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tv   ABC7 News at 430 PM  ABC  January 2, 2017 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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without six starters on defense and had two healthy linebackers and some freshmen playing in the secondary. how would you describe the play of that unit? >> the team, the way they -- just how they went through the whole season. their bowl preparation, they were embarrassed a year ago when we played in the bowl game. this group of guys wasn't going to let it happen. we were down some people but the guys played their tails off. >> jerry: you had to endure a hurricane, a host of injuries, an incredible performance in baton rouge and win the s.e.c. east for the second year and then today a january bowl game, how would you define this team and group of seniors going out for you this year? >> this past two years, this group of guys and young guys that played to be part of two championship teams, you know, win a bowl game against one heck of a football team. i can't tell you how proud i am
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looking forward to next year already. >> jerry: i can hear in your voice how much it means to yo. e coach, congratulations, go hug your players and celebrate. >> thank you very much. >> mike: you could hear it in his voice too. don't forget. the rose bowl presented by northwestern mutual at 5:00 eastern on espn. for our entire crew who works so hard all year long, thank you so much guys and girls. for ed cunningham and dr. jerry punch this is mike patrick saying so long from tampa, florida.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now, abc seven news at 4:00 on your side. anchor: from college football to e
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there locker after a giant disappointment. anchor: right now, a rainy day turning into a damp evening. we can expect more of the same continuing into this first work week of the new year. anchor: what a difference 24 hours makes. anchor: that's right. when everyone heads back to work after the federal holiday, it will be a wet commute. doug hill has the forecast. day. not a very pretty a lot of drizzle and rain in the area. the rain could be even heavier for a while tomorrow. ie first day back to work, can guarantee you that giving yourself extra time is a good idea. the rain could be heavy. 44 with light rain and drizzle around the area. temperatures will hold steady through the evening.the rain will be fairly light . after 10:00, it will just be drizzle and fog. the rain on doppler radar, little segment. it was ptt
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earlier.we will show the next area of rain. some heavier elements of thunderstorms. on your way back to work tomorrow. it is definitely wet. like you mentioned tomorrow, the commute, getting back into the swing of things, may be much slower. you want to plan ahead. practice the 15 minute to 20 minute rule. south, through newington, we are ok. it is towards lorton and dale city and woodbridge that we have slowing. it is not because of accidents. this is holiday travel, everyone leaving the city. this is newington, a few raindrops on the camera. southbound will be slow. a big teacher look. not bad at all. we are actually in really good shape around the capital beltway. a little bit of slowing year old georgetown
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away. look at the bay bridge. we have visibility a little lower in some areas. use caution. no big crashes right now. we will keep you updated. back to you. anchor: thank you. a day like this, gray, overcast, gloomy -- that is what we get following the skins game yesterday. anchor: it fits the mood. them tould have sent the postseason, but instead, they are cleaning out there lockers. -- their lockers. barbara is here. this is one to remember for all the wrong reasons. >> they>> will be feeling this for a long time. it is all over for now. in their favor. a home game against a team with nothing to play for. you can't ask for more. because of that loss, this was the scene at redskins park. it was another
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two picks. here's what jay had to say about the record. 8-7-1 is barely above average. we had some good situations, good games, fun times. not so fun times. after you end a season after the 17th week, there's a lot of work to do. it's not good enough. are not high, and we didn't reach any of them. we failed on a lot of accounts. 5:00, -- ming up at robert: coming up at 5:00, more on the locker cleanup day. u-haul new at 4:00, a filled with atms. it is not clear how many cash machines were inside, or if they were filled with cash at all. coming up at
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who helped police track down the truck load of atms. developing in turkey. a manhunt continues for the is stengel nightclub shooter -- istanbul nightclub shooter. there have been people detained in connection with the attack rate meanwhile, isis is claiming responsibility. 39 people were killed, and more than 70 were injured. an american tourist says he survived by playing dead. in prince george's county, police were searching for the driver who hit a man in upper marlboro and took off. it happened on route for around 10:30 last night. they believe the 61-year-old was crossing the street, and he had some kind of medical emergency, and passed out. the driver who hit him did not stop. but itived -- he died, is unclear if he died after he was hit. no one was able to give a good
