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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 3, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. nationwide outage at the country's busiest airports. >> many travelers are returning to a not so pleasant surprised. long lines caused tempers to flare when customs officials had to process people by hand. and storms turning deadly and killing four people in alabama. tornado watches are continuing as high winds are toppling trees. and the growing beef between the world's biggest burger maker and the center of the catholic church. hear why the opening at the vatican is becoming so emotional. and minutes before midnight on
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pop diva is saying about who really dropped the ball in times square. it's tuesday, january 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin this morning. >> good morning, hi. >> good morning, how are you? >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> i was so excited so start things off. are you okay today? >> i'm okay. >> we're starting with breaking news for travelers out there entering the u.s. getting a bit of a nightmare at some of the country's busiest airports. here are some time lapsed videos showing a long line of passengers. >> and heated exchanges in miami. it serves more international flights than any other in the u.s. it was a scene of chaos. the result o
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nationwide customs processing systems outage. >> other airports were washington, dallas, and fort lauderdale. and other others. customs agents had to access national security databases and all travelers were screened during that outage. >> what happened sneer i spoke earlier with our aviation analyst. >> reporter: the problem here is that everything gets delayed because you're not just looking at one computer screen. there's a delicately interlaced system. when it works it gives them a tremendous amount of information of who is on the flight, who is coming in, who is in front of them. when they last entered, all these different pieces of information, and without that interlaced system, they have to get certain parts of it produced on paper, for instance, the list of people inbound on a particular flight or from other sources, so they're probably not
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all the normal things that are done. it just takes twice as long at least, sometimes three to four times as long. it gets to be a pretty big deal if you have a global industry and are used to zipping through using the global entry ma chine. those won't be working and so now everybody is going through the regular lines which, themselves are delayed. you could be looking at an additional hour or two before you get out of the airport. this means that anybody with a domestic connection may well be in trouble. the global entry is one of those systems that has to depend on the main interlaced computer capabilities of cbp. if they go down, if the whole system goes down to any extent, the machines that give you the capability of coming in with global entry will probably go down too. right now this is guess work. we don't know for sure, but more than likely the inconvenience was not only for regular
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passengers going through the regular chutes but also those with the enhanced inspection programs, global entry being one, to where they can kind of clear themselves. so far there's no indication that sabotage could be involved. of course, until the final post mortem is done, it's premature to declare it, but more than likely, this being a very closed system, it's highly unlikely there's a system with sabotage or somebody accessing the database from outside. the fact that this is one of the busiest travel days of the year including international travel also probably augers well for the fact that the system can get overloaded or at least has been used to a great extent at a higher level than you would normally have during a normal week. consequently if there's a time for it to break down, not only is this the most convenient, but it's probably the most likely. >> our thanks to john
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>> can you imagine? get here to the states a then you have to wait 90 minutes to two hours. >> a lot of people are coming back today to make it back to work today. and some of them might be having to call out. >> yeah. jet lag. >> one more day of vacation, kind of, spent at the airport. and severe storms are pounding the south moving across alabama and georgia. four people died in alabama when a tree fell on their mobile home during a tornado that hit alabama knocking down trees, blocking roads and damaging other buildings as all. all schools in the town already closed today. trees and powers were knocked down leaving thousands without electricity and buildings were damaged. some areas experienced flash flooding after the heavy rain. police have new evidence
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turkey. they say this is the face of the killer. he's seen getting out of taxi after the shooting that left 39 people dead. they have fingerprints and say they're close to identifying him. at least 12 people have now been arrested in raids, and isis has claimed responsibility calling the attack a response to turkish action against fighters in syria. donald trump is insisting north korea won't have a missile capable of reaching the united states. he says it won't happen. it happens after kim jong-un said preparations have reached the final stage, hinting that a test was imminent. and the president-elect's team is walking back his comments when he suggested he was about to reveal new information on the russian hacking allegations. sean spicer said when trump mentioned knowing things other people do not know, he was simply talkingbo
