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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 2, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EST

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good morning. >> kendis and diane are off today. here's the top headlines this morning on "world news now." a massive man hunt underway for the gunman behind the nightclub massacre in turkey, opening fire on revelers ringing in the new year, killing nearly 40 and wounding dozens more before escaping in the chaos. a full report coming up. donald trump back in new york after spending the holidays in florida. still refusing to acknowledge russia's pre-election cyber attacks. he says hacking it a hard thing to prove and he wants to be sure. the new public works commissioners and a county outside detroit promises to fix a broken sewer line creating a major sink hole and forced evacuation of 22 homes. some families may be able to return in a week. the packers beat the lions last night, wrapping up
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right to host a playoff game against the giants on sunday. the nfl's wild card playoff games start saturday afternoon and those are some of the top stories on this monday, january 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." well, we begin this half hour with a violent start to the new year, intense man hunt underway for the shooter who unleashed terror in turkey. >> opening fire on revelers turning the celebration into a massacre leaving 3 t9 people de. here's the latest. >> reporter: security camera video catches the gunman at work, bullets ricochetting in the streets, people running for their lives, the shooter stocking the entrance, killing a policeman and another person before barrelling through the front door. inside, there's a gunman in white wearing a hood. authorities believe the attacker ch
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he stayed inside for seven murderous minutes, shooting at the crowd gathered. an estimated 600 people. at least 39 people dead, including more than two dozen foreigners. the club popular with tourists, dozens more injured, including jake from delsz shot in the leg. >> i don't know, i saw one person shooting. >> reporter: earlier, people were celebrating the new year with sparklers and confetti, then -- >> people were falling down of the it was a terrible thing. >> reporter: my husband told me to get on the ground and a man came. this woman says, on my left, right, everyone was crying, the smell of gun powder everywhere. the u.s. and turkey calling it a terrorist attack. there's been no claim of responsibility, but turkish police sources tell abc news they believe the shooter was a trained isis fighter. >> it was a symbolak
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attractive to terrorists. >> reporter: as families bury loved ones, the u.s. consulate warning americans in istanbul to shelter in place. abc news, new york. >> the russian diplomats ordered out of the u.s. by president obama left the country. the president also ordered new sanctions on russian spy agencies for the hacking of political sites during the u.s. presidential election. two compounds were closed. donald trump back in new york set to meet with intelligence officials this week to find out more about hacking evidence against russia. trump is still doubting russia's involvement in the cyber attacks. after the obama administration imposed sanctions on russia and expelled dozens of diplomats, frump wants to ensure the intelligence community is correct. >> north korea's hinting they are going to test a long range missile. north korean leader announced preparations for launching an intercontinent
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missile for the first time reached the final stage and will boost capabilities further unless the u.s. ends joint military exercises with south korea. >> in texas, questions about a new year's eve tragedy. the mid-air collision of two small planes near dallas. the wreckage fell on a storage facility, and some on a roadway. more now from abc. >> reporter: horrific mid-air crash. at least three dead after two planes collide and fall into a dallas suburban. the wreckage caught on camera. >> i just don't know there's a chance they could make it. >> reporter: flames and dark plume of smoke as one plane crashes into the storage unit. the other on a busy street. >> doing maneuvers, one of the wings had been clipped off. >> reporter: the scene tough to watch, you can hear someone in the video telling a little girl to close her eyes.
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>> reporter: charles at his unit and shot this video. >> they hit so hard. you could tell they were going really fast. it was a big explosion. >> reporter: the crash happened one mile from the small airport. one of 20,000 nontowered airports across the country. there's no one directing traffic so pilots are on their own. the faa confirming both operated under visual flight rules meaning visibility is several miles to see potential issues and avoid them. it could take quite a while to complete the investigation because of two different crash sites and a wide debris field over the densely populated area. one man saying that he took cover as pieces of the planes fell from the sky. abc news, mckinney, texas. apple sued over a fatal car crash in texas when a driver was allegedly distracted by facetime. she died in the crash christmas eve of
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crashed into the back of her family's car. the driver told police allegedly that he was using facetime at the time of the wreck. the family alleges the tech giant failed to install a feature that could have prevented the driver from using the app. no word yet from apple about the lawsuit. and the new year brought some snow to seattle, several inches in some places. >> this was tough. the airport one of the hardest hit places. check that out. snow everywhere. roads in the area saw spinouts and even one multicar crash. look at that car trying to get out of the mess. the south bracing for severe weather today. more on that, paul williams, what do you have? >> good morning, ryan, marci. brace for severe storms in the deep south, damaging wind, possibility of flash flooding to occur, and there's a real threat, a real threat of tornados throughout mississippi, alabama, louisiana, down towards new orleans,
