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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 11, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now" the president's final speech to the country. see the packed house in his adopted hometown coming to its feet throughout the night. it was the president's most personal message that stole the show. and new salacious developments in the russian hacking scandal suggesting president-elect trump knew he was compromised by the russians. intelligence officials say they briefed trump on it. why is he now calling the story a fake? and new a bizarre incident on facebook live. >> an uber driver holds someone hostage forcing the driver to help him rob the bank only to then give the money away. hear what the suspect claims he was doing it for. and we're getting our first look at
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>> it was a controversy. now the big reveal. we have reaction later on the skinny on this wednesday, january 11th. from abc news, this is "world news now." just wait until you see it. enjoy your breakfast now and wait until you see the white actor as michael jackson. >> it's a little rough. >> it is. we say good morning to you on this wednesday. we will get started in the midwest. in chicago president obama lived dlifrd an emotional address capping off eight years in office. >> the president reflected on his accomplishments and also touted the importance of democracy saying it's threatened whenever we take it for granted. he encouraged americans to get involved and engaged and even run for office. >> and this tribute was written in lights on a chicago high-rise there last night. the words thank you obama spelled out there.
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get more now from david wright. >> reporter: in chicago a hero's welcome for the 44th president, a favorite son of the windy city now on his last lap. >> yes, our progress has been uneven. the work of democracy has always been hard. it's always been contentious. sometimes it's been bloody. >> reporter: chicago was the city that launched him. a freshman senator on the rise. his hair darker, his kids younger. >> hello, chicago. >> reporter: hopes raised so high he was practically destined to disappoint. the audacity of hope confronting the gridlock of washington. in his kper inter -- exit interview with george
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stephanopoulos, obama insisted his legacy isn't all lost. >> my hope is that the president-elect and members of the congress from both parties look at where have we objectively made progress where things are working better. don't undo things just because i did them. >> reporter: a few things can't be taken away, first and foremost, just being america's first black history. president. he made history just by winning the election. the farther we get from his honeymoon, it's easy to forget that. obama himself acknowledged the racial divide still looms large. >> after my election there was talk of a post racial america. and such a vision, however well intended, was never realistic. >> reporter: another accomplishment, the history books are sure to include killing america's number one enemy. the critics would say you have to balance that against the fact that obama underestimated the threat posed by isis. his legacy judged by what he accomplished tends to be mixed. he fulfilled his campaign promis
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the bush years on american foreign policy to stress diplomacy rather than war. he opened dialogues and turned the page with the arab world. obama promised to end the wars in iraq and afghanistan and technically he did. but we still have troops on the ground in both countries. american drones have killed thousands of people by remote control. guantanamo is still open for business. the middle east engulfed in conflict, and the prospect of peace between israel and palestine seems more remote than ever. domestically, he's been a powerful voice when the nation mourned, channelling moral authority one mass shooting after another, after another. and yet, beyond the words, beyond that spiritual he clearly sang from the heart in charleston, what concrete measures can he point to that might reduce gun violence in the future?
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other things he accomplished and influenced are under threat. his turn around on same sex marriage helped an lgbt struggle mainstream. and then there's obama care. the president couldn't help but get emotional with a special shoutout to the first lady. >> for the past 25 years you have not only been my wife and mother of my children, you've been my best friend. >> reporter: a poll shows he's going out on a high note. his highest approval rating in seven years, 55% as he gets set to retire. >> god bless you and may god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: change can be healthy. obama proved that eight years ago. and reminded his supporters to keep an open mind. >> you believe in a fair and just and inclusive america. you know that constant change has been america's hallmark, that it's not something to fear but something to embrace.
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you are willing to carry the hard work of democracy forward. >> reporter: soon enough we'll see if the new guy offers change for the better. for better or worse in our system already limits to what any one man can do. obama proved that too. david wright in chicago. nine more days until he leaves office. and as donald trump then prepares to take office the fbi is investigating some unsubstantiated allegations that his aides colluded to hack the democratic party. >> documents turned over to the fbi allege russia has compromising personal information on donald trump including video of him with prostitutes. an attorney for trump accused of meeting in prague saying never been to prague in my life. >> trump fired back tweeting fake news, a total political witch hunt.
