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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alison: winter storm bearing down on the heartland. horst the most dangerous condition is ice. that is moving our way. the question is what will we get out of this? alison: right. the deciding factor is how close to freezing and the freezing point we will get tomorrow. we know who knows the answer to that. the stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill with the forecast. what do you see for tomorrow? doug: the temperatures will be near freezing. for 50 years it will be 33 degrees it won't freeze but if it hits 32, it will. let's pick up on the lead story about the heartland. ice storm warnings in effect from oklahoma, kansas, portion of most of the state of missouri and in west central illinois as well. beyond that, they ared aeries for freezing -- advisories for the freezing rain. you serve this from all the way across the mountain to our area. south and west of washington,
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winter weather advisory for the area. this kicks in midnight tonight through 6:00 p.m. torment. the concerns are temperatures. we are lucky. we are turning cooler but so warm yesterday and mild today. the temperatures will drop from the 50's through the 40s and in the 30's overnight. when the precipitation begins after midnight, i think we will be in the mid-to-upper 30's. so far, so good. the problems develop early tomorrow morning. 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and beyond. the colder air continues to move in from the north. at the same time the precipitation approaches from the west. we will have a wintry mix. may start as snow. minor accumulations if any. freezing rain and sleet for a good portion of the day. as we get through the afternoon and the evening hours it looks like areas should start to dry out a little bit. so for most of the area southern maryland not included the advisory. stafford, spotsylvania either included but most of the region watch out. icy, potentially treacherous conditions in some
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horace: we have to watch it carefully. don't miss an update from the forecast. if you're away from the television subscribe to the stormwatch7 text alerts by heading to you will get notifications sent straight from the storm watch 7 weather desk to your phone. elsewhere, an argument at the suitland high school ends with the shots fired. students shooting the classmate. just outside the building right around lunchtime. one bullet going right into the building. tom roussey is joining us live in suitland with developments on the story. tom? tom: this terrified a lot of parents. i'm standing in the suffolk square apartments. a group of suitland high school students left school to get in a fight. somewhere in the area behind me one pulled out a gun and shot one of the other students in the leg. the student hit we are told by police was dragged this way back here onto the school property. this is n
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suitland high school where the classes are held. you can see how close to the school it happened. this is video of when the police were on the scene investigating after this happened. they say fortunately that student hit in the leg the injuries are not life threatening. as i am speaking to you now, the latest from the police the they are looking for the shooter. they say there may be other suspects they want to find as well. we talked to the parents and the students after this happened. suitland high school in the neighboring middle school was put on lockdown for an hour. we talked to them and they said they were concerned about security here. >> they say you shouldn't have to get off your day early or quick whatever you are doing to come and rush up to your child's school because you don't know if they have been shot or who has been shot or what. tom: back out here live. one of the bullets while the shooting was going on, the neighbors heard six or seven shots. one went in th
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and that appears to be where it went in. this is called an annex building students say a lot take classes here all the time. the main part of suitland high school is a brick building in a distance. the football field is in between. students say this is a regular part of their day in a lot of cases and there were classes going on when the fight and the shooting happened earlier today. reporting live in suitland, in prince george's county, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we turn to the trump transition today and former democratic vice presidential nominee, virginia senator tim kaine says he is going to vote against rex tillerson becoming secretary of state. meanwhile, the house is expected to pass a bill to allow retired general james matis to take over the top spot at the pentagon. you need a waiver from congress if you haven't been retired from the military for seven years. mattis retired from the marines just in 2013. meanwhile,, inaugural planners are out wit
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the welcome party the night before inauguration day. so toby keith is at the top of the bill. jennifer holiday will perform. 3 doors down will take the stage. so will lee greenwood. military bands will perform and there will be a fireworks show. horace: this is not going to be all be a big party on the mall in downtown. women's march on washington pledges thousands coming into the protest to protest the day after the inauguration and it appears the commitment to show up is strong one week out. ryan hughes is on capitol hill. i understand the group is permitted for a quarter of a million people? ryan: yeah, d.c. his say the number has not changed. so they are expecting big crowds for the march on washington. as you mention it is happening the day after the inauguration, right here in this area. right near independence and third street southwest. today, we spoke with bus companies and they tell us they are seeing a
