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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you are looking live at the west front of the capitol. q: we are four days away from donald trump being sworn in as our country's 45th president. alison: abc7 has team coverage for you. not just today but all week long from the work underway at the capitol to preparing for the parties. we have it all. michelle: that work involves road and sidewalk closures, making getting around downtown difficult. q: exactly. some businesses are excited for big crowds and others are closed off by the prep work. that said, richard reeve is in northwest washington right now. rich, a few shots for inauguration set-up. they are getting headaches right now. richard: yeah. headaches and huge numbers. we are talking several hundred thousand, perhaps a million people who last few days this week. look here. the signs like this all over the place. back in the background you can see we have the roads partially shut down. when we pan here, you can see some of the barricades, the concrete barrier
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security. outside a pizza place here at third and massachusetts. wise guy pizza there are embracing for the good and the bad of all of this. they are expecting 1,500 customers each day on friday, and saturday. that is twice their normal lunch and dinner. besides the fact they have the business situation, they have employees trying to get to work because of all the road closures. they also have food deliveries. they have to have the food delivered in the areas around this neighborhood by wednesday. they don't have thousands of workers downtown because many offices are closed but they will have thousands of people at the festivities for the inaugural and the protest the next day. >> we have street closures and
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we're trapped. we can't drive in the parking lot. deliveries asked to get deliveries on wednesday. richard: so with all of those headaches how are the businesses going to cope? we will help answer that coming up at 6:00. reporting live at richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. the president-elect and first lady will be attending at least two official inaugural balls but there are many more around town. how do you dress the part if you're in the company with the first family? coming up at 4:15 we will show you the golden globe red carpet trend making its way to washington. stay with abc7 on air and online at for continuing coverage all week long. we will have much more for you coming up in a few minutes. as the time ticks down to the swearing-in ceremony the trump team continues to peace together his administration. today, the president-elect met with the son of martin luther
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feud with georgia congressman john lewis continues to simmer. stephanie ramos reports from washington. stephanie: today at trump tower in new york city, donald trump making an appearance in the lobby after the meeting with martin luther king iii. king saying he and trump had a constructive meeting discussing voter right and voter i.d.'s. >> it's clear that the system is it not working to the maximum. through an op ed we provided solutions begin to address a broken voting system. stephanie: when asked whether he was offended about trump's twitter rampage against congressman lewis? >> in the heat of emotion a lot of things are said on both sides. i think that at some point the goal is to bring america
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stephanie: days ago lewis called trump inlegitimate president. >> i think the russians participated and helping this man get elected. stephanie: trump fired back saying he was all talk, talk, talk, no action. lewis is a civil rights leader who was known in the marches in the 1960's, fighting for civil rights alongside martin luther king jr. today, lewis making his appearance since the dustup not mentioning trump but calling the crowd to action. >> when you see something not right, not fair, not just. moral obligation to do something, to say something. not be quiet. stephanie: when asked what his father's message would be to president-elect trump, there was no mention of tweet, healthcare repeal or russia's hacking. king said the father would be most concern with the millions of americans living in poverty. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. q: we
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observed in d.c. with the return of the parade along martin luther king avenue. our abc7 d.c. bureau chief sam ford was the master of ceremonies. sam: so the buffalo soldiers are bringing up the rear of this annual martin luther king parade down martin luther king avenue. it has been a great day. we have had thousands of people tar pace it in the parade that honors martin luther king. [music] sam: a number of bands from baltimore, richmond and the balloon marching knights in washington. it's been an outpouring of participation. >> this man, the most important man and the most important message for the most violence century in the history of mankind. either we learn to live together as brothers and sisters or we will perish ea
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we ain't no fools. we will live together. sam: for the first time the general parade would go south but this time it went north in what they call downtown anacostia. with the horses, that pretty much ended if parade. a wonderful time for many of the people here. >> awesome. real nice. >> what about you? >> amazing! sam: it has been a good time and one of the best parades we have seen here in recent years. reporting from southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: abc7 was there when mike pence mitsed the m.l.k. memorial. he took in the sights and he shook hands while onlookers snapped pictures and took videos as well. as the holiday comes to a close we are looking for potential for some of us to see showers and a warm-up. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has th
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it looked like it was about to rain all day long today. doug: it has had a threatening look. you are right. but not way of any rain locally. cloudy and chilly. 46 degrees. chilly. but that's a few degrees above average for high thanks to the southerly winds. the southerly winds will play a role to bring warmer temperatures back to the region. 44 at joint base andrews. 43 in college park and gaithersburg. 48 in luray. 46 in fredericksburg. 45 at washington dulles. through this evening we'll stay cloudy. as we get through the evening there could be a patch of fog. temperatures dropping to the lower 40's. looking west, another storm center. like many, we will be on the fringes of it. the leading edge of this part is a warm front that will move through tomorrow. it will bring the warmer temperatures to the middle 50's. but bring a chance to deal with the occasional period of the light rain or showers or area of fog as the temperatures head to the middle 50's. the forecast overnight, cloudy and cool. light
