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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in jummy: severe weather in the south turning deadly. the first look at the damage coming in. larry says we are watching that storm system as it pushes into our area. autria: of the weather team and the traffic team. double duty this morning. we will get to traffic in a moment. we want to get started with veronica. cominga: the rain is down, it will be picking up. after 7:00, you will hit the ro
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you will need. today is a day you need the rain jacket and boots. puddles out there and the possibility of ponding. very little sunshine for today. rain over the area. i amtrak to the leading edge of this getting into areas of howard county, damascus, clarksville. is about an hour away from coming into d.c. intensity with our heaviest rain expected between 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. moderate rain continues until 2:00 or 3:00. we do better with temperatures topping in the mid-to upper 40's today. the
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roads are wet. suzanne kennedy has been out with storm trak 7. you are going to see things pick up. beginning ofthe the thick of it. we are near woodbridge, approaching 123. we went as far south as fredericksburg and we are in the middle of steady showers. people are being cautious. it may mean leaving yourself extra time as you head out the door. there is a situation in lorton. julie wright has been keeping an eye on that situation and others. troubles continue in virginia. over an hour drive from manassas heading into the capital beltway.
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along the right side of the road. on 95, as you push north of woodbridge, we had accident activity. fromminute commute to get dale city. some troubles in maryland, a stalled car. watch for police direction in order to get by. jummy: severe thunderstorms claiming the lives of five people overnight. four of the people died in alabama when a tree fell on the home. the stammen -- the same storm system left behind a path of damage in areas of texas, mississippi, and florida. tens of thousands of people lost
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power at the height of the storm. the south is not out of the woods yet. several areas are bracing for more rain today. georgia expected to get hit the hardest. to deal lot of rain with throughout the morning. grab our weather app. it is free. larry: police are trying to figure out if the weather is to blame for this crash. the three cars involved were banged up. it happened around 1:00 this morning. autria: we are expecting new information from howard county police on the death of charlotte zarimba. she was shot and killed in her own bedroom over the weekend.
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her, her mother, and then himself. we are keeping an eye on that update from police. police say last february, an responding to a call at a home when she was fatally shot. suspect's attorney say he may have been unstable when he waved his constitutional rights confessed arrest and to the shooting. larry: republicans contain control of both houses. 241 republicans, 194 democrat. paul ryan is expected to be reelected as speaker. vice president biden will swear in the senators. they will
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rule changes waiting for their approval. they voted to cut the power of the office of ethics. lawmakers would give oversight of the office, which is currently independent. it is part of a rules package to punish lawmakers if there is a sit in like occurred last summer. where things a stand now
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea autria: a winter storm hitting minnesota. it is supposed to last most of today. it could drop up to one foot of snow. tomorrow, five degrees.
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we are not expecting anything like that. veronica: we will have wind s that could be in the teens. that is part of the cold air tracking across the country. it is all about the clouds and temperatures not near freezing. in frederick.ees it is a chilly rain falling across the area. anywhere in the yellow is where the rain is coming down at a moderate clip. fredericksburg, it is heading towards your area. maryland, just about to pull up. along with that, the visibility's are under two miles. with any of
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that comes in, that leads to reduced visibility. get overtotals could three quarters of an inch. kids may need to stay with you longer at the bus stop. the wet pavement is not helping our commute. we are slow everywhere. you will have delays if you are traveling along nt he six. the problem, the accident along the right side of the road on 28 in centerville. flashing lights causing those delays over an hour eastbound on 66. out of stafford, the lanes are open. minute drive north down on á
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southbound 270, coming in from germantown, all lanes are open. a 20 minute commute from father hurley boulevard to the lane divide. that is our traffic watch. ride in frome your maryland. stolen car hitting a police car overnight. sam sweeney is following this. into twopened to slam police cars. even looking for him. we will explain. jummy: a travel nightmare. a z231yz zi0z
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and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. announcer: you are watching good morning washington, on your side. larry's does veronica johnson -- larry: veronica johnson is tracking the rain through the morning rush.
