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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: right off the top, honoring the life of dr. martin luther king jr.. today began with a wreath laying at the mlk memorial on the national mall. events and services are taking place all over the region, including the annual parade in the district. wheret to take you live that is about to begin in southeast washington. you can watch it on our sister station, newschannel 8. that is where the parade will air. it is supposed to begin any
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avenue in southeast. ,here are several road closures as you can imagine. as part of the mlk national day of service, president obama and the first family will help out with -- the family shelter girls'd the obama old swingset, which you can see right there. if you're planning to be outside, you can see all the preps getting ready for the inauguration on friday. live froman tell alexandria, belle haven country club, it is going to be steel gray skies. moisture locked in place, but we do not expect any rain. chilly temperatures in the 40's at the moment. check out the numbers across the area. 36 in hagerstown. 42 degrees in fredericksburg. temperatures probably will not go up all that much more. it will stay seasonable. the stray showern
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south of washington as it develops. a cool day, the wind is light. bundle up and you will be just fine. but changes are coming. that will be coming with a warm front. doppler radar shows showers south of harrisonburg, northeast of charlottesville. a sprinkle is possible, but any real shower activity will stay south of the city. farther back to the west, we are still dealing with this weekend ice storm. the storm center will be northeast, snow back behind it with more rain and ice. there is rain falling across a large portion of the midwest, and that system will come our way with a chance of showers and warmer temperatures. look at the futurecast. the rest of the day, we will hang on to cloudy skies through this evening. tomorrow it changes. rain in the forecast. different models have it placed in different locations. the weather pattern is about to change once again. we will look again to inauguration day weather. jummy:
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thank you. the weather situation in many other parts of the country, a very different story. at least six people have been killed in accidents connected to ice storms in the midwest. the roads have turned to ice rinks. leaving drivers with no control over vehicles. look at that one sliding right through an intersection. tens of thousands of people are without power. closer to home, we have breaking news out of the district, where police are on the scene of a double shooting. two peopleme in that had been shot until these. brianne carter is live with what we're learning so far. brianne: you can see police are still there and the 2400 block. ao people are shot, a man and woman. police are telling us that the woman is in very critical condition. the man is said to have suffered nonlife threatening injuries. police are not releasing any information
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and not releasing information on a specific lookout for an individual as well. is an area that is plagued by crime. we talked to the police chief moments ago. inroadsve made a lot of into the crime in this particular area. there are still some bad actors appear. we say it all the time. anybody who is willing to open , we are notgunshots going to tolerate that kind of thing. usanne: police are telling there is a woman said to be in critical condition at this point. the search for suspects continues. brianne carter, abc 7 news. jummy: there is breaking news in the post nightclub shooting in orlando. we learned the wife of the shooter has been arrested in connection with the attack that killed 49 peop
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fbi agents at her home outside san francisco. a person familiar with details of the arrest was charged with obstruction. president-elect trump will spend part of martin luther king day with the oldest son of dr. martin luther king jr. sean spicer says trump will meet with martin luther king iii. this morning trump tweeted out that we should celebrate all the things that he stood for and we should honor him for being the great man that he was this all comes as trump is taking a lot a twitterter going on attack against democratic representative john lewis, the civil rights icon who questioned the legitimacy of trump's winning the white house. stephanie ramos in northwest has more. on this martin luther king jr. day, the feud between donald trump and a civil rights icon continues.