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give you an idea of the timing. morning best time for the scattered showers. we look ahead to the rest of the week and the weekend in eight minutes. q? q: thank you. developing tonight, a double shooting in southeast leaves a woman dead. she was on a wheelchair around 10:30 this morning and a man was also shot and he is expected to be okay. kevin lewis is live in the neighborhood. i appears she might have been caught in the middle of a shoot-out? kevin: that is right. the interim police chief told us there may have been multiple gunmen. the detectives are reviewing surveillance video from the police camera affixed to the light pole across the street from where the shooting took place. here is the face of the d.c. latest gun violence victim. a woman affectionately known as "
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apartments. she was disabled and used a wheelchair to get around. she was headed to the supermarket when she rolled in the line of fire. as peak here explain miss vivian was an avid redskins fans, loved food and notorious for giving children rides on the wheelchair. a man in his 20's also hit multiple times today but he is expected to survive. a small christian church sits 30 feet from the murder scene. an elementary school is two blocks away. the police have not made an arrest. >> miss vivian was disabled. she was a loving person. she has a dog she loved to death. she also had cats and she had a friend, her best friend that lived with her and stayed and took care of her for seven years or so. >> we made a lot of inroads in the crime in the area. there is still bad actors up here.
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anybody who is willing to open up and fire gunshots in the community, we are not going to tolerate that kind of thing. kevin: of course, the challenge is finding eyewitnesses that are brave enough to tell investigators just what they saw. that is why cameras like that one are such a godsend for investigators. live in southeast, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. q: thank you very much. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the ice storm that hit the heartland creates heart-stopping moments like this. alison: the glam and the glitz of inaugural night. friday will be hollywood-like in d.c. how can you dress the part? we will show off the golden globe red carpet trend coming to washington. michelle: at 4:30, a frederick county school employee fired over a tweet responding to a student. >> it provided an
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back and forth in a light hearted way. >> the typo and correction that resulted in a pink slip coming up. >> dr. martin luther king gave us the courage to compete and stand with all and not have any limitations. i believe he is inspiring me to have more courage. and that i'm able to stand anywhere.
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q: must-see video out of russell county, kansas. the county one of many hit by the ice storm yesterday. check out the close call, though. a tractor trailer loses control, barrels across the median. barely missing the highway patrol trooper. the trooper posted the video from sunday morning saying he and another trooper saw the truck going too fast. i have a amazingly no one was hurt. michelle: the ice storm that struck oklahoma city over the weekend was the worst some residents say they have ever seen. at least 2,000 people woke up without power. not only was everything frozen over it brought down power line, a street light and a number of trees. one fell where 100-year-old lucille was supposed to have e birthday party. >> we couldn't have it because
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was such a decision to decide to postpone it. michelle: it will be a birthday to remember but not for good reason for her and others. the storm destroyed her home, one that took her a lifetime to build. alison: what a shame. let's turn attention back here at home. this friday president-elect trump and the future first lady are said to attend two official inaugural balls. michelle: the commander-in-chief ball at the washington convention center and the big apple ball. q: if you are lucky enough to snag a ticket to either event you want to dress the part. alison: jummy olabanji went shopping to find out what is hot in formal wear this year. jummy: at rent the runway, you find gowns galore fro
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white and deep black. most colors are in vogue. >> no matter who you are, the skin tone, the air color, there is a color out there for you. we have all of them to choose from. >> associate style director says no matter the color, floor length is the way to go. this season men can also choose between strapless, sleeveless or long sleeves. a big trend recently on the golden globes will be in play for the inauguration. >> we are looking toward the future. everything has a little sparkle. like distant galaxy. you will see the trend everywhere you go. >> for the men? >> always black. maybe navy. >> suits supply on m street in georgetown has array of classic tuxedos. employees say men should stick to dark colors and watch that fit. >> no matter what your body type is, if it fits it flatters. >> if you are a guy that wants to
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weekend, fashion guru say there are ways to make yourself stand out. >> simple, traditional, black satin lapel. always leave one button as a full set. but for the man who wants to experiment a little bit more, what the man quen is wearing a -- mannequin is wearing is how to break it up. black tuxedo trouser with a navy velvet jacket. jummy: i'm jummy olabanji. alison: here to help us navigate a busy week in washington is alex, the deputy communications director of the ain august ral committee. thank you for coming in. this is go time for you guys. >> it is. alison: we have a lot to talk about. thursday night, basically, thursday afternoon is when the festivities start. what can we expect for thursday? >> celebration concert at the lincoln memorial. it's a time to come together and celebrate what the inauguration is about. it's about the people.
