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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 4, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the president-elect's strange relationship with the intelligence community. donald trump was busy on twitter overnight but one tweet in particular getting attention about the intelligence at russian cyber attack the u.s. election. trump making it clear he's still skeptical of russian involvement. and protesters from the naacp arrested at the protest of senator jeff sessions. it ended with demonstrators being led away in hundred dollar cuffs. and a dash cam shows the moment an officer is stopped during a traffic stop. the suspect firing right into the officer's leg. hear how a good samaritan may have saved his life. and it is not yet wednesday,
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to 1992 for the very first edition of "world news now." it happened 25 years ago. and we're going to be celebrating for the rest of the week. so come take a journey with us for the behind the scenes magic and witness the birth of a network news institution. join us. so excited to be with you. yes, institution, kendis. we're psyched to be with you on this wednesday, january 4th th. >> this is "world news now." >> not the straight jacket type institution. it was completely different. >> column a, column b. >> it's funny looking at that video. you see the computers in the background? we still have them back there. that's what jackson is working on. but the music. music is important part. >> i like the theme song, and wait until you hear who composed the music. we have the good stuff coming up. we start with president-elect taking
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at the intelligence community. >> trump tweeted the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange. and he emphasized the skepticism by wording the words intelligence and russian hacking in quotes. government sources insist there was no delay. they say the plan was always for trump to be briefed on friday by top intelligence officials including fbi director james comey and john brennan. >> after going months without a news conference trump is promising to hold his first one a week from today. he's also keeping credit for keeping auto manufacturing jobs in the country after ford cancelled plans to build a plant in mexico. >> ford workers in michigan cheered as they heard the message and trump sent a threat about heavy taxes on cars not made in the u.s. >> reporter:
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two american auto makers. the president-elect calling out general motors on twitter claiming the company makes their chevy cruze in mexico and sells it here. warning make in usa or pay big border tax. gmc shares dropping before rebounding. the company pushing back that all the chevrolet cruze sedans are made in the u.s. trump sharing a positive call with ford about its future after challenging the car maker on the campaign trail. >> the plant and then ford just two weeks ago announcing their small cars will be produced and made entirely in mexico. >> reporter: ford revealing it is scrapping plans to build that plant in mexico, but not just because of trump, says ford ceo. >> we've seen a dramatic decline in
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north america. >> reporter: in addition ford announcing it will create 700 new jobs here in the u.s. for new electric and self-driving cars. was this because of trump? >> we didn't have any direct negotiations. >> reporter: did you feel any pressure from president-elect trump to make this decision? >> we look at a lot of factors, and one of the factors that we're looking at is our view is there's going to be more positive business environment for u.s. manufacturing under president-elect trump. >> reporter: ford will be moving production of the new ford focus to the mexico plant. a preexisting plant where they'll add 200 jobs and the ceo guaranteeing it won't cost any jobs in the united states. trump also criticized a gop plan to strip the congressional ethics office of much of its power. that was part of the backlash that forced republicans to reverse course. >> republicans came under fire for voting to put the
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watchdog under the jurisdiction of the very lawmakers it's supposed to oversee. trump complained about it on twitter that congress should be focusing on more important issues like tax reform and health care. republican lawmakers also under pressure from their own constituents decided to pull the measure. >> there was a perception this may weaken the independence of the committee. the american people want to see ethics is for real. >> they are turning to other priorities like taking the first step toward appealing obama care. they are filling out the supreme court. the day long protest at jeff sessions ended with arrests. video from the naacp facebook site shows demonstrators being handcuffed. all of them have been released. the group held a sit in to fight the senator's nomination. the members are questioning his civil rights record. and confirmation hearings
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tillerson. hearings for the exxon mobile ceo are scheduled to last two days. turkey is widening the state of emergency powers as the search proves fruitless. the shooter remaining at large after killing 39 people. sources tell abc news the shooter could be from kersic stan. the suspect has some training, possibly by isis and syria. at least six people are dead from the severe storms that swept through the south. the latest a woman killed in a house fire being blamed on the storms. the blaze may have been started by a candle. four people also died in southern alabama when a tree crushed a mobile home and a man drowned in the florida panhandle. it's a different weather story in the upper midwest
