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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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there is more coming out of the story. a lot going on in the final days. we have more at 6:00 and 11:00. i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news. alison: thank you. reminder to sign up for breaking news text alerts from abc7 news at larry: alison, the neighbors say it was site of parties with loud music but tonight a shown house where police say a man shot two brothers and held a third man hostage is a crime scene as they are trying to piece together what happened. jeff is live with more. >> this is a crime scene in herndon. i just got new information. i'll read what we got from fairfax county police. the man shot and killed, the
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argument with the girlfriend. the brothers came to the scene. he then shoots his two brothers and the hostage, the third man involved in the situation lived at the home with the suspect. the two brother and the third man, the hostage are all recovering from the injuries following the incident yesterday. now the rest of the details of the story. he was known in area for helping others. >> nice person. jeff: usually neighbors with the car trouble. >> he said hiv, i can help you. >> why so many questions remain about the events that led to the death of the 32-year-old dudsei. >> my gosh! >> gunshots can be heard and the cell phone video captures fairfax county police s.w.a.t. team members arriving at the home on covered wagon lane in herndon yesterday before 3:00. police got a call that two brothers had been shot in the house. were driving themselves to the
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hospital. there was more gunshots and then a man saying he was held hostage by the shooter. >> the suspect set fire to the house. same time firing the handgun in the house. >> with the neighborhood in a panic -- >> the police say get out. they push me. go, go, go. >> witnesses say dudsei walked out the rear balcony. ordered to drop his gun and then went back inside. he eventually came out the front door. place say he had a knife. an officer fired a shot at him who later died at the hospital. >> he really cared about you being happy. >> a friend of him questions if it was justified shooting. >> he could have shot him in the leg or the shoulder. why would you do a kill shot?
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>> there is anger and questions from those who knew him. but the fairfax police say details of what happened at the home saying that he was clearly a threat to the hostage, neighborhood and the officers. this investigation is continuing. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now a developing story we're following in nigeria where 100 refugees and aid workers are dead after a fatal mistake by the country's air force team. if airstrike were targeting boko haram extremists but mistakenly bombed a refugee camp. this is the first time the military admitted the mistake. they have been accused of similar actions in the past. larry: confirm hearings today for the president elect. the hearing for the education secretary
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underway. you have to make sure that you understand what the consequence of each of those uses are. >> senate minority leader schumer said the help and the human services nominee tom price may have broken the law with the stock trade. he bought stock in medical device country and then delayed legislation that would have hurt the company. alison: according to abc news, 53 house democrats now say they plan to boycott the inauguration. this comes after a new poll that shows donald trump is the least popular person coming into this job in the last 40
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years. trump responded saying the same people who did the phoneny election polls are doing the approval rating polls and they are rigged just like before. scott thuman, what do you make of this? scott: it's not encouraging but if you are a trump supporter you say we have seen this data before. that is why you have the response earlier this morning to say they are phony. he proved that november 8. not winning the popular vote but winning the presidency. that is what mattered most. the theme on friday should be about unity. there is a lot of anticipation. we do
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place or play out. a lot is going on behind me. for that let's go to richard reeve. rich? richard: some folks want to be here for the inaugural festivities. other people are going around town. you could see the heavy duty rigs like this. this is part of the protection effort for security this week. >> the rain isn't stopping the inaugural rampup. >> it is a scary reality. i except think we should stop living the way we do. >> crews continue to put up the barricades and the bleachers. >> we were here the day the boston marathon happened. the security in washington is second to none. >> concrete bayers are in place. but this
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service using the counter meds like the dump trucks and prevent the nice like attack. >> he and his family were in paris in the brussels airport attack that left 34 people dead. >> being in another country. the awareness is a concern. >> but some are leaving. not because of the security concern but politics. >> the election dragged up the worst in some people. >> i'm not worried about anything. i'm excited to get to come and do the inauguration parade for the history of it. >> thomas is with the u.s. army. mounted unit. she will be in the parade. she wants to be here. things like this, this will all be part of
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we are dealing with. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. >> thank you. we want to let you know we will bring you live coverage of the inauguration from the embassy of canada. the big question is what will the weather be? is if rain going to let up before friday? doug: it's quiet and pleasant tomorrow and thursday. rain comes in the picture friday afternoon. look at today's rain. quickly moving out. other showers could pop. there are area of fog as the warmer air from the west through the area. the farther east, the colder it gets. we have improving conditions for sure. it's partly cl
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thursday. the latest forecast for inauguration day, cloudy and the rain developing in the afternoon. the temperatures are 50. if we had to pick a number out at the capitol, the cloudy skies and 47 degrees. we look at the next ten days in ten minutes. larry: thank you. new developments in the investigation in a double stabbing in marlboro. brad bell is live with the latest. >> domestic violence epidemic. we have seen it in the last few years. it happened in this house. the victim went to the right home. a police officer used towel to save their lives. in 19 years, larry has soon a lot. this this morning, the front door he will remember. >> it was bad.
