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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> these children are in heaven now. jonathan: an unthinkable tragedy at a baltimore home, six people dead after a fire this morning. alison: three children were rescued and rushed to the hospital. their mother is in critical condition tonight. jonathan: richard reeve has the emotional investigation.
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hurts your heart. richard: just horrifying, jonathan. early indications are that electric space heater may have caused the fire. the front of the building is just piles of debris. this building is completely gutted. to make to get in there a rescue, but the flames were too much come and now six lives lost. as firefighters check for hot spots in this home -- >> these children are in heaven now. richard: neighbors came to comfort and grieve after the loss of six beloved children. >> i cannot imagine children being in there. richard: the fire broke out at 12:30 thursday morning. a long time representative for elijah cummings, was inside with her
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help. andard: they tried to help, malone and three youngsters escaped, but the flames were too much. >> my heart crumbles every time i talk about it. one and herl four-year-old and five-year-old sons remain hospitalized. her eight-year-old daughter, being called a hero. >> she rescued two siblings. the raging fire collapsed several floors, taking the lives of two boys andfour girls, ranging in age from 11 months to eight years old. >> something you don't what to believe. >> we all mourn for them. richard: flowers and moment does left here at the scene. many prayers for the family tonight. there will be a vigil here tomorrow night. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison:
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thank you. governor larry hogan issued a statement saying he is heartbroken. he said our thoughts and prayers are with these children. the four victims who were seriously injured and their loved ones. he thanked the first responders for their brave actions. stay with abc 7 for the latest on this tragedy. steve: after record warmth today, we have a big change on the way. a will arrive overnight with cold front brings showers mainly to the north of d.c., hagerstown, charles town, west virginia. that is where the showers are right now, not lasting terribly long. the skies begin to clear a bit. tomorrow morning, 50 degrees. tomorrow will have daytime highs early in the day as the temperature slide into the 40's midday and through the afternoon. tomorrow night, we are talking wintry
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mix arriving late tomorrow night into saturday with a light snow, freezing rain and sleet. we will pinpoint the timing, plus look ahead to next week through inauguration day. and another warm-up on the way. more on that coming up. will see youve, we then. the search is on for whoever shot through the window of a day care in falls church. a single shot struck the window of bright horizon day care. it happened while adults and kids were inside. nobody was hurt. the police do not believe somebody was targeting the daycare. alison: another threat to shoot up a pizza place in d.c. isan from louisiana admitting to making a theatening phone call to pizza shop, tied again to the fake news stories that pizza restaurants were fronts for child sex trafficking rings.
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the bizarre details of this case. so similar to last time. anna-lysa: absolutely, alison, and the pizza shop is only two doors down from comet ping-pong. today is the first time that people are hearing about jones who was arrested. fbi and d.c. police work together to find him. in jail for an threatening phone call made to this pizza shop stop the police say the call was made days after edgar welch opened fire in the cometorhing business ping-pong because he believed in a fake news story known as pizza gate that said hillary clinton ran a child sex ring out of this business. >> these are small businesses. anna-lysa: according to court
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told an employee, i'm coming there to finish with the other guy didn't. he went on to say, i'm coming there to save the kids, and then i'm going to shoot you and everyone in the place. jones from shreveport told investigators he heard about the conspiracy theory on the internet and he believes it. area has say the suffered as a result of the fake news stories. >> i'm horrified. it has been. adisruptive and frightening to the neighborhood elch walkedsince wl into comet ping-pong with an assault rifle, they have seen an increase in the police presence. >> morning and evening, looking after us. anna-lysa: jones is charged with interstate threatening communications.
