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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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4:00". on your side. michelle: president obama wrapping up his last news conference as president of the united states moments ago. we will have a wrap of that in a moment. alison: but first we have breaking news regarding the 41st president, george h.w. bush. he is in intensive care tonight battling pneumonia. q mccray is at the "live desk" with breaking news here with the family. q? q: that is right. this morning a spokesperson for former president bush said he was responding well to treatment but then hours later an update that bush is in intensive care unit at houston methodist hospital. a complication cropping up from the few moania forced doctors to clear up the airwaves to make it easier for him to breathe. now he is stable and resting comfortably. but also just in his wife barbara bush and former first lady was also admitted to the same hospital this morning as a precautionary measure. she was e
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and coughing. from the "live desk," i'm q mccray. back to you. michelle: thank you. stay with abc7 news for updates even when you are away from the tv. head to to subscribe to our breaking news alert. you will get notices sent to your phone from our newsroom. momentses ago, president obama offered up the last news conference and one of the things he did is offer prayers to bush family. alison: he talked about subjects that were important to him, race relations, russia and his successor. chief political correspondent scott thuman is there on capitol hill with more on the press conference. hi, scott. scott: good evening. it was interesting listening to president obama as he was well aware that this was his last chance to get in his final thoughts before handing over the reins to donald trump. he did the
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errors for big subject matter he has tried to tackle in the past eight years where he felt he has made accomplishments like the lgbt community and where he thought he still needed a lot of work to attempt to tackle even after leaving office. race relations and inquality, something he got passionate in speaking in the hour-long press conference. then he really just tried to put a bow on the closing arguments, if you will, by summing up how his presidency has gone and how he sees the big eternal good and evil in the world right now. take a listen. president obama: i believe in this country. i believe in the american people. i believe that people are more good than bad. i believe
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things happen -- tragic things happen. there is in the world. but at the end of the day if we work hard and are true to those things that feel true and feel right the world gets better each time. that is what this presidency has tried to be about. i see it in the young people i work with. i couldn't be prouder of them. and so, this is not just a matter of no drama obama. this is what i really believe. scott: a poignant final thought there from president obama. he realizes the eight years have come down to 40 hours. so, his goodbye to the press corps and to the nation delivered in those few sentences in some ways, last thing to point out quickly he was also asked about this brewing controversy as he does hand the torch to donald trump and the next administration. the fact
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member of congress, democratic members who don't plan to be here for the ceremony. he made it very clear he said, "i will be here, michelle will be here." and that he felt a responsibility to do so. but in the same breath but said i am giving my beth advice to donald trump and getting him know that it is a big world out there. you have to listen to a lot of voices to make the right decisions. live on capitol hill, scott thuman. back to you. michelle: thank you. watch the entire news conference on the facebook page. you can see where the viewers reacted with a like, laughter or anger. it's at alison: as we continue our inauguration coverage for you now, it's quite a scene downtown across from trump hotel as a gun goes off. look at this. well, it turns out a special officer accidentally shot himself in the leg. the response was exactly what you expect. it's this. police swarming the area. however, that scene is now
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secure. michelle: abc7 has team coverage as we're two days away from inauguration day. alison: jonathan elias is at the embassy of canada by the capitol. what a nice set-up. jonathan: i have one of the best seats in the house. this is where we will be on friday for the inauguration. i'll set the scene for you. you can see the risers and where the swearing in will take place. the parade comes over my left shoulder down constitution avenue. we have a great setup to see what happens friday. a lot of anticipation and excitement building if what are will take place here. already, though, if you have been getting around the district you have been feeling the impact. we have you covered this afternoon. transportation reporter brianne carter is going to talk to us about what is happening with metro and the transportation, getting around town. brad bell is going to talk to us about the excitement of what takes place peacefully every four years in this town. start with getting around right now. parking restrictions i saw them as i pulled up to the embassy. they are all over the place. you can't park on certain routes