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he heard someone pounding on his front door. it was a man. >> woman with worse injuries. >> the stabbing victim told lawson they lived up the street and had been attacked by the woman's husband in their home and he was still there. as medics arrived lawson helped arrest the suspect who cut his own throat and had taken to the hospital. >> sadness. sheer sadness. brad: she lives between the crime scene and the officer house. she doesn't know the victim but is not surprised the neighbor the cop in the pajamas was able to help. >> he is a good person. a great neighbor.
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he brought the victim's terrified little dog home for safekeeping. >> i did my job. i hope i saved the lady's life. brad: all prince george's county police officers are trained in first aid. they have trauma kit in their cars. he had to use the towel. the suspect and the two victims are alive in stable condition. larry: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". the search for answers. the community remembers a woman caught in the crossfire. alison: but first icy sheen that covers the midwest. why a woman is feeling lucky in the middle of it.
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>> who thought it would be lucky to have an ice cube fall through the ceiling. >> do you have problems with the car? i'm scott taylor in the "7 on your side" help center. we have answers. just call 703-236-9220. larry: birthday wishes to first lady michelle obama who is 53. actress betty white is 95. president obama sent the sweet to the wife this morning. to the girl from the southside who took on a role she didn't ask for and made it her own. happy birthday, michelle. i love
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alison: 7 is on storm watch tonight. part of the midwest starting to clean up after the massive ice storm. thousands of people don't have power as far as an inch fell in some places. it could bring up to eight inches of snow to parts of new england. >> when they brought it down, we were blown away. that scared me. had it come through, it would have been huge. larry: she is talking about the massive icicle. look at that. it crashed through the roof and got stuck
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she heard the noise and only realized it when she came in the closet. the dripping water on her head. alison: around here we just have rain. doug: all attention is friday at high non-on the steps of the capitol. what will the weather be? al 80 years -- until 80 years ago all the inaugurations were held in march. the earlier date cut the time from the election and the swearing in ceremony but put
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washington winter. the average high in the 20's is 43. the low is 28. snow on inaugurations day has been light. although eight inches of snow covered washington when president kennedy sworn in as the 35th president. that day the army corps of engineers had to clear abandoned cars from the parade route. that is in the dark contract of a second inauguration in 1958 that was the coldest in history and had to be moved indoors because of the extreme conditions. the noontime was 7 degrees. the wind chills ranged between ten to 20 below zero. many of us remember the weather on president obama's inauguration on 2009. the morning temperatures in the teens and only hit 30 degrees later in the day. a number of the people were sent to h
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warming tents, suffering exposure from the effects to the cold. what is the weather like friday? cloudy and cool. the temperatures will warm to 50 degrees in the afternoon. the only question is when will the light rain arrive? we think in the afternoon hours. sometimes after 1:00 or 2:00. anecdote on the 50-degree temperature. if we hit 50 degrees for inauguration day it will be the third warmest inauguration since it was in january. even before that. the third warmest inaugural outdoor event. what is happening here? the rain moved out for the most part. we may deal with the patchy showers. fog with the warmer air moving in. many areas west of town see temperatures that hold steady
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and rise a few degrees. the average high for january is 43. there is a break with the chance of another shower this everything. the temperature is 50 degrees in washington. that is the warmest all day. it's 60 in elkins west virginia. contrast of 379 in hagerstown. the warmer air will spread in. on the planner for tonight, look at the numbers for washington. go up a couple at 7:00. cloudy skies and stray shower and the area of fog. we have steady temperatures. the skies may clear out ahead. a cold front flips through overnight. if future ca