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calls. the buses will be parked at r.f.k. stadium. we are told 200 bus permits issued for the inauguration, but 1200 permits issued for the women's march the day after. according to the facebook page, they are coming to protest to let donald trump know women's rights are human rights. the bus companytells us they are fielding calls from across the country from chicago to texas and even california. >> we have put aside over 2,000 buses as of right now. we have rented over 1,200 buses and calls are still coming in today. ryan: d.c. police say if more people show up than the 200,000 they have permits for there will be no repercussions. the national park service also telling us it's still communicating with the organizers of the march trying to figure out where exactly it will end. st
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live this afternoon in southwest d.c., ryan hughes, abc7 news. horace: boxes full of pink halts are arriving in -- hats are arriving in reston. the hats all over the makeshift headquarters. the pink hat women taking on the mission of knitting and wearing these in the march on washington. still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00", the motivation behind the mission and how many hats are arriving daily. alison: all right. if you plan to head downtown for inauguration, good luck driving. look at this. these are the closures and the restricted areas you will find. we have posted the map with all of the inauguration resources you need on the website. check that out at all right. now "7 on your side" with an i-team update. federal grand jury has indicted three former takata executives connected to the largest recall in american history. so the men are accused of knowingly
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defects about the company's air bag inflators. the abc7 senior investigator lisa fletcher broke the story last summer that the company concealed information that not only really contributed to the current recall but may or would likely force a recall of the recall. the replacement parts are as defective as the original. lisa is here. you are revealed documents unveiled. lisa: in the 22 pages it validated a lot of our reporting last july when former takata engineers went on camera for the first time with us to make public the concerns. the indictment happened in early december. but today it was made public. it charges each executive with six counts of conspiracy and wire fraud for deliberately hiding test results that show the air bags had a catastrophic defect. it says
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misleading test data the original manufacturer, the car makers, placed tens of millions of air bag systems with faulty, nonperforming, non-complaint or dangerous p-san inflators into tens of millions of vehicles sold in the united states. this afternoon takata agree told plead guilty to concealing the defects and pay $1 billion in fines and restitution. the f.b.i. is also investigating the allegations that the company deceived federal regulators. to see the original reporting in july head to and search "sudden impact." horace: lisa, get this. trouble keeps coming for takata today. toyota announcing it has recalled a half million vehicles in the united states because of those air bags. that covers several models made between 2006 and 2012. we have all the resources for you to find out if your vehicle has been recalled online at alison: a community is just
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and the terrible grief of thursday's house fire in baltimore which killed six children. so far, investigators are still searching for the cause. suzanne kennedy is in baltimore with an update. suzanne: they are starting to tear the house down here in the 4200 block of springwood avenue in northeast baltimore. take a look behind me. you can see the excavator is back at work removing debris from the fatal house fire. all of this taking place very early thursday morning. authorities still don't know what caused the blaze. the mother here, 40-year-old katie malone was able to get out of the house along with her 8-year-old daughter and that young girl was able to save two of her younger brothers. however, six children died here ranging in age from nine months old to 11 years old including a set of 3-year-old twin girls. authorities saying right now they are not sure what caused the fire.
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possibility that the space heater was in use here. right now the mother, miss malone remains hospitalized as do her two children. that 8-year-old little girl who helped save her brothers was released from t people in this community are doing their best to come together for the family. they have raised more than $90,000 through a go fund me page and a vigil is scheduled this evening. in northeast baltimore, suzanne kennedy. back to you. jonathan: thank you. so heart-breaking. horace: a newborn baby abducted from a florida hospital 18 years ago has been found alive. lindsey mastis has been following this incredible story and she joins us live from the "live desk." lindsey: kamiyah mobley was raised by the woman who abducted her. she was given a different name and even taken to south carolina. take a look. this is the woman under arrest. gloria williams. police say she was able to get access to the child in that hospital so many years ago because the
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was a nurse and hospital staff thought she was a relative of the family. now the victim who is an adult has to decide if and when she wants to meet her biological family. >> she has a lot to process. she has a lot to think about, as you can imagine. i can't even begin to comprehend it. lindsey: law enforcement say in the months leading up to this discovery the victim began to suspect she had maybe been abducted. her family is elated. at the "live desk," back to you. alison: my goodness. thank you. coming up next at 4: -- the house takes first step to gut obamacare. >> also this. >> i can't believe it worked. >> yeah, neither can we. a big rig driver loses control of one of the trailers and wait until you see how it guided it down a mountain pass.
