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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. donald trump us new alledge ties to russia and the hectic day ahead on capitol hill . plus a final goodbye. president obama: yes, we can. yes, we can. autria: moving words from president obama and the one question after the speech, why was his daughter, sasha, not there? larry: veronica johnson is now tracking what could be our next round of snow. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit ncicaprg
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one quick note to pass along. washington county in frederick county schools in maryland are on a two-hour delay today and the baldwin elementary in manassas city in virginia is closed because of a water problem. we have a number of other delays running at the bottom of your screen. just when we were getting excited and looking forward to the 60's, you hit us with talk of snow again. [laughter] veronica: that's what so important, yesterday it looked like we had a chance, but the guidance comes out and you got it there, looks like even more of an opportunity than saturday, could be dicey around the area. you have any plans you want to stay tuned with the forecast and continue to watch it through any changes. cold in some pockets this morning. d.c., 42 it joint base andrews.
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fear from last night, the next opportunity for showers will come after 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. today, clouds coming back late today, but this will be one sweet day for us. the warmest day since last wednesday, it is going to just a great day for getting out in getting the run in. it's going to come on saturday. starting at 3 a.m. and going through the day, the afternoon and evening hours, looks like we will have freezing rain around the area. these temperatures are dropping from 33, 34, hovering around freezing on saturday. we will talk about the potential in 10 minutes. on 270problems to report for those coming inbound this morning, working their way through gaithersburg. delays out of germantown. john gonzalez said he was heading north towards frederick. let's take a look at his life
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southbound 270 before you commit some traffic like is able to squeeze by to the right in the mainline headed southbound. it's going to complicated for folks coming out of germantown this morning. 118 is also an option as an alternate. look for those delays building coming southbound from father hurley all of our, working her way through gaithersburg in towards rockville. updating the map elsewhere, so capitol street in southeast, police are on the scene in some traffic is able to get by. virginia, sawmill road, the ,airfax county park and braddock road is a good option for you. orange and silver line, single tracking due to attract problem. back in the next 10 minutes with another update on your ride in gaithersburg. autria? autria: 6:030 time.
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as donald trump transitions into the white house. larry: the fbi's looking into a number of ways that russia may have try to impact our election. u.s. officials with direct knowledge of the briefings given to the president and president-elect talked about the friday ways that russians try to sway votes. they talked about the allegations that trump aids were involved in hacking the democratic party. trump tweeting that it was fake news. toria: donald trump is set hold a press conference in new york city this morning, his first one since july and we are hoping to hear even more about this if questioned. he's talking about the potential conflicts of interest between his business and his presidency in these inspected face questions about his business and obamacare. today on the hill, jeff sessions is back on the hot seat. larry: day number two of his confirmation hearing.
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rex tillerson. >> is a packed schedule today on capitol hill. sam? be packed going to indeed, no lunch breaks today. tillerson,seat, rex jeff sessions, tillerson will likely make the headlines. he is the chief of exxon mobil and has never held political office before and he must prove to the senate that that does not disqualify him from becoming america's top of clement. he will likely be confirmed as the secretary of state, but first you will need to discuss his ties with russia. he has that with them for the last 20 years. his business dealings, how would that shape is foreign policy. never holding public office, he's got to prove to the senate that he's qualified and ready to hold this job. we should mention that the
