the freezing mark. if you want a new year's resolution, a 5k the first day, 44 degrees at 10 a.m. in reston at the 5k by the town center. lunchtime, near 50 degrees. high tomorrow, 52 d.c., 55 fredericksburg, 48 hagerstown. south,ral, the further
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slightly warmer day full stop overall, a pretty nice day to kick off the new year. kickoff, 4:24, i expect things to stay drive. lane should show up later in the night at about 10:00. upper 40's to get started, the end of the game of the game in the low-to-mid 40's, still comfortable. expect a fair amount of cloud in ourbut that works favor as the sun sets, the temperatures don't drop quickly. p.m., night, 10:00 futurecast bringing in showers over the shenandoah valley, fredericksburg. it will not be much longer towards d.c. the rain moves in sunday night, sticking around monday. monday is light. as we fast-forward, monday as the rain is moving in, we only pick up about .1, .2 inches monday. tuesday, most of us are picking up an additional half-inch. that is when we will see the heavier rain. you
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umbrella monday and tuesday, but tuesday will be heavier. rain doesill dry, the not move in until 10 p.m. sunday. monday, light on and off showers most of the day, the heaviest rain tuesday. it should be about midmorning is what i'm expecting. the good news, at least we are about 60 degrees tuesday. mild wednesday, partly cloudy skies. saturday, eveny, into the extended 10-day outlook, the temperatures are stuck in the 30's. tomorrow, 40's monday, 60's tuesday. thursday things tumble. a chance thursday of snowflakes. otherwise, rain gets the week started. lindsey: why? why did you have to do that to us? the: that's the downside to 10-day forecast, you see too much of it. lindsey: you got our hopes up. robert:
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to time. hey, winter weather, winter sports. the hoyas take things down to the wire. and the capitals in new jersey for a little get back.
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life looks good. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: hockey ,a 2-1 loss to new jersey in a shootout thursday, back on the ice today for revenge. revenge is what they got. 1-0 caps on the first. the wrister, deflected in. cap's in command after that, up 2-0. in the second, the caps putting on a clinic. but alexis wide, ovechkin gets the easy rebound, his 17th of the season. caps win 6-2.
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hoyas had won six of their last seven. facing 17th-ranked xavier. second half, tied at 54-54. and one. for yourself, 2016. he had 24. less than five minutes to go, georgetown trailing 67-64. launches the three and hits. 81-75.wins a.c.c., florida state-uva, closing seconds of the game. the good look from three, he knocks it down. virginia up one after that. but you have to pick up your man in transition. man down. is anybody going to pick him up? they don't. virginia falls in this one, 60-58.
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hokies on fire the whole game, justin bibbs 4-5 from downtown. they jump out to the halftime lead. second half, more of the same, with a little style. off the glass to chris clark, slam. hokies with a convincing win over the blue devils, 89-75. on the season.-1 the national championship game is set, alabama beat washington state. clemson blew out ohio state. thehe nfl, multiple reports 49ers will fire chip kelly after only one season. tomorrow, big day for the redskins. they have to beat the giants. if they do, they are in, unless the packers and lions tie. lindsey: are we jake seeing it? robert:
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lindsey: a chicago woman bore new year's day will celebrate a special day. she was born in 1907. her family and friends are throwing her a birthday party as she turns 110. she
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school teacher in 1972 when she was just 65. she says she does not have any secrets to her long life, just some advice. something, andn stick to it. lindsey: that is a good way to look at it.
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lindsey: it's not quite time yet, but we are ready. josh: 35 minutes. lindsey: we are counting down in the studio. outside you are heading , tonight is pretty good for that. we are in the 40's about midnight, 52 tomorrow, dry until sunday night. you will need the umbrla monday and tuesday.
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it's the 45th anniversary of "new year's rockin' eve" and we are live in new york city! the moment we've all been waiting for is now just a half hour away. the energy of the crowd is electric. our special guests are primed and ready to hit the stage. we're saying good-bye to 2016 and hello to 2017 with the biggest party on the planet. let's get it started right now! from hollywood, las vegas, new orleans and live from times square, it's "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve 2017 with me, ryan seacrest!" with a live performance in new york by mariah carey, just before midnight. and right after the ball drops, we're off to las vegas for a performance by music legend lionel richie! plus frone


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