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own conclusions. trump is still not accepting intelligence findings showing russia was involved in election hacking. a heart breaking tragedy in texas. four children dead from gas poisoned. it's believed to have been caused by a pesticide. they were honored at a vigil and with gifts. matt gutman has more. >> reporter: an invisible killer striking this amarillo, texas home. >> there are eight people sick in the house. >> reporter: they sought the unconscious kids, four children would ultimately die. >> two kids that are not awake, and a bunch of others that are having a hard time. >> reporter: ten people all from the same family found with severe chemical poisoning from a lethal gas. amil
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seeped into the mobile home after an occupant sprayed the pesticide to kill rats and mice beneath the house. the family members complained about the smell. the man told officials he sprayed it with water causing a chemical reaction creating that adly result. when they arrived, rescue crews smelled the chemical. nine firefighters hospitalized as a precaution. >> for them to go all at once is a tragedy that hit home. >> reporter: it is one of the most commonly used agricultural pesticides and it's one of the most common causes of poisoning. unfortunately, there's no known antedote. matt, thank you. now to sports and a somewhat unusual coaching move. less than a week before college football's national title game. alabama's former
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coordinator left yesterday so he can focus on his next job as head football coach at florida atlantic university. apparently he had a tense relationship with the head coach. alabama takes on clemson monday on tampa. you can see the game on espn. >> i guess it's sports. london hosted the darts world competition. yeah. going to get stretched out for this. and like in other sports, sometimes you get an idiot who wants in on the action. >> right at the end of the competition, a member of the audience jumped on stage and tried to make off with the championship's trophy. he was stopped by security and escorted off the stage, but fortunately or some might say unfortunately, no one hit him with any darts. >> he's lucky, and it turns out the guy is a member of
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internet pranksters. >> he didn't even wait until the competition was over. >> no. >> the final players were still getting ready to throw. that is a brave man that's going to jump in front of competitive people and try to steal their trophy when they have great aim and armed with sharp objects? >> we've seen this video clip a lot of times, but the thing as i watch it that i'm completely amazed by, look at how many people are into darts as a sport. are you kidding me? >> they got to take lessons for when they're at the bar. >> i guess. >> bet i can't make this? >> i've been to the world championship. right. all right. coming up. something you definitely don't want to do is dart in front of a police car. >> except if you're this guy. he apparently did and ran straight into a cruiser, smashing the windshield in the process. we'll tell you why.
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instead of running from them, police responding to a call found the suspect running at them. that guy. allegedly drunk hitting the cruiser's windshield really hard causing that sort of damage and injuring slightly two officers inside checking on a complaint of a disturbance. i think they found it. now to a texas couple this morning that is suing apple. blaming the tech giantn
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for the death of their five-year-old daughter. >> the little girl was killed when a 22-year-old driver slammed into the family's car while allegedly using face time. >> reporter: apple is under fire after this fatal car crash in dallas. the family of five-year-old mariah is now suing the tech giant claiming the video chat face time caused the accident. the driver was allegedly using the apple app when he kreshcras into the car. he is now charged with manslaughter. >> apple knew better and did not do better. >> reporter: the attorneys claim apple had technology to lock out the ability of drivers to use the face time application on the apple iphone while driving a motorcycle but did not install it. and never warned users of the potential dangers. >> apple could have prevented
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girl on christmas eve if this technology had been used. >> reporter: we reached out to apple for comment, but the company does not comment on pending litigation and has not filed a legal response to the lawsuit. >> i believe they'll take the position that to the extent anyone is responsible for the injuries caused by this lawsuit, it's the actual driver of the car and not their product. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. the attorney for the driver released a statement saying in part, the family is confident after all the facts are brought out in court that it will be shown that the use of a cellular device did not contribute, and he did not commit a crime. it was simply an accident. >> a lot of people will be watching that case. coming up in the next half hour, the midair face off between an airline passenger and the crew that took an ugly turn. we have the
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the flight to divert to new zealand. >> first an escalating war of words between mariah carey and the producers of tick cladick c new year's eve. what really we
