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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 12, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, donald trump holes his first news conference since becoming president-elect. and after the release of unsubstantiated allegations of about ties to russia he's now attacking the intelligence community and the media. >> you are attacking our news organization. >> not you. >> can you give us a chance. >> your organization is terrible. your organization is terrible. let's go. >> hear the new concerns about trump's plan for his businesses with just eight days until he becomes president. >> plus, trump's pick for secretary of state grilled for hours on capitol hill facing tough questions from marco rubio about his ties to russia. and to the severe weather, we're watching part of a home slide down the hollywood hills. the snow in some parts is so deep it's closing ski resorts and here's some footage
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someone kayaking in their own home. we'll get to it all. a major move in the nfl. new espn reporting a city losing its team after more than a century. a good thursday morning. we begin with some new fallout from president-elect donald trump's first news conference in six months. he took aim at the media and the intelligence community. >> he lashed out at a lot of people over those unsubstantiated reports of compromising information and secret ties with russia blaming u.s. intelligence for leaking the documents, but overnight the nation's top intelligence official got on the phone with trump and defended his intelligence community. abc's karen travers is following all of those developments. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. donald trump says that the reports that russia has compromising information on him are nonsense but his fiery comments about the intelligence community set up what is an
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unprecedented showdown and in just eight days those same agencies will be preparing reports for him on threats and global hot spots. donald trump blasting the u.s. intelligence community. >> i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. >> reporter: the president-elect confident that even though the fbi is investigating the unsubstantiated allegations about his ties to russia -- >> there's nothing they can come back with. >> reporter: director of national intelligence james clapper spoke with trump wednesday evening saying they both agreed the leaks are, quote, extremely corrosive and damaging to national security. but clapper also defending the intelligence community. i do not believe the leaks came from within the i.c. and trump saying he accepts the intelligence community's conclusion on who is behind last year's cyberattack on the democratic party. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia. >> reporter: trump also finally laying out what
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his business after january 20th saying he'll maintain ownership of the trump organization which spans more than 500 companies in at least 14 countries. and while he says, sure, he could run his company and run the country, he is relinquished leadership putting it in a trust and turning it over to his sons. the president-elect will preside over no new deals but his sons can. they just won't do any new foreign deals while he's in office. the director of the office of government ethics weighing in with rare public criticism of trump's plans. >> wholly inadequate. that's not how a blind trust works. >> reporter: and confirmations for donald trump's cabinet continue today on capitol hill. on the hot seat his pick to lied the pentagon, general james mattis and dr. ben carson to lead the housing and urban development agency. kendis, diane. >> a lot of fireworks on capitol hill and all over new york after that press conference, karen, thank you.
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tense moment during that news conference when the president-elect got into a heated exchange with a cnn reporter. >> he refused to take jim acosta's question calling cnn and buzzfeed fake news for reporting the unsubstantiated story about the salacious allegations. >> since you are attacking our news organization. >> not you. not you. your organization is terrible. >> you're attacking our news organization. can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir. >> go ahead. quiet. quiet. >> mr. president-elect -- >> don't be rude. >> can you give us -- >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question -- >> don't be rude. i am not going to give you a question. you are fake news. go ahead. >> incoming white house press secretary sean spicer said acosta owes trump an apology and told him he would be kicked out of the news conference again if that took place. secretary of state nominee rex tillerson's confirmation can soon go before the full senate.
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relations committee answering relentless questions especially about his ties to russia and vladimir putin. and in one contentious exchange with republican senator marco rubio, tillerson refused to criticize russia's role in the slaughter of citizens in aleppo, syria. >> is vladimir putin a war criminal. >> i would no the use that term. >> do you believe that vladimir putin and his cronies are responsible for ordering the murder of countless dissidents, journalists and political opponents? >> i do not have sufficient information to make that claim. >> none of this is classified, mr. tillerson. these people are dead. >> and rubio says he has not yet decided whether he'll vote to approve tillerson's nomination and without rubio's support, tillerson's confirmation could actually be in jeopardy. and speaking of confirmations attorney general nominee jeff sessions also had a tough time on capitol hill especially with black lawmakers. hi
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booker and representative john lewis were among those warning that sessions has shown hostility towards civil rights, sessions denies accusations of racism and says he's totally committed to freedom and equality for every citizen. defense secretary nominee retired general james mattis is set to testify before the senate armed services committee this morning. congress is expected to approve a waiver of an existing law that requires former service members to be out of uniform for at least seven years before serving as defense secretary. mattis left active duty in 2013, just four years ago. former republican presidential candidate and retired brain surgeon dr. ben carson will also take his turn on capitol hill. he's seeking confirmation as the secretary of housing and urban development. that's despite his claim that he had taken himself out of the running for any cabinet position saying that he had no government experience. senate lawmakers have taken their first step toward dismantling the affordable care
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measure that will allow a repeal vote to take place with a simple majority instead of the 60 votes needed for most legislation. that could happen as early as next month just by some republicans expressing some misgivings about starting that repeal process before they have a replacement health care plan. now to those new concerns on the west coast as yet another storm comes ashore. this week's winter weather already creating a mess across the region. first up southern california, the rain sending a 9,000-pound slab of concrete sliding down a hillside. authorities say it was part of the foundation and a retaining wall for a home there in the hollywood hills. no one was injured. little north of there in oregon a state of emergency in effect after heavy snowfall. some areas are trying to dig out from as much as a foot of snow. one foot of snow, though, is nothing compared to what fell in california's sierra nevada mountains from a ski resort near lake tahoe forced to close because of nine feet of
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a ski resort forced to close because of too much snow. when is the last time you heard that. >> look at how high. >> incredible. right up to the chairlift on the ski lift. amazing photo there. in northern california as well this is how you get around the living room kayaking without leaving home. flooding in guerneville was so bad residents were able to break out their boats indoors. the russian river, however, will begin receding today. >> wow, stick your hand up. you can probably touch the ceiling. >> yes, you could easily. one of the country's top health insurers is dropping coverage for the epipen. breaking overnight a plane skids off the runway with an nba team on board. what may have caused this runway scare. see this dramatic shoot-out on camera between a man and a deputy. hear why the officer was called to the scene and how it ended.