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in april. he faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: abc 7 was first to report and arrested the deadly double stabbing at the westfield wheaton mall where two people were killed. the family of the teenage suspect says he is innocent. lamont jackson, a high school student, is charged in the incident. his family is disputing that. relatives say they have video evidence jackson was not at the mall. but detectives say that he was caught on tape committing the crime. today, business leaders had a chance to hear plans for the inauguration. several businesses may be impacted by road closures and are being asked to prepare. the department of transportation detailed plans for public transportation. this will impact at least a few metro stations. local and federal law enforcement remind
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be alert and report any suspicious activity on inauguration day. >> this is a longer inauguration period than usual and people are not aware of the big march the day after or closing down a big part of union station the night before. roadn: for a full list of closures, visit our website, jonathan: on the hill today, a busy time. questions about russia dominating hearings to confirm present like donald trump's cabinet. general james mattis picked to lead the department of defense told lawmakers we have to "recognize reality when it comes to russia," also expressing support for nato, which trump called obsolete. and his pick to head the cia also on the hot seat. among the topics, trump's initial promise to bring back waterboarding. >> if you were ordered by the president to restart
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use of enhanced interrogation techniques, would you comply? >> senator, absolutely not. i cannot imagine i would be asked that by the president-elect. dr. ben carson laughed off suggestions he lacks the experience to run the department of housing and urban development. abc 7 will have continuing coverage of the confirmation hearings. alison: new developments in the battle of obamacare. senate republicans kickstarting efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. after it overnight marathon, they approved a budget that starts to roll back the plan. tamara house republicans will vote on the measure. millions of america's will be impacted by the changes to obamacare and democrats are warning of serious consequences. the president-elect is encouraging lawmakers in taking the first step to repeal obamacare. jonathan:
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email investigation back in the headlines. this time it is the fbi in the spotlight. the justice department inspector general wants to investigate how the bureau handled the email situation. outcome,ot change the but it may provide insight about whether the investigation affected the outcome of the election. reporter: the head of be fbi james comey is used to conducting investigations, but now he is the subject of one. you may have heard about a letter the fbi director sent out yesterday. issue, his handling of the clinton a male probe and the bombshell that he dropped 11 days before the election when he sent a letter to congress announcing he was reopening the case into clinton. >> department policy has always been you don't do it close to an election. you do not want to influence an election. >> if the election had been
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10 days earlier, hillary clinton would be the 45th president of the united states. reporter: clinton supporters believe that james comey's actions may have swayed voters. and the investigation coming back to haunt him, refusing to confirm or deny allegations into possible campaign ties with russia. >> i would never comment in an open forum like this. >> not even if there is an investigation? >> correct, especially in a forum, we do not confirm or deny the investigation. >> the irony of your statement i cannot avoid. reporter: in a written statement, comey promised to cooperate, calling the inspector general professional and independent. jonathan: laughter and tears at the white house during a surprise or money for vice president joe biden. president obama:
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we wanted to give everyone a chance to talk about our bromance. jonathan: the moments that you do not what to miss, next.
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alison: it was supposed to be a routine meeting of senior white house staff, but it turned into an unexpected surprise for vice president joe biden. turns out president obama invited family, close friends, former colleagues to the meeting. , her praising biden further surprised him by awarding him the presidential medal of freedom. the true beauty brought biden to tears. he has beenama: unafraid to give it to me straight, even when we disagree. it my of this makes belief he is the finest vice president we have ever seen. i also think he is an american history. vice president biden: i don't deserve this. but i know that it came from the president's heart. i
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i -- i'm indebted to you. alison: this is the final time thepresident presented presidential medal of freedom and also the only time he presented it with distinction. jonathan: this is president obama staff. the crowd to advantage of the holding aweather, farewell gathering of the eisenhower executive office building this afternoon. handsot a chance to shake with her boss, pose for pictures. alison: the obama administration is ending the policy involving cuba that for more than 20 years has granted residency to cubans who flee to the united states. the change is effective immediately.