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transportation secretary, also the wife of mitch mcconnell, will also be in the hot seat as well. she will face tough questioning but it is likely she will be confirmed as well. reporting live on capitol hill, sam sweeney. family back inst dcf the presidents emotionally charged farewell speech. jummy olabanji joins us now with more on the speech that has everyone talking. jummy: summing up his eight years in office, everything from his hopeful message from 2008 to the progress the country has made since he entered the white house in front of thousands in his home city of chicago, gracefully exiting with a thank you message to the american people. were the obama: you change. the answer, people told us, because of you, my almost every
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america is a better, stronger place than it was when we started. julie: in just nine days president obama will hand over the keys to the oval office to president-elect trump, a transition he is encouraged about. president obama: the world will witness the hallmark of our democracy. no, no, no. the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next. i committed to president-elect trump that my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition, just as president bush did for me. because it's up to all of us to make sure that our government
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says heresident obama won't stop working and he will continue to serve the country as a citizen for the rest of his life. in chicago his presidential library will probably be there in about two years. you, jummy. if you strive have your christmas tree, we have the video to make you think twice. the urgent message from fire crews
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veronica: ok, the rain is gone, it's going to be a beautiful sunrise. a bit on the chilly side, the freezing temperatures are well north of d.c.. 43 around fredericksburg,s right stafford, quantico. 40 degrees to start out, but 5
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rain after 5 p.m. today. temperatures going way up into the 60's tomorrow and then right back down this weekend. there's a look at 35 for saturday and snow starting at 6 a.m. with d.c. around the beltway switching over to rain,l hours of freezing 2:00 right into the evening and we will talk more about the impact on area roads. julie: problems right now for those continuing their trip out of germantown and gaithersburg. accident activity southbound on 270 approaching 300 70. all tied up, hovering above the accident scene, we can see at least one truck, it looks like a jeep isn't called in the crash coming southbound. john gonzalez is just past the scene and then sought to vehicles involved in the crash but right now it is the left side that locked.
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coming from germantown. great seneca highway is a great option to avoid those delays. as you can clearly see, we are starting to see the lineup form heavy, study, and slow. back to the maps quickly, south capitol street in south east for the crash, some traffic is able to get by on the orange and silver lines, single tracking due to track problems. back in the next 10 minutes for another update. larry? sayingpresident obama, goodbye to the country with an emotional speech, but millions want to know where sasha was during the whole thing. we will tell you, coming up next. first, breaking news. writers trapped, over roller coaster rescue. and the ot
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's..
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instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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emergency crews rescuing 20 people from the top of a roller coaster in australia after it broke down mid-ride. i can tell you one person who is glad they weren't on it, autria godfrey. this happened at the warner bros. movie world theme park, right next door to the same park last year where several people were killed in river raft ride after the raft flipped it. they were caught in the machinery. as far as this morning, no one was hurt that it was definitely a scary time for them. of the most trending topics during the president's final speech last night, where was his daughter, sasha?
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#on social media. many drew up some wild accusations. one. it was on an elite anti-terrorism mission or returns.or trump's tax transocean missed the big night to stay home at the white house to study for a test. she is a sophomore in d.c.. water rescues in california is the rushing river is expected to crest even higher. the rising levels have flooded homes and triggered evacuations. officials estimate some 500 homes are dealing with water damage. theher north, a look at mess on interstate 82 in washington state. a 15 car pile up shutting down the highway. this morning's five semi trucks and 10 cars were involved in a wreck on those snowy roads, including a patrol car from a washington state trooper. no word yet of any injuries.