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brianne: the areas you were just highlighting are no parking zones as of now. look here. across the street. look at the empty parking spaces that are here along f street. normally at this time, look. you would be able to park here for two hours. but now look at this sign. starting today at 12:00 noon. the parking spots were off-limits and will remain that way until monday. this was the first set of the parking restrictions that went into place at noon today. more parking restrictions, a wider perimeter to follow. then road closures will eventually go into place as well. what we witnessed today, less than an hour after the restrictions went into place. many people came back to their car to find a ticket. some even to find their car was gone. it had been towed out of that area. that is exactly what the plan laid out for. that anyone parking in the spot after the times would be ticketed and towed away as they continue to crack down on security. the parki
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starting to become scarce down here around town. we talked to some folks about what they are planning on doing and what they saw today. >> when i parked, i actually was looking. i'm looking here. i didn't think to look all the way up there. it was my fault. brianne: if you plan on coming downtown under any of the next couple of days, look all the way down the street. parking, of course, may be there and the signs will be there as well. many of the parking restrictions again until the 23rd. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. worth reminding folks at home, they have tow trucks here like crazy. if you are parking in the wrong spot you will be gone. road closures are coming in waves in next few days. there are a lot of them. we detailed them on the website know this. driving downtown in the next couple of days might be
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certainly parking will be. metro may be the best bet getting around the d.c. and the mall area this weekend. because the system is open at 4:00. saturday, the system will be opening at 5:00. sunday the schedule is back open at normal time, 7:00. talk about friday. peaceful transfer of power. people coming to watch the inauguration of president-elect trump. there is the parade route. so many people come in here. but not everybody voted for this president. that becomes an issue of controversy and at least conversation. brad bell is out there talking to folks who want to get up on the soap box and share the thoughts about this particular inauguration. brad: this happens every fours. we get the inauguration and the town fills up. we are seeing people coming to the capitol to take pictures and this is the chance to get close. we want to set up the soa
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to the election, to let people sound off and have the voice be heard. today we asked what are the thoughts? what are the emotions leading up to the inauguration? this is what they had to say, unfiltered and up edited. >> mr. trump is steadfast in his beliefs. he doesn't put one a lot of guff. that is a lot of why i support him. he is the first believable person for a long time that i think will follow through with what he says. >> it's a person who grew up in the coal region i am looking forward to a revitalization of the rust belt, the coal region, energy in general. hoping to see the country turn the corner. friends of mine who are out of work can find meaningful work. >> regardless of who won or not, it's just being down here and being part of history. seeing it. seeing all
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it's exciting. brad: other part of town there are protesters. but down here, we are starting to see as you heard, the people coming because they just want to see, jonathan as you said, the peaceful transfer of power. they want to experience that history. so we will be back at 5:00 with much more of what people down here have to say about the coming inauguration. jonathan: brad, we look forward to it. i got to tell you. look over my shoulder and push in on the capitol dome. not only was the dome redone recently. that is spectacular but when we got here it was blue skies and beautiful. see the clouds coming in now? dark clouds. there may be some rain on friday. keeping an eye on the weather for us, stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. you know this morning and this afternoon what a spectacular day. doug: considering the low clouds and fog early on, burned off and turned into a beautiful day. from the vantage point at the potomac
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cloudiness, too. no rain tonight. that is not happening until friday. that is the plan all week. it is on the way. 57 at reagan national. beautiful weather that is enjoyable for this time of january. tomorrow is a beautiful day. 50 degrees on friday with rain. talk about the future cast. you get a sense of timing. it's not going to rain all day but there is a six or seven-hour possibility of possibilities that could begin and overspread by midday. then by 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon it will all be gone. we talk about that in more detail and the weekend coming up shortly. jonathan: thank you. the stage is set. preparations are underway. we got you covered on all avenues of what is happening for upcoming inauguration. we have a team of the reporters blanking the parade route and the district to tell you what is happening. impressive array of the best
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have that will be out covering it from the speech, to the parade and the parties. "7 on your side." right now let's head to the studio to michelle and alison. michelle: thank you. on the hill, a number of hearings for the president-elect cabinet picks. health and human services tom knee tom price offered a complement to the affordable care act and also plenty of criticism. we have more from the contentious hearing ahead at 4:30. alison: meanwhile, wilbur ross is tapped to lead the commerce department. he echoed president trump's [overtalk] about the -- trump's tough talk. he says he believes the u.s. economy can grow fastener the next administration. michelle: south carolina governor nikki haley used her senate confirmation hearing to attack the world body for what she
