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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 6, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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the year was 1992. ♪ mariah carey was queen. >> tom cruise said. >> you can't handle the truth. >> and this happened. >> in the news at this hour. >> news with an attitude was born. >> sort of a mixed bag. a little bit of everything in the midsection including a little soup i had earlier. >> this morning we're looking back at a time of big shoulder pads, and computer monitors the size of buicks. grab your mug and get ready to polka. ♪ >> as we celebrate 25 years of "world news now." ♪
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>> this should be our theme song, because everything good happens after midnight. >> i lost mine. >> where is your horn? we are partying. we are enjoying this. there's a bar over there. there's a bar over there. did i mention there's a bar over there? this is great. we have so much to get to. >> it is our 25th anniversary party in case you haven't heard. we'll have an open bar throughout the show. lots of other fun surprises and some serious, serious polka going on. >> yeah. this will sober you up. >> even though the director doesn't care about under the circumstances -- us, only the bar. >> lots of news to get to, typical of this show. news and partying, of course. let's start with president-elect donald trump who is firing off another skeptical tweet about russian hacking before he's set to be briefed on the reelection cyber attacks. >> trump will receive his briefing today, but yesterday on twitter
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officials could be so sure russia was behind the hacking if they had not examined dnc servers. >> the president received his briefing on the hacks and seems to think that trump will come around. >> my hope is that when the president-elect receives his own briefings and is able to examine the intelligence as his team is put together and they see how professional and effective these agencies are, that some of those current tensions will be redu reduced. >> the president also said that presidents can't make good decisions unless they have good intelligence. meanwhile, mr. obama has finalized plans for his farewell address set for tuesday even at the mccormick place convention center in chicago. james clapper prepares to brief donald trump, and we're getting word
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replacement. trump is expected to name dan coats as the nation's next intelligence chief. and clapper spent yesterday on capitol hill testifying about foreign cyber attacks against the united states saying intelligence officials are more confident than ever that russia mettled in the presidential election, and he suggested that trump's doubt about the intelligence community were undermining morale. but he said there's no way to know if the hacking swayed the election results. >> let's turn to the record. a storm taking aim at about 80 million americans and 40 states. even the southeast is in for a rare bout of snowfall and frigid temperatures. states of emergency have already been declared in alabama and dpa georgia where road crews are filling up trucks and snowplows are standing by. and the west coast is standing for what could be the worst most
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the drought. there's likely another six feet of snow. the biggest stretch is from drenching rain, as much as a foot in much of california. emergency officials are warning the rain snow mix will trigger flooding and avalanches. the four people accused of streaming an attack live on facebook are facing hate crime charges. investigators say the four suspects who are black specifically targeted their white victim because of his race and his disability. police then found the disoriented teen wandering the streets after that disturbing video emerged showing him duct taped. >> the actions in that video are reprehensible. that along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of chicago or anywhere else for that matter.