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autria: breaking news overnight. one officer taken to the hospital after he was hit with a stolen car. the sam: these police officers were not pursuing this vehicle. they happened to be at this intersection behind me. this stolen car came barreling through and hit both police cars. look at the video we shot moments after this happened. one princecar hit george's county police car. the police officer inside was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. he is expected to be released at some point today. the stolen vehicle slammed into a utility pole and was arrested. overall, a large mess here.
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it has re-opened for the morning commute. right now, we are figuring out drivingsed that person the stolen vehicle to hit the cars in the first place. we are working to find out the condition of the police officer. reporting live in northeast washington, sam sweeney. jummy: following a developing story from airports across the country. international travelers are held up for hours because of a glitch with customs. passengers jammed in long lines. luggage was piling onto carousels. twoengers reported waiting hours or more to get through customs. check things to out for you. everything is back to normal at both airports.
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autria: authorities are closing in on the suspect in the new year's nightclub massacre in turkey. video was released showing the face of the suspected gunman. authorities are saying he changed his close after opening fire and then limped out to blend in. at least 70 others are recovering from injuries. >> it is a massive tragedy. very unfortunate. autria: isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. publiclyn has not been identified. larry: share's deputies are looking for your help to track test track down suspects who stole a debit card and went on a shopping
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a convenience store in winnsboro, food lion in new market and the cbs and walker's bill. autria: the discovery of apparently stolen atms were found in a truck. five atms were stolen in the past month in various parts of prince george's county. police are trying to find out if any of them are the ones stolen from prince george's county. one was stolen from a mobile station. i give them credit. they had a lot of guts. autria: police are trying to identify the atms found in the u-haul. veronica:
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staying on track. as though we would get foggy conditions. that has not changed. you need to give yourself extra time this morning. do your self a favor. i don't see this rain starting to let up until 11:00 a.m. cautionary conditions. back to work and school for a lot of folks. after 2:00, it eases a bit. we see occasional showers coming through. will write upain areas of 95 towards dale city. it is going to make for a slow go for anyone heading that way. heavy rain at 7:00 a.m..
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not change. three degrees temperatures will rise. by 1:00, the rain will start to diminish a bit. after 2:00, we will fare a bit better. as we look at the rest of the work week, it is a five-star day for wednesday. it is a five-star day for wednesday with a high of 56. friday falls down to one star because of the wintry mix we could read dealing with. i will have more details, coming up. and julie: a we are
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the crash eastbound 66 has cleared. almost an hour and 10 minute ride out of manassas towards the beltway. 95 is a mess. commute from 17 to quantico. on 95e kennedy is heading and route 1, where we have reports of a crash. from clarksburg to the lane divide, a 20 minute commute. , eastbound near the third street tunnel, they are checking for a crash. coming out of brandywine, and accident reported on the left side of the highway. autria: a scare in the skies. >> tsa
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they are in route. the gentleman is not to leave the area.
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announcer: you are watching good morning washington, on your side. larry: united airlines is investigating how a baggage an accidental stowaway after being locked in the cargo hold. how did a baggage handler fly in the cargo hold? after the flight took off, workers realized a baggage handler had become locked inside. they called the faa which contacted air traffic control. >> we have a baggage handler locked in the compartment. >> we need a police report. >> the plane landed, triggering an urgent investigation. a we are going to work it as security incident until we can
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200 products no antibiotics ever. >> now "good morning washington" on your side. , heavy rain alert moving into tharea and making for a nasty morning commute. blamed forstem killing nearly a half-dozen people overnight to our south. veronica johnson is preparing you for the day ahead. veronica: the challenge is staying dry and getting to where you need to go on time because all the wet weather with us throughout much of today. the green is rain over the area. areas where we see the yellow is moderate rain, a third of an inch. , pushing out of st. mary's county library not a area will be moving in, the south pulling north of spotsylvania and write ui-
6:31 am