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and houston area. we are concerned because of the warm air and cold front kicking that off. to the north, concerned about p 6-12 inches of snow from the dakotas, northern portions of minnesota, and then cold air advances throughout the week and overtakes the country and drops temperatures in a dramatic fashion. temperatures in the single digits for the highs in the midwest, and this potent energy moves throughout the country, creating widespread rain. ryan, marci. >> thanks, paul. times square this morning, cleanest in ages. i was there yesterday. always amazing to go to times square on new year's day. >> how? you wouldn't know 30 hours ago a million, that's right, a million partiers spent as much as half a day pinned into that little tiny area. >> yeah. our own diane macedo shows us how the miracle occurred. >> five, four, three, two -- >> reporter: for millions o
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americans, it's all about that moment. when the iconic ball drops and over 3,000 pounds of confetti sail through the sky. what does it take to clean up after one of the biggest parties in the world. for the times square alliance, fireworks start after midnight. as an army of 180 sanitation workers descend on the aftermath, flanked by 50 street sweepers and trucks and six hours later, 52 tons of debris have vanished. >> ball drops at midnight, and by literally 6:00 in the morning on the 1st, the department of sanitation from the city of new york did an amazing job picking up so much of the trash out there, and it really looks like there was not a million people there the day before. >> reporter: that's just the trash. >> miles and miles of tables, three stages, extra
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literally within 24 hours, the stages are down and times square is back to normal. the confetti disappears. it's all been taken care of. >> reporter: doesn't always mean disposed of. tens of thousands slips of confetti have handwritten wishes on them. no so quick to throw them away. >> we pull down a wish together and take it home with us and hope it comes true. >> when i was in times square, there was some confetti stuck to the ground. >> come on, now. it takes time. >> i know. it's part of the fun. it's cool to see it, like, oh, it was just new year's eve here. >> amazing. what time was that? >> that i was there? >> yeah. because they were cleaning up, what, 2:00 in the morning? how late were you out? >> busted. >> there we go. >> i was there in the evening, and i was working. so, back off. all right. some people stand in times square to celebrate the new year, but, you know, in some other
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you'd call them, ring in the new year by plunging into icy water. why in the world do they do that? >> i love this. i did it one year. hundreds took part in the annual ritual at minnesota. they purr mied themselves in the waters. first, organizers chopped a hole in the ice so divers plunge, and what was the hardest part? getting in. >> getting in. anticipate the cold standing there. then you jump in, it hits you, and you have to swim or -- >> it's all the way through when you take a breath, it's shocking. >> divers help raise thousands of dollars for the wounded warrior project. when i did it before, a couple years ago, i did the polar plunge in new york when it was -- the high that day was, like, 5 or 10. jumped in -- >> why? >> i don't know. i have it tell you, it is the most invigorating thing ever. i totally love it. i would do it every year. >> this is my judgment face. >> really? take that judgment -- tell you what, this year at 40 degrees in new york,
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it it's under freezing, you're doing it just right. >> what is it like getting out? that's the worst part. the worst part is getting in? but in, i'm not getting out. >> one of my friends came with me, lost his clothes. hilarious. >> stop. >> yeah. he wanted to borrow a shirt. i said no. >> i just choose to drink bubbly, hang out with friends. i ended up at the same party as kendis and diane. it was a "world news now" celebration, where were you? >> at home. >> you were supposed to be there. >> i was. my wife got sick, the kid got sick, so we put on the onesies, and i really do, with feet and everything. >> wear it to the party. >> i would have. i would have. if they were there, why aren't they here tonight? >> huh. >> what's up with that? >> yeah. good question. coming up, a lively look at how the new year was welcomed in around the world. celebrations taking pla
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strong security. >> and some of donald trump's cabinet choices are getting ready for a confirmation fight. the preparations, learning more about how the president-elect's inauguration will play out. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by --
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talked about so everyone knows that. all right. to other things. u.s. financial markets are closed today in observance of new year's, and when they reopen tomorrow, the dow jones industrial average starts short of the 20,000 mark. >> nicing right? 2016 began with the worst start for any year for stocks, by the end, all up and oil and gold up too. new year's day was on a sunday, the tournament of roses parade is actually today. the event kicks off at 8:00 a.m. local time and runs five and a half miles through pasadena, california. this year's theme is echoes of success with three former gold medallist, olympic gold medallists. to ensure security is successful, local police are aided by federal agencies. you can watch the parade here on abc. it will be great. preparations kicking in high gear for the inauguration of the 45th president of the united
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to be surrounded by pomp and circumstance of year's past. here's abc's mary bruce. ♪ coming home ♪ coming home >> reporter: kicking things off, the 16-year-old child prodigy to sing the national anthem as donald trump is sworn in on the capitol steps. the theme of the five-day celebration is a familiar one. make america great again, but the festivities are scaled down. trump is slated to attend two official inaugural balls and a third party to salute the armed forces. playing a key role in the event, the next first lady. >> she's a full partner in the victory celebration for the completing. >> reporter: once the confetti settles, trump has plans for the first 100 days. first up, overhauling obamacare. >> we have absolutely no choice. so we're going to repeal and replace obamacare, and you're going to get health care at
2:47 am
