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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ummy: that breaking news is from prince george's county where police say a man tried to wife, father-in-law and himself. this was just after 8:00 a.m. on pompeii court in upper marlboro. we bell is live with what have learned so far. brad: at this point we believe of the people stabbed are still alive but we are told them are in rough shape. it was in that big house up is e in the court and it possible that at le
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alive because she ran to a neighbor's home for help. that neighbor well prepared to care for her. a prince george's county police officer. according to sources the iolence began with an argument between a man and his father-in-law. the man allegedly stabbed the and his wife as she tried to intervene. he two victims ran from the house and headed to the home of neighbor who happens to be a prince george's county police officer. >> i heard a loud bang on the me.order and woke reporter: he has seen a lot in this time the violence reached his doorstep. with s both bleeding severe neck wounds. washe said that the suspect still in the house and i said we will deal with that and now we wounds and th your keep talking to me to let me know you are still breathing and alive. re
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and assisted with the arrest of suspect. he was transported with whether are believe to be self-inflicted to his neck. police are still on the scene. his was in a community off rosariville road. it is pompeii court and you see investigators still there. we talked about officer lawson and what he did. moments ago we saw him walk down the street to his he with the family dog so is caring for that pup. later on ve more today. back to you. brad, thank you. lso now the final white house press briefing of the obama administration is about to take place. inside. see a live look we are told that a special guest will make an appearance. e will watch what is going on
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president-elect donald trump will be sworn in as he next commander in chief but according to late polls his popularity is taking a hit. overseas some comments are rattling the closest allies. has the latest. reporter: friday donald trump in as the 45th president. as d.c. prepares to take in thousands of people a growing list of democrats are the >> people haven't forgotten he attacked the mexican american gold star family and now a civil rights icon. at least identified 38 democrats who say they will skip the swearing in leading the movement is georgia congressman john lewis a civil rights icon trump dismissed as talk and no action. trump said
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-- he said trump is illegitimate president. >> trump said this is not the irst time he missed appear inauguration. there is meant of division going into the inauguration. poll shows trump's pproval rating the lowest for an incoming president of last seven. they americans say approve of how he has handled he transition but overseas ignites concern in some of allies, s closest criticizing nato the longtime political and military alliance 28 countries. >> i said no comment. that nato will problems. polls when heuted was in the lead but complained and called them rigged when he was down. the latest smissing polls with low approval ratings aying they are just like the phony election
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jummy: organizers for the inauguration are in crunch mode. a lot to get done to get ready for the people who will be in.he swearing john gonzalez has that part of plaza.ry from freedom john: some will greet him with others with simple disobedience. it is a flurry of activity. freedom plaza is truly a maze of risers andencing and that is your parade route. pennsylvania avenue, it is with the u.s. flag and d.c. flag and you can see across city hall wilson uilding you have a makeshift pavilion, a viewing pavilion while the department homeland is planning for over 800,000 similar to president swearg second
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smaller than the first inauguration with over a million. marine band which has played in every inauguration since 1801 will play the prelude friday and hail to the chief" with a 21 gun salute when he takes the oath. at the last two and being in a prime location helps we have windows upstairs. they are getting ready. reporter: you can see the office uilding here has unrolled a banner that reads welcome mr. president all of this starting with some of the inaugural balls. president-elect donald trump and wreath at will lay a the tomb of the unphone soldier on the gton and concert steps of the lincoln memorial ith toby keith and three doors down. back to you. news stay with abc 7 and channel 8
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inauguration. team providing coverage and check for update on at we are also on storm watch. shaping up to be a gray day. atg hill is here with a look the forecast. john: you have batches of rain one this ough we had morning and saw patchy of blue and that may be the afternoon it will be. temperatures cool for the moment, 37 frederick and 47 at reagan national airport and the orecast for the afternoon is watching another possible area of showers between temperatures 50's and to the lower we may see a little sun, more clouds and showers later. looking like a dry day. the next batch headed off to the will pass through. steady rain, nothing heavy but for the last