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becomes an honorary prince george's police officer for the
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a 7-year-old battling brain cancer for second time gets to put on the uniform and become a police officer for the day. alison: amy aubert was on site for the emotional tribute to
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>> we will see all kind of your friends today. how does it sound? amy: meet the newest prince george's county police officer. >> this is special. it is a wish, dream come true. >> his dream to be an officer. his mother ebony washington says she is not accepting what doctors are telling her. that her 7-year-old son's cancer is termal. >> i want him to be happy. i want him to grow up. >> this is his second battle with brain cancer and says new officer doesn't give up. >> he is still fighting. that is all i want him to do, continue to fight. amy: friday in a
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doting a badge he got to experience being part of the police force through the eyes of a child. >> he was a child. he wasn't going up and down a hospital hallway. >> a department, now family surrounding a 7-year-old who is holding on to hope. >> they are part of the family. no one in our family fights alone. amy aubert, abc7 news. >> it's hard not to pull for him. alison: so deserving of the day. i hope it made him happy. horace: i'm sure it did. smiling. you have to see this. this is in truckee, california. the truck driver kept his cool after hitting an icy spot. you have to see this. catching it on a dash cam. you can see the driver steered himself to safety. got out of a mess. alison: you know there were white knuckles, though.
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here at home this is on the inner loop of the beltway and a dog ran away after a traffic accident. you can see the dog afraid running into the woods. i don't know if they were able to get him back. that happened yesterday. horace: let us know if you know. alison: sorry. today. abc7 is on traffic watch. jamie sullivan is here to talk about the friday get-away. jamie: we are seeing heavy traffic. this is on the beltway near temple hills. government had early release today. if you are wondering why we saw increase traffic earlier than we typically would, that is why. leaving 95, it's 32 minutes. it's heavy for the inner loop and the outer loop approaching 295 as well. we pull out, beltway through
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good. no issues in virginia on the beltway. as you approach springfield. we have a heavy traffic on the northwest corner. a live look shows how much heavy volume on the inner loop. no accidents to report right now. but we have some of the volume. as you continue to wrap around here in silver spring, still on the brakes but you clear out at that point. that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you very much. sort of the middle day today, right? doug: the transition. in the 50's still. that is helping us. i can't stress enough this is rather tenuous forecast. the temperatures are critical so it might wind up more of the area than we think will stay above freezing and doesn't have problems. it's just as possible other part of the area we think will be okay will be below freezing and will have problems. horace: it helps it's been so warm and the ground is warm? doug: absolutely! you have to get the surface temperatures down to 32 or
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the roadway temperatures. in maryland reports most road surface temperatures in the 40's and the 50's right now. it will take it a lot to get it to drop to 32 but it could happen. fingers crossed. let's start on friday. temperatures are still in the 50's. looking live at the capital wheel. we had sunshine a while ago. clouds will continue to roll in and the heavy disturbance coming our way tonight. 54 at reagan normal. north/northwesterly wind at 12. the dew point is telling us that the colder air is working down from higher up. it will turn colder. from the 40 to the 30's overnight. in advance of the colder air and the moisture moving in from the west, the winter weather advisory for the metro area north and west. southern maryland, spotsylvania, the neck, not included. farther west, that is a freezing rain advisory. they have the storm area in effect.