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israel. she says she absolutely supports president-elect trump's promise to move the u.s. embassy in israel. and tel aviv to jerusalem. alison: this is just in the newsroom this afternoon. d.c. police have just released this video. ey hope it can help them catch whoever killed 68-year-old vivian marrow. you will remember she was killed monday in the 2400 block of elvan road in southeast. she is a grand mother and was in her wheelchair when she was killed. police are offering $25,000 reward in this case. grief counselors will be on hand at the department of labor today after a child at their daycare died yesterday. possibly after choking on food. stephen tschida has the story. stephen: just after noon the call came in. toddler at the department of labor was
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>> oh, man, horrible. stephen: a rep from the daycare sent an e-mail saying the child was eating lumping and suddenly had -- eating lunch and suddenly had trouble breathing. the staff acted appropriately, called 911, administered the heimlich maneuver and performed c.p.r. the child was rushed to the hospital but life-saving efforts failed. >> it's unfortunate. the employees love the daycare but the incident is very sad. stephen: an investigation is underway. and an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of the child's death. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: coming up next at 4:00 -- the daytime shootout with police in the district. michelle: next, amazon's expansion plans in the d.c. area. alison: saying goodbye to bao bao. party before the panda is sent ba
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>> i don't know how you take inauguration and put something nxext to it. there are oscars ands super bowls but this is one of a kind. michelle: the hotel offering the best. look at the high-priced inauguration
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jonathan: two days away and counting for the inauguration of president-elect trump. in d.c. all the top hotels are pulling out all the stops to make sure people will have a glitzy, glamorous inauguration remembrance. some charging upward of $500,000 for packages. you are wondering to yourself, what do you
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of money? sam sweeney went to check out hotels to see what you get for that money. sam: the glitz, glamour, rich and the famous. every four years the hotels have the chance to charge top dollar to put on ra show like no other. at the ritz, $150,000 enables you to arrive in style with first class tickets to d.c. four nights in the presidential suite. entertain eight of your closest friends with a private dinner and own a 3-carat sapphire diamond. that's just the beginning. parties every night. more than 10,000 meals will be served with 300 cases of champagne knocked back. each night has a new theme. >> i don't know how you take inauguration and put something next to it. there are oscars and super bowls but inauguration is one of a kind. sam: the ritz isn't the only one throwing a party. across town at one of the most iconic addresses you can
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the presidential suite at the may flower for $45,000. inside the suite, opulence fit for a king. marble floors. glowing chandeliers. board room, two bedroom, office and bathtub used by the countless world leaders. the two v.i.p. tickets to the inauguration are almost an afterthought. if you are concerned about the price know it's for a good cause. >> we are forwarding it to the children health center. sam: if you are looking for something in between the may flower and the ritz come check out the renaissance. and the presidential package they are offering. this presidential suite is more of a residential feeling. you can have it for four nights for $60,000. this suite stretches on and on, sitting areas, fully stocked bars, multiple bathrooms, food, butler's entrance and a balcony like no other. >> you want the best experience, once
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four-year kind of experience. you are in one of the world's best cities. let's do it up. >> the renaissance will let you do it up. you will receive intimate party for you and 50 friends. don't worry. the packages include parking and free breakfast. sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: i love how he uses the word "just $60,000." some of the other hotel chains in town had packages put together as well. j.w. marriott had $2.5 million package. they have since pulled back on that only because they said they respected out too many rooms so -- rented out too many rooms so they couldn't provide what was part of the package. but there are other multi-night stays that are upward of $500,000. one of my favorites i heard, a head-catcher for $450,000 you get all the great stuff, including lunch with larry king. i'm not sure i want to have lunch with larry king. who would you want to have lunch with for $450,000? what one person? michelle: i would need
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dead. jonathan: that's what i said. alison: they toss in a free ride to the airport or something. jonathan: nothing is free if you are paying $450,000. michelle: thank you. and we are on the traffic watch. jamie sullivan has a look at the commute. interesting week. jimenez it is. we are seeing the volume maybe you typically wouldn't in d.c. some areas you are think it's not friday yet. but because we have so many areas already you can't park we are seeing the congestion in some spots. 395 leaving the city now. this is the volume befor duke street. this is due to an accident. this is a heavy step for you. most of that slowing to duke street is because of the accident. big picture look, prince george's county completely clear. southbound d.c. 295 light.
