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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 4:00, new information in the murder of an ellicott city teenager. michelle: the 15-year-old gunman died today. he shot himself after killing charlotte zaremba over the weekend. alison: now he is accused of burglary elsewhere in that same neighborhood. michelle: right now police are struggling to find a link between zaremba and sean crizer. jonathan: richard reeve has the next phase of the investigation. what do we know now? richard: behind me is crizer's home here. this is where police found so much evidence. you can see the police unit parked outside. we are not allowed in or out. it's still regarded as an active crime scene. this was the key police say to finding so many answers in this case. crizer fired the shot as you mentioned 16-year-old charlotte zaremba and wounded her
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zaremba had just returned home from a new year's eve party. the mother heard a disturbance and went in her bedroom and saw her daughter struggled with a masked armed person that turned out to be crizer. so far there is no link between the suspect and the victim except they went to the same school and live in the same neighborhood. there is evidence regarding two previously robberies in the neighborhood including the gun used in the latest crime. >> the burglaries had been reported. in fact, the police department released them publicly on the daily crime bulletin but they weren't linked to the suspect until after the homicide when they went to his home and found property from the burglaries. richard: now just moments ago, the family of the young girl released a s
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they say they are grateful for the outpouring of support, that they are overwhelmed by the prayers and tributes. they are now asking for privacy. we are hearing very different versions of events here regarding this young man crizer. including our baltimore affiliate which has interviewed folks that say he was an altar boy at a local church. we'll have the latest on that coming up at 5:00. for now, reporting live from ellicott city, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: rich, thank you very much. 7 is on storm watch this afternoon. we are not the only ones feeling the system as it blew through. these were deadly storms that blew through the area down south. five people were killed, four in the state of alabama alone. >> go, babe, go, go, go. go up in a condo or something. we just have to get off the [bleep] road. jonathan: that is dash cam video as people are trying to get off the road because of a tornado reported in an area. the state had six inches of rain in
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that's alabama. causing massive flooding and damage to the buildings in the area. >> this is a prime example of why not be out. we have a vehicle submerged in water at this time. >> i thought it was hailing. then the window to my room blew in. then it was more than hail. jonathan: they are trying to figure out if it's a tornado or straight line winds. either way, it's damaging. more rain is moving through carolinas today. here, heavy rain that slowed the morning commute seems to have blown off now. it's gone. nothing on radar at this hour but tomorrow might be the nicest day of the week as we turn to the potential of wintery weather. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill here now. are we talking snow? doug: maybe a dusting but it would be early friday morning. the rain that is leaving the area is the same system that caused severe weather outbreak other places. it's clearing out but it's cloudy. over a
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children's hospital. close to an inch in leesburg. the temperatures pinned in the low to mid-340's all -- mid-40's all day. tonight, the rain is over. 37 to 44 degrees. but indeed we look to the rest of the week tomorrow is sunny and breezy. the nicest day of the week. colder on thursday. early friday morning indeed a chance of a little snow. a dusting is possible. what about the weekend and even colder temperatures in the forecast? we'll have time to explain all of that in about 11 minutes. that is the very latest. alison: we'll see you then, doug. don't miss an update to the forecast. especially during the winter. just download the stormwatch7 app from google play or the app store for instant alerts to get the forecast on the go. new at 4:00 today, maryland's attorney general is calling for police departments across the state to have the same guidelines when it comes to the handling of rape kits. a report issued today by brian frosh's office found
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for rape kits vary among different agencies. the report made several recommendations including the testing of all sexual assault kits. the report also found 3,700 rape kits in maryland were never tested because police did not submit them for the testing. michelle: as we turn our focus to 2017, police in maryland are brainstorming how to crack down on crime they claim is related to marijuana. maryland marijuana laws are now less strict but new numbers are showing a spike in violence. prince george's police chief hank stawinski addressed the issue on newschannel8's "news talk" earlier this morning. >> a large part of our increase has to do with violence associated with the drug trade. and particularly, with marijuana. we are seeing a lot of individuals now vying for control of what remains contraband. and those are leading to violent and then deadly confrontations. michelle: we will have more on