4:18 pm
person. it's not a celebration of many people. it's celebrating the country and the peaceful transfer of power that occurs when we have a new president in office. alison: the thursday event is this something you need tickets for? what should people do to get down there? >> we have voice of the people. preconcert at the lincoln memorial. the gates for that, begin at 1:30. the gates will open around noon. from there at 4:00, at the lincoln memorial, you will see a celebration of the country. toby keith is in attendance. sam moore, 3 doors down is performing. there are a lot of acts. that is a free, free event. no tickets required. encourage people to come in and enjoy music. the first time during the inauguration week that the president-elect trump will make remarks. at the lincoln memorial. exciting time for peak to celebrate the inauguration and the peaceful transfer of power
4:19 pm
that will occur. alison: we are no strangers to the long lines, security, parking issues. what are you preparing for and what should people know before they head down? >> first, there are so many free aspects of the enaugust ration. -- inauguration. come and join in a unique celebration. we have, take time to get in. so if you plan out your schedule a couple of hours ahead of time before the gates chose or before the show begins. the city will be largely shut down for the traffic or the vehicle traffic coming in. encouraging people to use metro. want everyone to come in with the celebration on thursday or whether it's the swearing-in ceremony. there are free aspects there. the parade that follows the ceremony. people can come watch for free on the parade route and celebrate the moment. take advantage of being in the nation capital and the
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alison: doug is saying it won't be frigid like the past inaugurations. alex, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. don't forget if you want to participate in any of the inauguration weekend events, make sure you take some pictures and video and share them with us at abc7 at michelle: thank you. q: we were just talking about the weather. it's great, right? doug: it will be cloudy. the temperatures are probably at noon, at the swearing-in ceremony at 48. there is a chance of rain. we are looking at the rain that may move in and hold off to the afternoon. michelle: perfect. doug: that is an official rush at it today. several days as things develop to pin it down. it's not biterly cold or freezing. just wet at times. that is the story tomorrow as well. numbers in the 40's. cloudy skies. stray shower or a patch of fog. as far as the rain on the
4:21 pm
across the lower bay. we keep an eye on those. that is part of the forecast. showers, maybe fog and the temperatures slowly falling. warm front on the move. that will bring rain here. the warm air is overrunning the surface. plenty of rain. the heaviest precipitation is well north and west. it has been the theme almost all winter long. every system that develops we tend to be on the fringes of it. not complaining but that is the storiment to and tomorrow. period of rain tomorrow, may have a break. a few more showers in the afternoon or the evening. once the front goes through on wednesday, it is not going to get colder. it will get milder. that, too, distincttive part of the winter season. counter intuitive when you think of the cold fronts in january. it will get cold. but not so much this time. we stay on the mild side of things. get in wednesday, break of the sunshine. fresh breeze out of the northwest. it should be pleasant in the mid-to-t
4:22 pm
skies, showers, area of fog, lows to 40 degrees. tomorrow, cloudy. period of light rain. they will be likely at times. wednesday is partly cloudy and 58 degrees. that is the nicest day of the week. 47, 48. is it raining noon on friday? it could be. we will give you a definitive forecast later in the week. beyond that let's take a look ahead. mid-50's tomorrow. upper 50's and then friday is cloudy skies. 60% chance of rain developing. the highs around 50. mild over the weekend.
4:23 pm
michelle: thank you. we have breaking news out of herndon. this is in the 13300 block of covered lane where there is a barricade situation. tom roussey is at the busy scene. what can you tell us? >> a lot going on in a short block. this is covered wagon lane in herndon. show you the fire called in. the town house, the fair department is working on it and they put the ladders up. this is the heavily damaged side. on this street, we are hearing the different rumors from the neighbors.