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either. northbound kenilworth avenue. the northwest corner is going to be heavy for us. not as bad as we typically see. fairly light in some areas. d.c. is heavier. a beltway look near the 7 locks road. we have a volume again in both directions. the nice thing about today, we don't have as much traffic. doug, roads are dry. doug: they are dry and enough cloudiness to block the low-level sun out of times. tomorrow is a bright and sunny day. friday is rain. the story now is cool in some spots like winchester 46. mild and quantico. 57. 58 in fredericksburg. through the evening we will key the breezes for a few more hours. it will calm down here. temperatures will fall. most areas by early tomorrow morning clear to partly cloudy skies. 39 to 40 degree readings are commonplace. don't want to rule out fog. just a sl
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should be pleasant to get up tomorrow morning and through the day. it is going to be gorgeous. a lot of sunshine. highs still at 54. that will be 11 degrees above average. the above average temperature trend continues for the next several days. at least for the next nine or ten days the way we see it now. the high pressure overhead tomorrow and it will knock the winds down. they will be calm at times. plenty of sunshine. if it would sit around for a few days we would be golden but that is not going to happen. we move off and the clouds roll back in and after that the rain. we watch it closely. it looked in the past 24 hours that the run up time when it would start is a little bit sooner. we think it's likely. if we had a narrow dun the start time for downtown wash we'd say between 11:30 and 12:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. but it will get through the area quickly in tamp.
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out of town by 3:00 or so. so inauguration day is cool in the morning th the clouds. get through the day. increasingly cloudiness. anytime. 11:30 to noon is when the rain more than likely late afternoon. for the evening hours we think it is rain free. in the daylight hours you are downtown. heavier rain. we have high likelihood of period of rain. not the whole time but period of rain. beautiful weather saturday. rain likely. sunday night and monday could be heavy at times but look at the temperatures. remaining in the 50's as far as the eye can see. pretty nice. michelle: thank you. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- national guard members arriving. 7,500 troops from across the country. their mission, protect inauguration events. we'll meet them ahead. >> our beloved bao bao on bar rowed time. i'm kevin lewis at the national zoo. with details about the departure to
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michelle: all good things must come to an end. michelle: we are talking about bao bao's reign at the national zoo. kevin lewis with more on the 180-pound panda's grand sendoff to china. kevin: on the list of the beloved animals at the national z
4:28 pm
put the pandas at number one. >> we are a military family. we have moved all over and been to a lot of zoos. this is the national zoo is the only one we have seen pandas. kevin: beloved bao bao now 3-1/2 will be crated and placed on fedex plane destined for china. zookeeper and 55,000 pounds of bamboo by her side. it's part of a plan to improve panda breeding worldwide. scientists estimate there are now 1,800 in the wild. increase yes. but the animal is still considered vulnerable to disease, climate change and deforestation. >> you have to give a little to get a little. >> kathy visiting from louisville came to the zoo strictly because she wanted to catch a glimpse of the majestic chinese creature. >> it's sad she won't be here. she is very interactive. as you saw, she is all over, on the ham mac and
4:29 pm
everybody. entertaining. kevin: for security reasons the national zoo isn't giving out an exact date for bao bao's departure but is telling us it will happen in the late winter. but first, a week of farewell activities scheduled for mid-february. at the national zoo, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: very popular. thank you. coming up next at 4:00, do you wonder what is going around at your child's school? there is an app for that. that is just ahead. >> national guard troops are arriving in d.c. for the inaugural. 7,500 of them. we'll explain what
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: protecting the hundreds of thousands of people who show up for the inauguration is a big job. national guard just arrived in the district. richard reeve is joining us with more on the mission and how they will do that. they are arriving hour-by-hour. there are 7,500 total. 6,200 are from out of town. these
4:33 pm
police. they assist law enforcement. you can see the video of them arriving by bus. tomorrow they will go through the security walk-through and friday, of course, it's real thing. they will not carry side arm. they can detain people as special police. but can't make arrests. they will back up the police, u.s. park police and other agencies. the main job is crowd control, direct cars and pedestrian traffic. >> extra eyes and ears. law enforcement is in total control. if they need assistance we will be there. >> join the national guard to support the missions in the homeland and this is a homeland mission. richard: many of the guard personnel have never been in the district before.