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presented to president obama and donald trump during intelligence briefings last week and during a hearing yesterday. some members of congress pressed james comey about the claims and about the claims that republicans were also hacked. >> there were successful penetrations of some groups and campaigns, particularly the state level on the republican side of the aisle, and some limited penetration of old republican national committee -- >> comey refused to answer specific questions about whether trump was personally compromised by the russians saying he couldn't discuss any investigations that might be underway. former exxonmobil ceo taking his turn on capitol hill today. the nominee for secretary of state is expected to face tough questions about his ties to russia. also sec filings show exxon mobil did business with iran, syria and sudan when they were under u.s. terror sanctions. those dealings were legal at the
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and day two of confirmation hearings for jeff sessions begin in a few hours. day one included sessions' denial of alleged racist comments and his assurance he would stand up to donald trump when necessary. he also faced a question about one of the most controversial comments by the president-elect during the campaign. >> is grabbing a woman by her genitals without consent sexual assault? >> clearly, it would be. >> day two will include a first, new jersey senator cory booker will testify against sessions. he'll become the first senator to give testimony against a colleague. booker said sessions' record on civil rights is, quote, concerning. now to the west coast. there's no let up to the weather misery out there. the storm system is over about a dozen states right now. it extends down into central
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northern plains. thousands of northern californians have had to evacuate because of the flooding. some elderly residents here needed help. the river is heading for a height of more than 38 feet tonight. that's more than six feet above flood stage. the heavy snow in the sierra isn't all bad news. with seven feet of snow all but shutting down lake tahoe resort area this snow boarder went out. the midwest here in omaha is getting a taste of winter weather too. this is pretty cool. that is not. you can tell there was rain followed by a quick temperature drop. it made driving not fun at all. >> it looks like an ice rink. and more bad weather on the way. let's get the details. >> paul williams with the bad news. good morning. >>
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we still have stormy patterns continuing along the west coast. this tropical surge will continue to feed into the monster of a storm that will continue to create the widespread showers against northern and central portions of california. flood threats throughout the entire area and up to three to five feet of snow in the upper elevations. as far as other areas of concern, one batch of rain and freezing stuff out of the way with another batch of stuff out of the ohio valley region. a lot more news ahead on "world news now" including the former new york senator thrown off a flight after he started ranting in the aisle. hear what he is saying about getting the boot. and the debate about what took more guts robbing a store or doing it in a leotard. stay with us. "world news now" weather brought to you by downy unstoppables.
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lysol that. getting around in the snow is difficult. getting around on a unicycle is difficult as well. apparently doing both at the same time is a piece of cake. this video comes from minneapolis. of course, sub freezing temperatures didn't take this guy from making his daily one-wheeled ride to work. >> it seems safe. a former new york senator was outspoken on capitol hill. his vocal style cost him his seat on a jet blue flight, though. >> he was kicked off a plane in florida. this was cell phone video of him being escorted out.
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we couldn't go quietly. he asked some of the other passengers to join him. they said forget about it. >> stand up and walk out with me. we can still speak in this country. >> boo. >> that's not right. that's not right. how is that right in any way? that's not right. that is not right. >> passengers were already cranky because the flight was delayed more than six hours. he was more upset when the captain asked some of them to change their seats. >> if i'm in business class and i have my blue chip no way am i leaving. >> until they kick you out and realize they don't belong there. >> exactly. now to a bizarre incident in miami. an uber driver says a passenger
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robbery. he was seen inside the bank telling the bank he has a bomb. he plans to surrender once he gives the money away to the poor. he claims he's trying to stop a war between the u.s. and russia. the man hands out the cash before being surrounded by police. both men are being questioned by the fbi at this point. and in independence, missouri, police are searching for a leotard bandit. he enters the dance studio and takes merchandise and then leaves. a short time later he returns wearing tights and one of the stolen leotards. >> he got away with safe, dresses, catalogs and other items. several dance studios in the area have been robbed in recent weeks. the wardrobe choice is raising lots of questions. >> maybe he went and tried them on and realized he picked out the wrong size and so he had to come back to get a different size? >> it could be, but maybe he's trying out for the next single ladies video?