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your side with a warning about your christmas tree. if you still haven't taken it down, take a look at this. each day that goes by, the chances of your old tree catching fire goes up. many people like to keep it up till the 12th day of christmas. firefighters say that even if it has been watered, it is time to take it down. don't rely on fire retardant to keep it safe. trees at both went up in flames less than a minute. pre-treated trees did test better, fake trees, but still. unplug it, exactly. veronica: it's the middle of january. autria: is this a thing that i missed? people keep up their tree for a long time? [laughter] autria: i take my down on new year's day. larry: exactly. hernica:
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when there are nice days during the winter to be able to do that sort of thing. whether it is inside or outside, today, tomorrow, those of the best days we have seen in a while. it, get it done. today's going to be a very good day. tomorrow? is not going to be super, but we are going to have a lot of sunshine with a weather system rolling through here during the night. we are going to pick things up a little bit on the breezy side later today, but i like the fact that we are getting into the 50's and this morning it's not that cold. it's chilly, with a few pockets that are running around freezing. the increased cloud by 4:00? after 5:00 we will be tracking more rain showers, gone by early tomorrow morning, leaving us with a bit of fog by 7:00 a.m., 8 a.m.. fog burning off, temperatures
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with more. not quite as pretty as today, but 64 degrees? over the weekend temperatures are going to start coming down. friday we fall throughout the day. 5:00 p.m., 34 degrees. right now looking at saturday it could well be a weather impact day for us. right now the weather system that we are tracking is bringing some wintry weather into the area with icy conditions, floods on area roads and a little bit of snow with freezing rain, coming down with impact for sunday to moderate levels. temperatures this weekend, 35 on saturday, 40 degrees on sunday. the roads are not looking great for saturday. we will talk more about that coming up. even an early look at inauguration day. julie: we have had some wet pavement to deal with, earlier showers moving through the area. southbound 270 has had accident activity
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of the road. sky track 7 is live over the scene right now. you can see it again, traffic able to these by to the right, tow trucks on the scene at this point. one vehicle appears to be a jeep. big-time ups out of germantown headed southbound on 270. plan on using 355 is a workaround. quickly, back to the maps, on the roads and rails the orange and silver lines still single tracking due to earlier problems. that is the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes we will update your ride. out a the wizards pulled nail biter at the phone booth, suddenly looking good. above 500 for the first time since november of 2015. tying the game in the closing seconds, hitting the game-winner, 26 points. 101 99, getting it
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10 straight home wins now for the wizards. go wizards. a lawmaker left at the
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: a live look outside their at the human memorial. thisgeous monument morning, always a nice thing there. appear midweek, with more rain on the way and the possibility for snow.
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tracking the road in just about five minutes. autria: a former u.s. senator speaking out after being kicked off of a jetblue flight after an angry outburst. former senator a trying to lead a rebellion on a plane. up for what's right and walk out with me. >> frustrated after a seven hour delay. >> we can still speak in this country. >> passenger sitting in the front refused the captain's orders to move to the back of the plane to balance out the weight. the former senator took matters into his own hands and went up to speak with the passengers themselves and demanded the captain forced them to shift seats. he got in trouble and was kicked off the flight. the incident is reminiscent of "network." >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. >> more coming up at 7 a.m..
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autria:autria: the mercury is rising, finally, only to fall once again. how long could it get and when can we see our next round of ferry: school? delays because of icy conditions to the north and west. county, two hour delay. allegheny on a three-hour delay. morgan, on a two hour delay. unrelated, virginia, in manassas a school closed because of water issues very let's go to vj for the weather. getting slack? veronica: exactly, but getting rather -- getting better rapidly. arease sunshine across the temperatures can quickly into the 50's later today run
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2:00, even 3:00 this afternoon, it's going to be one more really nice feeling day. you will notice and like being out. i think it gets breezy behind the weather system today, but as far as the next chance for rain that comes late today. sunshine, clouds, rain chances later today. around 66, fauquier county, frederick county, 5:00, quickly that rain over spreads the area but it is already gone by midnight, moving out and putting us into tomorrow, which will be mild and dry with clouds around. a new weather system as the temperatures drop yet again. it will be a cold weekend. right now this is a look at saturday with mainly freezing more of we will have that than anything. this time of year sometimes we get the snow, the rain, the freezing rain --