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we're back with a plane emergency rattling nerves for members of the nba's miami heat. their charter flight went into a slide on the runway after landing in milwaukee last night. no one was injured and the plane stayed on the pavement there. now, reports say the airliner was towed to safety. the incident is reportedly being blamed on an icy runway. six volkswagen executives are facing criminal charges in connection with the company's emission scandal. in a settlement with the justice department the company has also pleaded guilty to three criminal charges and will pay a $4.3 billion penalty. that's in addition to the $15 billion civil settlement volkswagen agreed to with the government and volkswagen customers. and honda is expanding a vehicle recall
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air magazine inflators. 72,000 vehicles have been added to the company's recall list. most of the models being recalled were between 2012 and you can find them on insurance provider cigna is dropping coverage of the epipen. its maker mylan has increased the price by more than 400% and forced to create a generic version which launched last month. going forward cigna will only cover the generic which&@xy is the price of the original. jetblue is offering a new perk. free wi-fi for everyone on every domestic flight. the company says passengers will be able to tap into gate-to-gate high-speed internet access at no extra charge and the so-called fly-fi service is said to be better than other
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sushi buyers, beware, half tested at bars and high-end grocery stores in los angeles is mislabelinged. now, the report is based on dna testing of fish ordered at more than two dozen restaurants, some of the sushi came from endangered species. researchers think some but not all of the fish fraud may be accidental. >> next time you get the whole fish then you know for sure. >> exactly. >> but find some friends to join you for a meal, as well. when we come back a bus hits an oil truck, smashes through trees and into a house, the dramatic crash caught on camera. hear the shocking announcement overnight of another nfl team heading to los angeles.
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that snow and flooding in the west. things will be a bit slippery meantime, in the great lakes states. if you're flying expect some airport delays in san francisco and los angeles due to rainy conditions. strong winds could cause some problems in chicago and detroit. you might also see some rain in motown. now to georgia where a suspect is facing attempted murder charges after a dramatic shoot-out with a deputy. >> the whole thing was captured on the officer's dash cam. while both are expected to survive this may be hard to watch, we warn you. georgia police say they have a suspect in custody after a dramatic shoot-out with a deputy who was coming to check on him. >> i don't know if the deputy was shot or not. >> this is the view from deputy hockett's dash cam. a father called police saying his son was having a mental health episode. police say this is where matthewette monthson fires two shots at his parked patrol car and it shows
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safety with him closely behind. he jumps over the gate but edmond son catches up. you then see the suspect fire at the deputy and he fires bac as edmondson retreats. officials say both men were injured in the shoot-out but will survive. the suspect was arrested after an hour's long standoff and i'll have much more on this story later on this morning on "good morning america." emotions filled a south carolina courtroom as relatives of the charleston church massacre victims confronted their loved one's killer. dylann roof was sentenced to death for murdering nine black parishioners in 2015. 35 relatives then spent five hours in federal court speaking directly to him. roof also faces a state trial for the killings. you may want to hang on as you take a look at what happened to this bus. that's a peter pan bus veering off a road in western massachusetts through a field and it ends up landing, yep, in a house. the whole thing happened after
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the driver and one of his passengers only suffered minor injuries. >> some sports now. it involves something happening off the field. >> we'll let neil everett at espn tell you the details. >> good morning, america. i'm neil. sad news in san diego. the club expected to make it official thursday moving to los angeles ending a 55-year run. chargers will join the rams in the new stadium being built for the 2019 season. this is bonus, chargers actually began in l.a. in 1960. went to the afl championship in their first season and played in five more championship games winning one in 1963. >> okay, so what's unclear with all of this is where the chargers will play or their home games over the next two season, one possibility is sharing a stadium with the l.a. galaxy, of course, you know of major league soccer. >> absolutely. >> maximum capacity there is only 30,000. >> that's what l.a. needs more sports teams.