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i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. stephanie: from fine -- trump firing back on twitter, saying, "lewis is all talk, talk, talk, no action. " john lewis fought for civil rights alongside martin luther king jr. he is now leading a new movement among democrats encompass. attend.not plan to this will be the first one that i miss since i have been in congress. stephanie: now at least 27 democrats say they will skip out on the inauguration. these comments from john brennan had to do with the hack of the russians into
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the 2016 election. >> this is more than being about him. it is about the united states and national security. tells "thetrump washington post" he is finalizing a plan to have health insurance for everyone as we are days away from the inauguration. nearly a million visitors are expected to pack d.c. for trump's swearing-in. nearly a million will be -- several will be protesting. jummy: there are just four days until donald trump is sworn in, and there is a lot that needs to get done ahead of the inauguration on friday. john gonzalez is on the national mall with a look at the scramble to get it done. john: there really is a flurry of activity on the national mall, four days before the 58th presidential inauguration. i am going to step out of the way. there are crews -- it looks like they are taking a bit of a break , but they have been laying down this plastic
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interlocks. this is to protect the new grass on the national mall. the perimeter of road closures here is going to be very large and will start very early. vehicle restrictions will be in thursdayarting at 3:00 morning and will run until the parade concludes at around 6:00 friday night. the non-ticketed area of the national mall begins at 4th street in northwest and continues past the washington monument on 17th. >> i think it will be so busy. to beve to have a permit here. everybody has to be checked by secret service and the fbi. us it willbi tells be an all hands on deck operation from hostage negotiators to equipment aimed to fight a chemical attack. everyone and everything will be here on the grounds of the national mall and around the u.s. capitol
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to make sure everyone stays safe and can celebrate and protest without problems. the clockctivity as is ticking. there is still a lot of work to be done on the national mall. back to you inside. jummy: you can find everything you need to know about the inauguration, from load -- from road closures and restrictions to the official program on our website, developing news out of mexico -- a deadly shooting in a nightclub packed with american tourists. at least five people have been killed after a lone gunman started firing. police do not know the identities of anyone shot, but one person at the club says it s filled mostly with americans. the club was hosting an electronic dance music festival. three people have been detained, but it is not clear if they had any role in the shooting. and some horrifying images coming out of chris extent today -- out of kur
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today. a turkish cargo jet slammed into a village there, erupting into a massive fireball, destroying several homes. the boeing 747 crashed due to poor visibility and airport near that capital. the plane was supposed to make a stop in critics stand -- in curtis dan. in curtis dan. the latest on this story. up, gettinging knocked out of the playoffs. cowboys fans were also not allowed
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announcer: you are
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7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: we have an update now the condition of two of the children hurt last week in a house fire are improving. they have been upgraded from critical to good condition. their mother remains in critical condition. six children died in that fire. because of the blaze is still under investigation. family members of the victims are joined by members of the community for a vigil where the house used to stand. many of the people who attended say they never even met the family before but were touched either tragedy. many sang gospel songs and read prayers for the survivors. >> you are not going to know the right thing to say. you just have to hug and love this family. >> let them know that they are loved, they are thought of, we are paying for their comfort and their keep in their recovery. jummy: family members of the victims
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but also asked them to respect the family plus privacy. we have a crime alert in prince george's county, after a woman is found dead in temple hills. suzanne kennedy has the latest. suzanne: this parking lot behind me is where the homicide took place overnight. you can see the crime scene tape remains here on the front gate in the 3100 block of good hope road. it was around 10:10 last night, and we have video from overnight to show you. when police first arrived, responding to the report of a shooting, they found one female in the parking lot. she was pronounced dead at the scene. no information about a possible in thisor a motive case. authorities are also not releasing the identity of the woman killed here and her age. authorities say if you have information, you are asked to -- to call police. suzanne kennedy, abc 7
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added to the misery of cowboys fans after the disappointing loss to the packers. thousands of people were forced to stay in the stadium because of a tornado warning. some fans had left but quickly went back inside after high wind and driving rain moved into the area. three hours later, people were told they can leave but at their own risk. it seems like those storms and other places in the midwest -- and ice storm. crazy weather. doug: it is spreading up toward the great lakes now. a lot of the winter weather patterns are right on the edge of it. we are just on the edge, and this time the same thing. we will have clouds warmer, temperatures. airport,gan national still with those heavily overcast skies. that is not likely to change. the wind is out of the south that 9 miles per hour. it
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heavy, damp weather, just kind of chilly and cloudy weather. we will keep the clouds around through the day. low 40's in most areas. later tonight will drop into the upper 30's. we are waiting for the change in the weather from the warm front, and you will start to pick up the changes around here tomorrow. slightly milder temperatures, increasing the probability of rain. a few sprinklers are showing up southwest of washington.