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mix, meaning icy conditions. temperatures dropping from 30 435 degrees, cautionary conditions in the red saturday afternoon and evening. that's the way it is looking right now and again it will be a cold weekend. we will talk more about inauguration day in 10 minutes. julie: the crash occurred before you reach 300 70 involving a couple of vehicles. sky track 7 is above the vehicle -- above the scene right now. one of the vehicles looks like it's been loaded onto the rollback. delays are quite significant slowing from father hurley boulevard headed south. germantown into gaithersburg this morning, not to mention we do have delays from interstate 70 south towards 109. back over to the map, new problems have been reported on 210 before you reach the
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at kerby hill road and metro, single tracking on the orange and silver line through east falls church. back in the next 10 minutes with another update on your ride in prince george's county. right now we say good morning once again to john gonzalez. although it happened frederick yet? john: we are, we are in downtown frederick. this might sound like a head scratcher, but schools here are on the a two hour delay. you might be wondering -- what's going on? take a look, we are at the six degrees. it's cold, but that is not below freezing and it's not snowing. we don't have any rain. but i've got to tell you, take a look. this is the roof camera. the roads don't look too bad. they are wet, but i have to tell you we have been driving around historic frederick and the sidewalks do look very icy. they got that glaze
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. my photographer was sliding around when he walked out to give it a test. degreesit or not, 36 here in frederick. not a lot of snow left from this past weekend, but there are sidewalks out here that have that sheen, that glare. you might see it here on the road. a two hour delay for children here in frederick and in washington county. back to you inside. mary: as we continue to follow that developing story out of montgomery county. autria: a deadly stabbing at the westfield wheaton mall. suzanne? suzanne: shocking news to the folks who use this mall, taking place here in broad daylight, when it reopens today no doubt a lot of people are going to be wondering exactly why this happened in a place that is supposed to be safe. all of this taking place at around 3:15 yesterday afternoon. the response was large by the
6:35 am
witnesses say that there was some sort of a fight on the lower level of the mall near the hollister store where the stabbing took place. the mall was evacuated and some stores shut down, as was the metro station for a while as they searched. both victims were transported to the hospital, where they later died. a suspect description has not yet been released. nor do we have the ages of the people who were killed. there is a $10,000 reward being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. police are of course going through surveillance video from the cameras around the property to see if it leads to any information that could lead to the killer. the mall is scheduled to reopen this morning at 10:00. reporting live in wheaton, suzanne kennedy. : also developing this morning, investigating two suspicious deaths in greenbelt. a man and woman found dead in a home on springfield drive
6:36 am
. police have not said to the people are or how they died. we have some calls out right now and as soon as we your anything at all from police, we will pass it along. jummy: also developing now, a petition to celebrate white supremacy will be the focus of a meeting. the principal will address concerns by parents and students. the cool kids clan petition circulated friday and used racist words to describe blacks. staff members took it away and called police to determine that no crime was committed but we know that the school discipline to the students involved. in a letter to parents the principal wrote that we live in a society where our children, long before they reach highs, are bombarded by messages of intolerance, disrespect, and hatred. especially in recent years, those messages have grown louder . autria: a consumer alert this morning. honda
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7 on your side consumer alert. honda recalling one than 700,000 vehicles in the u.s. for defective front passenger seat
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supplier. part of the expanded recall of over one million vehicles. among the models recalled are the 2008 2012 honda accord, the 2000 62011 honda civic and acura models. to cotto, as you may know, is at the center of a massive recall of inflator is that can explode, intong metal shrapnel passenger compartments. now for a check of the forecast. over to vj. veronica: overnight rain is gone, no need for the umbrellas, but there is concern in the maryland counties, there may be a few icy patches. john gonzalez has been in maryland telling us about that two-hour delay. 34 now, myersville it 27. falls church at 42 degrees. later today we top out in the 50's. it will feel very nice, ample sunshine throuou
6:41 am
sunshine for the morning and the afternoon, even for the early part of the evening, clouds rolling in and we will be tracking rain chances. for the mid part of the day, sunglasses. for the later part, back to the umbrella. if you are going to be out late today, keep the umbrella handy. pack it away somewhere. is a low threat going into thursday, which by the way is feeling ae very mild, lot like september. cold for the weekend, lake day showers sunday into monday. quick look at inauguration day, temperatures around 55 degrees. yes, i'm going to take a look to see how it stacks up against other inaugurations. we may have like problems due to ice on the roads. first we will start off with southbound 200 70. this is the hot spot with delays coming out of germantown.