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it will be pleasant and warm. unseasonably mild day. the highs of 54. the clouds will increase once a high moves out thursday night. behind that is disturbance to bring rain at times through friday afternoon and friday night. the forecast through tomorrow is nice. gusty winds but the mild highs in the upper 50's. looking ahead to the concert on thursday. low 50's by the concert time. drop to upper 40's by 6:00. the weather will be dry and breezy. for the next ten days a lot of 50's on the map again. we will push it out for ten days. there are chances of showers friday. then again on monday. but it will
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early to mid-march in the mid-to-the upper 50's. alison: not so bad. doug: where is winter? out west. interesting perspective. thank you. "7 on your side" tonight so you can ask the mechanic. scott they lar has the panel of experts. scott: we have been here since 4:30 taking your phone calls. 703-236-9220. we have jim and pete and marty. these other guys are the mechanics answering your questions from if you know what a caller is or if you don't know what a head gasket is. they will be here until 6:30. 703-236-9220. alison: thank you. now a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7. but first, julie wright with a look
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tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thank you, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington," final preparations if for trump inauguration are underway. get security measures and who is performing on the big day. >> heading out of town, how to score a great deal on a last-minute get-away if you are skipping the inauguration. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes at
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larry: a developing story tonight after a woman plungedded from the third floor in columbia heights this morning. she had severe injuries and the police spent part of the day investigating. we learned when the police were first called to the scene it was not regarding the woman's fall. stephen tschida is there with what he has learned so far. stephen: at 8:30 this morning people walking around columbia heights saw what they thought was a child fall from the third floor. the victim was actually a woman in her 50's. police spent hours investigating. some neighbors wondered if the woman slipped on the balcony. but information about a loud argument apparently in the apartment or on the balcony in the moments right before the woman fell has some wondering whether she was pushed or thrown.
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>> it's sad. terrible. when the rescue workers arrived she had no pulse. they did c.p.r. and got her heart beating again and she was taken to medstar. >> wow! just pray for her soul and for her family. stephen: at last report the woman was in the hospital. no update on her condition. this apartment complex is ongoing with the investigation. >> coming up at 5:00 -- >> we have been planning for the security around this event for many months. >> we take you behind the scenes as the f.b.i. gets ready to protect the crowds at friday presidential inauguration. >> later, tracking the flu. find out where cases are on the rise in the area.
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>> police turned to outrage community to find killer of a
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: you can see right here one of the bullets pierced the sign telling people the area is monitore
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but tonight the person who pulled the trigger in the hail of gunfire killing a beloved grandmother and figure in her community is still on the run. sam ford has more. sam: it's sad thing when feuding members of the community kill each other but it's worse when they kill a grandmother in a wheelchair. police are making the extra effort to find the killer. they released a fire to seek help to arrest the killer of vivian. her grandmother told us despite crime in the area she was never afraid. >> she said shelverred the neighborhood and wouldn't go anywhere. i used to joke with her and say you'll come live with
5:31 pm
not. sam: she was on the way to the storm. >> this is shocking. the store owner said she loved the kids. >> if the kids come in. >> we believe somebody in the neighborhood knows what happened. and probably the person responsible. >> the daughter spoke by the speakerphone from north carolina to the community saying it is not snitching to tell the police. >> it is not about snitching. this is about a loving woman who cared about everybody. somebody could stand up. i want justice for my mom.