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minutes. then we will get back to the of a little brightening. temperatures slowly climb. mid to late afternoon break. possibly the overcast and shower ituation will settle down and by tomorrow morning we will have sunshine and milder. update on inauguration day weather and 10 days of seven ting in about minutes. jummy: thank you. last night's wild homege situation at a town in fairfax county muhammad killed by shot and police after a shootout and outside of the home. suzanne kennedy is there with the latest. suzanne: fairfax county police remained here overnight and into hours on covered wagon lane. rey have not
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to the crime spree that started with the 0 yesterday swat team called in to bring an end to it. brothers with two being shot and another man taken hostage and fire set in the townhouse. when the armed suspect came out at front door and lunged police they shot him. residents are in shock. we pray for the family and neighborhood. because how i feel right now is loss for everybody. i feel very sad because it is my neighborhood. >> i wish it would not happen. ause it makes me uncomfortable. i'm not going to trust the area like i used to. want to o kids and i worry about them. suzanne: the brothers were able drive to the hospital and they were non-life-threatening injuries. hostage
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smoke inhalation. authorities in turkey say new year's he massacre confessed. isis.d was motivated by he was arrested yesterday after a raid on a home. were in the nts club where 39 were killed at celebration.r's eve a man accused of killing five and wondering six at the fort made his airport first court appearance. staban santiago was caught on surveillance video on january 6 opening fire in the terminal. court for a pretrial hearing. he admitted he planned the and claims that he's been hearing voices. the motive is unclear. oming up, one woman paid a lesson for ignoring a safety warning all on video.
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d.c.'s finest hotel are rolling out the red carpet for wind.ration some packages as much as $500,000. go in the presidential uite at the st. regis and show some exclusive offers. of the beltway maryland and virginia when your law to e on it is the have the headlights on. outer loop n the getting from 95 closer to 270. near new e backup hampshire avenue due to an university ore boulevard. trarblgt temporarily involved and the ramp is partially blocked. as you try to get to silver spring from the area of college park. look mostly re rain. nothing to worry about except andissue
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will be work on 66 both run tions near spout starting at 9:00 and go until 5:00 a.m. but two or more 15-manu closures will -- closures will happen. so plan ahead for possible delays. traffic. look at we w
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jummy: we are a few days from inauguration of course and hotels are rolling out the red carpet. some packages are selling for up $500,000. am sweeney takes us inside the
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bargain at $85,000. you ever wondered what to 85,000 suite is welcome the presidential suite inside the st. regis hotel. amenities with this is this guy right here. service, nelson the personal butler. you have a big weekend coming up. you will bee things offering to guests? i willing offering unpacking and packing services. s soon as they come up i will escort them to the room, shoe shine service available, 24-hour butler, coffee and tea in the morning and on arrival as well bowtie assistance. sam: they just press a bell. >> that's correct. just press it on the phone. here.they have everything they will bring up fresh fruit, champagne, food, anything you want will be
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dog on the wall it will be there. one package. some hotels are offering as idential suite packages much as $500,000. nights in this and two bathrooms. this is the men's room and room.s the women's room is bigger. walk-in closet and gold plated bath tub and and it is an incredible room and again just $85,000 and you believe this? includes a free write to the airport. back to you. jummy: all right. our money together. dramatic images out of minnesota why when a sign says danger keep out you may want to follow the rules. a block
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people after warmer temperatures thawed. one person was hurt. the concern remains that there more instances like that. ven though the steps were closed they were ignoring it and heading down anyway. before, doug, sometimes it gets more dangerous stops falling because it is melting. john: that is a water fall that but when it breaks a little bigger clunks can come chunks can come down. we have no ice to worry about. weather in march the middle of january. 54 re forecasting a high of about 12 above average. then of showers now and but then skies may brighten and see a glimpse of sunshine. the next area moving from west to east to the metro area and steady