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western illinois. they have a patch of precipitation, mostly rain and a little snow mixed in. that might, some of it might get in here at 10, 11 tonight. but the bulk will move in overnight. and here is the way we see it on the future cast. with it arriving 3:30 in the morning as snow. the wetsnowflakes. not the real fine ones. temperatures are still above freezing. but these are the areas, more you are below freezing the best chance of the icy spot. especially on the bridges and the sidewalks, the elevated surfaces. at 8:00 in the morning around the freezing mark. this is where we are. a little warmer, by a degree it's good. we hope it's 33. a little lower will contribute the possibility of more ice. this is freezing rain and sleet. luray to fredericksburg in the morning but during the day, the snow is going to lift to the north. most of the freezing stuff is
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everybody else should have plain old rain and the temperatures will slowly rise and stay above freezing. cloudy through tomorrow morning. as far as the amount of ice, trace in the area under advisory. maybe up to .15 in an area under the freezing rain advisory. looking ahead, we call for 34 as the high tomorrow. 44 on sunday. monday, dr. martin luther king jr. day it's near 40. slight chance that monday morning there will be snow flakes or rain dons but generally cloudy and chilly. coming up we will talk about the ten-day outlook. if you like warmer temperatures we got them for you. horace: love it. thank you. next at 4:00, the president-elect takes aim at the affordable care act on twitter. the move congress is making to follow through on his promise. alison: hear that? a little whistle? what is it trying to draw
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tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together.
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having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett. horace: let's go to capitol hill where congress made the first step to replace the healthcare law. they are pushing through congress early but a crucial victory in the effort. what is the plan for replacement? as lana zak reports that is where it gets
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alaska obamacare on the -- lana: obamacare is on the chopping block. >> they don't want it. >> they voted for full repeal of the obamacare over democrats' objections. >> not only will they repeal and displace the plan, cut off millions of american, women, children, men from quality healthcare but it will have devastating impact on the economy. alaska republicans pushed forward a similar blueprint late in the night but millions have come to rely on obamacare paul ryan was a live-long republican but obamacare saved his life after being diagnosed with cancer. >> i want to thank president obama from the bottom of my heart. i would be dead if it weren't for him. why would you repeal the
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a replacement? >> we want to replace it with something better. >> trump makes similar assurances. >> repeal or replace. alaska -- lana: democrats are not convinced. >> for six years they could have altered alternative but we've seen nothing. lana: so far publicly the republican party is largely sticking together. reporting from northwest, lana zak, abc7 news. horace: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a white house surprise for joe biden being honored yesterday. president obama: i'm pleased to award the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. horace: was the surprise almost given away? the vice president explains how he almost ruined it coming up next.
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today for murder. up next the courtroom admission. alison: abc7 is on storm watch today. we are tracking potential for wintry weather to start the weekend. the timing and the temperatu why are you checking your credit score? well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you? then she says...bazang! ok, good one. uh, how do i check my credit score? credit karma. it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's.. i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes
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ndreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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announcer: this is a stormwatch7 winter weather alert. doug: at the moment it's still pleasant out there. by tomorrow morn when you get up, not so much. at midnight, winter weather advisory in effect for majority of the viewing area. northern neck, spotsylvania not included. temperatures too warm. farther west a freezing rain advisory in effect. midnight until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. the future cast shows a possibility this will start at snow across the area, wet snow. minor accumulations. less than an inch. we get to the freezing rain and sleet, it will be temperature dependent. it could snow all day and if the surface temperature is not at 32, it will just melt. but we think the surface temperature will be below that so through the day we have possibility of the freezing rain. the snow shifts north and the main old fashioned rain south. we will get in the evening and most should move ou
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area. we could have freezing drizzle. what will fall tomorrow? the likelihood is freezing rain. but it will start in snow. moderate chance of that. lesser chance of sleet. it will be all rain. the precipitation will diminish through the afternoon. some areas may get a glimpse of sunshine and we work through the day, through the evening hours. any precipitation thereafter temperatures should be above freezing in most areas. steve rudin will be here to have a look at the next ten days. horace: this afternoon, a chapter for a former physician who killed his mental health cancer 14 years ago. kevin lewis is live from john lux's sentencing. kevin: the judge called the actions ferocious and horrific. then sentend
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prison without the possibility of parole. he will die behind bars. nicole lutz had driven to lutz silver spring apartment for a counseling session. but then lutz made sexual advances toward nicole castro. grabbed a knife and murdered her to leave her body beside dumpsters. police later found bloody abouts and newspapers in the unit. when arrested, psychiatrists found him not competent to stand trial but it changed this year. today at sentencing lutz now 78 and in a wheelchair stated and i quote, "i stabbed her three times in the left shoulder." then she said, "oh, you're going to kill me?" she said softly "help." i did not help her." >> the road has been long and painful.