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the crash. 370, involving two vehicles. folks, that's a backup from father hurley boulevard towards gaithersburg. traffic,-bumper bailout early, great seneca highway using 118. a couple of options for you, but you don't want to commit to southbound 270 with a rex tillerson play. will find 210u north found near kerby hill road, authorities are checking for a crash at this location. we mentioned icy conditions and we are getting reports of some ice here near the bridge as you travel along 108 east of new hampshire avenue. those elevated passages freeze before anything else. keep that in mind. watch your speed. back in 10 minutes to update your ride. larry:
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from president obama. president's, the promise to the country even after he is out of office. sam: confirmations continue on capitol hill. expected to very busy day. a live report, breaking it down
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new developments as donald trump transitions into the white house. the fbi is looking into a number of ways that they think russia may have tried to impact the election. u.s. officials with the direct -- direct knowledge of the briefings given to the president and president-elect talked about the variety of ways that the russians were trying to sway votes and are investigating the allegations that trump aids work involved in hacking the democratic party. trump tweeted that it was a political witch hunt. this comes as the president-elect is set to hold a press conference in new york city. it will be his first since july 20 is expected to talk about the potential conflicts of interest
6:47 am
doing his business and presidency and he is expected to face questions about obama care and russian hacking. we of course will be watching and keep you updated. autria: happening on the hill, jeff sessions is back in the hot seat. larry: the senate is also getting ready to grill rex tillerson. autria: sam sweeney has been following it all for us. quite the packed schedule at the capital? sam: it is going to be busy late into tonight. as you said, jeff sessions will be back for a second day of questioning. yesterday at least 12 protesters interrupted his confirmation hearings. weevils you what happens today. the big headline today, as you said, is rex tillerson, the current chief operating officer of exxon mobil. he will be grilled on his ties his business dealings, and lack of
6:48 am
experience. if confirmed he will be the first secretary of state to have never held public office. we are also expecting the wife of mitch mcconnell to be here. she has been picked as the transportation secretary and she is likely to have no problems with her confirmation. reporting live, sam sweeney. autria: today a security blitz in downtown d.c. as we are just nine days away from trump's inauguration. police are undergoing intense training on the streets of the inaugural parade route. the maryland capital part police units will also be training with mounted police and horse mounts. reaction pouring in from president obama's farewell speech. reflecting on eight years in office. not only did he think the american people, but the people that shared every step of his journey to the white house.
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president obama: michelle. girl of the southside. for the past 25 years you have not only been my wife and mother of my children, you have been my best friend. larry: moments later the president thanked his two daughters, who were basically raised in the white house. sasha,nt obama: melina, you have become too amazing young women under the strangest circumstances. for smart, you are beautiful, your kind, you are thoughtful and full of passion. [applause] does you wore the burden of years in the spotlight so easily. of all that i have done in my life
6:50 am
, i am most proud to be your dad. larry: sasha was not in chicago, she had to stay home to study for a test. good luck this morning, sasha. now the obama possible make the transition from the white house to a new home in northwest d.c. on friday. corey stewart giving away a rifle, identifying the winner as a navy veteran and member of the nra. his rifle raffle was part of his campaign for governor, but to give away sparked outrage from gun-control advocates who say it is insensitive to victims of gun control violence -- of gun violence. larry: a jury recommended the death penalty for the charleston church shooting -- charleston church killer.
6:51 am
telling a judge that he wanted to file a motion for new lawyers but the judge says that's not likely to happen. the canadian girl who lost her teddy bear during the deadly shooting at the fort lauderdale airport is thrilled this morning, her beloved there is back thanks to some help from sheriff's deputies. the teddy bear became lost while the family ran from the airport during the shooting spree. he was then found in the hangar, where all the left behind items are being held. york let's head up to new to see what's happening on good morning america. >> the latest on those explosive allegations that intelligence officials presented donald trump the last week, that russians have compromising information on him. we will speak to kellyanne conway this morning. plus, president obama's farewell address last night in
6:52 am
front of a crowd of thousands, all coming up your on gma, plus president-elect trump's press conference this morning. larry: talk to you in a few minutes there, george. warming up next week? significantly. this could be the warmest since 1989. george bush was 51 degrees. ,5 was ronald reagan in 1981 but i just think this is phenomenal, that many years going back to find it day or an inauguration with temperatures this high. right now we are thinking 50 to 55 degrees. 2009? jummy: what was that? veronica: 28 degrees. veronica: but the windchill left things in the single digits. that's what it was.