4:34 pm
we'll show you what the specific duties will be coming up. jonathan: thank you. behind me the clouds are tickenning up. doug hill is keeping an eye on this. are we going to get through the inauguration before the rain sets in? doug: no. you have dark clouds behind you. but looking if for national harbor to the west breaks of the blue sky. it is different around the area. no rain tonight. 57 at reagan national. winds at 14 miles per hour. we'll see clear to partly cloudy skies in the morning and sunshine through the day. check out the numbers. 57 here in washington. 55 in springfield. 53 in ashburn. 52 in laurel. looking east of town and 53 in largo as we speak. we will drop to the upper 30's to 40 for the overnight temperatures. can't rule out an isolated patch of
4:35 pm
a nice night ahead. tomorrow is going to be spectacular. we'll have nine by 9:30. already in the mid-40's. we will climb to the low to mid-50's tomorrow. that looks terrific. tomorrow night the clouds roll in the area. temperatures drop to 40 degrees. we get into friday and inauguration day the rain moves in. the back edge should move through the area by 3:00 or so, that should be that. we talk about the weekend in a lot of detail coming up in a few minutes. back to you. michelle? alison: seal you then, thanks. trump's nominee for health and human services secretary is in the senate hot seat. michelle: congressman tom price is being grilled by the senate health committee. q mccray is following the story. q: they grilled the health and the human services nominee on his obamacare replacement plan and the accusations of in
4:36 pm
right off the bat, democratic senator patty murray grilled price whether he purchased stocks in a company after receiving a stock tip from a fellow member of the house. g.o.p. represent tiff chris collins. >> is that correct? >> no. >> that is what you said to me in my office. >> what i believe i said to you is i learned of the company from congressman collins. q: it is important to remember that price will play a key role in trying to repeal and replace the affordable care act. he said today that trump and the other republicans must reassure the american people that "nobody interested in pulling the rug out from under anybody." i will have more on that in the 5:00 hour. until then, that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm q mccray. michelle? michelle: thanks. a violent police chase ended with two men behind bars. i began with an off-duty officer followed a car driving recklessly. the two men in
4:37 pm
followed. they stopped the car and they opened fire. the officer returned fire. but the suspects drove off starting a police chase through the shaw neighborhood. it all ended when the suspect crashed into parked cars. >> we don't know if the suspect knew he was a police officer. it looks he got the sense that the police officer was following him, which caused him to get out. he fired multiple times. broad daylight on a city street. michelle: the police chief is looking into whether the officers were wearing body cameras during that shooting. alison: bond has been denied for a woman who is accused of stealing a baby from the florida hospital 18 years ago. williams made her first court appearance. she was arrested on friday in south carolina and charged with kidnapping. 18-year-old alexis
4:38 pm
she still thinks of williams as her mother. >> she was a great mother. i will never have malice for her nor hate toward her. i will always love her. alison: she says she can't say or won't say how she found out how williams was not her mother because she doesn't want the evidence to be used against her in court. michelle: now to a "7 on your side" consumer report amazon is adding another facility in maryland. the fulfillment center will be located in northeast maryland. and the third in the state. the retailer employees 3,000 people already in baltimore. alison: the greatest show on earth is coming to an end. no we know. but we are hearing the final show in the nassau veterans memorial coliseum in long island in may is already sold out. tickets on the secondary market are now going from a couple hundred backs up to a
4:39 pm
the circus final swing through the d.m.v. is at the end of march and d.c. before moving to fairfax and baltimore in april. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- cracks on mars surface? the research teams are excited about the find and hope it will prove a long-held theory next. michelle: the app to tell you what is keeping your children's classmates out
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
alison: researchers at nasa may have made auntliesting discovery on mars. the rover spotted possibl
4:42 pm