4:24 pm
is taken to the hospital. this is a lot to sort out. there is a lot we don't know. we know in the same block there is a shooting. and a fire. this is off the dulles toll road. you can see the fire department working. there is a suspect who was shot by an officer and taken to the hospital. there was a fire in the town home and we assume it's connected but we don't know what it is yet. you are not even seeing one-tenth of the fire response. i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. michelle: we'll check in with you soon. thank you. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the resolution to get or stay in shape. how five simple changes help a woman nearly
4:25 pm
her journey is next. q: plus a frederick county school employee fired over an apparent tweet. student's typo, she corrected and the school's response and the students coming up. michelle: a look at how to start tuesday with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington," the countdown is on. what role will melania trump play as the first lady? how different will she be? the answers may surprise you. >> i'm talking one-on-one with kerry washington. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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michelle: we believe it is our responsibility and the privilege to keep you informed in important health matters. tonight we are hearing a woman's impressive weight loss story and the five simple changes she made to her diet to make it happen. she has lost nearly 100 pounds in three years. including 50 since june. >> i was an eat on the fly girl. grab and go. i really didn't think about it. i was like if i'm out of the door at a certain time and all the kids are fed and i would eat as i go. >> she works out
4:29 pm
group fitness instructor. but said she didn't lose weight consistently until she completely changed her diet. >> i was trying to outrun your fork. you can't outtrain a bad diet. >> she prepares all of her meals in advance guided by the five simple steps. first, eat lean proteins like fish, beans and grilled chicken. next, add color to the plate. >> strive for five. that means five deep colors every day in your vegetables, the fruit and all of your foods. >> make sure to swap out the processed foods for whole foods. and when craving a sweet, opt for small amount of dark chocolate. and eat the protein packed snack like cottage cheese or greek yogurt. >> it is really important to keep in mind, quality, quantity an
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the eating. this is how you nourish yourself. >> sticking to the plan works and she is thrilled with her results. >> here i am healthy and energized and i feel great. michelle: way to go, liz. her secret to avoid temptation is simple. she spends a few hours sunday and wednesday prepping all the meals and the snacks for the next few days so when she is hungry she has a healthy option available. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- ringling brothers' final rer formenaces. a group claiming victory and others fear losing an american tradition. >> a frederick county school employee corrected a student's spelling on twitter. now she is unemployed. i'm cheryl conner live in frederick. you will hear from her coming up. >> i'm going to head to the newsroom to prepare for "abc7 news at 5:00". we are, of course, four days away from the presidential inauguration.
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>> kids spent wondering if the school would be closed. q: but "tomorrow" was misspelled so now she is fired. we have the twitter typo that caused the controversy. cheryl: we are at lincoln elementary school. this is where katie nash's kids go to school and where she volunteers as the p.t.a. president. so far she can keep the job. on january 5 nash responded to a tweet from a student who misspelled "tomorrow." he was pleading for school to be closed with snow in the forecast. she responded from the school system account saying how would you learn to spell form school was
4:35 pm
was let go with no explanation. now a #freekatie is used as people come to her defense. >> saying you still should study and do your homework and get a good night's rest. >> there was no intent to harm. what is the basis of the termination? cheryl: the schools are closed today and that may be why we have not heard back from the system. but she was let go and they did not elaborate on any details. we hear from more the father of the original tweeter coming up at 50:00. cheryl conner, abc7 news. q: the world series champion chicago cubs visited the white house today. the president tweeted at the team asking if they
4:36 pm
they expected the invitation. at 5:00, we share a story of a staffer that called out sick in the world series. it has been called the greatest show on earth. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus traveled the country but it is coming to an end. some of the memorable and the more controversial acts have been retired. >> ringling brothers and barnum and bailey. >> the show will not go on. american institution that is calling it quits after 146 years. >> we are sad. this is a difficult decision
4:37 pm
the first female ring master just last month. they removed the elephants and retired them in 2016. >> after we retired the elephants from the touring unit. we saw a much steeper drop in sales. >> now they announce the declining attendance and the high operating cost the reason making decision. animal rights group are claiming victory. but in recent years the human acts came under scrutiny. after something went terribly wrong that injured eight aerial performers. last year, a b.m.x. routine ended with a dare del rider in the hospital. even still, long-time circus goers are disappointed. >> oh, no. that is not right. they can't do it to the little
4:38 pm
>> it's a whole part of americana is gone. q: there is some good news. 30 cities are left on the schedule with the stops in d.c., fairfax, baltimore scheduled from the end of march through april. michelle: two members of the maryland state police taken to the hospital after they say a man pointed a laser at the helicopter. they were helping the carol county sheriff office at 1:00 in westminster when the cockpit was struck by a green laser beam eight times. the man they believe is responsible for pointing it at them is facing reckless endangerment and other charges. q: next at 4:00 -- >> hang on, man. here we go. q: if cats have nine lives hopefully one wasn't used here. michelle: still ahead,
4:39 pm
overcoming tragedy. the incredible stories and the family sacrifice ahead.