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steady and once it goes through we will get into another break evening another line of showers. all this is associated with a moving across the area and will make a couple of and thursday rrow then the weather deteriorates a bit on friday. tomorrow e look by morning one band of showers over the mountains recall tomorrow we otherwise partly sunny. i think it will wash out but of the northwest tomorrow and sunshine it will be very pleasant. we will enjoy that through thursday afternoon then the next ystem shows up and that is the one that could likely bring rain on friday. for is the futurecast set 6:30 friday morning with clear skies but clouds and rain on the to and that is likely manufacture in midday to afternoon friday. weather, thursday afternoon at 6:00 p.m. at the
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and temperatures comfortable for january. look to friday and we will have cloudy skies, chilly emperatures mid 40's with rain and possibly developing as early s 11:00 a.m. downtown and continuing straight through the evening. but not ll be chilly cold enough for ice. weekend partly cloudy and 55 and sunday cooler, 50 and sunshine. you notice the numbers stay in the 50 degree warming up friday to 50 or so saturday and sunday nd staying well into the 50's next week. stay with us. we return right after this.
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jummy: the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 has ended. t disappeared three years ago with 239 people. crews from australia, china and they have completed the search in the indian ocean plane.und no trace of the major economic announcement today from general motors the it will make a 1 billion investment in factories to create around 1500 production ing axle for the next generation full size pickup truck including work mexico and one in they will move to operations in michigan. a reaction s is not to recent criticism from president-elect donald trump.
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is on your side later with help for a car and truck owner. a ask the sts mechanic phone bank from 4:30 to 6:30. triple a will answer the questions about winterizing the car, maintenance anything else you may want to ask about keeping it in tip top shape. at 4:00 to find out how to connect with all those mechanics. it is never too late to go back o school and a woman in honolulu is proving that. 94. graduated at she always intended to get the egree after leaving college 52 years ago to take care of children. instead of watching netflix she online classes and she is not done. that is good to finish part of my life but i feel as roll.ill on a i have more to learn
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. i will do a masters. she expects to graduate 4.0 g.p.a.d had a good job to her. check he break we will with doug for a final look at the
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jummy: here is president obama at his last press conference. president obama: he looked even younger than he was. ince my entire campaign depended on communications in
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i gave him a pretty good once over. of thingsare a couple i learned about him right away. he's just got that thing rican good-looking going. that is helpful. let's face it. for television. hen the guy's name is josh earnest, which, if somebody is is a ng on your behalf, pretty good name to have. but what struck me most, in his ion to his smarts and maturity and his actual interest his e issues, was integrity. there are people you meet
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who inkling a pretty good off the bat are straight -- were and much raised raised to be fundamentally onest and treat people with respect. nd there are times where that first impression turns out to be wrong and you are a little you see behind curtain that there's spin some hype and, you know, posturing going on. are others who, the longer you know them and them, the more time you spend with them the tested under tough situations, the more that initial
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confirmed. 10ave now known this guy for years almost, and i have watched i have watched him advance and i have watched him be a father. and i have watched him manage ounger people coming up behind him. -- and he's never disappointed. he's always been the guy you be.ted him to , you know, if t you are a president of the united states and you find out who has is the guy been voted the most popular press secretary ever by the press corps, that may make you a little nervous, -- being he guy has too
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fact is that he was worthy of that and mirror ration. -- admiration. he was tough and didn't always give you guys everything you wanted. he was always prepared and he was always courteous and i make sure that he could share with you as much f our thinking and our policy and our vision as possible. and he tried to be as responsive as possible and that is how he the rest of his team to be. of the folks that i have had of great joy and pleasure working with the last 10 years journey, thisdible uy ranks as high as just about anybody i have worked with. he is not only a great press but, more importantly, he is a really, really good man and i'm really proud of


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