on the planet. michelle: in recent weeks scientists have been looking closely at the slabs of rock cross marcked with shallow ridges you see here. the team believes those are mud crack. the mud cracks would provide evidence that mars used to experience wetter conditions followed by dry periods. that raises the question whether life was supported there, if it was water. michelle: that is a big step to find out more. we will see what happens. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- in vice president joe biden's final speech a v.p. a cryptic warning to the european allies. >> it's not only the united states. it will occur again. inpromise you. michelle: the russian activity he wants other nations to take note of. coming up. >> it was a shocking and brutal attack in northern virginia made headlines across the country. now the case finally coming to a close. i'm jeff go
4:43 pm
news at 4:00" continues after the break. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. the average home's power bill from novec will again go down in 2017 by nearly $11 a month. making down a very good direction for power bills. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better
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michelle: happening today. alison: testimony for alecia schmuhl. she pleaded guilty to an attack with her husband. we have new information from court today. jeff in jeff: the testimony inside the courthouse is still going on at this hour in the stensing hearing. the defense presenting the witnesses. several people saying positive things about alecia schmuhl. including a pastor from jail, a deputy from jail and a neighbor. but the most powerful testimony of the day coming from one of the victims of this crime. still traumatized by the experience. more than two years after the brutal attack leo fisher still remembers the horror. i thought i was going to die. he pulled a knife across my throat. i was in a pool of blood he testifieded today in the stensing hearing for alecia schmuhl. on his wife sue
4:47 pm
terrible nightmares of strangers trying to kill her. she doesn't sleep much. authorities say in november 2014, andrew schmuhl forced his way to the mclane home of lee owe fisher and sue duncan, tasing, beating, stabbing fisher and shooting at duncan. throughout the ordeal, alecia schmuhl waited in a car nearby consistently communicating with andrew. the couple was later arrested in the car in springfield, andrew wearing only a diaper. last september, alecia schmuhl pleaded guilty to her role in the crime. a month after andrew schmuhl was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. less than two weeks before the attack, fisher fired alecia from her job as an attorney in a firm in arlington. "i thought she was a bright person with a great future. ambitious." but of the schmuhl and the attacks fisher asked himself many times how could any human being do this to another human being?
4:48 pm
reached last september it was determined that alecia schmuhl will be sentenced to a term of ten to 45 years in prison. it now appears that this sentencing hearing will continue in to tomorrow. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: secret service is settling discrimination lawsuit brought by dozens of african-american agents. part of the deal is the agency doesn't have to admit to wrongdoing. it claims that the agency tolerated a racist culture and systemically passed over black agents for promotion. the secret service says its promotion policy has been changed already. alison: secretary of defense ash carter said his final cowboy today at the pentagon. -- final goodbye today at the pentagon. he expressed gratitude for the leaders of defense and conveyed the confidence in them moving
4:49 pm
>> as you know, the mission is demanding and constantly changing. i couldn't be prouder of you for what you do every day. what you have done for all of us. alison: ash carter worked in the pentagon for 35 years. michelle: outgoing vice president joe biden warns russia election hacking isn't over yet in the final speech as the v.p. at the world economic forum today, biden provided a cryptic warning for the european allies. >> with many countries in europe slated to hold elections this year we should expect further attempts by russia to meddle in the democratic process. it will occur again. i promise you. michelle: the russian foreign minister denies the u.s. claims that russians were behind hacks in the 2016 campaign. the consensus of the intelligence agencies is russia was behind the cyber
4:50 pm
parents know all the germs that are spreading in their child's classroom. it is called appropriately, "sneeze." you record when your child is sick and which school they attend. that way other parents can search the app for illnesses reported at the child's school or any other school. it is crowd sourced, that means the more users the more accurate picture of what is out there. michelle: americans are apparently spending more time and money on apps. new study says a total of 900 billion hours was spent using apps in 2016 alone. 150 billion more hours than in 2015. by the way, the facebook app is still the top download. no surprise there. the time we spend on apps could go up more. jerry seinfeld is making a move to netflix. signed the comedian to the production deal.