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they need some pros. here's a new guinness world record. you just have to see to believe. >> so, this is a pair of vietnamese brothers acrobats if you couldn't tell and they are setting the new record for the most stairs climbed while balancing another person on your head. >> not a lot of competition for that record so they set this new record on 90 steps of a cathedral in spain. the whole attempt took 52 seconds. 90 steps -- i don't think i can do that without balancing someone on my head. >> let's see if they can do it up the freedom tower. all right, up next in "the pulse," late night laughs with michelle obama who was also serenaded by a music legend. >> the all-important new study of where you're too old to buy ikea furniture. i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me?
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thursday "pulse" starting with michelle obama dropping in on "the tonight show" in new york for the last time as first lady. >> she's had several memorable appearances on the show talked about her initiatives and joked with jimmy fallon, she told him her family has been surprisingly emotional about leaving the white house and then they took turns writing thank you notes. >> thank you, barack, for proving you're not a lame duck, but my very own silver fox. >> yeah. i'm angling for a good gift. >> so fallon also enlisted a favorite of the first lady, stevie wonder serenading her with his classics, "isn't she
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changing it to ma michelle amour. ikea best known for put it together yourself furniture, it's the subject of a new study really. >> this was done by the lending site earnest and found that people shopped the most at ikea from their mid-20s to their mid-30s. the peak age for customers is 24. >> so the study also finds most people start to break up with their well worn ikea furniture at the age of 34. seems to make sense because it's around that age that many people are settled in their careers and making more money and it's about that time that they finally put it all together, the furniture. >> so they can just pay somebody else to put the furniture together. before they bring it home. finally looking at our big wall monitor because we need all this room to show you this is not a typo. this is actually the name of a village in wales. and kendis knows how to pronounce it perftl
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and in europe and would be a problem for anyone to say, let's see what an amazon echo can do with it. [ pronouncing the longest name anywhere ] >> whatever, no big deal. llanfair morning washington. it's january 12th-- and you won't need that winter coat today. good morning washington. toss to eileen - spring-like' today (60s!) - cooler tomorrow through the weekend - wintry mix likely saturday (snow, sleet, freezing rain) - few showers for mlk day
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(snow, sleet, freezing rain) - few showers for mlk day - early look at inauguration: dry; mid 50s today: partly to mostly cloudy. unseasonably mild and breezy. highs: 62-67 winds: sw 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. stray shower. lows: 42-50 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy. more seasonable. highs: 45-50 winds: n 5-15 mph right now- all lanes
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new york avenue, after a deadly 3-car crash. the wreck - leaving one of the cars completely mangled. one person was killed, and another hurt. this happened in northeast near the intersection with florida avenue. no word on what led up to the crash. a fiery day of testimony on capitol hill -- during the confirmation hearing attorney general nominee jeff sessions. the alabama
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past accusations of racism. and in a historic move-- a fellow senator actually testified against him. "i cannot in good conscience be someone who does not take a risk and stand up and speak out against jeff sessions for attorney general." senator cory booker became the first sitting senator to testify against another sitting senator-- saying he believes sessions won't protect civil and women's rights. supporters say sessions' record has been mischaracterized. he is expected to get enough votes to win confirmation-- after president-elect trump is inaugurated next week. in virginia-- governor terry mcauliffe gave his final state of the commonwealth' address last night-- hours after the general assembly gaveled into session... mcauliffe highlighted his first three years as governor. he also announced that navy federal credit union plans to create 14-hundred jobs in frederick county virginia. the governor said virginia's economy would benefit even more, if it was less dependent on
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government. mcauliffe said he would work with the republican-controll ed legislature whenever possible... but that he would veto bills he feels target reproductive rights and the l-g-b-t community. you take your computer to the best buy geek squad to get fixed! but what is their responsibility -- when it comes to crime? that is the question at the heart of an ongoing case in california. geek squad employees found child pornography on one man's computer- and told the f-b-i about it. according to court filings, several squad members were paid by the bureau- to tell them about child porn. but-- some critics say that violates your right to privacy. it's not a technicality. it's a constitutional right. it's like saying if you're guilty, i can do whatever to find out you're guilty."..." others say there's a reasonable expectation that giving someone
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access to your computer -- gives them access to what's on it. the case is still being argued. defense attorneys say it's possible the man received the porn in an email - and never actually opened it. 7 is on your side with a consumer alert- that beloved morning cup of coffee is about to cost you a little more every morning. several big brands are about to raise prices by an average of 6 percent. that includes folgers, cafe bustelo, and dunkin donuts. it applies to ground coffee you buy at the grocery store. but the good news- prices of k-cups are not expected to increase. it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking news on capitol hill. the senate votes overnight-- taking the first step towards repealing the affordable care act. what happens next.. and how democrats are responding.. plus, a tense exchange
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trump and a cnn reporter. and now the president-elect is slamming u-s intelligence agencies about an unsubstantiated report involving russian operatives. what this means-- as we count down to the inauguration. good morning washington. - spring-like' today (60s!) - cooler tomorrow through the weekend - wintry mix likely saturday (snow, sleet, freezing rain) - few showers for mlk day


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