much lower price. >> reporter: republicans on capitol hill agree. >> obamacare doesn't work. >> reporter: but first, trump needs a cabinet. his picks headed for the senate confirmation hearings. senator sessions taking the hot seat first as democrats examine the record and consider him for attorney general. >> as attorney general, jeff sessions would have dangerous new authority to attack civil rights. >> reporter: sessions was previously rejected for a federal judgeship over allegations he made racist remarks, charges he's passionately denied. >> these are troubling things, and the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions, very thorough questions and make a decision. >> reporter: prepare for fireworks when democrats question trump's pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson, deep ties to russia. >> concerns of reports of his relationship with vladimir putin who is a thug
2:48 am
>> reporter: the obama's plan to sick around washington while their younger daughter, sasha, finishes high school. >> our attitude is that if you have a teenager and you really want to make sure that they never talk to you again, pull them out of high school right in the middle. >> that's right. >> soft more year. >> abc news, washington. coming up, how the rest of the world rang in the new year. >> that's right. why so many celebrations this year saw stepped up security. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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the eagle cam landed. hope springs eternal checking in live on the southwest florida eagle cam. check it out. this he is. she is. having a good time. one of the eggs hatched saturdays, but the other egg has not. okay. fingers crossed here. mom and dad are still sitting on the egg, keeping it warm. >> everybody's watching. >> yep. >> she said i'm just fine, doing great. >> exclusive interview. well, across the cultures, it's become a tradition to ring in the new year with a bang complete with fireworks and noise makers. >> in a sign of troubled times, tradition is now more than not including stepped up security. >> reporter: people around the world ring in the new year with
2:51 am
new zealand, the first to bid farewell to 2016. with australia not far behind, showering sidney harbor with purple rain and star shaped fireworks. this dazzling display in dubai lighting up the world's tallest skyscraper. hours later, a high colored fireworks highlights landmarks. then to london, big ben, the eye, and other attractions aglow in a show-stopping spectacle, and in times square in new york, more than a million people watched the glittering crystal ball drop. with the celebrations, added vigilance following terrorist attacks in berlin and nice, the year ending with stepped up security in crowded landmarks across the globe. unprecedented measures taken in new york city, 7,000 police officers fanned out across times square, many heavily armed. coast to coast,
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millions head home to get 2017 underway. abc news, new york.
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you know millions of americans hit the road every year to visit loved ones over the holiday season. >> that's right. one family from pittsburgh had a time honored new year's tradit
2:56 am
highways. >> reporter: last year's new year's card from the droves family, one in a series, which began 37 years ago in a story told by the "wall street journal" when the droves family was just a 3-year-old named laney and her single dad taking home out to the highway for a photo because of a sign. >> when i saw the intersection, 79 and 80, it was the perfect place. >> reporter: a year later, similar thing, different sign because 1981. there's a woman, kathy, who dad had a crush on. >> send her a card. >> third year, there's kathy. >> it was an imptous to call back. >> reporter: and she ended up marrying dan, and on it went as more kids came along and crowded into the frame, and then in later years as the kids started it disperse. >> it's his life. children grow up. >> reporter: they showed up in inserts. >>
2:57 am
the record just has brought back the moments in time. >> reporter: and so from an all grown up now droves family, their card for 2017, from the side of a road, from the side of lots of roads -- >> happy new year! >> reporter: abc news. >> so in case you didn't follow along, they stand in front of a road sign for the year that they are celebrating. >> right. like 2016, you get it, folks? i mean, otherwise just standing there. >> this is so cool. david droves issue one of the sons, was my neighbor. i saw this, like, i know this guy. >> that's amazing! >> i know. small world. happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year.
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this morning on" world news now," terror man hunt in turkey. the gunman on the loose and now the target of an international search, and we now know more about an american who was wounded in the violence. donald trump questioning the government's evidence about russia's alleged hacking during the election. the president-elect's now back at his new york home getting set to receive an important intelligence briefing this week. he also had advice keeping information secure. mariah carey's new year's eve melt down on stage on times square in front of millions. what's said about the moments when everything went wrong. lost and found, everything from smart phones and mona lisa. who
3:01 am
right there. that's ahead this monday, january 2nd, 2017. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hi there, good evening, i'm marci gonzalez. >> i'm ryan smith. kendis and diane are off. we begin this morning with the lone gunman. >> the shooter opened fire as hundreds of people were ringing in the new year leaving at least 39 people dead and nearly 70 wounded, many of them foreigners. at least one american was hurt, jacob rock of delaware, shot in the leg. more now from abc. >> reporter: gunshots and chaos in us stan bull. graphic video capturing a gunman's rampage inside and outside a popular nightclub. here you see the killer holding the weap
3:02 am
a witness turned on his cell phone fry trying to hide near several parked cars. a different angle from the club door. people ducking and running, and a ricochet off the railing as the gunman approaches, firing one last shot at the man in red before going inside. >> reporter: by the time the first ambulances arrived, it was too late for dozens killed at the scene. >> i don't know. i saw one person. they were shooting. >> reporter: now a massive man hunt is underway for the gunman who escaped and anyone else involved. this man says he made eye contact with the shooter as he arrived. he says the killer first targ targeted police and security, then bystanders. a local resident says many people mistook gunshots for fireworks and rushed to the scene. >> people were falling down. >> reporter: the turkish prime minister visited survivors in the hospital