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months of negotiations. for 60n: a new home homeless veterans in d.c. it is a place called the conway, a 14-story building in northeast that will now be called home. >> my place. >> you like this place? >> i love this place. jonathan: it is so nice to see the vets getting a place to live. the building will be split between homeless vets as well as low and moderate income renters. they will have a view of the capital and hope that the lawmakers look north and remember the veterans. consumer side with a alert -- another automaker is accused of cheating on emission tests. fiat chrysler is accused of installing cheating software on diesel powered vehicles and trucks including the jeep grand cherokee suv's and dodge ram trucks. fiat
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is addressing concerns from the vp -- from the epa. $4.3week, vw agree to pay billion to settle similar indictments. alison: the biggest recall in u.s. history is growing. expanding the are number of cars involved in the two cot airbag scandal. the concern is that the airbag inflator's could explode, sending deadly shrapnel. 00is week, honda added 772,0 cars, bringing the total to more than 11 million recalls for the takata airbags. if you will to see the list of all the models affected, go to jonathan: a massive d seem easy him is being transformed into a swanky home. "the washington post" is reporting jeff bezos plans to turn the museum into a sickle family home. the house is only
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about 27,000 square feet, making it the biggest home in washington. it sold in october for $23 million in cash. we are hearing that was over $1 million over the asking price. the obama family and ivanka trump are moving into the same kalorama neighborhood. very popular right now, but he will have the biggest house. day, daytime highs near 72 degrees at reagan national. not quite a record, but we shatter the record at dulles, 70 hi. the old record 63. bwi marshall tied a record at 70. the temperatures past 11:00 am still in the 60's. the cooler air well-off to the north and west. we will feel at this time tomorrow night and definitely feel it for the weekend. satellite and radar, showers right now mainly north and west of d.c. west, winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown, the showers finally beginning to end,
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towards the east. we will likely see showers through the early parts of the overnight. then we clear things out and dry things out early tomorrow morning. forecast lows, 48 to 55 degrees. we reach daytime highs tomorrow early in the morning, then falling in the afternoon into the 40's. the wind will change direction, more out of the north and west, ushering in colder air. with the cold air in place, we are looking at a wintry mix likely developing late tomorrow night into early saturday morning. this is what it looks like on futurecast. 8:00 p.m., just off to the west -- 8 a.m., just off to the west. i noontime, and snow, freezing rain across the media metro and further south. all of this moves out by dinnertime. skies remain cloudy with temperatures only at about freezing. if you have travel plans saturday evening, expect
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spots on the side roads and untreated sidewalks. the 10-day outlook, a cold weekend ahead. 40's sunday, lower 40's monday. the temperatures will eventually warm into the middle 60's by the middle of next week. day, daytime highs about 57 degrees.
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jonathan: this story will make you smile -- from a scare to a celebration coming university of michigan police officers walked into a class of a basketball team have a meeting. the officers went right over to andrew, said he was in trouble, tied to an ongoing investigation. everybody was freaking out. the next sentenced shocked everyone. >> you will sign the papers to be awarded a full men's basketball scholarship.
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and the rest of his college basketball career will be free of charge. he spent the last three and a half years as a reserve guard playing only just a few minutes. even though he is not a starter, this week he is now a star of the team. erin: i love that story. alison: he looked like he would pass out. erin: he did not see that coming. a great surprise. alison: what do you have tonight, erin? erin: for an off-season, there is a lot going on for the redskins. they lost their offensive coordinator today, plus mcveigh may have become
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the san diego chargers are not dealing ones moving to l.a. the redskins former coordinator sean mcvay is now the rams head coach. he becomes the youngest head coach in nfl history. he first joined the skins in 2010 as an assistant tight end coach and quickly moved his white up to offensive coordinator in 2014. the skins offense finished third in yards per game this past
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statement tonight saying, "we are happy for sean. he did a fantastic job for us and the players and staff will miss him. we miss him all the best." , "seanht head coach said is one of the best coaches i've seen at any age. he is one of those guys that lives and breathes football and can never turn it off. he has an act somewhat grasp of x's and is a great communicator. l.a. is lucky to have him." the moving parts do not stop there. was reportedly scheduled to meet with the redskins tomorrow for the defensive cornet her job but mcvay beat them to the punch. according to multiple reports, phillips is now the rams defensive coordinator. that is a good get for the new head coach. gone,
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have to figure out who will call the offensive plays next season for stop head coach jay gruden seems to be a logical choice. he has plenty of experience with that. jonathan: that was fast. erin: a lot of moving parts. alison: thank you.
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alison: today was just too good to be true. steve: it was fantastic, we tied record, low 70's. tomorrow, the highest will be more winter-like, in the 40's. only 32 saturday with a wintry mix. will have updates in the morning. lower 50'st week, tuesday, middle 60's wednesday, upper 50's inauguration day. the 10-day outlook, no super cold air with the exception of saturday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel's next. alison: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ll cool j. from "hidden figures," octavia spencer. this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from sza. and now, like it or not, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i'm gladou


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