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news at 6:00". jonathan: just 17 days away now from inauguration day. today, one target of donald trump's tweets, the u.s. auto industry. news from ford and general motors today. q mccray is at the abc7 live desk. hundreds of jobs are in the balance. and president-elect talked about keeping the jobs here in the united states. q: exactly. but apparently president-elect donald trump tweets are not just controversial from time to time, jonathan. they can carry a powerful punch. this is the tweet today. posted this morning. "general motors is sending mexican made models of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax-free across border. make in u.s. or pay big border tax!" many believe that the same tweet pressured ford to scrap its plan for a new
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billion plant in mexico to create jobs in the u.s. to add 700 jobs in michigan to build electric cars. >> for every auto job that we create, seven jobs are created in the community. we are also encouraged by the pro-growth policies that president-elect trump and the new congress have indicated that they will pursue. q: the announcement came just after trump's tweet. but ford says the move is independent of that, saying they would have stayed if hillary clinton were elected. you might remember, though, last year, trump threatened to tax ford a 35% tariff because of its plan to ship production of the focus to mexico. that is the latest from the live desk, i'm q mccray. back to you upstairs. michelle: thank you. on the hill today, the 115th congress sworn in and reporting for work. republicans controlling the house and senate. we -- and of course they will have an ally in the white house. alison: or so th
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we reflect on flip-flop over trump's tweets on ethic reform. reporter: a new congress. >> you are all now members of the 115th congress. reporter: paul ryan securing the votes to keep his position in the new term. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. the people have given us unified government. reporter: but it's off to a rocky start. house republicans taking a vote late at night and behind closed doors to strip power from the office of congressional ethics. >> we are getting phone calls on the ethics. >> after 24 hours and a tweet from donald trump later, they changed course. >> i thought it was not the right way to proceed. reporter: trump's tweet said as unfair as the watchdog may be, congress should focus on democrats and healthcare. reporter: that
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wonder if he was just working on changing the timing. they are now turning to make good on the promises 17 days from the inauguration. >> we will focus on repealing and replacing obamacare. we will look forward to legislation that will give us the tools to roll back the avalanche of red tape and regulation that has been stifling american jobs. reporter: mike pence and donald trump will visit congress wednesday to talk about the fate of the healthcare law. we learned more about who will be attending the trump inauguration. the list includes former president george w. bush and his wife laura as well as bill and hillary clinton. on capitol hill, megan hughes, abc7 news. alison: vice president joe biden led the swearing in ceremony on capitol hill. for the first time in decades the class did not include barbara mikulski. she is retired. she is being
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van hollen. kevin lewis was there as van hollen moved across the capitol. hi, kevin. kevin: hi, alison. in a classy touch, barbara mikulski and ben cardin escorted van hollen to that ceremony. once inside the old senate chamber, vice president joe biden extended a warm greeting and smiles to van hollen, his wife, their children and extended family. biden jokingly stating, "chris, you decided you wanted to do this again?" with his left hand on the bible and the right hand raised, van hollen officially embarked on his freshman term in the u.s. senate. following a photo op, van hollen talked with us for ten minutes, first declaring that transportation improvements are vital for maryland. on his list, upgrades to the baltimore harbor, relieving i-270 congestion, metrorail reliability and construction of the purple line. the 57-year-old kensington resident underscored
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promise to repeal obamacare. >> the affordable care act is not perfect. we always said we can reform that legislation. but the reality is there are 400,000 marylanders who have help here today because of the affordable care act that were denied healthcare before. it is reckless and irresponsible to tear that up or to light the fuse on that without putting forward any kind of alternative. michelle: meanwhile, d.c. delicates eleanor holmes norton wants her voting rights back. she doesn't have a full vote on the house floor but she had been granted a chance in committee, one she lost six years ago. it's not clear if house speaker paul ryan will go through with norton's request but he reportedly voted for a bill in 2007 that would have given the district full voting rights. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the app that will help
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your laundry. michelle: wow! alison: all right. still to come. have you seen this? children playing on a dresser and it falls. it is so hard to watch. the twin boys here are okay but wait until you see who saved the twin who was stuck under the dresser. and we will tell you the easy way to prevent this from happening in your own home. michelle: and fox news anchor megyn kelly on the move. the rival that picked her up might surprise you. the response online more so. jonathan: thousands of new york city police officers help keep a million plus people safe in times square ringing in the new year. that's when these guys, jewelry thieves struck. how close they were to tho