5:32 pm
grandmother when shot in the area. he was wounded. the police are not saying that he was not a possible target. although they said the grandmother definitely was not the target. they asked the public if anyone has information to call the police tip line at 202-727-9099. reporting live, i'm sam ford. abc7 news. larry: thank you. three days before the presidential inauguration and the security measures are put in place. to see the president elect and the -- keep the president-elect and the crowd safe. jeff goldberg went behind the scenes with the facebook to talk about security. >> this room will be buzzing with the law enforcement to keep everyone safe.
5:33 pm
>> this is a huge endeavor. jeff: they will monitor activities throughout the city and the teams will be able to react to any incident. >> in the wake of nice, berlin and san bernardino the lone wolf terrorist is getting attention in the lead up to the inauguration. >> the challenge with the lone actors they are harder to defect. identifying that in advance. getting in front of it before the harm can occur. >> the local law enforcement play a vital support role on the ground, especially m.p.d. montgomery county will send 120 officers to d.c. for inauguration. fairfax, 105. prince george's county will send 40 officers. arlington county will deploy more than a hundred. >> we are here in case anything happens where there is a pub
5:34 pm
>> throughout the region the law enforcement will increase the presence at the metro stations and the other transportation hubs. >> speed, equip, manpower. resources and one goal. >> to keep people safe. >> in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: if you know are heading to the inauguration you can't bring in guns, backpacks, balloons or umbrellas or coolers. found out more at stay with abc7 news for complete coverage of the inauguration. we have reporters at the capitol, on the parade route and the national mall on friday. alison: hogan said the plan would cut government spending but there would not be the tax hike or the large cut to program. >> we are hopeful they will put aside the tax and the spend
5:35 pm
instead work together with us in a bipartisan way to enact meaningful, budget performs. alison: it will include using $177 million from the state's rainy day fund to make up for the lower than expected revenue. today they passed a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 120, -- by the year 2020. we have reaction to that at 2:00. larry: the next story may provide inspiration for anyone who thinks they are too old to start something new. amy graduated from southern new hampshire university at the age of 94. she said she always intended to get her degree after leaving college 52 years ago to take care of her children. she said instead of watching netflix all day she enrolled in the online classes. she is not done. >> it feels good to graduate
5:36 pm
life. i feel that i am still on the road. i have more to learn. i hope i do a good job. >> well, she expects to graduate with the masters in 2019. she had a 4.0 g.p.a. on the way to getting her bachelors. i love that. alison: nice to be in hawaii, too. larry: not bad. do homework out there. congratulations to her. >> coming up at 5:00, we have a lot of support. a lot of people. with the people that aren't happy about it or want to hate. alison: knowing who your fans are. how the local band is learning a lot from the inauguration. larry: now your chance to ask the mechanic. call 703-236-9220. to speak with an expert in the help center. they will be there u
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>> and at "abc7 news at 6:00" tonight -- we are following breaking news we told you about that the president has commuted the sentence for chelsea manning. the reaction and why that move could bring wikileaks founder julian assange back to the united
5:38 pm
steve: inauguration day is upper 40's to around 50. we are thinking now that most of the rain should hold off until after the noontime hour. the parade, temperatures around 50 degrees. soggy out there. come saturday and sunday well above average in terms of the daytime highs. around 55 degrees on saturday. around 50 on sunday. with a nice mix of the sun and clouds. be on the lookout. showers late
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larry: abortions are at the lowest level since 1984. the number of abortions in the u.s. in 2014 was more than 926,000. that is 12.5% drop from 2011. only six states saw inc
5:41 pm
alison: maryland and virginia are two of the 19 states listed by the c.d.c. where the flu is widespread. d.c. is one level down listed with the regional and the local flu activity two. if you have the flu you can pass it on to others before you even realize you have caught it. larry: coming up. a crime would be an understatement. i reached out to everybody. we knew to try to help. >> a horse therapy program designed to help children with sp
5:42 pm
down. erin hawksworth tells us who stepped in to save the day. >> ask anybody at oldtown alexandria and they will tell you they consider the neighborhood progressive and inclusive. there is one person they want out of town immediately. i will show you who th
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alison: this is amazing. a find on a former nazi death camp in poland. this pendant belonged to a girl named caroline cohen. the only similar pendant known to exist belonged to anne frank. both engraverred with the birthday and the home cities. they believe that the girls may have known each other or perhaps shared a family connection. larry: wow! some people living in part of oldtown are taking issue with the new neighbor. they say he is a power player in the white supremacist movement. q mccray went to lec lex to learn more about the push to make him move out. q: the flyer making rounds in alexandria. some peak are upset about the old town newest neighbor. richard
5:46 pm
>> this is disappointing. it's scary that it's happening so close to your neighborhood. q: he was the speaker that prompted nazi salute after trump's election win in november. the white nationalist made headlines then and making more now with the move to q street in heart of old town. having the leader of the alt-right movement set up a hub across the street isn't going over well. >> this is sad. i lived here since i was 8. q: she isn't the only one worried. the flyer tells people to bring concerns to the city manager's office. we did that and got the answer. while individuals can form opinions about each other based on who they are and what they believe, the governments must enforce the law fairly and uniformly. he hasn't done anything wrong by moving here.
