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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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storman: first, we are on watch, tracking weather heading our way that is expected to bring snow, freezing rain, a mixed bag. right now it is quite in the district. meteorologist steve rudin joins us now. it sounds like a little bit of everything, and when does it start? steve: in the next few hours, and it will be out of here by early to
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morning, leave extra plans if you have to travel somewhere. winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight, continuing into the morning tomorrow. at 6 expire tomorrow. it includes the district, arlington, alexandria, fairfax, pouting counties, all the areas and purple. the areas and purple is where we have the freezing rain advisory overnight into the morning. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, it is dry around the capital beltway. that will change the next couple hours. front royal, mainly rain right now, the temperatures continue to fall. the rain will change over to freezing rain and likely to bring wet snow and sleet, meeting things will be slow tomorrow morning. about inare we talking terms of ice accretion?
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immediate metro. further to the west, the higher elevations is where we will have bigger problems. the rest of the weekend and a huge warm-up coming next week. more that coming up. jonathan: the department of public works and the district has been working hard to get ahead of the system. they started treating roads last night and this evening. in the morning, dpw says they will keep a close watch for slick spots. that yout to make sure understand that given the temperatures, the rose will be impacted. the ice, the snow will have an impact. jonathan: stay with abc 7 and for all weekend updates on the weather situation. download the stormwatch 7 weather app. live coverage begins tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. on our sister station, news channel 8. attorney for d.c. serial sniper lee boyd
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out. he was convicted for the 2002 sniper shootings. he and john allen muhammad shot 13 people, killing 10. mohammed was executed for his role in the shootings. malvo got a life sentence because at the time he was 17. his attorney argued because malvo was a juvenile at the time, it was illegal to sentence him to life because of a supreme court ruling that said juveniles connected a life sentence. in baltimore tonight, the investigation into a horrible fire that killed six children and seriously injured their mother. tonight she is fighting for her life as investigators try to figure out what sparked the fire. richard reeve joins us from the newsroom with more. the story, it breaks you up. richard: a faulty space heater is the lead theory for the cause of the fire, a jarring site for residents long stewart avenue.
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played on the front porch, but now that is tragically gone. roar of heavy machinery is a familiar sound on the street. contrastad, haunting to the laughter of the malone children who played here. >> i've had bad days, but nothing worse than that. richard: they are tearing down the home ravaged by fire early thursday. it took the lives of two boys monthsr girls, from nine to 11 years old. >> we had to move some debris to find them. richard: even now, the children's toys can be seen. >> bicycles, the poor babies. mother, the children's a longtime aide to representative elijah cummings, escaped. the authorities call her eight-year-old daughter a hero after she rescued two brothers. >>
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speaking to the eight-year-old. richard: investigators have been talking with the young girl. firefighters arrived three minutes after the first call, but the house was fully engulfed. >> we are all very sad about the situation. >> the kids died in lost their lives. richard: william malone, the father, issued a statement that said, "my family and i greatlytly date full -- thankful for the outpouring of support. this is an extraordinarily difficult time for my family and we ask our privacy be respected at this time. his wife katie and two surviving sons remain in critical condition tonight. richard reeve, abc 7 news. jonathan: happening now in prince george's county, the police are looking for a teenager who shot a fellow student near suitland high school.
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lockdown for a time. the student who were shot in the leg is expected to be ok for stop and as republicans on capitol hill continue to do work to do away with the affordable care act, a resolution setting the stage to repeal obamacare passing the house today. even if they are successful rolling back health care plan, what comes next? obamacare is on the chopping block. >> the american people have spoken. they do not want obama's high cost, health care system. jonathan: house republicans voted for a full repeal of the affordable care act come over democratic objections. >> they will cut off thousands and millions from affordable, quality health care and will have a devastating impact on our economy. jonathan: senate republicans pushed forward a similar blueprint. millions of americans have come to rely on obamacare.
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he told house speaker paul ryan he was a lifelong republican, but obamacare saved his life after being diagnosed with cancer. >> i want to thank president obama from the bottom of my heart because i would be dead if not for him. why would you repeal the affordable care act without a replacement? >> we would not do that. we want to replace it with something better. jonathan: president-elect trump made similar assurances, but democrats are not convinced. >> in six years, they have at a chance to propose an alternative. we have seen nothing. jonathan: some republicans have expressed concerns privately about moving forward with the repeal before having a replacement plan laid out. publicly, the gop seems to be sticking together and they have the votes. ivanka trump wants to make her mark with a child care plan. this includes a child care tax credit and six weeks of maternity leave protection, but carries a 300 million other price tag.