and say thing about montclair with dale city, moving into our area. soggy by late morning and the possibility of ponding on area roads. take it easy. midday, still plenty wet, after 2:00, being will ease up and late afternoon we will be left with damp conditions with occasional showers. 46 degrees, 47 is the high temperature, in the low-40's now and will not move much. the next one to watch is the wintry mix late thursday night, could be some travel delays by early friday morning. this is the system that is shifted in terms of the timing but friday morning, it will have a combination of a little bit of rain and maybe snow but with temperatures as low as they will be by friday morning, dropping under freezing for several hours. friday morning is
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today. julie: we have the delays today. , new problem on 95 in virginia mobile track headed in this direction, northbound 95, north of the art one is where we have the crash on the left side. pushing northbound i-95 out of dale city towards the capital beltway. a half-hour commute. the accident cleared at 28 but an hour and 10 minute drive from manassas inbounds toward the capital beltway. in maryland, accident northbound five, shortcut out of brandywine, bumper-to-bumper with accident blocking the left lane northbound 395 at the entrance for the third street tunnel. the capital beltway, slow it down and allow extra time on the wet road. back in 10 minutes with another update in woodbridge. autria: new develop
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bedroom on new year's morning. larry: john gonzalez is following the story, and update from -- police comes anytime. john: the only person that may have all the answers is currently in critical condition, the person police believe is responsible for this attempted murder-suicide on new year's. two families destroyed. we are live at howard county police headquarters where we understand police will be briefing us on this rare homicide in -- 16-year-old aarlotte, charlotte zaremba sophomore at howard high school described by her classmates and teachers as quiet but confident. she had just started martial arts when she was murdered inside her own bedroom just two hours into the new year. detectives say it was her mother who heard a scuffle inside the house, she went into theed
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15-year-old boy, he fired his at wounding the mother and then killed the teenage girl before turning the gun on himself. shooting himself in the head, he remains in critical condition. police have not identified him by the mother is expected to survive. what provoked this deadly shooting on new year's morning? did the teenagers know each other and how did he get in the house? those are all questions we hope to get answer here we are at the police headquarters where detectives will be briefing us, giving us an update on what occurred. we do note the young gunman does also live here in ellicott city. new this morning, a prince george's county minute charts make deadly dui crash more than 400 miles from home.
6:35 am
at the height was driving drunk around 2:30 in the morning on new year's day in russell county, virginia. they say his cross is the gutter over the centerline and slammed into a car, killing the 21-year-old man driving it. he was treated for only minor injuries and immediately booked when he was released. larry: incredible that he out of california, cameras rolling the moment a car slammed into a stalled suv that burst into flames seconds after impact. larry: one man inside the suv was trapped but a good samaritan jumped into action, he getting the driver out of the burning car seconds before it became fully engulfed in flames. i took a deep breath, within, pulled a shoulder belt down and ripped him out. larry: the driver was rushed to the hospital with minor
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to thank him for saving the stranger. autria: the heavy rain is the big story, we are out live on the road at julie wright getting you around big headaches for the right in. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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julie: the roads are wet with rain and a lot more on the way. it will get worse before it gets better. we are tracking driving impact. you will need your patience today with rain likely for the morning. showers in the afternoon and evening rush, the worst part of our date will be during the first part, until lunchtime. rain, top loaded with 45-47 by the temperatures between the morning and afternoon. chilly for this time of year. you see the heaviest rain down to the south, just getting a break is st. mary's county but more getting ready to move in towards leonardtown and lexington park and even kissing the grants to states. -- chesapeake.
6:40 am
elkwood, a big pocket of moderate rain that will make its way into stafford in the next few minutes. the biggest impact is this pondingwith a chance of and minor issues with a few showers late. at the finish of this week, 36 ponding and minor issues with a few showersis the high temperature n thursday at tracking a little bit of this, the blue representing a little bit of snow and a light coating that we could have early friday morning. this is just one computer model, it could change but start planning ahead. we will talk more about the timing and what it could mean for the friday morning rush in a few minutes. julie: wet pavement causing a number of problems, northbound i-95, the latest trouble spot in woodbridge, north of the arctic one up to route one. the accident activity along the left side of the highway in the mainline pushing northbound, suzanne kennedy stuck within the delay towards the accident scene. d.c.