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who hit him. six puppies stolen from a pet store. someone broke into the store in manassas. how this puppy heist was pulled off. pups,er: this is d.c. where manassas police are actively investigating the burglary of six puppies taken from these cases. the investigators and owners believe whatever happened, the suspect came in through the window, and broke it. you can see the board has been put up temporarily. the thought is, whoever took the dogs also took six travel carriers for the dogs. there are three puppies that were thankfully not taken. the owners are engaged, and have only been in business for a few months. last night at 6:00, they came to check on the puppies in the back, and saw t
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the dogs, a pomeranian, maltese, and other breeds, are 9-12 weeks old. not only was the back window broken, but the security camera was ripped off the wall. manassas police were, here taking prince and fingerprints looking for clues. the owners are very worried about the health of the puppies, who need special food and constant care. >> my plea is to just return the puppies. their safety is my number one concern right now. >> i just want justice for these puppies. reporter: they plan to installreporter: a new security kim assumed. the big question, who was responsible for this crime? the owners say they think they had a pretty good idea of who might have done it. we will have more coming up at 5:00. until then, in manassas, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. anchor: i hope they find them. 4:00, the bin
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anchor: plus, the swearing in of the city council disrupted. the protest on day one of work, coming up. have prevented the sensels death of this five-year-old girl. anchor: one family's opinion after apple is sued after a family car
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anchor: president obama and the first family, back from hawaii, greeted by a gloomy weather after ending the holiday in paradise. the president will speak to the nation last -- for the last time next week. the white house says he will deliver his address from his home city of chicago.his presidential library will be built there. a california couple is holding apple responsible for the death of their five-year-old daughter. she died in a car crash in 2014. the driver of the other car is accused of using apple's face time application during the crash. he has been charged with manslaughter. however, parents of the girl have filed a lawsuit against the tech giant. they say there was technology available for apple which could have disabled the facetime option for drivers.
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russian diplomat accused of spying in the u.s., now back in moscow. we will tell you about a party being thrown for their families, just ahead. reporter: it may now be a bit harder to
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anchor: the new year comes with new laws. one of them, a baby and e-cigarette -- v
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gaithersburg.n in we had the alternatives to using those. reporter: it is now officially legal to use or smoke -- a legal illegal to smoke cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or any of those, including parks. other band areas are elevators, restrooms, health care facilities, stores, restaurants, schools, and theaters. in october, city council passed the measure which took effect yesterday. it strengthens a previous law, which band cigarettes -- banned cigarettes and cigars within 30 feet of city playgrounds. vape shop,an owns a and says
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much safer than cigarettes, and says that they help people quit smoking. he says the new city ordinance stigmatizes those who use the battery-operated devices. >> they have done studies on this. it's not harmful. there's no secondhand smoke. it's not killing people. . there has to be a point in which you go, aren't you stepping over your boundaries to tell me what is right and what is wrong? reporter: that law took effect yesterday. violators will face fines of $100 each time they are caught. in gaithersburg, kevin lewis, abc 7 it -- news. anchor: president-elect donald trump claims to have inside or, as he puts it, things other people don't know, about the accusations that russia is behind the hacking by russia. he says he will say something tomorrow or wednesday. he is due to in -- receive an intelligence briefing soon.
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russian diplomats to be expelled, and shut down to competent -- compounds. in of them in maryland, one new york. the diplomats accused of spying a few hours there are reports that the children and those families will attend a special holiday gathering at the kremlin. say thesian officials deportation ruined the family celebrations of the new year. theor: swearing in day for d.c. council was disrupted after protests of a deadly police shooting over the holiday weekend. anchor: body camera video says javon hall had a knife. family members disagree. they requested that the video be released multiple times. reporter: at today's ceremony, three newly elected council members were sworn in. robert white, at large.