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served. >> when you have a man before you that has done what he did in this case, who is taking so little responsibility, how can you ever trust this person released back in the committee would not do it again? i think it played a large factor in a sentence given by judge ruben and the judge got it right. kevin: nicole castro's family is advocating that the social workers now assign two counselors for every at-home call to help prevent cases like this. live in circuit court in rockville, i'm kevin lewis. alison: 24 hours ago an emotional farewell for joe biden at the white huse. the president surprised everyone awarding the right-hand man with the medal of freedom and naming him a distinguished recipient. if you doesn't believe us he was surprised here is the
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president obama: i'm pleased to award the highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] alison: so then today on "the view" that airs on abc7 biden vehicled he almost blew the surprise. vase president biden: i started to walk out and there were military lined up on one side. they said no, the other side. i thought maybe they want me walking out through the military. then when the guy come up with the medal, i thought who the hell is this for? alison: the vice president said he was shock and humble and that he felt he did not deserve the honor. >> i'm glad you didn't show more of the ceremony again. i was starting to tear up. alison: emotional. horace: thank you. i can hold it together. the presidential inauguration is next week as you know in d.c. but a printing company in north carolina getting all the calls regarding the event. plum print has absolutely nothing to do with
4:36 pm
printing snaffu, they are getting calls from guests making special request. the number for plum print is not even close to the inauguration committee phone number but it's the only one people have. >> a person has to do some research. it's not like our number is not on the invitation. they have to go to the envelope to find our number. the invitation have no contact information on them. horace: how in the world does it happen? the only connection is plum print uses fedex for the printing so this morning the typo has been fix and hopefully the phones will stop ringing. i know they hope that. the new coin from the u.s. mint and treasury has a fresh depiction of lady liberty and it will feature an african-american woman. the 24
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also offer her as hispanic, indian and asian american as well. alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. millennials are lacking behind baby boomers. an analysis of the federal reserve data finds the median household income is little more than $40,000. that is 20% less than the boomers were earning when they were in the 20's and 30's. even worse, the statistics show millennials have the higher student debt. and lower homeownership. those born in 1980 have a 50% chance of making more money than their parents but the number was 79% for people born in 1950. horace: we have bad news. unfortunately for the internet radio giant pandora. announcing a round of layoffs. prepared to cut 7% of the workforce. the ticket arm of the company is safe but the firings are down cut down on the operating costs. pandora has been f
4:38 pm
competition from the streaming services like spotify and the apple internet radio. alison: new information in the wells fargo fake account scandal. the bank tack six months to tell investors it was under investigation. federal law requires the public companies to tell shareholders about the nonroutine legal proceedings. wells fargo revealed it had been talking to the consumer financial protection bureau about accounts as early as last march. if you are thinking that scandal had to have an impact on wells fargo, well, it did. profits in the first full quarter since the news broke fell 5% as the real account openings plummeted. new checking accounts were down 40% in december compared to that in the same month of 2015. new credit card applications fell 43%. horace: one small step for m
4:39 pm
international space station. the nuts took a space walk to replace the batteries with the better ones. they made three similar missions last week. nasa describes the lithium ion as the critical long-term upgrades to the space station's solar power system. got to have batteries fresh. alison: on earth and in space. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- house much snow is too much snow for a ski mountain? is there such a thing? horace: i don't think so. alison: we will let you know how much snow it got this week alone and it is forcing it to halt operations. horace: also ahead, there is a new art exhibit. the reason it whistles at you when you walk through it. stick around. we
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tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed.