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tribune, all four suspects have made statements to the police admitting their roles in the attack, and they are set to make their first court appearance today. in the final push to reduce the number of inmates held at guantanamo bay, four terror suspects have been sent. they are from yemen. the prison's population is now down to 35 inmates with 19 already cleared for release. a five-day man hunt for an escaped inmate from a federal prison in rhode island ended with his capture near boston. he broke out of prison on new year's eve by climbing a basketball hoop to reach a rooftop, cutting through a fence and climbing through a razor wire. a police officer is among two people killed after looting in mexico following a 20 % increase in gas prices. 600 people have been
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and at least 300 businesses have been damaged since wednesday. the fuel price hike was announced last weekend as mexico's government deregulated the energy sector. yesterday we told you about a 105-year-old record setting cyclist. today we have the story of a slightly younger man who took a big plunge. this is al of texas celebrating his 100th birthday with his first sky dive. and taking that giant step into nothing, didn't seem to phase him much. >> oh, wow. wonderful. >> pretty amazing, isn't it? >> fantastic. >> mr. blastk i is the oldest citizen to complete a tandem sky dive. >> there's reaction from the cyclist. he said what a slacker. >> whatever. anybody can jump from a plane. >> betty is a good friend. if you don't have a
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and good morning. i'm lisa mcree alongside aaron brown. news this morning involving the worldwide web. that web extended all the way to dallas where an amazon user got a hard lesson in cool new technology. her six-year-old daughter figured out how to place an order through alexa, a voice activated device. >> i asked her if she could order a doll house and some cookies and she said do you want this, and i said yes. >> as you might expect, that $170 doll house
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with four pounds of sugar cookies. the donated the doll house to a local children's hospital but kept the cookies. pretty cute, right, aaron? aaron? i feel you're judging. are you judginghe mother, the child? >> lisa? what are you doing over there? >> yeah. >> um, the news. >> lisa -- >> this is "world news now." >> this is 2017. >> but there was this story that vice president gore actually, i want to say calls it the information superhighway. >> it's not the world -- we don't even call it the www anymore. >> he's not the vice president anymore, lisa, but i'll tell you what, why don't you come on. come on over here. come join us. >> yeah. we've gotten really fancy around here. lisa mcree, ladies and gentlemen. >> "world news now" anchor lisa mcree. >> the original. who looks absolutely --
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aaron brown, sorry. >> sorry, aaron we're leaving you behind. >> when you said there was a bar. >> we'll chat. why isn't there a drink for lisa. >> hi, guys. so much fun to be with you. >> how does it feel to be back after 25 years? >> hardly anybody is left. it's like old home week. it's so much fun. i hear a certain laugh from a certain camera man named willis, and my old boss david boreman is here. >> he pointed out that he hired you, and when you look back at all the work you guys do, i wonder how you kept employed all those years. let's take a quick look back. >> and merry christmas from new york. i'm lisa mckree. aaron brown is scrambling down your chimney. >> i will remind you of the dang
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right during the sports cast, mcree fell off her chair. okay, we got the idea. >> whoa. >> that was fancy. >> that's cooler than a cartoon. >> do that again. >> yeah. >> there was no suom wrestling to report on, so we show the chicken. >> speaking of sports. which do you think looks better with my jacket? sort of a mixed bag, a little bit of everything in the midsection including a little soup i had earlier. >> hey. hey. hey. get that bunny out of there. thank you. [ laughter ] he made a menopause joke, imgs. [ speaking foreign language ] >> from new york and houston. >> this is "world news now." >> spooky. >> if you'd like
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please send your resume to us. anchor search, 47 west 65th street. >> co-you believe we do this week after week? this is "world news now." >> and some poor sucker sent in their resume actually and got the job. oh, baby. thank you. that was what was in the mug. anyway. >> they took that away for some reason. i can't imagine why. >> i think you guys are the biggest sissies. we had to come in at 10:00 and only aired from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the morning. how long do you sit here in 15 minutes? >> an hour and a half. >> we're on until 3:30 and then 4 to 4:30. we're at the bars at 5:00 a.m. >> all right. that's not as bad as i thought. >> do you have any particular favorite moment from your time on the show? >> you know, any time that we could go
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without falling asleep on the floor on a sofa. that was good. that was a step in the right direction. >> yeah. >> the highlights were sort of team. >> and they're also tinged with the best of 90s fashion as we look back. >> oh, stop. >> how many different turtle necks did you have? >> i had a lot. >> they're beautiful. >> you talked about sleeping. did the shoulder pads help at all? >> they would convert into a futon. it was a great thing. take off your jacket and you could have company over for a sleepover. >> i love that idea. i want to bring the shoulder pads back. >> and the earrings. the earrings, they look like it was like a kwsk dream, and you could lay them under the hot lights and then cook an egg on them. >> you guys thought you had gone across the line too far ever? >> sure, but nobody cared. nobody was watching. and for us we have all these
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predecessors to look at, but what was it like for you doing this show for the first time. what did you think? >> like boreman said, we were just excited that we were able to play with all the stuff and that nobody was going to tell us to stop. it was basically like the mice coming in in the middle of the night and moving autofurniture around. >> it still is that way. lisa, thank you so much for hanging out with us. you'll be here throughout the night. >> who was your favorite co-anchor? aaron or cardboard aaron? >> well, flat aaron has his charm. you can do shots off that. >> thank you so much, and coming up a special guest, david boreman is here. >> stay with us as we continue our 25th anniversary celebration.