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comcast business. built for business. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert as video of a set of twins is going viral. this is not funny video. this is video every parent should see. michelle: no matter how many times i see it, it is hard to watch. one is hailed a hero. one of the little boys after saving his brother who was trap under the dresser. so now, their parents are reaching out to warn others about this. alison: this was a heart-stopping accident. "7 on your side" scott taylor is here now. that video is so difficult to watch. we have heard about it happeng
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scott: it's really scary if you are a mom or dad. you go, "oh, my" and you hold your breath. this is frightening but it brings national attention to danger zones in your home. tipovers can be prevented with two pieces of plastic and a strap, just like this. but some mom and dads have no idea about the issue. brock and bowdy shoff were being typical 2-year-old twins scrambling up the dresser to explore. but then it tips over and traps brock. bowdy moves to the top to assess the situation. brock screams and bowdy pushes and pulls but the heavy dresser won't budge. mom and dad had no idea what was happening. >> i usually hear everything. we didn't hear a cry. we didn't hear a big thud. scott: bowdy gives it another try. moves it just enough and brock wiggles free. >> we hear about the twin bond. and i think these two
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scott: "7 on your side" did some digging and discovered there were 33,000 injuries since 2013 associated with tipovers over a five-year period. 4879 -- 489 kids were killed. that is a big reason the consumer product safety commission launched a national campaign to alert parents tipovers can be prevented with inexpensive anti-tip brackets. >> these incidents are presentable. we have launched the anchor campaign to warn consumers and educate them about the dangers and how to prevent them in the home. scott: the twins are okay and the parents posted the video on facebook and youtube in hopes to warn other parents. so far 740,000 people have viewed it. here is how to better protect your kids. secure your tv, including the flat screens to a wall or furniture. remove tempting objects from the top of the furniture.
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we have been talking about to anchor your furniture. you can find more tips on the website i want to tell you again, the twins are doing just fine. jonathan: to mount that furniture to the wall doesn't take that much. you don't have to be that handy. find the stud in the wall. scott: it costs under $4. michelle: it took courage for the mom to release the video. so many people were critical of how she didn't hear. scott: she has been beat up on facebook but wanted to put it out to other parents. it was the right idea. jonathan: good idea. thank you. michelle: now something that might be too good to be true. samsung offering a quick and an easy way to wash clothes. the new laundry machine combo has high-tech features. you can control the cycle of the flex watch and the flex dry through a smart phone app. up to four loads of landry can be done at the same time. there is no word about the price or when it will be available. jonathan: we have to get that!
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you just dump all of your laundry in there and go off on the day. if it sorts, that would be great. whites, colors. alison: i'd like it to fold. that's what i want. jonathan: the next generation for you. "7 on your side" with health matters. with ideas to help you with the resolution. when it comes to eating it's not just what you put on your plate but how you serve it and how the dishes look. use smaller plates, narrow glasses to help with portion control. ditch the tv for dinner table. stop watching tv. sit down and relax. reorganize the pantry with healthier food in easier-to-reach positions. don't bury it in the back of the cupboard with the stuff that is never used. alison: a computer glitch blamed on an outage at u.s. customs that caused long lines at airports from coast to coast. dulles and b.w.i. were largely spared. processing systems were slowed. custom and border patrols say alternative procedures were
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the country. computers are back online and federal officials say they found nothing malicious in the outage investigation. well, abc7 is on traffic watch. we have most people back to work. a lot of people are driving. how is it looking? jamie: they are. we have more accidents. this is the outer loop at the capital beltway at georgia avenue. you can see everything moved over to the right shoulder. fire crews were on scene 15 minutes ago and they had the right lane blocked. because of that, we are down to 7 miles per hour on the outer loop getting through silver spring into bethesda. we have the slowing as well on the inner loop. this is right near connecticut avenue. stop and go, you see the red line right there. on the inner loop in the normal spot. but the big picture for the most part we are not seeing any major, huge, big backups. so that is good news. i thought today would be a little bit rough. the roads are still wet. you can see here, this is stretch past seven locks road. some areas are drying out. it's
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about as much as the morning commute. the afternoon commute is just heavy traffic. 66, we look great right now heading outbound to centreville. that is a look at traffic. back to you at the desk. michelle: thank you, jamie. 2017 also a slow start weather wise. very gloomy, soggy out there. jonathan: i did not feel like getting out of bed this morning. michelle: it's tough. but change is on the way. doug: multiple changes in the next few days. we go from today's rainy, miserable start to the day to sunny, breezy and mild weather tomorrow. colder weather thursday and maybe light snow on friday. we have something different every day. we are looking live along the potomac river. fog is showing up. that is the story tonight. watch for fog. some could be locally dense. at the moment it's cloudy, the winds are calm. the rain has ended but the humidity is still high. 97%. so a damp evening ahead with the cloudy skies. satellite and radar shows trailing end of the whole system moving rapidly to the northeast. on the back se
