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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 18, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," a replacement plan for the affordable care act is on the horizon. republican lawmakers are saying they will roll it out next week. this as a new report confirms how many millions of americans could be affected. and the surprise break in a cold case involving sisters missing since 1985. they've been found alive 2000 miles away from their home. the tip that led investigators to a home in texas and landed a mother in jail. and why live streaming in the locker room might not be the best idea. >> the star receiver that got an ear full from a coach after sharing colorful language. it was being used during the post game victory celebration. >> and hip hop versus r&b.
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training brown and why soulja boy might need to call in the favor to superman. it's wednesday, january 18th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." so many older folks right now checking their facebook to try to figure out who is this soulja boy and why would he get into a fight with a military person? why are they fighting? after honoring our country. soulja boy. >> we're just going to let that one breathe for a while and let everyone run to google while we continue the newscast and we'll get to it. we're talking about another fight that is about to take place on capitol hill. it is a scramble to replace obama care as republicans struggle to unite behind a single plan. >> donald trump's health secretary nominee prepares to testify on capitol hill today.
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with a plan that allows states to keep the affordable care act or have other options. the options aren't clear. mary bruce has more on what's on store. >> a showdown over the man trump put in charge to replace obama. on the eve of his first big test, questions are growing about tom price. trump's nominee for hhs secretary. after he purchased up to $15,000 in stock in a medical device company and then days later introduced a bill that would have benefitted that same company. a stock purchase the transition team said was made by an independent broker without price's knowledge. >> if he knew about it, it could be a violation of the law. >> reporter: price a former surgeon is one of the only republicans to put forth legislation to replace obama care. but according to a new report from the independent congressional budget office, 18 million americans could lose their coverage in the first year. unless an alternative is put in
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republicans are pushing back. >> it's an obsolete recommendation. >> reporter: you still have no concrete plan for replacement. >> of course we'll have a concrete plan for replacement. >> reporter: the president-elect says he's close to completing a plan to provide insurance for everybody, but he hasn't provided any details. across the country signs of uncertainty. in colorado a meeting with a congressman overrun by constituents voicing their concerns. >> i am here because i have concerns about the repealing of the affordable care act. >> reporter: and three democrats are calling for tom price's hearing to be delayed until they can clear the questions about his finances. as of now that first hearing still a go for later this morning. the president-elect made a quick trip to washington last night for a preinaugural black tie dinner. trump addressed and talked about
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are predicting record crowds. he also joked about his secretary of state pick, rex tillerson. >> he goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country. it's tough dealing with these politicians. >> trump also added that he had great respect for other countries and for the world. dinner was the first chance for many in washington's diplomatic community to meet his cabinet appointees. >> russia's president claims despite with putin calls trump's convincing victory. he denies collecting compromising information on trump. the press secretary in his final briefing said it seems as though putin received a copy of the trump team's talking points. >> now to reports we're working to confirm that
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is being treated in a hospital. he's said to be in stable condition. he was seen at the texans game. more information as we get it. >> and chelsea manning will be released from prison in may. now that president obama has commuted her 35 year snnts for giving u.s. secrets to wikileaks. she was known at badradley manng when she was air forrrested. manning asked the president for clemency last november. >> we had no indication of if or when we would be hearing from the white house regarding her application. we learned this afternoon along with everyone else, and it was a very thrilling and hopeful moment for us. >> but war veteran john mccain disagrs.
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he claims commuting the sentence will undermine military discipline and encourage further acts of espionage. paul ryan calls the move outrageous. the hunt for a suspected cop killer is over. he was wanted for shooting an orlando officer and for killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend. he was taken into custody after being found in an abandoned house. police traced the text messages he sent. >> he was relieved and happy but also upset to know that he was arrested right around the corner from debra's mother's house. >> they put the late officer's handcuffs on loyd. >> walmart is lihiring. they're adding about 10,000 stores and
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construction jobs. president-elect trump is praising the job. lowe's is restructuring and the layoffs affect less than 1% of their work force. san diego is keeping it classy. u-haul might be the best way for the chargers to move. they are refusing to help the team reach los angeles. bi businesses in san diego have created a website, wewon' the url was available. pittsburgh, the steelers star, antonio brown is apologizing for live streaming. there was salty language
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plays on sunday. tomlin says brown will be punished and he had sharp word for brown. >> it was foolish of him to do that. it was sell fish of him to do that. and it was unconsiderate for him to do that. it's our desire for him and everyone to be great teammates as well as great players. >> tomlin said he regrets the language he used bill addressing his team after the win against the chiefs. he didn't detail the discipline brown might face, but i'm sure the patriots are saying thank you. we're going to use this in our video. >> and as chargers try to figure out how to make their move, the warriors found a classy way to break ground on their new home. ♪ ♪ >> accompanied by the strings of a
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the $1 billion plus arena is set to open in 2019. oracle opened in 1966. that has to be the most creative way of breaking ground i think i've ever seen. >> i think the crew needs some tutus. >> coming up in the meantime, some scary, dangerous and over the top. why those are some of the words being used to describe lady gaga's plan to tear open the stadium roof on super bowl sunday. we'll have the story ahead in the skinny. >> the stunning break in a 31-year-old cold case involving two sisters missing since 1985. hear why their mother is now behind bars. first, a look at today's forecast.