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another, from ward eight, and former mayor vincent gray, all democrats. during the comments of mayor muriel bowser -- >> it is the day where we celebrate the elections. reporter: three protesters stood in front of them they are holding up signs about the killings of terence sterling and javon hall. the were hustled out of convention center. ejected by the security, the protesters continued outside. >> it is our duty to fight for freedom. reporter: holding black lives matter and other signs, protesters remembered sterling on a motorcycle when police killed him. >> every monday, we meet and protest and demonstrate about this young man's death, which we have not gotten any answers about. reporter: police released somebody one camera video, turned on after the fact. so far, no video released in the death of javon hall. >> we want it to be released. reporter:
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the spectacle during her speech -- we have had a police involved shooting, and it is under investigation, like the laws required. reporter: one protester noted that the year is young. in northwest washington, abc 7 news. we are going to haveu another bout of rain tomorrow morning. we had drizzle most of the day. steadier rain tomorrow. tonight, temperatures holding in the 40's, light rain holding. rain, a lot ofof bands of heavy showers and thunderstorms from the gulf into alabama, headed in our direction. the futurecast gives us a little help timing the rain. 7:30, welike 7:00 or should have significant rainfall across the area. heavier elements will pass through now and then. most of the steady rain should lift out midday, and then cloudy skies with a touch of clearing late in the afternoon in st
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it could be the nicest day of the week. about one inch of rain in frederick. 8/10 of an inch in annapolis. 9/10 of an inch in manassas. over the next few days, we will call for rain, especially through the morning. midday, 52. wednesday, nicest day of the week for sure, 56. thursday, breezy and colder. a system moving and thursday night could give us light snow or snow showers. friday morning, it turns much colder. ready for degrees for the high. -- 34 degrees for the high. there will be a significant storm system over the southeast portion of the country saturday. we might get a few snow showers or flurries. 32 on sunday. only 30 degrees on monday. early next week, we will make a little improvement. climb upres start to again. maybe a brief mixture of weather on wednesday. thursday, partly cloudy skies, highs around4.
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i'm at benton middle school in manassas, where a student has just won big bucks. how she got the $25,000
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all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. anchor: a manassas middle school student is making headlines, after coming out on top international science competition. as kellye lynn tells us in spotlight on education, the 13-yeaol
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of change to put into her college fund. colde key components of a gas rocket nozzle. william: this prince county student knows a lot about cold gas rockets and the thrust they produce. > 10 degrees is the narrowest angle, and the longest. 20 degrees is the widest and shortest. reporter: it is the subject of her winning science project. isto be the grand champion outstanding. it's amazing. a huge accomplishment. reporter: the benton middle school student competed against more than 6000 young people, and presented her project at the broad, masters national competition in washington dc, in october. >> when you win the broad comm masters, you are the top middle school student in the nation. reporter: this comes with much more than a title
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$25,000. >> it was laughing, and crying all at once. it means reporter: the science fair coordinator in school each received text from $1000, some of which will be used to expand the school science program. as for this 13-year-old, who dreams of becoming an astronaut and visiting mars, her money is already spent. >> school! a quarter of a year at m.i.t. definitely going toward school. reporter: in manassas, kellye lynn, abc 7 news. start to 2017. how long the rain will stick around, and when we can see snow. an unusual discovery inside a u-haul. how did the atms end up inside? >> my plea is to return the puppies. anchor: plus, puppy heist. and a golden opportunity blown. who is to blame for the season-ending
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loss? abc 7 ask you, and you answered. 5:00. now, abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. anchor: they say when you see something, say something, right? but when someone reported this u-haul right here just sitting around, it wasn't something designed to cause mayhem, but instead, there were machines that hold money inside. ve to explain.a lif reporter: it was right here where the u-haul was parked today, or stalled, or abandoned, barely. the people who lived here it was something like this, don't trash. what police found inside the u-haul turned out to be far more valuable. the call came in about a u-haul blocking garages. residence thought someone had come here to dump trash.they say it happens occasionally.
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found the u-haul apparently was not locked. when an officer looked inside, he discovered as many as four atms and a safe. >> oh my goodness. an investigation began immediately to determine the origin of the atms. investigators say in these kinds of situations, it is not themmon for a thief to take machines across state lines, drained them of cash, then discard them a tow truck. you hold eventually. investigators are waiting for a war and to investigate the vehicle and atms more carefully -- a warrant to investigate the vehicle and atms more carefully. but people around here say it is obvious what is happening. were putting the skimming devices on. reporter: we checked around the area jurisdictions. we learned within the past month,


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