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overnight temperatures below zero from the dakotas to wisconsin. windchills will make it feel even colder. >> that's thursday. before that that's still pretty warm in some of those places, especially in new york. >> looking on the bright side. >> yes. turning over in 2017. give it a week. here's a heart warming story. wildlife drama east of the san francisco bay area that's over. in the middle of it all was a large emu. >> no one seems to know where it came from. no one has any idea how it got into the area. residents of that area say they just found it roaming the streets and a few areas for quite a while. >> i love an partridge drive. it almost came into my garage. >> i don't know if it's male or female, but w
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>> they can relax. we can report the emu has been caught. >> and since wildlife officials discovered it's a female, they renamed it george is no more. the emu is now called rock star. >> it went from george to rock star. >> they were just like random name. >> quite a promotion, i think. if i had to choose between george or rock star, you can bet i'm going with rock star. >> it's because the bird is now famous. >> i think you should call me rock star from now on. >> now that it's a new 2017 me, rock star, that's great. >> i'm going to take advantage of this. >> let's hope we have heart warming children's stories to come. >> were you going to eat on camera? >> that too. it's the anniversary week. >> we are celebrating a quarter century identify "world news now." >> the show no one thought would make it now old enough to run for congress. yeah. we're taking a look back at how this brillia
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have you gotten your flu shot yet? better not wait any longer. according to cdc cases seem to be spiking in southern states, iowa and elsewhere. and there's already been a flu related death reported in northern california. it takes about two weeks for the
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skipped getting a flu shot. and a drug wholesaler will pay west virginia more than $3 million for flooding the state with prescription drugs. they sent a reported 780 million pills to west virginia in a six year period. the wholesalers did not report the amounts to state authorities. 10 companies have settled. more than 1700 rez dengts died from overdosing on the two drugs during the six year stretch. a dangerous gang member is in custody. he's facing serious charges after allegedly shooting an officer. police dash cam shows the officer approaching a pickup truck when shots are heard. officer brian sutherland was hit in the leg. a good samaritan stopped to help before other officers got to the scene. sutherland is said to be okay. the suspect was arrested a day after the shooting incident. and police and school offi
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reviewing video showing a male safety officer slamming a female student to the floor. witnesses say the girl in pink was trying to break up a flight between her sister and another girl. in the video you can see the officer grabs her, picks her up and throws her down. >> i would like to know what happened. it must have been pretty bad. obviously he could have restrained her in other ways. the video goes onto show the officer immediately pick up that girl and lead her away. he's now on paid administrative leave. the nine second video does not show what led up to or then followed that incident. and some electricians will be working hard today at the washington monument. >> that's because the lights at the monument went dark last night. the local utility company said there was no problem on it end. the national park service spokesperson says the outage was caused by an issue that con
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it's gone. efforts are underway to make sure the famous hollywood sign is never changed to read holly weed ever again. >> a prankster made the change on the morning of new year's. they will decide how security can be increased. >> i hope not. it's actually a beautiful hike to the hollywood sign. i hope they don't kit cut it off. we are kicking off the count down to a special day here at "world news now." our 25th anniversary straight ahead we're going to hear from the man who started it all. y
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oh, yes. well, if you've been watching the show forever you know that music, the origin "world news now" theme. it likely triggers a lot of memories of insomnia. before facebook, wi-fi, twitter and back when there were maybe only two star bucks locations. >> the show is that old. as we count down to friday's 25th anniversary of "world news now," we'll let the creator tell us the story. and hello from new york. >> this is the premier broadcast of aabc's "world news now." >> it was unimaginable this program would last two years, not ten or fifteen or 25. we should have all been fired
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in probably 1991 middle, there was a pledge to the affiliates that abc news was going to do an overnight news program and the only thing said was it will be in half hour increments. >> all that coming up in this half hour, but we begin with the news. >> and there will be news, weather and sports in every half hour. that was the extent of detail. he would describe it like we were lent the family ferrari, and the only thing was don't crash it. you can skracratch it, but don' crash it. there was amazing chemistry. they had a real antagonism. they didn't want each other to fail, but they wanted to see how far they could get it. >> why don't you talk for a moment while i'm dying here. >> and together they were magic. they were spectacular. >> that's the news for this half hour. more serious,