3:03 am
fast as soon as he heard gunshots, he got down on the ground. funerals for victims have already started with dozens more to come, even as the hunt for the killer continues. abc news, london. in syria, the cease fire between the government and the main rebel group is holding, but there's still fighting. the area where the latest battles are now waged, it's not included in the cease fire. more than a thousand civilians fled the mountain region outside the syria capital as the fighting spread. the russian diplomats ordered out the u.s. by president obama have packed up and left. the president expelled the diplomats saying they were really spies. he ordered new sanctions on russian spy agencies for hacking political sites during the u.s. presidential election. two compounds belonging to the russians in maryland and new york were closed. president-elect donald trump is back in new york poised to meet with intelligence officials
3:04 am
hacking evidence against russia. before leaving florida, he questioned russia's involvement said to be aimed at interfering with the u.s. election. days after the obama administration imposed sanctions on russia, ejected dozens of displo mats, trumpments to ensure the intelligence community is correct. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove, so it could be somebody else, and i also know things that other people don't know, and so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> trump said no computer is safe. and he suggested using couriers to deliver important information. chicago closed out a deadly year with 762 homicides, the most in two decades. attacks on police officers nearly doubled in 2016 blaming violence on gangs and illegal guns on streets, but they also
3:05 am
more guns. midair collision of two small planes at a small airport 35 miles north of dallas. both planes on visual flight rules meaning air traffic control was not involved. one plane came down on a storage facility, the other on a roadway. there were no survivors from either plane. no injuries from the ground reco reported. parts of seattle picked up several inches of snow for the new year, snow and freezing fall caused many accidents. >> good move by you. snow returns to the area by the end of the week, and with more on the forecast, we are joined by accuweather's paul williams. happy new year, paul. >> good morning, ryan, marci. severe storms rumbling through the deep south, florida, texas, louisiana, arkansas, mississippi going into alabama, damaging winds and hail, flooding, downpours, and tornados possible. a different concern to the
3:06 am
inches of snow throughout portions of north dakota going into northern portions of minnesota. then looking for cold to vanadve and overtake the country by thursday. marci, ryan. >> thanks, paul. i know you're looking forward to the football playoffs. >> so excited. >> starting this weekend. >> no, i was riveted to the tv as rodgers through three touchdown passes against the lions. packers won the game, 31-24, and i know this because, of course, i was watching. >> yes. >> yes. >> because you're a huge fan. >> yes. >> by the way, the green bay won the nfc north title, right to host giants in the sunday's wild card playoff game. early game is sunday, miami versus pittsburgh. saturday games is texas hosting raidsers and lions visiting seahawks.
3:07 am
>> oh, yeah. mariah carey a show-stopper on new year's eve, but not in the way she wanted. >> not so much. >> the music started for her performance with ryan seacrest, but she did not. >> yeah. it all happened with a million people watching on live television here on abc. dick clark productions emphatically denies it is responsible in any way for the problem intelligenceally or otherwise. more now from eva pilgrim. >> times square, let's hear it right now for mariah carey. >> reporter: mariah's meltdown, the ball drop before the ball drop that began innocently enough. ♪ should all acquaintance be forgot ♪ >> reporter: but no one will forget what happened next. ♪ i got a feeling >> reporter: the performance spiraling into disaster. >> we
3:08 am
i'll just dance to the motions. >> reporter: standing on stage, not singing. >> we didn't have it for this song, so we're going to say -- >> reporter: trying to turn it over to the audience. the pop legend directing her dancers on stage. >> reporter: at one point speaking to the audience while the vocals were heard. just when you thought it couldn't get worse, we belong together going no better. millions watching on the abc broadcast. >> just don't get any better. >> reporter: carey immediately trending on twitter, some blasting the star, tweeting, i tried to sing along, but even mariah carey can't sing along to mariah, and others
3:09 am
to handle it with grace, girl. she explained the performance with an exple tifr that stuff happens, saying her ear piece was not working right here. you can see her fiddling with it. the reps say they told the stage manager about the problem, but it was not fixed. abc news, new york. >> oh. >> oh. i kind of feel for her. >> you do? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> if it really was an accident, how embarrassing. >> you know, it happens to us, right? you've been live when your feedback or it's not going right. but she blames on lack of sound check. sources at dick clark productions said she refused sound check. >> oh, yeah. >> not only that, look at the dancers. >> right. so why weren't they having the problem. >> yeah. >> oh. i don't know. >> her ear piece is the most important. so something's fishy. >> i have a feeling this is not the last that we'll hear about this. >> no, i don't think so. well, coming up, high profile legal cases argued in
3:10 am
we got a preview of some of the familiar faces that we'll be reporting. and all that stuff that's left behind at the airport, if there's something that you lost on your most recent trip, we have some tips how to get it back. and don't you forget, find us on facebook, and on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. (achoo!)you can pick up did cold & flu viruses from things in your home for up to 48 hours? it'like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there.
