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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 5, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now" the showdown over america's health insurance. >> democrats and republicans are putting together their respective game plans for the future of obama care. health care for millions hangs in the balance. so what's the plan? new overnight the horrific video after a man tortured in chicago. police saying it's the worst thing they've seen. >> new video showing how two police officers were ambushed at a walmart. surveillance shows how the surprise attack played out. ♪ >> and for you the viewer it's just your favorite news show, but to us, it is work and fun. and for our 25th anniversary celebration, we're taking you behind the scenes of "world news now." we may make it look easy,ut
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now you'll get to witness the blood, the sweat, the tears that are shed for this broadcast -- >> did we mention the tears? >> yes, it is thursday, january 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now" ♪ do we make it look easy? >> we are in pain every day over it. >> i think they give us too much credit. >> we have fun. and way back in the 60s, jackie o gave us a behind the scenes look of the white house and now the modern day jackie o -- >> i like this dress. >> jackie o was a fashion icon. >> yes, she is, very nice. either that or you're a flight attendant. you're beautiful. it looks great. i like it. >> don't pay me compliments now. i'm going over here for the rest of the show. we're going to start this morning with the battle over obama care. almo
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morning. each party is huddled in their own corner. >> yes, and president obama is urging a number of democrats to stand their ground and defend the key portion of his legacy. while mike pence vowed that dismantling obama care will be donald trump's first order of business. meanwhile house republicans passed a bill at blocking scores of mary bruce has more. >> reporter: president obama arriving on capitol hill rallying democrats to defend his signature health care law. the president huddling with congressional democrats for the first time in over a year. >> thank you. look out for the american people. >> reporter: on the opposite side of the capitol, a different scene. mike pence meeting with house republicans. announcing donald trump is working on a series of executive orders to start rolling back obama care on day one. >> we're going to
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solutions that lower the cost of health insurance. republicans have been offering those ideas again and again. >> reporter: the republicans have voted to repeal the health care law more than 60 times. they still have not agreed on an terntive. we asked how speaker paul ryan. why no plan to replace it? >> we have a plan to replace it. we have plenty of ideas to replace it, and you'll see as the weeks and months unfold. >> reporter: even with some rank and file republicans are passing the buck. republicans have had years to mull this over. why is there still no cohesion around the best way to do this? >> well, as you know, i've been here 22 years. i ain't in the leadership. >> reporter: not on you? >> right. >> reporter: democrats are openly attacking republicans for having no clear plan. their message? you break it, you buy it, and obama care will become trump care. the president-elect perhaps seeing that
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warning for his own party tweeting republicans must be careful in that democrats own the failed obama care disaster. adding obama care will fall of its own weight. be careful. all the people covered by obama care are left wondering what comes next. while a president trump could take executive action as soon as he takes office, he's aware of the political consequences of the fight. republicans are saying they want to phase out obama care over several years giving them time to come up with a comprehensive replacement and ensuring americans don't feel like the rug is being pulled out from under them. thanks to mary. the president-elect has selected a top wall street attorney to head the securities and exchange commission. jay clayton is an expert in public stock launches. the transition team as sec chair, he would encourage investment and provide oversight of wall
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trump hired a political advisor dismissed by chris christie in the wake of the bridge gate case. he will be trump's deputy assistant and political director. he was not charged in the lane closing skajtsding scandal. a blast of frigid air is spreading across the northern half of the country and it's causing temperatures plummeting. north dakota is one of the most bone chilling spots. temperatures there won't reach above zero until friday. heavy snow triggered a multivehicle crash in pennsylvania. nobody there was seriously injured. and in the west wind and rain and lower elevations with the snow in the mountains making travel virtually impossible. some state highways in california, oregon and nevada are closed. in chicago police arrested four people following a live stream video that allegedly shows the suspects torturing a
