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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 13, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning the fbi fbi being investigated. >> at issue james comey's handling of hillary clinton's e-mails. a public letter days before the election. what could come of that probe. the president-elect's top cabinet picks breaking rank with trump over key issues and sending mixed messages about russian relations in the future. this is a mishap on tv. gives the appearance of a russian takeover. the details ahead. then the prisurprise at the white house. president obama days away from bidding a final farewell pulled a fast one on the president. what he did that brought bide
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and size was matter when it comes to your coffee. if you ever noticed your cup of joe tastes differently depending on the mug size, you're not crazy. we have science to back it up. it is friday the 13th. no need to be scared on this january 13th, 2017. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> are you frightened? >> not too scared. >> 13 can be a lucky number. i'm not too worried. >> i meant being here. >> this is daunting sitting next to you. >> you know, the honor is all mine. i'm kidding, but we want to give a warm welcome to erielle. >> i feel honored. no so much. the slow clap. >> that means we like you. even from tony who will be spending time with us when diane does weekend news and gma. have you gotten to know whe
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where david muir hides wiz candy jar? >> i haven't gotten the special secrets about the candy, but i know where the coffee is located. that's important this time of morning. but let's get to this. >> exactly. just hit up diane and my office for the bourbon. >> and we have a story later about some interesting coffee choices that have to do with bourbon. we begin this half hour with the fbi under investigation. the justice department's inspector general is reviewing the handling of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> did james comey stray from long standing department policy by announcing days before the election that they were looking into new e-mails and earlier when heed a madmonished clinton at a news conference. >> some say it cost clinton the election. we get more from pier thomas. >> reporter: james comey under intense new scrutiny.
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critical question, did comey's actions in the clinton e-mail probe violate justice department policies and protocol. something critics maintained severely hurt clinton's chance at the presidencpresidency. 11 days before the election the clinton team learned upon landing that james comey had just publicly reigniting the e-mail investigation. >> secretary clinton, any reaction to the fbi investigation? >> i need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement. they have discovered new e-mails. >> reporter: the department of justice pants to know whether comey's public move was appropriate. comey announcing two days before the election there was nothing there. critics argue the damage was done. >> you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. it's pretty strange to put so
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such little information right before an election. >> reporter: were the actions fair so close to the election? >> the department policy has been you don't do it close to an election. you don't want anybody to think the department is acting to influence an election. >> reporter: also under scrutiny the rare decision in july to hold a press conference to announce charges would not be filed against clinton even as he spent 15 minutes laying out the case criticizing her. >> they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> reporter: but then saying. >> no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> rarely does a prosecutor go into length like he did. >> reporter: comey said he made tough decisions while wrestling for the need for transparency. the clinton team says the move 11 days before the election was devastating? >> if the election was held ten days earlier prior to the
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the 45th president of the united states. >> reporter: and just this week comey was asked if the fbi's investigating whether president-elect's team had any contact with the russians during the campaign. >> i would never comment on investigations whether we have one or not in an open forum like this. >> reporter: he was pressed again. >> you didn't say if there's investigation underway. >> correct. especially in a public forum, we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. >> the irony of your making that statement here, i cannot avoid. >> reporter: was there a double standard? was protocol ignored? the inspector general signaling their investigate. >> were you comfortable in your role in the election? >> reporter: he said he'll cooperate and has not to hide and he wants to be transparent. joe biden confirmed he was briefed about the allegations that russia compromised
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president-elect donald trump. biden said intelligence officials told them they didn't know if the claims were true or not. however, they were concerned the information might become public and catch them off guard. biden also cite siriticized tru criticizing the intelligence agency. two people at odds with president-elect when it comes to vladimir putin and his country. trump's pick for defense secretary retired general james mattis minced no words saying that russia is the nation's number one security threat. mattis took particular aim at russian president vladimir putin accusing him of trying to break up nato and unlike mr. trump, mattis said his expectations for cooperation with russia are modest at best. >> i'm all for engagement, but we also have to recognize reality and what russia is up to. there's a decreasing number of areas where we can engage cooperatively and an increasing number of areas where we're
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russia. >> and despite trump's skepticism that russian hacking interfered with the election, mike pompeo did not hesitate. he told lawmakers that the hacking was an aggressive action taking by senior leadership inside russia. >> it's pretty clear about what took place, about russian involvement in efforts to hack information and to have an impact on american democracy. >> one more note about defense secretary nominee, the armed services committee in the house and the full senate voted to give mattis a one time exception from the law that prevents former military members from serving as defense secretary unless they've been out of uniform for at least seven years. mattis retired in 2013, less than four years ago. so this was interesting yesterday. did you see this? a lot of people on social media talking about this. >> creepy. >> yeah, and conspiracy theories are alive at an
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was interrupted by the russian government's own tv network. that's a conspiracy theory. take a look. >> see what you think about this. a representative was on the floor of the house talking about the securities and exchange commission when the rt programming broke in. there it is. for about ten minutes. c-span is now investigating but says the problem was likely a glitch in routing. >> here's why people are thinking this is a conspiracy. just a few hours a power outage forced a delay in the senate confirmation hearing for mike pompeo to head the cia as he was answering a question about russia and the hacking. >> a lot of talk about russian hacking. it's permeating all the newscasts and c-span. dr. ben carson also spent time on capitol hill defending his credentials to serve as the housing secretary. >> democrats hammered him about his ability to majority the budget of
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then during an exchange with a ranking member this happened. . >> i wanted to thank you. >> you remind me of columbo. >> i've heard that. >> reporter: nearly everybody in the room was in stitches. nakding senator brown who said he's heard it before. >> looking at ben carson laughing at it is funny. >> here's a look at the two side by side. they show a resemblance. senator brown. what do you think? do they look alike? >> they kind of do. the senator did not turn around and go oh, and another thing. then it would have been a full impersonation. >> it's pretty nice to see levity or a little bit of a light moment. the confirmation hearings are serious.