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♪ well, emotions were definitely running high on new year's eve as mariah carey seemed to have a melt down in front of millions of people on live television in new york's time square. >> this morning we hear the latest version of who dropped the ball in times square. here's juju chang. >> reporter: she said she couldn't hear her tracks because
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roger love, focal coach to stars like salena gomez says when performing live, jimmy kimmel from big audiences often overpower the music. >> it is completely common for artists to have backing tracks. they have these things called inear monitors. they're like mini headsets. she not only could not hear herself but couldn't hear the music. >> reporter: he points to her repeatedly trying to communicate to her engineers. >> she already is bringing her hand to her ear signaling that she is having some issue. >> reporter: i'm trying to be a good sport here. for a brief moment she appeared to be back on track. but things got even more cringe worthy when she started singing we belong together. >> it was like watching a queen fall on her face. >> reporter: the shaken song stress
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performance leaving the stage quickly. hours after the performance she responded on twitter saying with a shrug, in a sense, stuff happens, and here's to making more headlines in 2017. >> it's more memorable this way. if mariah carey came out and delivered a flawless performance and then the ball dropped, i don't think we would all remember this. >> reporter: tonight, the finger pointing continues. mariah's manager accusing show producers of hanging her out to dry saying they acknowledged they knew her inner ears were not working. they did not cut to a commercial. they left her out there to get ratings. >> reporter: dick clark productions saying an initial investigation shows. the special aired on abc television which had no comment on the matter. it seemed as though she has trouble hearing earlier in the evening. >> she didn't handle it
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gracefully. she handled it like mariah. she is mariah carey. the rules don't apply. she lives on a different planet. it's a diva powered planet. >> reporter: capping a big year for mariah carey. her summer tour was the subject of her new e reality series where we see her as a working single mom. >> it's very demanding schedule. but no matter what, i need to spend time with my kids. >> reporter: there was the drama of her split from her billionaire fiance, bill packer, but this spring she's scheduled to go on tour and despite her new year's eve debacle, our experts suggest the pop diva doesn't have much to worry about. >> all fallout will lead to her singing live on her next performance and killing it, and everybody realizing that her voice is just as good now as it was 20 years ago. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york.
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you know, there are some of us when we eat mcdonald's fries, we feel as if it's a whole food item. >> i don't eat fast food. >> whatever. and here's proof that mcdonald's is one step closer to god. there's a new mcdonald's that's just opened up 100 yards from the vatican. it's called a mcvatican. this is the layout. you can see how close it is to the vatican. >> is it really called the mcvatican? >> that's what they dubbed it. apparently, guess who is landlord is? the pope and the catholic church. and there are some cardinals who live right above this. not everybody has been happy about this. they weren't necessarily consulted t
3:26 am
moving into the building. there have been some protests, but i think they'll be won over by the smell of the fries. >> and the size of the rent check. >> and there's that. about $31,000 a month. >> that tends to be per swative. >> and a crocodile in australia got a little more than he bargained for when he tried to sunbathe in someone's backyard. they managed to contain this giant crock, not with guns or forks but with garbage bins and hay bails. they kept him there until wildlife experts were able to get there and relocate him. i wonder how they got everyone to work together. guys, i got an idea. >> this is sure to work. that thing would have been -- i would have let that thing keep
3:27 am
and in south korea they have the answer on how to tame a crocodile. this is a company that unveiled the world's first manned bipedal robot. it's 13 feet tall. weighs more than a ton. it shakes the ground, apparently, as it walks. >> how terrifies would it be to see that thing walking toward you? >> you can actually walk under that thing. >> i have a sports story i really want to get to. we have time. my favorite play in all of sports is a fake field goal. i may have found one that rivals it. this is louisville against duke. obviously in basketball, so here's what the players on offense run to the wrong end of the floor. thinking they were
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this morning on "world news now" the search for a killer is underway as new video surfaces of the suspected gunmen firing outside a turkish nightclub. we'll have the new details on how he may have gotten away. >> extreme weather across the south has taken the lives of four in alabama as suspected tornadoes ripped their way through the region. we'll have the latest on where the massive system heads today. >> and a woman struck by lightning. the whole thing caught on camera. >> you can see the flash of light before the beach goer collapses and is rushed to the hospital. and the parade of more than two dozen women who tried to win


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