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. oh
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wide variety of costumes for the polar plungs in scotland. it's the final event, and some the swimmers were dressed formally, right? >> i love -- is that your scottish accent you tried there. >> yeah. >> some dressed formally, others more colorful, as you can see, about a thousand people took the plunge. another thousand just watched. those were the smart ones. >> yeah. >> this is baby nathan, the first baby born in 2017 in new york city. he entered the world eight minutes after midnight, 7 pounds, 11 ounces. >> little nathan was not expected to arrive for two more weeks, but the doctors worried about the mother's blood pressure so they decided to induce. >> already, number one. across the nation, 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for high profile legal battles. >> famous names set to have their cases heard. here's our senior leg
3:15 am
correspondent. >> reporter: they are the crimes that dominated the headlines in 2016. rocking hollywood. a big year that turned binge watchers into crime solvers. >> this is a prepaid call from. >> reporter: adnad's story captivated millions since the 2014 launch of serial. it recounts then 17-year-old's arrest and conviction for the snoo 1999 murder of his exgirlfriend, sentenced to life behind bars, but always maintained innocence. >> it is what it is, i have no control over it. >> reporter: the now 34-year-old getting another chance. a maryland judge granting retrial. that trial on hold in the appellate courts. the netflix series, making a murderer, made millions into detectives.
3:16 am
>> reporter: the new year comes with new hope for steven avery to get the conviction for the 2005 murder overturned with a new high powered attorney by his side. >> we're going to get to the bottom of this, and we firmly believe we'll establish that it was not steven avery. >> reporter: then there's es centric millionaire, durst, the focus of "the jinx." >> what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. >> reporter: he was arrested for the shooting death of his friend, susan burman. in newly released transcripts, he said in march 2015, i just didn't really, really, really think i was going to end up arrested. also, he allegedly claimed he was intoxicated throughout the taping of the hit
3:17 am
saying i was on meth, i was on meth the whole time. it should have been obvious. the trial is expected to take place in los angeles later this year. he has pled not guilty. quite possibly the most sensational case of 2017, a trial of america's dad, bill cosby. for years, beamed into our living rooms as the patriarch, cosby faces a sexual assault accusation in court this year. former temple university employee alleges the entertainer drugged and molested her at his pennsylvania home in 2004. prosecutors want 13 of his 50 accusers to testify. they say the show "cosby" had a pattern of behavior that spanned decades. cosby's attorney claim his age and failing eyesight render him unfit to defend himself. many deny the allegations from the women. trial is set to
3:18 am
summer. >> quite a legal year coming up. thank you for that. coming up in the next half hour, a pair of new year's day protest. brazen stunts in hollywood and minneapolis that stunned onlookers. how did they pull it off? first, millions of air travelers who packed the skies this holiday and what many of them left behind at the airports. what you need to know about the airport lost and found before you take your next trip. you're watching kw ining "world now." "world news now" continues af
3:19 am
3:20 am
a laisy evacuation sent passengers scrambling at tampa international airport. the terminal at the airport evacuated for an hour sunday afternoon. authorities later determined there was a false alarm triggered by a bag in a screening device. in other incidents reported, and the rest of the airport stayed open. even without an evacuation alarm going off, arrivals and departures are hectic enough for airline travelers. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> it's no surprise travelers leave something behind, but what's hard to believe what some of the items actually are. here's gloria rivera. >> reporter: 45 million travellers taking to the skies over the holidays, many leaving
3:21 am
check-in, bag drops, security, and those waits at the gate, a gauntlet to get through with the belongings. >> we see it all. >> reporter: inside the lost and found in denver, wallets, ids, jewelry galore, phone after phone, and, wait for it -- >> people left behind a chain saw, 70 inch flat screen tv, a ninja blender system, and a hover board. >> reporter: a graveyard and bag after bag, not sure how someone forgot a bronze bust or left mona lisa bind. this is a black hole and if you leave something behind, file a claim with the airline and the airport right away. call the airport lost and found directly. the more details you can give, the better chance you have at getting your belongings back. abc news, washington. >> and if anybody found a retaper on an american airlines flight, it's this guy's. >> it's a soft retainer, folks. she's laughing at me the whole
3:22 am
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ate total. best check-up ever. time now for the mix and we begin with the guy dubbed the world's stingiest land lord. his tenant posted a picture on reddit of the toilet in his apartment, and he says that the landlord installed the thing where he has to pay a dollar every time he wants to flush. >> every time he wants to flush? >> yeah. >> and the landlord, according to the guy on reddit did it to help the government save money on water? >> the government? >> yeah. >> come on, man. >> uh-huh. seems really disgusting. the guy's just never going to flush, right? >> what happens if you get sick -- that's not cool. >> that's a visual we don't need. >> you have to be broke, man. okay, talk about this. this is a cat, percy. the lenders told percy, don't steal food,
3:26 am
tricky. >> the cat doesn't listen? shocking. >> they put the rolls up. look, spotting percy taking it. caught in the act. wait. another picture percy caught right there. >> oh, my gosh. >> you got me. >> totally. >> now percy apparently can open tuperware steal from backpacks, saw the cat near a bank yesterday and got arrested. >> the picture of the cat eating the sweets in i mean, cats eat that stuff? >> you know. look at that face. >> guilty looking face. >> what happened was -- no, percy. no. we got you, man. >> i wonder if the cat tries to break into the nutella. this next story, i love nutella. >> you do? >> oh, my gosh, so good you just want to go at it. well, this woman -- >> what? >> yeah. it's a demonstration how to make a face mask and the main ingredient is