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4:41 pm
hang on, man! here we go. picking up speed. hi, mom. michelle: this may end the debate over which is cooler, cats or dogs? this is video as an owner takes a rid
4:42 pm
his right-hand man. q: the hurdling ride. didn't phase the cat at all. clutching his owner's shoulder because he knows he has eight lives left. that is cute. michelle: he probably has all the claw marks in the shoulder. this is incredible he stays on. q: something else. all right. well -- michelle: q is fascinated. q: i am. michelle: glued to the video. q: listen. the winter weather is creating eye popping sights in china. michelle: tourists are being drawn to the spot with some unique crystal cascades out there. the cascades are made up of the ice covered vines. some of them were man made like the one at the entrance of the attraction but others created naturally. beautiful. we said we would be -- >> it's beautiful until it falls on somebody. michelle: beautiful to see. all right. still ahead for us next at
4:43 pm
4:00 -- >> a group is gearing up for the first time they will be marching inside the i
4:44 pm
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we are out here in herndon, virginia, mcnair farm neighborhood where there is quite a scene right now. let me get out of the way and show you what is going on at the moment. all the firefighters here and the his are concentrated on a town home on covered wagon lane. what we know so far according to police, neighbors, i talked to eyewitnesses. they say this balcony we'll take a live shot of here that a man came out on the balcony. police were on the scene and the police yelled at him to drop a gun. the neighbors i talk to were so far away they couldn't be sure he had a gun but he had something. he threw something toward the police. then he ran back inside. and the neighbors said they went inside because s.w.a.t. team members were yellin
4:47 pm
to get inside. then shortly after that they heard gunshots. the police are telling us it's a police-involved shooting and the man has been taken to the hospital. about that point a fire started in the same town home. that is on the upper levels. that is where the firefighters are concentrating. we are not sure what led to the fire. but residents said they heard something that sounded like an explosion or a bomb at some point. so they assume the fire started from that. we are trying to piece it together. fairfax in a moment or two will give us an update. we should have more answers for you. that's what we know on what has been a mild day for the mcnair farms neighborhood of herndon. a lot of neighbors out now. if you look to the side, you can see how many neighbors are out. a lot of them can't get to the homes on the street. this is normally a quiet place.
4:48 pm
anything but today. tom roussey, abc7 news. q: the final parade participants announced last month. michelle: amy aubert has caught one a group marching in this parade for the first time. >> we will do everything we can to make sure the families have a comfortable and safe experience. amy: bonnie is no stranger to getting them ready to march. she says the tragedy assistance program for survivors that offers support for the families who lost someone serving in the armed forces has been part of the memorial day parade. >> addressing the things that are happening in a protest, what do they do if they encounter something like that? amy: this is their first time marching in the inaugural parade. >> this is an opportunity for us to bring 200 surviving families together, to be there to support each other and honor the
4:49 pm
and sacrifice to the nation. amy: something that hits close to home for kelly griffith. >> it feels like my brother will be here with me that day. carrying that person in the hearts. >> 200 families who also lost someone plan to march. >> they are bringing a vanload of the 12 parents. >> i marched in 2013. i thought it was a great honor. it's a greater honor to mark this parade with them. amy: they are working out the logistics to have the signs with the faces of the lives lost. step forward toward the big day. >> thank you, everybody. great job. q: the b street
4:50 pm
longer play at the inning a ral gala. they can selled because of -- canceled because of respected for fans and for bruce stringtine and the e-street band. the boss supported hillary clinton in the election. if you are participating in any of the inauguration weekend i vent; take picture and video and share them with us. upload and watch abc7 news. we will show them to you. with that said, social media people are sharing what they did today to honor martin luther king jr. michelle: lindsey mastis has more. lindsey: a lot of people are posting photos like this. visiting the memorial in washington, d.c., crowds of people making their way there today
4:51 pm
others are posting old photos to honor dr. king. many others are for tais pating in a day of service. she volunteered to cool for the homeless -- cook for the homeless. this shows them packed at the library. this is an event for the poets and the actors performing excerpt from dr. king speeches. and these are a few examples of everything that is going on in honor to dr. king today. michelle: all eyes on the friday forecast. there are so many people outdoors. steve: we are looking for rain and cloud cover. if we get out through the rain and a little sunshine it will be warmer. but it's still not anything like eight years ago when it was eight years out there. talk about what is out
4:52 pm
now. it's the wheel and it is cloudy out there. dry for the time being. there are somehowers out there on radar. look at that in a moment. we'll show what the temperatures look like moving through the evening hours and overnight. the temperatures will fall in the 40's. at least in town. cooler northern and western suburbs. the live doppler radar for you, showers in frederick. and further south looking at a few showers across loudoun county, martin county, martinsburg and hancock. this is moving east as they head evening hours. the umbrella is not needed but tomorrow is a different story. we'll have the temperatures in the middle 40's. scattered chances in the area. mid-day showers mid-day to 40. it will dry out through the evening hours and the day on wednesday. the next
4:53 pm
tomorrow, middle 50's to upper 50's. thursday looking at 55 degrees. inauguration about 50 degrees. clouds throughout the day. a better chance of showers to develop in the afternoon. quick look of the ten-day outlack. we show the temperatures staying well above average for this time of year in the 50's for the next ten days. q? q: well, next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- drones are growing in popularity. the three factors you need to look at before buying one that will impact which price range you fall into. that is next.