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idea. early tomorrow morning, there will be light rain in the metro area to the north and west. heavier rain later in the day. most of the stuff stays to the north. the best chance will be about midday, steady rain and then showers at time through the rest of the afternoon and evening. warm up tow, a nice 54 degrees. the likelihood of rain. as we get through wednesday and thursday, looks pretty good. if the a's-degree temperatures through the afternoon with some sunshine. now we get to friday. we have known since last week it will be in the 50's. 50's for friday, but it now looks like the chances of rain are increasing for scattered showers throughout the day. that will be something to keep an eye on as we head through the afternoon hours. i am not sure with these numbers are at the bottom, but pretend you did not see them. it will be in the low 50's. as f
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go, it will be in the 50's, cooling down. down. here is the thing going through next week. 60 degrees on monday, holding in the upper 50's. we have one or two days where it feels like winter time, then six or seven days, we will go back to warm temperatures. year, weis time last were getting ready for a blizzard. i am feeling really good about january so far. ok, doug, thank you. you can get the latest information anytime on your phone by downloading our abc 7 stormwatch app. here is a story that a -- generating a lot of talk on social media. an employee of a school system has been fired after a message she posted to a student. tomorrownt spelled incorrectly. katie nash responded to the tweet by saying, but then how would you learn how to spell
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"tomorrow" with the correct spelling yeah cap the student had no problem with the employersbut nash's did. coming up, why the show will no longer go on for the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus. details on how you will see the final act in our area. and check out this video from lakeland, florida, and alligator roaming about. the woman who shot this video of the gator, estimated to be at least 12 feet long. it would take someone awfully brave to get those exact measurements.
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doug: here is some -- jummy: here's some video coming into our newsroom. abc 7 was there when mike pence visit the -- visited the mlk memorial. he visited the site, shook hands with onlookers, and took some video as well. ringling bros. and barnum & stopy circus will make a from march 31 through april 2. when the show leaves town, it is never coming back. it will close for good in may. >> ring laying brothers and barnum and bailey elephants x an american> institution calling it quits after 146 years. sad, and it we are was a very difficult decision to make. >> the famous three ring circus has
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1800s. they had the first african-american ringmaster in a major circus in 1999. but the nonstop battles with animal-rights groups led to the show removing its star elephants. >> after we retired the elephants from the touring units, we saw a much steeper drop in sales. >> the company is now announcing the operating costs on decision. >> we are so glad it is finally coming to any in d.c.. >> animal-rights groups are claiming victory. after this stunt went wrong in on june 8 of last year. long
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goers are disappointed. >> no, that is not right. >> it is like a whole part of americana is gone. >> the final show is set for may 21 right here in new york. we will be back with a final
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behio your boss'
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be affecting not only are mental health but your behavior on the job as well. people who's boss' is narcissistic or have psychopathic traits are more likely to in gauge and undesirable behaviors on the job. the study showed that managers who show the start traits can be bad news because they can create a toxic working environment for all involved. interesting. all right, the forecast? doug: it is going to be cloudy. there is a slight chance of showers. stayof the rain will south of the city. stay near 49 with the clouds. 54 tomorrow. a much better chance of rain. it will be warmer during the week, and then inauguration day friday looks like a better chance of showers with temperatures in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees. jummy: thank you for joining us. be sure to watch the news at 4:00
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>> hey, everybody, welcome to getaway week. our contestants are here because there's someone in their life who could really use a break, and they're hoping to win enough cash to send them on the vacation of a lifetime. so don't you move. from bally's las vegas, it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show, everybody. it's getaway week on "who wants to be a millionaire." today's getaway contestant wants to thank his parents for all that they have done for him. from my hometown of dallas, texas, please welcome reza zamanian. how you doing, reza? how you doing? good to see you. a dallas boy. >> you got it. >> i already like you. >> tha


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