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>> wolf battles cops in alabama. be careful. there's a stranger on the loose here for you. take that with you. wherever you may go. >> thank you. i'm sure i'll need this on my next broadcast. >> i doubt it. that's the news for this half hour. >> i could watch old clips from the show all day long. >> i watch it during the time and it was fascinating. this was your idea. david boreman. >> it was a collective crazy idea, yeah. >> what was the concept? >> well, the networks made this push for overnight news in the early 90s. they promised that abc would do it. but there were no rules. just news, weather and sports. and we just did whatever we felt we wanted to do. we really thought it was a new way -- of course, we had no
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experiment with how to do an interesting program that felt appropriate for the middle of the night. we didn't take ourselves seriously. the viewers got it. they understood that there was news, but then there was humor, and there was sort of attitude, and it worked. >> i'm curious. when you were given that directive or lack thereof, this is probably not what the executives were expecting. so what was the reaction when it went on the air? >> they didn't watch. t only one watched. he loved the show. this is exactly the show we wanted. when we first met with aaron and lisa, we wanted to do a program that was distinctive and different, nbc was doing a dreadful show called night side. cbs was doing up to the minute, and they were very traditional programs, and we had grown up watching nbc news overnight and full of
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the 80s. and so we just broke every rule we could think of. >> and you broke the rule when it came to late night music. decided to do something called a polka. >> polka story is really complicated to tell in a minute. >> in a 20 second version. >> lisa hated the music one night. she called it polka. she wanted to pick the music. i let her pretend to pick the music but then i just played polka all night which led eventually to barry mitchel. and i asked him if he could write us a polka, and that's how the song came to be. >> i had a meltdown letting my feelings known, and i got more mail than about anything. the polka lovers were -- >> the union, the polka lovers of america union got to you after that. >> don't go anywhere.
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♪ >> why are we listening to rem? >> i'll tell you why. because it was a metaphor for the show. when we left the down escalator and barbara walters and diane sawyer and all the shiny happy people coming up with stairs in their shiny clothes, and when we had ripped stockings and makeup running down our faces, we were cranky, and i would hear that in my head on the loop. they were going down. >> here's something else you probably heard in your head on fridays. barry's polka. >> news got you down? come on. let's
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♪ lisa's unconventional. aaron's one dimensional. that's the world news polka ♪ ♪ on his dates in 1992 insomniacs said world news who? that's the world news polka. ♪ this is david boreman's legacy. haters, don't hate me ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka every clap ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's not a square dance ♪ sththat's the world news polk♪ ♪ kendis and die an from my heart i'd like to share, of all the anchors i know you're the recent pair. no one knows we're on tv. we're the world news polka ♪ ♪ when did
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♪ the work we do is important that's what the bosses say ♪ ♪ we're warming the cameras for gha. here's to 25 more years with the world news polka ♪ with the world news polka ♪ >> where's andy cohen? >> that's right. >> a big thank you to our original anchor, lisa mcree. this show creator, david boreman, and as always, barry. and we can't forget to thank tim laird. wait, aaron. aaron, come on. let's go shots on aaron. we are ending this half hour like we always do aer
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this morning on "world news now." we're throwing it back, celebrating 25 years of news. can you believe we do this week after week? >> fun. and polka. our 25th birthday bash starts now. >> happy birthday, "world news now." >> we bust out a little stevie. sorry. that's my bad stevie wonder impersonation. >> this is great. >> we have so much planned for our celebration. stay with us. first we have to get through that whole news part that we kind of have to do as well.


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