6:41 am
crash is closed missouri avenue in each direction at 4th street between georgia and kansas avenue, missouri shut down. police set you stick with third or 5th street or kennedy street northwest as her workaround. i crashed northbound inside of the third street tunnel which has been pulled to the shoulder, heavy volume off of 395 across the 14th street bridge. minutes, we update your ride headed in the northeast. larry: back to business on capitol hill, the congress convenes in a few hours, is the controversial measure they already have waiting for them. we are out in storm trak 7 watching the roadway during this rainstorm moving to our area, a watch on one accident in particular that julie mentioned. a live report coming u afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. >> heavy rain all through the morning rush. and severe storms in the southern u.s. several people have died. larry:
6:45 am
suzanne kennedy covering a tricky commute. best way to the come back to work after a long holiday weekend. me, fromee behind storm trak 7, an accident that took place between route 123 and route 1. it is to the left side of the roadway, a van dirk -- versus a four-door vehicle. a record has moved in but not impacting traffic. maybe a few people slowing down to look at it at the road is wet. you can see, we are dealing with a steady rainfall that started around 5:15 in this area and continues. take your time as you get into work. no need to rush. you will get there, just be careful.
6:46 am
roadways, julie, what do things look like elsewhere? larry: we will take it from here and talk to julie in a few minutes. the south bracing for more dangerous weather after storm swept through several states. is affecting our areas and claimed 4 -- five lives, for lives in alabama, the victim's friends and mobile homes that collapsed after a tree fell on top of it. storm system with powerful winds and torrential rainfall left behind a path of damage in areas of texas, mississippi, georgia, and florida. if the florida panhandle, one man drowned in floodwaters and in alabama, police warning drivers to stay off the road to avoid such tragedies. wes this is a good example as to why not be out because we have a vehicle submerged in water. larry: forecasters believe george or will see the roughest patch of weather today with the heaviest rain. autria: whenever
6:47 am
weather pushes into our area, our weather team is on your side wherever and whenever you need them, grab our free stormwatch app to stay up-to-date on the forecast from your smart phone. larry: d.c. police are trying to figure out if weather is to blame for this dramatic crash on 295 near pennsylvania avenue, three cars involved, around 1:00 this morning. one person taken to the hospital but they are expected to be ok. jummy: autria: breaking overnight, a prince george's county police officer sent to the hospital after he was hit by someone driving a stolen car which happened in northeast d.c. police say a man driving the stolen car accidentally ran into a cruiser at a prince george's county police cruiser, and several other cars before crashing into a pole. the officer only with minor injuries and the suspect is in custody. of the busiest airports across the country picking themselves up
6:48 am
it caused hours long waits for international players tried to get through customs. luggage piled on carousels and passengers in long lines. at logan in boston, passengers reported waiting two hours or more. the glitch was cleared up overnight and both dulles at bwi dr. normal. hearing for aial man accused of murders. hamilton allegedly shot two other officers who survived. his attorneys say he may have been mentally unstable when he waved his constitutional rights during his arrest and confessed to the shootings. autria: police tried to find out who shot a man outside his home in northeast d.c. he was shot around 7:00 yesterday morning at 21st at eight read, he is expected to recover. the attackers were wearing
6:49 am
believes a new security camera rebate program will help keep neighborhoods safer. >> tools to help the police help us. we deserve a neighborhood that is safe, peaceful, clean, quiet. autria: we pulled up crime statistics from the fifth district and learn the number of violent crimes increased slightly in 2016 compared to the year before. 15th the 100 1 -- congress returns, the house will consist of 241 republicans and 194 democrats. paul ryan is expected to be reelected speaker. the senate has 52 republicans and 46 democrats and two independents who will caucus with the democrat -- republicans. one of the most pressing matters, a
6:50 am
the house. autria: more on that. the bill is expected to but the office of government house,in control of the it is now an independent agency which oversees congress but house republicans approved the bill which sparked outrage from democrats and watchdog groups. we will keep you updated with more on this story. with politics, tomorrow a high-profile meeting about the future of obamacare. withdent obama will meet congressional democrats to try to come up with a plan to keep obamacare intact. mitch mcconnell says repealing obamacare is the first item on the agenda for this new year congress. donald trump has also called for the program to be repealed and replaced. larry: the rose bowl in the books and sports fans will be talking about it for years if not