5:47 pm
the way he feels. >> for the newest resident we tried every effort to be prolite. i walked up to the second floor apartment here, rang the doorbell without our camera rolling. i asked a question to interview him. that is when he shut the door in my face. in old town, q mccray, abc7 news. alison: "7 on your side" tonight. so you can ask the mechanic. scott taylor has details. scott: we are with the pit crew. expert mechanics. including pete. we want to talk about the emergency kits that people use. emergency roadside kits. what should be in them in winter? >> flashlight, reflector light, pump, battery cables. maybe chains. any type of the emergency signal that you are in trouble. scott: terrific. he got
5:48 pm
who said here is my car, and the trouble. should i junk it and buy a new car? he said junk it. somebody out there is getting a new car. go to jamie for traffic. jamie: what we are seeing out there on the roads is going to be heavy volume. the police activity in the district. roosevelt bridge shut down. inbound they may shut down momentarily because of the police activity. take a look at the beltway here. at the american legion bridge. bumper to bumper delays in both directions. you see the sheen on the roads out there. we have volume. we have had it for most of the afternoon. part of that is when the rain was coming down earlier, heavier. 12 miles per hour for the inner loop to mclean in bethesda. the heaviest area on d.c. is both directions on kenilworth after. southbound d.c.
5:49 pm
past malcolm x. and continuing closer to national harbor. 66. delays from the beltway to the parkway. that will take you 31 minutes. live look to the metro. you can see a lot of volume. no closures due to the accident. that is good. alison: thank you. ahead at 6:00, the leaders approve a boost from the minimum wage. but it is far from guaranteed. in three days trump will address the nation. members weigh in on what the message must include if the nation will heal fromdy viceive election. we remember a man who helped convict a vice president ahead at 6:00. larry: the weather, not just this week but on friday. any chance of showers? doug: a good chance by friday afternoon there will be showers in
5:50 pm
we have our own showers today. several batch move through ahead of a warm front that is going to cause the temperatures to rise tonight. that is the story. mild weather. then clouds on friday and good chance of rain in the afternoon as well. take you to the future cast here from the storm watch weather center. get through the evening and watch the temperatures rise through late tonight. additional showers are possible but it looks like this model most are closer to the pennsylvania line or south and east of the metro area. isolated shower not out of the question. the temperatures don't fall much overnight. low 50's in the city. upper 40's to the west. winds turn northwest and gusty. it will help push the temperatures up. we look ahead to the day on thursday. it's pleasant. the clouds increase thursday night. friday for the inauguration day, cloudy. the highs near 50. it looks like there will be ha
5:51 pm
developing. we think it's after the noon hour through the afternoon. get to saturday and the extended outlook in the weekend, it look like we turn partly sunny. 55. 52 on sunday. late in thedy and monday the next chance of the rain. mild weather with more weather reminiscent of the early to mid-march than in the middle of january. that is it. back to you. larry: 50's in january. erin: i can handle that. larry: score. that is winning. alison: you have a nice story today. erin: yes. i love this story. equestrian program in herndon serving children with special needs. they recently got good news. they thought the program would have to shut down but it may not be the case. >> show me how much you like your horses. enders for ten years -- erin: for ten years she has provided free equestrian lesn
5:52 pm