3:27 am
dark spots. >> did you put it on your face, do you want to eat it? >> it's a mixture. you don't eat it afterwards. >> oh. >> don't eat it, but her skin looks great -- yuck. her face looks great afterwards, but i don't know if it's because of the nutella. just eat it. maybe just buy a mask and eat the food and don't combine the things? oh, man. okay. okay. now last thing here is if you go to sports games, you know about kiss cam, right? >> oh, yeah. >> this is a kiz cam, junior hockey championships. look. kiss cam's on him. looks at the beer, if you're not, this little thing will. let me down it, down it. >> having a moment with the beer. >> taking it down. >> seems about right, guys and the love affair -- >> why is she hiding her face? is this not her boyfriend? >> oh. >> is the beer really his lover? >> s h
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now", a desperate search on as dozens were killed and more injured. a suspect slipping away in the chaos now on the run. details straight ahead. the president-elect is still casting doubt on what u.s. intelligence is saying about russia's alleged hacking during last year's campaign. he's about to hold important meetings with intelligence officials who will lay out their case. the transition is moving forward with 18 days to go until inauguration day. and new this half hour, a very long wait is over here in new york city, a new subway opened with riders able to take their first trips today. the entire project was about a century in the planning. >> oh, is that all? new comments
3:31 am
new year's performance. the show's producer weighs in about what happened on stage. the details coming up in the skinny on this monday, january 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm ryan smith. >> i'm marci gonzalez. kendis and diane are off this morning. we begin this half hour with the desperate search for a terrorist after that grizzly nightclub massacre in turkey. >> gunfire e erupted in the early hours of the new year as party goers celebrated at the popular istanbul club packed with tourists and locals, and when it was all over, 39 people dead, 70 wounded, and the attacker escaped. here's the latest. >> reporter: this was the scene in istanbul's popular nightclub at midnight. the partiers dancing, waving sparklers, confetti flying. the new year is
3:32 am
but just over an hour later, surveillance video captures this ominous scene just outside the club. bullets ricochetting over the street. people running for cover. from the opposite angle, graphic videos of a man dressed in black, pointing his rifle. authorities say the suspect killed a police officer and another person on the street before storming the club. the view from inside shows a gunman dressed in white wearing a hood. authorities believe the attacker changed his clothes. he stayed inside for seven terrifying minutes, shooting at the crowd that gathered, an estimated 600 people. my husband told me to get on the ground, and then a man came, this woman says. on my lefting right, everyone was crying. the smell of gun powder everywhere. revelers reportedly jumped into the city's bosphorus river desperate to escape. the attacker slips away, still on
3:33 am
eyewitness captured this video of the immediate aftermath. a man's body lying in the street, panicked, yelling. ambulances race to the scene. survivors crying. embracing each other, still dressed to celebrate. at least 39 people dead, including more than two dozen foreigners. the club popular with tourists. dozens more were injured including at least one american. an anguished son weeping over his father's casket as authorities scramble to find the person responsible. americans warned by the consulate to shelter in place. the u.s. and turkey are calling this a terrorist attack. so far there's been no claim of responsibility, but turkish police sources tell us they do believe the shooter showed signs of being a trained isis fighter. abc news, us stan bull. north korea's putting the international community on edge hinting it's going to test a long range missile. in its new year's speech, the leader said preparationsor
3:34 am
ballistic missile for the first time reached the final stage. he said the country will boost its military capabilities further unless the u.s. ends joiptd military exercises with south korea. the u.s. general is praising iraqi forces fighting to retake mosul from isis. brigadier told the ap that iraqi forces are at the peak at adjusting well to the changing realities on the battlefield and applauded efforts, and said it will take another three months to liberate mosul. donald trump is casting doubt on u.s. intelligence that found russia meddled in the presidential election to help him win. as he prepares to meet with intelligence officials this week, trump claims he is already quite knowledgeable about hacking. abc's mary bruce with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump's ringing in the new year with new pushback. >> i know a lot about hacking. hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. >> reporter: the preside
3:35 am
florida, still doubting u.s. intelligence and questioning if russia interfered in the election. >> i want them to be sure. i think it's unfair if they don't know. >> reporter: 17 u.s. intelligence agencies concluded russia was behind the hacking. now trump suggests there's more to it. >> i also know things that other people don't know. >> like? >> and so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> reporter: trump will be briefed by leaders of the intelligence community next week and is promising more details. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out tuesday or wednesday. >> reporter: the top democrat on the house intelligence committee tells us the evidence is ironclad. >> it's very solid. it's, indeed, overwhelming. if he's going to have any credibility as president, he needs to stop talking this way. >> reporter: president obama already retaliated including closing two lavish russian diplomatic retreats and evicting dozens from the u.s. plan
3:36 am