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we have blurred the video. we'll show you a small portion but we warn you it is graphic. the four people in custody are seen and heard on the video beating, burning, stabbing as well as taunting the duct taped man. police believe the man was held hostage for at least a day and possibly as long as 48 hours. they found him walking around the city's west side completely disoriented. at least 30 more witnesses may testify in the penalty phase of the charleston church massacre trial. a federal jury heard from four victims, family members and white supremacist dylann roof. he insisted he is not mentally ill and once again said he will not call any witnesses in his defense. he could be executed for killing nine members of an historic black church. prosecutors plan to call up to 38 witnesses including two survivors. a chilling new video shows what happened when police responded to a trespassing call at a walmart and ended up in a shootout. abc has t
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>> reporter: itted with a call from this arizona walmart. someone trespassing, but it turned into a shootout right out of a movie. police releasing multiple angles of video showing what went down that april morning. officers talking with the suspect watch. the man suddenly opens fire. hitting officer joshua three times. once in the face. officer daniel coalwell taking two bullets of the vest. the force sending him through a display. watch as he rolls and comes up firing ultimately killing the suspect, mitchel oakley. officer peb survived walking out of the hospital to a standing ovation. he says he feels lucky to be alive. 2016 saw law enforcement fatalities at their highest level in five years. >> when you walk out the door, you never when it could be your last. >> the officer has nerve damage on his face is on leave. officer caldwell i
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duty. and they are being called heros. macy's is making headlines. they say they're cutting more than 10,000 jobs moving forward with its plan to close 68 stores nationwide including some high profile and even historic locations including its store in downtown minneapolis. it first opened more than 100 years ago. the retail giant blames online shopping and a change in consumer habits. not to be outdown, a llama is claiming it moment in the spotlight. it got loose in georgia. unlike the emu, someone claimed the llama. the owners showed up after the animal was cornered. the llama was just going
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>> was he in the driveway? i would love to sea thee their reaction when a llama pulls up. they say they caught him with the help of several llama experts. >> oh. tom yaum us from abc? >> coming up, growing outrage. >> thousands keep taking to the treats in mexico demanding relief at the pump after gas prices jumped 20%. we'll tell you why. and as "world news now" turns 25 tomorrow, we're taking you behind the scenes here at abc. what it is like in the frantic hours before show time. >> and check out some of our new picks on instagram. you're working hard there. you can also check it out tomorrow during your big birthday bonanza. we will be posting a lot on social media. you won't want to miss those. you won't want to miss those.
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how cool is this? this is mexico volcano blowing its top off. the fire volcano is erupting sending smoke and ash nearly 5,000 feet into the air. the volcano is located in the western part of the country. the activity is increasing since october, in some cases erupting several times a day. in mexico city emotions erupting over a 20% hike in gas prices. the mexican president defended the controversial move to end go
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diesel prices. he says the regulated prices translated to subsidies that benefitted wealthy americans. they are searching for a t cause of a train. a long island railroad train hit a bumper at the end of a platform and derailed yesterday morning. more than 100 people suffered minor injuries. the engineer was drug tested. the results haven't been released. inmy two more homes condemned during a sink hole in the city of frazier. officials say others should be able to return home by early next week. the sink hole discovered on christmas eve is believed to have been caused by a failing suer long. >> coming up, a look at what it takes to make tv magic every day. behind is scenes here at "world news now" next. >> the giz
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magazine's maddest writer. i've been on "world news now" for almost all 25 years showing gadgets. i got to say, i'm sick of it. no. happy anniversary, "world news now." and i hope to do it for 25 more. just one thing. what's wnn stand for?