6:51 am
rose bowl ever feared penn state -- a touchdown for penn state putting them up by one point in the third quarter. final seconds after a usc interception, it came down to a field goal, a 46 yard attempt is money and the trojans winning a thriller in pasadena, 52-49. autria: folks probably recorded that game and will watch it again. itry: hope your recorded long enough, a 4.5 hour game, i could not stop watching. i do not watch a lot of football but it was good. maybe stay inside and watch a little bit of tv because the first part of our date will be the worst in terms of how much rain will be following. roads wet. traffic impacted at least by a
6:52 am
.ook at all the rain when i go into areas south, southern maryland, stafford county, all of this yellow is the moderate and heavy rain starting to make its way into our area. wille frederick area, that be coming across you in the next few minutes. another area here that will slide through areas of southern -- prince william county. eventually towards bruce's berg. remington and 15. temperatures for to good, well above freezing. more rain, bylot the finished up today when things taper off, the rain finishes before midnight, we should have another half inch to fall across the area. 44-47, temperatures at the bus stop. wet
6:53 am
a 100% chance today and another system on friday. that will lead to a sloppy morning rush because of not just rain but wintry weather in the form of a little bit of snow that will mix with the rain. the possibility of friday morning rush delays are certainly there. our best chance comes during the overnight into front of morning. your weekend, a very cold weekend. highs in the low-30's. julie: around the capital beltway now, lanes are open but the low-speed. that's the low-speed. an accident activity north of the flashing lights cause a bit of a backup. trouble downtown, missouri avenue is shut down, each way at
6:54 am
police say you stick with kennedy street, third or 5th street as her workaround. the interlude of the beltway county force the wilson bridge, a 12 minute ride past 414, all legs open back into alexandria. back in 10 minutes. autria: we are in the know. the he said she said game between dick clark productions and mariah carey in the new year's eve performance. we are learning more about what happened. mariah carey did rehearse at 3:00 p.m. new year's eve before the broadcast that attracted 11 million viewers but not until the broadcast started did she say her earpiece was not working. knew that productions and still set her out, that is from writers can't that she was set up to fail. -- mariah carey's
6:55 am
m that she was set up to fail. her management asked them to pull the performance from the west coast feed that they refused. wantamp said why would you to run this unless you wanted eyeballs. i would go to dick clark productions is that you have six minutes you have to put something but a lot of these shows take the rehearsals for this purpose but have stuff in place in case all the power is that say something like would happen and they have to put something on television. is it possible, i believe it is, did they know possibly, wait until this gets word on the west coast that mariah carey nesta and how many people will turn their television on and the tick
6:56 am
up andah carey messed how many people will turn on the television and the situation. autria: who do you think is right? know, we should not be as harsh on mariah carey as we were yesterday, me included. mainly me. [laughter] >> we had heard she did not rehearse, at least she rehearsed. the saga continues. >> thunderstorms claiming the lives of five people overnight with four victims dying in alabama when a tree fell on top of a mobile home. >> the green has overspread the area which is rain. >> in the thick of it on i-95 near woodbridge, steady shower. larry: twi
6:57 am
astroyed, charlotte zaremba sophomore at howard high school murdered inside her own bedroom, the young gunman. >> police officers pursuing the stolen vehicles were at this intersection, 17th street northeast when the stolen car hit both police cars. the prince george's police officer in the hospital with minor injuries and the driver of the stolen vehicle arrested. larry: the stalled suv burst into flames. a good samaritan got the driver out of the burning car second report it became a fully engulfed in flames.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. airport nightmare. as millions return from the holiday, a massive computer outage across the country. at the nation's biggest airports. >> it was just chaos. >> thousands stranded in line for hours. reports of passengers fainting and getting sick. fire and rescue called in. and the big security questions this morning. deadly weather outbreak. at least 12 tornadoes reported. flash floods hit the south, killing at least five people. destroying homes. now new tornado warnings this morning, as heavy rain moves into the northeast with an arctic blast right behind. congress moves to strip power from an important government watchdog. president-elect trump back to business. kellyanne con


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