the team questions the white house's motivation. >> there's question whether there's political retribution here versus diplomatic response. >> reporter: some republicans want more punishment. >> we will be working for much tougher sanctions against russia. they attacked the united states of america. the hacking was an attack. >> reporter: trump says the only way for sure to protect from cyber attacks -- >> you know, if you have something really important, write it out and deliver by courier, the old-fashioned way, because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. >> reporter: dhs weighs in on new concerns that the russians may have targeted the american electrical system, a code linked to the russians found on a laptop soerassociated with a vet electrical company, but there's no signs the hackers penetrated the power grid itself. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. queen elizabeth missed a traditional new year's day church service sunday because of a lingering cold. her
3:37 am
attened as well as other members of the family. the queen also missed christmas service last week for the first time in decades. the palace said there's no calls for concern. >> reporter: back at home, the recovery efforts for a small plane that disappeared over lake erie resumes. six people aboard, including the pilot, his wife, and two sons. multiple reports of debris, and the plane disappeared thursday after taking off from cleveland's lake front airport. the public works commissioner in the suburban detroit county vows to fix the sewer line that created a major sink hole. that mess forced the evacuation of 22 homes. the commissioner says some of the families may be able to return in a about a week. the sink hole caused by an 11-foot sewer line that clogged and collapsed. well, the south is bracing for wet weather on this second day of the year. there could be even some severe storms. >> oh, doesn't look good.
3:38 am
has the latest track of the storm, paul? >> good morning, ryan, marci. right now, we are bracing for the worst of the worst in the deep south, severe thunderstorms and actual threat of tornados precipitated by a system tracking northeast and bring moisture from the gulf. that combination makes for widespread rain showers in the southeast, mississippi valley region and up into indiana. and rain's going to range between two feet and four inches in areas. bracing for a chance of flash flooding. slippery conditions in the ohio valley, pockets of rain, and slippery monday. tuesday, in the northeast, covered by this rain, and it's going to cause big time travel delays from bangor to richmond. marci, ryan. >> thank you, paul. nearly a century after it was first proposed, a new subway line opened up in new york. the second avenue lines first train left the station noon
3:39 am
yesterday. the three new stations are manhattan's far upper east side which has not had subway service up until now. >> the mood among thousands of riders on the first day was fesive, you know, the way it always is when you ride the subway here in new york. everyone's smiling and friendly. nearly all just taking a ride to celebrate, weren't really going anywhere, most of them. this line connects riders to brooklyn and hopefully relieves crowding elsewhere. >> you know, this was so important. it's going to sound like a new york story, but if you visit new york, there's a whole other side of town on the east side, and they really had no way to get there for four to five blocks -- >> you can take the bus. >> to the east and 50 blocks up. >> take the bus. take a cab. >> subway lines. >> yes. we are spoiled by subways. >> they have been trying this for a hundred years, and now look. it's beautiful, colorful, and it's packed, and -- >> doesn't have those lovely scents, you know, the smells of the new york city subway just
3:40 am
>> it'll be there. give it an hour. >> guaranteed. >> two hours. coming up, a temporary makeover for the iconic hollywood sign. oh, yeah, that's different, the change all too obvious to see. more about that straight ahead. mariah carey's on stage meltdown that's becoming something of a war of words between the star's people and the team that put the show together. >> uh-oh. >> yeah. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. you by lysol. the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli.
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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy
3:43 am
are free to go. tide and downy together. philadelphia ushered in the new year with the parade, but it was a kinder, gentler version. there's worries of insensitive displays. they reviewed participants, five asked to remove offensive material. the parade this year also included minority bands and dancers and drag queens. well, in california and minnesota, daredevils made a flash on new year's day with a pair of high profile protests. >> yes. >> this morning, we are finding out just how they managed to pull it off. here's more.
3:44 am
>> reporter: the new year kicking off with the two brazen stunts. in hollywood, a shocking sight. the hollywood sign altered to read with the hollyweed." >> wonder how they did it. >> pulling this off also in 1976. >> i like the traditional sign, but this is here being here at the moment. >> reporter: at the vikings, bears football game in minneapolis, two protesters, one in a purple jersey dangling from the rafters of u.s. bank stadium. unfurling a giant banner above the crowd. revealing a rallying cry for the dakota access pipeline. the game going on uninterrupted, experts says it exposes lapses in security. >> shows people who may want to commit, say, a crime, where people get hurt that there are weaknesses and gaps in security measures in these different types of locations and they can exploit that.
3:45 am
>> reporter: the hollywood sign is back to normal. no word on who might be responsible. abc news, los angeles. >> very ambitious of whoever did the hollyweed. not what you think of for a pot head, just celebrate, sit home and chill, but you do that? >> you think, dude, i have an idea, mess with the hollywood sign. >> you laugh about it, but to do it? >> facing a misdemeanor trespassing charge. >> but you made national news, so, oh, well. >> minnesota, one, two protesters arrested. it didn't work out perfectly. >> although, hollywood person not caught yet. >> and we're talking about it. >> exactly. when we come back, what mariah carey's about her meltdown on live tv. >> why a microphone was cut off. "world news now" continues after this, from our abc stations.