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having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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horace: idaho ski area learned you can have too much of a good thing. >> it had to close thursday. i was hit with a major storm. soldier mountain got three and a half feet of snow and that made road conditions dangerous. then it raised the threat of an avalanche. even if you could make your way to the ski area, the chair lifts were buried. >> too much. we were in and out of power the internet is down. all the employees are buried. we thought it was best to call it early and not stress out
4:43 pm
alison: too much of a good thing. horace: they are good for the season. alison: exactly. they are planning to be open this weekend. horace: stay off the snow making machine. alison: for a while. horace: next at 4:00 -- >> we see the paramedic lights there. i want to clarify that is for the flight attendant. horace: a flight attendant mysteriously gets sick mid-flight. common procedure you see this time of year that may contribute to the illness ahead. >> at the corner of 14thed u street, there is a pink walkway. real stories on the wall and audio that whistles at visitors. i'm cheryl conner. coming u
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
alison: along the u street corridor there is art there and it whistles at visitors. horace: it's aimed to raise awareness for sexual harassment on city streets ands cheryl conner takes a walk as the visitors take in the message for the first time. cheryl: at the corner of 14 and u street northwest the walkway turns heads. >> this is what a lot of
4:47 pm
horrible comments. cheryl: tracy can relate to the story on the wall about the sexual harassment on the city streets. >> as a woman walking alone in any city in america it is an open in i havation to receiver all -- invitation to receiver rude comments. cheryl: there are split faces to show it affects all people and a whistling noise that lets the visitors what it sounds like. when you reach the center of the walkway the walls turn in. artists are hoping this will make visitors feel claustrophobic. >> anyone who has experienced street harassment knows how constricting it is. cheryl: the executive director on the d.c. commission of arts and humanities an organizer behind this exhibit and a similar one in columbia heights thanks to a $41,000 grant. the walkway is part of the vision zero plan to make the city streets safer. >> a lot
4:48 pm
sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. >> i would understand this is a pain point for some people. >> in an exhibit like this, the people sharing the stories. you know you are not alone. hopefully maybe this will change things. >> along the u street corridor, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: world famous author william blatty passed away. the most famous work you know is "the exor christ." georgetown honored the famous staircase from the "exorcist" movie. the book was published in 1971 and it sold more than 10 million copies. his wife said he was battling a form of blood cancer and he passed away in bethesda today. he was 89.
4:49 pm
horace: wow! the justice department found a pattern of excessive and deadly force within the chicago police department. the report is result of a 13-month federal investigation among findings the officers shot at fleeing suspects who presented no immediate threat. shot at the vehicles without justification. used force to retaliate and punish people. >> successfully reducing and preventing violent crime requires collaborative and a trusting relationship between officers and residents. horace: "7 on your side" with consumer alert. retail sales rose half a percent in december. that is a significant increase over the november sluggish growth. the driver of the increase, americans buying more cars. other cars surging 2.5
4:50 pm
online retailers also see big boosts thanks to the holidays. alison: alaska airlines is trying to figure out what caused three flight attendants to get sick on a flight to seattle sending one to the hospital on a gurney. emergency crews met the flight in san jose. after a mysterious illness was reported. he thinks the flight crew was exposed to something in seattle before they boarded. >> the deicing fluid in seattle created a powder that got in the air system. we are checking it out. >> devicing to the oxygen system. alison: the pilot told the passengers that the devicing agent is nontoxic. no passengers became sick on the flight. steve: the weekend is here. we are looking at the wintery weather on the way tha
4:51 pm
the daytime tomorrow. midnight tonight through tomorrow. the winter weather advisory for the district. arlington, alexandria, prince george's county, fairfax, montgomery, panhandle of west virginia. the further east and west you we have freezing rain advisories in effect to look at a little bit of ice forming. the future cast from storm watch 7. the accumulations are minor but it's enough to cause delays. if you are travel plans tomorrow leave extra time. be careful on the side street and the sidewalk. we are going to look for this to continue in the daytime hour. 1:00 to 2:00. by dinner time most of this should be out of here under cloudy skies. your saturday, the biggest threat will come from the freezing rain. a little sleet is possible with a little snow. accumulations will be minor in the immediate metro area. tomorrow's high will flirt with the freezing mark. we may see 32, 33. up to 35