6:53 am
autria: i was down there for 12 hours and it was miserable. you warm up and then it gets cold again for the weekend. continuing that ride, we have been telling you about the icy patches. be mindful of those. lunchtime, greenlight, after 5:00, that is when the rain returns to the area and we look at a lot. not too much to worry about their, especially with temperatures up during the overnight. andrews.nt base pax river, andrews, there is your rain coming through. again, we dropped to about 39 or 41 degrees overnight. concerns for the weekend, a batch of freezing rain coming in early. those are the areas here in pink, lunchtime, pink staying across areas of northern maryland, where the could be quite a bit of icing. if you're going to church sunday morning, right now, 32 with a re-freeze that we ha
6:54 am
freezing rain after 9:00. monday, 45 degrees. cold weekend. julie: sky track 7 is hanging out with us right now, showing you the commute coming from germantown towards 370. the accident that we had here in gaithersburg has been cleared, your lanes are now open and as you move back to the map you will see that this is an almost hour and a half commute. folks are crawling out of germantown headed back out towards the lane divide. 355 is a good alternate. all viable options for you this morning. the wilsons at bridge, but north on 210 at kerby hill road headed to the beltway, watch out there. also getting reports of icy conditions eastern new hampshire avenue. remember, the bridge there elevated passages freezing before anything else. 31 to 32 degrees
6:55 am
again, accident activities closing a portion of the road. a crash on 66 coming in from business 234 on the right side of the road. look for the 36 minute commute from manassas to the beltway. back in the next 10 minutes. larry? back to you. show at the verizon center, the monster jam, giving away four tickets to the extravaganza. be calling number seven right now. once again, the number on your to 8-73 34.five give it a call and good luck. history is being made on saturday night live. will be hosting the show and it will be the first time that someone of south asian descent has led the show. a comic and tv star who just recently won an emmy for
6:56 am
series, his netflix show, "master of none." he is hilarious. larry: he's really funny. is not hereo'shea this week, usually we do then now, but we wanted to show you why. he is at the abc junket, where he gets to meet the stars and talk about what's coming up for the season. there he is with jesse williams, one of the actresses from raise him at -- gray's anatomy. he will be back tomorrow. stay with us here so that you can hear all about what he learned in hollywood. he has got more pictures on his facebook page. larry: join us in being jealous. [laughter] second express. >> the fbi looking into ways that russia may have impacted the election. >> secret ties between donald trump and the russians. >> the president-elect called it fake news. >>
6:57 am
trump's pick for secretary of state. rex tillerson. in 20rgency crews rescue people from the top of a roller coaster in australia after it broke down mid-ride. schools here are on a two-hour delay. the sidewalks look very icy. they have got that glazed sheen. >> tie up out of germantown. >> saturday morning starting with a little snow. look at this. it's all freezing rain. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. yes, we can. thank you. god bless you.
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good morning, america. e. please sieve allegations, news this morning that the fbi shared unsubstantiated reports that donald trump was personally compromised by the russians. claims he was filmed during a visit to moscow. russia denies it this morning and the president-elect lashes out calling it fake news, a political witchhunt. his senior adviser kellyanne conway joins us live as trump faces his first press conference since the election this morning. flooding disaster. a major winter storm slamming the west forcing high water rescues and mandatory evacuations overnight as snow piles up. this avalanche spilling into a california home and cars spinning out on icy roads in the midwest. abc news exclusive. charlie sheen like you've never seen him before. one-on-one a year after his hiv diag


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