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we had one of the best laughs i've heard. willis back from retirement just temporarily. [ laughter ] >> so glad you're out on parol. congratulations. >> legendary camera man. wow, he had a laugh. lewis chambers, you heard his laugh for years. >> as we approach tomorrow's 25th anniversary of "world news now," we are reminded it tak
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scenes to make the fun you see happy on screen every day. >> you're about to meet some of them and see what it's like to start the workday late at night. >> she tells me when i mess up. when i'm tired. she's like you don't look good today. >> his wardrobe choices, excited? >> i accidentally pushed the wrongen. i did. >> i brought my home keys. that's great. ♪ >> i think my coat is a little too puffy to hang behind the door with the dresser. >> start looking at the rundown. >> first up and most important, hair and makeup. >> diane is busy in makeup. i get to chill out. ♪ adele gets me really pumped up. >> hello,
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>> hi, miss diane. >> you'll notice, i keep it warm. she can change. >> knock knock. >> hello. >> don't go in there. >> the 25th anniversary of "world news now" is coming up. >> hair and makeup is now done. it's about 11:20 and our meeting is at 12:15, and then we have to get my outfit for the night ready. because tonight kendis and i are wearing our christmas suits. >> just down the floor from where i am is the legend and then there's brian. >> i see what you did. he's so clever. >> he puts together all 90 minutes of the show. >> that's all we got. >> coming up later this morning on
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robbing a bank. this is stuff that's happening all over the country, all over the world. we're gathering it. the global resources, the entire team, we're gathering right now. right, team? >> all right. now we're ready for the meeting. >> 1:30 we'll start with -- ♪ >> they're busy at work, but i want to take you to meet the writers, because the show doesn't happen without them. in the corner is craig who is always cold and always bundled up. we have deb also. normally cold and bundled up, and deb just enjoys ignoring us during the show as we try desperately to get her to talk to us. shery in the corner. jack, you know all, the commissioner, senior bachelor analyst. and lloyd in the corner. and greg our senior producer who makes this
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together into a cohesive show. we don't know how you do it, but thanks, greg. and mark is our floor manager. he tells us where to look, when to be quiet. we listen to him about half the time. >> that's a good average. >> and now i go back to hair and makeup. >> so these are the mad geniuses behind the cool graphics over the years that we've seen. whose face was the easiest and best subject to do all those -- >> those? yours is easy. >> mine is? >> yeah. you just swipe around. >> jason would be easy. and this is the nerve center, where all our material comes in. it gets edited. it gets dished out to the different shows. so it's just going to be a haven of activity right now. [ cricket sound ] >> chris is the dmc manager.
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you. >> that's true. katie, you're fired. >> what is the dmc? >> it's where just before it comes out, like the intestines. >> ew. so this. take a look, is our control room. a whole lot of monitors. >> sandy has been the director of the show for decades. >> time for the war paint. >> time to get prettied up. >> time to get pretty. >> four, three, two, one. >> and camera two. ♪ >> really crispy intestines? >> before it comes out. that's pretty much how our executives describe the show here at abc. >> the entire time i'm in hair and
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. it is time for the mix. we're going to start off by a classic case of making lemonade out of your lemons. a yale university freshman came down with the mumps. he was put into quarantine. it sounds horrible, but he managed to turn it into the best snap chat story ever. check it out. >> man, quarantine at least i have this small container of motts apple sauce, my best friend. i'm so glad we found each other. another really great thing about this room is if i get bored of sitting in this chair, i can just run over here and sit in this one. so much to do. >> yes, we are glad you could join us today on mumps talk. that is mumps talk,
3:26 am
radio show. the video spans seven minutes in total and covers his quarantine over the course of five days. he says you learn a lot about yourself by never learning the same room for five days. like i have a slight disposition for sanity. i got these great socks and years of mental scarring. >> i hope he's out of quarantine. >> we hope you're better and the mumps went away. >> a must watch snap chat. >> we're grateful you got the mumps. sorry but it's true. also a video out of georgia. there was an animal shelter that did this online only commercial, and it's going viral. and as you watch and listen, you'll understand why. >> has your goldfish lost its novelty? do potted plants not excite you like they used to? come on down to furry animal emporium. all our cats are
3:27 am
>> all the cats are self-cleaning. it's a tongue in cheek add for the animal rescue and shelter. and it's already gotten more than 500,000 views as you can understand. they call it kitty commercial with ks, and this guy is a contractor who decided to make the commercial. it is hillarious. >> hopefully it translates to more cats being adopted. >> and iris what is 16 and grant 18 were becoming an aunt and uncle for the first time. they showed up hospital. and iris's brother showed up in the full suit. the reason, he said, first impressions. he wanted to make sure he impressed his niece. we think it worked. check it out. >> she's not even crying. >> 116,000 retweets. 386,000
3:28 am
he impressed
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather across the country. the storm system in the west turning deadly. downed trees and heavy snow creating a chaotic scene in many places. as the rest of the country is feeling the deep. freeze. >> and police are investigating a possible hate crime after the victim was brutally tortured on facebook live. you can hear his captors calling out donald trump. wait until you hear how police found the victim. >> and we'll have a fun on this thursday morning. you know we know how to have fun. >> we like it, and over the past 25 years all the "world news now" anchors have had quite a good time behind this desk. so we have some of the block buster retrospective greatest hits. >> and no birthday party would be c


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