4:52 pm
the extensive outlook shows warmer air. look at next week. fast forward to inauguration day, mid-to-upper 50's. the following weekend should flirt with the 60-degree mark. check on the commute with jamie sullivan. jamie: we start out on the beltway. this is near temple hill. it's not bad at all. you see people breaking as they round the corner but it -- people braking as they round the corner but it's not bad. we are moving well to temple hills to branch avenue and north to route 50. slowing is 23 minutes is what it will take you. d.c. 25th from the 11th street bridge south to the capital beltway. we have earlier heavy traffic because the government let out early today. because of that, that commute did start early as steve mentioned. what you are seeing on the b.w. parkway is northbound traffic near
4:53 pm
nasa goddard. then past maryland and bethesda the traffic moving it this pace. very, very slow. that continues here. bumper to bumper delays. horace: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the longest the contract, the better the savings. but a lifetime membership to a gym come with lifetime fees. the one thing to do before signing up. we will tell you up next. >> law enforcement working side by side to keep you safe in the upcoming inauguration. at 5:00, we'll take you inside the multiagency coordination center to let you know what law enforcement is planning come january 20. alison: now a look at how you can start your next week with "good morning washington" on monday. >> thanks. monday on "good morning washington," looking for a
4:54 pm
m.l.k. day? we are live at several day of service events where you can step up and make a difference. >> it's my duty to be here. >> we reveal the big difference between living dr. king's dream and a life of wishful thinking. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning starting at
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at the start of each year health clubs roll out super deals to get us to join. but this january a woman is regretting joining a gym because it's charging her money years out of going out of business. the 1980's were time of big show like "flash dance" and bigger air and bigger workout routines. she decided to join bali's fitness. >> in 1987 i bought a lifetime membership to bali's. >> she said in the days she paid $53 a year for the lifetime deal. >> i think it was in here. i remember the giant parking lot. >> but the bills showed up every year for lifetime membership. up to 90 dollars. even after they went bankrupt and closed. >> when i called to ask why do i still have to pay this? it has been 30 years, they told me it was a lifetime membership and i would have to pay it the rest of my life. >> the shopping center she used to work out 25 years ago
4:58 pm
cannot use it. because her membership has nothing whatsoever to do with her club instead her contract was transferred to different clubs all over down the current owner allowed her to stop paying 25 year after the flash dance bug. >> i was told lifetime was 20 years in my book. >> not forever. >> no, not forever. >> remember her case next time you are offered a lifetime membership. make sure it has an exit hatch so you don't waste your money. jonathan: tonight an argument inside a high school moves outside and escalates to gunfire. police track down a baby thief and find the babe 18 years later. and the tricks of the trade. >> you get a cut? >> when they get the refund. >> ring lead recompiling with phony tax returns gets things
4:59 pm
other thieves make millions. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> well, layer of ice is giving part of the country a shine tonight. what will the tomorrow bring here? doug hill has the latest on the winter weather alert. hi, doug. >> at this hour this is a big deal. the ice storm warnings over the central to the southern planes. it is all extending eastward to our area where the freezing rain are widespread from illinois to the areas west and southwest of the mountains. the metro area piedmont and northern neck are not included but everybody else is under the advisory for snow, sleet, freezing rain to begin after midnight and continue throughout the day tomorrow. the temperatures are slowly falling. the longer they say above freezing is the better for
5:00 pm
hagerstown. the areas that are the coldest the longest have the biggest impact. there the day tomorrow it will take over the skies. we will have the snow developing and transition to sleet and freezing rain, plain rain to the south. then mid-to-the late afternoon the steadier precipitation is done. we'll have the freezing drizzle or mist. not heavy accumulation. slushy snow and sleet but freezing rain in spots with the sub freezing temperatures to cause icy spots. >> okay. we are already getting some cancellations for tomorrow. stay connected with the stormwatch7 team through the website and the facebook and twitter feeds. downladt


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