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source, the presidentlect and his daughter want to push the child care reform proposal through a reform package in congress. preparations for next week's inauguration, that's going on, hundreds of thousands expected to be in and around the national mall. you will see a few of these porta potty's. the tape across it is something new. you will not see the brand name on any of these. why? anna-lysa gayle is live on the national mall. what is the deal with the blue tape? anna-lysa: jonathan, right now, this entire row of porta potty's covered with blue tape. if you look closely, you can see that it says don's johns. we found out this may be related to advertising. ahead on inauguration day, there are many portable toilets in position on the national mall. the one becoming the most eye-catching is don's johns. any of the affordable toilets
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with blue tape, but the phone number still displayed. >> i think it is an absurd work of the -- absurd use of a workers time. there is no reason to cover the name of the company. anna-lysa: a spokesperson for the architect of the capitol said logos were covered to comply with capital grounds restrictions on advertising. but the chief operating officer for don's johns said the company provide a portable toilets with their logos for the 2009 and 2013 inaugurations for president obama. in an interview, he told the associated press, "we don't know why it is being done. we just tell someone to do it." he said they were proud to have their name on the units. on facebook and twitter, people are chiming in. please, people, of d.c., ripoff this
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another said, you cannot ask for a better irony. johns plans to send workers down to remove the tape. we will let you know when that happens. so far it is still here. at the capital, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: one of the many events surrounding the inaugural festivities is the welcome party. that's free. organizers released the line above the concert. toby keith is the top bill. jennifer holliday will perform as well. three doors down will also perform and lee greenwood. military bands will perform and will be a firework show, all free. no matter where you are during the inauguration, you can bet that security will be very tight. 7 got a abc hownd-the-scenes look at the secret service and department of family security plan on keeping hundreds of thousands say. the hub
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communications center, where there will coordinate -- where they will corneille 20,000 -- where they will coordinate 28,000 law enforcement officers around the clock. find out more about parking and road restrictions on our website, systematic problems including portraying, the result of a 13 month investigation into the chicago police department. the findings and the changes the department of justice says need to happen now. and for just a few hours, a little boy got to forget a fight for his life. th
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jonathan: the justice department says chicago police have a habit of using excessive force. that was the conclusion released today in the year-long investigation following civil rights complaints. in the most high-profile incident, officer shot in a norm 17-year-old in 2014. -- officer shot an unarmed 17 euro.
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release the video for a full year. >> they inadequately trained officers to use the correct amount of force. >> these are serious problems. jonathan: the attorney general said the city of chicago agreed to negotiate an agreement to reform the police department. mayor rahm emanuel said he supports that. this is a mystery that has baffled investigators for 18 years, starting with the baby picture behind me. , young woman was found kidnapped when she was just hours old and the hospital. july 1998, a woman dressed as a nurse took the baby from a jacksonville hospital and walked out. the police a gloria williams took the baby to south carolina and raise the baby as her own using falsified documents. a tip led the police to arrest williams, and the girl agree to a dna test that proved she really was the baby who is kidnpe
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prison if convicted of kidnapping. an alarming trend in the u.s., hate crimes on the rise. the virginia attorney general took steps to curb the problem in our area. itjeff goldberg explains, would protect people no matter what happens on capitol hill. at the adams center mosque these days, there is a sense of anxiety. about a trend on the rise, hate crimes. >> to be honest, i'm concerned. generalrginia attorney mark haring, alongside religious leaders in northern virginia, singh that he fears the trumpet administration will not aggressively pursue hate crimes. >> a lot of people out there are more than concerned, they are scared. backing state legislation strengthening the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes and changing the
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state to include disability, gender, and sexual orientation. also a new website, nohateva. com. ashburn, a waitress found a hateful message at the bottom of the check. >> he only hurt himself. of race-related incidents, some violent and involving vandalism, have been reported since election day. >> we have to push back against it. jeff: that is part of the message today, standing up to hate. >> all humanity has to be treated equal, because we are really one family. jeff: jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. seven-year-old battling brain cancer had a chance to suit up as a hero. the prince george's county police department gave elijah young his own uniform, badge, and a special motorcycle