3:46 am
"world news
3:47 am
time now for the skinny starting with, guess who, mariah carey and the new year's eve performance, if you call it that. >> oh, man, the final act on new year's rockin' eve. she had just finished singing "auld lang syne" when the wheels
3:48 am
>> well, happy new year. i'll just go through the motions, okay? ♪ all right. we didn't have a check for this song, so we'll just say that's what it is. okay. ♪ we're missing some vocals. but it is what it is. >> you can see how frustrated she was. >> oh, man. >> you see her face. >> doesn't get easier to watch. >> no. you think that was bad, by the way, things only got worse. >> oh. >> she eventually walks off the
3:49 am
>> just don't get any better. >> she walked off the stage, but i'm amazed she lasted as long as she did up there with how things were going. >> you could tell she was angry, tweeting a profane phrase after the performance saying, blank happens, and you know what i mean by blank. >> we do. >> her people, by the way, blaming technical difficulties, but dick clark productions denied that saying, in part, it would intentionally compromise success of any artist is absurd. oh. fight is on. >> oh, there were some choice tweets after that. >> yes. >> and this is the -- quite a talker that we'll be hearing about for quite a while, i think. >> imagine being the sound guy that night. >> wait -- >> for whoever the person was. >> you know that person probably knows the real story, like, nope, there's no problem, or, if there was a prop, then, the person's going to keep their mouth shut. >> looking forward to the exclusive.
3:50 am
>> meantime, there was ring-worthy moments over on another network at about the same time. >> so cnn, i don't know if you catch their midnight show, don lemon hosting the new year's eve coverage from new orleans. he was reportedly pounding shots of tequila, ushering in the new year, land blasting the new year, and the producers cut his mic. >> it doesn't matter. >> i know. >> seriously. having a moment. >> 2016 was awful. >> oh, and there he goes. >> okay. well maybe they just wanted to fill in the blanks why you thought it was awful. oh, what's going on here? okay? in the broadcast, he got his ear pierced live on the air. now, was this planned or was this the result of tequila, and
3:51 am
are men still piercing ears in 2017? is this coming back? >> maybe don's bringing it back. look, we go way back. >> can't. >> i don't know what to say. >> all right. >> and, finally, we have a final celebrity passing to report. this has been a really tough year for celebrities. >> oh, yeah. >> it's been hard. so in 2016, an actor, william christopher, you know his face. he died after a battle with lung cancer, known for the role, on "mash." >> you see, gail planned to go to medical school, i helped her study, simple as that. at least i thought it was. until i suddenly found myself on the receiving end of the rather ardent embrace. >> what? >> she hugged the stuffing out of me.
3:52 am
>> you know, i don't know -- did you watch "mash" growing up? >> not really. a little bit. >> it was a little bit before my time too, but i have to tell you, it really -- he was really just one of the amazing characters of the show, 84 years old.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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3:55 am
with the arrival of the new year comes a new crop of long awaited block buster hopefuls at the box office. >> that's right. they come amid a whole new hollywood award season, and chris connely has a preview of what's hitting theaters this year. >> reporter: if 2017 sets up the year of change, these movies hope to offer pleasure. putting the bands back together for the guardians of the galaxy part 2. long awaited live action version of beauty and the beast. the shimmering emma watson hits theaters this march. >> hello. >> of course he can talk.
3:56 am
movie this summer. strength and sorrow of world war i. call this the fate of the furious. >> we're going to need a bigger truck! >> reporter: weekend before valentine's day brings "50 shades darker." pirates of the caribbean, dead man tells no tales, eager to find jack sparrow. it's not all fun and games. world war ii drama puts the dark knight on tour, christopher nolan, back on the director's chair. another hits the road for a girl's trip. this is a cyborg scarlett johansson. two more in orbit when something goes a little awry. that's life. front and center for the dark tower. there's nothing needed for the
3:57 am
batman movie, fighting crime and overexuberant robin. >> i love it, but it's tight. >> i got an idea. better? >> reporter: all that and the spiderman reboot, transformers sequel, and in december, star wars episode 8. it's not the worst time to have something loud to look forward to. abc news, los angeles. >> i have not heard more than half of those movies. they look good. >> some do. saw the previews, amazing. >> you're fired up. >> so fired up. >> and fast and furious 48? >> yeah. 8. they were in a car, again. >> shocking. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, isis now claiming responsibility for the nightclub shooting in turkey. the search for a suspect right now, the injured american, plus other americans near the attack. professional basketball players escaping the rampage. expressing doubt. president-elect trump says he has inside information on the election hacking. he's reiterating doubts that russia was behind it and promising to reveal what he knows about the election day meddling. we're live in washington. desperate search, a couple missing since christmas. the new clue in the case that has family and investigators focusing on a small town. and the blame game. after mariah carey's awkward performance before the ball dropped overnight, the new response


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