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blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. larry: there are not many places to fly drones around town. q: they're as popular as ever. john matarese shows which drones are worth buying and those that might leave you disappointed so you don't waste your money. john: one of the biggest gifts in the d.c. area stores was drones. remote control helicopters with cameras on board. if your neighbors have one and you are curious, we have everything you need to know before you buy a drone. a lot of best buy shoppers like tim are buypassing the big screen tv's. they want to buy a drone. >> i want to come in and look at them. thinking about getting o
4:57 pm
john: the f.a.a. expect more than 2 million drones flown off the shelves. chris hackett helps them find one right for them. >> it's a new technology culture. everyone is super excited about it. >> they have everything from $59 drones. it does include a camera up to thousand-dollar quad continuers. there is big difference between the video quality, the flight time and the facility in the arizona. is there a difference between $89 drone and $1,000 drone? >> it depends. you could go with the low ones. they are more affordable. these are more for the indoor use. someone getting started in a drone culture. >> she recommends most start with $100 to $300 range especially if you plan to use it outdoor. >> it has more flight time and the battery light. >> on the high end, the thousand dollar models. if thar you can get the
4:58 pm
you. >> you are getting from 20 to 25 minutes worth of flight time. you are getting smart features like some of them have a follow me capability. john: from $1,200 models with sonar to $59 toys for teens a lot of drones will be lifting off from the backyard and fields in the new year. make sure you register the drone with the f.a.a. it is required if you fly it outdoors. though the rules of flying over people or neighbor's homes. it may be illegal. be careful and don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. john: tonight, a local neighborhood saddened on the death of a woman killed on the way to the grocery store in her wheelchair. pitfalls of twitter. an employee responded to a student's misspelling. he wasn't offended. she lost her job. there is a meeting at trump tower and a change in tone on this martin luther king jr. holiday. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a
4:59 pm
alison: we begin with breaking news from herndon. this is where we are told there is a fire, a barricade situation and a deadly police shooting all at the same home. skytrak7 right now is over the scene in herndon. so we are told that two people were also shot there before all of this began. in fact, the newest information we have gotten here is that the suspect in this situation is now dead. two is in the hospital and a person is treated at the scene. tom roussey is live there. he has been there for quite some time. there is a huge police presence there. tom: absolutely! we saw the s.w.a.t. team earlier with big automatic guns and a huge fire presence as well. let me get out of the way. the fire and the police involved shooting and two other victims happening in the same town home here. what happened, according to witnesses we ta
5:00 pm
that came out on the back deck of the town home. while he was out there the witnesses tell me they heard the police yelling to drop a gun. they are not sure what he did. but he went back inside after that. they say about that time a fire started, a big two-alarm fire that was coming out of some of the upper windows of the home. later on, neighbors heard gunshots. that was when the police fired at the man and shot him. he has now been pronounced dead at the hospital. there was another victim inside the home treated at hospital at this point. we are not sure what the injuries are. but initially this came down as a double shooting. we are working to confirm it with police who should give us an update any moment. there is a third victim treated on scene. this is in the mcnair farms neighborhood of herndon, a police neighbors tell me is usually very quiet. a lot going on today in this neighborhood. we will get the update from the police shortly. we should have a few


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