erin: for children with special needs. >> i notice her confidence is high on the horse. >> the horses most of them have been saved. erin: not only does she save the horses but she saves the kids. >> she could have a worst day at school and comes home and crying but a different person on the horse. >> the small non-profit is called spirit. >> one of the students who had autism and she is not verbal. we are walking around and she turned to me and said, "i love you." >> put your hands on the helmet. erin: but last month spirit received horrible news. >> sit down gently. >> it was devastating. erin: she was told she has to vacate because the owner of the farm was planning to sell. >> crying would be an understatement. >> and up. erin: thankfully with the help of fairfax county parks and the donations from the
5:53 pm
on a deal to relocate. seems like you are tearing up. why are you tearing up? >> emotions. it's not the job. >> give me a hug. >> thank you. >> it's a life. >> if you want to help out the spirit program, you can do that. go to the website. the story has a link to make the donations. a wonderful program. i want to go back and volunteer. i was so inspired by what they are doing. alison: thank you. larry: they say they play at the pleasure of the president. alison: but when we come back the lesson this band is learning af
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jonathan: a handful of musicians got together in the mid-1990's and made reality an idea they haven't heard of. it's a tribute
5:57 pm
they have been invited to perform. the band called the reagan years said it helps them realize who the real fans are. >> it's an honor to play for a president. >> ♪ i got my first real six string ♪ >> they have been rocking out for 20 years. the pioneers of the 1980's tribute bands. reagan years known around the country and in the home state of maryland. >> who doesn't like 1980's music? it works everywhere. larry: from de bf leopard to madonna they play all the classic hits. getting ready to lay on the biggest stage yet. presidential inauguration. >> it's america's way to celebrate new president. >> from the first gig in 1996 to the all american ball on capitol hill -- >> he is a very successful man. i respect him very much. >> the name and the logo may
5:58 pm
all politics. >> the reagan years isn't supposed to be as politically charged as maybe what everybody wants to make out. >> we were doing 1980's band. what is iconic. >> the decision to play with trump, they almost immediately felt the pressure. >> we got the call. we were happy to do it. then the government started. >> we will go there and do what we are hired to do. entertain everybody. >> what is the one song they hope to play? >> "money, money, money, money ♪ >> ♪ don't stop believing >> everything he went through with the campaign, even through the career. >> ♪ cut loose >> in frederick, maryland, with the reagan years, john gonzalez, abc7 news. announcer: for abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: the breaking news coming from the white house where president obama has commuted the sent
5:59 pm
intelligence officer chelsea manning. manning was convicted of leaking thousands of classified documents to wikileaks and sentenced to 35 years in prison. amy aubert is following the breaking story with the reaction tonight. amy? amy: that is right. you will remember chelsea manning formerly known as bradley manning was supposed to serve 35 years. she will be out of prison in 14 months. some are saying that they are relieved to hear the news and thanking president obama on twitter. paul ryan posting a statement within the hour saying in part chelsea manning treachery put american lives at risk and exposed some of the most sensitive secrets. president obama levers in place a dangerous precedent that those who compromise the national security won't be held accountable for the
6:00 pm
crimes. senator mccain called it a graver mistake. wikileaks founder julian assange said he would turn himself in the if president pardoned manning. in total, president obama shortened sentences for 209 inmates today. jonathan: president obama granted a pardon to james cartwright. the former chairman of the joints chiefs pleaded guilty in september to lying to the f.b.i. the lie is when cartwright denied reaking to the media details of the government computer virus used against iran. cartwright was due to be sentenced at the end of the month. >> the presidential pardons come three days ahead of the inauguration of trump as president. there are visible signs of the event. it will be lead atop of the canadian embassy with a view


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