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>> what size leotard did you have for that one? >> boys or lady's small. i don't know. i've never worn one. i couldn't tell you. >> but you know all the moves. >> yeah. >> all right. when we come back, the first pick of who is playing michael jackson. >> once you see it, you can't unsee it. but you can't unsee it. >> plus the world's most powerful groomsman. "the skinny" is next. it. >> plus the world's most powerful
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> kind of surprised he didn't pick "the skinny" music to walk out to. >> i know. i was waiting for that one but not quite. >> it's not every day we merge politics and "the skinny." we have to take a look at the obama speech sound track. >> last night was his swan song. we wanted to figure out what his song was. what was his song selection? ♪ >> he walked out to u2's "city of blinding lights". it's the same song that welcomed him to the stage ten years ago when he announced he would campaign for president.
3:50 am
>> it does. he knows michelle is a big fan of stevie wonder. over the years they've used him. stevie wonder is one of his favoritists. in 2012 for his final speech on the campaign trail this was it. ♪ signed sealed delivered i'm yours ♪ >> he's had varying artists over the years. >> on twitter people are raving. best song, this is number one. jack ri wilson higher and higher. number two aretha franklin sing. number three, strengthstein arising and springsteen we are never alone. >> byron knows all the music. >> clearly it doesn't matter. obama was a fan. the president was busy over the weekend. it's not often that you get the president as your groomsman, but that was the case in florida. he flew down to be in the wedding of his friend, his golf
3:51 am
director for the white house there who was getting married. >> now, here's the other funny part. the first lady couldn't attend but john kerry was there. and he also acted as the official of the marriage ceremony. >> this is amazing. remember we told you about joseph fiennes playing michael jackson. now is your first view of it. >> hi. >> hi. >> my word. >> there's a little controversy over this casting choice to begin with. the main source of that controversy being that michael jangs was a black man and joseph fiennes isn't. however, now we're getting our first look at the makeup situation. >> it's horrible. >> yeah. >> slight calls it makeup with texture of uncooked pizza dough.
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only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ ♪ >> uplifting music. >> we have an uplifting story. >> we do. you may remember emily. we met her five years ago. her appearances on the bachelor and bachelorette. >> those appearances unfortunately led to heart break. we decided to do a little where are they now checking in with emily and i got to go down to charlotte and hang out with her and her family in her new home. she is clearly as busy as ever. check it out. >> hi. >> we first met emily on season 15 to the bachelor looking for love after losing her fiance.
3:56 am
she then went on to the bachelorette. both seasons ended in a engagement. but they both publicly ended. sending emily back to church where she connected with tyler. they recently welcomed their second baby boy, gibson, 14 months behind their first son, jennings. >> i got pregnant when jennings was six months old. i was like i don't have this thing figured out at all. >> adding to the challenge she had morning sickness. >> i was put on a medicine, and it changed my life. >> she's now a paid spokesperson for the drug but credits tyler and her 11-year-old daughter with getting her through the rough pregnancy by being helpful. something we saw firsthand. in the meantime, emily says she loves watching "the bachelor" and has one piece of advice for nick. >> i always say that i should not give anybody any bachelo
3:57 am
bachelorette tips. just have fun. >> it's something she also tries to follow in her reality. >> when i'm in the car and both babies start crying, i laugh. give yourself lots of grace. >> monday night's episode of the bachelor ended with liz going home. >> our senior bachelor analyst improved his powers of prediction without seeing the show. >> kiss count. kiss count. the kiss count stops at. more drama next week. analyst out. >> we had a blast listening to this. how did you do that? >> we used the magic of television to be honest. we actually recorded disz count from ten to one. in the event he came in in the ten to one range,
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making news in america this morning, explosive but unconfirmed claims of secret ties to russia. an unsubstantiated report alleging russia has damaging information about president-elect trump is out and he is lashing out saying it's fake news. we're live in washington. a final farewell. president obama addressing the country his final time as president laying out the last eight years, the threats to democracy and wiping away tears when talking about the first lady. >> you took on a role you didn't ask for and you made it your own. with grace and with grit and with style and with humor. >> his emotional message to america and overnight, the final flight on board air force one. >> another storm hits california. it's causing more flooding and up


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