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hour. >> a great graphics department. one of the keys was the graphics department. and so i'd come up with a crazy idea. i want a cardboard cutout of lisa, and wendy would go make it. >> hello, from new york. lisa is off toasting the town. >> it turned out that when they were off, the best fill in was the cardboard cutout. you do a dead pan, give a look. thank you lisa or hey, aaron, but it was part of the attitude of the program. >> aaron brown is off this morning. >> it was really every day. there were hundreds of moments that had either been set up -- >> this, by the way, is a pancake. this is yours. >> thank you. >> by some crazy idea or were spon stain yus. there are dozens of moments from the bug. >> someday all companies will insert their logo on the
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but we like to think we're trend setters. >> i especially like the hand, the hair. >> sports in a strange way. >> we'll do the rest of this segment without the technology available to us. it should speed things up. we'll see. here we go. perfect. roll the film please, if it is back from the lab. thank you very much. >> it was probably the most fun group of people individually and as a group. i think they'd ever had. over the years the handoff of anchors has happened really well. >> hi, everybody. this isn't a cutout. i got the job. >> but there is a -- sort of a brotherhood of a connection between people who have anchored the program. >> it was an honor. you are the big brother i never had. it was such a wonderful -- i guess i have two. but it was great with you also. >>
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always been interesting and important. >> at lot of times when you watch the news there's a manufactured relationship between the guy and the lady, and nothing would be further from the truth. >> the program has changed over the years both in format and in personalities, but the anchor succession series has been another part of the reason that it's lasted. and people who have done the program go onto really interesting things. to this day, there is still some of the dna in the program. it's different for a lot of reasons. television is different. but the dna is still there. >> what a contrast. with the big computer screens everywhere. >> it's amazing. but it feels like there's so much weight on our shoulders. >> i know. we're carrying quite a torch. >> when it premiers so many years ago
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irreverent. can you believe that? >> i can. >> and that's the news for this half hour. >> from new york. cines' wearing off. i'm dragging. yeah, that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours? guess i won't be seeing you for a while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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all right. we'll start this mix with something that apparently all the kids are doing called dabbing. i read what it's about. it's apparently you press against something lightly with a piece of absorbant material in order to clean or dry it. i guess it happened on capitol hill yesterday. >> it's a dance move. >> wait? >> the dab? >> it has nothing -- >> cam newton does it all the time. you know, dab? >> okay. apparently there was a kid that was not trying to dry anything on capitol hill. he was trying to do this dance move if you can call it a dance move. he's the son of a congressman. it was during the swearing in ceremony. paul ryan had no idea what he
3:26 am
the son of a representative roger marshal started doing the dab. listen to the moment here. >> you all right? you going to sneeze, is that it? >> yeah. >> are you going to sneeze? >> that's what it comes down to. >> he tweeted a little bit later on. he said just finished swearing in photos. nearly 300 members. countless cute kids. still don't know what dabbing is, though. and the congressman tweeted himself. a republican from kansas who says just so you know, speaker ryan, he's grounded. >> by the way -- >> uh-oh. >> it was a great move. >> have some respect. >> great move. now i know what it is. >> how are your ice skating skills? >> great. >> then you're doing better than mitsubishi, this bear mascot. in
3:27 am
out for the promotion on the ice. it didn't go so well for the bear. they tried so many takes of this commercial. he got it? >> did he get it? >> oh, no, he did not. >> he finally -- >> oh. >> he couldn't get a single good take. this last time he falls on his face and it seems like he can't even get up. >> there were similar scenes that took place all across the country after that huge game between penn state and usc. it came down to the final seconds. some penn state fans weren't happy with the way the rose bowl ended. take a look at some reaction. that dude. >> they could have used him on defense. >> that was the sort of tackle that would have been perfect for the end of that game. >> let's say he didn't take the 52-49 loss great. >> but he helped take down the ornaments.
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this morning on "world news now," the president-elect standing firm against the intelligence community tweeting overnight that a briefing about russian hacking has been moved. calling it strange. hear what intelligence officials are saying. and emergency crews responding to the scene of a massive explosion outside kansas city. a business went up in flames and some witnesses say they felt the some witnesses say they felt the blast 13 miles away. and janet jackson is a first time mom at 50. >> a sweet baby boy. we have the full story ahead and his unique name. and with the help of another jackson, we are stepping back to 1992 when "world news now" began, black or white topped the chart. gas was a buck a gallon, and the


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