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>> this may win for the crazy story of the day. two women who disappeared as children in 1985 have surfaced alive and well more than 31 years later. >> three decades. they were found nearly 3,000 miles away in texas. living under different names and their mother is now in jail. >> reporter: for three decades plus the fate of these two sisters was a mystery. aging photos showed what they might look like. but they have been found. their mother elaine yates is in jail. police say in 1985 during a nasty divorce and custody battle she fled rhode island with the girls and vanished. but a few weeks ago a tip led investigators to texas. >> before christmas this past year members received information that elaine yates was living in texas. >> reporter: over the years she
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changed her name at least twice. police say kelly and kimberly now have families of their own. they haven't seen their father since they were allegedly taken. >> i've always been trying to find my children, and now at least it's up to them to get in touch with me. what happens with my ex-wife, i don't feel bad about. we got to find out what's going on. >> reporter: elaine yates is on her way back to rhode island. she'll be in court on wednesday facing charges of child snatching. >> amazing story. when we come back, betty white shares some of her favorite tv moments on her 95 th birthday. >> and hear why lady gaga's plans for the super bowl halftime show are literally over the time. "the skinny" is coming up next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ all right. time for the skinny. we are keeping the party going for betty white. she just turned 95. >> happy birthday, betty white. the world is talking about how the tv icon is cool as ever. sitting down for an exclusive interview with katie couric, white confessed she doesn't feel 95. >> as she's been on tv almost since tv was invented. one of her funniest bits in 1979 appearing on the tonight show with johnny carson as adam and
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eve divorcing. >> i want what's coming to me. and another thing, you don't trust me. >> something i want to ask you about, eve. was i the first? >> how can you ask such a ridiculous question? >> it's just the way the snake keeps winking at me. >> keep the throwback going with some of her funniest moments on the mary tyler moore show, and rose niland from the golden girls. >> we're early? >> not a bit. >> you pretend we're not here and finish putting on your makeup. >> i have finished putting on my makeup. >> suit yourself. >> do you know what he has under that french coat? >> a wrench?
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>> i could watch betty white clips for the rest of the day. she said she is totally up for a golden girls remake. >> the other three members aren't. >> it's happening. we wish that would happen. next to what is promising to be one of the most outrageous super bowl shows ever. >> lady gaga is planning to tear open the roof of the stadium. >> the plan described as dangerous involves her singing from the top of the stadium dome. it comes as they release clips of her rehearsing. >> page six reports lawyers and technicians are trying to figure out how to make this ambitious plan work. they've drawn up multiple plans on how to get her up to the roof safely including cutting a hole in the dome ceiling. >> another plan is to air lift her. regardless, insiders say her team is worried but she's reportedly all for it and
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i say do it. that would be great. >> they say raise the roof. >> just as long as the roof is not on fire. no, raise the roof. next, a boxing match between two men who don't box. >> we are talking about singer chris brown and rapper soulja boy. they agreed to settle their apparent differences by getting into the ring. floyd mayweather was going to promote the fight, but soulja boy says he's going to do it all himself. >> he doesn't need a promoter. and to make matters worse, there's a new track aimed at sole ja. soul ja. this one -- it featured various boxing experts and sports commentators, well, not really. it's just a whole lot of hot women. >> there's a twist at the end. you see that the man who is
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really behind the lyrics is iron mike tyson, and he drops the bomb on soulja boy that he has been training chris brown. it's so weird. yesterday we did a story -- >> it's going to be something big in march. >> i happened to have walnuts at the desk. and look what i just happened to have. sitting here next to me. >> are we going at it? >> you took -- fine. all right. >> ready? >> i don't know how. >> jab. jab. jab. >> what if i miss and get hit in the face? >> the money maker? >> exactly. it would be like marsha from the brady bunch. >> maybe we could use training. finally, new york's fashion week. forget the 10s. it will feature a model an eight and six. >> he's 86 years old. buzz aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon will be the first astronaut to walk the cat walk. >> designer nick graham is
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♪ ♪ >> i mean, i know gio is big on social media, but he has an app now? >> he needed his own app. >> yes. >> after monday night's episode of "the bachelor" with the bouncy houses and whipped cream, check. barf bag, words of wisdom from a former bachelorette. >> she's been watching the season closely and she's sharing what she thinks about how nick is handling things so far.
3:56 am
finale beautiful bachelorette is all about endless love with roberto. that was then. >> this is now. >> reporter: now she's mom to a six month old molly. >> i want to be the bachelorette 2027. >> reporter: molly has her own instagram. and daddy ain't roberto. he's kevin. a radio host, and they live in los angeles with their dog, owen. >> last night we were lying in bed and were like, i'm happy. >> reporter: allie was also a contestant and made waves talking about the current season. >> right in front of these -- oh, my god. >> there's a lot of sexual
3:57 am
this season. second episode in there's already been two topless girls. i want them to know they're better than this. nick is considered the sexy bachelor, so i feel like they feel the need to play up their sexuality for that reason. >> reporter: who do you think is going to win. >> to me there's two front runners, corinne and the southern belle. >> reporter: advice. >> don't put too much pressure on yourself to stay in a relationship that isn't right. >> reporter: there was a lot of heavy love talk. >> we fell in lust on the show. you think you're in love, but really you don't know that person. when you get engaged, you probably spent a total of 72 hours together with that person. we went into the real world and weren't right for each other. >> reporter: do you talk to each other? >> we don't talk. do you keep in touch with your ex-girlfriend? oh. >> reporter: we're out of time. >> nick not a little hot under the collar. a little nervous.
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making news in america this morning, breaking right now, a health scare for former president george h.w. bush. the 92-year-old hospitalized overnight. the details on his condition just coming in. inauguration events are under way. donald trump becomes president in two days, but he's already made a stop in washington attending a dinner overnight. hear what he said to the crowd about his cabinet picks. an abc news exclusive. the 18-year-old taken from the hospital as an infant talking about her new life after uncovering her true identity plus new details about the woman accused of kidnapping her and she's extradited to florida. the fireball seen from miles. see what caused this massive explosion.


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