4:22 pm
but that should not make it across the mountains. that will kind of dry up in the next several hours. in the process period we have chance of fog tonight with the partly to mostly cloudy skies overhead. 38 to 44 degrees, the overnight range of temperatures. looking ahead, you can see the day-to-day changes developing. tomorrow, morning fog but it will become partly if not mostly sunny. it's breezyer. it will be milder. the westerly winds push us to the mid-50's. the winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour. high pressure is going to come in thursday so late thursday night upper level weather system will cross the area to produce a dusting of snow early friday morning. the main coastal system will stay just offshore. we will be in the cold air. anything that falls is flurry to a light dusting. an inch or less is the way we are looking. cold day on friday. the southern storm system looks like it will miss us for the weekend. what you need to know, light snow l
4:23 pm
friday morning. light accumulations. a coating to maybe an inch in spots. could have some impact on the morning commute. download the stormwatch7 weather app to keep you ahead of it and any watches, warnings and advisories, you will know them first. we have frenetic up and down stuff but the next few days look good. only 36 on friday with the possibility of morning snow. as we get through the day on saturday it is partly cloudy for most of the area. maybe a few flurries south and east of the city. otherwise sunshine, cold sunday and monday. but then we start a warmup and back to the 40's and the 50's again by the middle of next week. jonathan: thanks, doug. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- big news in the news world. megyn kelly is on the news. her new network and surprising reaction. we have that coming up. alison: today at 4:30, a 4/20 inauguration stunted? the protest
4:24 pm
20. >> we are going to smell it up. alison: they say their
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jonathan: big news today in the world of journalism. alison: fox news anchor megyn kelly is leaving fox and heading to nbc.
4:27 pm
lindsey mastis is monitoring the story for us. what are people saying online? lindsey: it's shocking to come because she hosts one of the most watched news shows on cable. i could be considered a loss for fox. kelly revealed she will launch a new daytime show and she will be involved with a sunday evening program. you will see her participate in political coverage as well. this is the statement she put out on social media. it is getting a lot of reaction. many are sending well-wishes, but there are also a lot of negative comments as well. one woman accuses her of selling out and even calls nbc a liberal outlet. there are a lot of haters on this one. michelle? michelle: all right. thank you so much. still ahead on abc7 news -- no free parking. the changes taking effect at reston town center and the new rates coming up. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner on the national mall where marijuana advocates plan to hand out more than 4,000 joints on
4:28 pm
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until inauguration day. michelle: that means many are gearing up to celebrate and protest. cheryl conner reports those gearing up to fight for federal marijuana legalization law are planning an interesting stunt. cheryl: it's not every day we watch joints rolled up in preparation for the presidential inauguration. >> you have my version of a joint. cheryl: adam says he is not blowing smoke. this pot was grown at his home. he wants to send a strong message to donald trump on the day he becomes president. >> this is not an anti-trump event as much as anti-prohibition. cheryl: he leads a group to push for the legalization of marijuana in the district. now he wants his movement to go national so he will hand out free pot and ask people to light up four minutes and 20 seconds into trump's speech. organizers have said they will walk here to the national mall around 10:00 on the morning of january 20. and hand
4:32 pm
along the way. >> we are wise to say publicly we are handing it all away before we get to the national mall. cheryl: that is because smoking pot or possessing pot on federal property is illegal in d.c. and they allow anyone over 21 to have two ounces in public and give someone else one ounce. the group 4/20 usa will be at the inauguration but not with a joint. >> we have every intention of keeping up the pressure. we want to donald trump a chance to get in office and show us what he will do. cheryl: they support ending marijuana prolition at the federal level. >> we are tired of being ignored. we are going to smell it up. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: the boss is weighing in on whether the donald is ready to be the boss of the free world. bruce springstein doubts that trump is competent enough to
4:33 pm
springsteen appeared with hillary clinton on the trail and said he was disgusted by the results of the election. jonathan: abc7 was there with the rain fell. check out chinatown. doug: driving way too fast! jonathan: i know. look at that. then the sun came up and drenching rain heading in. it's been a roller coaster. i need drama mine -- dramamine. doug: amazing there aren't accidents at that speed. it's just an awful day. jamie reported now it's damp but the rain has stopped. we'll get through. jonathan: it's nice. doug: tomorrow this time we will say what a nice day it was. thursday and friday we'll complain again. the headlines, drying out tonight. breezy and dry on wednesday. colder thursday. thursday night overnight to friday morning a little snow. jonathan: nice! doug: those are the headlines. now the details.