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he even got to take a ride. this is elijah's second battle with brain cancer. he said he will continue to fight. want him to be up.nt him to live to grow i want to see elijah graduate from high school. jonathan: he is a little warrior. the locator -- the motorcade transported elijah and his family to a pizza shop, where he made his pepperoni pizza. the prince george's county police department said the now, ande their family nobody in their family fights alone. steve: the temperatures right now are well above freezing. remember what it was like 24 hours ago, and we are about 25 degrees milder. the cold front is vi
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and we have problems on the way later tonight and in the day tomorrow. winter weather advisory starts at midnight and extends through the morning and midday. it is set to expire at 6 p.m. tomorrow. i suspect it will come down before that, but from now until then, the district, arlington, alexandria, prince george's county, all the areas and purple is where we have the winter weather advisory. satellite and radar, mainly rain showers by the capital beltway right now. if you are watching in front royal, the rain beginning to mix with sleet and snowflakes. not looking for significant accumulations, but be on the lookout as temperatures fall overnight, the steps, porch, driveway, the areas that are untreated are likely to cause problems in the morning. mixo 34 overnight, a wintry over spreads overnight. we keep that going through
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11 a.m. 2:00 p.m., switching over to sleet and freezing rain. by 5 p.m., mainly rain across the area. the surface temperatures and many roadways are treated. should not be much of a problem there. the futurecast, overnight, this is the latest updated version, light snow 7 a.m. inside the capital beltway, warrenton, winchester, the wintry mix. the rain line not too far from the district, baltimore, fredericksburg. and we finally moved this out by about 5 p.m., 7 p.m. tomorrow. breaks in the clouds and improving conditions. the impact on the day tomorrow, i think the highest impact will be in the early morning through about noon time as the temperatures will be hovering just around freezing. as we eventually rebound above freezing, things will improve in the afternoon and into the evening.
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outlook, 44 sunday, 40 monday. and look what happens the end of next week. 60 wednesday, inauguration day upper 50's, near 60. even warmer the following weekend. jonathan: that is so unusual. airbags are supposed to save lives, but these did the opposite. now a judge says the manufacturer knew about it.
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jonathan: 7 on your side with the consumer alert --takata, the japanese company that makes airbags for tens of millions of cars around the world, has agreed to plead guilty to defrauding customers in the u.s. numerous injuries and deaths have been pinned on that effective airbags. in the plea deal, takata admitted they knew the bag and flavors were rupturing and sending shrapnel into the car. they were
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billion in fines and restitution. closing bys will be the end of 2018. wells fargo says these closures have nothing to do with the bank's fake account scandal. disagree,t analysts saying the scandal is likely forcing the bank to take a very hard look at expenses. internet radio giant pandora announcing layoffs, cutting 7% of their workforce. pandora has been facing stiff competition from streaming services like spotify and the apple internet radio. coming up in sports, the latest on bryce harper and the nationals. he is getting more money. and the caps visit the blackhawks.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. royalty in the room tonight as the caps host the blackhawks, winners of four straight. caps on are also hot, winning seven straight, and they put on a clinic. in the first, jay beagle with the rest are, scores -- jay beagle with the wrister, scores. 13 seconds later, the cap straight again, alex ovechkin,
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caps. caps on blowout the blackhawks, 6-0. in baseball, the money keeps rolling in for bryce harper. he avoided arbitration, agreeing to a $13.6 million year for the year 2017. harper made $5 million last year. not a good season, hitting .243, 86 r.b.i. a big drop-off from his 2015 m.v.p. season with 42 homers and 99 r.b.i. bryce harper will be a free agent after the 2018 season. redskins offensive coordinator sean mcvay is now a head coach. at 30 years old. he was formally introduced today, making him the youngest head coach in the nfl, coaching the los angeles rams. and women's basketball, georgetown loses to st. john's
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the men renew their rivalry tomorrow against uconn. that should be a good one. jonathan: the rams, that's a real team? robert: yes, they exist. jonathan: i was just checking the record from last year. as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest.
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with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes
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jonathan: another hour before we see fireworks? steve: not fireworks, come on. the time is working out great because it's the weekend. we have a wintry mix from the morning into the midday. changing over to rain. and we clear out. monday we may see a shower, but let's focus on the warmth of next week, 60 degrees wednesday, upper 50's thursday and friday, and next week and looking good. jonathan: the best part of tonight, it's over.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mel gibson -- from "the crown," claire foy -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from fantastic negrito. and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for braving the elements to be here. you are all heroes for making it to the show tonight.


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