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specials and develop more comedy programming for netflix. rival hu will beu still has the sitcom "sanefeld" on its application. very popular. you can watch the same episodes over and over. michelle: exactly. michelle: we go down to the lincoln memorial tonight. alison: steve rudin is there. inauguration day may be wet but what about the concert thursday night? steve: the weather is going to cooperate nicely. a lot of people are enjoying the nice weather now. they are smiling and happy. get a wave, everyone. [cheering] everyone is in good spirits because the weather is really cooperating at least for today and tomorrow. will's talk about what is going on with the -- let's talk about what is going on for the forecast tonight. waking up early tomorrow morning. temperatures will be upper 30's to lower 40's. tomorrow is cooler out there. but at least we will see a good amount of sunshine, especially in the afternoon hours. the highs will make it in the middle 50's
4:52 pm
the big day of added clouds. showers later in the day. midday to the afternoon hours. it is not a wash out. if you are coming down for the festivities, make sure that you have the rain gear ready. the weekend looking brighter. the woman's march on washington saturday. sunday around 52. the ten-day outlook calls for temperatures well above average this time of year. not only for the weekend but as we move to next week. daytime highs will be well in the 50's and will keep the trend going in the following weekend. they have the music playing. money shot behind me. the washington monument. they are gearing up for the concert. a lot of practices is going on. everyone is having a fantastic time. if you are coming down, be careful with the parking restrictions. they are all over the place.
4:53 pm
jamie? jamie: there are a lot of restrictions in d.c. talk about the other issues now. that is an accident. heading outbound on 66. this is near gallows road. partially blocking some of the left lane. everyone is squeezing by. but they are using the center lane. we are seeing heavy traffic southbound bot 5 near duke streak --395 near duke street. it is nice to see if sun. slowing from the 14th street south of the capital beltway. 35 minutes is the average. there are brake lights on the b.w. parkway and the northwest corner but that is it. michelle? >> thanks. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a look back at how the inauguration got the start. how it changed over the years. >> it instantly became so raucous in
4:54 pm
furniture was damaged. michelle: my, things have changed. we let you know whose party was so out of hand they were jumping out of windows. alison: new at:00, road closures and the parking restriction, getting around could be tough but "7 on your side" is on -- to help you get around the i have been (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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4:57 pm
jonathan: presidential inauguration have been around for 200 years. tim barber takes us back to sign. >> sorry to keep you waiting. complicated business. >> it will be the 67th inauguration. first was for george washington who took a carriage from mount vernon to the then capitol, new york. >> it's the first one. they have no precedent for inauguration. they know they don't want it to look like a coronation. >> curator at the museum for history. >> thomas jefferson famously walks back to the lodging after he is sworn in and has dinner. >> then andrew jackson. >> it became so raucous in the white house that furnishings were damaged and people were escaping out the windows which were open. >> there were carriages. >> this carriage was used by president grant to ride to the capitol. >> limousines. >> it's a modern thing to
4:58 pm
walk. that starts with jimmy carter. >> carter's party was low key but most first couple dress to the nines. >> the first entrance at the ball is when she takes the stage as the first lady. >> every first lady since helen taft donated donated the inauguration gown. >> i like the contrast between the dresses. >> from new york no the national mall each inauguration has been different. but all have a common thread. >> they are here to bring the country together and celebrate the identity as a country. >> reporting in washington, tim barber, abc7 news. alison: tonight, all eyes on a texas hospital and serious concern for the health of a former president and his wife. in the inauguration red zone, restrictions begin and a guide on what is yet to come. plus, the
4:59 pm
press corps one last time. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: tonight, former president george h.w. bush is in intenseive care in houston being treated for pneumonia. he was admit saturday after having trouble breathing. barbara bush is also being treated at the same hospital after complaints about feeling fatigued and coughing. we'll keep you posted on both of their conditions. alison: right now, thousands of national guard members arriving at the d.c. armory to get assignments for inaugurations security. we are two days away from the big event. we are starting to feel the impact around our area. parking restriction took effect. the main hall is closed ahead of a formal dinner with president-elect trump. tomorrow, memorial bridge will close to all t
5:00 pm
we have team coverage as we get closer to the first day. a closer look at the parking restrictions. brianne carter? >> it lacks quiet downtown. look across the street. you can see the open parking spaces at 5:00 on wednesday. it's unusual scene. this is the reason why. noon today when the first set of restrictions went in place and cars started to get towed. along major commuter roads downtown the number of the parking spaces is shrinkalling, security is tightening days ahead of the inauguration. today the first round of the parking restrictions highlighted on this map in red went into place. many drivers parked in the restricted areas after noon. came back to find they were ticketinged or towed. >> i must have missed the sign. it's right there. >> this maryland resident came around the corner to find her car hooked up to a tow truck. >> he was a nice


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