4:34 pm
cloudy, damp, chilly afternoon. the temperatures as we go through the morning will drop a couple of degrees but not that much. around the 40-degree mark in martinsburg and hagerstown. this is a popular number tomorrow. in the metro it's the same. a couple degrees warmer. 43 in the city. 42 in burtonsville and 42 in pasadena along the shore of the chesapeake bay. later we will see the changes. they will start mid-week tomorrow with a pleasant change. 56 degrees. there will be fog in the morning but becoming sunny, breezy and mild. 56. thursday, cloudy skies, flurry late in the day and 39. dusting of snow late thursday night and into friday morning. that is what we keep an eye on. in the weekend, it looks better. a flurry south and east of the city. sunshine and clouds. 34 on saturday. sunday, 30 degrees for a high. it's something to think about. these are the projected wind chills on sunday m
4:35 pm
get ready. winter is coming back. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. no more free parking at the reston town center. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter found customers aren't happy about it. they are not happy about reports that the rates are different depending on where you park. brianne: at reston town center, paying to park for the next meal or movie is now the reality. >> i don't think it is well thought of idea. >> the new policy requires drivers to pay an hourly rate which varies depending whether you park on the street or in the garage. parking that was previously free. the paid parking initiative was set to begin last september. but reston town center delayed it citing a need to give customer mrs. time to get familiar with the new technology to pay. most peak can do it on their phone downloading the park t.c. app. as of today, more than 28,000 people downladded to
4:36 pm
>> it's as -- downloaded to use. >> it's as easy as any other app to use. brianne: he comes to work out. he is still not a big supporter of the change. >> i don't know if charging anyone who wants to come here for commerce to park is the best way to go about it. >> some patrons agree and are concerned other retailers could leaf the popular destination. folks launched a petition to stop the parking. he thought he would remain free and was shocked to have to pay today. >> it doesn't make sense, period. brianne: employees at the reston town center will still get to park for free. in reston, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: in germany, there are proposed changes when it comes for security and allowing asylum seekers to come in the country. he wants them at a federal level instead of each german state do it. he believes the european
4:37 pm
needs max flux system to better process the families. this is in the wake of the deadly christmas market attack where the man in a truck plowed through a crowd. he was denied asylum but was kept in the country. he pledged allegiance to isis. people are risking their lives to cross over to spain. spanish authorities discovered three migrants trying to enter illegally. check it out. one was behind the dashboard of a car. another buried under the backseat. this guy was inside of a suitcase. he had to be when he was brought out of the suitcase had to be rescued because he was suffering from a lack of oxygen and he needed medical attention. there are so many people desperate to get out of a country coming apart to find asylum. michelle: that picture of the man in the suitcase, so telling. wow! all right. next for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- 7,000 officers focused on time square security. none on this jewelry store. the new
4:38 pm
how much he got away with coming up. jonathan: plus, a slow-speed chase in california. that is an emu. it's on the loose. the mystery surrounding the bird on the run. we got it for you coming up. now we have a look at what is coming up wednesday on "good morning washington." >> thank you, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington," suffering from p.m.s.? before you reach for sweet-tasting comfort food, find out what is best to eat when it's your time of the month. >> plus, as president obama heads to the hill to meet with the congressional democrats get a look at the plans to save obamacare and the impact it could have on you. stay with us for traffic and i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth?