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surprise. >> you president obama pulled it up surprising his best bud, joe biden with the nation's highest civilian honor. not a lot of dry eyes in the house as the two were swept up in this emotional moment. >> and the clever invention all just to save a quick buck. but after getting charged with a felony, was it really worth it? i don't know. remember to find us on facebook at and twitter. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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syria is accusing israel of a rocket attack. the syrians say the barrage is the third by the israelis in the past month. so far no reports of any casualties. israel has not commented on any of the incidents. syria has accused the israelis of helping rebel groups fight bashar al assad's government. in maryland an intense invest underway into a deadly house fire that killed six children in baltimore. >> the children's mother is katie malone, a special assistant to a congressman. she had three of her children who escaped with her. >> but malone and two of her sons are hospitalized in critical condition. >> reporter: a maryland home burned to intensely neighbors are in shock grateful for the four members pulled to safety
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not saved. >> you know, you see something like this so close. >> it was devastating. i hope they're not in that house and they're somewhere safe. >> reporter: her hopes were later dashed with six siblings killed trapped nads. >> it's hard to say if they were trying to escape. >> reporter: by the time crews arrived the house fire in baltimore reached two alarms and one of the children had already sprung into action. >> she rescued her two siblings and brought them out with her, the eight-year-old. >> reporter: the smoke swwas se for miles. it was too dangerous for firefighters to get inside. >> we did all we could. >> reporter: now a go fund me page set up for the family preparing to bury six
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a parent's worst nightmare for sure. the leadership of fiat chrysler denying new wrong doings. the epa claiming the company failed the disclose software in cars with diesel engines that lets the vehicles emit more pollution than is allowed under the clean air act. the complaint covers 104,000 vehicles including newer models of jeep and dodge ram pickup. fiat chrysler could face more than $4 billion in fines if it's found liable. and takata could settle its case with the united states today. the inflaters are linked to about 16 deaths worldwide. in a deal with the government they would plead guilty and pay fines in kpenation. some of the money would go to victim's families.
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trouble for driving his through a toll booth. >> here's the problem. he was using a remote control device to cover up his license plate while going through the toll area. and an officer unfortunately, bad luck for him, was behind him. >> i like the license plate. that license plate cover was enough to get him arrested on felony charges. a toll he was trying to avoid, $1.25. >> that's one of the why didn't i think of that. probably because it's not legal. >> i like the idea. coming up. >> the growing outrage among football fans in san diego. the chargers have made it official. they are now an l.a. team. the billion reason behind the move and how chargers fans are expressing their anger. >> first, president obama pulls off one of his last major surprises at the white house. what he
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president joe biden to tear, but not just joe, anyone watching it. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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okay. i get where they were going. my homey calls tupac. >> barack obama leaves office in about a week. he had one more surprise. >> he did. what was initially billed as a farewell to biden turned into much more. here's david muir. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president and vice president of the united states. >> reporter: joe biden thinking he was there to join the president, the first family, his own family. a few days
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white house. >> the best vice president america has ever had, mr. joe biden. this also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance. >> reporter: the president it seemed was simply recounting some of his favorite moments with the vice president who became his trusted friend. >> when the pope came joe let me talk to the holiness. every time he speaks he brings us wisdom from the nuns who taught him in grade school, but his mom and dad. >> reporter: not long after, the president with this. >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor to the presidential medal of freedom. >> reporter: the vice president
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>> for the only oh time in my presidency i will bestow this with an additional level. i am proud to award this with distinction to my brother, joseph biden junior. >> reporter: the president doing the honors. >> i just hope that the asterson history that is attached to my name when they talk about this presidency is that i can say i was part of -- part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country. and, mr. president, i -- i -- i'm indebted
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back with the mix. apparently depending on what size mug you have for your coffee, you need it for your first day here. it kind of screws with your mentality on how your coffee tastes. there's a new study that's going to be published in march of this year. they studied some 300 volunteers and it says for people who have a shorter narrow cup, they think their coffee is more bitter. but people with a wider diameter like this one, they think their coffee is sweeter. >> it's kind of like wine. you have to serve wine in different glasses so it tastes differently. >> is that mind over matter or reality? apparently that's the case. do you have a coffee thing? >> what's reality is i need
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>> you're not a coffee drinker but you like jack danielles. >> we know that jack daniels is creating an aroma infused coffee bean that's made for you. you can drink coffee that takes like jack daniels. there's no alcohol. >> what's the point? >> it has the essence. >> what's the point of the essence if there's no alcohol in it? >> some people like the taste of jack daniels. >> no. >> okay. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night sleep you lack do the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so
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this morning on "world news now," tables turned after his investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails the fbi director is under the microsoft for the clinton probe that some believe derailed her campaign. new details in the new investigation. and the suspected source of the leak of classified information seen in surveillance video. the british spy at the middle of the debate. and new this half hour. >> go to l.a. have a good time. take your family and get out of my city. >> oh, boy. how san diego chargers fans are showing their outrage after the team makes it official leaving their home of 56 years. >> i don't blame them. and salena gomez makes a steamy


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