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jonathan: the chase is on in california. this is a notorious bird. he stops the traffic. michelle: he does whatever he wants. free rein. but this is one for the birds. he is one. jonathan: a big one. michelle: emu is running rampant through if town. no one seems to know where it came from. everyone has seen it. the locals even have a nickname for it. the bird is called george. >> right up in the corner where the two fences meet, that is where the emu is at. >> i live on partridge drive. it was coming in the driveway and it almost came in my
4:42 pm
down the street. michelle: see! everyone has a story. for now, george is free to roam but a report has been filed with the county and the animal control to find it. jonathan: that bird should worry. one guys they interviewed was wearing the hunting gear. you might want to steer clear of him. a week after debbie reynolds and carrie fisher's death, the sisters open up. it wasn't just the role of princess leia had them looking to carrie. her sisters share the final moments with her. we have it up next. >> what could a bench like this have to do with the cold case murder investigation? i'm jeff goldberg. we will tell you when "abc7 news at 4:00" conti
4:43 pm
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michelle: crooks in new york city appeared to pick the perfect time to pull off a jewel heist. jonathan: they broke in a jewelry store a minute after the ball drop in times square. the store was a few blocks
4:46 pm
million of jewels. a man is facing drug trafficking charges in massachusetts this afternoon after being busted with $1 million of fentanyl. you are looking at it. michelle: officers stopped the man after someone reported seeing him with a gun. no gun was found but they found 15 package of the drug. fentanyl is a highly addictive narcotic to treat pain. jonathan: today would have been seth rich's birthday. there is a renewed push to find his killer. we have the latest. reporter: the family and friends of seth rich want to do everything they can to find his killer. later this month after the bus stop like this along rhode island avenue you will find seth rich's picture on benches like this as well as words pleading for information in the case. you will also find a bil
4:47 pm
now this afternoon, across the river in arlington we spoke with a man responsible for the effort. it's jack burkeman, the attorney for the rich family and a republican lobbyist. he says the posters and the billboards are needed to keep the story in the minds of the public. early in the morning in july 130 of last year, d.n.c. staffer seth rich was shot and killed a black from his home in bloomingdale. police have investigated the case for months. the family pleaded for help. volunteers handed out flyers seeking for information but it's unsolved. he is a native of nebraska and specialized in digital data for the d.n.c. would have turned 28 today.
4:48 pm
>> we are part of the same political fraternity. >> the reward for any information that leads to arrest and closure of the case of seth rich is up to $100,000. the police say there are no new leads in this case. the investigation is ongoing. live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: a group is holding a presentation tonight in the commonwealth, pushing for gun reform. moms demand action will join the west springfield citizens advisory to make unsecure guns a criminal offense even with the owner hammet done anything wrong. the presentation will be held tonight at the west springfield district stage at 7:30. jonathan: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert. toyota is preparing to lay off 700 employees in kentucky. they are consolidating and moving the jobs. the positions that will remain will move to plano, texas, where toyota is expanding operations. the a
4:49 pm
was the japanese auto maker north american engineering and the manufacturing headquarters for the past 20 years. it turns out all this time we have had one more organ in our body than we knew. researchers just classified a new organ that is in our digestive system. the organ has been hiding in plain sight all along. everybody has been missing it. what is not clear is how the organ functions. the hope is studying it will help with treating abnormal abdominal and digestive diseases. michelle: a week after carrie fisher's death her sisters joley and tricia fair the final moments with her, the memories together and with the mother debbie reynolds. >> i have been having an out-of-body experience. the world lost carrie and debbie, of course, and princess leia. we lost our hero. we lost our mirror. >> she had the coolest big sister in the world. she was a
4:50 pm
who has that? >> a final conversation via text filled with talk of family and loved ones. >> i texted with carrie the night before she got on the plane. it was out of blue. we talked about age. she was floored she turned 60. we talked about the chairmaned the frail mothers and we promised to see her for christmas. >> after learning of her heart attack on the flight to l.a. from london, it was a promise the two sisters would keep. at carrie's bedside in the hospital. there with carrie's 24-year-old daughter billie lourd. >> it was her mom but she was handling it. >> what did you want your sister to know as you sat in the room with her? >> i remember just holding her hand and telling her that we were there. that we would make sure that
4:51 pm
i sat with debbie. she said to me that she said she was praying for more time. she kept saying that she wanted more time. i knew if carrie wasn't going to survive this that debbie would not. >> when you want to conjure up the happiest memory you can of carrie, what does it look like? >> it's more like getting to have her one-on-one and not share her. that is what i, that is what i think of. that is what i will miss is being able to just be with her. in her home or wherever and have her to myself. sorry. steve: the temperatures are in the middle 40's. inside the beltway. further west. colder in
4:52 pm
39 degrees. we have plans outdoors it's dry and clearing later tonight. we are going to look for the temperatures to eventually bottom out in the upper 30's to the middle 40's. now the day tomorrow is mild and breezy. middle 50's by the afternoon. a good deal of sunshine. it will cool things down to 50 by 5:00. the weekend. the colder temperatures on the way. 34 for a high on saturday. sunday looking for high of 30 degrees. the bigger story is the wind chill factor. 4:00 p.m. on saturday. it will feel like the teens. pretty much the metro area and out to the west. even colder. waking up early sunday morning. it will be frigid out there.
4:53 pm
there is 39 for a high on 30. middle 30's on friday. we stay in the 30's for the upcoming weekend. a bump in temperatures toward the end of next week. back in the 50's. get a check on tuesday afternoon rush hour commute. it's a lot different than 24 hours ago. jamie: of course! much different. let's start out with a crash. bottom side of the beltway at 210. on the inner loop. they had almost all the lanes blocked. there are serious crashes taking out the left lane. you drop to 15 miles per hour. the delay start near van dorn street. let's look at how heavy the traffic is crossing the bridge. bottom side of the beltway is heavy. top of the beltway near georgia avenue the accidents are in the right shoulder. you can get by. not seeing as much of a backup as before. we're not in the red
4:54 pm
you can see the inner loop slowing past connecticut avenue. fairly light in the northwest stretch where we see the traffic. we have more coming up. both new
4:55 pm
tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure,
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igh potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. michelle: a new mandate could revolutionize text and communication for deaf and hard of hearing everybody. and everyone else. it's called re
4:57 pm
many in the deaf community say it's about time. mike: the federal communications commission voted to phase out t.t.y. and transition to realtime text, r.t.t., on smartphones. >> it gives us greater option for communication access just like a herring person who wants to make -- hearing person who wants to make a call and connection without a text. mike: it's what it sounds like. think about it like the iphone text bubbles but in this case you see words, sentencing formed in real time. >> the immediacy of thinking and responding to the conversation in real-time is very important. mike: the gallaudet school developed this. they believe the hearing people will also embrace realtime text because it mimics regular conversation, spoken or sign and allowing for quick back and forth unlike t.t.y. which many deaf people rarely or never used because it can
4:58 pm
>> it requires a lot of patience. you can't interrupt. you are disconnected. you are reading flat text. no sense of emotions. mike: advocates believes the efficiency of r.t.t. will save lives in an emergency and it also allows them to communicate without an interpreter. >> it can be awkward sometimes. mike: video phones are not going away but for the rural communities or those that lack high-speed internet, r.t.t. will eventually replace t.t.y. they are starting with the four major carriers to roll out in 2017. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: tonight, new details about teenager who shot and killed a 16-year-old girl in the bedtime. the crime spree he is accused of. busy as usual, no more. >> oh, no way! >> sorry to hear that. >> stunned regulars react to sad news about a local
4:59 pm
institution. what is wrong with this picture? the scissors, of course. but what is really weird is how long they were in there. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: the teenager that people believe shot and killed charlotte zaremba is deed. we are learning more about sean crizer. richard reeve has new developments in the case. richard: this is sean crizer's home. there are so much evidence inside the home. there are two impressions of the teen. baltimore station reporting he was an altar boy, and police say he robbed homes and including robbing a gun. flowers now sit outside the quiet ellicott city home where 167-year-old charlotte zaremba was killed. her mother was wounded in the leg. police say the accused gunman 15-year-old sean crizer who lived close by shot himself in the
5:00 pm
>> you can imagine the victim's family is in shock. our heart goes out to them. we are doing everything we can for them. >> detectives found no link between zaremba and crizer except they lived in the same neighborhood and they both went to howard high school. 2:00 in the morning, zaremba's mother heard something from the bedroom. there she found a masked armed person now identified as crizer struggling with her daughter. crizer on life support died earlier tuesday. still no moment but at crizer's home they found key evidence that linked him to two robberies in recent weeks. >> where they found evidence linking him to two burglaries in the same neighborhood over the course of the last few weeks. in one of the burglaries a gun was stolen. that was the gun used in this shooting. >> still so many questions. why crizer opened fire inside the home?


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